Whitfield Pocket Sprung Mattress

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We struggle with depth on our matress but this fits well - Brain freeze
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Rated 5/5 based on 284 customer reviews


What Makes It Great

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

800 Pocket springs is a compromise. It is a far better choice than an equivilent open coil product but is a little on the low end in terms of the volume of springs. Support should be acceptable, but if there is an option for 1000+ at a similar price, it is worthy of paying a little bit extra

Soft touch covers are commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top

Questions and Answers

Is This Mattress Anti bacterial ? And anti allergy? 

Answer: Good Morning, The Haskell mattress has not been constructed with any anti-bacterial or anti-allergy treatments. Kind Regards, Dreams

How often should you turn this mattress 

Answer: Good Morning, We recommend that you rotate your mattress regularly - rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you take the topper off

Answer: Good Afternoon, The pillow top on the Haskell mattress is not removable. Kind Regards, Dreams

I have this mattress but I have noticed that the shape of my body is in the topper is this normal? How do I get rid of it? Especially when I would like it to return to normal

Answer: Good Afternoon, We would recommend that you contact our customer service team who will be able to assist you with this query. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi there. I have just been to a Dreams store at the weekend and ordered this mattress in double. Would normal double fitted sheets fit this mattress or would I need to buy deeper sheets? Many thanks

Answer: Good Morning, This mattress is 29cm deep, therefore most standard double fitted sheets will be suitable as they usually fit mattresses up to 30cm. Kind Regards. Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 284 review

Not a medium rating

This mattress was delivered 2 weeks ago, I have severe back problems and needed a supportive but comfortable mattress. I tried this in store and liked it. When it arrived I thought it was a lot harder than I remembered but that it would settle. I have been to try a new mattress and on laying back on the one in store it still feels softer than the one I have. Mine should definitely be classed as firm. 2 weeks on and my husband now had a bad back from the mattress and has been sleeping in the spare room for the past 10 nights. I understand the reason for the 30-40 night exchange but I have persevered with this mattress for 2 weeks and my husband isn’t even sleeping in it. We can categorically say that we will have to change the mattress. Dreams making us wait a certain period of time is pointless. The mattress is just gathering dust so to speak and making us thoroughly miserable in the process.

Great bed for people with back conditions!

I bought this bed cause I had been diagnosed with thoracolumbar syndrome which can cause a pelvic rotation, I found my spring mattress was too firm and caused pain and tension via pressure points. My chiropractor recommended a medium to firm mattress and to get a spring mattress with a memory foam topper for softness, I had to change from being a front sleeper to a back sleeper and I found it impossible on my current mattress. when I went into dreams I tried the Kendall because the price was halved and a combination mattress sounded better than having to buy a topper as well. It felt firm but soft and moulded itself nicely but not too much so that my back curved into the mattress too much. After a few nights I got used to the mattress and now I don't know how I've copied without it, I very rarely wake up stiff and sore. A great mattress for those who want a soft bed but need the support.

Amazing sleep!

We tried this in the shop, and tried the little test to give you ideas of what mattress you need. This didn't come up as one, but combination mattress did so we went for this! We only had it for a few days as it had a few rips in the base and corners, so we are waiting for a replacement. We did have the best sleep on it though in the week we had it! I love that it is really thick. You'll need extra deep fitted sheets. It's a little firmer than in the shop, but that's understandable. I did feel like it dipped after I spent a long time in bed (I work nights so I tend to lie in bed longer), but I sort of pushed it back into shape, like plumping the pillows. No back ache, no neck ache, just a well needed SOLID sleep that both me and my partner have needed for a long time after having a horrible springy mattress that digs in!

Uncomfortable mattress

I've had this mattress for two weeks after purchasing it in store with the help from the sleep machine (it was on the recommended list). I am waking up with back, shoulder and hip pain and feeling so tired, it's just not comfy at all. In fact, after the first couple of nights I was wishing for my old 12 year old mattress back! Never had back or any other pain from a mattress before, but we bought this one as my husband was suffering lower back pain with the previous mattress, and as it was old we knew it needed replacing. He finds this mattress comfy and now doesn't suffer with lower back pain like he used to, but agrees that we can't keep a mattress that is causing me so much discomfort. Really don't think I can wait 30 days until I can replace it.

Love it!

I bought this mattress as the one I had been sleeping on was nearly 15 years old! It had been a spare bed so not slept on too often but it had sagged and I could feel the springs. This new mattress is fabulous. I ordered a medium firm, it is a little firmer than I expected but with the memory foam topper it’s very comfortable and I have been sleeping so much better. The delivery drivers were fantastic too. They arrived very punctually having text me to say they were on their way. I hadn’t paid to have the old mattress recycled but they put the new one on the bed and took the old one outside for me. Really nice guys, could not have been more helpful and pleasant. Well done Dreams all round, very happy with the product and excellent service.

Sleeping on a cloud

For as long as I can remember I have not been a great sleeper, waking throughout the night and usually with an aching back- I didn’t realise it was down to my mattress and bed. I received my new Detroit king bed and Campbell pocket sprung mattress at the end of March 2019. And my goodness, I have never known such comfort. The bed is fabulous in all senses of the word and the mattress is like sleeping on a cloud. So comfortable and supporting. My husband hurt his back in a car accident a good few years ago and always suffers in the mornings- not half as much now! I don’t wake through the night and always wake not wanting to get up. Couldn’t recommend this mattress enough. For the price too - bargain.

So comfortable!

I was a little unsure about this, as I had never heard of a pocket sprung memory foam mattress before, but I am so glad I bought it. It is by far the comfiest bed I’ve ever slept on! I even dread staying elsewhere now as my bed is so comfy and I miss it. Even my other half, who wasn’t happy it isn’t completely memory foam, is converted and loves it, too. Unsure how I would feel about the value if it was full price (as I got it half price in Boxing Day sales) but for the price I paid it is fantastic value and I’m very happy with my purchase. Would recommend if you’re looking for a soft yet supportive mattress.

