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Holman Pocket Sprung Mattress

Holman Pocket Sprung Mattress

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Becky's Thoughts On The Holman Pocket Sprung Mattress

The Holman Pocket Sprung Mattress is an upgrade on one of our previous top-rated mattresses known as the Insignia Ashdown mattress. Fabled for it's great price relative to components, this is one of the better performers in the new line-up from The Dreams Workshop which is one of Dreams internal brands that produces for the company.

What's really encouraging to see in the industry is this drive toward good-quality pocket sprung mattresses, I'm finding less and less need to reference open coil and poor reflex foam components as more and more retailers move toward better quality spring systems. This Holman Pocket Sprung mattress is no different, offering up a healthy 1600+ pocket springs in a king size and more than enough for your body to contour against, giving you the great nights sleep that you need. 

This Holman Pocket Sprung Mattress is also double sided which is great to see from such a low price point. Effectively you get twice the surface area of support by ensuring that the top layer is featured on both sides of the mattress. It might sound redundant but it means that you can actually flip the mattress as well as rotate, ensuring the mattress has increased longevity while ensuring better settlement. 

Onto the fillings themselves and it looks like there is a plentiful amount included, I was unable to get actual GSM measurements but from a brief flurry in the showroom, it seems to have a  soft cover and noticeably deep fillings, both ideal for those looking to pair the support of the pocket spring system with a good comfort layer.

In all, a lot of specification for the money, I really like it.


What Makes The Holman Pocket Sprung Mattress Great?

Comfort Grade - Firm

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

1600 pocket springs (King)

Anything over 1500 pocket springs in a mattress is going to offer enhanced roll together protection and ensure that every part of your body is sufficiently supported. The 2800 quoted here might be a little overkill for most peoples needs but it's certainly very nice to have

Double sided with deep layers of luxurious fillings

The benefit of a double sided mattress is that you can both flip and rotate the mattress. This means that settlement of springs and fillings occurs preventing any sort of dipping or discomfort. By being double sided you have the benefit of extended lifespan, representing great value

About The Dreams Workshop

The Dreams Workshop has been hard at work since 2003 and is a long established production arm of the ever-popular Dreams Beds retailer. Each mattress created under this brand is hand-crafted to perfection by the master craftsmen inside their factory in Oldbury. 

Tufted mattress with soft touch cover

Hand Tufting is a labor intensive process that involves securing the fittings to a mattress rather than having them operate independently and loose within. This small act not only secures, but also leads to the mattress lasting longer and feeling firmer. A hand-tufted mattress is great for anyone looking for additional stability while they sleep.

Deep layers of luxurious fillings

The fillings are part of the comfort layer, this sits above the support layer. The deeper the fillings, the more separation between you and the springs/foam that sits below. 

Double sided - Turn regularly and rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

A double sided mattress has the comfort layer on both sides with the support layer sandwiched in the middle. This setup allows you to both flip and rotate the mattress allowing you to benefit from twice the surface area of comfort, improve settlement of fillings and increase the longevity of the sleep area on the mattress. All great things.

Customer Reviews For The Holman Pocket Sprung Mattress

Based on 503 review

Firm enough, price really jumps up and down. Happy

Had this for 3.5 weeks now. Was deciding between this one and the insignia bedgeberry as I wanted a very firm supportive mattress. this is certainly firm enough and I find it very comfortable. Id say the only downside is when you sit on the side of the bed i.e. Putting socks on in the morning - it sinks quite a lot. So if you only tested the bed by sitting on it you'd think it was a soft flimsy mattress. However, it's not - lying on it it's super supportive and feels pretty firm. so far so good have only slept on it by myself (king size) so can't say if noisy or bouncy with another person. Also it was up for £699 in store but the day after I bought it, the price dropped to £569 so I spoke to dreams and they promptly refunded the difference. Don't be pressured to buy coz of the "deal" there's always a deal on! It's currently up at £1399, so the price really does go up and down. Worth the buy so far 100x better than my last memory foam mattress and seems to be helping my low back issue. It does have deep pockets by the way but that doesn't bother me, some may find it annoying. I love it so far just hope it lasts and doesn't indent!


Best mattress EVER!

This mattress has changed my life. I've gone from tossing and turning, getting hot and cold and having to get up 3 or 4 times a night to basically waking up in the same position as I went to sleep in! It's natural fibres allow me to stay the perfect temperature for me. I suffer from chemical allergies so buying a mattress was a worry for me but I've had no reactions at all. Once I'd aired it for just an afternoon, it was good to sleep on. No noticeable chemical odours. It was an investment but one that I'm so happy I made! The customer service at the store was brilliant. I was helped by Russell in the Dundee store. He was informative and kind and extremely patient!!! He literally helped me choose the mattress of my 'dreams'!


