Hypnos Swinton Pocket Sprung Mattress
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Hypnos Swinton Pocket Sprung Mattress

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Brand: Hypnos
Code: 133-00717
Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 26cm
Updated: 10/20/2019 3:09:17 AM
4/5 - 246 reviews


What Makes It Great

This new mattress was delivered on 15th January (sale price was amazing so to good to miss), the ordering process and delivery time and contact from Dreams was great. Two very personable delivery chaps, who took their shoes off as soon as they entered my house! Now to the mattress: We are extremely pleased with the comfort. Having stayed at numerous Premiers Hotels for business and occasionally for pleasure I have always found their beds to be so comfortable, and now I am pleased to say I can have the same sleep comfort at home! No more backache! The finish of the mattress is very good, seems very well made and with a 10 year guarantee I don't think you can go far wrong. It is on the heavy side but that is to be expected, so it will take two to flip it over. It even has handles at either end not just on the sides, so that will help with any moving of the mattress that may be necessary. The only problem that I have come across so far - the bed is now so much more difficult to get out of on dark cold mornings!!! I definitely recommend Hypnos, and due to the price in the sale it was an even more perfect purchase. If you have always wanted one just go ahead and purchase it, you will not be disappointed, and I also recommend Dreams themselves from my recent experience.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

Normally you only see a 1 year guarantee as standard. You know that a product is of the highest quality when you have this sort of protection against any sort of failure and dipping that may occur outside of normal settlement

A decent amount of pocket springs for this mattress. Will provide a good amount of support and mould to your bodies many positions when sleeping

This is a woven fabric that has generally become terms as a Belgian Damask. There's not really anything Belgian about it, it's just a woven style of fabric

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Solotex is a material that helps to provide a soft and stretchy texture with cushioning properties. It is a new type of fiber with a focus toward comfort with it's spring-like helical molecular structure

Questions and Answers

The bed I have at the moment is a Hypnos but now needs to be changed after many years of use. Which is the hardest mattress that would be available, needs to be a double but doesn't need to be a Hypnos just good quality ?

Answer: Hi, Thank you for your question. The firmest beds we have are from our Insignia range. These are orthopedic. We also have two Hypnos mattresses which are firm, the Milford (which you have obviously looked at) and the Orwell. In terms of the best quality, the Orwell is going to be the best and will be the most sumptuous. The Insignia beds Buckingham, Blenheim and Carisbrooke would be next best, with more pocket springs than the Milford and better quality natural filings. They, however, do not have side stitching like the Milford beds. I would suggest trying these mattresses for your self, but depending on your budget, these would be my recommendations.

The swinton mattress felt softer and more comfortable in the shop. At home it feels firm and uncomfortable, will it soften ?

Answer: Yes, with time and use the mattress will soften slightly - it takes approximately one month of use for your body to adjust to your new mattress and for the fillings to settle. If after 30 nights your mattress still feels uncomfortable, our 'Comfort Exchange' allows you to re-select an alternative mattress of the same size. More information on this policy can be found here: https://support.dreams.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/205720401-Sleep-Comfort-Guarantee Kind Regards. Dreams

Can you take my old mattress away

Answer: Yes, our Dreams delivery team are able to pick up your old bed or mattress directly from your home when we deliver your new one. Prices for the mattress disposal services are below: Single - £23, Double - £33, King and Superking - £38. Kind Regards, Dreams

What material is solotex? I have allergies so it’s important to know the exact material content. Also, how many springs are in a double size mattress?

Answer: Solotex is a luxury cushioning fibre, unfortunately we are not able to provide exact material content for this filling. In addition, in a double mattress there are 1200 pocket springs. Kind Regards, Dreams

how can i be sure my hypnos swinton no turn mattress is the right way up on the frame please

Answer: Please refer to the embroidered Hypnos logo on the mattress, ensuring this is the right way up will mean that your mattress will be the correct way up. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this the same matress used by premier inn?

Answer: Hello , No it isn't but the Hypnos Milford has 1200 pocket springs which is 200 more than the premier inn mattress. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi, I am looking for the “Hypnos Milford Pocket Sprung Mattress”. Is this mattress same? As the reviews are related to the “Hypnos Milford Pocket Sprung Mattress”.

Answer: Yes, this mattress is an upgraded version of the Milford so the specification has been enhanced slightly to provide better comfort. Kind Regards, Dreams

do you recycle old mattress

Answer: Hello , Yes we do, our disposal service costs £39.99 and can be added to your purchase at the checkout stage online. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Bought the Swinton about 3 weeks ago and was turning it around weekly. since last week it is squeaky, when turning on bed. It's getting worse almost daily. Any reason for this. In the shop as well as first two weeks it was fine.

Answer: Good afternoon, I am so sorry to hear about this. Please contact our customer service team and they will be able to assist you further. Kind regards, Dreams

Hypnos Swinton mattress. Says rotate only. What happens if it is turned over?

Answer: Good morning, The sleep surface is where you will find the support and fillings. If you turn the mattress the feel will be very different. Kind Regards. Dreams

What is the weight of the 4' 6" Swinton mattress and also the other four mattresses in the range? (Recently stayed at a Best Western Hotel and found their Hypnos mattress very comfortable, hence my investigation).

Answer: Good afternoon, Please see the below weights for the 4'6 Hypnos mattresses: Swinton - 35kg Hanson - 21kg Winslet - 42kg Cohan - 44.5kg Kind regards Dreams

What is a 6 turn pocket sprung mattress as in your overview.  Also  I know it has 1200 pocket springs. Some others measure pocket sprung by single figures say for example 7 what does this mean?  

Answer: Good morning, A 6 turn spring has 6 coils. We measure our pocket springs in a Kingsize mattress and this is across the website. Kind regards, Dreams

Do standard king size sheets fit the king size mattress. The depth of my old mattress is a lot less than Hypnos. 

Answer: Hello , The one's we sell generally have an 18 inch skirt on them which is more than deep enough. Many thanks for your question, I hope this helps.

Can this mattress be used on a sprung base?

Answer: Hello , Sprung slats will work just fine for this, it will provide extra support for yourself and mattress. Many thanks for the question.

I asked if this mattress could be used on a sprung base but I meant a full sprung one not sprung slats

Answer: Hello , Yes, this can be used on a sprung base as the mattress is made up of pocket springs as well. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, is this mattress suitable for a slatted bedstead and if so what is the max gap between slats' that you'd recommend?

Answer: Hello , This mattress is suitable to go on any of the slatted bases that we sell. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

How firm is this mattress? Would you recommend it for side sleepers?

Answer: Hello , This mattress is firm without being too hard. It is recommended more for back sleepers. Many thanks for the question.

What is the filling of this mattress please?

Answer: Hello , This is filled with wool and eOlus sustainable fibre within the upholstery of the mattress. Many thanks for your question.

hi i have bought this mattress and was wondering do i have to turn the mattressfully or can i just top and tail it

Answer: Hello, This has to be fully turned and rotated regularly to even out the bedding in of the fillings. Many thanks for the question.

Can these mattresses be turned over or are they only able to be swivelled round. I currently have a mattress which I can't turn over as it has a topper. 

Answer: Hello , Yes you can turn this mattress over and use both sides. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Is this mattress suitable for adjustable beds

Answer: Hello , I am afraid not as adjustable mattresses are 3 inches better in length. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, do your company sell this mattress in super king size? Thanks

Answer: Hello Unfortunately we do not sell this mattress in super king size. Thank you for your question.

