Doze Premium Traditional Spring Mattress - Medium

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Brand: Doze
Code: 113-00469
Retailer: DreamsDreams
Height/Depth: 19cm
Updated: 8/17/2019 12:22:21 PM
4/5 - 40 reviews
Rated 4/5 based on 40 customer reviews


What Makes It Great

I bought this mattress about a month ago and started using it 3 weeks ago. I got it in a sale and was slightly dubious because of the price - I thought it may be more basic than the expensive mattresses. However I couldn’t have been more wrong!! This mattress is literally a ‘dream’!! It’s very very comfy and both myself and my partner love it. I would say it’s of medium firmness; it’s not rock hard but you also don’t completely sink into it. I suffer with fibromyalgia and back & neck problems, and I have to say that this mattress has done wonders for my conditions. It has enough support for my back, as well as being firm enough not to sink completely into it which would cause my back problems to be worse. My partner has no problems and he still finds it very comfy. I would recommend this mattress highly and it is amazing value for money. If you are starting up in a new home like us as a younger couple and are a little strapped for cash - this is perfect. As a side note - the delivery was also fantastic, the drivers were ever so polite and took our mattress to the room of our choice (and took their shoes off without us even asking which was so polite of them).

Soft touch covers are commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

Memory foam is without a doubt much more comfortable than many other types of filling offered while being able to offer both support and a rebound effect that encapsulates your body

The weight of this product comes in at 18kg, easy enough for one person to comfortably move and rotate to prolongue the life of the product

The double comes in at slightly heavier, maybe necessary for 2 people in order to comfortable rotate and flip while trying to get the best out of the product. Make sure you have a 2-man delivery as this might be a struggle getting to your bedroom

Questions and Answers

What is the depth of the memory foam layer?

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The memory foam layer is 4cm in depth. Kind regards, Dreams

I recently opened this up but it doesn't seem like it has expanded properly? Seems saggy in the corners, unlike the one we already have. Thanks Sophia

Answer: We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. We would recommend that you contact our customer service team who will be able to help you here. Kind Regards, Dreams

How deep is this pkease 

Answer: Hi , This is 19cm deep. Thank you for your question.

Can you remove the outer cover of the mattress and machine wash it? 

Answer: Hi Marie79, Unfortunately you can't remove the outer cover to wash it. Kind Regards, Giedre

I recently bought the traditional premium spring mattress, but I am not sure which is the top of the mattress and which is the bottom. Both sides seems the same but I am assuming that the springs are located at the bottom of the mattress.

Answer: Hi , This is to rotate only and not to be turned over, there is only one way up for this mattress and the label should be facing upwards. Thank you for your question.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 review

Super comfy

Bought this for my 11yr old son as his old mattress was in dire need of replacement. He's had it just under a month now and not once has he complained of a bad night's sleep. His first night on it was (his words) "Really, really comfortable. No back ache this morning dad!" It arrived rolled up in a vacuum pack so was very easy to get upstairs and into his small bedroom then up onto his cabin bed. I expected it to spring open and catapult me across the room as soon as the package was opened. Instead I was pleasantly surprised as it slowly expanded. I left it alone while we set about building our own new bed (separate review) before putting on the bed sheets and not even telling him it was on his bed. As soon as he got into bed a big grin appeared as he realised that the new mattress we had promised him was now a reality.

Wake up with back pain!

I bought this mattress on the recommendation of a friend just over a year ago and although it has maintained the softness from the foam on the outside the middle foam softness has dissapeard and all I can feel is the springs. It has become so uncomfortable, the springs dig into my back and I wake up with back and hip pain each morning. I have even tried turning the mattress as the label suggests but its the same either way. When I first got it I didn't have this problem at all, but it has become noticably worse and sod's law it is now out of warranty!!

Great product, horrendous chemical stench (VOCs)

Bought this for my child and spent a little more than the anticipated budget, but am so far satisfied with the quality and Dreams service. However be warned; the mattress is supplied rolled/vacuum sealed, and lets off high VOCs for days once unwrapped. It couldn't be used for the first few days such was the strength of noxious emissions and still, nearly a week later shows little sign of abating. If it doesn't subside soon it will have to returned as it poses a clear health hazard.

Springs dig in

Worse mattress I've experienced. You might as well sleep on bare springs. Give me a knot. Can't sleep on it. Is it meant to be this uncomfortable... No width when stand on the corner of the mattress on the floor it sinks umder your foot... I am not paying £40 to exchange or return can spend in memory foam topper which hopefully resolve every spring digging into me. You can feel every individual spring. I got as thought it a happy medium of both memory foam and springs.

Not a medium mattress at all!

My husband bought this mattress a week ago and I am now suffering with severe back pain. This mattress is sold as medium firmness when infact it is as firm as our floor. Extremely disappointed. We chose to go to a big company which specialises in beds and mattresses to ensure we would be getting a good quality product. I feel like we have spent good money on a product well below par.

Great mattress

This is a top quality mattress. We bought it a few weeks ago now, so we’ve had plenty of time to test it out. It is so comfortable - although quite firm, the memory foam layer makes it soft and comfortable as well. Was worried that being open spring it might not be good enough, but I’d no need to worry - it feels as good as any top quality mattress. We highly recommend this product.