Great Service

I ordered a mattress on line after putting in my sleeping position and getting a recommendation of type. I ordered the mattress and I have to say that Dreams have been excellent through the whole process. I booked my preferred delivery date and have been kept informed at every step, even down to being notified of a two hour window. On the day within the allotted time, the delivery guys contacted me to let me know they were 20 minutes away. When they arrived they checked where it was going, covered their shoes and delivered to the room of my choice. No fuss, no hassle, no stress. Great service Dreams. Having now slept on my mattress for a couple of months I am having the best sleep ever. Thanks and well done Dreams!


Recent purchase of a Holman Pocket Sprung Mattress

The mattress replaces a previous Dreams mattress which served me for eight years satisfactorily. It arrived as planned and friends have placed the new mattress in the first floor bedroom and will remove the old mattress to the Chichester waste disposal centre today, I am eighty-one years old, single and live alone. I have some back trouble and I chose the firm texture. I have now become accustomed to the level profile of the bed and it is proving comfortable and I have been getting a good night's sleep. I live in West Sussex in the Bognor/Chichester area. I did get offered an advantageous purchase price with a good reduction on the basic price when I ordered the item prior to Xmas. Clive P. Willoughby.


Amazing dont read bad reviews

Bought this mattress in store.i have been sleeping on it one week and wow. the best matress I have ever slept on. I was told by the store it takes 30 days to adjust and expect a little pain whilst getting used to it..I have had the opposite I have joint issues and back issues.. I for once wake up without pain and spring out of bed like an 18 year old. No more stiff legs walking down the stairs in the morning.. no hip pain or back pain and no tossing at night..no nothing .just an amazing night's sleep everynight.I recommend this mattress evin at this high price well worth the money .


Good for the back!!

Have had this bed for a few weeks now & can thoroughly recommend this bed for comfort & in my case, back pain. This was a replacement for a memory foam bed which was a bad buy for me as it didn’t give me the support I need. This mattress is so comfortable & quite thick which lets me step out if bed rather than having to pull myself up as I did with the thinner memory foam. This is the most I’ve spent on a mattress but was money well spent as it has certainly improved the back pain I have experienced over the past years which clearly proves is the right mattress for me


Instant relief

Having had my previous mattress longer than we are advised and it being classed as 'soft', I was surprised to be recommended a 'firm to very firm' replacement. However I needn't have worried, from the first night, I have slept better, felt completely comfortable and not awoken with the usual aches and pains that would result from even a short night on my previous mattress. Even though this new mattress is much firmer than the saggy old one it replaces, I had no problem adjusting to the change. I am very happy with this new mattress.


Amazing support

I never thought I would find a mattress to match the comfort of mine but after a fire at home I reluctantly had to get one, I now have the most comfortable and supported mattress ever, I have never slept better from the very first night I no longer woke with aches or headaches, I can't believe what a difference this mattress has made to my sleep, as a side sleeper it supports me in all the right places and I wish I had gotten it sooner, I highly recommend this mattress to anyone needing a perfect night's sleep x


Hotel Mattress

After making do for a long time, we finally decide a new mattress was long overdue. I have cervical stenosis and a prolapsed disc so was hesitant. We used the in-store mattress tool which picks the best mattress type for you and we bought what it recommended. The mattress is firm, supportive and feels like we're at a hotel it is so comfortable. The sides are firm so it doesn't feel like you might roll off which was my concern. Thoroughly recommend.


Comfortable mattress

Dreams spent time to check our requirements and we used the in store “machine” to check our requirements. We were then shown several mattresses suggested to us. They were a range if types and prices. We were left alone (with a drink) to try each one as many times as we wished. I have a spinal issue and this one seemed perfect. So far it. Has proved to be very comfortable. Also, the fussiest person in our house, the cat has slept on it from the start.


Exactly as I hoped for

After years sleeping on a medium firmness mattress and experiencing lower back pain, I decided to switch to a better quality firm mattress in the hope of improved posture and less stress on my back. This mattress is perfect, it’s high quality and the ‘firm’ variant is firm but not to a point where it’s like sleeping on a plank. My back pain was homeboy within two weeks, wish I had changed sooner. I also got this on sale which was a massive plus.


