Insignia Burnham Pocket Sprung Mattress - Medium Firm Rated 4/5 based on 171 customer reviews

Insignia Burnham Pocket Sprung Mattress - Medium Firm

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Brand: Insignia
Code: 133-00649
Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 27cm
Updated: 11/12/2019 11:43:30 PM
4/5 - 171 reviews


What Makes It Great

I have never reviewed any product but I understand now the importance of doing it before buying a mattress that can only give you headaches. My landlord bought me the Balmoral Insignia, king size, it looked great, I was thrilled but after a month I started to feel like the mattress was slightly sinking in the middle. I followed the recommendation to turn it corner by corner so that it could took the shape but still I felt that something was wrong. I waited 6 months and I told the landlord but he ignored it (I understand that his duty was already fulfilled by buying one of the "best" mattresses in Dreams). It is two years and three months that I have the mattress and it is COMPLETELY sunk in the middle. To get out of bed, you have to make an effort and my back problems have increased. It is the first time I realize how important it is to sleep on a good mattress and I do not recommend Insignia at all. I hope these words help someone in their choice...

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Anything over 1500 pocket springs in a mattress is going to offer enhanced roll together protection and ensure that every part of your body is sufficiently supported. The 2800 quoted here might be a little overkill for most peoples needs but it's certainly very nice to have

Questions and Answers

Can the mattress be supplied with half firm and half soft?

Answer: Unfortunately this mattress cannot be supplied in a split tension, it is only available as one comfort grade. Our range of Flaxby mattresses have many split tension options so we would recommend viewing this either online or in store. Kind Regards, Dreams

How many pocket springs are in a single and double mattress?

Answer: Hi , Spring count is to a King size by standard procedure only. This is the same across all mattress retailers. Spring count should not differ hugely from size to size, but we always provide the King size only. Thank you.

Can this mattress be turned over as well as rotated head to toe ?

Answer: The Burnham Mattress can be rotated as well as turned. We recommend that you rotate your mattress regularly, rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months and then every month thereafter. Kind Regards, Dreams

We are buying a house and due to move in in the next 2/3 months. If I buy today can I postpone delivery until I am moved in?

Answer: Hello, If you proceed to checkout, you will be provided with dates to choose from. They will show you dates in advance and you can push the delivery if needed too further, later down the line. Many thanks for the question.

Is this mattress hypo-allergenic?

Answer: Hi , It has natural filling, it is also worth looking at the Sealy and Silentnight which state hypo allergenic. Many thanks for your question, Shannel

will you take our old bed away to be recycled

Answer: Hello , We do provide a disposal service. This is available through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

If this is going on a slatted bed, do you recommend having an under mattress board?

Answer: Hello, A board will not be needed as this is suited to be on any style bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

How often should this mattress be rotated/turned?

Answer: Hi , We would advise simply rotating this mattress on a monthly basis. Thank you for your question.

Is this matress suitable for a slatted bed base?

Answer: Yes, this mattress is suitable for use with a slatted base. Kind Regards, Dreams

How long is the guarantee on these mattresses

Answer: Dreams provides a one year guarantee on this mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do your deliver to the Isle of Man or can you quote for delivery if using a partner service.... cheers Gary

Answer: Hello Gary, Unfortunately, we do not do any deliveries here. Many thanks for the question.

How long does this mattress take to break in, feels firmer then the one in the shop.

Answer: We recommend 40 days for the mattress to settle. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you take away the old mattress when delivering the new one ?

Answer: Hello , This is available through checkout for £39. Many thanks for the question.

Is there any latex in this mattress?

Answer: Hello, There is no latex material within the mattress. Many thanks for the question.

How many pocket springs does the double size mattress have if the King size has 1600?

Answer: Hello, This will be approximately 1472 pocket springs. Many thanks for the question.

How heavy are the double and king sized Insignia Burnham mattresses?

Answer: Hello, The double is 30.8kg and the kingsize is 36kg. Many thanks for the question.

How deep is this mattresss

Answer: Hello, This will be 27cm deep. Many thanks for the question.

Customer Reviews

Based on 171 review

Back Problems Be Gone!!!

My partner and i live in rented accommodation and for years we have been sleeping on a a very low futon. Jodie (my partner) has suffered from shoulder problems and myself from lower back problems mostly because of the incredibly hard mattress from the futon. We visited dreams on the Tottenham Court Road and spoke with the wonderful Nesti who introduced us to the sleepmatch machine. Our first match was the Burnham 1600 mattress and we were sold the second we tried it out. We've had it for a month and our back and shoulder problems are now a thing of the past. Fantastic service and a fantastic product, would definitely buy from dreams again.

