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Hudson Pocket Sprung Mattress

Hudson Pocket Sprung Mattress

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Becky's Thoughts On The Hudson Pocket Sprung Mattress

The Hudson Pocket Sprung Mattress is one of the firmer tension ones we have reviewed which makes it potentially more of a specialist product depending on your needs. With 1000 pocket springs, this mattress ticks many of the boxes for what makes a good quality mattress with enhanced longevity due to its dual sided nature, allowing you to both rotate and flip your mattress giving twice the surface area for sleep and settlement to occur. Pocket springs work far better than other support structures, beating off reflex foam and open coil bonnell springs in their level of support while still proving affordable and long lasting.

The comfort from this mattress is highly regarded, you only need to look through many of the reviews below to see that people find it offers a fantastic night's sleep thank to it's high GSM fillings which will provide you with a soft layer on top which compliments the firmer base layer nicely.

One thing to remember though, is that this is a firmer mattress than average making it ideal for back sleepers and those that suffer from back pain. If you are a side sleeper with a smaller frame and no history of back pain, we would perhaps suggest a softer mattress as you may find the firmness to be otherwise uncomfortable.

This mattress, like all in this particular range, are all handcrafted by expert craftsmen to ensure you get the best product possible with the best set of materials. The mattress itself has a long history with Dreams, being an adapted and improved variant of The Orchard Mattress which was also a best seller.

The mattress also features an impressive double sided layer, this means that this product is turnable which might prove a little bit of a pain, but the result is that you get twice the surface area with which to sleep on, giving you additional longevity and better comfort for years to come.

Reviews are very positive with an impressive 96% consumer satisfaction from reviewers with many happy with the impressive value and great quality support layer. Others comment on the great degree of comfort accompanying a further than standard tension that is beneficial for enhanced back and neck support.


What Makes The Hudson Pocket Sprung Mattress Great?

Comfort Grade - Firm

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

1000 pocket springs (King)

1000 Pocket Springs is considered a fair amount of support for a premium product, any less than this and you start to that find areas of your body are not getting the same amount of support as those with a higher spring count would achieve

Double sided with deep layers of luxurious fillings

The benefit of a double sided mattress is that you can both flip and rotate the mattress. This means that settlement of springs and fillings occurs preventing any sort of dipping or discomfort. By being double sided you have the benefit of extended lifespan, representing great value

Tufted mattress with traditional damask cover

An open coil Mattress paired with a soft touch covers is commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top. Meanwhile the open coil technology offers good levels of support at an affordabnle price

About The Dreams Workshop

The Dreams Workshop has been hard at work since 2003 and is a long established production arm of the ever-popular Dreams Beds retailer. Each mattress created under this brand is hand-crafted to perfection by the master craftsmen inside their factory in Oldbury. 

Deep layers of luxurious fillings

The fillings are part of the comfort layer, this sits above the support layer. The deeper the fillings, the more separation between you and the springs/foam that sits below. 

Double sided - Turn regularly and rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

A double sided mattress has the comfort layer on both sides with the support layer sandwiched in the middle. This setup allows you to both flip and rotate the mattress allowing you to benefit from twice the surface area of comfort, improve settlement of fillings and increase the longevity of the sleep area on the mattress. All great things.

Customer Reviews For The Hudson Pocket Sprung Mattress

Based on 1855 review


(TLDR at the bottom) Bought this due to our previous mattress being made of memory foam (which I personally hated). This mattress is honestly the best decision I have made with my money so far in life, the investment for a super king size with this quality is amazing. I don't worry about my fiance coming to my side of the bed no more as I have a piece of mind that there is plenty more to go on my side and I am no longer squished in-between the wall and her. I no longer worry about being magnetized to dips in the mattress from memory foam ( really bad combination with sweaty skin if you use a memory foam mattress). I sleep 100 times better now, actually now I need to make sure I get up because of the comfort level provided from the quality of sleep. I was worried initially as I am a side sleeper most of the times but I have no issues now owning it for a while. We work nights and this mattress honestly saved our sleep. Do make sure that you have went out and tried something similar in a shopping mall to know that you are ok with firm mattresses. (Small warning) if its your first time using firm mattresses, you might, after the first few nights will wake up with pins and needles in your hands from sleeping on them which worried my fiance at first thinking we would require to purchase a mattress topper but we eventually forgot about it as we adopted to the mattress. TLDR: - Adjustment period on the first two weeks (pin and needless from first use of a firm mattress) -100 times better sleep quality in comparison to softer mattresses aka memory foam -Best investment I have ever made -No dips or soft parts where its been moulded into it due to it being a softer mattress. -Super King is the way to live, once you go super king you never go back (our room is now 90% bed but we love it) -I am a side sleeper but adjusted perfectly to the bed nonetheless P.s GET THE MATTRESS ITS AMAZING (also when you get the mattress the delivery guy was nice enough to tell us to air out mattress aka open it from the plastic protection so that our room does not end up smelling like plastic so do that if you are really bothered by smells) (added photos, a medium banana for scale and lastly sorry for the bad quality and yellow lighting)


Best Money Spent In A Long, Long Time

I spent around a third of my life in bed, and getting enough sleep is more important than I had realised. My mattress was 20yrs old. I felt tired all the time, tried CPAP Sleep Apnea machines, nose strips, diets, weight loss, tests for over/under active thyroids, herbs, and even more hours in bed. A good night’s rest still eluded me. When my wife convinced me to buy a new Hudson Pocket Sprung Mattress, I instantly noticed that instead of waking up 10-15 times a night and changing sleeping position I woke up maybe once and didn't need to change position. My lower back used to be in bits when I woke up and even forced me out of bed after about 7hrs due to the discomfort. Now I wake every morning wondering why my back is fine and I feel fully rested. I usually felt that work took every ounce of energy from me leaving nothing for my personal life, now work is a sinch as I feel so alert and even have energy left when I get home to enjoy sports/social occassions/family. My stress levels have dramatically reduced, and even when surrounded by sick people I don't get sick. If your mattress isn’t up to scratch, it can prevent from getting that all-important good night’s sleep, and can even cause you aches and pains due to a lack of support. Mattresses that aren’t suited to your sleep style end up not supporting your spine, knocking you out of alignment, and potentially causing long term problems. I will never again scoff at the adds on the TV, You can find the perfect mattress easily, and you might even save some money in the process. Invest in your wellbeing, you won't regret it and it won't cost you an arm or a leg to get it!


Comfortable yet firm, perfect

I bought this mattress recently and it was delivered about a month ago. I am very pleased with it. It has the brilliant (and slightly magical) combination of being very firm, yet still comfortable. You dont sink into it, which is great if you have a dodgy back, but also its not so firm that you feel like you're sleeping on the floor. Its nice and deep (23cm to be precise) but its not overly heavy - I turned mine over by myself no problem. It even has 2 handles on each side to make turning easier. It was actually one of the cheapest mattresses on display when we went to look in the shop, (and its currently listed at even cheaper than my purchase price of £299) but it was also the only one in the shop that met my spec - I needed a firm pocket sprung mattress for under £300. This has been perfect for me. And, the pocket sprung design means you don't get the ripple effect or roll-together issue when you're sharing with someone else. So if you roll over, your partner unaffected. Its brilliant, and I am really very pleased with it.


Answer to my prayers!

I bought this after constantly waking up with a sore lower back that persisted throughout the day. To be honest, I put my aches and pains down to advancing years, but as my mattress was well due for renewal, I thought I'd replace it, but really with little expectation that it would have any impact on my mobility. I was also nervous about buying online, but I had a fairly limited budget and after reading reviews, I went for the Hudson. I am so glad I did! From day one, my back has improved significantly and this has made a huge difference to everyday life. Obviously, depending on the cause of back pain, this may not be the result for everyone, but at the very least this is a very well made supportive yet cosy mattress at a competitive price. Practically, turning is only top to bottom, which I can manage very easily and quickly single handedly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.


Fantastic mattress for my bad back

I brought this mattress in the Black Friday sale I and I’m very pleased with it. I had been looking for a firm mattress to replace my memory foam mattress which was very comfy, but didn’t do my back any good and I found myself suffering from nerve pain in the evening, so I went on the hunt for a new mattress and discovered this one on the dreams website. It’s firm but without feeling hard unlike other firm mattresses I have felt. I certainly get a good nights sleep on it and my nerve pain in the evening is a thing of the past. It is what it’s advertised as if you’re looking for something that isn’t firm or is a bit firm then I’d suggest you get a soft mattress or a medium to firm mattress. If you’re looking for a firm, but comfy mattress then I’d say this is the mattress for you. This is my first dreams mattress and it won’t be my last.


