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Eliza Sofa Bed

Eliza Sofa Bed

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Pros & Cons

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  • Stylish design that adds aesthetic value to your room.
  • Highly functional and easily transformable for regular use, proving its worth.
  • Presents satisfactory comfort levels for occasional guest accommodations.
  • Offers quality and comfort that surpass several other similar models in the market, providing an edge in value for money.
  • Ideal for a comfortable single sleep experience, according to the overall consensus
  • Some customers found the Eliza Sofa Bed to be harder than expected, potentially compromising the comfort levels for long term use.
  • There were observations that the size of the pull-out bed was more suitable for a single sleeper, despite being advertised as a double bed.
  • General consensus from reviews is that this sofa bed is preferable for occasional use rather than for regular or extended sleeping periods.

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Why our sleep experts loved it

Every home needs the versatility that a dual-purpose piece of furniture offers. An ideal piece that marries functionality with style is the indispensable sofa bed. One such sofa bed that has been making waves for its remarkable blend of comfort and visual appeal is the Eliza Click Clack Sofa Bed. With its click clack opening function and timeless design, it's a seamless addition to living spaces that crave a minimalist touch. So, we decided to put to test this sofa bed, and in this article, we'll unwrap our comprehensive findings and insights.

How we tested

With the perfect locale — a Benson for Beds store, we delved into an intensive analysis of the Eliza Sofa Bed. The test spanned over a couple of weeks during which we meticulously observed its performance. We experienced the sofa bed both as a comfortable seating area during the day, and as a makeshift bed at night. To gauge its suitability, we analysed comfort levels and ease of transition from a sofa to a bed.

Design and features

The Eliza Sofa Bed stands proudly with a sleek, but classic design that effortlessly gels with any contemporary home setting. Available in two colour variants of Slate Grey and Navy Blue, this sofa bed infuses a dash of chic elegance. A prominent feature that struck us is its simple 'click clack' function - making the transformation from a cosy sofa to a welcoming bed a breeze. Adding to its appeal is the fine stitch detail on the backrest that is impressively complementative with the light wood-effect legs, lending it a modern Scandi look.


Construction is a vital aspect when it comes to sofa beds, considering they serve a dual purpose. The Eliza Sofa Bed excels in this department. Made with woven fabric, the sofa bed sports an impressively sturdy and durable design that supports regular wear and tear. The support legs, neatly tucked away in the back of the sofa bed, are easy to unzip and provide stability to the structure when used as a bed.


As a three-seater sofa, the Eliza Sofa Bed is quite comfortable and spacious. When transformed into a bed, it comfortably sleeps two, making it an ideal pick for homes with frequent guests. For daily bed usage though, it's best to consider it as a single bed, given the compact sleeping space when compared to a standard double bed.

What customers thought

The Eliza Sofa Bed has largely received happy nods from its users. A majority of our customer review pool commented on its good looks and functional attribute that met their needs. Users noted the sturdy construction and the comfortable space it offered when used as a single bed. However, a few customers felt disappointed considering it as a daily double bed. The consensus concludes it as a worthwhile investment, especially for those seeking a sofa bed for occasional use, calling it a comfortable and smart piece of furniture, with notable value for money.

The verdict

After thoroughly assessing the Eliza Sofa Bed, we were inclined to agree with our customers. It’s a fine piece of furniture that balances style, comfort, and functionality. While it might not be the perfect choice for a daily double bed, it is undeniably an excellent choice as an occasional bed or as a comfortable single. The simple transformation from a sofa to a bed, coupled with its sumptuous design and reliable construction, makes the Eliza Sofa Bed a great addition to any modern scheme of decor.

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Here's how the product performs based on the materials and composition when compared to other products of similar price point. These measurements are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algorithmic data points and our own hands on experience.


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3.83 - 6 reviews

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S Young
via Bensons For Beds
Really happy with this sofa bed. It's comfortable, but definitely only for occasional use. Easy to pull out to a small bed, haven't slept on it yet but feels comfortable enough for occasional guests. It is really good value for money. Some other sofabeds I tried that were similar click-clack style were not as good quality and not as comfortable. looks really smart.
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Image of the post author
Verified Reviewer
via Bensons For Beds
Great so far. Great value for our spare bedroom. Turning it into a more useable space. Feels sold and only time will tell. If it gets worn out we shall be back to Bensons.
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Image of the post author
via Bensons For Beds
Comfortable sofa/single bed for regular use in spare room. Worth the money!!
Image of the post author
Verified Reviewer
via Bensons For Beds
Looks good and serves the purpose it was bought for. Thank you
Image of the post author
via Bensons For Beds
Not really a double bed! Really a nice single.
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