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Flaxby Natures Finest 6500 DNAir Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 133 customer reviews

Flaxby Natures Finest 6500 DNAir Mattress

Brand: Flaxby


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What Makes The Flaxby Natures Finest 6500 DNAir Mattress Great?

My last bed was a supersized king divan style base with an orthopaedic mattress which I had for the last 15 years and it was a bit too large for the flat I moved into a few years ago so thought it time to change over to a double. I have always wanted a chunky wooden framed bed with a nice soft mattress & finally decided to take the plunge and ordered a frame off the web in the same style as my other bedroom furniture and then started looking for a mattress that I liked and found this one Dreams which sounded just right. I can tell you after spending 15 years sleeping on what might as well have been a rock the new mattress is like sleeping on a cloud. The mattress gives me a tremendous amount of support, yet it has a nice soft finish to it that I just sink into when I get into bed at night. It is beautifully finished with handles on all four sides making it easy to rotate even though it is quite a heavy mattress. My only wish is that I had spotted the Moore Wooden chunky bedframe on the Dreams website before I had ordered the frame that I did because that looks a lot sturdier that the one I bought is. I do have one small problem though and that is that it isn’t only me that has fallen in love with the new mattress, so have the cats who spend the bulk of the day relaxing on it and get a bit disgruntled when it comes to bed time and I have to get into it but they soon find their way back onto it when they think I have fallen asleep. So it seems that it isn’t only me who now get a great night’s sleep on my new 6500 DNAir mattress! But prehaps I should have gone for the king size to accomopdate all of us.

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Pure natural fillings including Egyptian cotton, wool & mohair for durability and highest comfort

Ventilating and temperature regulating exclusive DNAir pocket springs

This spring system is exclusive to Dreams. However, the pocket spring is generally a very good spring system for a mattress and will give you all the comfort and support necessary

100% Viscose Belgian damask finish preventing wear away and overheating

This mattress is covered with a 100% viscose Belgian damask finish. This material is not only highly absorbent with temperature-regulating qualities, it will also offer added durability to prevent wear away.

Split tension/zipped options so you and your partner can both sleep happy

Split tension mattresses allow you to select a different tension for each side, making them an ideal choice for sleeping partners who are not the same. Whether it is your sleeping position, weight or just your preference that is different, you can change just your side to suit without effecting your partners sleep.

Exclusively handmade by Harrison Spinks in the UK

Handcrafted in the UK to the highest standards by skilled bedmakers. These superior quality mattresses offer sustainable luxury using the finest natural fillings. They are 100% foam, glue and FR chemical-free, they product zero landfill and even the Cortec™ Quad springs are recyclable.

5 year guarantee as standard

A 5 year guarantee in the industry is normally fairly unheard of. After all, mattresses only have a typical lifespan of around 7 years anyway, so for a manufacturer and their chosen retailer to offer this sort of guarantee, it acts as a testament to the quality of the product. Buy with confidence, the manufacturer would not offer this sort of guarantee without the reassurance that it could stand the test of time. 

6500 pocket springs (king)

So many springs. Have your mattress adjust to your every movement. Every point of your body is going to be supported by an indivual spring unit that will be applying the exact right amount of pressure for the absolute ultimate support

Comfort grade - soft or medium

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

16 brass air vents

A decent height for padding material representing a barrier between you and the springs that make up the core of the mattress. This type of mattress should be comfortable as a result of the depth of this soft and comfortable material

8 handles

Do not dismiss handles as unnecessary when purchasing a deep mattress like this. Here's the thing people forget, you need to rotate and flip this mattress in line with the care guide that you receive. Typically this is every 1-3 months. That means you have to move a fairly hefty lump and without handles you have to do that sort of weird shuffle while using your head as a weird, third-arm to assist. By including 8 handles, you've got the ability to quickly and easily rotate and flip to your hearts content, ensuring good settlement of fillings and ensuring a long mattress lifespan.

3 rows of hand side stitching

Flaxby Care Guide

Flaxby offer care instructions to help get the most from your new addition. The instruction cover maintaining its appearance such as removing dirt and stains. It includes how to avoid damage from water and hot surfaces as well as actions to avoid like inadvertently removing fire-retardant coating. These instructions can come coupled with the warranty. It is important to follow the care instructions as not to void this warranty.

