Doze Aria Foam Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 434 customer reviews
Doze Aria Foam Mattress

Doze Aria Foam Mattress

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Becky's Thoughts On The Doze Aria Foam Mattress

This Aria Foam Mattress is one of the newest in the new Doze range and is quickly proving itself to be one of the better sellers among Dreams customers. For those that don't know, Doze is a fairly new brand, first entering the market back in 2019 and sold exclusively through Dreams online channels. This foam mattress features premium support and is one of the more well-reviewed in the line-up.

We're going to be breaking down the components of this mattress below to give a better understanding of what we're dealing with, starting with the comfort layer. For those that don't know, the comfort layer is the top part of the mattress which you lay on and in this instance is made up of a deep and luxurious premium memory foam of generous helping. Memory foam has been used in mattresses for a number of years, first rising to fame after being developed by NASA and shortly after began its use as a means of comfort within everything from mattresses to shoes.  You will find this layer sinks and responds to every one of your movements, hugging you as you sleep and offering unrivalled comfort that many regard as sharing similarities to sleeping on a cloud. 

Foam is one of the most popular comfort layers and the ideal material for mattresses because it provides a spongey feel which contours to your body, mimicking the feel of far more expensive products.

Onto the base support layer and this is entirely foam in nature and contours sufficiently to the user, allowing fair body contouring and enough support to be comfortable. The prime benefit of a foam core is that it can be easily compressed, this is great because it means that it can be stored rolled from the factory, reducing delivery and logistical overheads and allowing those savings to be passed on to you resulting in a premium mattress at a less than premium price, everybody wins.

With a firm comfort grade, this mattress will be suitable for many while helping support the back and neck. Those that are underweight or sleep on their sides should perhaps consider a softer mattress but for those of average weight or whom sleep on their back, this firmness should prove comfortable and well-suited.

Reviews for this mattress are good with many buying for children but also proving suitable for many adults. Many people comment on the great disparity between cost and quality, remarking on the deep memory foam layers and great nights sleep to be had from the Doze Aria Foam Mattress. 

By default the mattress comes with a standard 1 year guarantee, typical for the industry. Dreams have recently launched the ability to upgrade your guarantee which may prove useful for those looking for further reassurance.

Reasons to Buy

  • Customers seem to love this mattress with an impressive 500+ reviews to date pulling in an impressive 95% customer satisfaction score. That tells us that the vast majority of those polled absolutely love this product and everything it has to offer. 
  • Other pros relate to it's ease to get up stairs, particularly if you have tight stairways that would otherwise prove difficult to navigate with a traditional full size product.
  • Dreams have recently launched a 40 night sleep guarantee which means that they will exchange this mattress should you not be happy with it. This is particularly encouraging as a mattress is a big decision and typically has a lifespan of around 7-8 years, so you want to sleep with confidence. This sleep guarantee assures that and means you can buy today and be completely satisfied.
  • The memory foam can be particularly warming and is ideal for those that find themselves getting cold at night. Suitable too for those that are indifferent at night however, we would advise caution for those that already get hot at night as memory foam does not have particularly breathable properties.

Reasons to Avoid

  • There may be a slight odour when unrolling the mattress that may last for up to 24 hours, this is common for many rolled mattresses and is not indicative of any issues or problems, rather, the smell will simply dissipate shortly after and be ready for use.
  • Further to this, rolled mattresses often require a few hours to fully "inflate" when opened, it's important that this time is adhered to as it can impact the comfort and support layer should you interfere with it while opening.

What Makes The Doze Aria Foam Mattress Great?

Comfort Grade - Firm

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Comfort Grade - Medium

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Soft touch knitted cover

Soft touch covers are commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

Soft-touch knitted cover

Soft touch covers are commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top

Premium supportive foam filling

Premium foam mattress

A rival to many of the new premium foam bed-in-a-box mattresses from the likes of Eve, Simba, Casper and more. this mattress comes with ultra high premium memory foam to ensure you get the perfect nights sleep.

About Doze

The Doze mattresses come in a variety of firmness tensions and materials. Unique to Dreams, these mattresses are available with pocket springs and memory foam depending on the particular model. Regardless of which mattress you choose, Doze mattresses use good quality materials and a low budget cost, giving you and consumers just like you an ideal nights sleep for a very fair price. With a guarantee as standard, you have peace of mind.