Is this the mattress that is used at premier inn? If not do you stock the one they use? 

Answer: Hello, This is not the mattress used in premier inn. Sorry about this and thank you for your question.

what is the depth of the milford pocket sprung mattress firm fitting

Answer: Hello , The depth of the mattress is 26cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the depth of the Milford mattress?

Answer: Hello , This mattress has a depth of 26cm. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

How many springs are there in a 4ft 6in double mattress? (I know the King size has 1400)

Answer: Good morning, The double sized Swinton contains 1044 pocket springs. Kind regards Dreams

Is this mattress upholstered using foam?

Answer: Hello , There is no foam used in the mattress upholstery. Many thanks for your question.

hypnos mattresses come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty does this not apply if bought from dreams as you only quote a year

Answer: Hello, That is correct, it will be with the manufacturer's. Many thanks for the question.

I filtered on "medium" so am confused as this seems to be "firm" and was on the verge of buying it.

Answer: Hi , I can confirm this is a medium mattress. Thank you for your question.

I'm confused about the comfort level of this mattress. On the illustration it described as 'medium' but in some of the replies to customer questions it is described as 'firm'. Could you please confirm the correct description?

Answer: Hi , I can confirm this is a medium grade mattress. Thank you for your question.

How long is the manufactures guarantee

Answer: Hello, The manufacturer's warranty will be for one year. Many thanks for the question.

Is it possible to have spare cover.

Answer: Hello , No unfortunately not. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Do you sell exdisplat Hypnos mattress

Answer: Hello , Unfortunately, we do not sell these. Many thanks for the question.

i need a double mattress which does not require turning.does the hypnos milford fit the bill?

Answer: Hello , The milford is a double sided mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Do they do this mattress in a soft grade comfort level

Answer: Hello, This is only comes in the firm comfort grade. Many thanks for the question.

Do you take the old mattress away?

Answer: Hello, Yes we do for a £39 charge. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Would this mattress be suitable for a storage bed which you pull up to open

Answer: Yes, this mattress will be suitable to use. Kind Regards, Dreams

What's the depth of the hipnos king size mattress 

Answer: Hello , This will be 26cm in depth. Many thanks for the question.

How deep is the mattress 

Answer: Hello , This will be 26cm in depth. Many thanks for the question.

What is the depth of this mattress?.

Answer: The depth of this mattress is 26cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you tell me the weight of the king size Milford firm mattress please? 

Answer: Hello , This will weigh 44kg. Many thanks for your question.

Customer Reviews

Based on 246 review

Hypnos Milford - Big Disappointment

If this review was written after six months of use, I would have probably given it 5 stars. The Milford looked like a quality mattress, well made, and of course carried the Hypnos name and a 10 year warranty. The buying experience was more than acceptable, with the Dreams staff proving to be pleasant, knowledgeable, and efficient. However the mattress is now 3 years old, still looks like new with the exception of two depressions, one either side of the centre line. It has also become really uncomfortable to the point of causing backache and sore shoulders after a night of so called 'sleep'. I will quantify, it is like sleeping in a pair of hammocks. We have had an inspection of the mattress carried out via Dreams, which resulted in the opinion, that the wear was settlement, and acceptable for a mattress of its age. I am sorry but for a mattress of 3 years old, which carries a so called 10 year warranty, I would have not expected wear to this degree, and would certainly have expected greater support and service from both Dreams and Hypnos. I consider our Hypnos Milford mattress very poor value for money.

Great value and quality mattress

I tried this mattress in the shop and it was a little softer than I expected although very comfortable . Decided to purchase as I felt reassured with the 40 days guarantee .On our divan base it is more firm compared to the slatted base in the shop . I must say the comfort is great -no need for a mattress topper and the fabric feels natural regulating our temperature through the night . My general aches and pains have disappeared and I'm waking feeling much more refreshed . I don't really pay attention to advertising and was unaware that Premier used this product .My choice came about after we stayed in a top hotel in Devon this year on holiday and it made me realise we needed a new mattress badly . In the morning my husband and I pulled back the sheets and mattress protector to discover it was made by Hypnos . I was totally convinced this was the one for us . Can't believe the price at Dreams but maybe it'll not last as long as the hotel quality ones which cost £1000's .But so far we are extremely happy and sleeping much better .I would highly recommend to anyone who just generally aches in the morning !

Very comfortable with good value

After staying in several premier inns I was pleased to find a mattress of the same make. Although there is no will topper it it soft but supportive, doesn't smell of fire retardant as did our last memory foam mattress that we returned to another shop. The edges aren't that firm but are fine. We preferred a flaxby but it was twice the price & not twice as good. It was just softer as it had more springs and w as made our a move natural filing (wool more than plastic bottles) although we are surrounded by plastic generally and we use a mattress protector. Overall very pleased with dreams and we have both had much better sleep since. Finally the showroom sale (although we couldn't view the exact mattress) delivery and aftercare follow-up was faultless. Well done dreams. Ps we liked the complimentary room spray. Probably for the memory foam mattresses that take Longer to evaporate the compulsory fire retardant spray.

Great service!

I bought two mattresses in their recent sale. They were for 'spare' beds so I didn't want to spend a fortune but I wanted something decent. We were looking at the full range and was given some advice as I wanted quite a firm one and one that didn't sag when you sat on the edge! We were going for a sprung pocket one when they started bringing out the further sale stock items. Ex demo/ returns etc. The lady helping us excused her self and went to talk to the lady pulling out a mattress. It was the same one we were looking at! So the mattress was already half price in the sale and this one was nearly half price again!! We snapped it up. And whilst there wasn't the same one reduced further there was another one with great reductions. In the end we got two mattresses for £600 having saved ourselves £1500!!! Bargain! Kids have been back and slept on both mattresses and love them.

Not the same as the one we tried in the shop

We tried this mattress in the Worthing store and found it to be comfortable, so ordered one for delivery. Our mattress was much harder from day one, but we persevered hoping it would soften up a bit. After two weeks it seemed even harder, and we were suffering with severe pains on our hips. We tried beds at Bognor, Portslade and Worthing to find something more suitable. We also tried the Milford at all three stores on several occasions, they were all much softer than ours! We have now changed it for a different mattress which arrived today. The Dreams delivery drivers even said the mattress is faulty as it is totally flat and looks nothing like the one in the picture on the web site. I am really disappointed with this product and very annoyed at having to pay the delivery charge to replace a faulty mattress.

Very satisfied

We bought our new bed and had it delivered just over a month ago. We loved the bed we had at that time but knew that it needed replacing - it was 20 years old! As I used to work in the “bedtrade” we knew what we wanted (no memory foam,pocket springs, natural fillings) and found we were very limited for choice. We went to our local Dreamsand found staff very helpful who listened to what we wanted then showed us 3 products that matched our spec. Perfect! Just as I’d been trained We chose our mattress then chose a base, with an Ottoman storage option- perfect My wife is really pleased with our new bed, she didn’t want to change but I insisted as although our old bed had served us well it was ready to fail. She said to me yesterday that the new bed was almost as nice as our old bed! Praise indeed.