About Flaxby

The Flaxby collection by Harrison Spinks is hand-built by British craftsmanship and made exclusively for Dreams. Their mattresses consist of a pocket spring core coupled with a layer of tightly grouped mini pocket springs to fully contour to your body, relieving pressure points and providing support. Their unique perforated sides push airflow towards the surface keeping the mattress well ventilated and the temperature regulated. Even the Flaxby collection bed bases contain 2000 pocket springs to provide additional support. Add the finishing touch with their hand-crafted headboards, pick from customisable designs in luxurious fabrics to match your divan.

Customer Reviews For The Flaxby Natures Finest 6500 DNAir Mattress

Based on 133 review

The very best mattress we have ever had!

Sheer luxury! Would not have believed how much difference a mattress could make to a perfect night's sleep ... and another ..and another ... A beautiful looking product when we first put it onto the bed base. With bedclothes on, the bed is such a centre piece to the room. Never had to climb up so far to get into bed though :). The comfort, movement absorption and temperature are just spot on throughout the night. I frequently have found it difficult to sleep in different beds whenever we have travelled or visited friends, but I took to this one straight away - all down to the mattress, in my view. Oh, and watched a tv programme not long ago which showed how such a mattress is made at the factory - and I can absolutely feed back positively the craftsmen that their skills are so much valued now! Cheers.


Flaxby Natures Finest = comfort supreme

I suffer with a bad back and went to see Dreams. They put me on this machine that helps specify what you need, after putting in my data and my adding I had some trouble with my lower back I was given a select list of beds. I chose the Flaxby 6500 model. It was a lot different from my original as I had used a memory foam for about 7 years. I am happy with the new mattress as it supports me and adds all the comfort I need in order to get a comfortable nights sleep, and now I am finding I’m not waking up having not slept so well. So I think it does go to show you really do need to change a mattress sooner as we all change as we get older!


Comfiest Mattress EVER!!!!

We bought this mattress based on my sisters recommendation having had Tempur mattresses for the last 15 years so we were a bit hesitant about changing. we visited our local store and did the young lady in store carried out the sleep match test which is a great tool to use to ensure you get the perfect mattress to suit both me and my partner. there was no pushy sales tactics(i am in sales myself so) we were given the complete low down on how and what the mattress was made of -- 5 weeks on and no regrets cannot recommend it highly enough.. we love it , we got it when the sale was on and saved a lot of money so winner all round!!!


No More Back Aches

Having suffered with back/neck problems for years and in need to replace our bed, we tried out several mattresses that Dreams recommended to us. Having tried out all the recommended mattresses my wife found this one gave her the comfort she was looking for, and I found it gave me the level of support I needed. After having slept on the mattress for a few nights, we found ourselves getting a very good nights sleep, but more importantly for me, I get up in the mornings not feeling stiff and sore. What is also good about it is that if either one of us need to get up during the night, we are not disturbing the other ones sleep.


Still not sure

We received our bed last month and were hoping for an amazing difference from our old worn out mattress. Although we are sleeping well we feel that it’s taking some getting used to. Initially the mattress seems to have a lot of give in it but I guess this is due to the number of springs in it. The sleep position is level and my wife who suffers from poor circulation in her legs isn’t getting the same pains in the morning so I guess it’s helping. I think part of my worry is that the mattress has that comfortable half worn feeling already and that it won’t last, but given the guarantee given I don’t need to worry.


So comfortable...

We bought a zip and lock mattress because my wife and I have different requirements (she prefers soft I prefer medium). The premium we paid was worth every penny because we know have two beds in one and both of us are happy! We are both genuinely staggered about how comfortable this mattress is, after trying expensive memory foam mattresses in the past it is so much cooler and far more supportive. I have lower back pain and it has reduced significantly in the last 3 weeks. Goes to show... you get what you pay for and the fact this is a hand made British Product has made a huge difference.