Dreams mattresses

It has been a disaster as my bed appears to be neither a king nor a superking size. I would like to have had the first one (kingsize) back but they said that was impossible - that it would go to be cleaned and then re-sold, even though it was never sat on, let alone slept on. The super-king which was removed yesterday, is much too big. In my opinion, it was mostly my error, but also your delivery people should have seen that the size was wrong before they whipped off the plastic in which it was wrapped. I have had several mattresses from you in the past. I still wish that they would find the first mattress. Can you help?

Mattress fine. Bed frame was not!

The mattress is fine. What wasn't fine with our purchase was the bed'frame that we bought, in particular the wooden lats the sit across the bed. The layer of lats whichever way I placed them wouldn't fit the pre-drilled holes in the bed frame. Therefore I had to drill some holes myself that did fit!! In addition the pre-drilled hole that should have been in the middle lat just wasn't there. I also had to drill this myself. As a result assembly took 3 hours when it should have been much less. I chose to do this as I couldn't wait more days for a replacement item which I would have got if I'd have contacted Dreams.


The pocket springs seem very sporadic rather than evenly spread out... the edge of the mattress seems to totally collapse when sitting on the end of the bed. My partner and I have already noticed less support in the middle, therefore we’re rolling together, getting that ‘middle dip’. The padded dips in the mattress are so deep it makes for an uncomfortable night sleep because it’s so uneven. I spent a lot of money on buying this super king size, and was very excited to finally be getting a superior mattress to support my back problems.... this is definitely disguised as a rather generically average mattress.

Sagging in the middle and firmness gone

I spent a long time trying to find the best mattress for our first home and decided to get this mattress with an ottoman style base both from Dreams (Feltham). The base is brilliant and can't fault it. The mattress however was OK in the beginning but has got dramatically worse. Me and my wife only weigh about 9 stone each and yet the firmness has completely gone and we get the "rolling together in the middle" problem. Maybe it was from a faulty batch but after looking at over reviews it seems more common than a thought. I thought it was suppose to last 8 years but hasn't even done a quarter of that.

Great Comfort for super value

We've had our matress for about 3 weeks and have noticed a great difference in our sleeping habits. It states that it's firm but it feels medium to firm and is quite soft in our opinion. The mattress is well made out of good quality materials and can be rotated and flipped as it's double sided. Overall we would recommend this matress to most shapes and sizes as I am 6 foot and 15 stone and the missus is 5 foot and 9 stone and we both sleep very well on this matress. We also purchased a pack of 4 pillows in a deal through the dreams website which was well worth the money.


Where do I start. I have had my new mattress for a few weeks now and my god, I had seriously forgotten what it is like to have a proper nights sleep due to back issues and a cheap, awful Mattress. Fast forward to now and I am literally in Heaven, the new mattress was selected for me by the Dreams machine and it is amazing, I am finally sleeping properly and not waking up stiff, crocked and unable to move. I would definitely recommend Dreams when looking for a new bed, mattress customer service from start to finish was 10/10 and I couldn’t be happier. Many thanks!

Amazing mattress!

I bought this mattress because I'm suffering from a herniated disk in my lower back an my current memory foam mattress was very painful to sleep on. This new one has not only given me the best nights sleep I've had in years its actually helping straighten my spine an correct the position of my hips into a much better position. This has massively reduced my day to day pain to a manageable level an allowes me to sleep through each night without waking up multiple times. If you have back, shoulder or neck pain this is the mattress you need to buy.

Mattress from heaven

Bought this for the spare room at my parents house as my sister refused to stay over unless the 40 year old mattress was replaced. This mattress is amazing and I call it the mattress from heaven, it is like going to bed and being cradled by a firm but loving cloud. I haven't yet managed to find fitted sheets for it as it is a very deep 4ft mattress but I am managing very well with just using a flat sheet for the time being. I would definitely recommend this mattress and am constantly inviting visitors to try it out!

Brilliant Mattress

I've now been sleeping on this for a couple of weeks. It's very comfortable and supportive, mainly down to the pocket springs. I know there are more expensive options available, but honestly, this is the best value for money. I originally bought it for the master bedroom, but loved it so much, bought another for the guest bedroom too. It's a very heavy mattress, so make sure you have someone helping when putting it on the bed! This is testament to the build quality for sure.