Good reputation

Three weeks in to my sleeping on this mattress and I am quite pleased with it. My sleep has been better and my aching back is no longer a problem requiring me to roll out of the bed. It is quite a heavy mattress, not too heavy though, so turning and rotating it every week for the first month could be awkward for some. I bought this from Dreams after trying it out in their showroom, the price was the maximum I would contemplate paying so was not expecting a perfect mattress compared to their pricier models. Only downsides so far; It can feel a little warm on occasion, this may be due to the hot recent weather, not uncomfortable. I understand the requirement to turn and rotate the mattress as I leave a slight impression on the mattress, all 12 stone of me, as this will compress the mattress equally.

Very comfortable

Recently bought this mattress having gone “back to basics” because my old memory foam mattress was full of dips and ditches and I’d only had it a year. I was on the hunt for a classic, reliable, pocket sprung mattress. I spent a while perusing the website looking for something reasonably priced that had good reviews, as I wasn’t in a position to go in store and test the mattresses out myself.. I only had the reviews to go on. I finally chose this mattress but I was very hesitant and wary. I’ve not had a decent mattress in a very long time. Turns out I ADORE this mattress. It’s perfect. Very comfortable. Not too hard or too soft and it’s got a bounce to it.. something I had missed with memory foam. I now look forward to bed time rather than dread having to sleep on a sagging, uncomfortable bed.

The most comfortable mattress ever!

We had purchased our previous mattress from Dreams and were so happy with the service and quality we had no qualms about returning to Dreams for our new one. My wife had always converted Hypnos mattresses and when I saw that Dreams had some in their sale we jumped at the chance to go an try one. My wife (and I) spent at least 49 minutes in the Kings Heath store with the manager trying out the mattress and talking about our needs for comfort and support. Ordering and delivery was so simple and the mattress arrived on the specified time and date with no problem (even though we changed the delivery time 7 days before the original date). This mattress is so comfortable, if is also very supportive. We love this mattres. Thanks again Dreams for value and service. None better.

Highly Recommended

I've been suffering with lower back pain for ages which was always worse in the mornings after I had slept. So many people told me that a new mattress might help so I thought I would do some research. After reading lots of reviews and recommendations I decided on the Hypnos Milford Pocket Spring Mattress. I have had the mattress for three weeks now, it's the best thing I've ever bought. My back pain is so much improved, I can't believe the difference and would highly recommend to anyone out there who is suffering from back pain ......it really does make a difference. May I also say a big thank you to the two delivery men who were both very efficient and well mannered. Excellent service from Dreams all round - thank you.

Heaven on Earth :)

Only had this matress for approx 3 weeks but i can truthfully say its been amazing for myself . My previous (6 month) old pocket spring/memory foam matress was no good, constant back pains. However this is just so comfy and perfect for me as i am a side sleeper and does not give me back or hip pains as its just one big cushion. Ofcourse over time it will adjust to my body as will my body and i expect never to leave my bed again haha. The quality of the fabric is great and the firmness is medium and much better then memory foam. Delivered straight to my bedroom :). I guess you get what you pay for and thats exactly the case with this. (Not cheap) but its a long term investment.

Not the same as the mattress in the shop

Very disappointed. We were expecting a good quality mattress and sampled the one in store a few times before making our purchase. The one we had delivered is a LOT firmer than the one in store, I can only describe it as sleeping on a lumpy pallette. I appreciate the mattressess’ in store get more use, but ours seems to lack any ‘padding’. My husband and I are waking up with bad backs every morning, I have never had this problem before. Will be returning as soon as the 30 days is up, as we dread going to bed at night. Unfortunately I won’t be going for another hypnos mattress with this experience, and I wish I had read more of the reviews which report similar problems.

Bad back? Buy this mattress!!

I have suffered with a bad back for decades, including a recent prolapsed disc at the base of my spine two years ago. Had all the medical stuff, MRI, pain killers, physio, etc and am now wondering why I have never been advised by the medical people that investing in a quality mattress would be beneficial?? Well, having bought this mattress I am so happy with the quality and best of all, I now wake up in the morning with minimal, and sometimes no pain in my back. Brilliant, if you are looking at buying a new mattress and have issues with back-pain then this is the mattress for you - even at £600, its great value. Works for me. Highly recommended.

Best mattress ever!!

Having spent lots of stays in Premier Inns we were always impressed with the quality & comfort of their beds. When our own mattress had seen better days we decided to purchase a new 5 foot king size Hypnos mattress the same as used in Premier inns. We ordered on line from Dreams and from order to delivery only took 5 days. We were constantly kept up to date by text from order to delivery right down to an accurate time slot and delivered by 2 very pleasant delivery guys. We can recommend the product and company 100% for their quality and professional way in which we were dealt with. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

No More Physio..!

I have suffered from a bad back for sometime now, after months of physio on my back I finally took their advice and invested in a new mattress. This mattress is absolutely fantastic, no more aches and pains and no more paying for physio week after week. I bought the bed on line without testing it and I went off what other people said and their reviews, so I think it is only fair to post a review myself. Thanks to all the positive reviews on this modeL Its really well made, very firm, solid and even looks the part...anyone sick of paying to get their back problems fixed...just buy one of these....

Excellent Mattress

Purchased this particular mattress after testing one out for a few nights in Premier Inn Swansea. Have now had this mattress for a month or so now. It ticks all the right boxes bar one........the weight When spinning and turning the mattress regularly as recommended.It does not allow for a 64year! It is quite a struggle, but easily put up with due to the excellence of the product Other than this the mattress is a well made quality product, and I have had some of my best nights sleep on it since its purchase. I also don't think it is too expensive. Plus a good guarantee. Well done Hypnos.

Literally the best night's sleep ever

After years of living with the parents and renting furnished properties, it finally came to the time to buy my own bed and mattress. I knew cheaping out wasn't an option when it came to mattresses so after extensive in-store testing we decided on the Hypnos, and it does not disappoint. Before sleeping on this mattress I had never slept as soundly. I didn't stir once, and I now look forward to going to bed every night. My partner said it's the first time she hadn't woken up with back and shoulder ache in years. We can 100% recommend this mattress, it's truly wonderful.

Good nights sleep

I purchased a new mattress three weeks ago, initial thoughts are that the mattress is extremely heavy compared to my previous one though that's not a bad thing presuming the extra coils add the weight, it is somewhat deeper also which means my standard double fitted sheets don't quite fit and it is several years inches smaller than my bed base as that is a continental one. All in all though, so far have slept very well on it and wake up less often during the night, even in this heatwave we're having.Good service from Dreams drivers and company communication.

So comfy!

We've had this mattress for just over a month and I haven't slept so well in years. I wish we had updated our previous mattress, which was very old and very uncomfortable, ages ago because now I look forward to a cosy comfortable night in bed. I also bought with this mattress a padded mattress protector from Dreams and that really is the icing on the snuggly Dreams mattress cake! I would recommend buying both items together to feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. I now get a really good nights sleep every single night and I am very happy.

FANTASTIC night sleep

I bought this just over 3 weeks ago and never looked back, since getting it i've had nothing but a great night sleep, before getting this mattress i was always tired and always had aches and pains when getting up in the mornings but since getting this mattress i've been pain free and wide awake all day. I've just been on holiday and slept on a normal mattress and the aches came back and felt tired all day again, just got back and slept on my new mattress and woke up feeling refreshed. I would definitely recommend this to anyone 10 out of 10

Lovely Mattress

I purchased this mattress with a divan bed and headboard. I found the sales team to delivery drivers really helpful, nothing was too much trouble. Thank you dreams. I bought this mattress online and previously had not tried in store, which is always a hard decision as of course everyone has their own preferences to their preferred mattress. I am so pleased to say I am so happy with my choice, it is comfortable and I do not want to get out of bed in the morning! Everything has been great and I would not hesitate to purchase from Dreams again.