King of mattresses

I bought the zip and link king size. One soft the other medium. The medium is great support for me as I have hip and back pain. Easy to turn each mattress and then zip them together. No chemicals involved in manufacture so no worries about dangerous fumes. 3250 springs (per single mattress) wow. I'm 6ft 5 and 17 stones and the mattress easily spreads the load over the 3000 micro pocket springs. That's an average of just over 1 ounce per spring. Should last for many years.


Zip and link is a winner

I’m small and sleep on my side. Without a soft mattress for my hips to sink into, I get terrible back ache. My husband is big, and sleeps on his front - he likes a medium-firm mattress. It is hard to find truly soft yet supportive mattresses, but this one is brilliant - finally I can have a lie in, and hubby is happy too. The mattress should be turned every week to begin with, but that’s pretty easy with the zip - I can do it single-handed. Very happy with this choice!


Sleeping on heaven!

We got this a while back, and it’s the best investment ever. Sleep has never been more heavenly! The Zip & Link is a great idea, introduced by MAC at Dreams, since my husband can only sleep on a softer mattress whilst I prefer a firmer one, The Zip & Link is the perfect solution to meet our individual needs! Sleep has never been more comfortable and dreamy like it is ever since purchasing these mattresses. Well Done Dreams!!!


Our best wedding present!

I was a bit sceptical when the Sleepmatch thingy identified this pricey mattress as the best one for us. But deciding to invest the last of the cash that we got for our wedding in this mattress was a sound decision. My lower back pain has disappeared and I’m sleeping well for the first time in about 4 years. (I even set my alarm 5 mins early now so I can start my day enjoying being comfy - cheesy but true!)


should have bought one earlier

had this mattress for a month and what a difference it's made ! both my wife and I wake up in the morning after a comfortable nights sleep - no more aches and pains after a disturbed sleep trying to get comfortable. According to my wife even my snoring has drastically reduced (go figure!) . I would strongly recommend this mattress to anybody. Should have bought one years ago and it is well worth the price.


Love this mattress!

We bought this zip linked super king mattress end January. From the first night my joints no longer ache and I am sleeping so well. My husband took about a week to get used to it but loves it now too. Easy to rotate on a weekly basis and looks to be v well made. V happy with our purchase and would definitely recommend to others. Expensive outlay initially but hoping it will pay off in the long run


Excellent mattress

I bought this mattress very recently and it's been great so far. Was in two minds whether to get this model as it doesn't come with a "firm" option but the medium firm we have is really really good. No hot and bothered nights like in my previous memory foam mattress, unlike foam this seems a lot more airated and fresh. Wasn't cheap but once you sleep on it you know where the money has gone.


Finally Comfortable

My husband and I have tried so many different mattresses - soft, medium, firm, the one that came with the bed, an Emma mattress and all in combination with multiple toppers. With this mattress we are finally comfortable and neither complaining about our backs, our only regret is not coming to Dreams sooner. A big thank you to the lady in your Yeovil store for all her help.


Best Buy Ever

I waited for the bed to be made and was so glad that I did. It is so comfortable and all the aches and pains that I had in the morning are now gone. Firm yet soft and a great night's sleep. It was the top recommendation by the Dreams test bed and it is spot on for each of us. On the expensive side but well worth it. So pleased that it is made in Leeds and is British.


Luxury Mattress gives Luxury Sleep

I bought this mattress a month ago after suffering back ache for weeks on my old one. Its the most expensive mattress I have ever bought but it's definitely a case of getting what you pay for. My backache has gone and I'm getting the best sleep so I'd highly recommend it. It initially feels quite soft but in fact it gives good support and comfort. Well worth the cost.


Love it!

I was fully prepared for not liking my new mattress when it first arrived. You always have that feeling of 'oh no, did I make the right decision, I'm so used to my old mattress!' but I shouldn't have worried. It was perfect, no faults. It supports my lower back and hips and that pain has eased considerably. It is so comfy, not too hard, not too soft, total Goldilocks.


Flaxby Mattress

I bought this mattress 23/12/19. One side is soft for me . The other side is medium for my husband . The mattress handles at the side so it is easy to lift. It is zipped down the middle. I was a bit worried I would feel this, but neither of us can feel this. The mattress is excellent quality. It is very comfortable to sleep on. It is the best mattress I have bought.