Comfy, sturdy and beautifully made

We bought our bed about 3 weeks ago and I can already massively feel the difference. I have a damaged disc in my back and sleeping was just gradually getting more and more painful and uncomfortable. The mattress has unbelievable support and it's nice and firm so I don't feel like I'm slowly getting suffocated by it. The bed frame is amazing, comes with so much space underneath and it's really easy to lift up and put back down, even has a little handle! The colour we got is utterly beautiful and really goes with our decor, our room finally looks like a room for us. It's fantastic quality, really really pleased with it. Delivery was spot on, they gave us an accurate time slot and drivers were really friendly, even offered to carry it all upstairs for us! And finally, assembly was so so easy, my partner did it all by himself in no time.


So good I bought a second one for my home!

This is the second Hudson mattress I have bought for my home in the space of a year! I tested and purchased one last autumn (between lockdowns) in the single size for my spare room. I had to use the room while my own bedroom was being decorated and was so blown away by the comfort of this mattress that I ordered one (a small double) for my own bed. After suffering with aching hips and back pain all that has disappeared since I started sleeping on a Hudson mattress. It has just the right balance of comfort and support that I need and laying in bed is a pleasure now. I also benefitted from a further reduction in the already discounted price when i ordered so this has proved to be fantastic value for money. I would have happily paid more for such a comfortable mattress but was very pleased to get it at such a great price.


From Restless to Rested! Tried and Tested.

I've been using the same old mattress for 15 years. I purchased other mattresses similar to this, but within the first few days I found them uncomfortable. The 15 year old mattress, even old was more supportive and allowed me to wake up less sore than the newer mattresses. However, I have had this for over 2 weeks and I have to say I haven't slept this well or woke up fresh since I checked into a hotel 7 years ago. Being only able to fall asleep on my front or side, I wake up with my back feeling strong, and my shoulder and arms not in pain. Very happy with the purchase. It is relatively light compared to my old mattress, which worried me that the bed wouldn't support my heavy weight and excessive movement whilst I sleep, but does everything it supposed to do. Finally have been able to have a good sleep.


Absolutely thrilled

I had an ongoing back problem I believed caused by an expensive mattress bought elsewhere. 18 months I had the mattress and would end up sleeping on the floor. I was very reluctant to buy another and went back repeatedly to Dreams searching for something suitable hoping to make the right choice. I felt I became a right nuisance but all the staff were brilliant. So patient and full of information. It took me months as I didn’t want to make another mistake and waste money. But, this is my perfect mattress.. It’s firm but not too hard. My back has improved and I finally get a nights sleep. I developed sciatica on my left side and it has gone completely. I can’t fully explain how pleased I am and would never have believed what a difference a suitable mattress makes. Thank you so much


Can’t fault anything

Bought this in single for my daughter, ordering was easy and communication was almost daily regarding deliver. The day of delivery I got a phone call from Neil the driver who confirmed an approximate time. He turned up 20 minutes early and explained everything I needed to do. Absolutely brilliant. The mattress itself is really comfortable, and I’m not a small bloke. I’ve always favoured pocket springs and this having a reasonable spring count is great value. I’ve checked over the mattress and it appears really well made. It’s also worth noting that the mattress is not delivered rolled up, I won’t buy a rolled up one as they are never as good once unrolled. Definitely recommend this mattress, and dreams have been spot on too. I never leave reviews but credit where credits due.


Best Mattress Buy Ever!!

I bought this mattress 2 weeks ago, exceptional service from ordering online, delivery fantastic updates throughout and really polite and pleasant delivery guys. The mattress is fab too - deep and very comfy and offers the firmness I wanted to support our back issues - noticeably better sleep and real improvement on back issues - our cat loves it too if we’re not using it she certainly is - so paws up salute from the day too! I used the recycle service for my old mattress - again very impressed as they sent hygiene bag via courier in advance and all I had to do was bag the old mattress on delivery day - so well worth the £35 paid as it meant no lunatic trip to tip, the mattress is recycled rather than filling up landfill site - very environmentally friendly


Exceptional. Especially for its price!

I really loved this mattress. I spent ages looking for a mattress that is not very expensive but that offers great support because I like investing in good mattresses, I rarely buy cheap ones because you pay for what you get. As you are probably doing, I was reading the comments here to make my choice before going to try the mattresses at the shop. This one appeared to be great value for money and it really is. I prefer a medium-hard mattress and this one is the perfect balance for me. I do not like foam mattresses for example... This mattress is really great for the price! I sleep on it so well. And it is true that you do not feel another person moving/turning when you sleep on the same mattress together. Would recommend!


Perfect Mattress - Total Comfort & Bargain Price

I bought this mattress about 6 weeks ago when I moved into my new flat. Setting up a new home can be expensive, so I needed something that was sturdy and well made, but that didn't cost a fortune. After having a Sleepmatch session in store (before lockdown!), it matched me to a Medium / Firm mattress. This mattress was the best choice and provides the perfect balance of support and comfort . And, purchased on sale, was brilliant value for money. I did have a little stiffness after the first few nights, but that was probably just my body getting used to a new mattress that hadn't been worn in yet. I now sleep super soundly every night in complete comfort and wake feeling much more rested. Would absolutely reccommend.


Hudson pocket Sprung Mattress

This mattress was one of a number identified by Dreams Sleep Match technology we used when shopping for our new mattress. We chose this based on our needs and our budget and bought it at a very good price during the half price event. We are very pleased with it. It is not luxurious but a good everyday mattress. At first we got worried as it is more firm than our old mattress we were used to. However, although it is firm it is comfortable and we are finding that the support for our backs is good and it provides adequate support for our sleeping positions (back and sides). We have had good nights of sleep since we bought it and are satisfied that we made a good purchase. There were also care instructions issued with it.


The Perfect Mattress

I have had such problems finding the perfect mattress and have wasted a lot of money. Thank goodness I came across the Dreams Hudson pocket sprung mattress - it's changed my life for the better. Having had major back surgery some years ago it's very important I have a firm supportive mattress - but I don't want to feel as if I'm lying on a table ! - I also want comfort. That combination is so difficult to find, but now I have and I am so happy. A good night's sleep is so important for general health and now I feel so much better, and actually look forward to going to bed now. The price of this mattress is the best value for money I've ever come across. Thank you so very much Dreams.


Hudson Heaven

I suffer from slipped discs in my back so a good mattress is essential for a good night's sleep. I did a lot of research before I bought this mattress and tried out lots of those on display in the shop. After extensive research, I decided that the Hidson might be the one for me and was reassured in my purchase as Dreams have a returns policy that allows me to try the mattress with the option of returning 9t of ot was not suitable. I bought the double and have honestly never slept so well. It is firm yet offers a level of comfort that allows me to relax and know that when I sleep my back will have sufficent support. I love this mattress and could not recommend it highly enough.


Very comfy!

First impression review as only slept in it a few nights. So far, so good! I find it really comfortable, I'm a side sleeper and lots of charts/websites etc recommend medium firm beds but I don't like soft beds so though I'd try this one based on online reviews (couldn't go into store to try it), I think this is the perfect firmness for me, I hope it lasts and doesn't go soft after a while! The actual bed has a really nice feather pattern on the material and seems like good quality fabric. Good delivery guys who were friendly and helpful. Shame they could only put it in the hall and couldn't help get it upstairs, but completely understandable with covid risks.


Brilliant value, well made, comfortable

Lovely mattress. Replaced our 4 year old memory foam Tempur one that had sunk on both sides. This Hudson one can be flipped over as well as rotated for extra longevity. I'd rate it at a 8/10 for firmness. Its definitely not washboard hard, it has an inch or so give and feels just right. One oddity, it measures up about 2" smaller in length and width to our old king size mattress, and also it's 2" smaller on the divan base so it's definitely smaller than what is deemed standard dimensions for King size. We're looking forward to being able to use a heated blanket again! This is a no-no on memory foam mattresses. Overall a good quality good value mattress!


Outstanding Customer Service Journey

We were in the market for a new bed and had heard about the quality that Dreams provides. We weren't expecting the outstanding customer service that Peter offered us and it is very true that people buy from people because he was absolutely fantastic! Our Customer Journey right from the beginning of entering the store to the composite analysis and the choosing of the right bed for us was fantastic. We walked out happy with our purchase of a new bed and would certainty reccomend to anyone else based of customer service alone. The delivery guys were efficient, safe and covid19 compliant. The sleep is amazing and every day I wake up feeling refreshed.


Just what I wanted

There are people who like softer mattresses and those who liked them firm. It is tricky for us because my husband falls into the first category and I into the second. We have tried a few different mattresses over the last 10 years, medium pocket spring, memory foam, latex, you name it. Either of us would end up either moderately or very unhappy. My husband agreed to give this one a try to go my way (I have a back problem), fearing the worst. Great surprise - it's definitely firm enough for me, but because it's quilted, it is somehow soft on top so he is happy too. I wish we've done it much sooner. Finally we have our perfect mattress - 5*.


One happy bunny! Thank you Dreams!