Can't get out of bed in the morning!!

Ever since our mattress was delivered two weeks ago, my husband and I have been unable to get out of bed when the alarm goes off! It is so comfortable. I ordered online without trying the mattress first so I was a little worried that it would be too hard. However it's ideal not too hard or too soft, with good support. It's quite high so you will need deep fitted sheets especially if you are using a mattress protector too. The mattress looks and feels expensive with lovely fabric. Our back and neck aches are gone. Worth every penny!!

Mixed experience but well handled by Dreams

We bought our new Hypnos mattress a month ago, and have found it to be very comfortable. However, for such a (so called) prestigious brand the quality of the Hypnos finish was poor - with lots of unfinished threads (which weren't loose!). The Quality Assurance label wasn't fully stamped so we suspect it just wasn't fully inspected before it left the factory. Dreams customer service dealt with the matter very fairly and professionally - just a shame that Hypnos let them and us down.

So comfortable!

I researched mattresses for some time and looked at a lot of reviews before buying this mattress. Although we couldn't actually see it or try it we took the risk and are so glad we did. It is well made and slightly firm and I have slept so much better on it. No more aches or back pain in the morning. Would definitely recommend it. Dreams were brilliant, kept us informed at all times and the delivery guys were polite and extremely helpful. Very happy all round.

We’ve fallen in love with our new mattress!!

Mattress came on 30th August and we ordered in store about 6 weeks before then. Our old mattress was causing my partner back issues. This new Hypnose mattress hasn’t literally changed our lives!! Unbelievably comfortable and we both get a good nights sleep almost every night now. I actually look forward to going to bed. Dreams matched us to our mattress and they did a fantastic job from first walking into store to the guys that delivered the mattress.

Excellent Value

We bought this mattress two and a half weeks ago because I have arthritis and found it painful to lie in bed. Since buying the Hypnos Milford mattress it has made such a difference. The mattress is really comfortable, I no longer feel pain when lying in one position for a while during the night and no more agony when I turn over! This mattress is well worth the money, we now look forward to bedtime and enjoy a good night's sleep every night!

What a brilliant buy....

We are extremely pleased with the Hypnos firm mattress. At first we thought it might be too firm, but after a few days we have definitely relaxed into it and find we have a very good nights sleep. It definitely lives up to all our expectations ie no roll together, sleep to the edge, no memory form so the mattress does not make you too hot. It is easy to turn with handles provided. It's just such a comfortable mattress.

Week 2 Just turned it over -old school

New sheets, pillow cases and duvet cover. Hot radox bath,early night.. So looking forward to bed.By appointment, I guess, means the queen of England sleeps on one of these.. Good enough for her, it's good enough for me. Best sleep I've ever had. I still wake up sleepy,and can't wait to get in at night. Can't recommend these Hypnos mattress's highly enough. Hardest thing is to keep the cat of it! She's very discerning.

Not happy

We bought the mattress but it is not right for my wife and I and I am keen to return it. I am told by staff at dreams that I need to wait 30days - which seems odd as the longer I leave it the more it is being used and the higher the probability is that I can't return it? Can someone please tell me if I can return it for another mattress sooner? 30days means not being able to do anything until the 12th April

super comfy

I bought this bed 6 months ago and it is by far one of the best purchases I have made. The mattress is so comfy and holds you in the right places but also firm enough so you don't feel like you bounce all over the place everytime you roll over. Turning the mattress is also easier than I thought as it was surprisingly not that heavy. I would recommend this mattress ro anyone who wants a good night sleep.

Good night sleep

I bought this mattress around a month ago now and although first night it took a little getting used to being such a change from a memory foam mattress, me and my wife are both very happy with the purchase. We both sleep better and don’t feel the other person move. I am much cooler in bed and although the mattress is firmer than my last I feel more comfortable and happy to get in bed. Thanks Dreams

Very comfortable mattress!

This is the third attempt I have made at buying a mattress in the last few years, and I've finally got it right! I like a slightly firmer feel in a mattress whilst still being able to sleep on either my back or my side, and this suits me perfectly. It's lovely and cool to sleep on compared to my last mattress which had a latex topper and was much too warm. I would definitely recommend it!

Sleeping so well now!!!

We were originally impressed by these mattresses after staying a few times last year in Premier Inns, and so we enquired as to what type of mattresses were they using. I notice that Premier Inn now advertise the fact that they use Hypnos which is great for you!! Since having our own Hypnos mattress we have both been sleeping so much better. Congratulations on such an excellent product.

Good support

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and initially found it really form, so added a topper, but then found it too hot. So back to the mattress for now and it is limbering up. I have been turning it weekly and may still get a natural fibre topper to provide a bit more padding. It has helped my back feel more supported, following my previous memory foam mattress.

Don't want to get out of bed

Admittedly we had our old mattress a couple of years to long but after a night in a Premier Inn we pulled the bottom cover off the bed to find the make of the mattress. Our Hypnos Milford mattress is possibly the best money I have spent recently. No more backache no more aches down the backs of my legs and I just don't want to get out of bed in the morning .

An excellant product

We bought this about 2 weeks ago and can honestly say iti is the comfiest bed we have ever slept on. Although it is a 'firm' mattress it still moulds to your body but there is no roll together and the sides are very firm. Altogether we do not regret buying this mattress - beautiful cover - and we would certainly recommend it to friends and family.

A new level of comfort

The new bed is very comfortable compared with the one we had. Particularly not being bounced up and down as my wife gets in and out. An added bonus seems to be that my feet now warm up quicker and stay warm; must be something to do with the top layer of the bed? Already recommended the bed to our son and his wife, as they're looking to update.

perfect mattress

I purchased the Hypnos Milford as a replacement for Dreams Bedgebury very firm mattress, which even though well made, was too firm for me. The Hypnos Milford is perfect, enough firm support together with exceptional comfort, guarantees a good night's refreshing sleep. I can thoroughly recommend it and the price is reasonable for the quality.

not happy : (

Sorry to say despite all the anticipation of a great nights sleep on my new Hypnos mattress, I have nothing but back and neck ache ever since it arrived! Beware! it is firm! and not medium as Dreams may say. Make sure you test the product (which I did) and consider that despite the plush exterior and padding it is most definetly a firm bed!

Good Advice, Good Service and Good Product

My wife and I need a mattress which is comfortable yet provides support for our not so young backs. We received sound and pleasant advice on the available options without being pushed, our order arrived on time delivered by polite and considerate staff, and the mattress is just what we were looking for - not too firm but plenty of support.


We are so pleased with our purchase, the mattress is more supportive than just about any we have ever tried. And well priced. We were slightly hesitant about spending £700 on a mattress as it was very difficult to benchmark online with other retailers. However, service in store to delivery was exemplary and the product is very good quality

Brilliant mattress

We bought the king size two months ago and have enjoyed it every night ever since! The support is very good and avoids any uncomfortable pressure points. Leaves you fresh and rested the next morning. Only thing to consider: the mattress being quite thick you might have to change your bed fitted-sheet to accommodate for the increased height

Great bed at a great price

Bought TV bed and mattress a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say it's one great bed, there's only one little issue is that the mattress is shorter the the frame which could make pillows go down the gap, this is not a problem at the moment and could be resolved simply. Otherwise this is a great bed and would recommend this to anyone

Everything I hoped for

Travelled all over the country with work but as often as possible booked a Premier Inn just for the beds. Talked for sometime about buying a Hypnos mattress and finally did, actually a Christmas present for my wife! Not disappointed, great nights sleep ever since and not waking up with aches and pains. Wish I had done it years ago.

