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Coolflex Supa Ortho Coolmax Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 34 customer reviews

Coolflex Supa Ortho Coolmax Mattress

Brand: Coolflex
Firmness: Firm Mattress

4/5 - 34 Read Reviews


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What Makes The Coolflex Supa Ortho Coolmax Mattress Great

Excellent value for money. Tried a 700 similar mattress in a local store and this feels exactly the same level of comfort for a fraction of the price. Ordered extra firm due to back issues and since weve been sleeping on it, we can really notice a big difference. Delivered next day with no issues. Would highly recommend and would purchase from this supplier again in the future.


This product is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction. Ideal if you suffer from any sort of allergy problems

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee included

1 year guarantee is average in the UK mqattress industry. While it should not put you off (mattresses typically last for 7 years before being replace), it is the minimum that you get with a product. Depending on your price point, you might be able to attract a higher warranty or guarantee period

No roll together

Specifically designed with roll together prevention in mind. This means the product likely has better quality internals and offers better support than other mattresses in the same price point.

Orthopaedic Support

Do you suffer from back pain? If so you will likely find that an orthopaedic mattress will be massively beneficial to you. Slightly firmer in the comfort side of things but ultimately with a better support layer means that your back and neck will thank you for years to come.

No Need To Turn

This means that the product does not need to be turned over, but make no mistake, that is not the same as saying a product does not need to be rotated. If you do not want dips in your mattress with time, be sure to rotate evenly every month where possible

Fire Resistant - Low Hazard

This product has a low fire hazard marker against it, ideal considering you"re unconscious while on it. Not to be confused with a source 5 rating

NBF Approved Product

NBF stands for the National Bed Federation and is at the forefront of standards and legislation in the UK bed industry, these guys oversee the entire bedding industry with their mark and brand only being associated to those that follow a certain criteria of care and standards.

20cm deep

A 20cm deep mattress is typical for the industry. There is enough room for some good quality springs and materials and enough room for a decent top layer of comfort. Bed sheets will nothave an issue fitting over this size of mattress

Reflex foam

Reflex foam is basically like memory foam without the memory part. Reflex foam is used more as a supportive layer than a comfort layer and is often used as an alternative to conventional spring systems.

Removable cover

Removable covers are great. We don't typically replace mattresses for 7-8 years. That's a lot of body fluids and protectors and sheets can only do so much. To that end getting that extra layer of cleanliness goes a huge way toward ensuring you get longevity out of your product.

Supportive reflex foam

Reflex foam is extremely supportive and is ideal for those who need extra support for lower and upper back pain. The pressure is spread evenly over large pockets of trapped air distributing the weight outwards from a singular spot. Once the weight is removed the material will spring back into its original shape. It offers an orthopaedic feel keeping the spine aligned, is cheaper than memory foam and there is no 'sinking' feeling.

Coolmax Cover

5 Year Warranty Included

A mattress warranty covers physical defects in workmanship and materials. This warranty covers 5 years, giving you extra peace of mind over a standard 1-year warranty. Most mattress warranties last between 5-20 years.

Extra Firm Support (6)

Vacuum Packed & Rolled

Vacuum packing and rolled mattresses now account for 26% of all consumer mattress purchases. Growing in popularity due to their almost identical performance to that of a normal mattress, these mattresses are able to be carried up tight stairways, picked up from the store and delivered much cheaper meaning those cost savings often get passed to the consumer. Well worth consideration, the idea that a rolled mattress is inferior has long been disproven, especially with the rise of bed-in-the-box retailers like Eve and Simba

Convenient Removable Cover

This conveniently removable cover is easy to clean, remove it at any time for a deep clean which you wouldn't normally be able to achieve with a fixed covering. Spilt something? remove the cover and the spillage before it has a chance to reach the top layer.

Warranty / Guarantee

This product comes with a warranty / guarantee on purchase. This is standard EU legislation. You will also get a standard 14day distance selling period whereby you will be able to return the product provided you abide to the retailers guidelines and return policy

Customer Reviews For The Coolflex Supa Ortho Coolmax Mattress

Based on 34 review

The mattress is exactly as described on the website, firm, a little firmer then I expected but my husband loved it straight away. It has been in place now a week and I have to say it is extremely comfortable much better than the last mattress we had from a reputable company that cost 1,000, this is far better value and would definately purchase from this company again.


Overwhelmed by my fantastic new mattress had my doubts like we all do. This is exactly as I hoped firm but fantastic support with excellent bounce back properties at 1/2 to a 1/3 cost of many advertised so easy to set inflated to exact size stated far quicker and able to use same night no smells like I have read on other reviews. Best mattress I have ever puchased.


Comfortable and hard as expected. Cannot expect better price for the excellent quality of this mattress. Mind that you have to roll it out and preferably leave in a different room for 2 - 4 days to clear up the foam smell but weve had to do that before even with spring mattresses because they bring the factory smell with them.


Have the mattress over a week now so far so goodi was looking for a firm one and really firm not just a someone said firm typevery hard to find a really firm mattress but so far this one does the job I hope it will last as well.I happy with it thanks


We ordered firm on the basis that other reviews said the medium was too bouncy. However the firm mattress version is almost too firm with very little give. However it looks like it will be a very hard wearing mattress for the cost.


Wish we had bought one of these years ago! Goodbye to bad backs and a welcome hello to a fantastic night's sleep. Took some getting used to never slept on a firm one before but now very happy!


Great mattress comfortable work's well on bad backs nice prices and very quick delivery excellent company to order mattress from would definitely recommend and I will be using them again.


Terrific bed. Does exactly what is says. Keeps you cool and really supportive for people with bad backs. The anti allergy cover it comes in is an even bigger bonus. What a product.


It is certainly firm and supportive and as advertised but it is too early to comment on durability. For me it is a guest bed item so I can't say too much.


This mattress is "firm" unlike others that say they are firm. My daughter has only had one night's sleep on the mattress but she says it was great.


Bought this for my son to replace the mattress he got with a bed originally. He loves it and has been sleeping better as it is so comfy.


Firmer than anticipated, but excellent quality and thickness. Bought for son, and I am assured that it is very comfortable to sleep on!


Excellent, no aches and pains anymore in back and hips after just a few nights on the new mattress. Cannot recommend enough


Its rock hard like laying on concrete but that's what I wanted perfect for me and my back


Very good mattress. Would highly recommend for people with back pain.


Excellent very firm mattress, just factory smell stayed for few days.


Great mattress - good value. Very comfortable. Delivered on time


Amazing mattress. And the delivery service is great and quick


Love this mattress. Had for a week and sleeping deeply.


Very comfortable, firm mattress. Delivery was prompt.


Firm. An excellent choice within the price range


Exactly as described, amazing value for money


Very comfortable and competitive price.


Excellent product just what I whanted


Good for backpain! Extra firm!!


Very comfy what more can I say


Good mattress strong and firm


Good product. Will buy again


Good quality and good price.


Firm mattress, very comfy


Very firm, good price


Great mattress



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