I bought this mattress with some trepidation because it was described as firm. I wanted firm, but not too firm! I read the reviews and decided to go for it, and I have not been disappointed. It was a little firm to start with but now after two weeks, it is perfect - so pleased I went ahead. Communication was excellent and I was kept up to date with the time of delivery which was very accurate, and the guys who brought it were lovely. I am often wary of buying such big items on line but I have absolutely no complaints to make about this whole transaction or the price which was far below what I expected to pay. Job well done!


Excellent purchase

Bought a Hudson mattress three weeks ago and loved every minute. It arrived very well packaged and was really professionally assembled with corner supports and a strong plastic cover. You need to remove all packaging and leave the mattress in a room with good air flow before use, so essentially giving you time to assemble the base etc or make some tea! You do need to rotate the mattress as described when delivered but this will stand you in good stead for many years of quality rest. Build quality was firm for me and it’s like sleeping on air. I’ve had a a great nights sleep and look forward to many more to come.


Now I sleep like a dream, not dream in my sleep:)

I have never spent more time in bed, since I bought my Dreams Team GB Hudson Kingsize mattress:) I have had a bad back for so many years, however, this pocket sprung 'Dream' has given me a new lease of life. Let's face it, it professional athletes use Dreams, it's hard to argue with. As an habitual light/restless sleeper, my partner often had a bad nights sleep because of me:( With the high quality characteristics of this mattress, with the 1015 pocket springs and thick double sided filling, we now both have great night of undisturbed sleep, every night. We have the firm mattress, amazing support and comfortable.


Perfect it you have back problems, or even not!

After buying a Kingsize "Gel" mattress which neither my husband nor I could get used to, after three years we decided to go for a new mattress. This new Hudson Pocket Sprung is a 'Dream' come true. At first we both thought it was far too hard a mattress as we both suffer from back problems, and really thought that we had made another major mistake, but after speaking with the agent at Dreams who sold us the mattress, he assured us that although we could definitly change this mattress, to give it at least two weeks for it to setlle. He was so right, it has now settled and is the best mattress we have ever had,


Absolute Bliss

I now look forward to bedtime, my Hudson single size mattress has turned my world around after putting up with my previous mattress for so long. I've had my blissfully comfortable new addition nearly 2 months now and my back, hips, knees etc are feeling so much better. But it wasn't all plain sailing as this quite firm mattress, for me personally, took a little getting used to after the cranky, old heap I used to sleep on(even though it was only about 3yrs old)so I used a mattress topper to ease me in and it worked a treat. I'm really happy with my purchase from Dreams, only wish I'd made this choice long ago.


Perfect support

After going through the selection process at the showroom, actually getting the mattress into service was quite an event. Though we had spent a decent amount of time choosing the right firmness and style, it was still a pleasant surprise to find that it was even more comfortable once fully set up and put to proper use. Not the most expensive of the possible choices, but having slept on it for a couple of weeks now, I'm very happy with the design: decent firmness all the way to the edges yet still offering comfortable support. Definitely a good buy, and I'd recommend it to anyone who needs a firm mattress.


Hudson pocket sprung Mattress

I have had this product since 7/11, and am so happy with the selection I made. Owing to mobility problems, I made all my decisions and selections on line as I couldn't get into my local store. I read all reviews and spoke to telephone advisors first as I needed to explain my health issues. They were so helpful and pointed me in the right direction. I'm glad they did as I have had wonderful night's sleep since my purchase, the mattress is so firm and comfortable which is great for my needs. I highly recommend the mattress and will definitely deal again in the future when I require anything else.


Great nights sleep

Like many reviewers I purchased this mattress due to my lower back pain in the hope it helps promote a better nights sleep. I am a side sleeper. I visited my local store many times and tried a selection of mattress before making the final decision. I can honestly say it is one of my best decisions I have made in a long time. Only wish I had bought sooner excellent nights sleep and now no more annoying back pain during the day. Excellent firm mattress with support in all the right areas. Covered in nice damask which gives it a quality look and feel. Also not too heavy and quite easy to rotate.


Sweet Dreams

My sleeping patterns were so disrupted and chaotic that I was permanently tired, so much so that I sought medical advice. Amongst other things, my Doctor recomended a new mattress so then last month I took the plunge and bought a Hudson Pocket Sprung Mattress from Dreams in Sheffield. I can not begin to tell you what a difference that has made.....not too soft but not too firm either, this mattress supports you in all the right places enabling prolongued deep sleep. Waking up refreshed is not something I've done for a number of years, but I do now.....I'm really pleased with my purchase.


Awesome! Must buy.

I brought this mattress a few weeks ago and I can not explain how incredible it is! I have problems with discs in my lower back which cause alot of pain and discomfort and put pressure on my nerves. The mattress I had before was too soft and not giving my lower back the support it needed. It is only when I led down for the first time on my new mattress that I really realised how soft my other one was (and quiet frankly what bad quality it also was!) Sleeping much better with reduced back pain, over all really happy and would highly recommend this product! Thank you dreams!



Please read fully, This mattress was delivered about 3 weeks ago, I was very unsure due to not trying it in the store but I took the risk as I was having terrible back problems, I am very pleased with it as it is probably the most comfortable mattress I have had, its supports my body shape and my backache has gone, I had previously bought other x2 mattresses online (not from Dreams) and now 3rd time lucky I have found my gem. I am so happy with my mattress from Dreams and the only downside is i need to sell the other 2 that were awfully uncomfortable for me.


Super duper

So pleased I used dreams. Saw and tested the bed in store and the assistant was helpful, informed but not pushy. Had to wait a bit for delivery but hey ho a lot of it was my works schedule. When delivered the guys were great, live in a remote area and they phoned on the morning with a timescale and for directions. Replaced my old bed mattress with this one, first night wasn't great but I'd had the old one way too many years. Second night on, great nights sleep and my aching shoulder is 100 percent less painful . Great product, great service, MEGA GOOD


Give it a chance

This mattress raised a good point with me. On the first night I slept on it it felt too hard, after the second night I had hip pain. I ordered a memory foam mattress topper because of this... however after the 4th night I slept well and didnt feel uncomfortable.... by the time the mattress topper arrived I was comfortable and had no joint pain! I guess I should have given it more time to get used to. The mattress is firm and quite rigid, not too heavy. Seems well made and wasn't a bad price, so fter a few nights more, it's highly recommended!


Great Night Sleep

Great price! Great product! Great nights sleep! I brought this at the end of February and thank god I did. By using the sleep match in the shop I brought the best mattress for me. I had a bad mattress before which left me with sleepless nights, and bad pains in the morning. This mattress has taken this all away. The product is good looking and comfortable. You also have the ability to flip the mattress if you feel that you need to. I would recommend it to anyone that is having difficulty sleeping due to their mattress. Don’t hesitate, buy it!



We popped into our local showroom to try out a few of the matresses. We both agreed on the Hudson for comfort primarily but also for the appearance and great value for money. We then ordered online and was totally delighted when the delivery came, two gentlemen took the matress upstairs and unwrapped it and took all the packaging away. This was fantastic for me as my husband had just had a knee op and there was no way I could have got that upstairs. We are both extremely happy with the matress. Your service from start to finish was exemplary.


A good night of DREAMS

Hudson Pocket Sprung Mattress from DREAMS, this is what I've been waiting for. Having searched several sites, I found DREAMS, and yes, after a few weeks I can say that my wife and myself, are sleeping better, and are being more relaxed. I couldn't believe that just changing a mattress would be so life changing. I know that we all cannot use the same mattress, because of differing issues, but I would advise anyone to check out DREAMS, from the initial viewing, paying, and the arranging of delivery, it was all so simple. So thank you DREAMS.


Great night sleep

We have had this mattress nearly a month now and I cannot fault it in any way. Having had a budget mattress previously, it is always a risk buying something different but it did not disappoint. It took a couple of days to get used to, but after that, I have never had better sleep than what I have had with this mattress. It is comfortable and soft and does not sag. Being someone with back issues, I have found this mattress to be firm enough to support as well as being soft enough for a great deal of comfort. Best purchase we ever made.


Firm, Bouncy and well balanced... perfect!

Excellent all round support. This Hudson pocket spring is a well balanced matress its firm but bouncy with support in all the right places.After sleeping on it soundly for almost 2 months.I highly recommend it for anyone who suffers with spinal issues and its also excellent for BBW and BBM as it has amazing support and bounce,it can be turned and rotated for a longer spring life. 5* customer service from Dreams too 100% perfect performance from walking into the showroom to delivery! The only place I will buy a bed in future!


So comfy!

I bought this mattress 2 weeks ago and I've never been happier or comfier! I've been needing a firmer mattress for a while since I suffer from scoliosis and my old one wasn't doing me any good. I didn't have to do much shopping around because as soon as I tried this in store, I fell in love, with the price also! I did expect to get a mattress so firm and high in quality for such a great price. My whole experience with Dreams was great from start to finish. I highly recommend this product as well as Dreams themselves!