Environmentally friendly mattress

This mattress has natural fillings that meet the fire retardant standards without the need for additional chemicals. Excellent. It's very comfortable so far. Possibly not as supported an edge to the mattress as we were hoping for. Nonetheless, we're very happy with it overall. It's expensive but the manufacturing process impressed us and seems to justify the cost.


Most comfortable mattress

I bought this a few weeks ago and delivery was really fast. The mattress is able to be bent slightly which means that it was really easily transported into my bedroom. This is the most comfortable mattress I have had. Had a great nice sleep! Will surely recommend it. Great thing is I found it in clearance so was a really good affordable price.


Excellent mattress, so comfortable

We bought this mattress a month ago after using the in store mattress selector, which suggested we purchase a medium to firm mattress to suit our needs. It has proven to be a really good buy, so comfortable and just the right degree of support, not too hard or too soft. We are both really pleased with it and would highly recommend it.


Very Luxurious

This mattress is like sleeping on a cloud, extremely comfortable shaping to your body contours exactly. Purchased two 3ft mattresses to zip together for use on a superking sized frame. Purchased two different support types one firm one medium my wife and I both get an excellent nights sleep. We would highly recommend these mattresses.


Hotel luxury at home

We received our mattress last month and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Every night it is like getting into a top quality hotel bed. My sleep scores on my fitbit are in the 90's!!! Every night I get into bed and I am annoyed with myself that I didn't go to bed earlier - I used to consider myself as a night owl!!


Great support!

We bought this bed a month ago and decided to go for the Super King - best decision ever! The mattress is "medium" in firmness but offers such great support. This is our 2nd Flaxby bed and definitely not our last, despite being on the higher end price wise and which is reflected in the high quality feel of the product.


Best mattress we ever bought

Very comfortable, no feeling of falling out if lying close to the edge. And I don't get bounced around when my husband turns over! Mind you, it is the most expensive mattress we have ever bought - but we are worth it! You are in it for at least a third of every day of your life, get the best you can afford.


So comfortable

We bought our mattress just before lockdown so had a wait of 3 months but it was worth every minute. It's the most comfortable mattress we've ever owned. It was pricey, but considering the amount of time spent in bed and the support we both need with various conditions, it was a worthy investment.


A great life lesson

I’ve never thought that half of my problems to fall asleep were because of my mattress. After Dreams’ mattress assessment I could find the best mattress in the market that meets my needs. I’ve learnt that there are certain things in the life that give us life quality, good sleep is one of them


Fantastic nights sleep

This is the most expensive mattress I've ever bought and worth every penny. It was comfortable from day one and for the first time in years I've woken up with no aches or stiffness. It has to be rotated each week at first and it's quite heavy for one person to do but the handles help


A quality product

Been using for a couple of weeks now, a touch stiffer than our last mattress, but getting a good nights sleep. It will apparently work it’s way in which I hope will take some of the stiffness out. You can tell that this is well made and I am sure we will have yers of use out of it.


Better night sleep

The mattress is giving us a better night sleep, not sure if we should have gone for the soft mattress we decided to go for the medium. It is early days so the mattress is getting use to our contours & shape. It is certainly a great improvement compared to our previous mattress.


Excellent mattress

I have had my new mattress for 2 weeks now and so far I am very happy with it. It is comfortable, feels luxurious and is well worth the price. The description says it is very heavy so I was concerned it may be difficult to turn however I managed it on my own and I am small.


Very comfortable mattress

We have had this mattress for a month and we find it is cosy but not too warm and supportive (this is a medium hardness quality). It is heavier than I expected but I think this shows the quality of the product and hopefully long lasting. We are very pleased overall.


Slowly getting comfortable!

We’ve had this mattress for a month & it’s just starting to feel comfortable. Felt much more like a firm mattress than a medium mattress for the 1st few weeks. We’ve also had to change our pillows to gain total comfort. Was hoping for more considering the huge price!