Rolled for convenience

Roll up mattresses, also known as bed-in-a-box mattresses are fairly new to the scene, first cropping up via the likes of Eve and Simba back in 2016. Since then there has been a rise in popularity due to their lower price point (due to delivery and storage costs) and their convenience for getting up stairs. Typically these mattresses have much the same support and comfort as a traditional mattress even with the positive points mentioned.

Customer Reviews For The Doze Aria Foam Mattress

Based on 434 review

Perfect mattress

I brought this for my daughter a month ago as we were out to g her into her first single bed. We had seen so many option online with other retailers but we wanted to test it ourselves so we knew what we were buying. We Went into store and a gentlemen came up to us straight away asking if we needed assistance. He took us straight to the section showed us our options and spoke about each one etc. We didn't know this but as our daughter had a misleeper bed we had to have a certain depth to the mattress thankful to this man for letting us know this otherwise we wouldn't of had a clue. He let us test each mattress. We brought our mattress for £110 as there was also a deal on at the time. The mattress is confortable and my daughter loves it she will sleep a solid 12 hours. Even better we managed to take it home and it was rolled up and able to fit in our boot. Huge thanks to the gentleman that served us in the Southampton store. We will be back soon to purchase our mattress.


Great mattress

I bought this mattress for my daughter. We didn't want an expensive one and we wanted a mattress that we could take away with us straight away, so we opted for this memory foam one. We were well advised in the store and told to take it out of its packaging as soon as possible and leave it to 'air'. This, we found, was great advise, as, due to the fire retardant properties, the mattress was unbelievably smelly. We placed it by some opened windows for roughly 24 hours until the smell became bearable, and then used it. My daughter has a wooden 'frame' bed that was once bunk beds and the mattress is a little too wide and an inch short, but we just have to push the mattress down a little to get it into the frame. This, in no way, detracts from the quality of the product. My daughter has slept really well since she started using the mattress and it is light weight when changing the bed sheets.


Splendid night's sleep

I bought two of these last month to replace mattresses on our children's beds. They came recommended by Granny - both children had commented on how well they had slept on a sleepover and we decided to emulate Granny! At such a good price, with free delivery, they were the perfect option. As they come rolled up, they are light and portable. They bounce back into shape easily but I admit the smell took longer to dissipate than expected. They lay in a room with the window open for several days. However, both children reported splendid night's sleep and they are firm enough that when reading a bedtime story, you don't sink. Would definitely recommend.


Extremely pleased

My daughter has actually commented on how comfortable this mattress is.. without promt.. twice!(she's thirteen). I was advised to allow the mattress to expand in a well ventilated room for 6 hours, by the delivery guy. The website advises a different time. So, i looked up the manufacturers advice, and aired it for 48 hours. This particular mattress will not need to be flipped, instead it is recommended that we rotate occasionally-equal distribution. I would 100% recommend thid product, and i will definitely order from dreams beds again. Their customer service and updates are outstanding. I couldn't be more pleased with my overall experience.


Unbelievable comfort! For our two young boys

I bought this two months ago for our youngest of 2 years and he’s had the best nights sleep ever it has help know end as he didn’t sleep much in previous mattress ( which was a cot bed) but know the whole house gets a great sleep now! Very breathable and superbly hygienic! We even went out and got another one for our eldest it’s absolutely perfect, thank you dreams ! You’ve done it again!! The guys at dreams in Gloucester at the peel centre were very approachable and helped in finding us the right solution for our sleepless nights. They are a huge credit to your company and I will be recommending.



I was at my wits end trying to get my 6 year old son to sleep. Every mattress we tried he said was uncomfortable. I went into the Dreams store and told them the saga but didnt want to spend a fortune for him not to sleep! I was recommended this mattress , I thought for the price what have I got to loose ( more sleep! Lol) It was wrapped up very compact and fit on the back seat of my car, easy to unpack and made the bed up quickly. My son went to bed as normal and went straight to sleep....... he said it is the best mattress ever! Thank you Dreams....... no more sleepless nights in my house :-)


Great mattress

Great mattress! Bought this for our spare room. It's quite firm when you first lay on it, which feels strange as I'm used to a mattress that molds around your body shape and you sink into it. Overall I think it's a comfy mattress. I managed to get an ex display so was lucky enough not to pay full price but still think it's reasonably priced at the RRP. I received great customer service, very friendly and really helpful, I've never been into a bed shop to purchase a mattress before so the shops assistants were happy to help with my many questions and decision making. Thank you!



