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Wintour Pocket Sprung Mattress Rated 5/5 based on 350 customer reviews

Wintour Pocket Sprung Mattress


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Becky's Thoughts On The Wintour Pocket Sprung Mattress

The Wintour Pocket Sprung Mattress from The Dreams Workshop is one of the latest in a range of mid-tier mattresses to launch for the 2020 season replacing the ever-popular Sigma Mattress.

The Wintour Pocket Spring Mattress has a fair amount of clout for those looking for a medium tension mattress, sporting a modest but respectable 672 pocket springs rather than the cheaper open coil variety you will often find at this price point. The springs help contour around your body and work as the supportive layer of the mattress, crucial for a god nights sleep and for preventing back pain.

Due to the good quality of the spring system used, this mattress is advertised as having preventative 'roll together' avoidance. This is really helpful for couples that share a bed and find themselves stuck in an endless cycle of rolling into the middle, often caused by poor quality and unsupported spring systems and too-soft mattresses.

The Wintour is also produced by expert master craftsman within the UK so you get that warm fuzzy feeling of being able to help support local as well. 

In all, there is lot's to enjoy with the new Wintour Pocket Sprung Mattress at a new low price point, built upon the success of an old favourite, we can see this being a great choice for most.

What Makes The Wintour Pocket Sprung Mattress Great?

We got this mattress delivered promptly on 22nd June and wow what a difference! Our old one was well past its best and we couldn't wait any longer for a new one. Sigma was in the sale which was the first plus and the reviews were really good, the second plus. We visited a store, but didn't see the Sigma at all so we discovered it online. It's always risky buying online without seeing it first, specially when it comes to something so important, but I'm very glad we went with the Sigma. I'm hypermobile so have issues with frequent joint dislocations and soft tissue injuries, things which make for very uncomfortable times in bed for me. I was very nervous about the new mattress, but it was delivered promptly at 9.40am which was fab considering our time slot was 9.30 to 11.30 :) The guys were friendly, swift and professional every step of the way and soon we were unwrapping our new Sigma. It was our day off, so we decided at 9.50am to lie on the new bed and see how it felt. My hubby and I woke up 2 hours later!!! :O I was told that memory foam beds were awful and too hot for us hypermobile folks, but the layer of memory foam in this mattress is spot on. It provides the soft, mouldable comfort I need without making me overheat which is massively important for me. Having the pocket springs too means my husband and I don't disturb each other when turning over etc and gives a reassuring support when you lie down. I really noticed the support on my usually painful hips and knees and was so relieved to find the Sigma gives just the right level of support to allow my joints to rest without pain and the need to change positions constantly. We are thrilled with our choice and I would recommend the Sigma to anyone with similar issues as me. Finding comfort and support for people like me who are hypermobile isn't easy...but I'm sleeping far more comfortably than ever now thanks to making the decision to buy this mattress. I'm grateful for the relief my joints now feel and for the support and comfort the Sigma provides and to Dreams for ensuring I really do have sweet dreams now instead of bedtime being a nightmare.

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Comfort Grade - Medium

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

Memory Foam layer

Something for the memory foam lovers. Who doesn't love a bit of sinky-floaty and supportive material designed to rebound again and again. Definitely the optimal for comfort in any mattress

672 pocket springs (King)

672 Pocket springs is toward the low end on the amount of springs that you would normally expect within a mattress. The fewer springs, less support for each individual body part. However, even with the small offering of springs, this is still a better option than an equivilent priced open coil mattress so it's not necesserily a bad thing depending on your budget

Quilted finish with soft-touch knitted fabric

Easy to clean and maintain, this sort of fabric and finish is fairly common on mattresses and won't cause any issues down the line

About The Dreams Workshop

The Dreams Workshop has been hard at work since 2003 and is a long established production arm of the ever-popular Dreams Beds retailer. Each mattress created under this brand is hand-crafted to perfection by the master craftsmen inside their factory in Oldbury. 

Customer Reviews For The Wintour Pocket Sprung Mattress

Based on 350 review

Finally, a refreshing night's sleep

I was waking up with lower back pain everyday. Not having any medical issues or injuries, I put it down to my old mattress. I went online looking for a mattress with excellent reviews. I came across the Sigma pocket sprung mattress. As luck would have it, it was on offer too - I ordered it online and was given a confirmation email. When the delivery date came, the drivers rang me when they were half an hour away. They were polite and courteous. One covered his shoes in protective gear the other removed his shoes all together. The mattress was taken to the room of my choice. I was advised to remove the wrapper and air it due to the fire retardant coating smell. The first night I slept on it was I knew that it was the best thing I had bought in a long while. The very edge of the mattress is softer than my previous mattress. I'm used to a rigid edge, apart from that everything was beyond expectation. It's medium in it's "firmness" and the very top surface is memory foam (not squishy and hot). The weight of the mattress was surprisingly light compared to my previous mattress too. I will be able to rotate the mattress without the assistance of a power lifter. I haven't woken with any back pain since sleeping on this mattress. I'm a back and side sleeper - I have no pressure sores in the morning. I recommend this mattress highly.