Now I know what sleep is

Ok so we've had the Burnham pocket sprung matteress for about a month, a replacement for a matteress that wasnt that old but neither of us got along with. Well after about a week of not being sure we both seemed to be getting used to the new matteress and now I look forward to climbing into bed. Great support, firm but so so comfortable, it's like being hugged. My job is very intense on the body so I now melt into bed and actually wake up refreshed and ready to go again. Thanks

Excellent Mattress

We have had the mattress nearly a month now, it is so comfortable our sleep quality and comfort has improved considerably. The make and quality of the mattress is beautiful we are over the moon with it. We purchased the mattress in the sale and were lucky to get it at half price, I ordered off the internet and did not go to a store to see it, so was a little worried but the quality is that good that even if i had paid full price for it I would have considered it worth it.


I was looking for a firm replacement king size mattress and visited the Eastbourne store. The staff were very helpful and I selected the mattress after trying two others. Delivery was quick and the delivery men were very friendly. The mattress is very comfortable which is important as I have bad lower back pain. I am extremely satisfied with the value for money provided. I would certainly use the store again and have already recommended it to friends. Thank you

A great nights sleep

After a couple of weeks with this new mattress we are enjoying the benefits already. The natural fibres keep our temperature stable as opposed to the memory foam mattress before that just cooked us. The firm support from all those springs is making a massive difference, for a long time now I wake up with pain in my hip, this is becoming a thing of the past. My wife can't say enough good things about this mattress as yet quality of sleep is much improved.

So comfortable

My wife and I purchased this item after considerable market research. In the interests of full transparency, we were unsure about committing to a firm mattress for the next 8 years, particularly as our previous mattress was so soft it was mentally and physically hard to get out of bed. In short it was a fantastic decision - best mattress we’ve ever had. My back problems are already easing up and we are delighted with the mattress. Highly recommend!

Lovely mattress

I bought this mattress recently. Lovely comfortable and no sweating. Unlike my 2 previous mattresses. Yes this mattress is heavy but so are most now a days. There are indentations but these areas mould to your body and is very supportive. Not lumpy at all. Ive been having wonderful sleep since my purchase and recommend. Wish i could be in bed more often. Would of given this 5 stars if the mattress did not need turning.

Comfortable = Great Sleep

We were due a new mattress having bought memory foam 6 years ago it had developed body shaped dips! So decided to go for traditional pocket spring and upgrade to king size! It has proven a great purchase, very comfortable, supportive, and the larger size is fab! My husband even said the other night, I don’t like the bed, I love it! Strong praise indeed from someone who said all the mattresses felt the same in the show room!

Great deal

Firstly it was something that I wanted to do for a long time after people telling me that he would need my sleep I purchased this new mattress and I can’t believe the transformation not only in my sleeping better but aiding my bad back the only problem now is I don’t want to get out in the morning great purchase I don’t know why it took me so long great service I bought online which I navigated easily around so very happy

Perfect nights sleep

Our previous mattress had served us well for a few more years than ideal and the Insignia Burnham has been superb since we bought it a couple of weeks ago. The mattress has been manufactured to a very high standard, is as firm as we wanted it to be. We have had more perfect nights sleep than we had previously. The natural fibres have kept us at the right temperature even though the weather has varied so much recently.

Firmer than the one in the showroom

I bought this about a month ago. I used the dreams mattress machine in store and it recommended this mattress for my Back ache, tried the one Instore and it felt lovely, firm but with a little give so it didn’t feel like you are sleeping on concrete. Mattress turned up, ( this one does feel like you are sleeping on concrete) hoping it will soften slightly, has slightly helped my back but it is quite uncomfortable

Best mattress for a bad back

I’ve suffered with a bad back most of my life, even took the plunge and went to see an osteopath a few years ago, but nothing helped. With my old mattress getting too uncomfortable to sleep on, I decided to get a new one from Dreams. I’ve had it now for just over 3 weeks and my back feels much better! I noticed the difference straight away. It’s nice to wake up without a stiff back :) Worth every penny.

Firm anf comfortable

Tried out in store and felt amazing. When it arrived we were worried as our label said firm and in store it has a label of medium/firm. We worried it was too hard but have it s few nights after speaking to an expert in another shop who advised to give the mattress a week to settle. We have a silent night memory foam mattress topper and it seems great now. Three weeks in now. Happy.

Finally what sleep is meant to be!

I brought this mattress 3 weeks ago and it has been a complete revolution. I now sleep, actual sleep. I thought it would just improve my comfort but it has done so much more. No back ache. Easier to get to sleep and stay asleep. A complete joy. I know this sounds dramatic but it is totally true. I questioned spending what seemed like a lot on a mattress but it has been completely worth it.