Amazing mattress

I have been using this mattress for little over two weeks and have never had such a good night's sleep. I had what I thought was a good form orthopaedic mattress, I now know how wrong I was. The Orchard Pocket Sprung is a really good mattress. Lovely and firm, so comfortable. I wish I got one sooner. As a restless sleeper due to medical conditions I am amazed at how improved my sleep and comfort has been. It must be good because the cat has claimed it as his daybed of choice too. Excellent value for money.


Very comfortable

We bought this mattress to replace our very firm, and I ashamed to say, nearly 20 year old superking size mattress. Although this mattress is firm it is not solid and has a gentle movement to it. My husband has been troubled by discomfort under his ribs and lower back for years and suddenly after a few nights on this mattress the discomfort has gone - it could only have been our old mattress! He sleeps much better and doesn't wake up several times a night anymore. So glad we purchased this mattress.


What are you waiting for!

A few weeks prior to buying this mattress, I took a punt on a much cheaper one off ebay. It was described as "firm", it was far from it! So with that, I went onto the dreams website while their January sale was still on! I had a live chat with Elliott who recommended the firm Hudson! I took his word for it,when it arrived it did not disappoint! I now get a good nights sleep and my shoulders don't ache anymore! Wish I'd got it years ago! Thanks Elliott and all the guys at Dreams! Keep up the good work!


Supportive Mattress

I bought the mattress about three weeks ago and my back pain has gone ever since. My old mattress was too soft and couldn’t support my back at all. I reckon I often slept with weird positions since the bed couldn’t give any support to the spine. I used to wake up all the time at night due to the uncomfortableness. However, this new mattress totally changes my sleeping patterns now as I can sleep peacefully without worrying my back pain. The hardness is moderate which you can sleep with ease.


Very comfy, cured back pain

Review written within 2 months of arrival. My old mattress was killing my back, went into dreams and aftsr years of a medium/soft one their machine told me to get a firm one. Bought this one on offer, it's cured my back pain instantly. I no longer lay in bed feeling my back not flat and now i fall asleep fast and wake up refreshed. My partner used to get bad hip pain on my old mattress, now no longer a problem. If it helps you, I am a front sleeper and my partner is a side sleeper Very comfy


Great value and build quality

The mattress is nice and firm. You can tell it is made really well and was firm but comfortable. I switched to this pocket spring mattress from a memory foam mattress and this is definitely an upgrade. It has four handles on the sides which makes it easy to move around, position and flip over when required (see care instructions in the description). I am very happy with this mattress so far and I feel as though I have made the right decision. Delivery was also prompt.


Firm, but very comfortable

I set out to purchase a new medium - soft mattress, but on trying the dreams sleeping system at there premises, it recommended a firmer mattress would be better for my body. So on laying on the firm Hudson mattress for a while, & also being told by the assistant, if I changed my mind with a purchase within a certain time period, I could change it anyway. But it's now been over 2 weeks, & it's the best sleep I've had in years. So will be sticking with this one, thanks.



We needed a replacement and certainly done our homework. We even brought a Dormeo which was horrendous. Having the Dreams mattress has made such a huge difference to our sleep it has been an absolute tremendous feel. We got the mattress at the right time also as it had a discount that could not be passed up. Delivery was a breeze also as it showed up on the day during the time slot allocated and no issues with the drivers either. Was kept informed at all times.


Very comfortable

Bought this a few weeks ago for a small room based on reviews. I have slept on it for a week now and it is so comfy, not too hard and definitely not soft. It is very firm and well made. Some reviews have said It is rock hard and it’s like sleeping on bricks, which I have to disagree. It all depends on how it makes your back feel and depends on the person. If you buy firm then expect it to be firm. I think this is a good purchase at a reasonable price.


Five Stars Well Deserved

We were extremely pleased and satisfied with every aspect of our purchase. The visit to the store during COVID restrictions was very well organised and put us completely at ease. The staff were very friendly and extremely helpful. The delivery was also superb with faultless communication throughout - it was bang on time and the driver again observed the strict procedures in place. This level of service should serve as a first class example to others. Well Done!


some surprising side benefits

I was sceptical about firmness and comfort, but have found that to be be excellent. I have numerous ailments and am on treatment for prostate cancer so have "hot flushes" from the HRT treatment. Normally this means waking 6-8 times a night. Surprisingly on my first night with the new matress I was woken only a cou0ple of times. I am not suggesting this is a cure for the dreaded hot flushes, but more a deep sleep allowiong the flushes to be less problematic.


Firm cool and comfortable

I bought this mattress for our spare bed. My husband and I are taking turns to sleep in the spare bed a lot recently as our 1 year old’s cot is also in the room and she’s not a great sleeper. The mattress is on the firm side, which we both like. We also like that it doesn’t have any kind of topper such as memory foam, as we find that it can make a mattress uncomfortably warm. Overall it’s very comfortable and the delivery was perfect - no fuss and very fast.


Changed our lives... literally!

I bought this mattress as me and my partner have both been suffering with back pain. We are only 24 & 28. When it was suggested that our mattress was most likely the issue we decided to change it. That was two weeks ago, not only has the back pain gone for both of us but my general mood has improved. This is probably due to getting a better nights sleep! If anyone out there resonates with this change your mattress!! It can quite literally change your life!


Nice Mattress

I bought this mattress for my guest bedroom as my previous mattress (which I bought from Dreams 16 years ago) was long overdue replacing. It looks great, is really comfortable and as I got it in the sale was nice and affordable. The original one I ordered had a mark on it, and we were given the option of a discount or replacement. We chose replacement, and it was dealt with efficiently by the customer services team and replaced quickly. I would recommend.


Dreamy Success

A great experience all the way through. I am now enjoying my mattress and taking care of it, in the wish for it to continue to care for my postural needs, whilst I sleep. It is firm enough to support my hips and shoulders comfortably yet soft enough to be comfy. It is easy to turn. It looks good and was made here in the UK - I like shopping local to reduce carbon footprints. I thought it was a good price and so far, am pleased. Thanks Dreams Team.


Thick and firm

Had this mattress a few weeks now. I'm used to firm mattresses so thought I'd replace my pocket sprung one that I'd had over 10 years! I have to say I was worried about choosing one without trying it out as I didn't want to part with my mattress. I'm so glad I did! I love this mattress. It's very thick so my sheets don't fit all the way down the sides but other than that, the mattress is so comfy! Absolutely love it and got it at a bargain price!


Just What I Needed

If been using the mattress for around 3 weeks now and it has provided a fab nights sleep! The damask cover is great quality and doesn’t necessarily require a topper it is that comfy! Great value for money and will definitely be recommending it! I would of liked to know how much the mattress weighed as I had to move it about my room on my own due to delivery restrictions but the handles on the side made it as easy as it could be so no complaints


A Magic Mattress

Wasn't sure what mattress to buy, spoke to an advisor, explained my situation. The lady listened then asked me a couple of questions & the Orchard Sprung Mattress was advised. Purchased it & have not looked back since. Delivery was great, the guys put the mattress in place, the bed was made. OK the first night was like sleeping in a strange bed but after that every night was a good nights sleep & still is. Many thanks to the "Dream" Team. .


Mattress value and quality

The mattress is very comfortable and the quailty is excellent for the price. I was orginally going to buy something cheaper but this was far superior to the cheaper options. Its provides great support and is soft for a firm mattress. As an adult lying on the cheaper mattresses, I felt that the sides were not supported and were crushed under my weight. This mattress is much more robust and easily supports the weight of an average adult man.


More springs, more comfort

I bought this matress 6 weeks ago. In the Dreams showroom the electronic measurment bed - which asseses which matress you should have for your weight and sleeping postition - said I should have an extra firm matress. I tried it and found it too hard, electing to go firm instead. This matress differes from the standard one in that it has more springs and hence better support. It's easily the most comfortable matress I've ever slept on.


So comfortable

I bought this as my previous mattress was over 10 years old and I was feeling the strain in my joints sleeping on it. Went to Dreams and used the Sleep Match to find out what kind of mattress I needed and with a budget it mind this was by far the comfortable out of the others in the price bracket. 2 weeks now sleeping on this mattress and I'm not feeling any of the recent aches and pains I had previously on my old mattress.


So comfortable

I purchased this three weeks ago and have had the best sleeps since my purchase. Excellent mattress....great service. 10/10. This new mattress is very comfortable but also supportive. It gives the ideal nights sleep. I would definitely recommend the Hudson to anyone. Not too hard or too soft. Excellent value for money. Delivery smooth and nothing was too much trouble for the delivery guys. Great service all round. Very happy.