Holman Pocket Sprung Mattress

Oh well, what can I say? Definitely no faults so far, I hope this continues to give me the same comfort and awesomeness that I have been enjoying since day one from delivery. My five-year-old has not left my Bedroom, because she too, has noticed that it is a brand new, new feel, more sophisticated Holman Pocket Sprung Mattress. Definitely a recommendation for Family and Friends and other prospective customers. Thank you Dreams Team!


Perfect comfort and support

Took me a while to settle on the mattress with trying at least 5 others but really glad I settled on this one. It offers tons of support for my back after an injury and it super comfy at the same time, can’t fault a mattress that helps my back heal. All in all I’m very very happy with it and would thou rally recommend to anyone that needs or likes a firm matters. It had a soft covering in top which adds to the comfort level.


Great so far, sleeping/waking feeling much better

Great so far, firm but top has just enough give and soft and breathable so having a comfortable nights sleep and waking without any more back pain from previous foam mattress, this will need turning very 2 weeks and does need to be turned over once a month too which should rest mattress in the more used areas so hopefully will last longer than other (mainly foam) mattresses that can't be turned over



Please Guys out there go and purchase your mattress from any Dream store you will never regret it, I have been having serious pain on my back and under my abdomen but after getting advised for what I needed being sleeping like a baby so comfortable no back pain no abdominal pain ever please see them in Dreams and purchase your mattress I have been using my mouth for friends since I got it beautiful


So comfy

I bought this a month ago and was worried as to wether it would be as comfortable as my old mattress but it has exceeded my expectations. It’s firm but not hard just giving the right support for my back. I wake up feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep. I wanted a mattress that I could turn over rather than rotate which this one does and it’s not heavy to move like most of them are nowadays.


No more grumpy morning arguments

Amazing nights sleep, after a week of use the pain in my and my partners back, has greatly improved. The support this mattress offers is perfect and I highly recommend saving there sleep testing machine to find your prefect mattress too No more waking up in the morning and snapping at each other. This mattress has saved our relationship and from one of us doing time. LoL


Very comfortable

This mattress seemed a little too firm at first but after a few days became the perfect product. I've been sleeping so comfortably since getting this mattress, very please thus far. It does however seem like it definitely needs the weekly rotations in the beginning as it already appears to be settling in the places my spouse and I sleep, hopefully rotating does the trick.


Great Mattress and great service

I love this mattress. It was my third attempt at buying a mattress after the first 2 left me with more back pain. I decided to go and see what dreams had to offer and they were super helpful, knowledgeable and patient whilst I made my mind up. I left confident this new mattress was the one. I'm I'm glad to say I was right! It's so comfortable I'm really happy with it :)


Great nights sleep!

I took delivery of my new mattress a few weeks ago, I’d bought a cheap one previously to get by but my back flared up again. The Insignia Ashdown has been a joy, my back has now recovered and I’m back to a restful nights sleep. Staff were really helpful in Dudley store and the 50 Percent Bank holiday offer helped to. Delivery guys were great in and out with no fuss.


Great comfy mattress

We were in need of a new mattress quickly before our new baby arrived. Delivery of the mattress was brill and the staff in the store were very helpful. Can’t fault the mattress, we went for firm as I need support for my back. Very happy with the quality and although we now only get about 2 hours a night sleep because of our new arrival, this mattress is perfect.


Mattress and customer service

Great firm mattress. I’ve just swapped from a ‘mattress in a box’ to this as I found the foam based mattresses way too hot (I hadn’t realised I was a hot sleeper). I live by myself and can just about manage to flip and rotate this by myself. Dreams were great too, great service on the phone ordering, delivery drivers were lovely, had been great all round really


Dream of a bed from Dreams

A wonderful sleeping experience. Haven't slept so well in years. The mattress seems to move with the contours of the body for a perfect nights sleep. Got this item in the sale, absolutely perfect. The delivery staff were fantastic, no complaints hauling a heavy mattress up two flights of stairs. Unwrapped the mattress and took away all the waste. First rate.


Delighted with Holman Pocket Sprung

Item is beautifully made and superbly comfortable. So pleased with it - sleeping better since switched to this mattress. Whilst this is a 'Firm' mattress, I judge it to be 'lower end of firm'; very pleasant if you're slim/bony but just a bit too soft for front-sleeping. Dreams ordering/delivery v efficient and delivery guys were very polite/friendly/punctual.