Worst mattress ever!

Brought this mattress 3 weeks ago and haven't had a good night's sleep on it once. Mattress firmness is medium however it is that hard I would be better off sleeping on the floor. Memory foam does not give at all or mould to the body instead causes painful hips and back . Don't waste money on this mattress just sleep on a lump of concrete instead. It's the same.

Very comfy, good night's sleep on it

I bought my Doze Premium mattress last month and I have slept much better because of it. Its a great replacement for my old foam mattress. The pocket springs and memory foam combi work very well together, very comfortable, and well worth the investment. Good value for money for something that is intended to last around 8 years.

Worst mattress ever

The worst mattress I have slept on I wouldn’t even let a dog sleep there . Have had this mattress for Over a week now and I feel like the springs are coming out and digging into my skin.I feel like I am sleeping on a bed of thrones.I am not paying £40 for delivery for something that is clearly safety issues

Very comfortable

With a restrictive budget, we searched high and low for a comfy mattress and Dreams had this on display. It is, paraphrasing Goldilocks, not too soft, nor too hard, but just right. It arrived in a roll and still looked 'squished ' and curved when laid flat, but after a day it had settled itself.

Take away today!

We were looking for a mattress on somewhat of a budget, the customer service advisor was both friendly and helpful, guiding us to products that would suit. This is a great mattress, both soft and supportive at the same time! Great product and value!


I bought this mattress last week 7/1/18, because my mattress was so uncomfortable and I am so pleased I did. I have slept so well this last week on the new mattress. It is so comfortable I am having such a great sleep in there that I am not used to.

Comfy enough mattress

Bought for my son's bed and he seems happy enough with it. Have spent a few nights trying it myself when he was away as I am planning to buy myself a new mattress too. It is certainly a contender but am not rushing into any decisions yet.

Never slept so good !

Bought for 13 year old son who says it’s the best mattress ever - really comfortable & having had a good nights sleep, doesn’t wake up tired. Very helpful service in High Wycombe branch & available to take away at time of visit.

Lovely !

I bought this about a month ago, and it’s brilliant. The people who delivered it were excellent and brought it in and upto the bedroom. It’s provided a great nights sleep and excellent support. Would 100% recommend this product

Soft and springy

My 12 year old son wanted this mattress as it has some boing. He finds my own memory foam one too hard. He tried a few in the shop but settled on this one. Glad it was discounted as the full price is exp3 I think.

Well made bed

Bought this just over a month ago and consider it a well made bed good finish and sturdy. My only criticism was the assembly instructions which werent altogether accurate so took a little longer to assemble.

Comfortable and versatile

This is a very comfortable mattresses, there is a firm side and a soft memory side. My night sleeps have indeed inproved drastically. Definately get more quality than what you pay for. Good price. Impressed.

Super soft

Brought this in store, staff were very helpful. Mattress not delivered yet as still decorating so can't comment on the quality of mattress but staff really helpful arranging delivery date that suited me.

Very comfortable!

I bought this around a month ago and have not had a bad nights sleep since. Great customer servicr, great delivery and extremely comfy mattress! Only downside is its now harder to get out of bed!

Very comfy

I bought this for my seven (nearly eight) year old daughter, to replace a fairly firm foam mattress. She says “it’s very comfortable and squishy” and has slept much better since.

Great Product for the price

I really like this mattress; it's super comfy and supports me well. Not comparable to the most expensive mattresses, but very good quality for the price you pay.

Very comfortable

A memory foam mattress might not suit everyone but we find it very comfortable to sleep on. Also convenient that we could bring the mattress home from the store.

A very comfortable matress

I bought this matress for the master bedroom and I am very pleased with it. It is quite firm so you are not sinking into it, which is what I like.

Great mattress

Really quiet mattress, very comfortable to sleep on. Have had problems with back ache in the past but have been very pleased with this mattress

Soooo comfortable

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago and have had a great nights sleep ever since. It’s very comfortable. Very happy with this purchase.

Great Service Listened Got a Sale

Walked in , greeted instantly, got our requirements and price range , then got both and a sale Great job and had our custom Thank you

Sooooo comfy

I bought 2 of these mattresses for my daughter's and so far both have said it's the best nights sleep they have had in ages.

Extremely Comfortable!

i bought this about a month ago and it’s great the mattress is very comfortable and i am so happy with purchasing it

Very comfy

We've had 4 good nights sleep on this mattress. Perfect for spare room so I know my guests will be comfortable.

Great item

I bought it for my little boy he’s very happy with it and the staff are very friendly and helpfull

Sooo comfortable

Bought this for daughter room , I know teenagers like to sleep but she would stay in this all day!

Great quality and really comfortable!

I bought this last month and definetly we are happy about the new matters! Good value!

Comfortable Mattress

I recently bought this mattress for my son's bedroom which he found very comfortable

Very comfy

Bought this for my daughter and she finds it very comfy. Would recommend.

I love it

My first memory foam mattress and my first full night's sleep for years!

My daughter loves it!

I bought this a month ago and my daughter loves it. Finds it very comfy.

Comfy and economical!

Lovely comfy, but firm mattress that doesn't cost a bomb

Was worth buying - very comfortable

Very good, most comfortable nights sleep in a long time