Now I remember what a decent night's sleep is like

I'm heavier than I should be, so I prefer a firm mattress that's robust enough to cope. I've had the Hudson for a couple of weeks now, and it has already proved it's more than up to the job. It's comfortable and provides support for my back, so I'm sleeping much better than I was. The mattress is well-built, but light enough for me to turn and flip on my own, and the handles make the process easy. Very pleased I bought one.


Excellent Value For Money

We bought this as a slightly larger mattress for our daughter's old room at home, rather than her old single mattress. Now she brings her partner home to stay as well, we wanted a bigger bed but not so big that it filled the room. The small double size (4') is excellent for this, providing the extra bed space but not overcrowding the room. We are thrilled with the result, value for money, comfort and quality of the mattress.


Very Firm and Comfortable

I purchased this mattress a few weeks ago now and I can say that so far I've thoroughly enjoyed sleeping on it. It is a firm mattress, but it is extremely comfortable at the same time and doesn't feel hard or uninviting at all. It seems to be well made and I have no doubt that it will serve its purpose for many years to come. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a deep, firm and comfortable mattress.


Satisfaction guaranteed

Having used Dreams before, we wanted to purchase a new mattress. Cheaper alternatives were available but we decided to go with past experience. We were not disappointed. The online purchase was effortless followed by email confirmation. Every step was hassle free and the delivery perfect , on time and quality guaranteed. The Dreams representatives were efficient and polite. Well done Dreams, customer service at its best


Really comfortable mattress!

I purchased this product for the guest room a month ago and I’m really pleased with it! Having tried it out myself I have found it very supportive - it has that firm quality that I like in a mattress whilst at the same time offering high levels of comfort. It was a bonus that I was able to purchase it in the sale at a significantly reduced price, a good deal for such a great product! I would highly recommend it!


Recommend, recommend, recommend

We bought this mattress to go with out brand new Dreams bed frame and are so glad we did! We previously had a different make of mattress and now we would never have anything other than this - I’ve been recommending everyone invest in one of these amazing mattresses! The pocket springs give it a real luxury feel, and the level of comfort is so so high! A real must and can’t believe I haven’t got one sooner !


Great product at a great price

Replacing son's teenage mattress I checked my usual go to dept store supplier only to find 6 weeks delivery time. I was delighted to find Dreams could deliver this one straight away. Instructions for option to recycle to recycle were easy to find and clear. Bag for recycling mattress duly arrived before delivery. Delivery men were friendly, cheerful and helpful. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.


Great Mattress. Best sleep i have had in years.

This mattress is really nice and firm and i have had no issues with it sinking so far. The cost of the mattress was brilliant as it was on sale but after sleeping on it i can say it is worth the full price. I suffer from a bad back and i have been having the best nights sleep in years thanks to this mattress. It is so comfy my children keep trying to sneak in it. Very happy and would definitely recommend.


A great purchase for side sleeping and back sleepi

I purchased this mattress a month or so ago and when it arrived I was pleased to find that it had a decent amount of depth. A good quality feel to it and importantly, it offers the SUPPORT that I wished for. The only problem I found; Is that although the mattress can help reduce lower back pain, this unsusual product is also capable of increasing the frequency of lie-ins and 'duvet- days' by up to 300%!


Super comfortable

Moved into a new flat 2 weeks ago and so glad that we decided to buy a new mattress from Dreams. It was fairly expensive but well worth it as my boyfriend has struggled for years to find a mattress that suits him. Definitely would recommend going into one of their stores and trying out, that’s how we found our perfect fit. It’s fairly firm but not too firm, I can still sleep on my side very comfortably.


Very good value

Bought this 2 weeks ago owing to the wife starting to get back ache during the night , we went to spain a couple of months ago and the beds were really firm and she remarked how well she slept , so on our return we went to dreams and found a mattress we thought was very firm but still comfortable , really pleased we did now , we have both slept the best we have in years , was a very good price as well.


I'm sleeping on cloud Hudson!

Oh my goodness, the difference in night sleep I have on this mattress is huge! Before I struggled to have a good night sleep on my old mattress, but now now you can't tell the difference between me and a log! It's very supportive, comfortable and generally feels of good quality. and seems like it is built to last. The only downside is the naming convention, it should be the 'Hudson Pocket Sprung Cloud'


Firm is nice and firm!

The mattress is firm as described. I weigh 15st and my wife 10st. Even so it’s perfect for me and not overly firm for her. However it’s not what you would call luxurious. We stayed with it for a few nights and we were not overly happy. One Panda gel memory foam topper purchased. It was instantly perfect. Now it’s supportive yet luxurious. But for a budget half price mattress it’s what we expected.


What a dream!

Having limited funds but in need of a good nights sleep I found this bargain. At a discounted £199 it wasn't cheap as chips but it's worth every penny. I always thought I preferred a medium mattress but after lying on the Dream's mattress tester gizmo in store I discovered it's a firm one I should be buying and how they were right. I don't sleep for many hours but with this mattress, it's a dream!


Very comfortable

I bought this mattress 3 weeks ago. It was a sister-mattress of the one matched for me and was on sale! Finally I have a comfortable quality bed of the exact right firmness. It's great. Supports the body, isn't bouncy, you don't roll on your partner when any of you moves during the night and doesn't have the thick layer of memory foam on top. Memory foam is much overrated and to warm to sleep on.


Best Nights sleep in years

The Hudson Pocket sprung mattress is a traditional sprung mattress which is a fine alternative to memory foam. The mattress is very supportive and provides a very comfortable nights sleep. Due to the absence of memory foam the mattress breathes and is cool and airing. Having had a memory foam mattress for the past 10 years it is a pleasure to have a comfortable nights sleep again. Five stars from


Perfect firmness

I very much appreciate my new mattress. I never nap, but I find myself sneaking off for a little snooze. It's nice and firm and very comfortable. Since I've had the new mattress my back pain has eased off and I getting a full night's sleep. Setting snooze on my alarm more than ever. Even my cat sleep's in longer. Very happy customer and I'm glad I made the decision to buy with my new bed base :)


Never slept better

I bought this a and it has arrived a month ago. Even tho it says this mattress is mainly for people who sleep on their back, me as a person who sleeping on her side i have never and I mean NEVER slept better. I feel like Im being lifted on a cloud. It really is dreamy! And the value? Its a true bargain! For a super king size I felt it was so well priced it was basically free! Highly recommended


1st decent sleep in years

I purchased this mattress a few weeks ago and I'm so glad I did. The value for money has been surprisingly great. It's firm, which is new for me, but really comfortable and you don't roll into the middle of the bed. 1st decent sleep in years. This purchase was so worth it. I spent over 4 times more on my last mattress because I thought the price reflected comfort, but it certainly did not.


Looks lovely

I have only had this mattress for a couple of weeks hence only 4 stars in places and not 5. Very pretty design, looks fresh. Love the fact I can flip it and not just rotate and has the handles to help with that. Nice depth and fit really good. Massive difference in size and weight of husband and myself but the mattress accommodates that for really comfy sleep..Star buy and so worth the money.


Firm but very comfortable

I've had it for almost a month now, so far I'm really happy and all my naps and slumbers were 10/10. Like most of people I suffer from a back pain, so often I would wake up with significant pain. Well, it hasn't disappeared completely but got much, much better since I've got this mattress. Overall it is quite firm, but not hard which for me is exactly how I like it. Definitely recommended.


Very comfortable and great value for money

A very different style of matters than I am used to, however It is very supportive, comfortable and feels good quality. Both my partner and I like a variation of either soft or firm and this a a really good in between. We would both highly recommend for the comfort and value for money. We also like that it is reversible so hopefully it will last that little bit longer than a normal mattress.


So comfortable!

This is the best mattress I have ever had. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis in my hips and couldn’t get a good nights sleep because of the pain. I often slept in my reclining chair. Having had this mattress for a while now I can honestly say it has transformed my life. I thought it would be too firm but it supports my hips and back and I can even sleep on my side again. Absolutely love it!


Superb comfortable product

6 months ago bought a mattress from a rival company. It was so poor that this product has replaced it. Very pleased with Dreams for service, delivery and price. This mattress is in a different class to the old one and at last sleep is assured and comfortable. Should never have made the mistake of going to a rival company first. You cannot beat Dreams and their products. Highly recommended.


Sweet Dreams

I bought this mattress about three weeks ago. I wish I had bought it about 10 years ago as the previous mattress was well overdue a replacement. I was anxious about buying a new mattress but I'm delighted with this purchase. The firm pocket springs and depth to the mattress enables me to wake up in the mornings feeling refreshed - so far the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on.


Very comfortable and excellent back support

Very helpful in-house staff assisted me in finding the right mattress for me. I like a medium-firm mattress and this one is perfect for me. It has pocket springs which I like, and it has none of the memory foam that I'm not fond of. I've slept comfortably on it ever since it arrived. I tend to have back problems if I don't sleep well, and this mattress has been a blessing in that regard.


Incredibly Comfortable Mattress!

