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Harris Traditional Spring Mattress

Harris Traditional Spring Mattress

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Becky's Thoughts On The Harris Traditional Spring Mattress

The Harris Traditional Spring Mattress is ideal for those looking for a firm yet comfortable luxury mattress with a low budget. Produced as part of The Dreams Workshop collection, an internal brand sold exclusively through Dreams, this is one of the bestselling in the range and one that has some of the highest reviews across the industry, scoring an impressive 92% in the happiness index with over 2000 reviews to date.

This is one of the better selling mattresses in the range due to it’s expert craftsmanship and great value components. It’s important to remember that a firm mattress does not correlate to comfort. The comfort layer in this mattress comes in the form of soft fillings, of which there is a generous amount padded to work alongside the support layer for a great culmination of comfort and support.

These fillings are both deep and luxurious while providing a degree of breathability which will help ensure that you do not get too hot or cold while you sleep, important for hygiene but also critical to getting good REM sleep.

The firm rating offered through the support layer of the mattress means that you will get an adequate amount of tension proving ideal for back sleepers and front sleepers alike. Those who sleep on their side may want to consider a medium tension mattress unless they are of a higher BMI or equally just prefer the feeling of a firm supportive mattress.

Reviewers are very positive with many commenting favourably on the huge amount of value relative to such a reasonable price point. Others comment on the firmness and how it has proven to give a greater nights sleep toward those with back and neck pain. The only complaints we could find were around spring failure, causing springs to become improperly positioned and becoming uncomfortable. Fortunately this is a rare occurrence and is not reflective of the many thousands of positive reviews.

The Harris Traditional Spring Mattress is handmade within the UK and is part of the Dreams Workshop brand, replacing one of the most popular mattresses of the last decade, the Ashton Open Spring Mattress.


What Makes The Harris Traditional Spring Mattress Great?

Comfort Grade - Firm

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Comfort Grade - Medium

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Traditional open spring mattress

This is the most common type of mattress and consists of an inter-connected spring system. You will often find this sort of specification on cheaper mattresses where pocket sprung would have often been the preferable choice for a consumer. That said, it offers great value and support, well worth it if you are on a budget

Quality soft-touch damask cover

Soft touch covers are commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

About The Dreams Workshop

The Dreams Workshop has been hard at work since 2003 and is a long established production arm of the ever-popular Dreams Beds retailer. Each mattress created under this brand is hand-crafted to perfection by the master craftsmen inside their factory in Oldbury. 

Single sided - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

A single sided mattress is typical for the industry and relates to how  a mattress has the comfort layer on one side of the mattress. only This means that the mattress only needs to be rotated rather than flipped. The benefit of single sided mattresses is that they require less upkeep in that there's no flipping, but also, there's less components involved in the creation which saves costs.

Customer Reviews For The Harris Traditional Spring Mattress

Based on 1332 review

Much needed

After having a number of back problems people advised I invest in a new mattress. I found it quite tricky to pick something that would suit me, and it’s hard to know what number of springs is good etc! I wanted something at a budget also and honestly I thought the big companies such as Dreams would be too pricey. But after being concerned about purchasing a mattress that would be the wrong size/too hard/soft/poor quality, I had a look at dreams and there was a sale on single mattresses. The website is transparent, described the mattress and who it would suit. Then near the checkout it offers to take your old mattress too! That was another bit of stress removed. So the a green covering arrived before the delivery was due - easy peasy. The delivery men arrived in full PPE and shoe coverings (very good service as I’d just had a new carpet in the room done too) and we said they could just leave it in the room and they said no no, we will place it for you then saves you having to dispose of the packing too. It’s one of those jobs that you put off because you think it’ll be a pain and there’s logistics to sort out - but dreams made it feel like I’d just purchased a cushion off line! Quick, effective, friendly - job done like that! Oh and the mattress is brill, I keep expecting to fall into a dip or hit a spring like my old mattress but it’s just completely level and firm. So yes, service is awesome and mattress is awesome and all done without breaking the bank. Definitely recommend shopping here.


Excellent delivery and early too!

I bought the mattress online and didn't read all the small print. I chose my delivery date and was told I would be contacted with a time slot. On the day, I was called early and managed to get it delivered earlier than expected which was great. When they arrived, I was asked what I knew about the matress, and was filled in either the important care instructions I failed to read on the website. I was told about the support contact details and the returns policy too by which time the matress was in its final location with me barely even noticing. Great service, great quality product snapped up in the sale. Very happy customer


If you have back problems, this is the one for you

I have been searching through different websites for a mattress for my 18 year old son for weeks & as he suffers with back problems i was reading the reviews throughout. Reviews i think personally help & anyone reading this, trust me when i say ‘this mattress really helped my son at nights with his back problem’ very thankful to dreams & this was a very good buy, especially half price too! I also purchased another for my 13 year old son & he said it is the most comfortable mattress he’s ever slept on. Excellent all round, delivery was very quick & communication on the delivery day was excellent!


Great budget mattress!

I bought this mattress 3 weeks ago for my son as we've upgraded his bed from a single to a double. I wanted to wait a couple of weeks before reviewing so I could leave an honest review after it had been tested properly. My sons said the mattress is comfy and he's been sleeping a lot better too. It's firm but has enough spring to make it comfortable and soft. I was even more pleased to get it during a Dreams sale so it was half price! So far we cannot fault it or Dreams. The process from ordering to receiving and setting it up has been brilliant. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this mattress again.


Super comfy

My new mattress was delivered 14 days ago and I can honestly say its the best sleep I've had in a long time. Its really comfortable. My previous mattress wasn't old or uncomfortable (went from small double to double) so I didn't think I would notice the difference especially since Its only a year old and was expensive. I'm so glad I bought this mattress. I didn't have high expectations for it because it was cheap and on offer also but its amazing. My partner is always saying how comfortable the bed is. Highly recommend. Deliver drivers were incredible too! Really friendly.


A wonderful night sleep

Recently got my own place to live and I was gifted this mattress from my parents. I can honestly say that it’s the best mattress I’ve slept on, I find it hard to sleep and found living on my own for the first time pretty nerve racking so having somewhere comfortable to sleep takes priority. Delivery guys were really friendly and helpful too so that’s a bonus, they carried in and put it on my bed and unpacked it, gave me advice to let it air until the next day. They took the packaging so there was no mess to clear up. Thank you Dreams


First “grown up bed” for my twin boys

Looking for a good mattress can be a bit of a minefield…do you buy memory foam or one containing one of several hundred different spring varieties? Best thing about having a shop nearby was I walked in, was greeted by two employees who asked me who it was for and talked me through the various sensible options. The result: two Harris single mattresses for my twin boys for their first “grown up” beds and they’re mega happy! I’m happy knowing that the mattresses are supportive where needed and my boys will grow up with comfort.