Extremely Firm. Do not buy

I would not recommend this mattress. It is Incredibly firm. I bought this due to the great reviews it is receiving on this website and from the measuring machine in store, but they all must be false. You will not have an excellent night's sleep as suggested.. you will suffer through the discomfort of a rock hard mattress. Will definitely exchange this one at an unfortunate cost to myself.

burnham double mattress

needed a new mattress, last one over 14 years old, looked at a few but chose this one as it was in the sale, half price. pleased I did not pay the full price for it. had it for a few weeks now, while it is ok, the design makes it feel lumpy, quiet heavy to move if you need to decorate a room. comfy enough but so are others at a less price. I believe this is a Dreams produced mattress.

Great service.

We were able to choose our mattress from a wide range in the showroom. The salesman was very helpful and showed us exactly the one that suited us. The ordering process was very smooth and quick. The delivery arrived right at the start of the advised slot and the delivery team were very efficient. The mattress is very comfortable. We made a good buy as it was half price in the sale!

Beautifully firm, with luxurious topping.

What a bargain this has turned out to be! Bought in the sale and utilising the 0% finance function. Monthly payments are so low it feels like we've been given the mattress for free. We've both had some incredible solid nights sleep since the delivery of the mattress,witbout a hint of the back ache we used to wake up with. Luxurious thick, feels fantastic. I definately recommend.

Great Support

I bought this double mattress as I was already pleased with the single version I had purchased for my child’s room. When delivered I thought I had made a mistake and it was too firm, but within a few nights I had adjusted to the bed and wake up relaxed and refreshed. I’m glad I kept it. Also the dreams delivery staff were very helpful and professional . I would recommend.


Had 2, returned two. First lost firmness within 3 weeks and was more akin to a hammock and had all the firmness of a kitchen sponge. This was deemed faulty and replaced by another mattress which offered absolutely no support and was felt as if it was going to collapse all the time. This was tested by homeserv, using their primitive process of testing a mattress. Swapped


We’ve had this for three weeks now and honestly it is the best mattress we have ever had. No more lower back pain, waking up stiff and still tired after tossing and turning all night.Our previous mattress was an orthopaedic one but this far exceeds that. We got in the sale so excellent value for money. Need a mattress with excellent support? Get this one.

Perfect firmness

We bought this mattress for our first home and we love it. Had it for 3 weeks and haven’t had a bad nights sleep since!! It’s a kingsize and gives us plenty of space. I especially love the length of it, my feet don’t hang over the edge!! Makes getting up very difficult in the morning!! I love the height of the mattress, make the room look great!!

Lovely, comfortable mattress

I bought two of these mattresses - one for my bed, and one for the spare bed. They are firm, but very comfortable. I am quite small, but my son is a large man and has also found the mattress on the spare bed very comfortable. I am very pleased with the quality of the finish. A lovely, supportive, comfortable mattress and great value for money.

Good price for a natural fibre mattress.

We were brought in by the discount on the lower end memory foam mattresses. It was quickly apparent that it was worth spending a little more for better materials. Pleasantly cool to the touch in summer and warm in winter unlike memory foam. And even though it's a little harder than my wife is used to she found it very satisfactory in the end!

Very comfortable

We were on holiday in a cottage .we had the best night's sleep so decided to see what mattress they had. When we got home I went on your website and ordered it straight away.we have had three memory foam mattresses over the past two years and still not had a good sleep. Untill we put this one on the bed. We Slept like babies .thank you

Sheer bliss!

History - Mattress on bed 20 years old and back getting worse every day. Having read all the details on mattress's I purchased the Insignia. Delivered on time and having purchased a full set of new bedding I had an early night. Next morning back a little better! And so it went on. The mattress is the bees knees! Well worth the outlay.


I have owned a few super king mattresses since purchasing the frame over ten years ago, (which is the best thing I’ve ever bought), this one is fantastic, every night’s sleep is perfect, no back trouble whatsoever. I prefer more firm to soft but not too firm. I highly recommend this. I purchased in the sale so it was a bargain!

Firm but so comfortable

I decided on this purchase after reading the previous reviews, l’d been having back problems with my memory form mattress but wasn’t sure I’d be happy with a firm mattress. I was so wrong after 3 weeks l noticed improvement with my back and l find the firmness of the mattress so comfortable. A GREAT buy..

