Bestway Fortech Air Bed - King Size Rated 4/5 based on 340 customer reviews
Bestway Fortech Air Bed - King Size

Bestway Fortech Air Bed - King Size

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What Makes The Bestway Fortech Air Bed - King Size Great?

Built-in 220-240V electric pump

Inflates in 5 minutes

Strong and durable Fortech technology

Dense polyester fabric and durable PVC

6 month guarantee

Customer Reviews For The Bestway Fortech Air Bed - King Size

Based on 340 review

Nearly 5 stars

This is a great bed at this price range. Inflated in around 5 minutes. It’s design means it’s rigid for both people using it (no one gets bounced off) the materials are good quality and I’d highly recommend. It’s also and more importantly, comfortable. The reason I bought this over another, more expensive bed was the fact it doesn’t have a built in pillow. The reason for the 4 not 5 stars? I took this camping and in order to top up the bed I had to take it out of the tent over to my car to use my electric air pump. This bed does have the capability to use an electric/manual (using the existing valve) pump but I found out that you can’t use a manual pump because it lets air out as quickly as you’re blowing it in (hence using the car powered electric on) If they redesign this bed to have a separate manual pump valve then an easy 5 star bed this would make.


Comfortable and at the right Price

We bought this for approximately £60 at the store in Hull. The staff where extremely friendly and helpful. I was very reluctant to buying this as it was between £10 and £30 cheaper than other king size air beds currently on the market, but we are so pleased with it. The quality of the material is excellent and there was barely any give or escaped air the next morning. Most air beds we have bought you normally end up laid on the floor by 5am, but not with this one. It is double in height than a normal air bed and is incredibly easy to inflate and deflate using the plug-in function. It takes no longer than 5 minutes to fold away and put back in the box. Overall 10/10 Comfortable 10/10 Material 10/10 Easy to use 10/10 Staff in hull st andrews quay store 10/10


Lovely Air Bed! Firm and Strong!

This air bed is the best i have ever used. It blows up easily with either the built in plug and pump or an external electric pump. Im sure you could use a foot pump as well but it might take a while! Its sturdy and quite tall off the groun like a normal bed which is great. It feels quite firm which me an my partner love but you could take a bit or ait out to make it slightly softer if you wanted to. 1st night it lost a little air as i knew it would and i just pumped it back up for a few seconds and then it basically lasted the whole rest of the week i was using it with no problem. Only the occasional top up needed and hardly lost any air at all! Absolute excellent quality for the price and looking foward to using it again. 10/10 reccomend for anyone to use!


Good Quality Materials , readonable Price

Bought this as a replacement. I am disabled and need an air mattress for downstairs living . Bought this after reading all the reviews . So far so good . It seems to keep it's air well and so far hasn't warped or grown as our previous one did . It doesn't have any protection around the edge which sometimes feels as if you might fall off the air mattress . It is also quite low . We use this in our living room and sits on a carpeted floor . I am disabled and do feel it could do with being a few inches higher . It seems to have stabilised quite quickly and keeps air well . Deep king size fitted sheets fit well . Mattress top has flocking and seems like a decent quality fabric . Good value air mattress for the price compared to more expensive items.


Great air bed, would definitely recommend!

Great air bed! Temporarily using as our permanent bed while our actual bed is in storage due to relocating. We originally had a £40 air bed from Amazon but it was uncomfortable and then warped becoming unusable. We’ve had this Bestway air bed for 2 weeks now and is honestly couldn’t recommend it enough. It retains the air well and the built in pump is a lot quieter than others we’ve tried. Moving around on it doesn’t make any noise which is something we’ve had problems with in the past. Finally, our cat has been all over it and no punctures so far, but if she did get her claw in to it, we could use the repair kit that came with it. Overall a great purchase, definitely recommend, and we have regrets spending a bit extra for a better nights sleep.


Best way Fortech Air bed King Size.

I absolutely love it.Not your regular air bed.Once made up with bedding,you wouldn’t know what’s underneath.Our visitor said it was comfortable.There seems to be a reinforced surface layer which gives support that you don’t normally get with an air bed.It seems a lot tougher and more durable with the polyester layer on the outside. There is a built in electrical pump which is contained in a box with a clip lock door ,which is flush to the bottom of the bed.Yes it does inflate very quickly.TintinOn the deflate setting,I only used the pump to suck out the last bit of air,so that the bed would fit tidily in the bag provided.. I am looking forward to using the bed with my 6ft 6in husband when we visit friends.


Unbelievable product!