So comfortable, less back pain

I was a little put off by some reviews BUT so glad we ignored them. We're so happy with our purchase. The matress is ridiculously comfy and supportive. My back pain has reduced a lot. Everything about our experience, from purchase and delivery to sleeping on the mattress, has been exceptional. The assistant at the Stockport store was really friendly, down to earth, and knowledgeable. There was good communication before delivery, accurate delivery time and friendly, efficient delivery guys. Very happy customers here. Thank you Dreams.

Wonderful Campbell Pocket Sprung Mattress

I bought this mattress for my 92 year old mother three weeks ago which was recommended to me by my daughter, love love this mattress very comfortable and she is getting a very good nights sleep which she deserves. The delivery process could not have been better the delivery men called to give the approx 2 hour time slot, very polite they unpacked the mattress from its covering and placed it on the bed taking all packaging with them. Well done Dreams excellent product, service and a smooth sales procedure. Hence the 5 star rating

An actual dream to sleep on!

Despite the pain which my back has been undergoing due to the pure excellence of this mattress, I haven’t had such a knock out sleep in ages! By previous mattress and bed were so deformed that I forgot what it was like to actually sleep in a wonderfully spongy, and almost massage like mattress. Whatever position I’m in the bed seems to hug me- due to the combo of spring and foam. Would 100% recommend - especially for those suffering insomnia from a mediocre mattress. More than satisfactory sleep! It’s a dream!

Nice, comfy mattress

We purchased this mattress to replace a cheap memory foam one we had for years. We tried this one out in store but beware that when it arrives it feels much firmer. Don’t let this put you off, now that we have had it a few weeks it has settled nicely and is so comfy. The only negative I have about this is that the dimensions, specifically height, online don’t include the additional height of the mattress topper so be mindful of that when purchasing sheets to fit this mattress.

So glad I bought this!

This is basically a pocket sprung mattress with a 2 inch layer of memory foam on top. I've never got along with memory foam mattresses in the past- I dislike how you sink into them and I find them too warm. I've been sleeping on this for a month now and it's amazing the difference it's made to my sleep. As a side sleeper mainly, the memory foam is just enough to cushion pressure points without the mattress swallowing you completely, and I don't overheat. Huge fan of this mattress!

Excellent Mattress ..

We bought this mattress a month ago, ticks all the boxes, price, comfort, manufacture .. We cannot fault it and find it warm and comfy .. Before purchasing I read all the negative reviews and was a little worried about "smell" of the mattress found if any it disappeared after 2 days .. got a good deal on price and found customer care very good, free delivery took plus they take away the old mattress for £35 (you have to place it in the provided plastic bag for them) ..

Bargain of the year.

I purchased one of these for my son while I slept on a mattress that could only be described as ancient. It wasn't until he went of holiday that I thought I would try it out. Well, for me it was just amazing so I bought one for myself.....and with a big discount. I would consider this a medium firm mattress, well made and not too firm for me. It suits me but you need to try it yourself, so pop on over to a store and give it a go. No pyjamas required.

Not the best

I have had this mattress now for about 3 weeks and quite unhappy with the nights sleep I'm getting. The mattress is more on the firm side, not medium. Also the 'topper' already has dips in from our sleeping positions, and as I'm a wriggler, it feels like I'm sleeping on a slant. Really unhappy as it is giving me a bad back, this is now the 2nd mattress in 3 months, as a replacement for our original amazingly comfortable old one.

Amazing Mattress!

I bought this Matress and I am so pleased with it! It was a really good price and is the comfiest mattress I have ever had! I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud! since I got this mattress delivered I have been tracking my sleep and comparing it from my old mattress and I am going into a deeper sleep with my new mattress and feeling so refreshed in the mornings! The only problem is I don’t want to get up in the mornings!!

Good to have comfort.

I’m very pleased with my new Kendall mattress purchased very recently. Comfortable and supportive at a very reasonable price. The online service is easy to use. The buying of the product was trouble free. It was delivered on time by two very pleasant and knowledgable chaps. They put it in the room of my choice. I also bought the recycle service, so removing the old mattress was not a problem. Thank you Dreams!

Defective Mattress - Returned for Refund

I purchased this mattress with a divan back in February and within less than a week (yes, less than a week) of delivery there were two permanent 50mm deep impressions where we slept. Dreams arranged for an independant technician to inspect the mattress who agreed that the mattress was faulty. Full refund provided by Dreams but several days lost due to waiting in for delivery/inspection/collection

Sooo Comfortable

Bought this mattress a month ago and loved it from the first night. Having had two mattresses in the last year that were too hard, too high or too hot this one ticked all the boxes. A bit concerned as it was 4" lower than my previous mattress but need not have worried as it has just the right amount of 'give' and memory foam. A really good price too. Don't want to get up in the mornings!

So Comfortable

This is the 3rd Kendall mattress I have bought in the last 8 months, 1 single, 1 double and 1 King Size. My daughter loved the single one so I bought her the king size when she moved to her new flat and she raves about it so I then bought a double for my son. U would have hit myself one if I hadn’t already bought a new mattress last year as it is a bit hard and was double the price!!

Lovely mattress

I bought this a few weeks ago in the clearance sale for my daughters bedroom. Great value. She says it's really comfortable and that she feels supported. No more neck pain for her. Just in time to get good rest as she embarks on GCSEs. Thank you Dreams for delivering on time and placing it directly where was needed. Definitely going to get another for my son when we finish his room.

Best sleep in years

I bought this mattress to replace a very old one. I had been sleeping on the sofa my old one was so uncomfortable. This mattress makes me never want to get out of bed. I chose the Medium and it is like sleeping on air. I have been sleeping right through the night and wake up with no back pain, bliss. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who wants a decent nights sleep.

Excellent surport

I cannot be more pleased with this mattress it’s a medium firm one it has springs and a built in topper, the mattress only needs turning round so No more struggling to turn them over.. which is great. I’ve had a very bad back and have found this mattress gives the best surport for the whole body, it’s a very good quality product and I’m sleeping a lot better so many thanks.