Very comfortable

I now have this mattress 3 weeks, I am very happy with it as my sleep has improved a lot, it’s not to hard and I have noticed my lower back ache has improved. I find this mattress very comfortable and so pleased I bought it, at the time it was also in the sale, I would definitely recommend this mattress

Good heavy quality

Three weeks in and I wake every morning with ever decreasing back pain and leg cramp, something I suffered with on my 15 year old mattress so I’m really happy to recommend this especially since it was half price in the sale! It is quite firm but it makes you realise how bad your old one was.

Very comfortable

Been using this mattress for about 2 weeks now. Took a couple nights getting used to the change but very pleased. Have had great sleep recently and even better getting it on offer. Delivery service was excellent, the 2 gents were very helpful and went the extra mile to get it where needed.

Great service

I went into store to have a look and was helped by a really nice guy who wasn't at all pushy which I love. He showed me a few mattresses and I said I would order online. The item was on sale so great value for money. The delivery went smoothly and they even delivered on good Friday!

Changed my whole relationship with sleep

Absolutely superb - the mattress was specially chosen for us via a machine in store and when we tried it we instantly knew that it was the one for us. I actually cannot believe the difference, I have a full night's sleep now - the mattress is comfortable and tailored to our needs.


I bought this Mattress in Dreams through Online by reading some reviews, it’s very excellent what I expected. Very Good mattress. I recommend my Family & Friend to buy the products from Dreams. Even I am a Customer of Dreams since couple of years, I like all the product of Dreams.

Better than anything we've tried before

We were looking for a mattress that gave us comfort that you only find in top end hotels. This is it. Quite firm, very supportive and barely rolls together. Plus you can turn or rotate it for best longevity. Really comfy. We tried many others before, none have been this good.

A better night's sleep.

I bought my Insignia Burnham pocket sprung mattress 3 weeks ago, and am delighted with it. It took two nights to get used to the difference between the new purchase and my previous mattress, but since then I am undoubtedly sleeping more soundly and feeling better for it.

Dreams are made of this

After struggling for a year in a single bed, it was a dream come true with this new one, I was checked out by you fancy machine which recommended a firmer mattress to the one which I thought I needed. Inhale not looked back since receiving this one and am well satisfied.

It took me a while to get used to this mattress.

I find this mattress not as comfortable as I thought it would be. Somethjng firmer would have been better. it just feels like having holes and bumps on that mattress! not sure how to express it. I will keep it a few more nights and then decide to keep it or return it


Bought this product 3 weeks ago. Very disappointed with comfort of this mattress. Have already had one exchange and dreams not willing to change it again. Not what we tried in shop. Second mattress tried for only part if night and had to go back to old mattress

Great nights sleep fantastic mattress

We brought this mattress as a wedding gift to ourselves, it was a great buy so comfortable. We get a great night's sleep, the mattress is firm yet soft as we both suffer from back problems this mattress helps us relax and actually sleep without waking up in pain.

Best night’s sleep I’ve ever had

We’ve had this for a few weeks now. It’s firm which is what we needed, yet comfortable. It feels sturdy and supportive, I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s changed my life. I no longer get up with a sore, stiff back, and can’t wait to get into bed at night!

So comfortable

All our mattresses are from the Insignia range so when we needed a new one it was the obvious choice. Sp comfortable and with just the right amount of support. We hope they will continue to be produced because it will be our next choice in a few years time.

Amazing comfort and support

I was beginning to have restless sleep and waking up with back ache. I was right in thinking I need a new matteress. I had undisturbed first nights sleep and it's been the same since then.... No more back ache in the morning either. Best thing I ever done

A good quality mid-price mattress that does a job!

Have recently taken delivery, what i noticed was how easy it was to move very important as these things are usually very heavy so the side handles make a huge difference. Sleep quality has been good so far, just need to keep turning to flatten it out.


Thankfully I have had this mattress for under 40 days so am returning it. I find it too hot, the buttons are very deep which parts of your body sink into (toes, knees etc.!) and generally very uncomfortable particularly as I paid £600 for it.

Fab mattress

About several weeks ago we bought the insignia mattress and as the gentleman who assisted us from dreams said that was a excellent mattress was proved true to this statement it is extremely very rated by my wife and myself.Thank You dreams.

Firm and supportive yet still comfy

This mattress is very-well made, firm and supporting of the body, but still very comfy at the same time. My wife and I exercise and play sport a lot so support and good sleep is crucial. This mattress is making sure we get that good sleep.

Much better than "mattress in a box"..!

