Watson Traditional Spring Mattress - Firm Rated 5/5 based on 342 customer reviews

Watson Traditional Spring Mattress - Firm

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Code: 113-00496
Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 19cm
Updated: 11/12/2019 11:43:45 PM
5/5 - 342 reviews


What Makes It Great

I bought this bed about a month ago, and it is perfect for me, I do highly recommend it for anyone on a budget but still after a quality product. A few main points: - Lighter than my old mattress, easy to access stuff under the bed, easily held up with just one hand while reaching for things - Very comfortable, I prefer a firmer bed, but this gave a soft touch with a firm feel, great for back or side sleepers (I do a bit of both!) - Saying this, I have had back pain for a few years and this has reduced my pains drastically, I thought it would be just the first few days but my back is improving still! - Again, great value for the quality of the product. Delivery was phenomenal, quick service and delivered to my bedroom. Overall, would give this a 9/10, only because there is always room for improvement, and I imagine if I was to buy a mattress for 5x the price it would be better, but this is DEFINITELY worth the money.

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

This is the most common type of mattress and consists of an inter-connected spring system. You will often find this sort of specification on cheaper mattresses where pocket sprung would have often been the preferable choice for a consumer. That said, it offers great value and support, well worth it if you are on a budget

Soft touch covers are commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

Questions and Answers

I was in the store and checked the label says it is soft not medium ???? confused 

Answer: We have recently re-classified our comfort ratings in order to provide a more accurate description of the firmness of each of our mattresses. The Taylor Mattress is classified as a medium firmness mattress. I can confirm that the display model in store is the same as what would be delivered to you, the label is just showing the old firmness rating rather than the new updated one. We apologise if we have caused any inconvenience here. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this single mattress suitable for a toddlers first bed after being in a cot?

Answer: Hello , There is no specific age guidelines for this mattress, however we do recommend it for children. If you're looking for a mattress specifically for a toddler, why not have a look at our toddler mattresses here: http://www.dreams.co.uk/mattresses/kids/shopby/bed-size--toddler Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Is it possible to buy this base and mattress set with a medium/firm mattress instead of Soft? And is it possible to choose a delivery date, paying in advance? Thank you, Mary

Answer: Hello , Click the link below for a great medium firm divan bed option. Each mattress only comes with one comfort grade, meaning you will have to select a different divan set. Delivery dates are also chosen before payment through checkout. http://www.dreams.co.uk/westland-divan Many thanks for the question.

You keep saying on your system that the estimated delivery is a particular Monday. That day is no good for me. How do I get a different delivery day as there seems to be no option for this?

Answer: Hello, It may be best for you to call our telesales team or visit a store to view a different selection of dates. The dates on line will reflect the delivery dates available for your postal code. If you go through to checkout before payment, this will give the most accurate dates. Many thanks for the question.

What warranty do you get with this single mattress?

Answer: Hello , This mattress comes with a 12 months guarantee. You can extend this to 5 years with our Bed Cover Service Plan. Find out more information here: http://support.dreams.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/206513469-Bed-Cover-Service-Plan-Introduction Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

What weight can this tolerate in stone please 

Answer: Good Evening, We do not specify any weight limits for our mattresses, if you feel uncertain about whether this mattress would be suitable we would recommend using our 'find in store' feature online which will show you the closest Dreams stores that have this mattress on display. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this matteress has any guarantee & for how long.

Answer: Hi , Dreams cover all our items for 12 months, however extra coverage for 8 years is available. We also have a 40 night comfort guarantee, which you can read more about here: https://support.dreams.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/205720401-40-Night-Comfort-Guarantee Thank you for your question.

Hi can this Mattress be collected from store or is it only available for delivery?

