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Dormeo Options Latex Hybrid Mattress Rated 5/5 based on 4 customer reviews

Dormeo Options Latex Hybrid Mattress

Brand: Dormeo
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What Makes The Dormeo Options Latex Hybrid Mattress Great?

ordered on sun 15.7.18 at 11.10am and arrived on thurs 19.7.18. ticked all the boxes in what I wanted from a new mattress. All the claims made by dormeo are accurate. This is why they give the no risk trial period. Look through their product range and you will not be disappointed. Good night from a very happy new customer.


While the medium is a safe choice for all, medium/firm is a great option for stomach or back sleepers. Preventing the hips and pelvis from sinking lower than the shoulders it straitens the spine. Medium/Firm mattresses can be medium-firm across all layers, a combination of a medium top with a firm core or a firm top with a medium core.

No flip, just rotate design:

This is a one sided mattress that does not need to be flipped. This means that the fillings and comfort layer will only be on one side. Do note however, that you should still rotate the mattress every 3 months to ensure even wear and less chance of dipping during settlement

Delivered rolled and vacuum packed:

Easy to carry, manoeuvre and transport especially around tight corners and upstairs. Vacuumed into an airtight packaging they are protected in a hygienic bubble until you are ready to lay it into position and let it breathe. This packing will not only make it easier to get from the store to your room but because they take up less space it reduces the carbon footprint, they are usually always in stock and delivery is quicker because more can be dispatched at a time.

Individual wrapped pocket springs:

Pocket sprung mattresses are some of the best on the market for the amount of support they are able to offer and are generally regarded as high quality. Each spring get's housed in it's own little pocket within the mattress ensuring all springs stay where they are supposed to and ensuring that they contour to your body effectively. We much prefer pocket spring construction over open coil

Hybrid layers:

A Hybrid combination of traditional springs combined with a foam as a support layer giving you a base that contours to your every move and ensures good back and neck support.

Luxurious layer of latex:

Cover:Airmesh Sides


Cool & breathable airmesh sides:

The mattress comes with breathable side vents that allow the mattress to remain cool while you sleep. Another benefit to being breathable is that you naturally sweat during the night and the cool and breathable nature means that your mattress will remain hygienic for many years to come.

Non-slip base:

Total Depth: 23cm

Comfort Grade: Medium/Firm

A medium firm tension mattress is slightly firmer than your average medium mattress. This is ideal for those who either prefer a little bit more support, or, those that have a slightly higher BMI than average. You may also benefit from a medium firmness mattress where you are suffering from neck/back pain as the additional support can help prevent and alleviate these symptoms.

Latex Depth: 2.5cm

Pocket Springs:Up to 728 

Customer Reviews For The Dormeo Options Latex Hybrid Mattress

Based on 4 review

Sleep Well

After many months of having to roll out of bed in the mornings due to back pain from an unsupportive mattress, I can now get up with no problems, thanks to the support from my new Dormeo hybrid mattress. Very happy!


Hybrid latex

Oh my god what can I say. What a lovely mattress. No more cramps or aches. Get fantastic nights sleep every night. Brilliant service and value for money. Thanks for a great product.


Simply brilliant

Only trouble with this.mattress is I dont want to get out of bed its so comfortable, best thing I have bought in a long time. Excellent.

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