Lincoln Connect Fabric Ottoman Storage Bed

Lincoln Connect Fabric Ottoman Storage Bed

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  • Appreciated for its robust and sturdy construction, ensuring long-term use and durability.
  • Offers exceptional value for money, combining premium features and quality at an affordable price point.
  • Praised for the ample storage space provided by its Ottoman design, enhancing bedroom functionality.
  • Acclaimed for its sleek and appealing look, effortlessly fitting into a range of bedroom decors.
  • Commended for its ease of assembly, with clear instructions and manageable processes.
  • Some customers may find the assembly instructions a bit complex, especially those who are not used to DIY tasks.
  • Individuals looking for a bed frame with a more traditional design might find the contemporary design of the Lincoln Connect Grey Fabric Ottoman Storage Bed not to their taste.
  • Customers expecting a fully perfect product might encounter slight imperfections such as minor misalignments on the corners.
  • The Lincoln Connect Grey Fabric Ottoman Storage Bed may not be the best choice for customers seeking a lightweight bed frame due to its robustly built construction.
  • People who require immediate use of the bed upon delivery might be frustrated as some time may be needed for proper assembly.

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Why our sleep experts loved it

Nestled at the intersection of modern functionality and sleek design, the Lincoln Connect Grey Fabric Ottoman Storage Bed asserts itself as a pivotal piece of furniture that marries sophistication with practical utility. In today's homes, where space can often be at a premium, making a choice that optimizes square footage without compromising on style becomes paramount. The Lincoln Connect not only meets this criterion but exceeds expectations with its hidden storage capacity and plush aesthetic appeal.

The exterior of the bed, clad in a soft, grey fabric, is tailored to fit seamlessly into a wide array of interior designs—from the ultra-modern to the comfortably traditional. This material isn't just a triumph of style but of substance too, presenting a luxurious texture that invites relaxation and comfort. However, it's worth noting from my personal experience that while the fabric scores high on visual and tactile satisfaction, it does present some challenges in terms of cleaning. The upkeep might require more attention compared to other materials, which could be a consideration for potential buyers.


The design of the Lincoln Connect makes it a versatile fit for almost any bedroom. The neutral grey tone ensures that it complements various colour schemes and decor styles without overpowering them. This bed could easily be the centrepiece in a minimalist setting or a sophisticated addition to a more ornate room. Additionally, its robust construction provides a stable base for various types of mattresses, supporting everything from memory foam to hybrid models, ensuring that the sleeper's comfort is paramount.

However, despite its adaptability in terms of style, the limited colour options may deter some customers who might be looking for a more specific match to their existing bedroom palette. On the upside, for those worried about financial investment, the availability of Klarna payments provides an easier, more manageable way to acquire this blend of comfort and practicality without an immediate heavy expenditure.

What Customers Thought

The Lincoln Connect Bed has generally received favourable reviews from customers, who highlight its robust build and the value for money it offers. Many have pointed out the ease of assembly, which is a significant plus for those who may not be particularly handy with tools. The ergonomic design of the frame has also been praised for its ingenuity, making access to the storage space straightforward and hassle-free. This aspect is particularly appreciated in homes where extra storage can transform living spaces.

From a more critical viewpoint, some users have noted the issues around the guarantee's robustness, which might raise concerns about the bed's long-term durability under consistent use. This is a factor worth considering for prospective buyers looking for long-term bedding solutions. Users have also appreciated the solid base which not only supports the mattress for a better sleeping experience but also contributes to the overall sturdiness of the bed's structure.

The Verdict

Overall, the Lincoln Connect Grey Fabric Ottoman Storage Bed represents a sound investment for those looking to enhance their bedroom's functionality without skimping on style. Its contemporary design, combined with the pragmatic storage solution, caters well to modern housing needs where space saving is crucial. While the fabric's maintenance might require extra care and the warranty could do with enhancement, these are balanced by the bed's aesthetic appeal, construction quality, and the flexibility of payment options.

In summarising, while there are areas for improvement, the overwhelming customer feedback underscores a product that delivers on its promises of durability and style, making it a commendable choice for anyone seeking a reliable and chic sleeping solution. Future buyers should weigh the colour limitations and cleaning requirements against the bed's structural and design benefits to make an informed decision suited to their specific needs and circumstances.

For those who value a mix of modern chic and functional design in their furniture choices, the Lincoln Connect could very well be the perfect fit—marrying convenience, comfort, and style in a singular, compelling product.

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