Mumsnet Spirit Mattress

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Brand: Mumsnet
Code: 133-00707
Retailer: DreamsDreams
Height/Depth: 21cm
Updated: 8/17/2019 12:18:46 PM
4/5 - 38 reviews
Rated 4/5 based on 38 customer reviews


What Makes It Great

This is a stunning mattress. The positives are, it’s looks beautiful. Is very well made and lovely and cool due the the top layer. I was thrilled when it arrived. I had lower back pain which did go from using the mattress but I couldn’t bear more than 8 hours on it before aching all over due to the firmness so the idea of a lie in was lost! The negatives ( personal preference as there are lots of great reviews on here which is why I bought it). It is just far too hard. This is more like a firm than a medium, so buy it if you prefer the firmer mattress, in which case you will love it . I used the comfort exchange and tried mattresses in the Preston store who were really helpful. Good company but try before you buy.

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Better than average amount of springs. Might be slightly firmer as a result but don't let this put you off. Firmer mattresses can still offer tons of comfort, the only difference is you get a better level of support as well. Ideal for those suffering from a bit of back or joint pain

Ideal for anyone suffering from allergies. These products are made from materials that do their best to protect you

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

A decent height for padding material representing a barrier between you and the springs that make up the core of the mattress. This type of mattress should be comfortable as a result of the depth of this soft and comfortable material

Anything over 1500 pocket springs in a mattress is going to offer enhanced roll together protection and ensure that every part of your body is sufficiently supported. The 2800 quoted here might be a little overkill for most peoples needs but it's certainly very nice to have

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Questions and Answers

What weight is mumsnet spirit mattress 

Answer: Please see the weight of the mattress below: Single - 25kg, Double - 36kg, King - 42kg, Super King - 55kg Kind Regards, Dreams

What would the latex depth be please?

Answer: The depth of the latex 20mm. Kind Regards, Dreams

I have a severe latex allergy is this mattress safe for me

Answer: This mattress has a natural latex layer for added comfort and therefore if you have a severe latex allergy we would not recommend using this mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this cool and breathable? Latex means sweat no?

Answer: This mattress is naturally breathable and temperature regulating as it has a quilted cover to allow increased airflow and natural latex layer for breathability. Kind Regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

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Very Frustrated

We have had this mattress just under a year now. In the first 5 months or so it was great. Then we both started to get back aches and saw dipping occur even after rotating the mattress as shown. So we had someone come out from Dreams to check it wasn't faulty. The dip was measured at 2.4cm. It had to be at least 3cm to qualify for a different one?! In my opinion, a mattress that is under a year old shouldn't be dipping in any way shape or form! We are a military family and whilst my husband is away I sleep on the ridge in the middle and it stopped my backache straight away. But now the ridge is dipping too and backache has returned. We have two young children...a good night sleep in my own bed was priority . So annoyed.

Very happy with purchase

spent several hours looking/trying at various mattresses. Ended up feeling that the spirit matresses would suit our needs best and although the salesman tried to encourage us to buy a different one on the basis that it is quite firm and we would end up wanting to change it before the 40 day period was up, we stuck to our guns and bought it. Its been two months now and we're very glad we did stick with our gut instinct. It is listed as a medium although it feels a bit firmer than most of the other mediums we tried but it is just right for what we want. I was told that sometimes your hips can hurt with a firm bed but we've been fine and I hope it stays as firm as it is over time.

Back support and helps regulate body temperature

I've been using the Mumsnet Spirit mattress for around six weeks and love it. It did take me a night or two to adjust to the mattress but after I'd gone over the change in comfort levels, my body relaxed into the medium firm mattress. The top layer of the mattress coupled with the latex provides great back support and has helped regulate my temperature - bye, bye night sweats! Whilst my youngest still gets me up in the night occasionally, I find that I am able to get back into a comfortable sleeping position more easily and therefore back to sleep quicker.


We bought this mattress as a replacement for another faulty mattress from Dreams. The first month or so it was fine but then a ridge appeared along the middle and it began to noticeably dip on one side. A Homeserve technician tested the mattress and it was just within the acceptable dipping guideline, surely it shouldn’t dip at all. The ridge can be seen through the duvet cover and is very uncomfortable.

Best night's sleep!

I was suffering with some back and shoulder pain, which meant I was having light interrupted sleep. However after one night on this mattress I had one of the best night's sleeps I've ever had. The firmness of the mattress has meant that my back pain has gone in the mornings and the quality of sleep I'm getting is much better. I would thoroughly recommend this mattress to others.