Spring with memory Foam is the way!

Two weeks in and I now wouldn’t be without it, I have always loved spring mattresses with a memory foam top layer (so much easier than a mattress topper) it is so comfortable, I like soft beds and this is perfect balance of comfort but with support. I’ve been sleeping like a dream and get that I don’t wanna get out of bed in the morning feeling again Because I’m so cosy.

It's a mattress, I liked it.

I bought this mattress about two weeks ago, to replace one of those online-only fully memory foam ones. So far, it has been very good – the combination of springs and the memory foam top is a lot more comfortable than my old mattress. Other than that... it's a mattress. You put it on your bed and sleep on it. There's really only so much one can say about such a thing.

Very comfy!

We are so pleased with our new Kendall mattress and after a couple of weeks of sleeping on it we couldn’t be happier. The memory foam really makes it feel luxurious but the bed overall is comfy and very supportive. The mattress is medium but feels plenty firm enough for us. My wife suffers with hip pain but has found this mattress has helped. Would def. recommend it!

Value for money

We bought 2 of these mattresses in the Jan sales, one for each of our daughters. Having had them for a few weeks now both girls are telling me they are incredibly comfy and give the right amount of support to the right areas of the body. I have to admit that I'm not sure I would have paid full price for them but at the sale price they are excellent value for money.

great service experience

We bought it on a sale price which is less than half price. We bought it from Hayes store and was served by Prince very professional and helpful Sales rep and other staff was genuine too. I noticed that staff at dreams are more customer oriented than any other store we been too. Not used the mattress yet but hope if anything, it will be taken care of.

Extremely comfortable

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago as our current mattress was becoming less supportive than we needed. The Campbell mattress that we bought to replace it it extremely comfortable and very supportive. It has a soft memory foam top section which makes it feel very luxurious indeed. We bought the medium style of firmness which is perfect for us.

The great night sleep I’ve always dreamed about!

I brought this about 3 weeks ago as I was moving into my first house and wanted to go from a double to a king. It’s a brilliant mattress and perfect for me. I have trouble with my back and have struggled in the past to get a mattress that is comfy from the get go but I have found it in this! I would 100% recommend it and it was a decent price too!

Solved my back pain instantly!!

I bought this item about three weeks ago and I swear it has magical healing properties* as I've had a dull pain between my shoulder blades for what felt like years and after the first night it was gone!! Whilst doing my morning stretches the pain was noticeably gone!! *Mattress probably isn't magical and is just a well suited mattress for me.

topper is very comfy

Amazing going from a £125 mattress to this was a life changer ,I didn't want to spend too much as i was on a tight budget but this was worth every penny. my back is 98% better and i sleep without rolling around/ waking up ten times a night. the mattress is very firm even with two on the bed but still soft enough to feel very comfy and luxurious

The most amazing sleep, product and service

After using dreams for years in three different properties I've lived in, I found myself wanting the perfect mix of sprung and memory foam and this Amazing hybrid doesn't disappoint in any way. I'm sleeping better, which in turn increases my mood and one special feature I didn't expect is that I now fall asleep quicker. What a bonus!

Would highly recommend

Took delivery around 2/3 weeks ago and in this time this mattress has helped mine and my wife’s bad back problems! (both lower back) Generally could not recommend this mattress enough as it ticks both box’s of price and comfort! The little sticker they put on the mattress saying brought in the year 2019 is pretty good idea too.

Incredible mattress

I fell in love with this matress in the shop and the half price offer really encouraged me to buy it. The first night I slept on it I thought I wouldn't have a good night sleep with getting used to a new mattress but I was mistaken. I have had the best night sleep ever since. It's so comfy and the well worth the money.

Perfect for young grandson

This has been on my grandsons bed for when he stays over at the weekends, I was impressed with its soft and quality feel when straight out of the packet but after he had a little accident at the weekend I am more impressed with how soft it feels after a good wash. I can really tell this will last the test of time

Brilliant savings! Brilliant mattress!

The mattress I bought was original priced at about £800 and had a massive saving of about £600!! Also the mattress it’s self absolutely fantastic, every night has been bliss! Have nothing negative to say about this product. The mattress is particularly bouncy, so my son has lots of fun jumping on it lol

Most comfiest mattress ever!

I had bought this with my partner a couple weeks ago, so far it has been the most comfrotable matress i have ever slept on. It has foam on the top for comfort and spring inside to keep the matress plumped. Couldnt have found a better mattress than this. Aslo a staff member madr our experience more memorable.

A great night's sleep!

So glad we decided to go with this mattress! it is so comfortable and suitable for both of us with our different preferences with the firmness of the mattress. Both are sleeping better than we have for along time, don't want to get up in the morning. Also less back ache and joint pains when we get up.

Great mattress

Bought this mattress as we had a successful bed and mattress about ten years ago, from Dreams. It is lovely and comfortable. Excellent service taking old mattress away too, delivery men were cheerful, they removed their shoes, and were quick to explain details about the mattress with do’s and dont’s.

My new mattress

Well chuffed with our first new mattress So comfy and sleeping so so well I don’t really want to get up in the mornings Would definitely recommend to my family and friends Great price too Delivered in good time and the men took to my room and placed on my bed Well happy Many thanks Dreams


Bought this for my son, replacing his old mattress which had become uncomfortable as he grew bigger. He says he is having the best nights' sleep he has had for a long time (which is great as his GCSEs are coming up). The top layer means no springs stick up at pressure points and it is really warm.

Fantastic mattress and service!

Bought this mattress and a bed a few months ago for delivery on the 24th May (the day we got our keys!!!) dreams turned up slightly early but agreed to wait until the estate agent came :) great service and they put it all together quickest! Such a comfy mattress, very heavy to change the sheet!

Comfiest mattress

I bought this recently and can say that I am sleeping longer and deeper. It is So comfortable it is a pleasure to get into bed. I had a spring sticking up in my old mattress but you are not aware of any springs in this new one ,you just sink into it and go straight to sleep...pure bliss!

