Whitfield Pocket Sprung Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 4 customer reviews

Whitfield Pocket Sprung Mattress

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Code: 133-00752
Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 22cm
Updated: 11/12/2019 11:42:14 PM
4/5 - 4 reviews


What Makes It Great

I bought this about 2 weeks ago and am very happy with it. My previous mattress gave very little support and I can really feel the difference with this new one. I'm a side sleeper and feel that this gives me a lot of support and helps with lower back pain. I have a mattress topper (medium thickness) which gives an extra level of softness. Very happy with this purchase.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

800 Pocket springs is a compromise. It is a far better choice than an equivilent open coil product but is a little on the low end in terms of the volume of springs. Support should be acceptable, but if there is an option for 1000+ at a similar price, it is worthy of paying a little bit extra

Soft touch covers are commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top

Questions and Answers

What is the cover made from?

Answer: The cover of this mattress is polyester. Kind Regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

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New mattress for a new house

Just moved into my first unfurnished place and had to buy a mattress. Chose this one, firstly it’s *miles* better than the one I used to have in my old house and the right balance between comfort and support. The best I’ve slept in years. Hasn’t quite turned me into a Team GB Athlete, yet!

Very comfy

This is a lovely comfy mattress. Springy but supportive. Natural fillings keep it cool. Only downside is that it does not have a firm edge and one can slide off easily when sitting on the edge!

Amazingly soft mattress!

So happy with my purchase. This mattress is so soft and comfortable, I have had the best sleeps since it arrived. I would highly recommend this.