This is really comfortable would defo recommend

Some of the best nights sleep I have had. After looking at our options this was the best, a little pricey but still good for the money. Would defo get Super king fitted sheets or large king as the normal ones don’t stay on well due to the thickness of the mattress


Great sleep

I Purchased the mattress 3 weeks ago the salesman was helpful and knowledgeable as were the delivery team. The mattress is really comfortable and can honestly say I'm now having a really good night's sleep no more stiff back in the morning; wonderfull


Great night’s sleep

I have had this mattress for the past 3 weeks and my sleep has improved immensely. I used to toss & turn on my old mattress but this new one is so comfortable that as soon as my head hits the pillow I am asleep. I wake up refreshed & ready for the day.


Good nights sleep at last

Needed a new mattress as both husband and I had back and shoulder aches every morning. After trying a number of mattresses in the shop we decided on this mattress. No more aches in the morning. Best decision we've ever made regarding mattress purchase.


Sleep easy...

This is our second of these mattresses. We got a bigger bed and wouldn’t consider any other mattress. The mattress is so soft and comfortable it almost hugs you as you sleep. It’s very hard to get out of bed! The best mattress we have ever had.


Comfort & Luxury no question!

Although this mattress was a little more expensive that I intended to pay, I am so pleased that I did purchase it as it is so comfortable and so much more luxurious than my old worn out one, that I now don't want to get up in the mornings!!


Great quality

I bought this mattress and have had the best nights sleep ever. It contours to my body, it's supportive of my joints and it is deep and luxurious. I would recommend this mattress for its comfort, quality and high standard workmanship.


Flaxby Nature's Finest 6500 DNAir Mattress

Although we had to wait longer for the delivery due to Covid we are delighted with the quality and comfort of the mattress . Its not till you sleep on when you realise how less comfortable the last one was. Very well packaged .


Sleep Easy

I love my new bed. My health has not been so good of late but to end the day with my Flaxby has been just what the doctor ordered. It seems to take the shape of my body and enclose my aching back with its interior. I love it


Like sleeping on a feather

I ordered this mattress to ease discomfort and sleep deprivation following abdominal surgery. Wow. What a difference! I feel like I am floating as I drift off to sleep. The comfort this matress provides is worth every penny.


So comfy

We tested several mattresses in the showroom which had been recommended but this showed such quality. After about a week, it started to shape itself and is so comfortable, and we are experiencing really good night sleeps.


Expensive, but get what you pay for

We got a super king and, while it came close to breaking the bank, it has facilitated good nights sleep ever since we bought it. If this lasts the 15 years we were told it would, this will prove to be worth every penny.


Perfect night's sleep

We have had our new mattress for a month and what a difference. Our old mattress was about 15 years old, so due change, but what a change, it's a 'dream!!'. Only trouble is I dont want to get out of bed now :-)


Excellent Comfortable Mattress

I bought my mattress 2 weeks ago having been assessed on Sleep Match in store. I’m delighted with my new mattress. It was the perfect match for me as my back pain has disappeared. So great to wake up pain free.


Hand made delight!

I've had the wonderful experience of this matress now for 15 nights sleep and what a sleep it has been.... It speaks for it's self when your child comes in for morning cuddles and ends up back asleep... Bliss!


Unbelievable comfort

Didn’t intend to spend as much as I did on a mattress but once we tried it nothing else matched up. Have never had such a comfy nights sleep ever find myself going to bed earlier just to enjoy the comfort


Super King Super Comfortable!!

Bought this mattress 3 weeks ago and it’s amazing! I’ve had the worst back problems and was struggling sleeping but since this arrived I’ve had the best nights sleep in an age! Worth every single penny ??


Great features

Have been sleeping on my new mattress for a month now, and cannot believe how comfortable it is compared to my 5 year old orthapeidic one i had. From my first night on it i have had great night s sleep.


Great nights sleep

Had this a month now and sleeping pattern has certainly improved. The mattress is so comfy for both of us and not hot like our memory foam one. Best investment we've spent in a long tome


Extremely well made mattress

We have only been sleeping on this mattres for two weeks up to now. But so far absolutely lovely to sleep on. Made a big difference to our sleep pattern and waking up more refreshed .


Sheer heaven!