Very comfy!

I brought this mattress over 4 weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. I find it to be extremely comfortable despite reading previous reviews. I spent time in store testing before my purchase. The only thing I would suggest is that I don’t think it’s a firm mattress it’s more firm/medium.

Excellent Mattress and Service

Dreams delivered my new Kendall pocket sprung mattress taking away my old mattress. Really prompt delivery and polite delivery guys. The mattress is really lovely, it feels such good quality, so comfortable and sleeping way better since getting it. Its quite high but I like that.

deep sleep

Im not entirely sure we can fully review this mattress as we have only had it for a month but, right now at this stage we are very pleased with it, our sleep had improved a great deal. I don't imagine this would change to soon as the mattress appears well made from my understanding

Good nights sleep

I bought our new mattress about a month ago to replace our last one that was about 15 years old. The difference was amazing...so comfortable and just the right softness ( medium) although I wasn't aware it was one sided with the proper care ( turning) I'm sure all will be good.

Finally a good nights sleep

I bought this nearly a month ago and I didn’t realise how old and tired my old mattress had become. Upgrading to this beauty has me sleeping a lot better and my old disc pain niggle has vanished! Going to get better pillows next! Outstanding delivery/collection service too

Comfortable mattress

Bought the medium mattress a few weeks ago for my 10 Yr old son and he says he loves it, he's having a very settled and comfortable sleep now and waking up refreshed. I've tried it out myself and although I prefer a firm mattress, I do find this one comfortable.

Medium firmness

I bought this mattress after reading of it's attributes and was not disappointed. It portrays just the correct amount of firmness that I prefer and since the purchase have enjoyed many nights of uninterrupted sleep. So glad I purchased two identical mattresses.

Finally a mattress that works

I bought this mattress 4 weeks ago now and it was my third attempt at getting a mattress that didn’t hurt my back or hips. After taking a couple nights to adjust, it’s been great ever since. a really nice balance of soft but supportive. Highly recommend.

Amazing night’s sleep!!

After going to our local Dreams store and using Sleepmatch, we purchased the perfect mattress for us at a great price. We cannot fault it! It is super comfy and we have slept incredibly well every night since getting our Campbell Pocket Sprung Mattress.

Good quality

These are soft fabric and not like the nasty plastic ones, easy to fit over the mattress. I use with a fitted sheet and changing beds is easy. Also they dry easily which is good news, the old one we had took forever to dry and droipped water everywhere

Great nights sleep

I bought this mattress for my teenage daughter - after testing out several in store she declared this to be her favourite. She's been sleeping on it for about a month now and already her back and shoulder pain has improved. So happy with our purchase

Absolutely awful

This mattress starting dipping almost immediately. Within 4-5 weeks it has dipped by 4cm (see photo). Feels like I’m sleeping in a hole. Absolutely awful. Avoid. Contacted customer services who have been excellent. I have ordered a replacement.

Comfy, cosy

My new mattress is lovely and comfortable, the first night I slept in it I went straight off to sleep and did not stir until the morning. Makes such a difference having a new supported mattress, made me realise my old one was well past it!

The comfiest mattress ever

I’d had my old mattress for way too long and it was starting to make my back ache. I was eager to find a mattress that gave me support whilst being comfortable. This mattress feels like a cuddle. I’ve had the best sleep I’ve had in years.

Super comfy!

We bought this mattress online, and it took about 6 weeks to arrive. It is very comfortable and has improved our sleep a lot. It is a lot thicker than we expected so makes the bed a lot higher but this is good for us. 10/10 for the sleep

So comfortable

I’ve had this bed 3 weeks and I can honestly say it’s so comfortable,I suffer from back pain but when I wake up now I’m pain free ! Definitely recommend,its firm and I do not roll onto the other side, best mattress I’ve ever purchased.

Brilliant material

I bought this a month ago after having what I thought to be a comfy bed to which in comparison with my new mattress was like lying on a slab of concrete, the mattress has such a nice material that you can relax into after a days work.

Lovely and comfy!

Bought this as my mattress was far too hard for me. This is lovely and comfy with the memory foam top it's perfect. Just what I needed and wanted and fair price too. Like the fact you have 40 day trial and if not ok you can exchange.

Excellent product

I loved this product. It fitted my mattress really well and it's quite smooth and comfortable. It's a shame I couldn't get the smaller size online to go with my daughter's mattress. Excellent product and cheaper than most out there.

Sumptuous mattress

Bought this for my mother who suffered a stroke and has moved In with me. The mattress is so comfortable and at the right height for her. She has not had as good a nights sleep in years. Brilliant service from the staff too.

Perfect mattress!

I bought this about a month ago and its the best decision we ever made! My husband suffered with back issues but they have been getting increasingly better since using this. We're going to be buying another for the guest room.

Very. Comfortablre

I looked around at a lot of mattresses before deciding on this one, after reading lots of reviews and stuff on this one it came out top, and after trying out for past few weeks I feel assured it was the right choice for us

Firm and steady as advertised. Made to last

Bought this 3 weeks ago. Arrived in time and was placed on my bed frame by two friendly drivers. Since then the mattress works fine for me. Took some time to get used to its firmness but that is what I needed for my back.

Ultimate comfort!

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago which was suggested by a really enthusiastic and passionate Dreams employee. It took me a few nights to get used to it, but after the third night it’s been nothing but great sleeps!

the best sleep

the best sleep I have had! I don't want to get out of the bed in the mornings and I look forward of good night sleep every night. thank you Dreams staff for helping me choose the right mattress for me! highly recommend.


Before purchasing this mattress my husband had a bad back we both never had a great night sleep. Got this mattress in the sale and it has been amazing it has helps his back and we are both getting a great night sleep!

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress for my spare bed and everybody who has slept on it thus far has commented on how comfortable it is. If I had another bed which needed a mattress I'd be very happy to buy this product again.