A perfect purchase at last

I am a very suspicious person who now relies on reviews before I purchase anything. I spent weeks looking around for a matress that was reasonably priced as well as a decent quality that would last a few years. On delivery, I could feel it was nicely padded. I have fitted sheets that fitted fine. The matress is really comfy, feels like theres an inch of memory foam on it. It has a firmness about it but its not hard. I bought it for my teenager who when I asked how she slept, answered with a beaming smile..."its amazing". We have only had it for 2wks so still early days but my gutt feeling is that this matress will last a good few years. Delivery was within the time specified and the delivery men were very polite. Given the recent disappointment I experienced with disgustingly poor quality from another well known store, this purchase did indeed turn out to be a dream come true and at half the price!! Have already recommended Dreams and this matress.


Excellent product and delivery

After going in a Dreams store in search of a mattress, we were impressed by the selection but put off by the expected delivery date (2- 4 weeks) and the delivery charge. Upon returning home, we looked on the Dreams website where we found even more choices and free delivery! I ordered the mattress on a Sunday evening and got an email the following day asking me to arrange a delivery date. That Thursday was available. On the Thursday morning the deliveryman called to say they'd be with us between 9.15am and 11.15am. At 9.20am they turned up and took the mattress upstairs to the required room (an extra cost again if ordered in store). And two weeks later we still love out Sigma pocketsprung mattress. The chemical smell was mild but only lasted a few days, plus Dreams supplied a spray to eliminate the odour.


Comfiest mattress I've ever had

I've had this mattress for a good few weeks now and I love it. My previous mattress was so uncomfortable that I would wake up in the morning aching. That's a distant memory now. This mattress is firm enough to be supportive but soft enough to be comfy and I would recommend it to anyone. My only slight complaint is that I ordered a kingsize mattress and it is every so slightly too small for the bed frame. Maybe an inch too narrow and an inch too short. Previous kingsize mattress fit the frame fine and I did measure the frame before ordering. However, this doesn't personally bother me. I bought the mattress in the sale, and thought it was excellent value.


Worth every penny!!

We bought this a couple of weeks ago ,We were not quite sure about this brand of mattress as we always go with the most traditional name brands Silent Night, Sealy etc ,but so glad we took the plunge....To be honest ,its like sleeping on a cloud so comfortable no roll together and we found it keeps you warm but not sweaty ,Both me and my husband are over the moon with this mattress and would highly recommend it especially to those of you who suffer with pressure piont's and a bad back,but dont just take our word read the reviews and try it for yourself and see ....promise you will not be disappointed , Hope this help's with your nagging doubt's xx


Great value

I bought my Dream Mattress on line after doing a bit of research. I chose a combination mattress Pocket Sprung with Memory Foam. I have been using the mattress for 4 weeks now and I am totally satisfied with my purchase. Medium firm and very comfortable. I love my new mattress, every night is a good night sleep, and I feel refreshed in the morning. Also it is a no-flip mattress. This suits me as I found flipping my old mattress such hard work that I gave it up. I rotated my new mattress once, and I found I could manage that quite easily as it is not very heavy. Overall very pleased indeed with this item.



This mattress is perfect for my teenage son - a combination of pocket sprung and memory foam. Firm but comfortable. I always buy from Dreams because I can find exactly what I'm looking for at the price I want to pay. What's more I don't need to spend time trawling round the shops to test mattresses out. I'm confident to buy online because the site is well laid out, informative, and jargon free. The delivery men arrived exactly in the timeslot allocated to us, were polite, cheerful, careful not to damage anything, and wore overshoes so as not to bring the garden in with them. What more could you want?


Great mattress

Bought this mattress last month for my teenage son and he loves it.says it's so comfy and he falls asleep straight away and said it even keeps him warm.even my mum wants one when she tried it out.i have a similar mattress myself buy a different brand but this one from dreams is far better than my silent night one and was cheaper in price . I'm now going to buy myself this mattress from dreams when i redecoarte my bedroom. I also bought this mattress online instead of looking instore and I'm not dissapointed at all by not seeing the mattress beforehand. Great price when on offer and superb quality.


Super comfy

Have had this almost a year now and it's still as comfy as when it was new. The memory foam layer means you kind of sink into it and don't get any uncomfortable pressure on shoulders or anything and you can't feel a single spring. I dislike mattresses that are 100% memory foam as I think they feel too firm but I love having a layer like on this mattress. If you like firm mattresses this isn't for you. The springs are probably a medium firmness for support, but the memory foam layer is really soft. My fiancé is less particular with mattresses but is perfectly happy with this one as well.


Fantastic night's sleep!

The Sigma mattress was not available to try out in store, so I decided to trust everyone's reviews and buy two of these mattresses for my sons' bedrooms. I was not disappointed. You don't sink deeply into them, they are fairly sturdy, the memory foam top layer is cosy and comfortable and seems to mould to your body shape. My children love them. I tried one out and had a fantastic night's sleep and having suffered from sciatica in the past, it was the first time in years I got up without a twinge in my back. I will be buying a Sigma mattress for my own bedroom in the very near future!