I bought this mattress for my new bed in my new home and I’m so glad I did as it’s incredibly comfortable. It’s quite firm so if you like a more soft or yielding mattress then this probably isn’t for you but if, like me, you have lower back issues then I’d recommend it. Very easy to move with the handles. Also got a bargain as it was on sale in January so very pleased with my purchase!


Well-made, comfortable mattress

Bought this mattress nearly a month ago and wish I'd changed my mattress sooner. Had a memory foam mattress which had become very uncomfortable and it didnt breath making for a bad nights sleep due to getting too hot. New mattress offers great, firm support and a lot cooler overnight, much better already sleep. Has really shown how poor the old mattress was both in quality and comfort.


Excellent Product

I brought this mattress as our old one was about 6 years old & my husband ( who is a big chap ) was complaining of back ache , since we have had the new mattress I have had great nights sleep & a happy husband , The delivery was on time & the courtesy call to advise us of the mattress's pending arrival was spot on , & the mattress itself is absolute superb quality , 100% recommended .


Great night's sleep

I bought this for my mother, as she had been complaining that her mattress was uncomfortable. We went to the Dreams store and a helpful member of staff did the computer analysis to tell mum what would be most comfortable for her. The mattress took 3 weeks to arrive, but my mother loves it. She says she's never had such a good night's sleep. So glad we got a mattress from Dreams


Excellent mattress

Purchased this mattress as both my other half and I have been suffering from lower back pain. Before we had it delivered I was slightly concerned about the firmness of this new mattress as we had a really soft one prior to this. How wrong I was. I have not slept this good for ages. Also, big shout out to the delivery guys, they were extremely professional. Thanks Dreams Team.


Extremely comfortable

I bought the Hudson Pocket sprung mattress for my mom who is moving to the UK from South Africa,she was obviously unable to try it but we did a virtual diagnostic test and turned out she was a Medium ,I then went with this option,it was also on a great offer so very affordable for the quality of the mattress. She is now in the UK and it's absolutely PERFECT!!!she loves it


Best mattress ever purchased!

I bought this mattress a couple of weeks ago for myself and my partner to share and we have never had a better sleep! It has exactly the right amount of firmness to give you optimum back support and a great nights sleep. I highly recommend this mattress to anyone experiencing back problems as it sorted my pain right out - I never want to leave my bed in the morning anymore!


Amazing Purchase

As a landlord I probably purchase more mattresses than the average person and this Hudson Pocket Sprung Mattress is my most recent mattress purchase. Having laid on it in Dreams showroom I am confident it will be appreciated by my Tenants. Further, as it was an end of line the purchase price was approximately 25% of the recommended retail price which was an amazing saving.


Firm mattress that is not too heavy

Been using this mattress for a month., bought in the sale for half-price. Excellent value for money. The first 3-4 days, I felt the mattress was really hard compared to my previous old "firm" mattress but I soon adjusted. I sleep really well. Not to hot as no foam but really comfortable. Light enough for me to be able to turn it over with no help. Really happy with it.


Great value for money product

I was looking for a new mattress and anticipating paying four figures for a good quality one as i suffer with a bad back. I read the reviews of the Hudson Pocket Sprung and thought i would try it - and i was very pleasantly surprised. It is so comfortable and provides excellent support for my back, all of such a reasonable price. i would definitely recommend this product!


Fantastic nights sleep and excellent quality

I bought this mattress, as my daughter has had major surgery and I wanted her to be comfy as she could be once home to heal. So I bought it whilst we were in hospital and I was worried it wouldn’t be comfy. Well it is just brilliant, she said it’s the best nights sleep she has had in for a long time, she’s 15. We also bought the new Lucia bed frame from Dreams as well.


Great mattress

Brought this mattress to replace our leesa matress in which I purchased last year. We found that the hudson matress is way far better for us as its really comfortable and we are getting better sleep. I wish we had purchased this before the leesa mattress as this was a complete waste of money. If you wan a good mattress at a good price then get yourself a hudson matress.


Positive experience from order to delivery

Positive experience from start to finish. Ordered in store, delivery date agreed, clear information given. Able to try out mattress. Received delivery window and call and text on day. Delivered to room location. As it was for a guest room, I have only tried out mattress for a few hours but it seems comfortable and good quality. Would definitely order from Dreams again.

Questions and Answers About Hudson Pocket Sprung Mattress

Hello, My back is really sore from our mattress at home as it is very soft! Just want to ask if this mattress is going to help my back or if it's better to see it first? Thank you for your answer. Eva

Answer: Hello , Sorry to hear that. The Orchard has a Firm comfort grading, which provides great support if you sleep on your front or back. We have a handy mattress guide that will give you our list of comfort grades and what they are best used for: Though it is always best to see the product in store, if that is proving difficult - especially if your current mattress is causing you pain and you need to replace it quickly - we have a 40 Night Comfort Guarantee, in which case you can return the mattress if it is proving to be uncomfortable. The details can be found here: I hope that helps and your back recovers soon.

The best mattress I have had was a Dreams Executive Magnificent 7 range, comfort level 3 medium/firm. Is this going to be the nearest type or can you recommend something else?

Answer: , I have taken a look at the specification for the Magnificent 7 range and I can see that this was a pocket sprung mattress with soft fillings encased in a Damask cover. The Hudson would be a very good choice for you although not the same as our materials have improved with the times. We would suggest you visit a Dreams local showroom and try out our SleepMatch Machine which will use scientific measurements to recommend your perfect mattress. You can then try the mattress in store to see what suits you best!. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello hard to understand but are the prices here including bed frame and mattress please.

Answer: Hello, Yes - the prices for our divan beds include the mattress but not the headboard. Here's a breakdown of what is included in the prices: Divan beds - includes mattress and divan base, does not include headboard Divan base - just a divan base, does not include a mattress or headboard Bed frame - does not include a mattress but comes with the matching head-end. I hope this helps and makes things a bit more clearer. Thank you for your question.

Hudson 1000 I have back problem that needs a firm mattress but not too hard. I like sleeping on my side. Need advice if this mattress would be suitable or could you recommend an alternative?

Answer: , This would be dependent on your usual comfort preference. Unfortunately we can't advise on what would be suitable for back problems. It may be best to visit one of our stores if possible to try our sleepmatch machine to see what would be the most supportive for you. Please bear in mind that as of Thursday our store opening may change, but this information will be available online. Many thanks Dreams

When collecting/delivering the mattress, does it come rolled up like a cigar?

Answer: Hi , No, the Orchard is not one of our rolled mattresses. If you would like one of our rolled mattresses please take a look here: They are convenient when collecting as you don't need to rely on a van. They can also be useful if you have a narrow entrance to your bedroom. Thank you.

hi can you tell me the exact width of the bed/mattress as the space i have is 1780 is the bed 1800 with the headboard or 1800 to the bed itself ie will it fit in my 170 gap 

Answer: Hello , The bed dimensions are al follows: Double - Width 135cm x Length 190cm King - Width 150cm x Length 200cm Super King - Width 180cm x Length 200cm Please note that the headboard is not included and headboards that suit your decore can be bought here: I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

I brought this and also your standard divan but mattress keeps moving  Each day I have to put back in position  Why is that ?  It’s just one person sleeping on it ? 

Answer: , I am sorry to hear this is happening. This is very unusual as the surface fabric of the divan is designed to stop this from happening. However depending on your movement when you sleep this can have an affect. It may be worth looking into purchasing an anti slip mat to place between the mattress and base. Many thanks Dreams

Could this be used on a profiling bed

Answer: , If, by a profiling bed, you are referring to an adjustable bed, then this mattress would not be suitable. If you are looking for a mattress that is suitable for use with an adjustable bed then we would recommend looking at our tailored adjustable mattress range available to purchase online or in store. Kind Regards, Dreams

need a mattress that is medium not too soft or firm as I have back problems

Answer: , You can view all of our medium comfort mattresses on the below link. If you are concerned, please visit one of our stores to make sure you are purchasing the correct mattress for your requirements. Kind regards Dreams

Is this mattress suitable for a hospital like bed where the head can recline to almost a 90 degrees angle?

Answer: , We would not recommend using this mattress for an adjustable bed as this mattress has not been specially designed to bend. We have a range of adjustable mattresses that are suitable for use with adjustable bed frames - these can be found online under the 'adjustable mattress' category. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, so if this mattress is the same as the Maitland mattress (apart from the cover) why is there such a big price difference between the 2?

Answer: , This mattress is currently on promotion. We do offer some excellent discounts across various products throughout the year, this may be why you see a price difference. Please take a look at the before sale price and you will see how much you are saving on such a great product. Kind Regards, Dreams.

Is this an online-only style?

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. If you scroll down the page, you will see a 'Frequently Bought Together' section. Below this, there is a 'Find in Store' function. If you click on this, it will allow you to search for nearest stores which have this item in stock. Kind regards, Dreams

Is there any warranty with the bed? 