I bought this mattress two weeks ago and can’t believe the difference it’s made to how both me and my husband are sleeping. It’s wonderful, great support, comfortable and very luxurious.


I can finally sleep in comfort

I bought this a month ago and since it arrived I have finally been able to sleep well. Mattress is so comfortable and my shoulders are no longer hurting. Very pleased and well worth it.



At first found the mattress difficult to get used to after my previous one. I recently had an operation and now find it more comfortable that I would expect from a top quality product


Natures finest Mattress

Brilliant Mattress with all the support and comfort we need, took probably a week to get use to the change with the support but now really pleased and wouldn't go back to our old one.


A Dream

This is the first mattress that I have ever bought in the past 60years that has felt great from the first night. I has now been 5 weeks and I have complete faith in this product.


Great mattress.

I bought this mattress to fit on a sprung slatted metal bed frame which I also purchased. The mattress is wonderful so comfortable, the best nights sleep I’d had for a long time.


Excellent quality and comfort

Love this mattress. Having suffered with constant pain in my hips, back and neck at night for years, i am now delighted to be pain free and getting great uninterrupted sleep.


Super Comfy

Laying on this mattress will be the most comfortable sleep you've had. The option to have it both medium and soft is perfect for couples who each like a different firmness.


Best mattress

we tried lots of different mattresses but me and my wife both agreed this one was the best it so comftable and it just moulds around your body we are both so happy with it


Great nights sleep

We’ve had this mattress now for two weeks and had the best nights sleep for years! To not wake up hurting and aching is an absolute joy. Only wish we had bought it sooner


Great Comfort

Had this mattress a couple of weeks now and it provides support with comfort. There are cheaper mattresses available but this apppears to well worth that little extra.


Good support for my back

Best nights sleep , you dont know you need a new mattress til you actually get one! My back has been so much better since we purchased this mattress , so glad we did



I bought this mattress about a month ago and am so impressed. It’s fantastically comfortable. The quality is excellent and I’ve had the best nights sleep in years!!!


Incredible comfort

Very impressed by this fantastic matress; sleeping so much better, wish I'd bought one years ago.Love that it suits both of us, my side being softer and so comfy.


Really comfortable.

We get a great night’s sleep. Initially worried that it was too firm after our old bed but no problems. Gives great support and no aches or pains in the morning.


Simply Amazing

Absolutely the best bed I have ever had. A little pricey but seriously the best nights sleep ever. Used the sleep match machine and this was perfect for me.


So so comfortable

We waited too long to get a new mattress, now I find I want to stay in bed rather than get up out of what I have realised was uncomfortable bed.


Super comfy

I bought the medium firmness mattress and it suits me to a tee. I used sleepmatch and it suggested it would be a good one for me personally.


superb features,excellent quality,wonderfully comf

purchased this superb matterss a month ago after many sleepless and uncomfortable nights on our previous one. best purchase we have made .


Great nights sleep

The mattress is so soft and comfortable yet firm. Best night sleep that I have had for a long time and my hips don't hurt in bed anymore!


We're both happy

I like a firm bed, my husband likes a soft bed, but this mattress keeps up both happy. Feels very supportive, had it for 4 weeks now.


So comfortable!

So happy with this. Got the exact same one in double a few years ago, moved house and got a king size bed. Had to get the exact same one


Firm but comfortable

I purchased new bed and mattress for spare room. Have only tried out the mattress and it would appear to be satisfactory.


Most comfortable mattress

It really is very comfortable. I sleep on my side and my other half sleeps on his back. It is comfortable for both of us!


Suits us both

Overdue for mattress change, lots of choice but choose this one after many tries and help from Dave in Norwich Dreams.


Perfect mattress for me

So glad I bought this mattress, was more than I intended to pay, but so glad I went for it. Much better nights sleep


Beautifully made

Slept two weeks on my new mattress and never realised just how uncomfortable my old mattress was ! Sheer luxury! X


Super comfortable

We bought this mattress after trying it in store. It is excellent. Soft yet supportive and extremely comfortable.