No More Aches and Pains

A very comfortable mattress. I had been putting off replacing my mattress, but now I wish I had done it much sooner. I have been waking up tired and with joint pains for several months. After just a few weeks the joint pains have gone and I feel much more rested when I wake up in the mornings. I got the mattress in the sale, so the price was an added bonus, but I would have been happy to pay full price had there not been a sale on. The only slight negative is that new mattress smell hung around for a few days, but it wasn't too bad and didn't hinder a good nights sleep!


A good comfortable nights sleep

I bought a Sigma mattress for our spare room 2 years ago, friends and family have slept on it and have all said how comfortable it is. We slept on it for a week while decorating our bedroom and when back in our bed we decided our old mattress had to go, so only one thing to do was replace it with another Sigma mattress. It was delivered on our chosen day with several text messages confirming delivery times and delivered by 2 guys who even took there shoes off before entering our bungalow. A great service and a very comfortable sleep. zzzzzzzzzz


Very Comfortable

Delivered as promised, with a phone call on the day to give an update on time of arrival. They collected the old mattress for a reasonable charge. We had received a plastic bag in the post a few days before with instructions on how to seal the old mattress in it. We had a king size mattress to be collected and this could prove difficult for some customers to bag up, elderly etc. I presume that the delivery men will bag it up if this is the case. The new mattress is very attractive and comfortable and highly recommended.


Very comfortable at a low price

Admittedly I bought this mattress as a clearance deal so it was less than half the (claimed) original price but none the less it seems excellent quality and is certainly very comfortable. Delivery was several hours earlier on the day than had been indicated which wasn't problem for me working from home that day but for others making special arrangements to be home at a certain time for the delivery only to find it arrives a couple of hours early could be an issue. But that's a minor point and I'm very happy otherwise.


Prompt and efficient service

I purchased 2 sigma mattresses for my kids. The mattresses were perfectly suitable. The delivery was what I was concerned about as I thought this might mean taking time off work. However Dreams delivered on a Saturday and had called the day before to give me a 2 hour time slot. But actually said that it was more likely to be first thing. They arrived on the dot and brought the items up to the bedroom and even took all the packaging away. Very happy with this service and happy to leave a positive review.


New mattress new nights kip

I bought this for my new place ,accompanying a dreams bed. This was the first time I have shopped with dreams and was pleasantly impressed with service ,delivery and overall quality of the mattress I purchased. The mattresses has a excellent quality and feel. Although the first night wasn't the best nights sleep I've ever had! (Think because not use to a new mattress) now I'm finding it hard to get out of the thing!! Brilliant all round mattress would recommend to family and friends for sure


Such a comfortable bed!

I bought this mattress about five weeks ago and it made such a difference to my back after only a couple of nights. It is a medium firmness, my sister prefers a much firmer bed but she still found it very comfortable and made her wish she'd had a new one. Every morning my old mattress would make me so achy but this one is perfect. It is also quite heavy which gives me a lot of hope for its longevity. I would recommend it for how affordable it is.


Bounce on the bed.

Needed a new mattress, while browsing the dream site popped up. It was in their clearance sale, and had a load of fabulous reviews. Was it worth it? Definitely, I've been sleeping like the preverbal log. The men who delivered mattress were polite, put on shoe protection, and best of all ON TIME. They took mattress upstairs and offered to take old mattress away. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dreams beds, I'll definitely be back.


Very comfortable

I purchased this to replace an old soft spring mattress. The Sigma mattress is very supportive and comfortable with just enough give to support my back without being too firm. No back aches or issues since buying this! As I turn over in the night or get out of bed it does not disturb my wife as the movement is dampened and isolated to the individual, unlike our old spring mattress. All in all a good buy and a good quality mattress.


Very comfortable

I bought this matress a month ago because my I was suffering hip and knee pain sleeping on my old one. I chose this one as it is pocket sprung but also has a memory foam top for comfort. It took a couple of weeks to get used to it but I am delighted with the fact that I feel so much better and am sleeping well. The other feature I like is that it doesn't need to be turned which is a boost as find it hard work turning my matress.


Great value and comfort

I purchased this single mattress to use when I stay at my daughters. I’m used to a tempur memory foam mattress at home so wanted something with memory foam on the top for comfort. I used on line chat to find out the depth of foam topping compared to others and found this very helpful in making my choice. I have slept on this over the Christmas period and it is perfect, no aches and pains in the morning so I would highly recommend.


A great night’s sleep!

I bought this mattress several weeks ago and have come to the conclusion that this was the best decision I have made in years. This mattress is responsible for allowing me the best night sleep in about a decade, and happily continues to do so. I found it to be exceptionally comfortable, not too firm, but very supportive, regardless of the position I take in the bed. I only wish I had the sense to purchase this mattress years ago!