When I first found this airbed on the, Dreams website I had been looking for an airbed which we could use while camping. We unpacked it and decided to give it a test run and set it up in the front room of our house. Not only was it a top product but the nights sleep we experienced was for me, better than our actual bed of which we spent a £1000 on the mattress alone. If only I had known I could get the same quality of comfort for £47. I have recommended this bed to all my friends and family and I'm very confident their experience will be the same. Thanks Dreams. Can't wait to use it on our trip away!


Amazingly Comfortable BestWay Bed Great Price Too

I recently bought a Bestway bed, which was an amazing investment having moved into our new home in lockdown, It was extremely easy to set up and sleeping on air was just amazingly comfortable. A great comfortable nights sleep. Service and delivery was exceptionally quick we received it within less than 24 hours of ordering it!. Great Job Dreams! .The bed was larger than i expected and the bonus 4 sets of pillows was just an amazing compliment to the great price too! Well Done dreams!! I will definitely be buying another one of these beds and have recommended them to friends and family.


WOW! Best blow up mattress EVER!

Was a bit dubious about spending so much on a blow up mattress, but this has done it's job and more. So easy to blow up, in about 5 minutes the mattress is fully inflated. It is comfortable and even with two people using it there is no 'bouncing around' when the other person moves or gets on or off. The height is perfect as you don't have to crawl to get out of it, as it is at near enough sitting height. It's large enough to comfortably fit two people on the king size one. The material is great, no sharp plastic pieces that you can catch yourself on, it is very sturdy and well made.


Such a good night sleep!

Always been skeptical about using airbeds as find they deflate constantly. We went camping a few weeks back and knew we needed to buy another air bed but didn’t want to spend too much. I was amazed at the quality of the bed on arrival, how easy it was to inflate and deflate and the comfort of it! Over the 2 days i only topped it up once (a tiny bit)... and that was probably because it was it’s first inflation and needed that time to stretch the material. The bed is high off the ground which was a bonus too, felt just like my bed at home- if not more comfortable!


Great nights sleep

Turned our camping trip into a glamping trip. Electric hook up needed obviously but it was so worth it. Will definitely use at home as a guest bed. Had possibly some of the best nights sleep in a long time. Nice and firm yet mega comfy and stayed that way all night. Needed a little top up on 3rs night but not a problem when the fitted pump and the electric do it all for you. Would highly recommend this product and at £60, it wasn't much more expensive than some of the regular camping airbeds we had seen but a lot cheaper than some other similar ones.


Excellent value - better than our bed at home!

I cant recommend this bed enough! We went camping whilst I had a back issue, and bought a higher bed on recommendations from friends. Dreams were offering the quickest delivery (at a week) for a reasonable priced bed and we're so glad we went with this option. The bed is firm, holds the air and is really good quality. We slept on it for a week and its just as good as our bed at home. Its so easy to inflate/deflate just by plugging in and flicking a switch - my only regret is that we didnt by one sooner.


Perfect for guests - stores neatly when not needed

I bought this for a couple coming to stay in my flat. It's a big and comfortable bed, with everything nicely contained in the one unit - including plug and pump - so no risk of losing parts as they're all stored in the bed itself. It all wraps up and stores in a cloth bag included in the box, so it stores neatly and doesn't take up much space in the cupboard. It blows up in a couple of minutes, and it's also nice to have the deflate function to speed up taking it down. Would highly recommend.


Great solution for guest sleeping (and camping)

I bought this bed as an alternative after selling a sofa bed to make more space. I was really impressed with the quality and size of the item, and it offers a really comfortable nights sleep. With the inbuilt fan also able to be put into reverse its possible to fully deflate and fold into the carry bag provided. This makes it easy to take away with you for staying away or camping. Be aware though that it cant be inflated any other way than with the in-built pump, which uses a three pin plug .


Best air bed ever

This air bed is absolutely amazing! Purchased for camping due to being a bit old now to get off an normal low air bed. Just come back from a week in the tent and I've had the best sleep ever when camping, and it even compared favourably to a £300 mattress I purchased a few months ago for our bedroom. Husband is 6ft5 and he also found it comfortable (feet hang over the edge a bit but they do in our usual bed too). This bed is going to be perfect as a guest bed too. Thoroughly recommended


First class customer service

During our camping trip in Exeter, our old air bed gave up on the second night, after a quick call to Dreams in Exeter we had found suitable replacement, the guy on the phone even said he would save one for us as stock was low. The bed performed better than expected, 13 more nights of sheer comfort! I'm 6'5 and 20 stone - most airbeds struggle. All in all, We paid a great price, meet some friendly staff members and left with a smile. Can't say much more than that, Excellent service!