Lovely mattress & Brilliant service

I purchased this mattress about a month ago and have had brilliant sleep ever since - have woken up for the first time in many years with no aches or pains. Delivered when promised and installed professionally

Brilliant, comfortable and superb value for money

It has added a new dimension to our mattress. It feels new. Really comfortable and super soft to sleep on. Best sleep I have had in a long time. Great value for money. Highly recommended Five stars

very comfy

This is a very comfortable mattress, and since my purchase I haven't woken up to hip or back problems as I used to with my previous mattress. This is a soft to medium feel and supports my joints very well.

Very comfortable

Since I bought this matress I have had much better sleeps. No more aches and pains and a more continuous sleep with no waking up during the night. I feel much more energetic when I get up in the morning.

Best nights sleep I’ve had in years!

It’s been just over a month since we got this mattress and it’s the best choice we’ve ever made! It’s supportive and so comfortable, it doesn’t make the bed too hot in the night! Would highly recommend

Great mattress

Bought this for our new home just before Christmas. Our old mattress was well past it so found this abit hard to begin with but after getting used to it it’s so comfy! Great mattress and good value!

Great Night Sleep

Needed a new mattress and so happy that I chose the Kendall Pocket Sprung Mattress. Such a comfortable mattress and have had such a great night sleep since purchasing. Would definitely recommend.

Super mattress

This was a purchase for our grandaughter...which combined with a topper was given to her at Christmas ...she is absolutely delighted with it and has had some really good nights’ sleep on it .....

So glad we went for this one!

After a few weeks of sleeping on our new mattress we are so pleased to say we bought the right one! Sooo comfy, nights just fly by and mornings are no longer the graon-fest they previously were.

Great nights sleep

I bought this mattress 1 month ago, we have both had brilliant nights sleep ever since. It’s a drag to have to get out of bed daily as it’s just so comfy. Brilliant buy excellent value for money

Best nights sleep ever

This mattress was recommended to me by a friend who was delighted with hers. I feel exactly the same way! It is so comfortable and was exactly what I was expecting. I could not be any happier.

A great nights sleep!

We've had this mattress for just a couple of week and are already feeling a massive difference each day. It's a happy medium for me and my partner as we both struggle with back or hip pains.

best nights sleep in ages

my mattress was 15 years old and it was like sleeping on an old sock. The Kendall Pocket Sprung Mattress is so comfortable I don't want to get up in the morning ! Absolutely marvellous.

Firm but soft

This mattress is perfect, I prefer a firmer mattress but still wanted it to be comfortable. I have had the best nights sleep since purchasing. I would definitely order from dreams again

Amazing !

Both myself & husband find it incredibly comfortable & are sleeping better. As we both have back problems we are also finding that the support of the mattress is easing those issues

Prolongs the life of your mattress

This mattress protector is the perfect way to keep your mattress clean and hygienic. With a super soft quilted surface, this protector helps you enjoy the most comfortable nights sleep.


Brought this one month ago, exactly as expected, no problems, ordered through the dreams website and selected a Saturday, came exactly on time, no delivery issues, perfect experience!

Super comfy

My son is super comfy now. The mattress is fantastic. The delivery guys were great they carried the mattress up the road because they couldn’t get the van up. Great service. Thank you

John T

So glad we choose this product. brought this mattress over 4 weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. I find it to be extremely comfortable. Spent time in store testing before my purchase.

Highly recommend Especially for expecting mothers

I bought the double a few months ago and highly recommend it, currently 6 months pregnant and don’t feel any pain when I wake up especially since I tend to suffer from back aches..

Cheap and effective mattress protector

There's nothing special about this mattress protector. It does the job and doesn't cost very much. It feels on the cheaper side (as you would expect given the price) but is fine.

Kids are restless

Bought two of these mattresses for my 4 yr old twin girls a month ago. Their first full size single bed. They love it. They go to sleep faster and seem to lay in later. All good.

A very comfortable mattress indeed.

I am delighted with this mattress delivered two weeks ago. It provides excellent support and at the same time a lovely feeling of softness. It's the best mattress I've ever had.

Great Matress

I bought this item during a sale event and have never regretted it. If you are looking for a good night sleep, this is the matress for you! Would not regret paying full price...

Super comfy

We bought this to replace our old one due to having aches and pains throughout the night. The new mattress is super comfy and have not had aches during the night since using it.

Deep sleep

I bought this about 2 months ago. This bed was an upgrade from the bed I was sleeping in previously, my sleeping experience has been changed. 10/10 would reccomend to a friend.

Bargain for the decent mattress

It is really great mattress so far. However, when it was delivered it has got a foot mark on it and it doesn't go away. I would have given 5 stars if it was delivered safe.

Best mattress I’ve ever had

We used the instore scanning machine and were sceptical at first but this mattress was one that was recommended and we’re really happy with it. Sleeping really really well.

For those who like soft medium firm

Very very comfortable was struggling trying to find a mattress firm but with a soft top, this is the one memory foam very good too, still supports back - a perfect balance

Comfort and support

I bought two double mattresses for my two daughters Both have fibromyalgia and found the medium support with the build of the layers to be supportive and very comfortable.

Extremely comfortable and affordable price!

Had this a month now and it’s such a great upgrade from my old mattress these have great comfort and such great pricing it’s the best of both worlds simply can’t fault it


I brought this mattress a few weeks ago, it is the most comfortable nights sleep Iv had. The only issue is the small indents with the buttons can sometimes be annoying.

Very comfortable

So glad we choose this product. You dont realise how restless you have been in bed, until you find the correct mattress that doesnt have a negitve effect on your back.

So Comfortable

I bought the Kensington combination mattress last month, so comfortable. Great nights sleep ever since. Bought it in the sale, fantastic price. Would highly recommend.

Just what we needed

After having a mattress where the springs were stabbing me every night, this was very welcome. It's a great mattress which we got in the sale for an affordable price.

Unbelievably comfortable

I bought this mattress in the sale and my god what a bargain I got!!! The delivery was spot on and the guys very polite and helpful. Couldn't recommend this enough

Perfect protector

I am very happy with this purchase for our king size mattress, it’s well made and soft and stays exactly where it should on the mattress even after being slept on.