Answer: Hello , This bed comes with a 1 year guarantee as a standard, however you can purchase Bedcover which is our extended guarantee for a small additional cost. If you'd like more information on Bedcover please visit: I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

#Are you still there, Carl? Harry King typing. Is a pocket sprung mattress a firm mattress and for how long is the Ashton double bed at £249 on offer? Can I see this bed at your White City store, Manchester? A firm mattress is essential for me. Regards.

Answer: Hello , Pocket sprung mattresses do tend to be the firmer option for mattresses. The ashton will be on offer until 30th May. You should be able to see this in store as well. You can call your local store to make an appointment for the viewing of this. Many thanks for your question.

Hi I have read the reviews of this mattress but there seems to be conflicting answers regarding if it can be flipped and turned - as in one it states to both flip and turned and it another it can only be turned

Answer: Good Evening, The Orchard mattress is double sided which means this mattress can be both rotated and turned (from one side to another) - it is suitable to sleep on both sides of the mattress. We apologise if previous information has been conflicting. Kind Regards, Dreams

On the description of this Hudson mattress it says just to rotate head to toe, but could you tell me how often and when to turn mattress over please?

Answer: , The Hudson is a double sided mattress, therefore we recommend that it is both turned and rotated together. Rotate and turn your mattress from head to toe each week for the first 3 months after purchase, then once a month thereafter. Kind Regards, Dreams

Before adding to basket I was requested to select 'other' as storage option.  Can you confirm what this means? I want to ensure I have the bed with storage not without? Thank you

Answer: Hello , This means that the storage provided is an alternative to your standard drawer option for a divan set. You will need to click this to add the ottoman divan set to your shopping basket and proceed with your order. Many thanks for your question.

Would this mattress be suitable for an adjustable bed? When I asked in store they advised either a micro pocket/micro spring would be suitable.

Answer: , Please find our range of compatible mattresses for adjustable beds here: Kings Regards, Dreams

Does it have edge to edge support?

Answer: , Yes, the Hudson mattress has a spring system that distributes weight evenly providing support and minimising partner motion. The strong edge border also helps to provide edge to edge support. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello, I am diabetic and have been told I can buy things for myself vat exempt if I complete a declaration, do you support this HMRC scheme and if so would I need to bring the form into my nearest store. Thank you 

Answer: Hi, Thank you for your question. Yes, you may be eligible for VAT relief. Please check here for further information: To claim in store, you would need to bring your evidence for them to check.

what the firmness rating for this mattress, please? 4 or 5?

Answer: Hello , We do not rate mattresses numerically but rate them using our Comfort Grade. The Orchard has a Comfort Grade of Firm. Sorry that this does not give you the answer you require,but thank you for your question.

Hi there, I dont need a new mattress or headboard but would like to buy the ottoman base only, is that possible and if so how much would it be for a kingsize. Many thanks 

Answer: Hello , Yes, we sell these divan bases separately and can be seen here: For a King size, it would be £470. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Could I take delivery in mid August if I order now?

Answer: Hello 2016, This depends on when we would be delivering to your area, I advise you to go to one of our stores or call our telesales team and they would be able to look into this for you. Many thanks for your question.

Does this bed have a guarantee? Whats the length if so?

Answer: Hello , This bed comes with 12 months standard manufacturer's guarantee. You can extend this to 8 years if you purchase our Bed Cover during the checkout process. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Is the spec of 1000 pocket springs for the single bed, or for larger sizes of beds? If for larger sizes, what is the pocket count for the single bed?

Answer: Hi , Every bed company uses a king size mattress to work out the spring counts, so anytime you see for example, 4000 springs, then that will also be the count for a king. Thank you for your question.

if i purchase a mattress from you will you take away my old mattress

Answer: Hello , Yes we can recycle your old mattress for a cost of £39. You can select this option during the checkout or when you add an item to your basket. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi I would like a divan bed that includes Base, matrass, and headboard but I can't seem to get one on 

Answer: Hello , All divan beds are sold with mattress and base inclusive of the price, all you need to do is add a matching option to your order and it will be delivered altogether. Many thanks for your question.

Hi, how does the mattress lift up to access the storage with the ottoman type double bed. Is it a gas piston/ hydraulics? I am looking at the Orchard pocket sprung firm ottoman bed. Thanks

Answer: Hi , the base can be raised by using the end straps on the foot of the base, and the lifting is assisted with two pistons located on the insides of the base. I hope this answers your question.

Is this mattress good for heavier set people?

Answer: Hi , This mattress has a firm comfort grade which we would recommend to heavier weights, so this mattress should be a perfect choice for your requirements. Thank you for your question.

Hello, I would like to purchase the mattress however could you explain the delivery options. Is there a way to get a time slot specified the day before and also outside normal working hours i.e. after 5pm. 

Answer: Hi , Delivery is from 8:30am until 6pm. You will be given a time slot either the day before or at the latest before 10am on the morning of the delivery. Many thanks for the question.

What is the storage depth & width please 

Answer: Hello , The storage depth is 44cm, the width is dependent upon which size Divan you choose, but for the double it is approximately 69cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can this mattress be used without a base, straight in the floor? Thanks

Answer: , This mattress could be used on the floor but we would advise against this as the mattress requires the support of a base to give you its full benefits. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you take away old mattresses for recycling?

Answer: Hi , Yes we do, you can add this onto your order upon checkout if ordering online. This comes at an additional cost and prices vary depending on size. Thank you for your question.

What is the depth measurement for the double size frim version of the mattress?

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. The dimensions for this item are as follows: A - Height22cm B - Length190cm C - Width137cm Kind regards, Dreams

Would this mattress be suitable for a 11 year old girl ?

Answer: , This mattress would be suitable. You can view all of our mattresses that are suitable for children here: Many thanks Dreams

Hi, do any of your Ottoman super king beds come with feet or legs that AREN'T wheels please? or is there an option to buy/have feet instead of wheels? Do they attach? Could they be left off? Sorry for all the questions!! thank you Sam

Answer: Hello , You could simply leave the wheels off this bed or ask to replace them for gliders through our customer services department on 03442920000. Many thanks for your question.

Hello, does this mattress have any warranty?

Answer: Hello , This mattress comes with a standard 1 year warranty, we also offer an 8 year's bed cover guarantee but this is at an extra cost. Many thanks for your question.

Is this mattress  suitable  for a slatted bed frame 

Answer: Hello , The Orchard will be suitable for slatted bed frames as long as the gap between the slats is not bigger than 3 inches. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can you please provide the measurements for the single bed. and the exact inside measurements (including depth) of the drawers, when buying the 2 drawer option for a single bed. Thanks. 

Answer: Hello , The Orchard Single bed measures at 56cm high, 90cm x 190cm in width and the depth of the drawer is 17 inches. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Will you remove and recycle 2 single beds in place of a double? 

Answer: Hello, The disposal is priced by item not size. If you require two singles to be removed and recycled it will be at the cost of two disposals. Thank you for your question.

I am looking for a firm bed for good back support, I now have a Sealy Posturepedic which is 20+ years old, I live on my own so do not want to turn it. I am looking for a 4ft size.

Answer: Hi , You will need to call the sales team or visit your local store, we can certainly help you dispose of your old bed for you. Many thanks for the question.

Orchard Pocket Sprung Mattress - this has no handles so does it need to be flipped, as it's double sided, or can you just turn it only

Answer: Hi , This has to be rotated and flipped over, the reason there are no handles is because the weight of the product it does not require handles.. Thank you.

Is this mattress suitable for use on a frame bed with slats for a 3 year old child?

Answer: Hi , Yes, as long as the size mattress corresponds with the same sized bed frame, this mattress is suitable for a three year old. Kind regards Dreams

Hello, is this mattress hypoallergenic? Many thanks.

Answer: , This cover on this mattress is not hypoallergenic, however our Revived range of mattresses do have a hypoallergenic cover. Kind Regards, Dreams

Which double  mattresses is suitable for a wood slatted base? 

Answer: Hello , Pocket spring mattresses will be great for this. The mattress you have selected will be fit for purpose. Many thanks for the question.

Why does the layers image say depth is 26cm but dimensions say 23cm?

Answer: , I apologise for this error, I can confirm that the correct depth is 26cm. We have now corrected this in our dimensions. Many thanks Dreams

matress suitable for 140kg person with pocket springs double sided traditional mattress help prise range up to 400 pounds

Answer: Hello, Our mattresses have no weight restriction set however pocket spring mattresses will be an ideal choice for regular use. Many thanks for the question.

I am disabled with back and hip problems. Does this mattress need turning or flipping? If it does, do you sell one similar that doesn't? Thank you

Answer: Hello, This will need turning so please look at my nearest recommendation to this. Many thanks for the question.

Hi How often should this mattress be turned?