Superior mattress

I suffer with arthritis in the spine and other joints,. Dreams recommended this off their bed analysis. I have to say it is absolutely lovely. I've had it now approx 2-3 week's and the pain during the night and especially the morning has lessen significantly . It is such a far superior mattress and much better than the memory foams I've had in the past.


Holman mattress

Fabulously comfortable, well padded top, deep mattress. My sleep has improved since it's delivery. But I did expect a slightly firmer edge all around, hence only four stars. Delivery was very efficient and two polite men who took their shoes off before going upstairs with it very helpfully took the plastic packaging away with them, thank you.


So comfortable!!!

We had previously purchased a memory foam mattress (from a very well known brand) due to all the brilliant reviews. I absolutely hated it and struggled to get a decent night's sleep. After having this mattress for around 3 weeks, the difference in unbelievable. I am sleeping so much better and it really is extremely comfortable. Thank you!


My mattress

We have only recently received our mattress and first impression is very good. It is firm, as we like, and comfortable to sleep on. When you turn or move the bed always seems to support you and you don’t feel each other move thereby not disturbing you. I would recommend this mattress and look forward to seeing if it continues in this manner.


Fantastic all round

I bought this bed one week ago and we love it already. It finishes off our bedroom fantastically and the storage is great! The design is brilliant and it is a very sturdy bed. One thing I will say is once it is built it is very hard to move due to the weight of the bed but with a storage bed that is what you want to know it can hold plenty.


I love it!

We had our old matres for 10 years and we decided to get a new one. Went to Dreams in Oldham and tried a few different ones. When we lied down on this one we knew straight away that this was what we came for. It was great and we liked it even more than some of the more expensive ones. 2 weeks later I still love it. It's super comfortable.


Good Night's Sleep

I recently bought a 5 ft Insignia Ashdown Pocket Sprung Mattress from Dreams. This mattress is thick, comfortable and firm and was recommended for my sleeping position. Dreams got it soooo right. I used to wake up with back ache but since purchasing my new mattress I have slept well from the very first night and no back ache.


Sleep time is a joy!

The day this mattress was delivered was the best nights sleep we had in a very long time. We were recommended a firm mattress for our aches and pains and glad we took the sound advice. There’s no roll together and the mattress stays firm right to the very edge. We also got it for a great price so all in all very happy!


Fantastic night sleep

From the moment I stepped into the dreams showroom in Leicester and I have been pleasantly surprised. The customer service I received and the delivery were second to none. When it comes to the bed and pillows they are exactly what I wished for. Highly recommend the Leicester branch (near stadium) and Dreams products.


Very comfortable mattress

Having suffered backache from my previous memory foam topped mattress, I was nervous about spending money on a new mattress in case it turned out to be no better. However having used the Ashdown mattress for 3 weeks now, I am very happy with it and it gives the right amount of support. No more memory foam for me!


New mattress

I had to change my other mattress as it was to firm so I had to have this one or forfeit my money which I think is very very bad ,so I had this one that was more money,its ok and I now have to put up with it,also its a bit lower than I'm used to, but I would say that this mattress is more on the firm than soft .


Perfect for both of us.

We tried dreams bed test which recommended mattresses that would suit both our needs based on our issues, sleeping positions and weight. This mattress was the second on the list and amazing value in sale as well. Had it 3 weeks and best sleeps I've had for years. We don't disturb each other when we roll either.


Fantastic and value for money

Absolutely love this mattress. We had a memory foam mattress previously which we were sure was contributing to our bad backs - so we decided to go for a firmer mattress and this one is amazing, and at a great price too. Best nights sleep we've had for years and our backs have improved already. Highly recommend.


So comfortable

I bought this mattress a few months ago being a fibromyalgia sufferer a good mattress is extremely important. This is a firm mattress providing a good level of support but is also not too hard. It provides me with the best nights sleep possible. I'd highly recommend this mattress hence the 5 star rating


My new friend!

Only a few weeks into my relationship with this mattress, but already I can say I haven’t slept so well in a long time. It is my ideal level of firmness, and appears to be very well constructed. I will carefully follow the turning/flipping recommendations to ensure that it remains in good condition.


Brilliant mattress - great sleep

This is an excellent mattress. I am absolutely delighted with my purchase and when bought in the sale is brilliant value for money. It’s a firm pocket sprung mattress which is exactly what suits me. This didn’t not disappoint and was a great replacement. Great nights sleep… would highly recommend.


Great mattress!

Fantastic mattress. I was looking for something nice and firm as I have got back problems and bad posture sleeping during the night would kill my entire upcoming day. As soon as started sleeping on this one my sleep and rest immediately got better and no more pain as well! Can't be more happier!