Great mattress!

Was in two minds of purchasing a new mattress and the decision was soo justified after making this choice. A very good comfortable mattress at a reasonable price.

Most comfortable mattress ever

This is the best mattress I've ever had. It's pocket springs give it a firm feel and the memory foam makes it so comfortable. Great nights sleep on this mattress.

Excellent mattress

Extremely heavy, but extraordinarily comfortable. While a firm mattress, the pillow top gives it a luxuriously decadent feel without compromising your stability.

Really comfortable

I bought this mattress during the Black Friday sale and have been using it for a few weeks now. It’s really comfortable and was at a great price for what it is!


Bought the product 3 weeks ago. It’s been great so far, very comfortable. Would recommend to anyone who has back or neck soreness as it has helped mine already.

Very comfortable

It’s a great quality and very comfortable mattress for a very low price. Highly recommend to those who have low budget, however, seeks for a great night sleep.

Very comfortable firm bed

My preference is for a firm mattress, and this is great. The pillow top gives a fantastic cushion to sleep on. It can get warm at times, but not uncomfortable.

Back pain gone.

Bought this mattress after a recomend from a friend who had the same back ache problem that I had. After three weeks my back problem has virtually disappeared.

great value - very pleased indeed

we ordered the bed and mattress a month ago, and were extremely impressed by the delivery team and also the bed and mattress are lovely, great value for money

Perfect firmness and comfort!

Really impressed by this mattress. We got a firm one but it has a brilliant comfort to it. Extremely comfortable doesn't feel springy at all. Would recommend

Amazingly comfy

We bought this for our daughters bottom bunk for me to sleep on sometimes and for sleepovers. I am 35 weeks pregnant and it is really comfy for me. Love it!

Brilliant, comfortable and superb value for money

Its great for my son's single bed. Covers the mattress nicely. Really comfortable and super soft. Great value for money. Highly recommended 5 stars

Double Mattress

Bought this for the spare bedroom on a special offer, I'm glad I did as its very comfortable and it was delivered quickly, also they took the old one away

Pillow top

Combining both 1000 pocket springs (king) with a sumptuous pillowtop, this medium feel mattress has been designed to give you a great nights sleep ....


This mattress is very comfortable and I like the style of having a 50/50 matress. Half spring and half foam gives it a good balance when your sleeping.

Great comfy mattress

I bought this instore on a bank holiday sale, now price has increased so I got a bargain. The mattress is really comfy other reviewers influenced me

Well made. Good quality

Exactly as expected. Good quality. Had taken s few days to get used too Excellent service from dreams and good delivery men took it up two flights

New mattress, cover and pillows

Couldn't be more pleased with my purchase and also the kindness of the Delivery men that brought my new mattress. Would recommend you very highly.

Good support and comfortable

I purchased this mattress last month. It is medium support and I am finding it much more comfortable than my previous harder mattress. Very happy.

So comfy

Not long had this mattress it's extremely comfy. Love treating my self to a dreams bed and mattress highly recommend would never go anywhere else

Great comfy mattress

Excellent value really comfy mattress delivered promptly with polite delivery men who even moved my old mattress for me and took their shoes off!

It is what it says

Bought this just under a month ago. I hadn't gone into the shop to try it I just went with the description online and it was perfectly described.

Absolutely love this

I bought this a month ago and have had a better night sleep since, it is such a comfy bed you sink into it! Really nice thick mattress as wel!

A Joy!

after many years of back ache in the morning we have finally purchased a mattress that is comfortable and was affordable - highly recommend.

Very comfy

Bought one of theses as a guest mattress in January. It was so comfy we bought another in April. A good quality well priced medium mattress.

Super quality

Purchased approx 1 month ago and can say i have had the best night sleep for months. An excellent top quality product with superb comfort.

great nights sleep

i bought this mattress recently,and what a great buy,so comfortable it s hard to get up in the morning.brilliant mattress.would recommend.


After having two new mattresses prior to this which caused my severe hip pain, this mattress has cured all my aches! Wonderful, so comfy !

So comfy

Bought this mattress in the sale! I found it so comfy and am very pleased with it! Would recommend, and even better at the sale price. :)

Does what you expect

Got this with a new mattress and it does exactly what you want it too. It fits well and feels good quality. Happy with it for its price.

Super comfy!

Recently purchased this mattress & so far so good! Only took a few days to adjust to sleeping on a new mattress. Great value for money.


Delivered two weeks ago and it's great to get a good nice sleep. No more rolling over to get in a comfy position every couple of hours.

Extremely pleased with my Kendall mattress

Easy to handle, very comfprtable. An excellent purchase. I am seriously thinking of buying the King Size mattress for our own bedroom.

A brilliant upgrade

We have had our new mattress about 3 weeks and it has made a huge difference to our sleep. So a relief to finally replace our old one.

Excellent Value

Got this matrus in the sale and it is excellent value! I have sleep very well on it and it is very comfortable! All a bed needs to be

Love the height

I bought this just over a month ago and it is so comfortable,plus with this mattress on the new base,it makes the bed nice and high.

Kendall Pocket Sprung Mattress

I bought this just over a month ago and I can honestly say I struggle to get out of bed in the mornings!!! It’s a dream to sleep on.

Really comfy

I bought this mattress after trying it in the showroom and I'm so pleased with it. It's really comfy and feels like a hotel bed! :)


Bought this a few weeks ago and have no complaints, as a young person who suffers with aches and pains it’s incredibly comfortable.

Excellent - both bed base and mattress

I am so pleased that I selected this ottoman bed - its great, looks absolutely lovely plus plenty of storage. Strong sturdy base.

Comfiest mattress ever!

I bought this mattress from dreams on a half price Black Friday offer, the bed is so comfy and I have been sleeping so well since.

Super Comfy!

I didnt even try this out! I purchased online and it is perfect! The description says it all! Soft and great for a nights sleep!