Amazing comfort

The Spirit mattress is amazingly comfortable for a great night's sleep. The combination of pocket springs and latex are great if you move a lot in bed or have a little one who prefers the warmth of your bed in the middle of the night. The latex layer comes from a natural source and is great for reliving pressure, aches and pains.

Terrible Rock Solid Mattress

I bought this mattress in September. It was unbelievably uncomfortable at first but we thought we needed to give it a few months to allow it to mould. No! It still rock solid. My back hurts more now than it did with our cheap mattress before. Very disappointed and wish I hadn’t bought it.

Good quality,Fair price

Hi, I bought this mattress together with a wooden frame from dreams on Boxing Day, The price and previous reviews made me buy online with confidence rather than attend a local store as I have done on previous bed purchases. Very happy, delivery when stated, would certainly recommend

Comfortable sleep!

Delivered around 3 weeks ago, two polite friendly chaps, took old mattress and topper away and put the new one in place upstairs. Was lovely to sleep through in comfort and wake up without backache. Soft on the top but firm enough to support. Happy with purchase!

Comfort plus!

We are extremely satisfied with this mattress. I read lots of reviews for it and have to agree that the mattress gives plenty of support. My husband and I don’t wake each other up anymore at night when we turn over! Thoroughly recommend this mattress!


Been using this mattress for over a month now. Got during the Christmas sale. It is sooo comfy and I don’t get back problems anymore it’s got a lovely soft top which is nicer than my old spring one. Deffo recommend if you want a nice med firm mattress

Very comfy.

I bought this a month ago and have no complaints. Slightly on the firmer side but perfect for me and my wife as it was one of the very few mattresses we both agreed on. We love the comfort of the bed and it does wonders for my back.

Comfortable, meets sleep criteria very highly

Meets our sleep requirements very highly as well as the colour. Complements any bed frame and ours is a media bed with TV sound built in. Viewing visitors have expressed very high praise also so certified my own thoughts.


I bought this 6 weeks ago and it still feels far too firm. I don’t remember it feeling this firm in the shop. I get numb and achy. Thank goodness for the comfort exchange policy. It is cool, I’ll give it that.

comfortable, modern look

Had this mattress 2 months now, I've never slept better. Before I would wake up a number of time throught the night,from pains in my hips. From the first nights sleep these pains disappeared.

Lump and Solid

Noticeable lumps and impressions after one month! Also, absolutely solid. Waste of money. Bought to solve back problems ended up with more and now back in the spare bedroom

Fantastic mattress!

We recently purchased this mattress and absolutely love it. Both my partner and I are sleeping a million times better than before. So comfortable! Would highly recommend.

Cosy and firm

I am so happy with the quality of this mattress. It is firm an I can barely feel my partner moving around and fidgeting so I am getting a great sleep on this!

I have nothing to complain about, just great!

I've had this mattress about a month now and haven't got any complaints at all. Don't forget it does take a few days to break it in properly

Very comfy

I've had this mattress for 3 weeks now and it's brilliant. Very comfy, yet firm enough to support my back. Would certainly recommend.

Really comfortable

We bought our mattress one month ago. It's very comfortable and best of all you really don't feel movement for from your bed partner.

Just right!

This mattress is spot on for me, after years of using a horribly hard one. Not too soft, not too firm - just right. Nice design too!


After 4 months, we still wake up with pains in the lower back pretty much everyday...definitely not the best mattress.

Most comfortable mattress

This is the most comfortable mattress I've ever had. It's firm but not too hard and I've never slept better.

Single matress

Good matress albeit the single I purchased is a bit firmer than the double that we tried in the shop

Just what we wanted

After two weeks we’re sleeping better than ever. Firm, but not too firm as other reviews suggest.

Great Features

I bought this mattress 2 weeks ago and I very pleased with it finally my back pain is gone

Very comfortable

Great mattress good quality took a couple of days to get used to but it is great

Really comfortable

Tried in the showroom and ordered online. Very happy with purchase and delivery.


Bought this for my son and he is delighted with it, says it's very comfortable.

Great nights sleep so far!

Had this mattress 2 weeks now. Both very Happy. Comfortable and great price.

Really comfortable.

After reading reviews I decided to get one. Most comfy mattress I’ve had.

Just moulds to your body

It’s amazing so comfy and you do feel great when you wake up in morning

Comfy mattress

Had this for a couple of weeks. Happy with it for comfort & support

Great & nice

I m so happy I bought one month ago my back problem solved


Comfy mattress. Expensive, but better than our old one

Good quality

Very good quality but hard to get up narrow UK stairs