Best way Air Bed

We had to use this a a temporary measure until Dreams delivered our bed&mattress which would have been for a month, only to be told two days before the delivery, after waiting all this time that the delivery was CANCELLED. This air bed was extremely hard, which whilst we have back problems, made both our back problems worse. Also after a few hours of being up, it starts to deflate. So really NOT happy with Dreams or the Air Bed. Would I recommend either, NO I would not.


Good for infrequent use

Bought this a few weeks ago. Tested it out with my partner. Works well. The inbuilt pump is a great idea and packed away nicely. Ive read posts where people say theyve used it as their everyday bed instead of a mattress and i can honestly say im not sure how anyone could sleep on it nightly. Great for infrequent use but after a night you end up with a major back ache. Very good price and good quality and great idea if you have guests staying the night.


Quick efficient comfortable

Purchased this for a camping trip we had booked after our old air bed gave up the ghost. I purchased this after researching the built in pump feature. I highly recommended this air bed to anyone considering purchasing it. It inflates and deflates in record time, the plug sits nicely in its own compartment. Sleep wise for an air bed it is very comfortable and I like the fact it’s flat on the surface, rather than the grooves and dips on our old air bed.


Bestway Fortech Air Bed / king size .

Very good sleep , did not deflate at all . But would definitely suggest to put mattress topper for softer comfort . We used our summer duvet to lie on under fitted sheet as did not have a mattress topper at the time . But we slept very well . Would definitely recommend to buy as a temporary bed . Folded quite flat but was a little big big to get back fully in the bag provided ,but maybe we folded it incorrectly Amazing value for the quality.


Bestway Fortech Air Bed

I bought this when moving house to do me until my bed is delivered. It’s an excellent product. Took only a few minutes to inflate with the built-in pump. Looks like an actual king size bed when made up. I recommend using a mattress topper with it because whilst the bed itself is comfortable, the material is, understandably, firm and durable. I re-inflate for just 2 minutes, once per week. Can’t recommend this air bed highly enough.


Great bed and comfortable.

Used this air bed for a 5 night stay in Wales. I only had to pump it up once, it didn’t go down much but I prefer a harder bed than soft. The information on the site around blowing up the bed is incorrect, you can blow the bed up with a manual and electric car pump (read the instructions that come with the air bed). It’s very sturdy and comfortable and would recommend. The thickness off the bed also made it more comfortable.


Real Comfortable bed for a guest room

I am using this bed since a week as an alternative until i get mattress. Initially i thought this wont be good and need to adjust somehow. But this is really great. Its really a go without having a second thought. The only thing you should remember that the size should be bigger so that you will be in the middle of the bed. The edges will not be sterdy as its air but otherwide there is no problem with this.


Top Quality Air Bed

Originally purchased for camping but looks great in the bedroom too. Took about 8-9 minutes to inflate and once inflated it didn't need re-inflating again for the duration of our camping trip (7 days). Nice and high for people less mobile. This air bed is real luxury and the price is amazing. If you are on the lookout for a top quality air bed then look no further... don't let the price put you off.


Quite impressive

Quite impressive for the price, seems far better quality than ones which can cost at least another £20. Once out of the box, this bed takes only 5 minutes to inflate into a lovely deep mattress, I was quite impressed. It was firm and supportive, but not hard. The mattress was just as quick and easy to deflate, and went back into its box again quite easily. Overall, very pleased with it.


Great purchase. Definitely recommend.

Having had a basic air bed before we wanted to invest in something a little better. Although a little optimistic about this it was a brilliant purchase. We’ve used several times and it has stayed up without any problems. It was up for 4 nights and didn’t need topping up at all. Easy to inflate and deflate and great it has a bag to store it in once folded away. Would definitely recommend.


Great night's kip

Polite staff, gave us in store refreshments! Reasonable price. Easy to follow instructions. Simple to use. Pump a wee bit noisy so may want to pump up at a reasonable hour. VERY comfortable & firm, it doesn't start deflating in the night, all my guests have loved it! Comes with a bag for when not in use or taking it somewhere you are visiting. Couldn't recommend highly enough!


Excellent purchase and outstanding value

The bed is brilliant we are using it for a week now until our bed arrives and it’s been great for us and will be a perfect guest bed! Super easy to inflate and we added our mattress topper onto it also. I recommend store pick up though as I did order online and it was a bit delayed, customer service were great and I asked if I could refund and pick up in store which they organised.


Premium product

The air bed was purchased to accommodate a friend staying for a few nights. The bed inflated very quickly and easily in just four minutes. The bed did note lose any air or shape over the three nights and my friend had three great sleeps- actually said that it was comfier than many “normal beds” The air bed has saved us a fortune and I’m sure will be used for many years to come.