I've had this product for a couple of months now and I can honestly say it provides the best nights sleep I've had in years! I'm prone to back pain and I no longer have to take pain relief, it's solved the issue. I did however only get to sit on the mattress before buying and it was very comfy, but after getting it home that first night was absolute bliss. It continues to provide the best possible support and comfort for the price, and was definitely worth upping my budget. Outstanding! Will definitely recommend Dreams


Surprisingly comfortable mattress for a steal!

We were looking for a mattress for the overcab bed in our motor home. Having tried various standard mattresses that were too deep and not very comfortable we happened on this slim Doze Aria and it’s perfect. It’s both lightweight and extremely comfortable and one doesn’t usually lead to the other! It feels great too. Having purchased the warranty we also have real peace of mind from Dreams. This product is really worth considering for the guest bedroom or motor home and caravans that require a 4’6” mattress.


Firm with some give

Hopefully this doesn't sound like too much of an oxymoron, but often a firm mattress is like sleeping on hard ground and makes me wonder why I bothered to buy a mattress in the first place. This mattress is firm enough that I can sleep on my front (My natural sleeping position), but it's got just enough give that I can lie on my back comfortably for a nice audio book before sleep. The only downside is that you can see the design through a white sheet, but that doesn't bother me too much.


Great bed nice colour

What a bed everything about this bed is good nice colour and build very well storage is good and strong looks expensive and is well made am very happy always buying beds from dream last long and well made,I went for the light colour is a material not a leather colour is light grey lovely and very happy it was very difficult to build up looks strong and feels strong,great service from dreams,am not sure if the black is leather look because the grey is not just so no one gets confused.


Complete comfort

I do not usually write reviews but this time, I have put pen to paper ( yes I know) This has got to be the best mattress I have ever bought and experienced it’s sheer comfort and having used it for several weeks, it has noticeably made a difference to my back and joint pain. I read words like mine and often poopoo them as poppycock. But I’m converted. Great quality, well made and does what it says on the tin ( I know) It’s mid afternoon. Bright sunny warm day. I’m off to bed lol


Soooo comfy

went to buy the mattress for my mum in law, she cant manage stairs and doesnt like lifts either. i went upstairs to choose the mattress for her and asked the guy if it waspossible to bring it down so she could see it and lay down on it, he did with no fuss ! The mattress is being used on an electric bed and moves nicely with the mechanism with no kinks to the mattress when sitting the bed up. Mum said its the best night sleep shes had in ages, and shes not an easy lady to please.


Best night sleep

Best nights sleep I have had in years! As this comes vacuum packed once it arrived I was tentative to how I felt about it as it looked so thin and lethargic but my god leave it for 6 hours to expand and get air it hugs your body to force the best nights sleep upon you. There is a chemical smell when it first comes out of the packaging but please don’t think this is how it will be forever, give it ventilation and time and if you’re like me it will be the best night sleep ever.


Super comfy

We bought the single mattress to upgrade my sons old spring mattress, we tried a few out in the shop with the help of one of the very knowledgeable staff, eventually my son chose this mattress and we were able to take it home the same day, once home it was as simple as opening the packaging and letting the mattress take shape, by the evening it was ready and since then my son has not complained once about his bed, one happy customer.


Not to size

Bought this for my sons cabin bed 3 weeks ago. I rung the shop to enquire how long it would take for it to “grow” as it was around 10cms too short. They assured me it would a few days which was fine. However it is still too short for the cabin bed by roughly 5cms. The quality of the mattress I can’t fault. Very comfortable and perfect for my 2yr old. He has no problem sleeping on it it is just a shame it is too short for the bed!


So Comfortable

We purchased this mattress for our son as his original mattress was well worn. The staff at our local Dreams Store (Wellingborough) recommended this mattress as a good budget mattress - Well they were not wrong, our son absolutely loves his new mattress and says its the most comfortable in the world! - I thought I'd give it a try,, it is so comfortable with just the right amount of support but best of all the cost was low!


My Grandchild Loves It!

We often have our four-year old grandson here for a sleepover. This mattress is so comfortable, that he runs into the spare bedroom after bathtime, and can't wait to get into the bed. He is usually asleep before we've finished reading the bedtime story, and sleeps soundly until the morning. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone with young children, but it would be equally suitable for an adult.


Great bed!!

I bought this bed over 1 month ago for my 5 yr old son, he loves it, however this bed is more than capable to accommodate an adult. The quality of the wood is high standard and very sturdy, purchased mattress also online and very happy with that too. Dreams delivery team were very polite and helpful. Overall excellent purchase I will definitely buy from dreams again and would highly recommend.