Tried one of those online memory foam mattress in a box deals..had it for as long as possible but just never felt right.. So gave up, went to Dreams and bought the Burnham pocket spring... Instantly getting a much better nights sleep..

Worth every penny

Four weeks after buying the mattress and we couldn't be happier. The in store Sleepmatch machine suggested a few choices, we went for one of the firmer ones. It's been brilliant, giving many happy sleeps. Delivery was also hassle-free.

Very comfortable!

I have had this new mattress now for 4 weeks. Extremely comfy. I had been suffering from morning backache with my old mattress but now no more. Very happy and would recommend especially as I got it well under half price in the sale!

Super comfy.

We bought this matress a month ago, it is amazing. Super comfy and easy to turn and flip thanks to the substantial handles either side. Highly recommend this product, firm but not uncomfortable and now getting a great night's sleep.

Sides not well supported

I purchased this approx 1 month ago. Where you lye on the bed is very comfortable. Unfortunately the edge of the bed seems very soft and not well supported.Im concerned that in a couple of years I will be rolling out of the bed.

Comfortable quality mattress

After years of muscle aches I bought this new mattress and it has transformed my sleep. It is firm but with enough give to support hips and back well for a side sleeper . Bought in sale at half price so very pleased

Great Mattress

Hi, Bought the mattress about a month ago and extremely happy with it so far. Its different to another mattress we bought from Dreams but we wanted to try a different type and style to compare. so far no issues.

Very happy

I bought our bed about a month ago and thought I wanted a soft mattress but was suggested a firmer one by the staff at Dreams, it was the best decision as I have better night sleeps especially being pregnant!

Very good mattress

The mattress is just the right comfort level for me. Nice and firm but not too firm. I used to suffer back pain especially in the morning when I woke up. No more back pain. Really pleased with the mattress.

Better than memory foam

Great support and comfort, miles better than the memory foam mattress I just replaced which retained all the heat and was like a great lump. This mattress is well made and designed. I would recommend


We bought a new mattress 2 weeks ago. Very pleased with the service in the hop, very helpful lady, answered all our questions. The delivery was first class. On time. Quick and friendly and efficient.

Looks good

We bought this mattress just over 2 month ago and it live up to it name as been firm. We have Had good nights sleep.I like the ideal that you can turn ever three month and turn it over once a year.

Great quality

I had seen this advertised by Dreams and was a little dubious about the hype, no longer, added to the new bed frame this provides the perfect sleep solution I am very happy with this product.

Best nights sleep

We bought this a month ago and it’s the best nights sleep we’ve had. We got an amazing deal in the sale but I would have bought it at full price as it works well for both me and my husband

No more springs "boinging" hurray!

This mattress is wonderful, its firm where it needs to be and it has really helped with my back pain. An added benefit is that I don't get the "boing" of the springs as I get in bed! :-)

So comfy

Really great price and do comfortable. Nice and firm which is great for my pregnancy as I'm achy all over. My husband hasn't had a bad night's sleep since we have had our new mattress

Very comfortable

We have had this mattress for a week now and we are very pleased so far. Obviously a week isn't very long but we hope it will give us the service our old one did after 12 years

Good quality

We have had this for a cople of weeks now. The mattress is firm, so will not suit everybody, but good if you sleep on your back or front Got it in the January sale so good value

Perfect cure for backache

Exchanged from the Wakefield which was too soft and made backache worse. From the first night no backache and while firm it is really comfortable. Great value as was half price

great mattress,helpful service

very happy with my mattress , we have choice the right one for us. specially after long while decided to buy. very good staff helpful etc. would recommend to family friends.

Best sleep ever

I bought this mattress last month and literally couldn’t be happier it’s so comfortable and the chaps that delivered it were professional and friendly and five star service

Good Value for Money

I brought this a month ago, it is made from good quality materials that feel like they will last a good few years. The Mattress is very comfortable. I would buy it again.


Bought a single one first and as it was so comfortable we decided to buy a double in the same one. Soft enough to give a good night sleep but firm enough to give support.

Cosy and comfortable

This new mattress is deeper and firmer than our old one. It makes for a much more comfortable sleep and I notice that I now wake up more refreshed and with less aches.

Sons mattress

This mattress was for my 12 year old son, we now have problems getting him out of bed in the morning as he sleeps so well. He says it's the best he's ever slept.

Excellent mattress

I am so pleased to have found this mattress. My wife and I both prefer a firm base to sleep upon, and this mattress provides us both with a wonderful night's sleep.