Answer: Hello, This mattress can not be flipped over however can be turned clockwise to freshen the mattress up every three months. Many thanks for the question.

What is the width of double. And are the sides firm and stiff so no roll out.

Answer: Hello , The product is individually sprung and will support you all round. It will be 135cm for the width of the mattress. Many thanks for your question.

Will the Orchard mattress be compatible with an electric divan base? The double size is 4feet 6inches in Imperial measure , which is the size of the divan base. Is the matress light enough and flexible enough to rise as/when the divan base rises?

Answer: Hi , Adjustable bases are normally 200cm in length, longer than a standard size which is 190cm, this wouldn't suit. Thank you for your question.

Hello! Can I have the exact size for the small double bed please? It comes with mattress included?

Answer: Hello, The small double will be 56cm in height, 122cm wide and 190cm long. Yes the mattress is included. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

How much does this mattress weigh and would it be suitable for an ottoman bed?

Answer: Hello , For the double this mattress weighs 33kg, and yes it would be suitable for an Ottoman bed. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Please can you tell me what the deep layers of filling are made of?

Answer: , The layer of filling within the Orchard mattress is compromised of deep fill luxury sustainable polyester fibres. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, is this mattress anti allergic?

Answer: , No, this mattress has not been treated with any anti-allergy agents and hence cannot be classed as anti-allergy. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the maximum weight that the mattress can withstand in regards to the person's weight.

Answer: , We do not have a weight restriction on our mattresses however we do advise that you do not exceed 30 stone. Kind Regards, Dreams

When you deliver will you take away the old mattress?

Answer: Hello , The recycling service is an additional service at £39. This provided as an option through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Can I buy the divan base without the mattress?

Answer: Hello , Yes you can. Our divan bases are here: Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What material is the base made of including the drawers?

Answer: Hello , This base - including the drawers, is made of hard wood and composit materials. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

If storing the mattress before ready to use can it be stored on it’s side or end or does it need to be laid flat?

Answer: , We would recommend storing the mattress on its side or flat as long as the mattress is the right side up. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do remove my old bed when you deliver

Answer: Hello, Yes we can at a cost of £39. You can select this option during the checkout process. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Do you take away old mattress?

Answer: , Yes, we can dispose and recycle an old mattress. You will have to select this service at the checkout. Kind regards Dreams

How long do you have to wait without putting anything on the mattress when it arrives?

Answer: , You do not need to wait to put anything on the mattress, you are able to start using it straight away. Many thanks Dreams

Can you please tell me the weight of Hudson pocket sprung Mattress I have one on order

Answer: , The weight will be dependent on the size. It ranges between 18kg (single) - 44kg (super king). Kind regards Dreams

Does this mattress comply with BS 7177: 2008: Specification for resistance to ignition of mattresses, mattress pads, divans and bed bases?

Answer: Hello , This mattress complies with Fire Retardant Regulations for domestic use. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

what is difference between base 1 and base 2? And why does it only allow me to enter 'other' rather than 'storage' when clicking to put in basket, what does this mean? I would like to purchase option as shown in pictures, with storage!! Thank you! Clair

Answer: Hi , Please give customer services a ring on 0344 292 0000 and someone will be willing to help. Thank you for your question.

Hi Can you tell me if this mattress would be suitable to use in a wooden slat bunk bed? Thank you.

Answer: Hi , We wouldn't advise this as the mattress is 22cm in height. Usually a bunk would need a 15cm or lower mattress. Thank you.

Can I obtain replacement Orchid divan (2 drawer) runners for both drawers? Bed purchased 26/3/11.

Answer: Hello , Our customer services will be able to help you with this order. Please call 0344 292 0000. Thank you for your question.

What is the cost of you disposing of our old mattress when we purchase a new one?

Answer: , A single mattress costs £25, double costs £35 and king/super king costs £40 for recycling. Kind regards Dreams


Answer: , We do offer this service, but it needs to be added to your basket at checkout. Hope this helps, Dreams.

Is this mattress fully reversible.

Answer: Hi there This is a double sided pocket sprung mattress, therefore I can confirm it is indeed fully reversible. Hope this helps.

Can you tell me the maximum weight the Orchard Pocket Sprung Mattress - Firm will take of a single person please.

Answer: Hello , The Orchard Pocket Sprung Mattress does not have a specific maximum weight limit. Many thanks for your question.

I am interested in a firm pocket sprung mattress.  What kind of materials are inside your mattress - synthetic or natural?

Answer: Hello , This particular mattress is filled with synthetic material. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

how long is orchard mattress guaranteed for

Answer: Hi , This mattress has 1 year by standard but if you purchase bed cover it will increase this to 8 years. Thank you.

Is this Mattress good for people who have back pains!

Answer: Hello, This has a great firm level of support and would be an ideal choice for back pain. Many thanks for the question.

Does this bed come with the orchard pocket spring mattress? 

Answer: Hello, Yes this bed will come with the Orchard Pocket Spring Mattress. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Will this mattress need turning?

Answer: Hello, Yes, the Orchard is a double sided mattress that needs turning. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Is the Orchard Pocket Firm matress in stock in Crawley to view?

Answer: Hello , Yes this mattress is on display in the Crawley store. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Can you turn the mattress over and use the underside?

Answer: , Yes, this mattress is double sided - so both sides are suitable for sleeping on. Kind Regards, Dreams

is this mattress the same as the maitland mattress? If not an you tell me the difference?

Answer: , Yes this mattress features the same fillings. The only difference is the cover. Kind regards Dreams

Could you make me a 100 x 200 cm bed with drawers an an good quilty mattress i have head board an i allso need a outtoman base 135x200 or 190cm with good quilty mattress

Answer: Hi , Please contact customer services on 0800 652 5090 to discuss options. Thank you for your question.

What is the difference between this mattress and Beaumont Pocket Sprung Mattress?

Answer: Hello, The different is the material cover that the mattress is upholstered with. Many thanks for the question.

Can you please tell me the depth of the mattress on the small double version

Answer: Hello, All the Orchard mattresses have the same depth of 22 cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Will this mattress be suitable for a standard size double bed? Most double bed frames are 135cm wide for sleeping area, yet this mattress is 137cm. Not sure what sort of bed it will fit at that width.

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The Orchard Double will fit any of the Double Bed Frames or Divans available at Dreams.

Is this mattress a flip and turn? There are contradicting answers to this question on the FAQ.

Answer: Hi , This mattress can be flipped and turned to increase the life span of the mattress. Thank you.

Does the mattress come packaged up in a box to carry into a loft bedroom easily

Answer: , The mattress will come flat and packaged in plastic for transportation. Kind regards, Dreams

We have a Poppy 1000 and want to replace it. I can't see it any more on your website. Is this the closest equivalent?

Answer: Hello, This will be our orchard mattress. It will have 1000 pocket springs. Many thanks for the question.

Can you collect in store? If so how soon?

Answer: Hello Collection from a store is not a service we provide I'm afraid. Thank you for your question.

Hiya, Is the Hudson pocket sprung mattress suitable to go with the Wilson upholstered ottoman bed other words is it light enough? Regards Sarah

Answer: , All of our mattresses are compatible with our bedframe range. kind Regards, Dreams

The description says 1000 pocket springs, I was wondering how many there are on the 3'0 single mattress

Answer: Hello , There will be 600 pocket springs within this mattress size. Many thanks for your question.

how many pocket springs in a 4"6 divan please

Answer: Hello, There are approximately 920 pocket springs in a double mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Do you take the old mattress away on delivery of the new one

Answer: Hello, This can be done if opted in for the service through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Hello, what is the depth of the king orchard pocket sprung mattress? thanks

Answer: Hello , The King size has a depth of 22 cm. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Please could you confirm the width of this mattress?  Listed width is 137cm, however a reply from you on this thread (a year ago) stated 135cm.  My wooden slatted bed frame has space of 136.5cm (actually measured) - could a 137cm mattress be squeezed in?!

Answer: Hi , Yes a 137cm mattress is fine, the measurement is 137cm. Thank you for your question.

Will this mattress fit onto a Hopkins Fabric Upholstered Ottoman?

Answer: , Yes this mattress will be suitable for use with the Hopkins. Kind Regards, Dreams

If the king size is 1000 pocket sprung, please can you tell me what the single would be.  Thanks 

Answer: Hi , There are 600 pocket springs in the single mattress. Thank you for your question.

Do you take the old mattress away

Answer: Hi , Yes we do, at an additional cost. Prices are subject to mattress size. Thank you.

Is this mattress suitable for a bed with slats

Answer: Hello , This mattress will be suitable for a slatted base. Many thanks for the question.

What depth in cm is the orchard pocket sprung double

Answer: Hello The depth of the double is 22cm. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

What gauge are the springs please

Answer: Hello, There will be 1000 pockets springs within the mattress. Many thanks for the question.

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