Excellent product

Bought this 2 months ago and it is living up to expectations. Excellent fit on my mattress and keeps my mattress well protected.

great value

I bought this mattress after reading the reviews on line. It's very comfortable and very good value. I'm really happy with it


Great value mattress; so comfortable and great quality! We haven’t had any problems with this mattress and we get great sleep!

Oh the joy of sleep !

The pleasure of an early night in a comfy bed with the knowledge that I feel great the next morning .Also no painful joints !

Simply Marvellous!

Bought this for the guest room and it fits in perfectly! Comfy bed and great design...already a fabulous addition to the room.

Amazing mattress!

Only bought this less than a month ago, already having better night sleeps than I’ve had in years! Absolutely would recommend

Very comfortable

Very pleased, it's so comfy. Soft but supportive. Had chemical smell for a few days after unwrapping, gone now after airing.


My nightmare have turned into fantastic dreams since I got my new mattress from dreams, give them a try you wont regret it.

Brilliant service and comfort.

Needed a new mattress ASAP and Dreams delivered it in 4 days. Really good value and comfort - would highly recommend them.

Very comfortable

Bought this in the sale and am very pleased with the mattress. It’s very comfortable and I’m having the best nights sleep

Comfy, perfect fit

Just bought this for our new mattress, it's really good quality, fits perfectly and adds to the comfort of our new bed.

Extremely comfy

I’ve had this mattress a few weeks now and it’s perfect. It’s soft and comfy but still has a bit of firmness within it.

So comfy!

Had the mattress just over two weeks now and couldn’t be happier - great service from purchasing in store to delivery.

Comfort level 100

Got a new bed and wanted a new mattress to go with it, very happy with the quality and we are both sleeping in comfort

Great comfort.

The Kendall is a very comfortable mattress. Sturdy and well made, with the right amount of support. A good investment.

Fabulous Nights Sleep

Purchased this mattress in the sale about a month ago. Lovely and comfortable, great nights sleep and fabulous price!

Super comfy

Purchased a few weeks ago a very happy, firm enough but also comfy with the topper, highly reccommend, good price too


We were shown a range of mattresses and the manager let us choose from a fantastic amount of items on the shop floor

very comfortable sleepilicious

purchased this mattress it is high quality product. very comfortable, delivery excellent. more than happy with this.

So comfortable.

I bought this mattress around a month ago and I have had the best sleep since. Very comfortable. Highly recommend!

Very comfy

Very comfortable and for a great price. The delivery team were prompt and very helpful in getting it to my house.

Oh so comfortable!

Bought this prior to having hip surgery and it’s been worth every penny! So comfortable it’s like sleeping on air

Comfortable good service

Great mattress, good sale price, excellent service from dreams, and delighted l could recycle my old mattress ,


Love this mattress. Bought this my oldest daughter was so impressed that I bought one for my youngest daughter.

Nylon mattress protector

Don't know if it is Poly/Cotton but it feels like it's ALL Nylon! All shiny and stretchy no comfort in the heat


Very pleased with our purchase as it is easy to fit on the mattress and it is very comfortable for my daughter.

Unfit for purpose

I bought this product 6 weeks ago and within 3 weeks it had to be changed due to mattress completely sagging -

Kendal pocket sprung matress

Having owned this product for about a month now, I'm happy to report it is very comfortable! A nice mattress.

Comfortable !

Really happy with this product and its price ...delivery on time and delivery team is nice and professional !

Great feel!!

Bought this for my daughter she is very happy. Said is comfortable supportive and has a great nights sleep.

Nice and soft.

Perfect addition to my new mattress. Sleep like a baby for fire time in years. Hopefully lasts a long time!

Kendall Single Pocket Sprung Mattres - Medium

I am now sleeping much better after having purchased this mattress a month ago - wish I'd purchased sooner.

Brilliant bed

Got this bed delivered a week a go and haven’t had a bad nights sleeps since, no aches or pains any more!

Most comfortable mattress I have slept on.

We needed a new mattress I am so glad I chose this one slept like a baby since we have had the mattress.

So comfy

I bought this last week its so comfy and very warm , very pleased with it and great price in the sale...

Better than expected!

I bought this about a month ago and we are so happy with our purchase, it was comfy from the first night

Very comfortable

I have great comfortable mattresss and now enjoy a good nights sleep so I’m more relaxed during the day

just what i wanted

bought a new matterss after reading the reviews , bought this just in case is a bit hard and glad i did

Best sleep in years

Everyone in my house needs one of these we've genuinely had the most comfortable restful sleep in years

Lovely bed

The mattress is a brilliant mattress and does exactly what it needs to do bring comfort to the bedroom

Nicely fitted protector

I bought this to protect my new mattress, it does it well and fits the mattress well. I am glad I did

Fits well, lovely and soft

I bought a double and single. Both fit well and are soft and comfortable. Very good value for money


I purchased this matress recently its so soft and comfy great nights sleep glad I have it

Very comfortable

We bought this for my 14 year old son. He is very pleased with it and is actually sleeping in now!

Incredibly comfy!

Bought this a couple of weeks ago and have very impressed. Incredibly comfy and delivered on time.

Dream Sleep

Since delivery of this mattress, sleep has been a pleasure again, should have done this long ago!

Best choice

I brought this about a month ago really comfortable no problems with waking up with a stiff back.


The sides were big enough to wrap around my very thick mattress and the materials were very good.

Feels great

I bought this a few weeks ago and I have had the best night sleep every night since I bought it.

Soft and comfortable!

Great product, it has made my current mattress feel even more comfortable and is great quality!

Super comfy

I bought this a few weeks ago and am really pleased. It's super comfy and I have no complaints.

Lovely sleep

We bought our mattress 2 weeks ago, not had one bad night sleep, it's like sleeping on a cloud.

Has a thick topper just what I wanted

Lovely and comfortable. A good purchase and good service in the shop and by the delivery team.

Great Product

Very happy with the protector. Super comfortable, doesn't even feel like it's on the mattress.

Good Quality

Good quality mattress protector that fits very well and a very good price. Would recommend.

