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Home and Haus Lunar Memory Foam Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 18 customer reviews

Home and Haus Lunar Memory Foam Mattress

Brand: Home & Haus

4/5 - 18 Read Reviews


Small Double
King Size
Super King

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What Makes The Home and Haus Lunar Memory Foam Mattress Great

one of the worst mattresses I slept on! it was supposed to be medium /soft mattesss but it a full soft one that you can feel whenever your partner moves. If there are two people in the bed it just forms a hole in it. Trying to find a way to return it...hope I can do that...

Firmness: Medium

Medium tension mattresses are suitable, generally, for most people. Unless your BMI is substantially lower or higher than average you will not typically find a medium firmness mattress uncomfortable, Generally speaking though, if you do suffer from backpain and your BMI is average or higher, consider a firmer mattress. If you do not have backpain have have a lower BMI, consider a softer mattress.

Core Construction: Foam

When a mattresses core construction is foam that means it does not have a traditional spring system common withing the industry. Make no mistake however, reflex-foam as it is commonly dubbed, is a fine substitute that many of the big bed-in-a-box retailers have latched onto in recent years to to it's supportive feeling and non-dipping effects. Well worth consideration, tensions can vary depending on material compound.

Top Comfort Layer: Memory Foam

Memory foam is one of the more comfortable top layers in a mattress. Memory foam will give a sinking feeling of supreme comfort that moulds to your body giving a feeling of support and contouring

Hypo-allergenic: Yes

A Hypo-allergenic mattress is created using materials that have a low expectation of producing allergic reactions. Due to the wide scale of allergies that people can have, there is no guarantee of not experiencing a reaction, however, this product represents one of the best chances you'll get to not have reactions.

Top Features: Hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic mattresses fillings help relieve the symptoms of allergies and asthma by vastly reducing the number of allergens present, allergens such as bacteria, mould and dust mites.

Mattress Overall : 90cm W x 190cm L

This is the dimensions for a single mattress, the mattress is available in single, double, king size and super king size variants, just click through on the offer to choose the corresponding size you require

Mattress Overall : 120cm W x 190cm L

This is the dimensions for a small double mattress. While the mattress will be available in other sizes, the one we have here is a small double. Ideal for rooms of smaller proportions that still require a bed suitable for two people. It may get a little cramped however, we would recommend a small double for single people that like to starfish a bit rather than being realistic for two people to comfortably sleep.

Mattress Overall : 135cm W x 190cm L

This is just the bed size, measurements do have slight allowable tolerances however, so do not be surprised if you find your mattress a few CM out from the official guide above

Mattress Overall : 150cm W x 200cm L

This is the size of a king size mattress. The dimensions for this come in at 5' x 6'6" (150 x 200cm). The benefit of a King Size Mattress is that it is large enough that both you and your partner are able to spread out or starfish without issue. King size mattresses are best suited toward master bedrooms.

Mattress Overall : 180cm W x 200cm L

This is the dimensions for a super king size mattress. The largest in the range of typically available mattress sizes, this is the one to get if you have the space in your bedroom to accommodate. Sleep comfortably with your partner and starfish out barely making contact with one another for that perfect, tranquil nights sleep.

Firmness : Medium: Suits all sleep positions

A medium mattress is a great choice because it typically suits everyone to some degree. While back pain might push you toward a firmer product and a lower BMI might push you toward softer, on average, a medium mattress is both supportive and comfy enough for most people

Cover Material Composition : 100% Polyester

A common material composition for covers, sheets and toppers, polyester is a man made fiber that is very resiliant and hardwearing making it ideally suited toward products in the mattress sector whereby the life expectancy can be upward of 7 years

Hypo-allergenic : Yes

These mattresses are specifically designed for those that are prone to allergies, a hypoallergenic mattress will not necesserily guarantee you an allergy free experience, but it has the best chance of reducing the odds of complications or irritation for those commonly effected

Breathable : Yes

Breathable covers are very important to maintaining a hygenic mattress. The amount of sweat lost while sleeping varies person to person but is generally pegged at 20-200ml/hour

BS 7177:2008+A1:2011 Certified : Yes

This is the nationally recognised certification given to all products produced or imported to state that the product passes mandatory fire tests necessary for a product to be sold.

Colour : White

White in colour but you may find that inner drawers and undersides remain unpainted depending on the product, a nice modern finish to suit a nice modern room

Top Features : Hypoallergenic

If you suffer allergies you may want to consider a mattress like the above that has been specifically built to prevent and reduce allergic reactions. That is not to say there are no allergies with this product, everyone is different after all, rather, the meterials it is manufactured from are rated as unlikely to cause allergic reactions

Mattress Overall : 75cm W x 190cm L

This is the dimensions for a small single mattress. Small single mattresses are ever so slightly smaller than normal single mattresses. Only really suitable for very tight spaces where dimensions are razor tight and play a factor. Ideal for those with a smaller frame but not ideally suited where you can otherwise get a single or small double in place. Fortunately the mattress above is available in a range of different sizes that should be suitable for whatever space you require.

Mattress Thickness : 19cm

The industry standard for mattress depth is 7 inches, with most offering a comfortable 10 to 14 inches. Generally, the higher the load, the deeper it needs to be. But quality is important as a well-built 10-inch mattress can be equally as comfortable and supportive as a budget 12-inch mattress. This 7.5 inch mattress sits at the most popular section of the scale, generally the safe choice to cover a wide range of sleepers.

Core Construction : Memory Foam

Memory foam is one of the more comfortable top layers in a mattress. Memory foam will give a sinking feeling of supreme comfort that moulds to your body giving a feeling of support and contouring. developed by NASA in the 60's, it is the most popular top layer within the industry due

Mattress Construction : Core Construction: Memory Foam

Memory foam is one of the more comfortable top layers in a mattress. Memory foam will give a sinking feeling of supreme comfort that moulds to your body giving a feeling of support and contouring. developed by NASA in the 60's, it is the most popular top layer within the industry due.

Filling Material Composition : 80% Spring, 10% Memory foam and 10% Polyester

Mattress Construction: Core Construction: Memory Foam

The core is memory foam. It helps regulate body temperature, in lower temperatures, it is firmer and in higher temperatures, it is softer. The foam moulds to every curve absorbing excess movement and easing pressure points. It is suitable for all sleeping positions and will help to relieve the symptoms of allergies and asthma.

Handmade and hand tufted

Item is assembled

Customer Reviews For The Home and Haus Lunar Memory Foam Mattress

Based on 18 review

Great value mattress. Bought for my 3 year old daughter and she slept great on it!


Brought for my son, great quality mattress for a great price. Very happy


lovely squashy mattress. Material feels a little cheap. Time will tell!


Bought it for my son, he says its great to sleep on, very comfortable


Excellent mattress, my teenage son loves it & finds it so comfy.


Excellent quality mattress very comfortable. Fast delivery.


Excellent quality great price and super fast delivery


Great mattress really comfortable and soft


Amazing item very comfortable


Very comfortable came early


Good quality very happy


Great value for money


sooo comfortable :)




poor quality


Great stuff


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