Great service

Very happy with the service I received from dreams. Hassle free from purchasing to delivery and a great product


Flaxby 6500 Dnair Mattress

Sleeping like a baby now. I'm happy that a new mattress has made such a difference to the quality of my sleep.


looks great

i have had the mattress a couple of weeks now and it is the best we have ever bought sleeping better than ever


Excellent comfort

I've had this a month and always fall asleep within minutes of getting into bed and wake up feeling refreshed


Amazing comfort

I bought this about 12 months ago and loved it bought another one for my spare room that I spend time in too.


Heaven !

This mattress has transformed our sleeping experience- it's like sleeping on a giant marshmallow! Heavenly !



Bought this product 7 weeks ago, would recommend, lovely quality and finish, wish I had bought it last year


Really comfortable but supportive.

After months of disturbed sleep,& back pain, I now sleep so well that I need an alarm clock to wake me up.


Very comfortable

Really pleased with the quality and comfort; we’ll worth the investment as no more stuff backs on waking .


Amazingly comfy

I bought this recently and it’s so comfy, no problem getting to sleep. Very soft and lovely to sleep on.


Luxurious mattress

Iv has this a couple of weeks now and it’s amazing. It is so comfy whilst supportive at the same time.


Super Mattress

Super comfy Soft Mattress Well finished, with handles on all sides so easy to rotate Brilliant :)


DN Air mattess

I bought this 20th December 2019, I am very please well worth the money, having great nights sleep.


Heavenly mattress

Beautifully made, so comfy and supportive and a great delivery service - - would highly recommed


Like a cloud

Best mattress I have ever bought. Has done wonders for my back! It’s like sleeping on a cloud


Just Brilliant

We had this for two weeks and it’s brill, we not had a bad night sleep since it was delivered


Lovely comfy mattress

I am more than happy with my mattress but still getting used to it as only had it 3 weeks now


Great Night Sleep

We have had this mattress about three weeks now and what a quality item, great night sleep.


comfortable mattress

really comfortable mattress would recommend to anybody thinking about getting a new one

Questions and Answers About Flaxby Natures Finest 6500 DNAir Mattress

Good morning, we have received the mattress and are very happy with our purchase. Do we need a mattress protector on it and if so what would you recommend? Ideally we would want one that prevents heat.

Answer: , Yes, we do recommend using a mattress protector to prolong the life of your mattress. If you are looking for one to prevent heat, we offer the Flaxby Quilted Pure Cotton protector which is made from naturally breathable materials. We also sell the TheraPur Cool mattress protector, made from 100% quilted cotton and fibre filling for breathability and temperature regulation. You can find both protectors at the following link: Kind regards Dreams

Hi there, I have just purchased this mattress and awaiting deliver, having read some reviews on trust pilot, I am worried there are lots of reviews that say this mattress sags after approx 18mths and becomes very uncomfortable to sleep on. Am I covered?

Answer: , The Flaxby range comes with a 5 year guarantee. If you wish to extend this, we offer Bed Cover which you can add to your order up until delivery. You can do this by contacting our customer service department. if you would like to read more about it please visit: Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi. Could you tell me which side should be used on this mattress. Both looks like the same not sure Thanks. And what type of mattress recommend for male 100 kg

Answer: , The mattress surface that should be used is the side the label is sewn into. We would recommend to visit a local store to use our Sleepmatch machine to find which mattress would be most suitable. Many thanks Dreams

What firmness would you recommend for a 5'10 67kg male?

Answer: , We wouldnt be able to recommend a mattress over Q&A. What we would advised is reading our mattress buying guide or alternativly you can visit your local store and try out our SleepMatch machine. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can I flip over a Flaxby 6000 mattress instead of rotating? 

Answer: , Unfortunately this mattress is single-sized and cannot be flipped over. Kind regards Dreams

Will you take away my old mattress?

Answer: Hi , Yes we would, at an additional cost. Prices vary dependent upon size. Thank you.

What is the manufacturers guarantee for these mattresses?

Answer: Good Evening, There is a manufacturers guarantee of 5 years on this mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

What’s the weight of a king size mattress? 

Answer: , This mattress will weigh 52kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

How many kg is the double mattress?

Answer: Hi , This double mattress is 45kg. Thank you.

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