Answer: This mattress is available for delivery only and therefor cannot be collected in store. We do have a wide range of rolled mattresses that are stocked in stores, these can be found in the 'Rolled Mattress' section on our website. Kind Regards, Dreams

Would you be able to take away another mattress as well as the one that is being replaced

Answer: Yes our delivery team are also able to remove and recycle your old mattress when they deliver your new one. Charges for this service are below: Single Mattress - £23 Double Mattress - £33 King or Super King Mattress - £38 Kind Regards, Dreams

1. Does the base have a bottom to it, or is the storage directly on to the floor? 2. Does the bed come assembled? many thanks

Answer: Hello , There is a bottom to the ottoman so the goods will not sit directly on the floor and this bed does not come ready assembled. However assembly is available to purchase at the checkout stage. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Is there a possibility of receiving a swatch of the fabric for this bed so i can better appreciate the colour? i notice you have this bed with a few options but the colour does appear to vary considerably between a few pics so a sample would be great.

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately, we do not provide colour swatches. Our full divan range with colours can be viewed at any of our stores. Why not use our store locator to book an appointment with one of our consultants. Many thanks for the question.

How much to remove the old mattress

Answer: Thank you for your question. We offer a recycling service for your old mattress, bedframe and headboards. Please visit the link below for more information. https://www.dreams.co.uk/recycling-services Kind Regards, Dreams

Would this mattress fit bunk beds? 

Answer: This mattress is 19cm in depth which unfortunately means that it is not suitable for use with a bunk bed, cabin bed or midsleeper. For these bed frames, mattresses must be 15cm deep or less. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can we get the base only? If so, what is the price? Thanks

Answer: Hello , Yes you can buy the base here: http://www.dreams.co.uk/classic-ottoman-beige The prices are as follows: Single - £300 Double - £450 King - £470 Super King - £520 I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

I want to buy the bed without mattress. What is the price of the bed without mattress? 

Answer: Hello , We sell the divan bases separately as well as divan sets. http://www.dreams.co.uk/beds/divan-bases -use this link to view all the different types available. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Is the headboard available in the picture of the Taylor open Spring divan (4' 6"). Can the bed be assembled by your delivery team.

Answer: Hello , Yes, this is the Malibu headboard: http://www.dreams.co.uk/malibu-h-b-classic-beige This bed is assembled for you as it is included in the delivery charge. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

I want to buy this bed frame but without the mattress. What should I do?

Answer: Hello , This can be done by looking in our divan base section. Click the link below to purchase this seperately. http://www.dreams.co.uk/classic-ottoman-base-only-blue Many thanks for the question.

Hi there Is there any chance of picking up the Taylor Traditional spring mattress in your Reading Store? (Advertised on your website at £79)  Look forward to hearing from you asap.  Thanks. Sarah 

Answer: Hello, The store's are display room's only however if you place the mattress in the basket, you can get a exact delivery date for the earliest it can reach your postal area. Many thanks for the question.

Can this mattress be used on a kids mid sleeper bed?

Answer: The Watson mattress is 19cm deep. For safety reasons, midsleeper beds require a mattress with a maximum height of 15cm, therefore this mattress would not be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there any rolled mattreses in store to pick up the same day

Answer: Hello , Yes please have a look at our ready matts. You can collect these from store rolled up. http://www.dreams.co.uk/mattresses/rolled-mattresses I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

What is the charge for taking an old mattress away?

Answer: Hello, This is dependent on the size needed to be recycled. If you place an order, this option is provided through checkout to view the prices to do so. Many thanks for the question.

does the dimensions include the size of the headboard

Answer: Hi This divan bed does not include the headboard, the dimensions of this bed are only for the bed base and mattress. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Which beds are available with electrical assistance to lift for access to under bed storage? and which with easy slide draws?

Answer: Hi , The Francis is the only bed frame with an electrical lift for the ottoman feature. All of our drawers in our bed frames are easy slide. Thank you for your question.

Can this mattress be used on a bunk bed

Answer: The depth of the Taylor Mattress is 19cm - the maximum mattress depth for a top bunk is 15cm, therefore this mattress would not be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, where could I get the headboard from?