Great For The Price

Just recently bought this to replace an old mattress. This is considerably cheaper but in some ways better than the old one. The old one came with a full bed I had bought about 11 years ago and to be honest, it only just fit the bed, it went over the edges and was too bulky, which made rotating difficult as a double. This Harris Spring Mattress is also a double and just as firm but slimmer, so much easier to rotate regularly and whats more, it fits on the old bed PERFECTLY. Wish I'd got this one with the original bed purchase.


Really happy!

I was looking for a new mattress before lockdown and for obvious reasons, my plans stalled. After looking online, I find that “dreams“ seemed to have the best prices/selection/options for delivery and recycling of old mattress, so I went ahead and bought from them. Service was fantastic all the way through with great communication and on the day of delivery, the member of staff was really helpful and friendly. The mattress is absolutely perfect for my needs and I am extremely happy with the service I’ve received.


Great for support and comfort

For a while now I have been suffering from back pain and insomnia because of years of sleeping on an inferior mattress (One of the ones I have had since I was in university, which is a while ago now :S ) I bought this mattress last month and I have no regrets. Gives good support and has enough give to be comfortable but not so much that you sink into the mattress or wake up every time your significant other moves. Might not be everyones cup of tea... but If you are looking for a good balance. Best mattress.


Very comfortable and great value

Prior to buying this mattress my sleep pattern was very erratic and once I had woken up I was unable to get back to sleep. Now I sleep at least 8 hours per night and find it easy to get back to sleep. The delivery process was excellent, delivered within a 2 hour slot. They even took the mattress upstairs. I got the mattress half price in the sale. I paid extra to get my old mattress taken away, they send a bag to cover it up in advance of the collection date. It certainly saves the mattress 'walk of shame'!


I can now sleep without any pain.

I love this mattress, i have a bad lower back and nerve trouble in my right leg so i found it hard going to sleep. After buying this mattress (which was a steal during a dreams sale) i had trouble the first week getting used to the new bed but afterwards i don't feel any pain no matter what position i sleep in. The mattress was delivered to on time and delivered straight to my bedroom, the mattress is so good, firm and very supportive. I wish i got a dreams mattress in the first place.


Very comfortable

This is the first mattress I've bought for myself. It was really reasonable priced and the delivery service was excellent. We've had it for a few weeks now and I have no complaints. We have the medium firm options, which suits us (it is quite firm though, so I wouldn't recommend this if you prefer something softer). I've heard of odour issues with other mattresses (from different providers), but we've had nothing of this sort with this product. Would definitely recommend!


Budget but brilliant

Bought this for my teenage daughter as she was complaining about her old mattress and she absolutely loves it. She says it’s very comfortable to sleep on and the fact that I can’t get her out of bed only goes to show how much she loves it. Considering I got it at sale price for under £100 and I bought on line I was a little sceptical but I’m glad to say so far it’s money well spent. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a budget priced mattress.


Comfiest mattress I've ever owned

I purchased this mattress as my old one had well and truly had its last use out of it. I was extremely impressed that I could move this mattress by myself as usually there has to be at least two. I was a bit sceptical at first due to the price I purchased it for however I was so wrong. The mattress is so comfy it's probably one of the best I've ever owned. I dont wake up with a bad back anymore because it fully supports you. Would definitely purchase again when needed


Outrageously comfortable!

I am extremely happy I bought this mattress a month ago, it provides outrageously comfortable sleep. As i have back problems then finding a good mattress can be tricky, luckily for me I discovered Harris Traditional Spring Mattress, it promises to be firm and provide support over the entire sleeping area and this mattress delivers. I am also a sidesleeper and this mattress makes me feel weightless. I would definitely recommend this mattess to all my family and friends.


My dreams come true

I am delighted with my new mattress from dreams. It is ideal for me in that it’s not too firm and not too soft as I have arthritis about every where. My searching for the right mattress was worth waiting for the right one. Staff where so friendly encouraging me to try out mattresses and it paid off. The driver/delivery guys were great assisting me take off the plastic on the mattress. Great stuff will recommend dreams to my friends. Thanks


Great value and comfort

I went into the local Banbury store to purchase a mattress that suited my budget. I explained I'm recently a widow with an asd daughter, who needed a comfortable mattress that wasnt overpriced. The Harris mattress offers value and comfort. It's well sprung so gives back support to my daughter who suffers with hyper mobility. The outside fabric is neutral and not of cheap quality like some mattresses on the market. Highly recommended. Thank you.


Bloody Brilliant.

Before we bought this Harris Mattress, my husband and i were always tired. Bringing up three girls with 10 year age gap was bad enough, but our old mattress was over ten years old and we never got a good night's sleep. After reading product reviews on the Harris, we bought one and cannot believe the difference it has made to both of us. It is the most comfortable we have ever slept on, and wish we had discovered the Harris collection long ago.


A proper mattress!

We had bought memory foam mattresses previously and always felt disappointed after a few months when they became uncomfortable/ started to sink etc, so I set about looking for an honest to goodness mattress, no new technology not an inch of memory foam in sight and found the Harris traditional spring mattress in the sale - we are delighted it is superbly comfortable and supportive and for the price we couldn’t be happier with it - get it now!


Amazing sale price, highly recommended

Delivered under a week ago. First night I slept on this my back was in pieces and I vowed to return it. My partner convinced me to give it another night and wow, turns out this mattress was fixing all the long term pains/problems in my back. I couldn't be happier with it now and apparently have been snoring heavily! Very highly recommended, give it a chance and let your back adjust. Bought for just over £100, I'm thrilled, thanks Drreams!


Harris Traditional Spring Mattress

I bought this only a few weeks ago ready for potential Christmas visitors, However after a recent bereavement i had unexpected family to visit. A family member didnt think they would sleep a wink with the upset and slept like a log for 3 solid nights and has gone home to order themselves the same mattress. Also wanted to stay another night commenting they had to go home and sleep in their sunken mattress till their new delivery arrived.


Amazing Sleep Since!

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago and I am living for it! The design of the mattress is simple and beautiful giving your back perfect comfort. It’s lovely & gives amazing support. The price I paid - completely worth it! I had always been put off buying a mattress to replace my old one but I made an amazing choice! My sleep is 10000 times better than what it used to be with my old mattress! Super happy with the product!


Honeymoon experience

I bought this mattress a month ago for me and my husband. We have never thought that a bed could greatly impact our intimate moments. It sets the mood. Excuse me for sharing this. The bed itself is very comfortable to sleep on with the right level of firmness. It has not only helped us spice things up in bed, but it has also taken care of my stiff neck. I never had it again after a week on this amazing bed.


Excellent buy

I bought some single matresses and the comfortness and quality of the product overcame my expectations. The prize was excellent as I got a big discount for them and the whole process of buying them online was so easy. Dreams kept me updated at all time and the satff who delivered the order were extremely friendly and diligent. I would definetly recommend anyone the product and also the customers service.


Worth more than double the price!

At first I was a little worried about buying one of the cheaper mattresses, but the reviews convinced me otherwise and I'm so glad they did! Lovely design, fantastic quality, super comfortable - I really couldn't have asked for anything more! Had I known the quality before buying, I'd have guessed it was more than double the price! Rounded off with friendly delivery and incredible customer service!