Excellent product

Bought this for a camping trip next summer and tried it in the lounge to check it, we were very impressed by the quality and comfort, just as comfortable as our normal mattress and unlike other airbeds it doesn't deflate over night or transfer movement either side. You can also plug a battery or manual pump into the valve on this if you don't have mains power available.


Bestway Fortech Air Bed.

This air be is fantastic! It inflates super quick and the built-in air pump deflates it super quick as well- kind of vacuum packing itself, making folding and storage really quick and easy. The bed its self is quite firm but the most impressive thing are the edges, they are really firm and strong giving you very good support which is very un-air bed like. Top marks.


King size air bed

This is the best air bed, it’s so firm, we camped for 6 days and it was just as firm on the last night as it was on the first night! Which is nothing short of a miracle. We have spent so much money on air beds over the last few years. This one was the cheapest but the best. The built in pump is fabulous for inflation and deflation, really quick and easy to use.


Perfect temp bed and guest bedroom solution

Great bed. Inflates fast (but sound is comparable with the airplane for sure :)) Didn't need to switch on the pump during the week. I use it as main bed from house moving till the end of renovation works - no pain in back or shoulder, as it was with my old mattress. When my bedroom is completed, will move it to guest bedroom - sure that everybody likes it :)


Highly recommend!!

This has got to be the best Air bed i have purchased! firm but comfortable. It does not loose air like some of the cheaper ones on the market, i have had mine up since i got it in march and it is still firm and not needed any air put in since. Easy to assemble in less than 5 minutes so pleased with my purchase and a great price. Thank you Dreams!!


Bestway Fortech air bed - king size

Mega impressed! This bed is even better in person than the picture and description show! Brought for my Nan, who found it much easier getting in and out as it’s higher. Me and my family were that happy with the item, I brought another for my Mum! Highly recommend to anyone who is after a luxury blow up air bed, the built in pump is amazing too! A****


Best way Fortech King size Air bed

Excellent product. Very comfortable does what it says on the package. Excellent service and delivery times on time when advised of delivery date. Quick fast inflate and deflate. Has multitude of uses, spare bed, camping very very happy have had other products of this type and on each occasions overnight began to deflate but not this one. Excellent


Bestway king sized air mattress.

Really good quality. Ive had a Bestway air mattress before, but only the single, and was pleased with that one. This king size also seems really good, is comfy and in terms of the price, I couldn't find it, or a similar product, anywhere cheaper. Excellent service from dreams too with prompt delivery. Would definitely recommend.


Ideal solution.

We bought this about 2 months ago and wished we'd discovered it earlier. We were between moving and needed a temporary solution because we were getting fed up of our traditional camping air beds. This is much higher off the ground and Jas a built in mains pump which takes only 5 minutes to inflate. In addition it's very cheap.


Bestway kingsize inflatable bed.

Amazing product. Surpassed all that I was expecting and nearly as good as our own bed at home. Certainly is worth considering having in the home for unexpected guests. My wife and I have been using it now for a fortnight during a visit to our daughter’s home and will be part of our luggage now when we go away, just in case.


Great blow up bed

irs functional, easy to use and easy to top up air. My favourite feature is the integrated pump. Feels like you are sleeping on a very firm actual bed. Forget that it's a blow up bed all the time. Purchased this bed as an interim measure while we are waiting for our actual bed. Can't wait for my actual bed from dreams to arrive


Good value & well made

Nice flocked material, pumps up quick enough. In comparison to others, it doesn't have a raise pillow section and there is no deflation function, meaning it's harder to pack down. It does allow you to bypass the internal pump and use an external pump which is a good idea if camping off grid. All round good value for the money.


Really impressive air bed

I bought this for camping as I liked the height of it, the bonus of it having its own plug to pump it up makes it so much easier. really comfortable and made our camping trip much more enjoyable. Used it since for a stay at a friends and a guest to stay at our house. Would definitely recommend and such good value for money.


It's okay!

I had to call dreams for a replacement as the one delivered didn't stay inflated for more than 5 mins! The replacement seems okay, a mattress topper advised if sleeping/using for more than 1 night. Super easy to inflate/deflate, just a pain to fold back up again to squeeze in the bag. Good luck getting it back in it's box!


Comfort and ease happy

It has changed camping forever it’s also great for when people want to stop and really comfy it’s easy to pack away just one person too I have recommended it to most people that I know best product I have bought in a long time and after a full week didn’t have to inflate it at all no back pain either it’s the best


Bestway Fortech Air bed

I tried this at my son’s house, found it very comfortable and it stayed fully inflated for my stay of 5 nights. He says it’s easy to put up and down as it does it itself with a pump. I am a small person but couples have slept on it and said the same. So I have bought one for myself and recommended it to others.