Answer: Hello , You should be able to purchase it from this area of the website. http://www.dreams.co.uk/headboards/all-headboards?limit=12 Many thanks for the question.


Answer: Hello, You may want to try this with a space in between. The estimated delivery checker will be able to pick this up from this point on. Many thanks for the question.

Can i buy just the base?

Answer: Hello Badger2, Yes, please call our telesales team who will be able to advise you further with this on 0800 652 5090. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps

does this bed come with the mattress

Answer: Hello , Yes this divan set comes with the mattress and the base. Please note the headboard is not included. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

do you take away the old mattress and bed frame when purchasing a new bed  from Dreams 

Answer: Hello , Our recycling service is an additional £39 and will then be collected upon the delivery of your new mattress or bed. Many thanks for your question.

Can you order it without mattress

Answer: Hi , This can be ordered without the mattress using the following link. https://www.dreams.co.uk/classic-ottoman-beige Many thanks for the question.

Can I collect in store?

Answer: Hello , The store's are showrooms for display purposes, everything will generally be on a delivery basis. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi, What dimension in cm is 2'0? And whats dimension for 3'0 as the dimensions checker is showing the same dimensions for both sizes. Thanks a lot 

Answer: Hello , 2.6" is 75 cm wide and the 3.0" is 90 cm wide. They are sizes for a small single and a standard single. Many thanks for the question.

Hi we are looking to buy a mattress from you equivalent to one we have on spare bed it's an open sprung magnificent 7 range class 3 medium firm it's so comfortable we want exactly the same mattress if you still do them or exact example thanks 

Answer: Hello , The franklin mattress will provide our closest match to that mattress with similar comfort grade. Many thanks for the question.

How long between order online and delivery of king size beds

Answer: Hello, This will depend on your postal area however it is a stock product and will usually be within 5-7 days. Many thanks for the question.

Hi,  is the mattress included with this bed? 

Answer: Hello , Yes this mattress is included with this bed, however the headboard is not. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi,  Do you offer a collect in store service?  Thanks. 

Answer: Hello , Our store's are only showrooms for display purposes. This will be on a delivery basis. Many thanks for the question.

Hi,  I'm just interested in the mattress and was wondering if you take away the old mattress when you deliver the new one?

Answer: Hello , Yes, this service is £39 and can be added through checkout when making a purchase. Many thanks for your question.

What is the difference between the Ashton mattress and the Taylor mattress please?

Answer: Hello, The main difference between the two mattresses are the fabric there are upholstered with. Many thanks for your question.

Is it possible to alter the method in which the bed opens for storage? I need it to open from the side rather than the foot....

Answer: Hi , Not on this model unfortunately, our Therapur divans have a side opening feature. Thank you for your question.

can u pay the money in parts ?

Answer: Hi , Yes we do offer a finance plan but the purchase of products needs to exceed £400. Many thanks for the question.

What is the heightheight in cm of the divan section only

Answer: Hi , I can confirm the height of the divan part of the bed is 37cm. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Whats is the name of the headboard in the picture?

Answer: Hi , I can confirm the headboard pictured is our Malibu Headboard. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Hello, can this mattress be used on a mobility twin bed, the bed was originally bought from yourselves about 8 years ago

Answer: Unfortunately this mattress is not suitable for use with any adjustable bed frames. Kind Regards, Dreams

How far out (in centimetres) do the drawers on the double Taylor divan bed extend, please? Thanks.

Answer: Hi , The drawers extend to approx 33cm. That's from the base to the edge of the drawer when extended. Thank you.

Can i ask what is the depth of this mattresses please?

Answer: Hello Claire, The depth is 18cm. For other dimensions please use our dimensions tab. Thank you for your question.

Hi - when is the half price offer available to on the Taylor Traditional Spring Mattress - Soft? Thanks.

Answer: Hello , The offer is available at this moment in time until the 23rd August. Many thanks for the question.