Great mattress.

This mattress is just what we were looking for, not too hard and not too soft. This is just right for us after buying one that was very hard even though it was a medium one the same as the Harris. It is really nice to sleep on. I would certainly recommend this to anyone. The man at Dreams was great very helpful, friendly and really helped us choose which one to go for. So thank you Dreams.


Great Deal

I have just moved into a new house I was looking for a new mattress, and stumbled across the harris traditonal spring mattress on the black friday deals. The description of the mattress had all the qualities i was looking for not to mention the great price. I must say having slept on this mattress. It was definitely a bargain deal, comfortable and I can now enjoy wonderful nights sleep.


Good quality, good price.

We bought this mattress for a spare bed in a guest room. We never buy the cheapest mattresses but decided not to spend excessively on a mattress for the spare room. Having said this we’re really pleased with the quality given the reasonable price. The finish with regards to stitching etc is spot on but most importantly it’s extremely comfy! Would definitely recommend this mattress.


Very comfortable

We were very pleased with our purchase as for the money I don't think we could have got much better. The service was great as we were sent a message with our delivery time and they were punctual and happy to move the mattress to the room we needed it. We are using this as a guest room mattress but would have been happy to use in our room. Would recommend dreams to anyone who asks.


A great little mattress.

I was very unsure about this mattress when it arrived as it seemed hard and uncomfortable (Having just got rid of an incredibly soft, worn mattress) and overall feared it was going to cause more damage than good. But after a month of sleeping on the mattress It has helped my back to no end and is a pleasure to sleep on. Definitely recommend this mattress especially for the price.


A great nights sleep

I have had my new mattress a few weeks now, it is the best yet for comfort, no need to struggle to turn it over, just turn it around. The firmness is great for my back, eased my aches tremendously. ( I am a Carer for my husband who has cancer & I need to be up & down several times a night). I would recommend this mattress to anyone seeking a firm & comfortable nights sleep.


Super comfy

I bought this mattress for my daughter's first single bed. In her previous bed she had been waking up in the night as she was uncomfortable and said the mattress was to hard. Since having this mattress she has not woken once in the night. It is a really comfortable mattress for both a child or an adult (I have fallen asleep on it myself!) and I am really pleased with my purchase.


great product matched with great service

I ordered this for my daughter's bed - she loves it. So comfy and cosy - looks fantastic . She slept soundly from night one. Service team - kept us fully informed about delivery on the day and time the driver would arrive. The two delivery guys were really helpful - I can't praise the service highly enough. Would definitely recommend and will reuse when replacing my bed.


Excellent for the price

This mattress seems fine but it's for my guest room, so I haven't actually slept on it. It's of good quality for the price, is of a nice design and light to manoeuvre. However, it's a bit light to use with the ottoman base, as the ottoman base flies open and you have to put your back into closing it. Whereas the ottoman base is brilliant with a heavy memory foam mattress.


Soooo comfy

I was a bit dubious about purchasing a single bed but as I’ve had to downsize I thought a single would give me more room. I looked at a few mattresses as I always go by reviews and this one had a great one AND was half price at the time. I wasn’t disappointed and have had the best night sleep in years. In fact I can’t wAit to get into my nice comfy bed every night. Chuffed!


Extremely comfortable

I bought this mattress to replace my sons old one that had become worn and uncomfortable and I am so glad I did. The quality is amazing, it is extremely comfortable and very padded. My son is now sleeping so soundly it’s difficult to get him up in the mornings...... hmm maybe I shouldn’t have got the new mattress after all?! Anyway, I’m incredibly pleased with my purchase


Harris traditional spring mattress

I was looking for a good quality mattress for my child who has adhd and is autistic and the previous mattresses from elsewhere didnt turn out to be good quality and didn't last long. My child is a jumper so i needed sturdy mattress that wont break and this turn out be sturdy and strong i highly recommend to anyone and anyone with kids and especially special needs children.


Sleeping on the cloud

I found your ad in a Facebook page. I decide to buy your matress really quickly because of low price and what I quess good quality. That was really good idea. I fell in love at first sight. Its quite big one, but really comfy and fluffy. Every night, after long day at work, I sleeps really well, and my cat love this matress as well. Price and quality are really nice


Excellent value

Purchased the single mattress for my daughter and it is such a good comfortable mattress. She loves sleeping in her first single bed having moved from her toddler bed and she has slept soundly through the night. I purchased when it was on offer and half price so it was excellent value for money but still very reasonable at full price as it is very comfortable.


Lovely comfy mattress

Bought for my 13 year old for her new double bed in our new house and was a bit worried about getting a soft one as I wasn't sure It would be supportive enough for her growing body but it's not so as soft as I imagined & it is really comfortable, supportive and has a lovely customer feel to the top layer, so happy I bought this. I actually have bed envy now!


Comfy mattress

Very comfortable mattress so far. Needs rotating regularly the first 3 months. As it's a spring mattress you get the occasional bounce with the springy noise. My little one has moved on from his cot bed and used to wake through all hours of the night as Oct bed mattresses are never comfortable. He is finally getting a good night's rest and sleeping through.


So comfortable

Bought this for my 3 year old daughter. She was so excited to try it out she was in bed earlier than normal. The mattress is super comfortable, she definitely sleeps more soundly now. We have the two drawers which are quite spacious. The bed is easy to manoeuvre around on it's wheels, so great when changing the bed. I'm jealous I didn't get one for myself.


Great value, comfortable mattress.

Bought online for my 10 year old son's single bed. I was really impressed with the quality and firmness of the mattress, especially for the price. It was great value, easy to order and I was kept up to date with delivery details plus it was delivered on time. My son says its soooo comfortable and he has the best nights sleep, ever! Would highly recommend.


Great service. SO COMFORTABLE

I brought this mattress for my 5 yr old son for his 'big boy bed'. I wanted something that he could be comfy and sink into. This mattress is it. He sleeps soundly. It is that comfy, that the roles have now reversed. We now have to kick his big sister out of his room, as she wants to 'top and tail'. The delivery service was friendly and reliable too.


For ‘firm’ read ‘soft’.

This Harris mattress is described as firm, but it is not. It is medium, even soft. It “gives” too much, and when I lean towards the light from my bedside lamp to see more clearly what i am reading, i cant stop myself slipping off the edge of the mattress, because it’s too soft to support me. Perhaps. re-clsssification of the mattresses is needed, Dreams?


Comfortable and Soft

Mattress is lovely and soft, very comfortable for my 10 year old daughter who now goes to bed without a fuss at all! Thank you Dreams for giving this mum a helping hand with bed time! Feather design is lovely.. could tell it was a quality mattress before i had even put it on the bed. Super happy with purchase and would 100% recommend and would buy again!


Exceeded expectations

I wanted to buy a new single mattress quickly and as I'd just moved home the budget was tight. Dreams had some great sale offers including this one and from reading the product reviews this mattress sounded ideal. Not only was it very affordable but my daughter has commented how comfortable her bed is and has slept soundly ever since it was purchased


A new mattress

The mattress is just what I wanted and a s firm as expected but the delivery service was exceptional. I paid to ihave an old heavy mattress taken away. getting that into the bag provided was not possible for one person but the delivery team sorted it and were away in minutes. Excellent on time delivery time and pre-arrival call . First rate service.