Just what I was looking for

This mattress is just so comfortable, I was not expecting it to be so good for the cost to be honest. I got 2 , 1 for my sons room and 1 for the spare. Sometimes I will sleep in the spare room and the mattress is just so comfortable. If I am honest it better than the mattress I have on my super king size bed. I would 100% recommend if you are looking for a soft comfortable mattress.


Fab bed for little girls room or guest bed

Wanted to upgrade daughters bed from her cot bed. Room is small and this day bed was ideal. It’s sturdy and was easy to assemble. Delivery team were great too. Arrived early and even phoned to check we were home. They placed the delivery in required rooms md wore shoe covers. Little girl loves the bed. It can be used as a single guest bed as well. Mattress is rather comfy too.


Great and firm

I bought this mattress a month ago as I was getting lower back pain from my old mattress that had begun to form to how I sleep so I was in need of a mattress ASAP but the world was falling apart from covid so I had to be a bit tight with my money. After getting the mattress home it was the best thing I could of done and the price was just as good. I highly recommend this mattress


Very comfortable mattress

Bought my bed a couple of weeks ago I can say I am very pleased with its style and comfort. Although I purchased the bed for our guest room I and my grand children have slept in it on a few occasions and found it extremely comfortable and stylish. You can say it was a dream from purchasing in the shop to delivery of bed all staff friendly and obliging an excellent experience


Great bed and great service

We ordered this in mid jan with 12 week delivery. Got a call after 6 weeks to say it was in stock. Would heartily recommend getting it assembled, for £49 They put it up and took away all the rubbish. My so was over the moon with the bed, loads of storage, plus room underneath for hide and seek (yes I have hidden under it myself!). Couldn’t have been any better.


Overall mattress size.

Product delivered on time in full. It was rolled over which was not an issue, but the actual size of the mattress is not exactly fitting within the bed frame. It is a very comfortable unit and provide great support for the posture. Last minor detail would be the smell of the new unit from the manufacturing process. It is still there even after 3 weeks.


Great mattress

This was a great buy for my son. He loves the softness of the mattress and he also loved the fact we cluld take it away on the day. The sales person in the salisbury store was great and knew his stuff was very pleasent and easy to understand and was not pushy on making a sale to use by that i mean making us think a more expensive ine would be better


A good buy!

At last I am sleeping through the night! This firm mattress is supportive yet comfortable especially for someone who sleeps on their front like me. I loved the fact that it came rolled up and I could carry it out and pop it in the car. After airing it for 24 hours, it was ready to go and I didn’t need to break the bank for a good night’s sleep!


Comfortable but very short

Its a comfortable mattress but does not fully expand to the length of a double bed. There is about a 5/6inch gap between the end of the mattress and base of the bed. Dreams customer service were great and exchanged the first mattress very quickly but sadly its the same issue with the second one. I wouldn't order a "bed in the box" mattress again


Excellent Value

I bought two of these single mattresses to weeks ago together with two mattress protectors and am extremely happy not only with the quality and workmanship but also with the help and advice given to me by the Dreams online team. It is an excellent purchase both in terms of quality, comfort and value for money. Will always be a Dreams customer!


value for money

This mattress is far better than i thought it would be , it is comfortable , holds its shape, and is firm, other reviews says it loses it firmness overtime but so far its fine but being realistic i dont expect a mattress for this price to last as long as one costing five times more . good value and comfortable - excellent delivery service


Great product

I bought this along with the Kenny Midsleeper. It was delivered promptly. However I then received a courtesy phone call asking if the mattress was for the bed. Then was told I needed an EU mattress (I had purchased a UK single). The mattress was exchanged quickly and with no issues. Mattress is comfy and ‘best nights sleep ever’.


Prompt Service

We popped into our local Dreams store, not sure they would be able to help us as we wanted a single mattress for that weekend, short notice I know but you have to ask the question, don't you. Well we were delighted that not only did they have one but we could take it away with us on that day. Could not ask for better service.



I bought this mattress, who was complaining of backache and sleeplessness, as the used mattress was more than 8 years old. After a great research, I finally purchased this matress. I am poleased to confirm that it helped a good sleep and releif in backache as well. Now, I am considering of buying another one for the guest room.


Awesome mattress

I bought my foam mattress 3 weeks ago. My daughter loves it. I got a mattress cover AND got it discounted when I took insurance out! Brilliant service and salesmanship. Loved the experience, even spoke to my 7 year old on the phone while in the store! Great job guys, definitely coming back when I need to renew my mattress!