Absolutely love our new mattress, comfy and just as we need it to be. The ladies in store helped us with finding the right mattress for us and we sleep well on it.

Lasting impression, :Looks Quality:

Only had this mattress 2 weeks and did not realize before it was purchased what i was missing out on, a really good, comfortable nights sleep, worth every penny.

Very comfy!

We bought this item a few weeks a go and we are so happy! Super comfy and so quiet, I cant even hear or feel when my partner when he is turing over or restless.

Great mattress!

I've had this mattress for a couple of weeks now and am yet to have any problems with it. It's firm and comfortable, and I'm able to have a good night's sleep.

Great mattress

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago and I am really happy with it. We have slept better, its firm but extremely comfortable. I would highly recommend it.

Mattress so comfortable really pleased with it

I purchased this a few weeks ago and am very pleased with it - the machine I went on certainly came up trumps in helping me decide which mattress to chose.

Excellent bed and mattress

Bought a bed and mattress 2 weeks ago. Never thought i'd pay more than £1000 for a bed but so worth it. Its comfortable and just looks perfect in the room.

Quite uncomfortable

Uncomfortable on my back and have had to use a mattress topper, its been a bit difficult to sleep as the springs are making the mattress sag in the middle

Sinking edges

Had this mattress for a couple of weeks now, generally a nice and comfortable mattress, however you cannot sit on the edges and they just sink right down.

Fantastic service

I bought a new king size mattress which is perfect, couldn't fault the service, picked up old mattress and delivered the new one to the room of my choice.

Firm and comfortable

Just bought this to replace a memory foam mattress that had been giving me back ache. It’s a massive relief to have something firm and comfortable

Just WOW!

Thought this was a lot of money for a mattress, but we have not been disappointed. Didn't realise how bad our matress was until we slept on this!!

Extremely comfortable

Bought the mattress 3 weeks ago, have had a great sleep every night since. Provides good support and great comfort. Got it on a great price too.

So amazing and comfortable

I purchased this a few months ago and had two weeks now..could not ask for a better mattress..very comfortable and soft..slept really well on it

This mattress is worth every penny

Purchased around. A month ago , so comfortable and great support , would definitely recommend this mattress without a doubt, great nights sleep

Mattress comfort.

Bought 3 weeks ago delivered 2 weeks past. Best purchase in along time. Mattress selection brilliant with help from staff. Would recommend.

Really comfortable

This mattress s really comfortable if you want a firm mattress. My husband’s back problems have eased since sleeping on this new mattress.

So comfortable

Best nights sleep we have had in years. We have had this bed for 3 weeks. The assistant did an excellent job when advising us. Thank you.

Great nights sleep had

Needed a new mattress, gentleman in the shop was very helpful. Quick and simple. Didn't go to buy that day just looking fmbut great value

Great nights sleep

After testing all the option in your showroom we choose this one and it's great very comfortable no back ache in the morning suits us !!

Lovely , comfortable mattress.

Have had this mattress for 2 weeks now. Have not had so comfortable a nights sleep in years . Would recommend it to everybody.

Great mattress

Very happy with the mattress. I enjoy a firm mattress and this really delivers. I've never had such an enjoyable night's sleep

Love the thickness and quality

I bought this a month ago and have had the best night sleep since it’s cool to touch and very comfortable would defo buy again

Great Mattress

I bought this 3 weeks ago and have not suffered with back pain since , it is so comfortable , I would definitely recommend .


This mattress is very comfortable. It is also unlike those with memory foam toppers is cool and keeps an even temperature.

Super comfy

After sleeping on what I thought was an okay mattress, my new one has made me realise just how terrible the old one was!!

Fabulous quality

So happy with this purchase it’s a really high quality mattress at a fabulous price. Best mattress I’ve ever slept on !

Comfort and luxury

I bought this 3 weeks ago and am having the best nights sleeps that I’ve had in years. No more getting up with backache

Extremely comfortable

I bought this mattress to replace one that was 10 years old. It is extremely comfortable & my lower back pain has gone.

Great mattress

I had a perfect night sleep since having this mattress. There is no noise at when moving and perfect for my back.


This is a very comfortable and great quality mattress. My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase.

Great and comfortable

I bought this a month ago and haven’t looked back. Such a great mattress and great for if you have back pains.

Really comfortable great night sleep

I bought this bed 3 week ago. Sleeping better, no back ache. The mattress is thick and really comfortable.

New Mattress

Bought at beginning of January and found to be very comortable. Service great and old mattress taken away.

Firm but not too firm.