An excellent high quality mattress

I bought this mattress from Dreams in Banbury on 6th August.and it was delivered to my home on 9th September. It has proved to be an excellent and very comfortable mattress to sleep on so far for my wife and me. Very happy we bought it even though it was over £700. However we got a high quality mattress with a 10 year guarantee.

Quality mattress

We've had this mattress a couple of months now and so far are very impressed with it. The quality and finish are superb and it is extremely comfortable. It's firm but not too firm. We're turning it weekly as advised by the manufacturer and it's a revelation because there is no rolling towards the middle! Well worth the money.

Fab Mattress

My mattress arrived on 11th May and since then I have had trouble getting out of bed in a morning because it is so comfortable. I was having horrendous back and hip aches on my previous mattress, granted it was 6 years old but since this mattress arrived I have slept like a baby and my back and hip ache have completely gone.

So comfortable

I didn't think my mattress needed replacing but I've been having back problems and thought that buying a new mattress might help. Firstly, I was wrong. I did need to replace the mattress. Secondly, surprised that soft and hard can be provided in one mattress. Lastly, I have slept so well since it arrived. Highly recommend.

extremely comfortable

Couldn't wait for delivery of our new mattress as our old one had what I could only describe as a crater on my husbands side. He would go to bed at night and virtually dissappear into it! New mattress is extremely comfortable. We both now get a good night's sleep with no aches and pains. So glad we chose this mattress.

very comfortable

I have been wanting a hypnos mattress since my first stay at a premier inn.delighted with product.. service was excellent. The delivery was really good, i was contacted by the delivery men and given accurate times for delivery. Damian and Dan were very pleasant and polite and took the mattress to the specified room.

Very comfortable from first sleep

We've had this mattress for a couple of weeks and I've got to say it's firmer than our old one but it's still very comfy. My wife has a bad back and has had absolutely no problems whatsoever. It says firm on the label but frankly it sort of feels firm but very soft and supportive at the same time. Give it a try


While I am very happy with my mattress, its not as snuggly as I remember the ones in the Premier Inns, maybe I should have tried a less firm one!! My back still aches. I see its two hundred and fifty pounds cheaper now. What does it matter what my gender is or my age? and I use the mattress in the bedroom!!

Hypnos Milford

Having had a firm mattress for about a year we were finding it a bit too hard. While staying in a premier inn I inquired about the type of mattress and immediately promised ourselves one. Now we have and are having the best nights sleep ever. So glad we have this and would definitely buy again when required.

Offer comfort and support!

The Hypnos Swinton offers an excellent combination of comfort and support, ensuring that you have the most refreshing and restful night’s sleep. This truly luxurious mattress also features a layer of natural wool that works to wick away moisture - keeping you at the perfect temperature throughout the night.

so comfy

If have only had the mattress a few weeks! I went by the reviews and my past experience of sleeping at various premiere inns. I can say that both my back and shoulders have stopped aching since changing may mattress so sleeping is a joy. I got my mattress on sale.... It is definitely worth every penny!!!

Hypnos Milford.

I had this mattress delivered at the end of April 2014,and it has to be the best mattress i have ever owned. The exceptional quality comes through on this mattress all night long. It is sumptuous and just like a Hotel mattress. I bought it in the sale,and would happily buy another one for my spare room.

Did I get the wrong mattress

I ordered a medium mattress but when it was delivered it was put on the base upside down and it was a week before I turned it to find the the label said firmer comfort . It is too hard for me but does not have paperwork for Contact to complain. It may never be used. What a waste. 84 year old pensioner.

Continues to be the best

We bought a king size to replace our double with which we'd been satisfied for many years. We chose a new mattress with similar specifications to the old one so we've experienced seamless comfort. No regrets in choosing this make and style again and we have the added bonus that there's more of it!

Hypnos Mattress

I purchased a king size Hypnos Mattress three weeks ago and we are thrilled with our purchase, best nights sleep we have had in ages, handy handles for ease of turning are a great idea. Excellent quality, highly recommend. Delivery service was first class, kept informed at every stage. Thank you

Best nights sleep!!

After testing out various mattresses in store we settled on the Hypnos mattress. We’ve had the best nights sleep in a long time. Even though it’s firm, it’s so comfortable that you don’t want to get up in the morning!! Will definitely buy this brand again when it’s time to replace!


I purchased this mattress just over two weeks ago, priced now at £699. It looks a good quality mattress. I specifically wanted a 'Firm' mattress - this is definitely NOT a firm mattress. I'm very disappointed as it already looks to be sagging in the middle, I'm quite worried about it.

Fantastic nights sleep

We brought this mattress 3 weeks ago, right from buying the mattress in store, up until we had it delivered we couldn't fault the service, such polite members of staff, the mattress himself is a pleasure to sleep on, just like sleeping in an hotel every night, well worth the money.

Dream come true

We bought this hypnos Milford mattress three weeks ago. This is the best thing ever bought! Much better nights sleep and waking up feeling refreshed. Spent years suffering back and hip pain but quite honestly it's gone! We are so pleased with this. Look forward to bedtime!

Best Nights Sleep, EVER!

I bought this over a week ago now as a replacement for my old bed. The quality and comfort of this mattress does not compare to those you would find in exclusive 5 star hotels and upwards. I have never slept so well and so comfortable; especially as I suffer from bad sciatica.

Fantastic comfort

Had this mattress for a month now and it is extremely comfy but the best bit is my wife is so much more comfy. We had an older mattress which she wasn't too comfy on but now she's a happy lady and that makes things better for me too. It's also really great value for money.

Good nights sleep? Yes indeed!

Had my first night on this bed and was relieved to find I slept really well. I have arthritis and am used to a Tempur mattrace so am hard to please as nothing compares to that! My husband slept well too so really pleased with it and only a 1/3 rd of the Tempur price too

Best mattress ever!

Purchased this mattress a month ago having put up with inconsistent sleep on a mattress with a memory foam topper (medium) that was only two years old. The Hypnos is supportive, comfortable and means we no longer wake up with sore backs. This mattress cannot be beaten.

The BEST mattress on the market!

My wife and I are so glad we purchased this mattress and since doing so have enjoyed the best nights sleep we have had in a long time especially as we both live busy lives despite being retired! The quality and comfort all round is a credit to the product. Thank you

Very comfortable, love it already!

Has exceeded expectations for the price paid. Firm and supportive, feels excellent quality but not so firm that you still get a certain luxurious feeling when you're relaxed into the mattress. Definitely recommend this over all other mattresses I've ever slept on!

Sleep perfection.

We should have bought this mattress years ago. We wake in the morning feeling like we have had a proper sleep. No more restless tossing and turning. When you spend a third of your life in bed, you need a good mattress, and this mattress is very, very good.

Great support

Had this mattress for a month and what a difference it makes. I am heavier than average but the individual pockets still give me excellent support and ensure when I move my wife still gets a good nights sleep as well and the support goes right to the edge.