A better restful nights sleep

This the second purchase of dreams beds/mattress I have made.My husband has for some years suffered with back problems and never sleeps well. After purchasing several mattresses we decided to purchase another dreams mattress for the spare bed. Since having I can honestly say his sleep pattern has improved and when our other mattress needs replacing I will be looking to purchasing from you again lovely deep mattress and firm



Brilliant mattress, I tried a few John Lewis ones in the shop and then took a chance at ordering this one from dreams as it had good reviews and was in the sale I believe at half price. The only downside is I have put it on a Loaf bed and although both are king size, there is a slight over hang of the mattress but it’s not super obvious and probably expected given the bed is from a different shop. Excellent overall though.


great night sleep!

I suffer with a bad neck and shoulders and my physio said I should look into a new mattress however I didn't have the funds. I found this mattress online and couldn't believe the price. I read other reviews and thought it was worth a try and I'm so glad I did! It's quite firm and really feels like it's supporting my whole back and I've had a lot less problems with my neck since! Would definitely recommend.


Wonder mattress

For years I have had a problem getting out of bed because of a serious back problem, since my wonderful mattress has been with me, I find that I can get out of bed so much easier because the pain is not so bad. I am so very happy with it but have been thinking maybe I should have had the softer one...but I do love this one because at least I can sleep so much better. Thank you Dreams Rosemary Courtney


Pure Comfort

Bought this mattress for my 12 yr old son's bed to replace an old uncomfortable one where you could feel every spring move when you lay down. I did take a chance and bought this solely from the reviews on the website - and I'm so glad I did! My son loves it - he says it is so comfortable and not a digging in spring in sight. Wish I had bought this earlier - it was on offer too so even better!


Cmfy Mattress

Bought this when it was on offer at £300 and it is really comfortable and for me just the right level of support (not too firm and not too hard). Ive had mattresses before where you have had to spend months wearing them in, this one was comfy straight out of the packaging. The 5 start value rating is based on my purchase price of £300, at the current price of £599 I would go 3.5/4


Super comfy for bad back

This mattress replaces my favourite orthopaedic very expensive old mattress of 10 years. At the price I was not expecting the same quality or comfort, I was mistaken on both counts. From the very first night it was absolutely the right choice. After multiple surgeries to repair my spine after an accident, I demand, yes demand, as good a nights sleep as possible and this delivers


So comfy

We have had the mattress a few weeks now and from the first night it has been heaven soft but supportive the only negative was the smell I was told to leave it a few hours before dressing it and I left it until we where ready for bed but it did take a week until the chemical smell went and I did leave it to air every morning but apart from that best money I have ever spent


Another great buy from Dreams!!

I went back to Dreams, having bought from them last year,something I don't do unless I have had a very positive experience in the past, I looked at several mattresses and chose this one, it is great, so comfortable, easy to rotate it does what it says on the can and so much more, I should also like to add that the delivery men were outstanding doing an excellent job


Very comfortable

Been sleeping on this mattress for nearly 4 months now and I love it. It is so comfortable. It feels so much more high up than my old mattress so feels great to climb into. The memory topper moulds around your body to give the perfect balance of soft and firm. Excellent mattress. Bought this product with a great discount meaning excellent value as well as comfort.


A mattress is for 8 years not for life

recovering from a broken back I decided to buy a new mattress to see if this would give me more comfort and support as I had had my previous mattress for 10 years. The mattress was not too hard or too soft, just right and is definatley helping my recovery, you also gave me a sticker telling me a mattress should be replaced every 8 years something I did not know.


Am I dreaming

I bought this for my Son and his partner who both had been complaining about there old mattress. They are overjoyed with it at first it was quite firm. It has now softened up now and very comfortable and both sleeping much better no more backache. Delivery service was second to none with a call to say what time they would be and emails confirming everything.


Simply gorgeous!

I have just purchased this mattress with a bedframe from Dreams for my daughter's new bedroom - and I want it!! It is beautifully stiched and so comfy, you won't want to get up and go to work. Seriously, my 80 years-old mother has also tried it out for size, and she agrees how very comfortable it is. Very highly recommended. And yes, I AM a genuine customer!!!!


Very comfortable mattress - an excellent buy

I bought a mattress just over a month ago and am REALLY pleased with my choice - I get a really good night's sleep now. Dreams customer service was exceptional and I would also like to thank the two v pleasant delivery men, who were efficient and punctual, but took the time to help and advise me regarding a broken slat on my existing bed frame. Many thanks



Slightly apprehensive buying a mattress online. Obviously can’t try it out so reviews were very important, and they were very true; it’s an amazingly comfortable mattress! Firm but comfy, supports your back and had great nights sleep every night. You won’t be disappointed! Great service from dreams all round, always kept in touch and fab delivery service.


Fantastic Mattress

I bought this mattress, as we have bought similar models for two other beds and I was really envious when I tried it out so I wanted one of my own. I suffer with tension in my back and neck and the memory foam layer really supports these areas. This is very comfortable and I have slept well on it since I have had it. Highly recommend this mattress.


Very comfortable

I am delighted with my new mattress, and impressed with the whole delivery service - I opted to have my old mattress recycled, and everything promised by Dreams happened! I am grateful that the delivery team collected my old mattress from upstairs, and fitted the new one, taking away the packaging.I am not strong enough to have done this myself. Great.