Purchased a month or so ago. Feels like a quality product and certainly no complaints on the sleep front.

Amazingly comfortable

Excellent purchase, extremely high quality and so comfortable I don’t want to get up in the morning!!!!


This is the best mattress that we have ever purchased very comfortable and ensures a good nights sleep.

does what it says on the label.

so far no complaints, nice bed firm but not too firm, turned it twice up to now, it feels great.

just what myback needed very comfortable

have bought from dreams before and this mattress is very good suits my needs would if needed buy again

Very happy

Bought this mattress a month ago and very happy with it - good firmness giving us the correct support

Lovely matress

I bought this mattress 3 weeks ago, and I don't think I have ever slept on anything as comfortable

Very Comfy

Very comfy mattress, very thick and absorbs movement really well. Spacious and good nights sleep

Very comfortable

Recent purchase to replace old mattress. Very comfortable and getting a good night's sleep again

Top quality

Best mattress for our needs - nice and firm, great quality and great price. Highly recommended!


I bought it a month ago, and my sleeping has improved so much, its like sleeping on a feather!

Great Mattress

I bought this mattress about a couple of weeks ago and I have never had a better nights sleep.

Very comfortable

My guests rate this mattress very highly ... a good nights sleep had by all who come to stay

Very comfortable

I bought this a my back pain was getting worse. Obviously it's not cured I but it is better

My hypercritical pal is no longer hypercitical.

The sore back complaints have stopped. I should have got one of these sooner. All smiles.

Great mattress!

We have this mattress for a couple of weeks now and we are very happy with our purchase.


Have had really good nights sleep since having this mattress. Got my sleep pattern back

Extremely comfortable

At first this mattress seemed hard, but soon found that it supported me extremely well

Great mattress. Very comfortable.

Bought it recently and I am always looking forward to lying on it. Highly recommended.

Fantastic mattress

Very helpful staff , excellent service, superb product. Best sleep I've had in years


Comfy very Excellent mattress especially if you sleep on your side, high Quality look

Extremely Comfortable and Supportive

Bought a month ago and can honestly say I’ve had full nights sleep since I’ve had it.

Great quality

Great quality, plenty of delivery options, great non pushy staff. Comfy bed all good

Very nice bed.

I bought this mattress recently and have not regretted buying it. Worth every penny.

Very comfortable

Very pleased with this mid range mattress .. comfortable and good value for money !

Great mattress!!

comfy and firm just as i ordered it. looks good and love going to bed even more now

excellent night sleep

I didn't realise how much i needed to to change my mattress until i had my new one

Wonderfully comfortable

This mattress has the right combination of being firm and wonderfully comfortable.

Great bed

Had this for 3 weeks now and it is really comfortable. Nothing to complain about.

Awesome,haven't slept so well in years

So comfy, outstanding product, just like every other ,I've purchased from Dreams

Very comfy

This mattress is very firm which is great for my bad back! Excellent quality.

Well received

Very impressed with this mattress. The delivery was prompt and efficient.

Love the bed

Comfortable was exactly what I needed. Actually have a comfortable sleep


Great comfortable mattress, well made and excellent nights sleep from it

Great mattress

Great comfort and exactly as advertised, prompt and friendly delivery.

Very comfy

Purchased this to relieve night time back pain and it’s worked a treat

good quality

Good service, good quality and definitely in the customers interests.

Confused sleep

I bought this bed, and i a more than happy with the purchase so far.

Good night sleep.

Brought new mattress which have got to say. Best nights sleep even

Best mattress ever!!

Bought a few weeks ago and it’s so comfortable. Total perfection.

Amazing service

I bought this less than a month before and amazed by the product

Great mattress

A very comfortable mattress, quite firm which I was hoping for


Bought this mastress few weeks ago excellent quality and comfy

Great product

It's a great mattress very comfortable, delivery was excellent

Super comfy

Bought this mattress and it's well made and lovely and comfy.

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress 2 weeks ago and it’s very comfortable.


It was really hard to begin with, but very comfortable now.

Comfortable mattress

We bought a mattress about 2 weeks ago it is so comfortable

Perfect for everyone!

We bought this mattress one months ago, it’s amazing!

As expected

Very comfy but much comfier with a mattress protector

Well made very comfortable

Purchased this 4 weeks ago and am very happy with it

Real comfort

I bought this a few weeks ago. An excellent purchase

Sweet Dreams!

Love our new mattress and my backache has gone too!

Cozy & durable - for longevity

I bought this a few weeks ago and delighted so far