Great quality for price

I was always under the illusion that cheaper mattresses were not always the best. So I opted for one in the middle. However, this mattress is great! It’s not too soft and not too firm either. It’s the perfect balance of the two! Fits the bed frame perfectly and is nice and thick. Really good quality. I’ll definitely be purchasing from dreams again!


Harris traditional spring mattress

This mattress was reduced but because it was so popular I was prewarned that it could take up to 6 weeks for it. But it only took 3 weeks. I am so happy with it. I haven't had such a good night sleep in years the 1st night I had it I think I slept for 10 hours. It is not as firm as I thoughtbit would be but it is really comfy. I would recommend it.


Really comfy

Lovely mattress. Comfy and doesn't disturb me much when my partner moves around!! Bought online without testing first, I was really worried but so pleased with it and went for it because Dreams offer the return policy if it doesn't suit your needs. Cant recommended enough!! My last mattress was memory foam and made me really hot, this is perfect!!


Comfort & Value

We were lucky enough to purchase the mattress in the sale but even at full price I wouldn’t hesitated. We purchased it for our daughters new bed & I keep threatening to steal it for ours, even my Mum slept on it recently, she is a terrible sleeper but loved it & had the best sleep in ages. It is thick without being too much, firm but comfortable.


WOW! so soft and comfortable!

I bought this few weeks back for my 9 year old son. This is by far the best mattress ive purchased. That good im going to purchase a double for my bed. My son always used to wake up early and now sleeps in bed until normal time so i can tell how much comfortable he is. The mattress is thick bouncy and cant feel no springs! 5 star all around.


Great mattress great value

I had previously bought a memory foam mattress and I was not impressed. I saw this mattress on the website and thought it was priced very well. When the mattress arrived immediately I realised it was a quality mattress very supportive. Have had it for a month now and no regrets great mattress very comfortable and it was a great price too.


Great night sleep

I have had the best night sleep since purchasing this mattress. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and was suffering from lower back and hip pain which I just thought was normal, turns out I just needed a mattress that have me proper support! Delivery was well communicated and staff were very polite. 100% recommend this mattress to anyone


Soft and comfy

I bought the mattress a couple of weeks ago for my 6 year old daughter. It is a quite a light mattress which worried me at first, but after putting it on my daughters bed and testing it I found that it was very comfortable and soft, perfect for my child. It fits on her bed perfectly, I would highly recommend buying this mattress.


Wonderful mattress for my son’s new big boy bed

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago for my 5 year old son who was moving to a big boy bed. He was a bit nervous about the move but we promised him this bed would be the comfiest thing in the world. The mattress didn’t disappoint, very soft and supportive, he loves his new bed and has slept superbly in it. Very very pleased


Could this BE anymore perfect?

Perfect! I'd been having back problems so decided to change my mattress but I didn't want one too firm. I wanted one that was soft and comfortable but offered more support, and this mattress was perfect! I would recommend to anyone! The driver who delivered it was very friendly and very specific with the time he would deliver


Super comfy

Standing this mattress against the old one was shocking; the old mattress was so bad it curved against the wall. This matress is super solid in terms of structure in comparison. I love the stitching pattern on top as well, it's a wavy pattern rather than the divots that often feel noticeable and uncomfortable. Great mattress.


Excellent mattress, great service, great price!

Really easy to purchase online. Good deal on the purchase price. Delivery drivers were prompt, called prior to delivering on the day to let us know a time slot and really considerate on arrival removing shoes to carry the mattress to our bedroom. Great service and will use Dreams again. Recommended alA+++++ Service!


Great bed and mattress

I order a bed frame and the mattress at the same time the service from dreams was exceptional the two men that arrived were polite helpful and very friendly they assembled the bed and put the mattress on ,I slept on the mattress the same night and I found it very comfortable very happy with my purchase thank you Dreams.


Great product

Bought this during the sale so got excellent value. The mattress appears well made and is very comfortable and supportive. It was easy to place the order and arrange delivery. They were happy to take it to the room I wanted. Very happy with the experience and will re visit the site and purchase in the future. :)


Crew Quarters

We needed a compact high quality mattress for the crew quarters on our motor boat to replace the existing foam mattress. Speed of delivery was important as well as being able to match quality with limited depth. Found exactly what we wanted on line with speedy delivery. The crew member in question is really happy.


So comfortable

Brought as my sons first full size single mattress. Wasn’t to worried as he wasn’t going to be very heavy only Leung 3. However we have since had lots of night spent on it as we try to get him to sleep and I can say it is so comfortable. Much much better then I thought it would be. Highly recommend for the price.


Harris traditional spring mattress

Good value single mattress a little firm but my Daughter soon got used to it. The two delivery guys were fantastic as my Wife couldn’t stop singing their praises taking away the old mattress and carrying the new one upstairs all while wearing overshoes and face masks. In her words they were a credit to Dreams.


So unbelievably comfortable!

I bought this mattress just over a month ago, along with a new bed frame. The delivery was very quick, only 3 weeks which isn’t long at all as I was also looking at some with a 12 week delivery timeframe. The mattress itself is very comfortable and bouncy. Not too soft and not too firm which is what I like.


Really firm! Perfect for me!

I bought this after a month of sleeping in an airmatress and wow! What great night sleeps I've been having. Mattress is really firm which is perfect for me and hasn't been overheating me in these hot summer nights. Also the delivery guys where lovely and gave me all the info I needed for the matress care :)


Best night sleep as my children sleep now.

Bought this mattress for my children and they haven't slept so soundly for years. No more 05:30 wake up calls and they now sleep in until 08:30 (if I let them).... 3 hrs extra a day sleep...mega ecstacy bliss. My children also like it, so no higher a compliment can be given. Bought 2 on sale for £99 each.


Perfect Deal! Super Comfy

I brought this on special for just over £100 what a steal of a deal! Mattress is super comfy more on the firm side but sturdy can tell it will last long! Great delivery service during COVID and the guys were super polite while abiding social distancing. Currently using as my main mattress and have no regrets.


Great mattress, great company.

Great value for money. Got the mattress for £140 in the sale and had fairly low expectations but it is very comfy! Perfect firmness for my partner and I. Would definitely recommend if you’re after a decent mattress for a good price. Delivery was on time and efficient. Communication from Dreams was great too.


Really comfortable mattress

We bought this mattress for a high-level bunk bed which is only used occasionally. The previous mattress was thin and the springs were pushing through - not comfortable. This new mattress is great - three people have slept on it in the past three weeks, and all have said how comfortable it is. Thanks Dreams.