Our previous (queen-size double) matress was getting a bit soft. We opted for two 3' singles. What a difference it has made to the quality of our sleep. Took a bit of getting used to but now don't even think about it. Very good support, very comfortable.

Fantastically comfortable and supportive!

We’ve had this mattress for a few weeks now and we can honestly say we’re having the best sleep we’ve had for years!! We no longer get up with all the aches and pains we used to. Only downside is I now struggle to get out of bed for work in the mornings!

Worth every penny.

I bought this Hypnos mattress on the basis that if they are good enough for Premier Inns then it should be good enough for me. Firmness is just right. No aches and pains in the morning and not hot like my previous memory foam mattress. Glad I bought it.

Wonderfully comfortable mattress!

There was an eight week delivery time but it was definately worth the wait! We were looking for a medium soft mattress and this is perfect. We aired it for a couple of hours and no smell when first unwrapped which was a plus. Would definately recommend.


Had mattress for over a month, took a while to get used to as didn't realise how worn out the old one was. Very comfortable and supports should body well . Very pleased overall . Quite a firm mattress but comfortable at the same time . Would recommend

Hypnos Mattress

Early days only had mattress for two weeks. Surprised that I still get back ache but put this down to the position in which I sleep, hopefully with time this will improve. Delivery prompt and gentlemen who delivered were very polite and helpful.

best mattress

we have had this a couple of months now. Initially I didn't think I would get on with it but I can honestly say that it is the best mattress we have ever owned. My back and neck problems seems to have reduced as I am fully supported as I sleep

Very comfortable

Unfortunately due to a long standing respiratory problem I find something in the filling affects my breathing which makes it unusable to me. I am unable to breathe which causes me a huge problem. Extremely sorry as really comfortable to use.


I bought this mattress a month ago, wish I had done it sooner. I have never slept so well, gives me good support but is not too firm. I had a Vi Spring Tiara before but would not go down that route again, very overrated and very expensive.

Best nights sleep in years

I've had this mattress for a month and It really is the best money I've ever spent. Didn't realise how awful our last memory foam topped mattress was until we got the Hypnos one. For such a great price this is quality made and super comfy.

Hypnos Milford Pocket Sprung Mattress - Medium

I bought this item a couple of months ago wondering if a change of mattress would help my calf cramps!!! It does! An excellent mattress to date and good value and I currently have a friend in the process of trying a similar type of matress

Amazing product

The mattress is very comfortable and firm as advertise. You feel like you are in a posh hotel and you wake up very rested in the morning ready to tackle the day. Every day is like a holiday on this mattress! We would highly recommend it!

Excellent customer service

I visited the Swindon branch and must say the customer service I received from Gail and Stuart was excellent. Gail was very knowledgeable of the products and was able to give clear guidance. I would recommend the store whole heartedly.

Wonderful mattress!

Purchased Hypnos Milford online without trying it. It's firm but supportive - not hard - and I have slept like a log since day one. Back pains have eased greatly. Delivery men very helpful. I would recommend this mattress to anyone!

Comfort at reasonable price

My partner is small and very light so I was concerned about it's suitability. She loves it ! We both do. It is firm but very comfortable. We found it the most comfortable in the shop and there were many there at double the price.

Sooo comfy

I've been wanting a Hypnos mattress for a while, and bought this one and the Earlswood bed frame together. Such a comfortable nights sleep, love the handles on the mattress which make turning it a breeze. Very well made and durable

Very good experience

I bought the Hypnos mattress. It was a more expensive mattress than I previously would have thought of buying, but it was worth the money. Great solid quality that really feels as though it will last, and extremely comfortable.

Super comfortable

I bought this for a storage bed, it is really high quality. The best nights sleep I've had in so long. The delivery team were amazing and very friendly. Would definitely recommend and would buy my next mattress from dreams.

Excellent Quality

Had choice of medium or firm mattress, I thought the medium would be okay but sadly too firm for my light frame. As Hypnos don’t make a soft mattress, I’ve chosen another one from Dreams which I am waiting delivery on.

Very comfortable mattress

We've just purchased this mattress, and so it is early days yet when considering its value. However so far we are very pleased with it as it's very comfortable, providing both support and softness which we required.

Thank you

I bought my new Mattress in December I suffer with a bad back. After only one nights sleep my suffering was eased. I few weeks on things are getting better I can now sleep a full night. Relief at last. Thank you.

Great Buy

Excellent quality product at a good price. The mattress is well made and the good thing is it can be turned It is a comfortable mattress and is not too firm as to cause discomfort we now get a decent nights sleep

Very comfy

Had the mattress a few weeks now and love it. Very comfy but firm enough so that it doesn't dip or sink. Also very good service from Dreams, delivered within just over a week and within the time slot confirmed.

Hypnos Hooray!

Now we have had time to get accustomed to our new Hypnos, I must say that it has made a difference. I can sleep on my front again with no backache, great! A better nights sleep than I've had for quite a while.


Had this matteress about six weeks now . It's a dream to sleep on . Such a quality item . I've had memory foam before ,but they ain't a patch on pocket sprung. You won't be disappointed with this purchase !.

Great purchase

I bought this a month ago, when I began to have pain in my hip. Since purchasing I have no pain, sleep much better. The mattress is firm but supportive, comfortable and cool. I would recommend this product.

Very comfortable reasonably priced Hypnos

I bought this mattress from dreams and am very impressed with the comfort, workmanship levels and price of this Hypnos mattress. Always have a very good night's sleep and would recommend it to anyone.

Great comfort

Now I'm not into firm mattresses but this doesn't feel firm. It's got a bounce to it and real comfort. I still always think though can I get a comfort mistress. But this one does me just right for now

Super Comfy!!!

3 weeks in and mattress so comfortable. Determined to have hypnos mattress as stayed in several Premier Inns and such a good nights sleep. No backache when I get out of bed so I am very happy!!!! :)

hypnos milford mattress

this mattress is excellent well worth the money! its well made and the right firmness my back problem as almost disappeared ,i now get up each morning and feel refreshed. thank you milford hypnos.

Comfortable bed

The Swinton is very comfortable although slightly firmer than I thought it would be having tried it out in the shop. Had some very good nights sleep! It is very well made and excellent quality.

Quality !!!!

Purchased 4 weeks ago , beautiful craftsmanship, took about two weeks to get used to it . Firm but comfortable,!!! Delivery service was second to none . Well worth the 599.00 cost for a Hypnos .

An excellent Mattress.

Having stayed at a local hotel and investigated what the make of the mattress was! I then went out a brought my very own. Have not regretted it at all. Amazing comfort, for a great nights sleep.

Great mattress

I got this mattress about a month ago and I love it! I took me a couple of nights to get used to it, but now I can’t get out of it. Firm to medium mattress I would say, would highly recommend.

Very comfortable..!

Been sleeping on the Swinton mattress bed for just over two weeks now and can honestly say i'm very happy with it. A very comfortable, fairly firm mattress which makes for a good nights sleep.

Super comfortable!

I bought this a month ago and it has not disappointed. I originally tried it after staying at a hotel that has them in their rooms and now feel like I’m sleeping in luxury every night!

Good but not firm

By no means is this a "Firm" mattress. However, it is a relatively comfortable mattress. Prior to getting this one, I returned 2 dreams mattresses. A lot Better than Dreams rubbish.