Seriously comfortable!

I was initially skeptical about the quality of the mattress, given it was so much cheaper than a competitor mattress I bought about a year ago. Turns out that was unfounded, it's seriously comfortable - the best mattress in the house. Will definitely buy this mattress when renewing any more in the house. Love it!


Really comfy

Purchased a few weeks ago for a 12 year old, wish I didn't, so much harder to get her out of bed for school. But after she's out she's a lot more alert and is a nicer person in the mornings instead of being grumpy. She used to wake up 4,5 times every night but since getting this she has slept straight though.


Amazing mattress!

I bought this mattress around a month ago after moving into student accommodation. The mattress that was supplied was not ideal so I came looking for something more comfortable, and boy did I get it!! The mattress is so soft, and comfortable when sitting or lying on. I couldn’t recommend this product enough!!


Comfy single great value mattress

This mattress was bought to top a day bed for my mother for when she stays at my sisters. Initially we thought it may be too thin but as it’s a firm mattress it is actually perfect! Very comfortable - Mum says she gets a great nights sleep so I would recommend this one with confidence. Thumbs up from me!


Fox’s Aria Foam Mattress

The mattress was available to take away from store and was packaged in a way that made transportation easy. When home took the mattress out of packaging and left it lie for 24 hours to allow the air to get into it. This is an Extremely comfortable air foam mattress which allows for a good nights sleep.


Supportive Mattress

I have recently purchased this mattress for my 5 year old, originally I thought it may be bit too firm for him, but he seems to sleep well on it. Overall its fits the spec of what I needed, easily fit my car as it comes rolled up. Takes about 12 hours to fully take shape but has been fine ever since.


Happy Son !!

My 13 year old Son had been moaning about his old mattress for months, so i folded and took him to Dreams so he could test before ( i brought ) ... he was really happy with the test in store, so we went ahead and purchased ( and you could take it home that day ) Result as he has not moaned since !!



The kids loved the way they opened up the mattresses, they took a few hours to expand, they kept checking on them, are they ready yet? Are they ready yet.......? No disappointment when they slept in it that night, and no complaints from the boys (9yr old and 5yr old) at all, they love them


Love it

I brought this mattress for my little girl a month ago and she loves it, she sleeps so well on it :) I had a couple of days of stress trying to find a great mattress but walked into dreams and was made to feel welcome by great staff who couldn't do enough :) made my shop stress free :)


Very comfortable!!

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago, when it first arrived I was rather skeptical as it was very thin. However, after a few hours it had expanded, this mattress is super comfortable for all its memory foam it’s very firm but also soft at the same time! I couldn’t recommend it enough!


Very comfy

This mattress was bought in the recommendation of the shop staff and I must admit, I am not disappointed. It was bought as part of a bunk bed set up for my grandsons. I thought I would try it before letting them sleep on it and I slept very well. And, the boys are also made up with it


Great price, comfortable

We bought this for our toddler son, his first full size mattress. I was initially a little wary as it isn't sprung, but it is very comfortable, albeit slightly firmer than a traditional mattress. There's a strong smell straight out of the packaging but it wears off within a few days.


Reason for buying this mattress

I purchased this mattress a month ago as I needed one to go in a guest room and having already bought one about a year ago for my granddaughter I knew it was exceptional value for the money. It is light and very comfortable. It is also very light which makes making the bed very easy


Super comfy

This is the second Doze Deluxe I’ve purchased in the past two years. Very comfortable. Very reasonably priced. Comes in a pack rolled up so you can just pop in to a store and transport in the back seat of your car. Definitely recommended. Nice and firm. Doesn’t loose its shape.


best nights sleep

I have had the Doze Mattress for 3 weeks now. Having always a had tradition mattress this was a new departure. It has taken some getting used to as it felt odd at first but now I could not sleep on anything else. The delivery team were great , the whole experience has been A1


New mattress

I have never been able to afford a new mattress as my last one was given to me . We had been saving up for a new carpet but I also was in need of a new mattress and this one sounded perfect and I’m glad I brought it . So comfortable and if I could I’d give it a ten out of ten


Nice firm mattress

I bought this for the spare room 2 weeks ago and first impressions is that is good value for the price I paid. Firm and comfortable however, has not fully expanded to size, approximately an inch shorter so one slat on the bed is visible. Maybe over time it will expand further



We bought this bunk bed as the kids decided they wanted to share a bedroom. They helped us choose what they wanted and the beds were delivered a month or so later. They were easy to put together, are really robust and look great. The kids love the new sleeping arrangements!