I have a muscle condition called Fibromyalgia it causes pain all over my body so it's Important I have a comfortable mattress and a good night's sleep this mattress has helped with this beautifully and can recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new mattress if it's good for me it's good for everyone


Ashton Mttress

Bought as a mattress for my second bedroom so wanted something mid-range. This mattress does the job, being a great price and very comfy - I'd consider buying for my main bedroom too. Service was perfect, great correspondence and the delivery team polite and had the mattress fitted in less than 20 mins.


Great mattress

Bought this for a spare room mattress due to it being on sale and a low price, but is actually as good as my main mattress for half the price. It's lightweight but strong and comfortable. Slight limitation in that it is one-sided, if you like to turn your mattress, but otherwise a great budget mattress.


So Comfy

We were originally buying this as an interim mattress with a bed frame until we had saved enough to invest in a really expensive alternative. It's safe to say we have saved ourselves thousands by doing this as this mattress is the comfiest thing we've ever slept on so will not be buying a replacement!!


So snuggly & really comfy!

I bought two of these mattresses for my two children. They love them & sleep really well on them. For this review I asked them both what they thought of the mattresses the 8 year old said, "So snuggly & really really comfy!" The 10 year old said, "Great to bounce on & great to sleep on!" There you go!


I love my new mattress

I am delighted with my new mattress. It envelops me and supports my whole body. It needs to be rotated every week for the first few months but this is very simply achieved. If you need a firm mattress this might not work for you but I couldn’t be more pleased and consider it excellent value for money.


Comfortable to sleep on and good value for money!

Comfortable mattress, for the price this is really nice, (bought in sale so even better value). We use this in our guest room. Delivery was fast and received a phone call from the driver when he was 10 mins away. Delivery to door due to lockdown but everything was contactless and safe - very happy.


Fab Mattress

We bough this a month ago as our daughter was getting a mid-sleeper bed. This mattress is easy to maneuver and it's fairly light weight. She says it's the most comfortable mattress ever and has slept much better since we have had it. It provides a good level of support and perfect for what we needed.


Absolutely fab

Bought this a couple of months ago for my 3 year old who was going from a toddler bed to a 'big girl' single bed. Dreams were quick to deliver and the mattress is absolutely fab, especially for the money. My daughter loves going to bed now and it's even been comfy enough for me to lay on too haha.


Really high quality

I purchased 2 of these a month ago. I was lucky that they were on offer for nearly half price but they are of such a good quality. Really recommend this mattress even at the current price. Dreams also kept us updated regularly about when it would be arriving so made it all easy to plan around.


Very comfortable mattress

I bought this mattress in the January sale. It was great value for money as I paid less than half price. I've been using it for a few weeks and find it to be very comfortable and quite firm, which I prefer anyway. The delivery service was excellent and the delivery man was polite and helpful.


Brilliant mattress for our little boy (toddler)!!!

Purchased this for our little boy as his previous one was ancient and you could feel the springs it was really uncomfortable...this new mattress is great! Lovely and comfy, great design, looks like it will last a good 5 years plus! And it was delivered spot on time no issues thanks Dreams!!!


Mattress Purchase

Chose this mattress due to the great reviews and couldn’t be happier with it !Medium to firm comfort and have had the best nights sleep! Delivery was detailed keeping me informed from ordering and driver couldn’t have been more helpful.. Delighted with the service received and my purchase!


Best and Brilliant matress.

Wanted sn appropriate mattress for guest bed. Look on line ikea bensons etc. Looked af prices and reviews and this mattress came up tops and with free drlivery it won hands down. My wife was delighted with product, price and ptomot delivery...would definitely reccomend mattress and Dresms!


Decent mattress

We purchased this mattress with a double bed frame. It’s firm and comfortable. Purchased in the sale. Only issue is a sizeable gap of about 2 inches between side of mattress and frame, but had this issue with our previous frame and mattress. Not sure if it would fit better on a divan base?


Great value and great mattress

I ordered this mattress without trying as its for my spare bedroom. It was for an very good price so I just took a gamble and went for it. It’s very springy and comfortable. It is on the firmer side so suits people who like a firmer bed. Pretty comfortable and would certainly recommend


Better than expected

I purchased 2 single beds and it gave me the option of adding mattresses for £90 I did need a one but for the price I didn't expect it to be great when in fact it's a nice depth, very comfy and you can't feel the springs. Extremely pleased with it and would highly recommend purchasing.


Comfy mattress!

We bought this mattress in the black Friday sales, so it was 50% off. Great quality mattress and so comfy! Having gone from a very old mattress with noisy springs and no padding, this mattress is an absolutely dream. It's lovely and thick and sturdy but still feels like lying on a cloud!


Best buy!

This bed is extremely comfortable and very good value. I've bought beds from Dreams before and I will certainly continue to do so. The website is easy to use, the delivery guys communicate well and they're polite and efficient. I'm very happy with the products and the service. Thank you?


Good Quality mattress, for a bargain.

This is a very good quality mattress. It is such a bargain. I’ve never had such a good mattress. I’m sleeping comfortably with no problem and this soothing mattres makes my life so much easier. I would really recommend to anyone who want to find a good quality mattress for a cheap price.


Excellent purchase and top quality

I purchased this for use in a guest bedroom on my old double bed after purchasing a new bed and mattress for my use However I’ve slept on it for three nights while decorating main bedroom and I can say in all truth I’m very very impressed on quality comfort and price top marks from me !


Quality cool mattress

We purchased this for my son's bed, he struggles with getting too hot at night and would regularly wake up sweating and uncomfortable on previous foam mattresses. He's has this one for a good few weeks now and has slept soundly even through some hot nights. We highly recommend it.


Mattress and service

Absolutely perfect. I have back issues that keeps me up at night but for to this mattress. I’ve never slept better. It really moulds you my body. It’s, simultaneously soft but therm. Very glad I bought it. Also the gentlemen that delivered my mattress were very nice. Top class service


The best night sleep I've had in a long time.

I bought a new bed when I bought my house a few years ago but the mattress was really lumpy and uncomfortable (so much so I'd end up sleeping in the spare room) finally got around to replacing it and it's the best decision I made. Been having lovely, comfortable nights sleep since.


Nice and firm

I got this for my 8 year old son as he was complaining his mattress is very soft (he had foam one) and his back was hurting. He said this one is comfortable and he even sleeps longer. delivery was straight forward and in time slot arranged and the guys took all the packaging away.


Dreams bed order

We needed a specific size and the staff at our local dreams store where exceptional in their knowledge of what was available - and we managed to place an order within a short period - we consequently received our bed as promised and are delighted with the quality regards S Smith


Perfect nights sleep every night!

Originally not a lot of thought even went into buying these mattresses as it was an urgent last minute buy but I am so pleased that I did! I’ve had back issues for the last 2 years and since receiving these mattresses, I’ve had the best nights sleep I can remember having in ages.


Single mattress

This is a good quality, reasonably priced mattress that was comfortable from day one. They were well packaged to protect them and our daughter was very happy with the new mattress. No other mattress was comparable and dreams delivery was very professional at this difficult time.

Questions and Answers About Harris Traditional Spring Mattress

I have 4 mattress' going and buying 4 new ones, will I just pay 1 lot of £39.99 or time it by 4?