Bought this a while ago. Was looking for a pocket spring mattress at the best price. This one has an extra layer of foam at the top which makes you feel amazing. Although it makes the sides of the bed feel like your gonna fall of. The delivery was punctual, 2 guys brough it to my 1st floor flat, put it on the bed and even took all the packaging. :)


Fantastic buy

I took a risk and ordered this mattress just by reading reviews and the write up. Glad I took the risk, mattress is amazingly comfortable and couldn't be happier. From the ordering of the mattress through to the delivery it went smoothly with communication when required. Delivery men were brilliant and very helpful. Would highly recommend


Extremely Comfortable

Our old mattress was overdue replacing but with a limited budget we were struggling to find one that ticked all the boxes - until we came across this one. My husband and I have different criteria when it comes to mattresses but this one is perfect for both of us. It's very comfortable and we've had great nights sleep since it arrived.



My sigma mattress was delivered today and it is by far the most comfiest mattress I have ever owned, I like mine to be not to soft not to hard and it's exactly what it is! I was worried it would be too soft because it's a 4 but it's amazing and would reccomend to everyone, very very happy with my purchase! Can not move from my bed lol!!



I bought this bed after reading the other reviews on this site. I'm so glad I did. It arrived on time and was delivered by 2 very friendly efficient fellas. My first night of sleeping on my new bed was heavenly. It was the most comfortable night's sleep I have had in a very long time. I would recommend this bed without hesitation.


Great comfort at good price

I needed a single mattress for a daybed in my spare room and saw this Sigma pocket sprung one on Dreams website at a pretty good price. I was a bit dubious about buying a mattress online, without the chance to try it but I'm really pleased as it's so comfy. It feels soft but supportive at the same time. I highly recommend it.


Fantastic bed

I brought this bed for our new house. Had an amazing sleep I had in this bed. Bed is so great, may order another for my daughter if they still have in stock. Dreams delivered on time and provided great service from start to finish of the process. Also this was on offer at a great price. Would highly recommend.


Very comfortable

This is the best matress I hsve had! Bought on line and was a bit scared about how it would be. Previously paid a fortune for an orthopdic matters that always gave me sleepless nights and sore back an shoulders. This is the perfect mattress for me. Really hard to get up Of a morning.would definitely recommend!!!!


So comfortable

I am always slightly concerned when ordering a mattress online, not having had the opportunity to test. But this mattress is great. It is not too hard, nor soft and has helped me have many a restful evening. I would highly recommend this product. If you have difficulty sleeping, this may help as it has with me.


Really comfy

My old mattress was causing me serious back pain. Since I bought this one the pain has gone and for the first time in over a year I have had a good night's sleep. The mattress itself is firm, but the memory foam on top softens it nicely. I recommend this to people who like a medium-firm to firm mattress.


Just what I always wanted!

I bought this bed in the sales as I have a back problem and it is so good I am sleeping right through the night! I chose a medium hardness of mattress and it is just what I needed. Having a small bedroom i chose to have a four drawer divan and I was not disappointed. I can get all I need in the drawers


Great value for money and so comfortable

I bought this mattress when I bought the Knox velvet bed last month for our main bedroom. It is really comfortable and feels very good quality. It is very thick so feels luxurious. Dreams describes it as medium but I would say it is in between medium and soft. I would recommend and would buy again.



Having looked at a number of matress specifications from a large number of outlets via the Internet the one we purchased met all the criteria that we were looking for. These were Medium Firm, Partial memory foam layer, Well sprung, and Grab handles due to weight and last but not least a decent price.


Comfy with the right amount of firmness

My husband and I moved house a month ago and hadn't treated ourselves to a new mattress in over 6 years. The difference that it has done to our backs is fantastic. I'm currently 7 months pregnant and need the support which it supplies plenty of with the added comfort of the memory foam topping.


So comfortable I never want to get out of it

I purchased my sigma pocket sprung mattress about a month ago and haven’t wanted to leave the bed since it arrived. I suffer with a herniated disk in my back and this bed has made my life so much more comfortable. As a result I feel better in myself and am happier overall. Thank you Dreams!!


Excellent Service, excellent quality

I went into the Epsom Dreams store to buy a new bed with headboard. Each option was carefully explained to us by John and we really felt we were making an informed decision. The bed arrived as promised and the delivery men were extremely helpful. All in all and excellent sales experience.


Sleep in comfort

Got this mattress a few weeks ago and haven't had a bad nights sleep since, I was in two minds weather to go for a firmer mattress, in the end really pleased I went with this one, support is excellent at the same time as maintaining fabulous comfort an all round well performing mattress.


Fantastic value and sooooo comfortable

I bought this bed for my daughter to replace worn old mattress, not realising how bad it was until we tried the new Sigma Pocket mattress that was so comfortable. It feels very cushioned and like sinking on upper layer but also reassuringly firm and supportive. I want one for myself !



Just moved into a new flat and needed a mattress. Doubt we could have found a better one for the same price! It's soft and comfortable and gives a great night sleep. Only downside is you can't really flip is due to the bottom being different, it's very much a one way mattress.