Worth the money

I bought this in the January sales and such a bargain super comfortable and worth every penny

Very happy

Brought this for my mum for my spare room and she is very happy. Really good quality mattress

Really comfortable

I bought this for my 17yo son and he absolutely loves it. Good level of support and comfort.

Kendal pocket sprung mattress

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago now and I have to say it’s very comfortable and firm.

Very comfortable

I have slept throughout the night without disruption Very happy with purchase I bought 2

Comfiest mattress I’ve ever purchased.

I bought this mattress a month ago and it’s great, great price l, super comfy, no regrets.

Very comfortable

Not too much to say except it is very comfortable and well made - got it sale price though

Great nights sleep

Had this a little over s month and can actually sleep well again. No longer up until 3am.

Do not understand the question

The mattress is. very comfortable and any movement is smooth and no "bumps""encounterd .

really comfortable

we have just moved to a small cottage and this bed looks lovely and is very comfortable

value for money

Excellent quality mattress, great support (medium) and superb delivery service to boot!

Great quality and price

Really pleased with the mattress protector. Quality is great and very reasonable price.

Great sleep

Bought this just before Christmas and haven't looked back. Not slept so well In years.

King Barton mattress

Happy with the mattress it’s a shame about the flaw in it that it has to be exchanged

Very comfy great quality

Wonderful mattress, very comfortable. Have had lots of positive comments from guests!

So comfy

Bought to replace my old 11 year old mattress and finally I’m able to get some sleep.

good nights sleep on my new kendall mattress

very pleased with my kenall mattress and getting a good night s sleep on it thanks

Perfect for young children

Fantastic quality bed for my 8 year old boy. He loves it! Very comfy, great value.

Good fit

Second cover we’ve bought. Fits well and doesn’t ride off the bed like some others

Fit perfect

A good valur for money,it is good stuff,the size fit perfect, but a bit to thin.

Veryyyy soft and comfortable

I love the new mattress. I can spend the whole day in bed, it is soo comfortable

Fits well

Good product and fast delivery. Keeps in place and does the job well up to now.

Great mattress

Good value for money and very comfy! Would definitely recommend this mattress.


I can sleep anywhere . I think my Husband is sleep better I hope we shall see

Very comfy mattress

The mattress is so comfortable! Have had wonderful nights sleep. Great price!


It took a few days to wear it in but is now really comfortable, very pleased.


Bought this a month ago and my gosh it is so comfy! Best sleep I’ve ever had.


Not thick just protect mattress a little from button holes. Okay for price.

Very soft and comfortable.

Bought the mattress a month ago and I am very delighted with the purchase.


I bought this mattress 3 weeks ago and find it supportive and comfortable

Very comfortable

Very comfortable and excellent quality, definitely sleeping much better.

Firm and no more back ache

I bought this several weeks and not disappointed. Brilliant nights sleep

So soft and comfortable!

This product is great quality; so soft and comfortable. Would recommend.


I brought this bed 3 weeks ago and haven’t wanted to leave my bed since!

Great comfort

Bought two mattresses for master and guest room. Both very comfortable.

Lovely comfortable and was delivered on time.

We bought the mattress a few weeks ago and it’s lovely and comfortable

Very comfy

I’ve had this for three weeks now and love. Comfy from the first night

Single bed mattress

Gteat value mattress for the best night sleep ever. Highly recommended

Comfy mattress

Speedy friendly service and super comfy mattress, def shop here again

Soft and supportive

Really comfortable mattress, speedily delivered by a friendly team.

great soft cover

i bought this mattress protector a month ago and i am happy with it

Supersoft and comfy!

Very soft and adds extra comfort to my sleep which was surprising !

Five star sleep

Wow what a comfy bed! Amazing price and above all an amazing sleep!

Good night sleep

Purchase this product for my daughter she has a good night sleep

Very goodm

Excellent mattress. Very comfortable and great value for money.

Very comfortable.

I bought this to replace my single bed and am so pleased I did.

Really comfy

Really comfy! Lovely and soft but still firm enough to support!


Never slashed out on a mattress before worth paying the extra £

Great matress

I bought this for my daughter and she is happy and comfortable


Great service great delivery all round great. Highly recommend

Great comfort

I sleep like a baby and I wake up feeling refreshed everyday!

Perfect matress

So comfortable like sleeping on soft cushion. Perfect matress

Very comfortable

This is really comfortable mattress for a great nights sleep!

Topper not very good

Unhappy on comfort topper already looks like it’s a year old

Nice product

Happy with the product and that much discount.! Amazing..!!!

Beautiful, firm, cosy mattress

Bought for £300. Well we’re the money. Have slept very well.


I bought this for my 6"2 teenage son and he really loves it.

So comfortable

Love my new mattress. So comfortable and sorted my bad back

Very comfortable

Only had it week but feel aches and pains lessening already

A good nights sleep

I am very glad I bought this mattress it's very comfortable

Very comfortable

A suitable and comfortable mattress for our 5 year old son

Super comfortable

Arrived on time and good service, mattress is just perfect


Bought couple of weeks ago, great mattress very comfotable

Fits well

We struggle with depth on our matress but this fits well

Great sleep

I bought this bed and have been highly satisfied with it

Shoulda bought it sooner !

Very comfortable, best night sleep I've had in months!!

Amazing sleep

Love this mattress as it is perfect. Great nights sleep

Quality covers

Great mattress covers. Good size and excellent quality.

Really compy

This is so comfortable would definitely recommend this

Great mattress

Totally happy with choice of mattress it is very comfy

looked so comfy!

absolutely the best mattress to go with my ava frame.


We have enjoyed the quality of this product very much

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress for my daughter who loves it.


Very comfy and seems to be holding up which is great

Good add on for a new mattress

Decent quality, fits well, happy with the purchase.

Brellient item

It’s avery good item i will recommend to my friends

Very comfy

Brought a few weeks ago and cannot recommend enough

great practical product

very practical product for any spills or accidents


Great mattress. Great nights sleep. Great service!