Answer: Hello, Recycling at £39.99 is chargeable per item that is being taken away, therefore it will only cost you £39.99 if you choose our free delivery option. However please note that this does not include taking the new mattresses to the room of your choice or collecting the old one from the room where it is. If you would like the mattresses to be taken from the room of your choice and not the front door please choose our standard delivery. This will be a one off charge for the 4 mattresses. Therefore the total of the services will be £78.99 (Delivery + Recycling). I hope this helps and thank you for your .

Hello, Is this mattress good for a lower back pain due to injury?

Answer: , We would recommend popping into your local store to try out some different mattresses as you will need to be sure the comfort is suitable for your back. You could also use our Sleepmatch machine which will calculate the right level of support you need based on lots of different factors, including whether you have back pain. Alternatively, please consult our guide on Orthopaedic Mattresses here: https://www.dreams.co.uk/bed-mattress-guide/how-do-orthopaedic-mattresses-help-you. Kind regards, Dreams.

I need something firm but something where I don’t feel the springs stabbing me and the the bed being very comfortable would you suggest this bed 

Answer: , We do recommend that you visit one of our show rooms if you have very specific needs. We have a Sleep Match machine in every store that can recommend the best mattress for you. Alternatively, if you are looking to order online then I would say our range of traditional spring mattresses are very comfortable. If you disagree you are entitled to a 40 night comfort exchange. You can read more about the terms and conditions of this online. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this mattress safe for a small child? 

Answer: , Thank you for getting in touch with your question. The mattress in question would be appropriate for a child! We would ask that you consider the relative size of the mattress compared to the child in question for safety reasons. Please note that more information and advice on children's mattress can be found in our buying guide here: https://www.dreams.co.uk/bed-mattress-guide/kids-beds-that-are-the-perfect-fit. Kind regards, Dreams

Does this product include the headboard? Looking for 5,0 king size, 4 drawers, matress and headboard. Will the price quoted include all of this?

Answer: Hello, The Ashton Open Spring Divan Bed does not include a headboard. We do however, offer a wide range of headboards that can be chosen to match your bedroom décor and style. Included in the Divan set is the Divan Base with drawers and the mattress. The headboard is teh only additional item not included. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Please could you tell me if I may have a medium mattress with this bed ... Thank you .

Answer: Hi , You can buy this base on it's own, and then you are free to choose whatever mattress you would like. This base is a classic divan base. You can search for this in our search bar. If you need any help please call the number at the top of our site and someone will be willing to help you. Thank you for your question.

Do you take away the old mattress? I’m 64 and don’t have transport. 

Answer: , When our delivery team deliver your new mattress or bed frame they are also able to take away and recycle your old mattress. This service can be selected at the checkout; please see pricing below: Single Mattresses - £25 Double Mattresses - £35 King or Super King Mattresses - £40 Kind Regards, Dreams

Roughly my mattress is hieght 7in,lenth 78in and width 58in. Will this matress fit.

Answer: , I am sorry I am unsure as to what your asking. If you would like to know if the measurements of this mattress will match your current mattress I can confirm the measurements for the Harris King size are: A - Height17.5cm/7inch B - Length200cm/79inch C - Width150cm/60inch Many thanks Dreams

How much guaratee do you get on a bed

Answer: Hello , You get a 1 years guarantee from the date the products are delivered. You can extend this to 8 years with out Bed Cover. Find out more here: http://support.dreams.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/206513469-Bed-Cover-Service-Plan-Introduction Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Do you take the old mattress away

Answer: Hi , Yes, we provide a recycling service to take away your old mattress. The price of this will depend on the size of your mattress you wish to be recycled. You can read more about our recycling service here: https://www.dreams.co.uk/recycling-services Kind regards Dreams

Hello if not suitable can it be returned.

Answer: , The mattress comes with a one year guarantee. Alternatively if you are not satisfied with the comfort, we do offer a 40 night comfort guarantee. Please visit the link below for more information. https://www.dreams.co.uk/returns-and-refunds Kind Regards, Dreams

Would this mattress be suitable for an adjustable bed?

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. This mattress would not be suitable for an adjustable bed, but you can find the full range of compatible mattresses here: https://www.dreams.co.uk/mattresses/all-mattresses?q=%3Arelevance%3Atype%3ASleepmotion%2Bmattresses

I would like to purchase a bed from you,but need my old one taken away,its only 6 months old,slept in 5 times,immaculate,but too hard for me,have back trouble,i need soft mattress.Its two parts,just needs unscrewing.Thanks?

Answer: Hello , We do a old bed recycling service at the same time of delivery for a charge of £39, this is available through checkout online as an option. The product will need to be un-screwed and ready for the delivery men to take away. Many thanks for the question.

Do you take old mattresses away

Answer: , Yes, when your new mattress is delivered, our delivery team is able to collect and recycle your old mattress - prices for this service are below: Single Mattresses - £25, Double Mattresses - £35, King or Super King Mattresses - £40. Kind Regards, Dreams

If the mattress doesn’t fit will you take it back

Answer: , In the event the mattress does not fit, you would need to notify out customer service team within 14 days of delivery for them to be able to arrange a collection. Please note there is a collection fee of £39 for the return. Many thanks Dreams

Is it suitable for babies/toddlers?

Answer: , We would recommend looking at our Little Big Dreams range of mattresses in order to choose a mattress that is most suitable for babies and toddlers as these mattresses have been specially designed for use by children. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you recycle ANY mattress, does my old one have to be from dreams?

Answer: , Thank you for your question. Your old mattress does not have to be from Dreams. Please visit the below link to find out more information on our recycling services. https://www.dreams.co.uk/recycling-services Kind Regards, Dreams

Are these mattresses easy to lift up and move? Or are they quite weighted and heavy. I have a bed that lets me lift up the mattress for storage so I’m just wondering if I’d be able to lift this myself. 

Answer: , The Harris mattress is a lighter mattress and so would be easier to lift alone, we have provided the weights of each size below for reference: Small single - 10kg Single - 12kg Double - 17kg King - 20kg Kind Regards, Dreams

Will the Ashton mattress be suitable for a top bunk bed with wooden slats?  Also can you tell me What is the difference between the Ashton and the Taylor traditional spring mattresses. 

Answer: , Any mattress for a top bunk should be 15cm or less in height, therefore the Ashton would not be suitable as this is 19cm high. The Taylor mattress has a different stich pattern and design. Kind Regards, Dreams

Are these in stock to pick up today?

Answer: , Unfortunately these are not available for collection. If you are in need of a mattress today they please visit your local Dreams shop, we do stock a range of rolled mattresses. Kind Regards Dreams

Does this mattress arrive flat or rolled please?

Answer: . This mattress is delivered flat. You can view our range of rolled mattresses here: https://www.dreams.co.uk/mattresses/all-mattresses?q=%3Arelevance%3Atype%3ARolled%2Bmattresses Many thanks Dreams

Is it possible to purchase this ottoman base without a mattress? There doesn't appear to be an option for this but I do not need a mattress. Thanks

Answer: Hello , This can be purchased separately within the divan bases section of the site. You can use the link below to navigate to this page. www.dreams.co.uk/beds/divan-bases Many thanks for the question.