Supremely comfortable

After much debate about which Hypnos mattress to buy I opted for this one. I'm delighted with it - it's firm but with a great comfortable feeling. Handles make turning much easier.

Excellent Mattress

I bought this after my brother recommended this mattress to me and from all the positive reviews I've seen. I'm really pleased with the purchase and would recommend this to anyone.

Excellent product

We purchased this mattress just over two weeks ago and suffering from a slipped disc it was important we got the right one. The quality is excellent with clear instructions on care

Sooo comfy!!!

Took a while to get used to this mattress..approx 3 weeks but I'm so pleased I waited and didn't change it,as I get the best sleep ever now and will always buy a Hypnos in future.

great, comfy,

having had the mattress for 2 weeks now, this is a truly comfortable mattress, beautifully made, and would definitely recommend to family and friends, also would purchase again .

Pocket sprung

We needed a very comfortable bed for my husbands back, the makeup of this bed has provided this. Very good for posture yet very comfortable, it's all they say Hypnos beds are.

Sleep like a dream...

I bought the Milford mattress, as I’ve slept on Hypnos beds in hotels and based on the online reviews. I’m not disappointed, it’s been super comfortable from the first sleep!

Great Mattress

Very happy with my purchase. My mattress was delivered on time and delivery was problem free. The mattress is of good quality and very comfortable - very happy customer!

Very comfortable

We both were very comfortable sleeping on this mattress Have a lot of experience from staying at Premier Inn sleeping on Hypnos so decided to buy this ne for ourselves

very comfortable

I bought this to replace a memory foam topped mattress that was causing me backache . delivered promptly , very comfortable , just soft enough , back ache a lot better

Fabulous sleeping...

Both my wife and I like the mattress. We are both having a great nights sleep and I'm so glad that we spent the money on a new larger mattress than we've had before.

Nice but seems a little firm

I tried this mattress at my local store before purchasing, on arrival the mattress looks well made and to a high quality but is does feel a bit firmer than expected.

So comfy!

Best mattress we've ever had in 40 years of marriage! You sink into it and it seems to cuddle and support you. Don't want to get out of bed and can't wait to get in.

worth every penny

Had this 2 weeks after waiting 2 years to get Hypnos bed due to our love of the beds at Premier inns , superbly comfortable and has greatly eased y aches and pains .

hypnos mattress

bought this mattress 3months ago and am extremly pleased with it well worth every penny very comfortable look forward to bedtime especially after a long night-shift.

nice looking

I bought this as i have a bad back on the old mattress. The Hypnos is a lovely comfortable Mattress but unfortunately i find it too soft more like medium-firm

Great features

Good design and quality. Comfortable. Husband says best sleep. Has handles on sides and can be turned. Well made. Great customer service polite and informative.

Amazing Mattress!

I got this 2 weeks ago and I can say my sleep has improved a lot with this mattress! Is very comfy and it provides proper support to my back. Highly recommend!

A comfy nights sleep!

My new hypnos mattress is so comfortable I can't wait to get to bed and I don't want to get out of it in the morning ! An excellent purchase for a great price.

Sleep heaven!

2 weeks into the Mlford pocket sprung medium mattress and we are having the best nights sleep we have ever had! Thanks Dreams we couldn't be more pleased. ..

FFF "Fantastic,Firm and Flawless!

Once on you won't want to get off! Firm but fair. Will make getting up in the mornings 10 times harder! Very pleased I decided on this one over the rest.

Hypnos Milford firm

I've had this bed with Hypnos firm mattress for 2wks now, very happy with it, much better than the latex mattress I had previously, thoroughly recommend it,

Comfort Perfection

Absolutely fantastic mattress - had slept on Hypnos many times in Premier Inns and knew what I was getting. What a joy to have such a comfortable mattress.


Had the mattress for 3 weeks now,I've never slept better. Before I would wake up two or three times a night with my back,but now I'm sleeping a lot better

Great Mattress!

Had this mattress 2 months now and its the best one I've ever owned. Comfortable and supportive. Slept well ever since purchasing. Would highly recommend.

lovely and comfy

Bought the mattress with a TV bed and it's such a comfy mattress. We now go to bed early in this cold weather and lie in comfort and watch TV. Bed heaven

What a bed!

I can't explain the comfort we've slept in for the last 2 weeks. We had a quality memory foam mattress previously but our Hypnos is something else!

Great night's sleep

Having slept on Hypnos mattresses in hotels and consistently had a great night's sleep, we decided to buy one for ourselves. What a great decision!

Super comfy!

I was totally undecided about what matress to buy, but one of the shop assistants recommended this and it’s been great. Super comfy and luxurious!

hypnos mattress and bed

Bought this a month ago, dreams service was excellent, explained everything, delivered on time would recommend dreams to others bought in Cardiff

Very comfortable

Excellent mattress and far comfier than our old mattress. We have had the mattress for over a week and it has definitely improved my sleeping.

Great mattress

Had the mattress just under a month . Didnt have time to go into the shop. But very happy with the quality and comfort. Well worth the money


I’ve been sleeping on this for a fortnight and wake in the morning with less aches and pains than I did with a previous memory foam mattress.

Soooo comfy

We bout this 3 weeks ago now and delivery service was great. They took away the old one and Mum has said it's "soooo comfy". Would recommend.

Superb comfort !

Our Hypnos mattress arrived two days ago and we are already sleeping better it is so comfortable and so supportive, we are delighted with it.

Well made and really comfortable.

Bought a Hypnos mattress after finding really comfortable in the hotels that use them and we have not been disappointed with our purchase.


Bought two months ago and feel like I'm falling out all the time. Can see indentations of where we sleep. Worst mattress I've ever bought

Comfortable mid-priced mattress

I bought this mattress one month ago and my sleep pattern has definitely improved. The mattress is firm but comfortable, and quite deep.

Very comfortable

Had this for about two weeks now, it's a very comfortable mattress, lovely and thick too. I sleep very well on this, it's not too firm.

Hypnos Milford mattress

We've had this new mattress about two weeks now and it is wonderful..... after 25yrs on the old one!! Never had a better nights sleep.

Not as firm as they say

After a while, the firmness decreases and now we're very upset that we bought this bed. Want to change it but it's past the 30 nights

Comfort and Quality

I bought 2 of the Hypnos Swinton double mattress' 3 weeks ago and have been very pleased with the comfort and quality of the product.

Great staff at Bolton Reebok store

Just moved into new cottage enjoying new bed frame and mattress my wife is at last having a decent night's sleep Sweet sweet dreams

Great nights sleep at last

I specifically set out looking for a hypnos after a stay at the premier inn. Great quality and finally i get a great nights sleep now

So Luxurious!

This mattress is so supportive but feels really plushy and luxurious. Extremely pleased, no roll together, all round worth the money!

lovely mattress

very comfortable mattress. very supportive and works well for both my husband and I even though we are completely different weights.

Great nights sleep

i brought this a month ago and it's the best purchase I've made. I'm enjoying great nights sleep, problem is I never want to get up!

Lovely finish.

Bought this based on the Premier Inn comments. It is slightly firmer than those, but that might due to age. Either way, very comfy.

Milford pocket sprung

I bought this a few months ago. Initially the matress was harder than I anticipated and remembered but have now got used to it


We are very pleased with our mattress and the only problem is we don't want to get up in the morning as it is so comfortable

King sized matress.

No more bachace. No more neck pain. No more headache. Had a great nghts sleep. Wish I had bought my mattresse years ago.