Very sturdy - use it daily

I love this air bed! I bought it to use as a regular mattress because of the price and reviews on it! It’s so sturdy, you’d never know it is an airbed. I sleep on it with my hubby and we only have to re-inflate it once a week, to enhance its firmness. I would definitely buy this air bed again. Such a bargain!!


Value for money

I bought this over a month ago and must say I am very happy with product, price was also good. the kids love it to bits......I was tired of all those airbeds that after using once or twice deflats for no reason and decided to just brave up and buy this from dreams.....never regretted....will but another one.


Excellent purchase

Really good air bed. Inflates quickly and holds air pressure well, only needs a top-up once a week. Purchased due to moving house and waiting for new furniture to be delivered. Been using it for almost a month now and no issues. Would definitely recommend. Good value for money - much cheaper than Amazon.


Quick and comfy!

Brought this airbed a couple weeks ago as our old one had a small air leak, the bed inflates quickly and retains its air very well, the bed is comfy and ideal as i have back problems. The travel bag provided is poor quality and ripped within seconds of trying to use it, other than that no issues at all!


Awesome product

I bought this as an emergency bed for friends staying over and it is amazing. People who have used it say it is really comfortable and is very supportive. It is so easy to set up just plug it in flick a switch and in around three minutes its completely inflated and ready to use. Very happy with it.


Absolute gem

Bought this to bring to camping as we bought a large 8-man tent and wanted to sleep on something firm and high off the ground. It was perfect. Slept like a baby, all two adults and one child with space to muneuvre. Well worth the price and the customer service via telephone and in-store was 10/10


Fantastic air bed!

Have used this air bed multiple times since purchase due to house renovation and difficulty getting hold of furniture. The bes is huge! So far off the ground you wouldn't know it was an air bed when made up. Inflates quickly and great to plug in and deflate! Excellent value for money!


2 air beds for camping trip

We purchased two, and have blown them up with their self inflating mechanism, i.e. plug in and flick a switch. They're both inflated, at a nice height and are comfy. However we won't be camping for another two weeks so only then will we know if they deflate like some of the reviews.


Best Air Bed Ever

I bought this about a month ago for our camping trip. Stayed inflated for our 4 night stay. It does the job perfectly. Would highly recommend this bed, it is very like sleeping on a "normal" bed. Brilliant product and was very reasonably priced. Would certainly buy again.


Looked around and this is the best in town

Reviewed many online and decided to go with Dreams Best way Fortech king size air bed. The pump does the job in less than 5 minutes. Very solid bed. Didn't lose much air at all. Very impressed and would recommend. Reverse pumping is lovely and quick. Overall a brill purchase.


Husband prefers it to our actual bed!

Very comfortable, definitely the comfiest air bed we’ve slept on. Doesn’t move either when the other person moves. We’ve had it up for 4 nights, haven’t needed to rep up it up or anything. Inflates quickly and easily. Would 100% recommend and so pleased I chose this air bed!


Fantastic extra bed option !!

We brought this as an extra bed for when guest stayed over, really happy with it. It self inflates and deflates, and fold up nice and tight and can be stored in a cupboard. Bed was very comfortable and our guests have decided to order one for them self. Overall a real winner


Really recommend this airbed

I've had lots of rubbish airbeds but this is not one of them. Very firm and stays inflated. Also really quick and easy to inflate and deflate. Not particularly attractive colour but is fine once covered with sheet and anyway it does not need to be on show for very long.


Absolutely shocked

I brought this a couple weeks ago and let me tell ya it’s the best air mattress on the market for it’s price,design and built in pump absolutely in love and never goes down during the night like them other lousy mattresses would 100% recommend to a friend or family


Comfy and easy to store

really impressed with this air bed. Not only easy to use by just plugging in and blowing itself up, but also comfortable and really conve isn't to store. It comes with its own bag and instructions are simple to follow. Definitely recommended to my fellow glampers


Love it...

After years of suffering back ache and normal type mattresses, I decided to give this a try, not had one bad night's sleep yet. And after using for a few year now, back aches have gone. I will never go back to a normal mattress. Well made and holds fitted sheets.


No regrets and sleep well

We are now into our second week of camping in France and the bed king size air bed is amazing. We have annexed a space in the caravan awning and have easy access to electric power but have had no need since the initial blow up and the bed is very comfortable.