Dreams doze aria fiam mattress

Needed small mattress for a bunk bed. Well packed opens to comfortable mattresses. Light weight so g6to move around if needed in other room. Also when collecting in store it was reduced on sale so cheaper than expected. Comfortable happy children would recommend to others.


New mattress

Bought my daughter a new mattress and it’s so comfy she absolutely loves it. The service at Dreams Brierley Hill store was fantastic. The manager was great and provided excellent customer service. Bought our last bed from there too and it’s the best bed we have ever had.


Great quality bunk bed

We bought this recently for our daughter, having been really pleased with the previous model we have for our older child. The bed is great quality and we easy to put together. We're confident that it will last for a long time and felt it was very good value for money.



This is a beautiful, solid, comfortable and easy to assemble bed. The storage drawer is superb. The headboard makes me feel jealous coz bought it for our little daughter and it's so comfy relax on but she does want nobody near her bed except when making it up!


Exceptional service

This is the 2nd time I have shopped at Dreams in Caerphilly on both occasions the staff were exceptional! I would like to thank them they couldn’t do more, explained everything carefully and without any sales pressure. I would highly recommend them to all!


For my Mum

I bought this for my mum as she needed a shallower mattress. There have been no complaints, and she's usually very vocal in expressing her disappointment with new things, so I'm guessing it's really good. It's still a little short though (not expanded enough)


Best matteress ever!

Bought for my 13 year old son who was desperate for a matteress. It was so easy to handle as it turned rolled up in a bag, just had to roll it out over his bed and wait for it to expand throughout the day. He's had really good nights sleep since having it.


Doze aria foam mattress

I have a bad back and have tried so many different matress and non of them are as good or as comfortable as this bed. For anyone who have a severe bad back and want a firm but comfortable matress then you should definitely consider buying this matress.


Great Comfort

I was using a Dewan bed before purchasing this product. We have visited many furniture showrooms but the reason we opted for this product was reasonable quality in a good price. Both the bed and mattress are fantastic and we are enjoying the products.


Super comfy

This is now the 4th one I have brought, had 2 singles when my boys were younger and have recently upgraded their beds to Doubles. Both boys requested I got the same mattress again as loved how comfy they are and the fact that there are no springs.


Acceptable product given the good price

I bought this as a mattress for my spare bedroom and it does the job fine. It was good value for money but you couldn’t use this as a mattress for your primary bedroom or one where someone sleeps every night. Keep this for guests or small children.


Bunk bed looks great

I bought the bunk bed in grey a few weeks ago. Delivered one week after purchase and was kept fully informed at all times of delivery details. Built the beds ourselves. 2 people. Took about 30mins. Instructions ok. Children age 10&8 love them.


Really good price for a fantastic mattress!

Everything from the initial order to the delivery was so easy! The delivery guys were using social distancing and gave us advice about every hour pulling the corners of the mattress as it expanded - even the correspondence was very informative


Firm and comfortable. A bit shorter than described

Firm but comfortable, my back is much happier now! Slightly shorter than described, it is 180cm, not 190cm expected for a double (this is a month after delivery so mattress is fully expanded from the vacuum packing). Width is correct at 135cm.


NIce comfortable mattress

I bought this for my daughter's bed, but for a guest who was going to be using the bed as the old was was becoming uncomfortable. This mattress has no springs so although not as much support, my daughter loves it and sleeps a lot better now.


Very comfortable

Purchased the mattress with the child's bed. Took it home the same day as it was rolled up, and fit very easily in the boot. When bed arrived the mattress was opened. After a few hour's it expanded and fits perfectly. My child is very happy.


Lovely duvet and great value

Bought this in the single for my little boy. He loves it and it's so comfy. Great quality mattress and could take it home on the day.. Only issue is that it doesn't quite fit the length of the bed frame, which is a standard single as well.


Great service

I was really pleased with the smooth delivery service. As arranged, the bunk bed turned up early in the morning and was efficiently assembled. The matresses arrived a couple of hours later by separate delivery. I was kept well informed.


Nice kid's mattress

A good mattress for children, this is currently in my 6 year old's high sleeper bed frame and she loves it, she has a good nights sleep and wakes up with alot of energy. She says its nice and soft and she doesnt get too hot with it.


Much better sleep

I bought this for my son who is 8. He tried a couple from this range but chose this one which was the cheapest as he said it was the most comfortable. I gave it 4 stars and not 5 as it still has the foam smell which I do not like.