Beautifully supporyed

Wonderfully supportive for my bad back. Feel can relax completely and am supported. Equally it is a good high mattress and the edges are firmer than other mattresses I tried - which all helps when my back is bad. The natural fibres prevent it getting too hot too. Lovely comfortable sleep.


Fantastically firm yet comfy

I recieced the mattress almost 1 month ago and have found it to be extremely comfortable and yet firm so very supportive for my back. I had previously experienced months of interrupted sleep but not since taking delivery of this mattress. Extremely competitively priced and worth every penny.


Comfort at last

Bought this recently and very happy with the comfort and quality. Nearly didnt buy it because it wasnt cheap but now very pleased that we did. After seeing a TV program showing the difference between qualities of mattresses, we can appreciate the work that goes in to producing this product.


Holman pocket sprung mattress

My daughter loves her mattress very much. A really Good mattress. Feels soft when you sit on it at first but once you lay down it is very firm, comfortable and luxurious . Double mattress fit seems smaller when compared to another double mattress I have. Definitely worth the sale price!!!


Great product.

I bought this about a month ago and I have been very happy with this product. We chose a firm one and it is just the right firmness for us, not too stiff. It feels cool at night and I have not waken up at night because of the mattress feels too hot. Overall, I find the quality very good.


Holman Pocket Sprung Mattress

Bought this to replace our 8yo mattress which had started to sag. Excellent choice. It gives really good support and have a good night's sleep. Having to flip it weekly isn't really a bind as literally takes a minute. I would recommend this mattress to those that like a firm one.


Holman mattress king size

A good mattress bought when on offer and so a fair price at the offer rate. It’s firm but with some give. Ideally for me it would be just a touch softer so I would suggest Dreams made a medium / firm version of the mattress to get 5 stars. Good for sitting up a reading in bed.


Fantastic Mattress

I have had this mattress for just over three weeks and quite frankly, I have never slept better. Im a usual toss-and-turner and always attributed that to just the way i sleep, but since ive been sleeping on the Insignia, i tend to sleep all night and in the same postition.


Lovely Mattress and Quality Service

Lovely firm mattress, I have had this for just over 3 weeks and a comfortable mattress and supportive. Quick delivery and great instore help and advice when choosing before I ordered online at home. Delivery was easy, called before they arrived and very polite and helpful.


Insignia Ashdown Pocket Sprung Mattress - Medium F

Had this for nearly 2 months for myself and my 6"4 20+ stone boyfriend Has kept shape and support and really helps us both with.anh joint pains from previous mattresses Very fairly priced for the quality and quantity of springs Delivery service fantastic and friendly


Excellent mattress

We both like a firm mattress and this is so comfortable, was worried it was too cheap and wouldn't be that comfortable but literally feel like you are floating on this mattress. Excellent night's sleep and no more lower back pain, very pleased and would highly recommend!


Beyond my every Dream

John at Aylesbury Store was excellent gave loads of information re the beds which was good as we were in lockdown and couldn't go in store. The bed arrived on time and day given drivers very helpful. The bed mattress very good quality the bed frame fitted together well


Fantastic all round

We love the bed and the mattress it finished the room of nicely and we get a fantastic night sleep no more tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. The bed itself it's extremely heavy so make sure you have it in its permanent place before putting the mattress on.


Best nights sleep in ages

So pleased i bought this mattress. After a year of trying to sleep on a well known brand of memory foam i bit the bullet and gave up. Went to dreams and purchased this one which was a good price and have had the best nights sleep every night since. Thank you Dreams


Nice Firm Mattress

A very firm mattress, ideal for back sleeping, very supportive and comfortable. As a very hot sleeper I rate this highly for those after something to stay cool on. The only con is the classic button pinned surface that you avoid when getting something foam topped.


Excellent quality!

This is our 2nd mattress from Dreams and the quality of this mattress is brilliant! It’s very good, high end quality and definitely worth the money. The only reason I didn’t give a full 5* was the mattress is slightly firmer than I remember it being in the shop.



I’m really fussy when it comes to my mattress. I’m not a great sleeper as I suffer from insomnia but this is by far the best and most comfortable, firm mattress. I can’t endorse this mattress enough. It offers incredible support without any loss of comfort.


Really comfortable but could we a bit more firm

This is the first ever mattress I've bought. I really like it, it's really comfortable. Sometimes when you sit on the edge, it goes down a bit more than I would like. I prefer firm mattresses, so that could just be my preference bias. All in all, good mattress.