Excellent purchase

This is a very good quality air bed. The bed is very comfortable and unlike other air beds, you don't end up on the floor the next morning! The bed is also very easy to set up and deflate. For the price and quality of the bed, its definitely worth the money.


Great product

I bought this just before we went camping in August as I need something higher than a normal airbed. This was not only easy to inflate & deflate but was extremely comfortable - I slept right through the night on this whereas other airbeds I have struggled.


Best air bed ever!!!

I’ve never slept on an air bed anywhere near as comfy as this one! Firm, really quick and easy to inflate / deflate, and it doesn’t lose air over night at all - just as sturdy in the morning as it was when we went to bed. 5 stars is very justified indeed!


Great Upgrade for our camping trip

I bought this airbed for use when camping. So glad we did as it felt like a big upgrade to what we had before. It pumps up real quick and did stay inflated well. Its just required a quick top up every now and then. Very confortable and highly recommended.


Better than I expected

Got the blow up bed to use until my furniture was delivered, slept really well on it for a week, didn’t need to top up in that time, easy to deflate, and came with a handy bag to store it in once folded, brought one for my daughter when she has guests


5 star camping!

Super luxury whilst camping! This air bed done wonders to help me get a great nights sleep. There was plenty of room for me, my partner and our son to fit comfortably. It is so easy to set up and put away. I'm tempted to get one for my bedroom too!!


Brilliant purchase worth every penny .

I am really pleased with my purchase as this has been a godsend for me as I'm currently sleeping downstairs to give my kids the extra space upstairs .I am finding this comfortable & so easy to blow up & take down to store In the corner out the way .


Great choice of airbed!

Really happy with this airbed! Inflates and deflates very quickly. Is sturdy but comfortable to lay on. Good quality materials and seems like it would be hardwearing. Also much nicer colour than the usual drab blues and greys that you usually see!


Best Air Bed

We bought this air bed for when we have family staying and it is by far the best one we have ever used. It is such a great price for a fantastic product and would highly recommend. It also folds up into a small bag and can be easily stored away.


Very good value option!

Excellent value item for use as an occasional spare bed. Inflated in under 5 mins. Can be cold when you first get in, might be worth using a mattress topper on. Great to take to other's houses as a guest bed, folds up small even after first use.


Fantastic Bed for guests!

Brilliant and quick to assemble. Our friends were very surprised at how comfortable it was. Also like how it can deflate too. Definitely exceeded our expectations and our friends are buying one for themselves too as they were so impressed!


Top Air Bed

Bought for camping. Inflates using built in pump in 4 minutes, and stays inflated. Deflates quickly and easily saving time and effort. It can be inflated using a battery pump on sites without electricity, which is a big plus. A good buy.


Air bed

It’s been amazing. Dreams advices to inflate and deflate then inflate again before use and it’s super comfortable and doesn’t feel like an air bed at all. Would definitely recommend! Thankyou again Dreams. Perfect product at a great price!


Very comfortable and great quality

I’ve had to buy this as was waiting for our bed that we ordered from dreams. We slept on it for 3 weeks and it was very comfortable and still able to use it if need be. And very good for the price. Would recommend to family and friends.


Amazing value

Brought for a weeks camping, We didn't expect the bed to be so comfortable with the low price, But after sleeping on it for a week we have realized it better than our bed. We have also told and brought the same and loving it. FIVE STAR


Great for camping

Bought this for camping for me and my 2 year old, very comfortable and a great height keeps the chill from the ground off you. We slept on this for 6 nights and was great. does need bit more air added every 24 hours after been slept on.


Better than expected

Very comfy, with a good electric pump which doesn't take too long to work. Nice, high air bed - slept it for 5 weeks while waiting for our new bed. Will come useful for guests and folds in nicely, too. Would recommend for the price.


Fantastic air bed!

Fantastic air bed, chose this for a camping trip as both my partner and I have had back surgery. Best nights sleep we’ve had in ages…almost want to camp more often to use it! Great addition to use when guests come to stay too! Hi


Comfortable, great value & quality

Easy to use, comfortable and most importantly, it doesn’t loose air over time like some air beds. This is the best one I’ve ever purchased. Very happy & highly recommend this great value for money and exceptional quality product.


Excellent buy

I thought this might be a lilo-like material but was really impressed with the soft material. It inflates quickly and easily and is nice and firm when it is fully inflated and deflation is just as easy. Excellent value for money.


Really Comfy

We brought this for camping to replace our punctured/broken one, and this new one is very comfortable, due to its flat (non-bumpy) design. Plug for internal pump packs away very neatly too. Very comfortable and spacious sleep.