Can you tell me the dimensions of single bed in cm please

Answer: Hi The dimensions for the Ashton ottoman divan bed in single is as follows: Height - 56cm (22in) Length - 190cm (75in) Width - 90cm (35in) Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

I am looking for a single mattress which hight 15cm or less. Do you have any suggestion?

Answer: , We have a range of mattresses that are 15cm or less; these include our Little Big Dreams range of mattresses and many of our Doze and Sleep Essentials Rolled Mattresses. Kind Regards, Dreams

I would likea memory foam mattress could I upgrade?:Thanks

Answer: Hello , You can buy the base separately to the mattress if you would like. You can view our divan bases here: http://www.dreams.co.uk/beds/divan-bases Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What's matress is best for a 2 year old she's got a toldder bed right now but she's away to move into a single bed need a matress to go with it? 

Answer: , We have a range of mattresses especially designed for younger children called 'Little Big Dreams,' you can see the range here: https://www.dreams.co.uk/little-big-dreams Many Thanks, Dreams

Does the bed come with castors?

Answer: , The Ashton mattress does not come with any base or bed frame. We have a wide range of divan bases that come with castors available to purchase online and in store. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this mattress suitable for the master bedroom? Some of the reviews have said customer service said this mattress is supposed to be for a spare room.

Answer: , This mattress is suitable for every day use. Comfort requirements vary and this is an entry level mattress, it may be best to try this in store before purchasing. Many thanks Dreams

I need a 7x7 ft mattress, can you help please?

Answer: , I am afraid we do not have any mattresses available in 7ft. The largest size we can do is 6’10 x 6’10 which can be ordered in store or through our telesales team. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi I’m looking for a smaller mattress length wise instead of the normal 6.6 ft

Answer: , We do offer a range of Made to Measure mattresses. You can give our telesales team a call or visit a local show room and they can provide more information. Kind regards, Dreams

Do you take away old one?

Answer: Hello, We offer a recycling service for £39.99 in which your old mattress will be taken away. This can be added to your basket in the checkout stage. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

can i just buy a mattress from the shop and take home with me ?

Answer: , No unfortunately this mattress is not available to take home today, We do stock a range in store that is available and might be better suited for you. Kind Regards, Dreams

I'd be looking to buy this one from the Clapham store if possible. Can you confirm if it is in stock? Thanks, Rich

Answer: Hello Rich, You would not be able to collect this from our Clapham store. The lead time for delivery for this item is currently 7-14 days. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi! How long should this mattress last before I need to replace it? Many thanks.

Answer: , We generally recommend replacing a mattress every 8 years. For more information on this, please visit: https://www.dreams.co.uk/replace-every-8. Kind regards, Dreams

If i just order a mattress will you take away both the old bed and mattress?

Answer: , We do offer a recycling service and this can be added at the checkout. We do have an information page online wher you can find more information. Kind Regards, Dreams

does the basingstoke store - hold stocks of the 3ft Harris Traditional Spring Mattress - to pick up - i have been let down and need two ASAP

Answer: , These mattresses are not available to take away however we do have a range in store that are available rolled and ready to take home today. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi do you take old mattress and beds away wen you deliver new stuff

Answer: , We offer a recycling service at an extra charge. You can find more information on this here: https://www.dreams.co.uk/recycling-services Many thanks Dreams

hi, Would the mattress(double) be comfortable for two people weighing about 55 kg? Will not it be too soft or too low?

Answer: Hi , Comfort depends on the preference of the individual. If you find you are not happy with the comfort, we offer a 40 night comfort exchange. We hope this helps you.

How much does this mattress weigh?

Answer: , The weight varies depending on the size, the weights are as follows: Small Single - 10kgs Single - 12kgs Double - 17kgs King - 20kgs Many thanks Dreams

What is the difference between the Ashton and the Dalton mattresses to justify the price difference?

Answer: Hello , The internal fillings and comfort grade are the main differences in the mattresses. With the dalton being a firmer choice. Many thanks for the question.

I need a mattress 2'6" wide and 6' long. The description only states width. Is the length of this mattress 6 foot? Thanks

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately, we do not offer a mattress at this length. All of our 2'6 wide mattresses would be 6'3 long. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Can I buy the double ottoman base on its own without the mattress? What would be the price for that?

Answer: Hello , Yes you can. It is £450.00 and can be bought via this link http://www.dreams.co.uk/classic-ottoman-beige I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

How does this mattress come out size wise? I know it says a tolerance of 2 cm, but my old one said it was 90cm wide and is actually 92 cm wide. It is really difficult to tuck the sheets in as it is rammed in so tight. 

Answer: , The standard size is 90cm x 190cm. However with the manufacturing tolerance of +/- 2cm there is a chance is can measure 92cm. Many thanks Dreams

Can you just buy the bed frame? I got a mattress just need a bed frame 

Answer: Hello, The divan base is available on it's own as well. Use the link below to find this. http://www.dreams.co.uk/beds/divan-bases Many thanks for the question.

The website states that the dimensions of a 5'0 king is 135cm by 190cm however that is a the size of a standard 4'6 double. Is the website incorrect?

Answer: Hello , Sorry about any confusion, yes the website was wrong the correct dimensions should be W150cm x L190cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Do you take my old mattress away

Answer: Hello , We offer a mattress recycling service for £39.99, which includes taking away your old mattress. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

What does filling consist of ? As alergic to memory foam.

Answer: Hello , The Ashton does not contain memory foam as the fillings consist of polyester and an insulating layer. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

The website says 'recycling available'. Does this mean you will take an existing bed away free of charge?

Answer: Hello , This is an additional service that is available through checkout for £39 with a free delivery of your new bed. Many thanks for the question.

Hi does this come in a box or plastic cover ? Does it need 48 hours to fully open ? is this good for regular use Please let me know thanks 

Answer: , This mattress is not rolled. It will be delivered flat and will be fully wrapped. The mattress is ready to use. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you buy the divan base without the mattress? 

Answer: Hello, Yes, this is a classic divan base and can be found here: http://www.dreams.co.uk/classic-base-beige I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Can i pick this mattresses up in store today

Answer: , Unfortunately this mattress is not available to be collected from store, it is only available for order and delivery. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this hypoallergenic 

Answer: , This mattress is not specifically hypoallergenic, however is man made so naturally has some anti-allergy properties. Many thanks, Dreams

How much is it to take away old bed and mattress 

Answer: Hello , This varies to the size and type of the bed being delivered. This information is available through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Can you tell me the maximum weight the bed will hold, and how many gas lifts are there to raise the base. Thanks

Answer: Hello , There is no maximum weight limit on this bed and there are two pistons for this bed. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi. We would like those matress in single size. Is there any available one? Thanks

Answer: , Yes, this mattress is available in the 3'0 standard single size. You can select this size from the dropdown. Kind regards Dreams

I can't put in.my postcode to check delivery date?