A great sleep = a quality pocket sprung mattress

Finally back to getting a great night sleep every night - tried a foam based mattress when re replaced our old pocket sprung a few months back, but that was a disaster, the Dreams sleep test machine thingy put the Holman on our short list, and it is a winner!


Best mattress ive tried

I have back problems and this deep mattress is an absolute dream. its firm but not hard. i was begining to think my body wasnt suited to lying on my back as it was painful until i got this mattress. i can naturally sleep extremely comfortable on my back now


Excellent product and value for money.

Excellent value for money, extremely comfortable for people who love a Firm Bed. Many good nights sleep, excellent customer service and delivery prompt with the team being professional and courteous. All COVID distancing measures taken into consideration.


Fantastic mattress

Have had this mattress about 3 weeks now and absolutely love it. So comfortable. Have had the best sleep every night. Shop experience was great too. Staff were so helpful and knowledgable. Really helped with making our choice. Cannot rate it enough.


Great matress

I bought this 1 month ago as my need for a new mattress was long overdue. I am really pleased with it. I find it extremely comfortable and I have not woken with back pain like I used to. I have slept very well since using it so can't really ask for more.


Couldn't be better

A great mattress. Really comfortable. Took a couple of nights to get used to it. But I have sciatica and its really helped with that. We've only had it for a couple of weeks so I can't attest to quality over time, but so far we are really happy with it.


Holmans pocket sprung mattress 10 out of 10

We were looking for a new bed and mattress and having tried a few we found this one and now have at home it's doing exactly what we want comfy had a quality night sleep since aquiring this mattress love it and payinh that little extra was worth it


A proper mattress can change your life

After 20+ years of sleeping on cheap mattresses, I'm so pleased I purchased a proper one! The change in my sleep patterns has been amazing! I can finally sleep through the night, uninterrupted! With proper sleep, I am less stressed at work.


What a brilliant nights sleep

This new mattress is brilliant. The use of the shops computer aided bed that gave us a list of mattresses that were comparable for us was a greta help. Never used it before. The sales person was excellent and the prices was very competitive.


Very comfortable and a massive step up!

After 10 years with our old mattress it had certainly seen better days. This mattress has surpassed our expectations of comfort and going to bed at night is something to look forward to. I wake up without the same backaches I was used to.


Really comfortable

I bought this mattress a month ago after having my last one for 8 years and was really worried that it was going to take ages to get used to it - not the case it was really comfortable straight away and I haven’t missed a nights sleep.


Perfectly comfortable

Throughly love our new mattress! If you are a “hot” sleeper this mattress has to be considered. Firm mattress I now hardly even notice when my boyfriend gets up for his 4am wee and th mattress doesn’t ping me out!! Haha! Great buy!


Perfect product perfect service

I bought this mattress to aid a bad back and i have not been disappointed. An excellent purchase which was made with the expert advice of Dreams staff. I would not hesitate to recommend this mattress or the amazing Dreams service!!!


Best Mattress Ever

This is a really comfortable mattress at a brilliant price. Slept better from day one. After a mistake from a competitor I was very wary but after great assistance I got exactly the right mattress for me. Thank you so very much.


Dreams are made in this store

Great store, well laid out. Store had plenty of hand sanitizer at different points. Store assistant spoke to us then left us to browse. We tried different beds which would be sanitized after trailing. Recommend 'Dreams' to anyone.


Very supportive

Great amount of springs makes it very supportive. Difficult to turn on your own as it weighs a lot, but after the first month, you don't have to turn it as often. Really comfortable and have slept much better ever since it arrived.



I love this mattress, right from the 1st night - perfectly comfortable! I have always enjoyed a firmer mattress but have slept on some that are rock hard. This one is the perfect combination of cosy comfort with a firm support :)


Great mattress

From the shop to delivery our experience was excellent, we were helped to chose the perfect mattress for us and we have been sleeping on it now for two weeks and I can honestly say it’s the best nights sleep I have ever had.


Mattress for our spare room

We bought this mattress for our spare bedroom which we only use when our daughters visit us. It seems a comfortable mattress when we tried it in the store but can’t comment on what it’s like for spending a nights sleep on


Good night sleep

This mattress is amazing. When we had our old mattress we had constant back pain! This one is like you are sleeping on a cloud. You should definitely have a think to purchase this particular one. The price is worth it.