Simple and very comfortable

Extremely easy to inflate and deflate when required. It doesn’t come with that horrible smell of rubber a lot of inflatable beds come with. And finally, it’s very comfortable to sleep on, great for guests or the spare room.


Best Buy yet!

Brought this as we sometimes have family stay over, so kids slept on it but even I had a lay on it, it’s so so, soft and a solid bed it feels like your sleeping on a bed, also quick to inflate and quick to deflate, love it.


Just Brilliant!

I bought this to get us through a house move. We were amazed by how quick it was to set up and deflate (both automatic processes). It was also fantastically comfortable! We have recommended to all friends as guest beds.


Excellent quality

Bought this inflatable bed mainly for camping. But is just great for use as a spare bed if you have company .Built in pump blows up in no time and deflates just as quick .Excellent quality and a really good price .


Comfortable and it folds down and doesn’t use up a

I purchased this bed as I had just had a brain tumour removed so I didn’t have to go up and downstairs to rest on my bed. This is put up in lounge area and I can sleep and have all the rest which I need for my recovery.


Best way Fortech Air bed Excellent!

We have now purchased 3 of these for Our Bell Tent Glamping business and they have been excellent. A quick top up of air between guests is all they have needed. Fast to inflate. No issues at all! Will be ordering more.


Best way Fortech Air Bed Kingsize

Bought this for my 16 year old daughter and her friend for camping and they loved it. Both said they had the best nights sleep every night and had plenty of room - will now use at home for sleepovers. Best investment


Awesome inflatable mattress

Brilliant An absolute bargain, this is almost as good comfortable as a standard matress costing 6-10 times the price. Inflates in the time it takes to make a cup of tea, packs down sma ll and easily transportable


Comfy and value for money

Tried a few beds and this is the best of the bunch plus great value. Inflates and deflates within 5 minutes. Quick turnaround on delivery. The base also looks more robust than others to stop any potential punctures.


Highly recommend

Very comfortable, true to size, and very easy to inflate and deflate. Recommend highly esp for use when guests come over. Also very high/good quality. The air does not escape, the bed stays inflated even after use.


The best air bed!!!

Excellent firm comfy air bed!! Inflates and deflates by plugging in.... so much easier and quicker then our previous foot pump one!! So glad we made the purchase! Folds up into a storage bag which is included!!


Comfy nights sleep

Inflated really quickly, very comfortable and awoke refreshed, wasn't disturbed through night by partner moving as I assumed I would be, ideal for camping or staying with friends/family when guidelines allow


Luxury for camping

Really comfortable, easily blows up within a matter of minutes and compresses again fast packing away small enough for the carry bag. Due to personal preference we topped the air bed up twice over 7 nights.


Great inflation

I bought this item for a guest to sleep on, I was very impressed with how it inflates within 3 minutes and deflates in around the same time. Excellent piece of kit and will be taking it camping with me too.


A good nights sleep

Very pleased with my purchase have slept on it whilst decorating my bedroom and its a firm mattress and has not lost any air. It also comes with a bag so easy for storage when not in use. Would recommend


Bestway air bed

For an airbed it is very comfortable. Really easy and quick to inflate and stays inflated throught to morning. A very reasonable price compared to other airbeds on other websites. Would highly recommend.


Excellent Value

Excellent value, very easy to inflate and deflate, gave a comfortable sleep. Did deflate slightly during the night but just caused it to lose some firmness, the structure of the bed stayed intact.

Questions and Answers About Bestway Fortech Air Bed - King Size

If I'm having guest for 2 weeks how often does it have to be inflated?

Answer: , This can vary depending on a few different factors. However it shouldn't fully deflate it would just require more air being put into it. For the first several uses this may happen sooner as the material stretches slightly to get used to the volume of air inside and also the weight distribution of the users. Many thanks Dreams

How long does it stay inflated when lay on?

Answer: , This can vary depending on a few different factors. However it shouldn't fully deflate it would just require more air being put into it. For the first several uses this may happen sooner as the material stretches slightly to get used to the volume of air inside and also the weight distribution of the users. Many thanks Dreams

Hi you have stated that it can only be pumped up via the plug (electric). However on page 30 of the instructions it states that it can be pumped up manually? Can you please clarify as the instructions say one thing are dreams are saying another? Thanks. 

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. This should be pumped up via the plug. If you are having any issues with this, please contact our customer service team and they will be happy to help. Kind regards, Dreams.

Hi, The pump has stopped working on our airbed. Just stopped like the electric was turned off! is there a repair service available. Thanks.

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. I would recommend in this instance that you get in touch with our customer service team as they will be best placed to assist in this instance. Kind regards, Dreams

Hello, I bought one of these air beds and it was great. However, I seem to have misplaced the 'bung' and now it deflates so is now useless. Is it possible to buy another bung?

