Buxton Wooden Guest Bed

Buxton Wooden Guest Bed

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7p per sleep based on average bed frame lifespan
Small Double
King Size
Super King
With Sprung Slats
With Solid Slats
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  • Customers appreciate the sophisticated grey shade of the bed, stating it integrates well with existing bedroom decor.
  • Reviewers praised the ease and clarity of assembly instructions, making the entire set up process convenient.
  • The bed's sturdiness and quality of wood construction have been commended, providing a robust sleeping solution.
  • Many buyers value the practicality and flexibility of the guest bed, particularly its ability to seamlessly convert into a double bed or two singles.
  • Customers were particularly impressed with the smooth and simple process of tucking the trundle bed underneath the main frame, helping to optimise bedroom space.
  • Some customers may find the bed's construction to be lighter-duty, making it unsuitable for those who need a very sturdy sleeping solution.
  • While easy to assemble, the bed might not withstand heavy or energetic use such as kids jumping on it.
  • Although the trundle bed is easy to operate, converting to a double may not be as swift for some users.
  • While the package arrived adequately protected, some customers may face delivery issues.
  • This bed, targeted towards guest use, might not deliver the same comfort for frequent usage or prolonged durations.


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Of The Buxton Wooden Guest Bed
Brand: Happy Beds
Retailer: Happy Beds
Delivery Time: Excellent
Delivery Charge: Excellent

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