The shop assistant was really helpful, she let me try out different mattresses as I was looking for a firm one and that’s just what this mattress is I have slept wonderfully. Worth every penny for a good nights sleep


So comfortable

I've had this mattress for nearly a week and I can honestly say it is so comfortable and my back doesn't hurt anymore, I also bought the Tempur pillow and my neck feels fine now really happy with our purchase so far.


Comfy firm mattress

Very pleased with our new mattress. It's firm but not too hard for me, however it is too hard for my husband so I bought a topper and now it's just right for both of us, comfy but with enough support for my bad back.


Great Mattress

Great mattress - no memory foam, which we like - pocket springs mean we do not disturb each other in the night - very comfortable - improved our quality of sleep :-) Bought in the sale so the value was excellent!


Fixing my back

I’ve had this mattress a few weeks now. After the first night sleep I was worried I had chosen wrong as it was a lot firmer than I was used too, but now it’s super comfy, really helping with my lower back problems.


So good we bought a second one!

We bought this mattress for the bed in our spare room, and once our visitors had left decided to try it out for ourselves. We slept so well we decided to get one for our own bed. Really comfy, so pleased with it.


Best sleep in years.

Best nights sleep in years. Excellent, cost a bit more than I wanted to pay for a mattress but it was on offer and Im very pleased I did. Excellent mattress 'Dreams hollman' king size. Waking refreshed and rested.


Great quality mattress

Had this for a few weeks now and don't have a single complaint (other than we cant stay in bed longer!). Mattress is firm but comfortable, the cover is good quality material and the handles make it easy to rotate.


Great feature Soft foam

I bought this on the 7/8/18 since then l sleep like a Baby and also wake up sound,without having any pain that l usually had in the mornings.Thanks to Emmanuel for his recommendation that made me go for this foam.


My new mattress

Very happy with my new mattress. Just as described. Delivery was spot on as promised including a call when on the way. Delivery men very helpful and nice. Very happy with the service. Would definitely recommend x


New mattress. New levels of sleep

3 weeks in now and so very glad I decided to choose this mattress.. Firm but supporting. I don't get dead arms anymore from pressure points. If you like a firm mattress, get this. You will not be disappointed...


Comfortable already!

Very pleased. Big decision to change....and to pay so much....for a new mattress. We knew we needed to but ...which one? The test facility in the showroom helped us a lot and we know we made the right choice.


The best

Brought this as I have a double exactly the same. The best matress for comfort and best night sleep ever. I need to get another for my last bed. Even guests can't believe what a good night's sleep they have.


Extremely comfortable

Owned the mattress for almost a month now and me and my wife have already noticed a huge improvement in our sleep and also no longer have aching backs when we wake up. Extremely comfortable & great quality.


Excellent nights sleep

Bought this mattress about a month ago, when it arrived l did worry about the fleece buttons and the dimpling, l need not of worried, so comfy and warm, hip ache gone and a good night's sleep every night.


Mattress insignia ashdown

I brought this item the end of last month I would not change it get a good night sleep since I got it my husband got up with a sore back since I got the mattress I have not heard him complain of his back


Very comfortable

The mattress is quite firm but really comfortable, and the delivery from Dreams was great, with lots of updates and clear communication. Would definitively recommend as long as you like firm mattresses.


Sleeping Well

one of the most comfortable mattresses I think i’ve ever slept on. Every night is a sleeping night. every night since having this mattress I’ve slept like a log. you don’t feel you other half move at all


Perfect sleep

We were well overdue to get a new bed so off we went to Dreams in Redditch. What a fabulous experience then and now we have our bed we are getting the best night’s sleep in years. Can’t recommend enough!


Great comfort!

The best bed and mattress! Very sturdy bed frame and practical due to its storage. The mattress is exceptional, very comfortable and it feels luxurious. I would buy again the same for the second bedroom.



Delivery was punctual and professional and mattress was a massive improvement on our old one. Is very firm (which we like) and great that you can’t notice the movement of the other person alongside you.

Questions and Answers About Holman Pocket Sprung Mattress

does the halman k mattress get hot

Answer: , Whilst none of our mattresses are designed to make you hot during the night, the Holman does not contain any specific cooling properties. If you find you often get warm at night, then our specialist TheraPur cooling mattress range or our naturally filled mattresses might be a better option for you. Kind regards Dreams

Are the mattress and the divan base the same colour/fabric?  It doesn’t look like it in the picture.  I would like the mattress and the base to match.