Really comfortable

I was nervous about buying the product online but honestly, we're pleased with it. It feels supportive for you back whilst also allowing you to sink into it. We had a completely foam mattress before and it makes such a positive difference having the elevation and spring.


So Comfortable

I have had this mattress for about two weeks now. It took a couple of nights to get used to it, but now I sleep throughout the night with no backache in the morning. The combination of memory foam and pocket sprung is great as I find an all memory foam mattress too hot



I've had this mattress for 2 weeks, and it's very comfortable, although being much higher than my previous mattress, my dog isn't very happy, as it's too high for her to jump up now!!. I now wake up 2 hours later than I did previously!!, i.e. 06.30 instead of 04.30


Great Mattress

I bought this a month ago, I did a lot of research into mattresses as my husband has 3 types of arthritis and needed a mattress he could get a good night's sleep on. He has slept really well since having this mattress and it moulds to him and supports his joints.



I brought this matress a month ago and it has been amazing! Great value and so comfortable. At first I thought it was quite hard, but it soon became softer! Awful smell aswel when it arrived, but that went after a week. I presume it was just from the warehouse.


Great Mattress Great Half Price

These was on offer, half price. I wanted a good quality mattress for my small son's bed and I always prefer pocket sprung mattresses. I am so pleased with the quality. It is so comfortable. Such a brilliant price. So happy. You won't be disappointed with this.


well priced comfort

I originally bought one of these mattresses for the spare room but was so impressed with the quality that I ordered another for the main bedroom, luckily it was on sale and for the price is really good value, not too soft or too hard, the goldilocks medium.


Great quality, great value

I bought this for my 17 year old son. It’s very comfortable. Perfect mixture of springs and memory foam. My mattress in my room was double the price and not as comfortable as this sigma one. Delivery guys were very friendly and efficient too. Happy customer


Most comfortable mattress

Bought this a month ago & its one of the most comfortable mattresses ive ever slept on. It retains its firmness perferctly (I guess thats the memory foam). No joint pain and I mostly sleep on my side. I use it in the master bedroom. All in all.... fab buy!


Completely satisfied

I cannot believe what a good nights sleep I now have, waking utterly refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Needless to say I am completely satisfied with my new " Dreams " bed and have no hesitation in recommending this bed to anyone. Thank you "Dreams".


So Comfy

I bought this about two weeks ago and am so pleased with it. It is for a second bedroom but my bed and mattress didn't turn up that I bought from another provider so have had to sleep on this one. It is so comfy, I have had the best nights sleep in ages.


Excellent quality mattress

I recently bought mattress and I am happy with my purchase. The mattress is deep and firm and provides an excellent night sleep. I would recommend this mattress to anybody looking for a comfortable night sleep. I can't wait to get to bed each night!


very comfy

our old mattress was very firm and although it was only 18 months old, decided we needed a softer one. we bought this one based purely on other peoples reviews and we haven't been disappointed. it is still a bit firm but has a bit more spring.


Great night’s sleep

We bought this mattress a few weeks ago, ad it has really helped me to sleep better. I suffer with mild arthritis, and wasn’t sleeping well, but the new mattress helps to ease the pain and stiffness, resulting in a better night’s sleep.


Extremely comfortable

Since buying this mattress I haven't had a bad nights' sleep. Good support without being too firm. The memory foam adds an extra layer of comfort and it retains warmth as well, so no more cold beds. Excellent service from Dreams as well.


Very comfortable

I bought this for my guest bedroom and it was used over Christmas and I got very good feedback from my guests. I would say it does take a lot of airing to get rid of the smell of chemicals, but I think it was still a very good purchase.


Great service from Dreams!

great product! real value for money! my neck pain and back pain gone! I will highly recommend this mattress! and the way Dreams handles your purchase is great from beginning to end! I am buying my kids mattresses next only from Dreams!!


Great for my teen!

Bought this for my 13 year old and she loves it. Although it is certainly firm enough to give good support to her growing body it has a wonderfully comfortable and soft to later that she can 'sink into'. She's sleeping better than ever!


Comfortable mattress and good price

Bought this for my son and he is very happy with it, finds it comfortable. Bought in a sale and obtained at a good price, so all round very happy. Went instore to look at mattresses first and the advisor at Horsham branch was great.


An Amazing Night's Sleep

I bought this due to the good price an great reviews and haven't been disappointed. The Mattress is amazing and we sleep soundly every night. It's so comfortable. The delivery was great too. From van to my bedroom in under a minute.


A Real Hit

I bought this for guest bed for when parents stayed at Christmas. It arrived when it said it would. It fitted perfectly, and was very comfortable according to my Dad who woke up in the morning 2 hours later than he normally does.


Very pleasing purchase

From ordering on the Internet to very helpful prompt delivery men the purchase was made very easy. I was very impressed with the comfort of the mattress and my friend had three extremely good sleeps on it when she visited.


Like sleeping on a plush hotel bed

It arrived yesterday and I had the best night's sleep in years... Total bliss. Good support from the springs with the added bonus of the layer of memory foam which your body just melts into... You will not regret purchase.


Excellent choice

I bought this bed and mattress a couple of weeks ago and am very happy with my purchase. There is ample room in the drawers - though not quite as deep as my old bed drawers. The mattress is really very comfortable indeed.