Comfort at a great price!

This is the second one of these mattresses we have bought. The first one was so comfortable we bought a second for our daughters pull out bed. I would definitely recommend this product and wouldn’t hesitate in buying another one.


Memory foam mattress

Was guided to the product by online sales assistant Alison, it wasn't the most expensive of the range and she wasn't at all pushing me to spend more. Really pleased with the mattress it's very comfortable. Well worth the price


Comfy mattress, too short for Argos single bed

Decent enough mattress, much more comfortable than the one I bought from Argos, although is not long enough for the bed. The bed was from Argos so I don’t know if this mattress is to small or Argos make extra long single beds.


Comfy and soft

Pleased with the overall comfort however an unpleasant smell, like nails polish remover or damp, which I thought would disappear over time still hasn't. It is only apparent on the double not the single which I don't understand.


Firm memory foam mattress

I bought the mattress for my 4yr old son’s bed and it does the job nicely. No real strong smell from the mattress which you sometimes get with foam ones. A little on the pricey side, but then it’s going to last him a while.


Very comfortable!

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago for my daughter and she loves it! The service lady Hayley so so helpful and funny! My daughter is very happy in her new bed! I even came back to purchase another mattress! Thanks dreams!


Great mattress

I bought this for my son earlier this month. It is really comfortable and my son is sleeping much better than he was before. It is quite firm but that is what he likes. As it is foam, there are no springs to irritate him.


Great quality Good price

I bought my 7 year old son a new mattress and he has never slept so well. I couldn’t believe the different in his sleeping pattern. He uses to wake me up at 6am every morning now I struggle to get him out of bed for school.



I bought two single mattresses for my grand children's beds and they love them. They said they are very comfortable. Also delivery was fantastic. I was kept up to date about times and they arrived when they said they would


Bought for the guest room, swapped to my room.

Amazing value orthopaedic mattress. I bought it for my elderly parents when they visit, but my wife and I now use it when they are gone! I was simply amazed at how supportive yet comfortable this "Budget" mattress is.


Quality mattress

Excellent quality and very comfortable mattress. Bought for my daughter to use with midsleeper. When compared with my other daughter’s pocket sprung mattress this is amazing. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product.


Great for my back .

I have been trying to improve my posture, lying on my back whilst sleeping is very important to me. This Mattress is firm enough for my 70-80Kg body to stay level and not sink into the foam. Has met all my expectations.


Amazing Value

Bought this mattress as it was great value and I was looking for something comfortable within budget. Since bringing it home I’ve found it incredibly comfortable and it’s made such an improvement to my back problems!


Something different!

Bought for 11yr old son but the first foam mattress we've ever used as a family. Very comfortable and son sleeping well at night! Be interesting to see how long it lasts but at the minute we're very pleased with it.


Great nights sleep

I brought this as I was not sleeping very well and waking up tired now I sleep so much better I feel I have got more energy then before it feels like I'm taking sleeping tablets but I'm not it's the mattress thankyou


Great occasional bed

We’ve bought two of these recently. One for my daughters permanent bed and one as a spare room mattress. The additional cost over the cheaper single mattress dreams do is worth it for comfort. No complaints from me!


Amazing Memoryfoam!

I purchased this for my 2 younger children aged 5 and 7! It arrived on the exact date and time I selected. This product is absolutely amazing the comfort and support is brilliant! Would definitely recommend this!!!


Super service

My grandson and I went shopping for a mattress for his 18th birthday! Tall and slim but growing fast Into an adult. Memory foam mattress perfect after testing others with fab help from assistant plus half price!


just the ticket

I bought the mattress several weeks ago and am delighted with it..I needed a mattress to take to my caravan and it fitted easily in the car..the result is a good nights sleep and no back ache which I am prone to..


Quite soft - but good!

I’m happy with this mattress-seems good quality and I would say it feels quite soft. At the moment I haven’t bought a mattress protector to use with it, but will do soon. I’m using this mattress in the guest room.


Great quality!

I have been looking for a bunk bed for my son for a while. I wanted something sturdy/chunky looking but modern. I couldn’t be happier with the quality and service. The bed exceeded my expectations. Very pleased.


Polite & friendly service

Bought this for my dons cabin bed. He says he is SO comfortable now and gets to sleep straight away. Professional prompt delivery service. Delivery chap really nice. Thank you Dreams I am a satisfied customer.