Answer: , Thank you for submitting your question. Divan base and mattress is not the same colour/fabric, however can be matched by exploring our divan base ranges separately. Kind Regards, Giedre

Hello. I understand these beds are made in Germany and shipped to you in the UK. We live in Austria, is it possible to order from you and arrange for the divan bed to be a shipped to us here in Austria? If so, what would be the cost please. Thanks

Answer: Hello, I'm sorry but our divan beds are made here in the UK. If you contact our telesales team on 0800 652 5090, they can help with arranging this for you. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What are the dimensions for your king size mattress? Website states width is 36inches which is not 5 feet.

Answer: , I apologise for this error, our website has now been updated. The correct measurements are: A - Height26 cm/10 inch B - Length200 cm/79 inch C - Width150 cm/60 inch Many thanks Dreams

Bought this mattress nearly a year ago and very satisfied with it. I rotate this mattress as prescribed. However, does it need to be flipped as well? I have not done so.

Answer: , Yes, we recommend that this mattress is turned as regularly as it is rotated - once a week for the first 3 months after purchasing and then once a month thereafter. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, the website says the double mattress size is 190 x 90 the same as small double? Can you confirm the 4,6 double size is 190 x135 ? Thank you 

Answer: , I am sorry for this error, the website has now been updated. The measurements are: A - Height26 cm/10 inch B - Length190 cm/75 inch C - Width137 cm/54 inch Many thanks Dreams

will you take my old mattress away

Answer: , Yes, we offer a recycling service wherein Dreams can take away your old mattress. You can purchase this service at the checkout. Kind regards Dreams

Does the Insignia Ashdown comply with Crib 5 regs and will it be OK for a wooden slatted bed?

Answer: , This mattress does not comply with crib 5 regulations. The mattress is suitable for use with a wooden slatted base. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the weight limit of the mattress? Overweight couple looking to buy a new mattress.

Answer: , There is no defined weight limit but the supplier recommends 318kg (Approx 50st) once distributed evenly. Many thanks Dreams

How much does a superking mattress weigh please?

Answer: , Thank you for getting in touch with your question. This super king mattress weighs 53 kgs. Kind regards, Dreams.

What materials is the filling made of and the cover?

Answer: , The filling it made from natural recycled cotton fibres, the cover is made from polyester. Many thanks Dreams

Have you a base to go with the ash down double ?

Answer: Hi , Yes we do, it is the classic divan base. You can search for this in the search bar. Thank you for your question.

Is this orthopaedic mattress  

Answer: , This mattress is not classed as an orthopaedic mattress and is tested as firm. Many thanks Dreams

1628 or 1961 which is the correct amount of pocket sprung in the king size please

Answer: , The King size contains 1628 springs, it is the Super king that contains 1961. Many thanks Dreams

can my old mattress be taken away

Answer: Hello, Yes we offer a recycling service for a small fee. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi. Can anyone tell me if this mattress is double-sided? Thanks

Answer: Hi , Yes, this mattress is double sided. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Is there side support on this mattress? Is it hypoallergenic?

Answer: , There is no side support, and it is not hypoallergenic. Kind regards, Dreams.

Is this matress in 40 night comfort guarante?

Answer: , This mattress is included in our 40 night comfort guarantee. Many thanks Dreams

How deep is this mattress. Im interested in 5'0 king but not sure what depth of fitted sheet to buy for it. Thank you! 

Answer: Hi , This mattress is 27cm deep. We hope this helps you and thank you for your question.

Hi  I would like to order a mattress but could you plese keep it in your store for about a month. I am moving to my new house and I need you to keep it till then. Many thanks

Answer: Hi , The store do not hold stock as they are show rooms. Many thanks for your question.

Are the sides of the Jacobs machine or hand stitched?

Answer: , The sides on the Jacobs mattress are hand stitched. Many thanks Dreams

How many pocket springs are in the double please?

Answer: , There are 1400 pocket springs in the double size. Kind regards Dreams

Is it okay to put this mattress on a sprung divan base

Answer: Hi , It is ok to put this mattress on a sprung divan base. Kind Regards, Giedre

How much does a Kingsized Insignia Ashdown mattress weigh please? 

Answer: Hi , This mattress is 36kg. Thank you for your question.

How many pocket springs for a double mattress. You say 1600 for a king size but how many for a 4.6" Thank you

Answer: Hello , This will be 1368. Many thanks for the question.

Can you tell me how much a memory foam or 1000 pocket sprung mattress weighs approx

Answer: Hello, This will be 34KG. Many thanks for the question.

Is this item Latex free?

Answer: Hi, Yes this is. Thank you for your question.

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