Answer: Hello Anglesey, Not to worry as it provides this through checkout before payment with accurate dates to choose from. Many thanks for your question.

Does the matress come how it is or is it folded up and compact when it arrives?

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. This is delivered flat as it is intended to be used, Kind regards, Dreams.

is this item suitable for everyday use as an adult?

Answer: Hi , I can confirm that this mattress would be suitable for everyday use as an adult. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

How many years guarantee would this divan beds covers?

Answer: Hello , There is a one year guarantee on this divan starting from the day of delivery. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Do you assemble bed and recycle old bed and mattress

Answer: Hi , Yes we offer these services at an extra cost. You can add these services to you order upon checkout. Thank you for your question.

Can you flip this matteress or is it just rotate

Answer: , This mattress is double sided and therefore both sides of the mattress are suitable for sleeping on. Kind Regards, Dreams

You say free delivery available. For what items are this facility available?

Answer: Hello , Free delivery to the front door is available on all bed frames and mattresses. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi,  What is the soft filling in the mattress? 

Answer: , The soft fillings are layers of polyester pads to make the mattress more luxurious to sleep on. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the mattress double or single sided? I am looking for a turnable mattress Thanks

Answer: , This mattress is double sided - therefore both sides of the mattress are suitable for sleeping on. Kind Regards, Dreams

do you collect old mattress after the delivery

Answer: Hello, Yes we do, this service costs £39.99 and can be added to your basket at checkout. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

On this site what is the correct size for a 3/4 bed? Is it 4 or 4"6

Answer: Hello , A 3/4 bed or small double would be 4"0. A standard double is 4"6. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Two questions...1) what is the maximum weight the single bed frame can hold for everyday use (about 17 stone in weight) ?? 2) can the wheels on the bottom of the frame be removed??

Answer: Hello , There is no specific weight limit with our bedframe's and you are able to remove the wheels. Many thanks for your question.

I purchased a brand new bed slept in 5 times its 6 months old,suppose to be small double,but its double and in two pieces divan with storage,but I do not like it,too hard for me,i was wondering would you take it away for me,just needs screwing undone .?

Answer: Hello , You will need to speak with our customer services department on 03442920000 for this. Many thanks for the question.

do you take away old mattresses

Answer: , Yes, you can select the recycling option (for an additional charge) through the checkout process. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, is this mattress suitable for a 9 year old please?

Answer: , Yes this mattress is suitable for a range of different sleepers, including a 9 year old child. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does 40night trial apply to this bed

Answer: Hello , Yes the comfort exchange guarantee applies to all our mattresses. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Iwant to buy the single asthon matress on sale for 99 pounds but will you collect my old matress when the new matress comes and want to know the date of delivery if i can arrange with you now

Answer: Hello, Collection services are available through checkout with the date for delivery provided. Many thanks for the question.

Can this mattress be added to my order please? I ordered bed earlier this morning. Heather Walker

Answer: Hello , You will need to call customer services to have this done on 0800 6925090. Many thanks for the question.

do you take old mattress away

Answer: , Yes we offer a mattress recycling service, simply select this when prompted at check out. Many Thanks, Dreams

does this mattress come rolled?

Answer: Hello , This mattress will come exactly how you see it. It will not be rolled up. Many thanks for your question.

What is the spring count on this mattress please?

Answer: Hello The spring count on this particular mattress is 325 open springs. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Does this product include the base, mattress and also the headboard?

Answer: Hello , This product includes the base and mattress only. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

How is this packaged? If you are going to deliver to the main gate of the flat I need to know if I'll be able carry it up to my flat by myself. Will it be in a reduced size box are just wrapped as it?

Answer: , This mattress will come delivered flat and wrapped in plastic to protect it. Kind regards Dreams

Is this mattress suitable for children? 

Answer: Hello , Yes we would recommend this mattress for children. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Is the mattress come as vacuum packaged ?

Answer: , This mattress is delivered flat in it's full size, it is not vacuum packed. Many thanks Dreams

Does this fit a small double?? 

Answer: , Unfortunately the Ashton Mattress is not available in the Small Double size. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this mattress suitable for my grandchildren. Age 2 yrs and 3 yrs thankyou

Answer: Hi , Yes this mattress is suitable for that particular age group. Many thanks for your question,

Is this suitable for a mettle frame bed??  If not can you recommend what type I should be looking at.

Answer: Hello, This is suitable over a multitude of designs including metal frames. Many thanks for the question.

Will this double mattress fir the Blake Metal double bed frame ok please?

Answer: Hi , Yes, a double mattress will fit the Blake double bed frame. Thank you for your question.

Can I choose a different date for delivery.

Answer: Hello , Yes, this can be done through customer services on 03442920000 between monday -friday 9-5pm.

Sorry, may seem like a silly question but I am assuming this does not come with the head board.

Answer: Hello, The headboard is not included with this divan. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hello, I'm slightly confused just looked at the measurements of the 'double' and it seems to be exactly the same size as my current single bed, does double not mean double bed?

Answer: Hello , The measurements for a double divan set is is 135cm x 190cm. Many thanks for your question.

Hi there, silly question but is the Base and mattress included in this price?

Answer: Hello , Yes, this will be inclusive of mattress and base. Many thanks for your question.

Whats the coil count on this spring mattress?

Answer: Hello , This will have 325 open springs within the mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Looking for 2 X  single divans with drawers that can be secured together and 2 X single mattresses that will zip together  do you sell them?

Answer: Hello , You will need to look at super king zip and link options. Many thanks for your question.

I'm just wondering if I could pick this 3'0 single mattress up from the Blackburn store. Kind regards James 

Answer: Hello , Store's are display rooms only, they do not hold stock. Many thanks for your question.

Hi, if I buy a new mattres do you take the old one away ?

Answer: Hello , Yes, for £39 we can dispose of your old bed or mattress. Many thanks for your question.

Hi, does this mattress fit the regulations for a rented property as I am looking to change the mattress but I need to know if there is a fire safety label and meets the regulations of BS7177

Answer: Hello , For this, you need to call central sales on 01628 535356. Many thanks for your question.

Hi, what is the fire safety rating on the Harris Traditional Spring Mattress please?

Answer: , All our Products are FR tested and meet all UK standards Many thanks Dreams

Is this mattress reversible ?

Answer: Hello , Yes, this mattress will be reversible to turn over. Many thanks for your question.

Hi if I buy a 3.0 single day bed what size mattress do I need? 

Answer: Hello , You then will need a 3ft standard sized mattress. Many thanks for your question.

Do you take old mattress away?

Answer: Hello , This is available through checkout for £39. Many thanks for the question.

Can this mattress be used for regular use?

Answer: , Yes, this mattress is suitable for everyday use. Kind Regards, Dreams

Please advise if this mattress is suitable for a slatted base.

Answer: , Yes, this mattress is suitable for a slatted base. Kind regards Dreams

What is the depth of the small single please?

Answer: , The depth of the small single mattress is 17.5cm. Many thanks Dreams

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