Great absorption

We got this item with a mattress we purchased from dreams for our 3 year old. Who had already wet the bed ... perfect under sheet. Works perfectly fine, soaked up wet and did not leak through to the mattress


Firm dreams foam mattress

Very good service from the sales assistant who showed me several.mattresses and when I selected the one I wanted I could actually take it with me rolled up in a bag. Also delighted with the guarantee.


Great mattress

I brought this mattress as my girlfriend suffer from bad back constant tossing and turning but since I brought this mattress she sleep like a baby I recommend this product and good valve for money thanks


Pick up and go

Managed to walk out with a mattress so easy, unrolled and started to puff out immediately. Very impressed, be warned foam mattresses have a funny smell to start with after being in the bag but that goes.


Comfortable but firm

I have been using this mattress for a week or so now, and the back ache that I had previously suffered with is now gradually improving, but it smells very strongly of chemicals which isn't very pleasant


A great nights sleep!

Switching to a foam mattress has been a revelation! It's the best nights sleep I've had in a long time. My only complaint...I have trouble getting out in the morning, it's just so comfy! Thanks Dreams!

Questions and Answers About Doze Aria Foam Mattress

Hi, can I use an electric blanket on a doze deluxe mattress?

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. An electric blanket can be used with any of our Dreams mattresses however it is never recommended to use an electric blanket directly on a mattress as it can alter the feel of the mattress. This is evident particularly for foam mattresses such as the deluxe. An electric blanket is ideally used on top of your regular duvet. Kind regards, Dreams

does the mattress stay level when laying on it

Answer: Hi , Every mattress has a little bit of settlement within it, and no mattress when layed upon would stay flat as they all have give in certain areas. With this medium / firm comfort grade that you are enquiring about, it will most definitely have some give so you will never be completely flat when using the product. We hope this helps you.

How much do you charge to take away the old matress

Answer: Hi , The price for recycling will depend on what size mattress we are taking. It can range from £25-£40 and you can add this at the checkout. For more info on our recycling service please follow this link: Kind Regards Dreams

Can this mattress be delivered to a store for collection

Answer: Hi , As our Doze mattresses are rolled, this should already be in store to collect. Please use the 'Find in store' button and enter your postcode to find the store closest to you. Thank you for your question.

What is this mattress made of? E.g. What sort of foams and fabrics are used to make this mattress?

Answer: , Thank you for submitting your question. Doze Deluxe Mattress is made of the following materials: •Premium Richguard® foam filling •Soft touch knit fabric cover Kind Regards, Giedre

Can the mattress be re-rolled at a later date or is it only able to be rolled up for when it is first purchased ?

Answer: , This mattress arrives rolled. Once out of the packaging and fully expanded we would advise you avoid re rolling to ensure no damage is made to the fillings. Kind Regards, Dreams.

What are the dimensions when rolled up please?

Answer: , Dimensions when rolled are as below: Single - 34cm Diameter, 97cm Height Double - 34cm Diameter, 140cm Height Kind Regards, Dreams

What is ths maxim weight limit on the mattress?

Answer: Hi , We do not have set weight limits on our mattresses, but a firmer mattress is recommended for a heavier weight. Thank you for your question.

I need to replace the fabric cover for this matress. Is it possible to purchase just the fabric cover?

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately this is not possible, we apologise for any inconveniences caused. Thank you for your question.

Do you take the old mattress away for recycling.

Answer: , Yes, we provide a recycling service that you can purchase at the checkout. Kind regards Dreams

Is there a rating or standard these mattresses are built to with reference to fire regulations?

Answer: Hi , Yes, these mattresses are built to UK standard fire regulations. Thank you for your question.

What is the weight of this mattress in the packaging?

Answer: , This mattress weighs the following: Single: 11kg Double - 15.5kg Kind regards Dreams

How long does it take to expand

Answer: Hi , Please allow up to 48 hours for the mattress to regain its shape. Thank you for your question.

Is this mattress suitable for a single adjustable bed.

Answer: , Yes, this mattress is suitable for use with adjustable beds. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you take away the old mattress

Answer: Hi , Yes, we offer recycling services at an extra cost. Thank you for your question.

Is this mattress suitable for a bed with a slatted base?

Answer: Hi , Yes this would be fine on a slatted base. Thank you for your question.

Does this matress have any springs?

Answer: , This mattress does not contain any springs. Kind Regards Dreams

Is the mattress cover washable

Answer: Hi Janetl1, No, this is not washable. Thank you.

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