We are more than happy with our purchase... now we have a perfect nights sleep !! Makes all the difference to the day .

Hypnos Milford Pocket Sprung - Medium ...is MAGIC

Bought this approx 4 weeks ago and am delighted. Plenty of support. Comfortable. Thank you DREAMS for our sweet dreams!

Hypnos mattress

The best night sleap i have had for a long time i suffer from arthritis and it difircult to be comfortable.(i am now).

Very Comfortable. Great support

Really good mattress. It provides just the right support. I've never had a bad Hypnos bed though. Very good price too

Great sleep!

Very happy with this product, and was worth testing in store first. Would highly recommend for a good nights sleep!

just blissful

we bought this bed about a month ago, and we just love it, its so comfy just the right firmness for us, brilliant

Lovely looking mattress

Only had this one week and sleeping well so far. Not really very very firm I would say medium firm and comfy.

A great night sleep!

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago and have found it to be the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on!

Quality mattress

My wife and I received the mattress last month and are very pleased with the comfort and quality of the mattress


wanted a good quality mattress and this is it! Good value for money and service from Dreams - highly recommend

Just what I wanted

Good quality mattress and a sensible price. Like the handles on all four sides, makes for easier turning


Pleased with it but not happy about delivery costs when it's advertised FREE as it's expensive purchase.

A good nights sleep... finally!

So happy with this buy, worth every penny and finally getting a good nights sleep again. Thanks Dreams!

Love it

Have had the best nights sleep. Ever. The mattress is firmer than I thought but it is so comfortable.


Bought this to replace old mattress and glad I did as it is so pretty, comfy and sumptuously covered.

Hypnos Milford

The best mattress that I have ever slept on. I will be replacing two other mattresses to hypnos ones.

Not happy

Was said firm mattress. But performing like soft, once I sleep , Mattress gone squeeze in the middle

Comfortable bur firm!

We bought this mattress 3 weeks ago and it is comfortable but firm. It was a good price for a Hypnos

Best night's sleep

So glad I chose Dreams and Hypnos for my best bed and mattress combo ever - & my best night's sleep.

Ahh bliss

Had this mattress for a couple weeks now, i get the best nights sleep I've had in a long long time .

Daughters new mattress

Probably a bit firmer than we were expecting, but a very nice mattress. Daughter is very pleased.

Very comfortable & supportive

I have now had this mattress for 3 weeks and am delighted with it. It is firm but very comfortable

It’s not what we thought we bought too much Bounce

Not what we what too much bounce in mattress when I get in bed the wife jumps up and disturbs her


A very comfortable firm mattress,double sided so can be turned over,my back never had it so good.

So comfortable,

Glad we purchased it. Bought it for the spare room. Any visitors will be so comfortable sleeping

Very happy with Hypnos mattress

I bought the mattress 4 weeks ago and mattress is very comfortable and I am very pleased with it

Better than Expected!

We have had our new mattress 2 weeks now and are delighted with it. Would definitely recommend

Sleeping beauty!

Extremely comfortable top quality mattress, worth every penny! I am sleeping like a log now...

Really comfortable

Glad we got this mattress as it’s really comfortable and provides great support while sleeping

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress a month ago and have experienced the best night's sleep I have ever had

End of search!

After failing to survive a Tempur mattress, now finding this one comfortable and much cooler!

Hypnos lack support

A lot harder than I thought. But, still feel no support for my back in chronic pain still!

very good mattress at a very good price

Bought this item a few weeks ago and am very pleased with it. So comfortable and well made.


Quality mattress, amazingly comfortable, great price. Just wished I'd bought one years ago.

Superb nights undisturbed sleep

I now enjoy undisturbed sleep as I am completely unaware of my husband's bouncing about ...

Good nights sleep

Enjoyed the mattress at hotel football Old Trafford and decided to go for the same at home

I love this bed!!

By far the most comfortable mattress I've ever brought, bit expensive but worth it!

Happy with choice

Got this mattress to replace old Hypnos one of same type, very happy with choice.

Good nights sleep

I bought the Hypnos a month ago and have had an enjoyable nights sleep ever since

Very comfy

Bought this mattress 2 weeks ago. So glad we did It is the best that I have had.

so comfy

I bought an hypnos mattress which is so comfy. Made such a difference to my bed.

So comfortable, I dont want to get up

Great bed, great price and great service and information from the Dreams team !!


Having great nights sleep on this mattress. Good purchase and would recommend


Cannot believe how comfortable this mattress is, wish we had bought it sooner

Sharon 52

The mattress is perfect the best nights sleep in a ling tume. Prefect choice

very comfy

I was having back pain a lot before I bough this - now I hardly ever get it

Great comfort

I am really happy with the product it looks lovely and is very comfortable.

Great matress

I recommend this matress to who look for quit sleep and excellant quality

Comfy and built to last

Really happy with our new mattress, it’s medium and seems really sturdy!

Comfort extreme

It's like having your own Premier inn bed, just what I've always wanted!


Great mattress..Had a good night's sleep every night since I bought it.

Fantastic mattress

This mattress is well worth the money. It is so comfortable, I love it.

very good comfortable mattress


Really comfortable

We have found this so comfortable and have slept well since it arrived

Very Comfortable

I bought this matress a month ago and we are very pleased it with it.

new mattress

New mattress required as my wife has had a hip replacement recently.

hypnos milford

brought a couple a weeks ago, and so far all good. loverly mattress,

pure luxury

Excellent purchase. Very comfortable. Best mattress I have ever had.

Very comfortable best mattress I have ever had

I bought this a few months ago and I have not had a back ache since

Good items

I purchased the mattress a month ago and do get a lovely sleep now

Hypnos mattress

Purchased mattress 4weeks ago really satisfied with the purchase.

Great mattress for the price.

Very happy with this purchase, excellent mattress for the price.

Great mattress, highly recommended

A great comfy mattress, value for money although it’s not cheap.


So pleased with the new mattress, which is extremely comfortable

Really Comfy Mattress

Very pleased with the mattress. It has proven to be very comfy.

very comfortable mattess

this was a purchase at a great price and good night's sleep

Very Comfy

Happy with my purchase, no back ache so well worth the money!

Best sleep ever

So happy with our new hypnos mattress , never slept so well .


I have had this for a bad back which I no longer experience.

Great mattress

The best night sleep I've had in ages , well worth the money

Great features

I bought the mattres a month ago and I am so happy with that

great matress

Had for a few weeks now and the best I've had for many years

Awesome comfort

My bed is great, gives me comfort and wonderful relaxation.


I bought this a month ago and its been fabulous to sleep on

Sooooo comfortable!

Couldn't have given ourselves a better Christmas present !


Hubbie loves this mattress - me, I find it a bit too firm

Great features & very helpfull staff

I bought it last year and very satisfied with the dreams

Best nights sleep

Came recommended and it's been best night sleep in years

Comfy and stays firm through the night!

Definitely the right mattress! No more sleepless nights

Quality product

Relief from backache and a comfortable nights sleep.


Within a month there is already a dip where I sleep

Comfortable natural fibres

Like the cool natural fibres. A good nights sleep.

Great nights sleep

Great mattress, best nights sleep I've had in ages

Great nights sleep

This is one of the best things I have ever brought

Great features

Very happy with purchase. Came up to expectationll


I bought this a month ago and are satisfied