Great value

This is an excellent product really firm yet comfortable at the same time. Dreams had really good service, shame about the long wait for delivery took two weeks for us but worth waiting in the end as its a quality product


So far, so good!

It's only been about 3 weeks, but so far, so good! Not too firm, doesn't make me too warm like other mattresses with memory foam, handles on the sides for easy moving. My only complaint so far is the new mattress smell.


Getting up free from backache

I have suffered with backache for years I can honestly say that since having my new mattress my back has improved a lot my daughter recommended you because she has your mattress when ever I stop there my back inproved


Wry comfortable!

Bought this mattress recently and am very pleased with it - best purchase in a long time! The customer service has been A1 too - the delivery guys polite & on time - very impressed - will recommend you to our friends.


Best bed ever!!

I bought this bed online without even going to the store to check it out and took a gamble and thank god I did bcos I love it! It's super comfy because of the memory foam on top, best bed Iv slept on so far for sure x


Super comfortable mattress!

I invested in a new bed and mattress from Dreams and the whole process was so easily even during Covid-19. The bed is gorgeous and the mattress is so comfortable. I wish I hadn't waited so long to invest in a new bed!


Really happy with the mattress.

Have problems with back pain and have found this mattress has really helped. Very comfortable and you feel like the top layer moulds to your shape although its still quite firm. Really happy and the price was great !


Super value quality matress

I bought this and it was delivered on the 17th July. It was for my daughter who had just moved into her final student house for her 3rd Year. She tells me its is super comfortbale and has really imporved her sleep.



really happy with this mattress - very comfortable. Left it in the room before making it up and the Memory foam smell went after two days. Son and partner were very happy with it and want to buy one for themselves!



I couldn't be happier with my new mattress. It is extremely comftable and supports you really well. I highly recommend this mattress and the Dreams service is excellent very professional and friendly delivery guys.


Super comfortable!

Really the most comfortable mattress i've ever had, highly recommend. Very high quality, and the memory foam topping really helps too - and i wouldn't normally have gone for memory foam as i'm not usually a fan.


Comfy sleep.

I bought this mattress for my new bed about a month ago, most comfiest i have ever bought, feels soft yet is firm & holds weight well, i suffer from a bad back & can actually sleep on it, would highly recommend.


Amazing service! Love the product.

I have had my bed over a month now, absolutely love my bed as I always now have an amazing sleep every night. Highly recommend dreams! And I will defiantly be buying another bed when I am due for a new one. :-).


Extremely comfortable mattress!

I bought this mattress a month ago, mostly because it was such a bargain price, and it fitted my wish list. I am delighted with it, very comfortable, fairly easy to lift to turn round as I was advised to do.


Perfect nights sleep

Amazing; I bought this as I have osteoarthritis in my back and needed more support. This arrived quick and with good contact about delivery times polite helpful delivery men and really decent priced product.


Excellent choice

Have had this mattress almost a month and am so pleased with the quality and comfort very happy with my purchase. It’s nit too heavy and with hanidles was easy to manoeuvre on my own. Definitely recommend


Great product and delivery

Ordered a new mattress online Great email confirmation On due delivery date had call from drivers giving 2 hour delivery slot and they were actually early Very friendly drivers Love the mattress very comfy


Just what the doctor ordered!

A great mattress that works perfectly in the traditional fashion. I find that I am spending less time in bed because you have such a good's night sleep that you wake up earlier feeling totally refreshed.

Questions and Answers About Wintour Pocket Sprung Mattress

Do you have king size mattresses in stock that we can take away on the day? What mattress type would you suggest we have currently got a memory foam one which is good for the support but can't sleep very well as it is too hot? What is cooler?

Answer: Hi , The only mattresses available for taking home on the day are some of our rolled mattresses here: . You will have to check with your local store that they hold these though. In terms of a cooler night sleep, we have our TEMPUR CoolTouch range, and our TheraPur range which are designed to provide a cooler night sleep. Mattresses made from natural materials should also help with a cooler night sleep, you can view our range here: Thank you.

Hi how much is the insurance cover on this? And what does it cover? 

Answer: Hello , Insurance will vary according to the price of the product, however you will be able to view this in the checkout. Insurance or Bedcover lasts a duration of 8 years and covers against manufacturing defects throughout. For the first five years it will also cover against accidental damage. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Is the head board adjustable on this bed 

Answer: Hello , The headboard's are sold separately with divan sets and will not be included for the sigma divan set. Headboard's can be adjustable in height, this link shall show you your options available - Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can this mattress be used on a bunk bed? 

Answer: , This mattress is 22cm deep and therefore would not be suitable for use on a top bunk, as the maximum mattress depth that can be used here is 15cm. However, this mattress could be used on a bottom bunk as there is no height restriction here. Kind Regards, Dreams

I am looking at the Sigma Pocket sprung double mattress. I have a small cottage with 2 flights of narrow stairs with a 180 turn to my attic bedroom .Will this go up with sufficient coaxing ? I don't really want a rolled up memory foam.