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. I would advise getting in touch with our customer service team, who are best placed to advise you further as to how to resolve this. Thanks, Dreams.

is it possible to inflate with independent battery powered pump or pump powered by car outlet??

Answer: , Thank you for getting in touch with your question. Unfortunately this air bed cannot be pumped manually, it can only be blown up with the pump that is built into it. Many thanks Dreams

What the weight limit on this blow up bed

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. Unfortunately we do not specify a weight capacity, however this should be suitable as it is for occasional use. Many thanks Dreams

Are these available to pick up in store? Thanks

Answer: , Unfortunately not. This item will be delivered by Royal Mail within 7 days; parcel tracking details will be provided by Royal Mail via text and email. Kind regards, Dreams.

Can I use an electric blanket or throw with this? 

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. You can but we would advise you use one that automatically switches off so it doesn’t get too hot. Kind regards, Dreams.

Is the Bestway Forteh king size air bed available in the store.

Answer: Myles, The air bed is available in our stores, however it may be best to call your local store before visiting just to make sure that they do have stock. Many thanks Dreams

Will this be OK too sleep on for me and my partner every single night ?

Answer: Good Evening, We don't recommend this air bed as a permanent nightly sleep solution as it is not likely to provide the correct level of support and comfort. Kind Regards, Dreams

What sheet size/type would you recommend for this mattress? I would tho k a fitted sheet would not have anything to hook onto?

Answer: , You can use a King size fitted sheet, however this probably wouldn't cover the whole bed, but would still stay in place. Many thanks Dreams

Hi is the inbuilt pump mains only or does it take batteries too? Thanks

Answer: , This air bed has a built in pump so you would need to be able to plug this into a plug socket to be able to blow it up. Many thanks Dreams

Can you tell me how this blows up, I want to take it camping and I have no charger in the car, what would I need?

Answer: , This air bed has a built in pump so you would need to be able to plug this into a plug socket to be able to blow it up. Many thanks Dreams

Does the pump stop itself or how do you know when to turn it off

Answer: , Once the airbed is fully inflated you will need to turn it off manually this will not automatically turn off. Kind regards, Dreams.

Can it be pumped up manually?

Answer: , Unfortunately this air bed cannot be pumped manually, it can only be blown up with the pump that is built into it. Many thanks Dreams

Hello, is the material on the top of the bed similar to velvet or a velour texture please?

Answer: , I'm afraid that the material is not similar to either of these textures. It is just a soft touch polyester surface. Many thanks Dreams

Would this airbed deflate in one night, or would it stay inflated throughout the night? 

Answer: , Thanks for reaching out with your question. This airbed should stay inflated throughout the whole night. Kind regards, Dreams

What weight is the capacity, we are bith big about 15 stone would this be ok

Answer: , We do not specify a weight capacity, however this should be suitable as it is for occasional use. Many thanks Dreams

Do you provide or can suggest a foldway base/frame that can be used with this to make it higher for less able guest use? Thank you

Answer: , We would not recommend placing an Air Bed on a divan base or bedframe. Kind Regards, Dreams

As i would like to take it on a plane - could you tell me how much the whole package weighs when posted?

Answer: , Apologies for the delay in reaching out. This measures at 10kg. Kind regards, Dreams.

What is the max recommended weight of people sleeping on it ?

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not have a set maximum weight for the airbed. Many thanks Dreams

What weight and size is it when in the bag (before inflating)

Answer: , The dimensions of the bag are 57x61cm and it weighs 5.5KG. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello what is the size of this once it’s packed away and the weight please ? Thank you 

Answer: , The box dimensions for the Air bed are 45cm x 40cm x 18cm. Thank you, Ella

Can this also be blown up manually with a foot pump etc or is the only way to pump this up by plugging it in? For camping purposes you see! 

Answer: , This Air Bed can only be inflated using electricity. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can this be inflated with out electricity for non electricity camping ?

Answer: , This Air Bed can only be inflated using electricity. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you use a manual pump to pump this up ? Going camping with no electric supply thanks 

Answer: , This Air Bed can only be inflated using electricity. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this come with a standard 3 pin UK plug ?

Answer: , Yes, this comes with a standard 3 pin UK plug. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello, is the product under warranty ? 

Answer: , This air bed has a 1 year guarantee. Many thanks Dreams

What power in Watts is required for the pump please?

Answer: , The pump uses 93 watts. Hope this helps, Dreams

How many Watts does the sirbrd pump use?

Answer: , The pump uses 93 watts. Many thanks Dreams

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