Answer: Hi , This would not fit correctly, if you have to bend this in excess then you will damage the interiors of the mattress as the wires/springs inside will kink and result in the mattress being a faulty product. Thank you for your question.

Does this mattress come Vacum packet? 

Answer: Hi , No this mattress does not come vacum packed. If you would like a mattress that comes rolled and in one box, please look at our value mattresses range. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Please tell me the total height including the castors of the Sigma Pocket Spring Mattress and Classic Divan Bed  with two storage drawers. Thank You.

Answer: Hello , The base including the castors has a height of 40cm. Drawers do not add anything to the height of the base. The Sigma mattress has a height of 22cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi, I just wondered if the mattress is suitable to be flipped as it has a memory foam layer I wasn't sure you would be able to and have had problems with my latest mattress because of thememory foam layer I haven't been able to flip it to prevent sagging

Answer: Hello , This mattress would not be able to be flipped due to the Memory Foam layer, however it would need to be rotated head to toe. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps/

can this new arrival sigma pocket spring come in silver colour please

Answer: Hello , We can change the colour of the base for you by calling our helpful and friendly telesales team. They can be reached on 08006525090. Many thanks for your question.

Hi is this a king size please 

Answer: Hello , Yes this is available in King size. This can be chosen from the dropdown menu to the right of the product page. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Can pay now,deliver later?have two weeks moving in house

Answer: Hello Peter, Please call our Telesales Team on 0800 652 5090 who will be able to help you with this. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Is this mattress double sided?

Answer: Hello , This mattress will be one sided as it has memory foam incorporated in the top layering of the mattress. Many thanks for your question.

How much for assembley & takeaway old bed please 

Answer: Hello , The assembly is £29 and the disposal of the old bed is £39. Both available as options through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Is it possible to have this mattress made slightly shorter as we are looking for something to go in our American motor home.  Need king size but about 100mm shorter.  Thank you. 

Answer: Hello, Unfortunately, we do not make this in custom sizes. It will only be available in UK standard sizes. Many thanks for the question.

Can you tell me the weight in kg please?

Answer: Hi , The weight of this mattress in a double size is approximately 31kg. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

i have a tight turn in the stairs leading to my bedroom and need to know which mattresses will be able to make the turn without suffering any damage?

Answer: Hello, A memory foam mattress will be your best option as they will provide some flexibility. Many thanks for the question.

I have seen on the questions that the sigma and the Wakefield mattresses have the same specs but a different cover. Is the depth of memory foam the same on both? If not then what is the difference?

Answer: Hi , It is not the same depth. Our Sigma has 4cm of foam and the Wakefield has 2cm of foam. Kind Regards, Giedre

Is this mattress medium firm?

Answer: Hi , I can confirm that this mattress is a medium tension mattress. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Is this mattress suitable for a slatted base? Many thanks.

Answer: Hello , This mattress is suitable for all slatted bases we sell. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

do you remove old mattress

Answer: Hello, We supply a removal service for a charge which is available through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Apart from the 40 night Gaurantee. Does it come with a year 1-5 year Gaurantee 

Answer: Hello , Yes, this product does come with a one years guarantee as standard. Many thanks for the question.

How deep is it?

Answer: Hi , I can confirm the depth of this mattress is 22cm. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Offer end what day

Answer: Hello Peter, This offer is due to end on the 29th February. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

what is difference between two Sigma mattresses I see: product number 135-00427 and 131-00326? they are both same size, and mixed!!

Answer: Hello Boo1953, The product code's are for different sizes of the same product. Many thanks for your question.

Does the divan base require assembly?

Answer: Hi , It requires simple assembly where the base just clips together. Thank you for your question.

Does the mattress require turning or rotating

Answer: Hi , This would require rotating only. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Is this mattress reversible

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately this mattress is not reversible. Thank you for your question.

Hi, i have ordered this bed with mattress and what i would like to know is the divan base soft fabric on top that will dint in over time or is it solid? Because the one I've already got if soft material and I'm a bit weighty, its sunk in thanks 

Answer: Hello , This base is solid on top. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

The Sigma mattress and Wakefield mattress look very similar (800 pocket springs, memory foam etc) can you please tell me the difference between them

Answer: Hi , They are the same spec with a different cover. Many thanks for the question,

I am replacing a single with a double bed. How much do you charge for recycling \removal of old bed. Thank you

Answer: Hello , We charge £39.99 for our recycling service. Thank you for your question.

What weight is this mattress, it will be going on top of an ottoman bed ?

Answer: Hello , This is 31kg. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the depth of the memory foam layer?

Answer: Hello , This will be 3cm in depth. Many thanks for your question.

Hi Do you take the old.mattress away. Thank you

Answer: Hi , Yes we do, at an additional charge. Thank you.

Hi, i currently have a sping matress with a memory foam. It is a firm matress that has no bounce. Does this matress have a slight bounce as i am looking for one that does. So that i can lunge out of the bed?

Answer: Hi , Yes, this mattress does have bounce. Thank you.

how heavy is this mattress please?

Answer: Hi , This is 31kg in a double size. Thank you.

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