Does it come with the base and the mattress?

Answer: Hello , The divan bed will include the base and mattress within the pricing. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, recently bought a Lawson bed frame and my mattress seems slightly narrower? It's a double. Are there different size double mattresses?

Answer: Hello , Our bedframes will fit a standard UK mattress of 135cm by 190cm. Many thanks for the question.

Looking to buy a bed for elderly father. Is it possible for the delivery men to remove the old bed and mattress from his flat? He is in sheltered housing one floor up and building also has a lift.

Answer: Hello, Please call our telesales line on 0800 692 5090 for help on this query. Many thanks for the question.

I really would like this mattress, only it's for a cabin bed and I understand they can't be more than 14 cm deep....what mattress would you recommend that comes closest to this one please? Thanks Naomi

Answer: Hello , Our ready mattresses bluE/pink would suit this at 13cm in depth. Many thanks for your question.

Is this a single or double mattress for £89?

Answer: Hello , The single is £89 and the double is £129. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

how deep is the mattress please ?

Answer: Hello , The Taylor mattress is 18cm deep. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

How much does the double Taylor open Spring weigh? 

Answer: Hello , The double Taylor Mattress weighs 17kg. Thank you for your questions and I hope this helps.

Does the single bed come in 2 pieces?

Answer: Hi , No, the single size comes as one block. Larger sizes come in the 2 halves. Thank you.

Do I need to flip this mattress, and/or turn horizontally?

Answer: Hello , This mattress can be flipped. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

If I was to buy this bed would I have to pay a fee for you to take away my old mattress and bed 

Answer: Hello , Yes, this service is available through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

What is the spring count with this mattress please

Answer: Hello, For this particular mattress there are 325 open springs. Many thanks for your question.

Does it have a label saying it conforms to BS7177 regulations for fire safety re Taylor Traditional divan beds

Answer: Hello , Yes, this will be written on the label. Many thanks for the question.

Can this mattress be used on a kids bed as a kids mattress?? 

Answer: Hi , Yes, this mattress can be used on a kids bed. Thank you for your question.

How many springs are in the double mattress?

Answer: There are 288 springs in the double Watson. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this mattress suitable for a bunk bed with a wooden slatted base?

Answer: Hello Bobie, Yes, this will suit a wooden base. Many thanks for the question.

how deep is the mattress We are looking 7or 8 deep single size

Answer: Hi , This mattress is 18cm deep. Thank you for your question.

is this delivered rolled or flat please

Answer: Hi , This mattress is delivered flat. Thank you for your question.

How deep is the mattress

Answer: Hello , The mattress is 18cm in depth. Many thanks for your question.

when you list size of mattress is this the width as it seems to small otherwise.

Answer: Hi , A single is 90cm x 190cm. Thank you for your question.

How many castors does a double bed have in total?

Answer: Hi , This will have 12 castors. Thank you.

do you take away an old mattress

Answer: Hello, Yes we do for a small charge.

Customer Reviews

Based on 342 review

Excellent value for money mattress

I was kept informed of delivery date and time by email prior to delivery and received a telephone call from the delivery team on the day of delivery. No endless waiting around for delivery, we’ll done Dreams. 2 man delivery done efficiently to the bedroom and all packaging removed. Excellent budget double mattress for our spare room, not that it looks budget, in fact, I was very presently surprised having ordered from the internet without viewing instore. The mattress is supportive without being too hard, looks far more expensive than it was and appears very well made. All family and friends who have stayed report a comfortable nights sleep and having tried it myself I wholeheartedly agree.

Comfy mattress!

Always wanted to try a dreams mattress but everyone says its just for the name the price is so high, well when the sale went on i thought let me take advantage! And bought one for half the price! Delivery deal was good too and so were the drivers which made it even better because i expect everything about one thing to go good! Anyways, being pregnant, this mattress was just what i needed and dont regret one single penny! Happy customer! Will be soon purchasing a bed once i move into another property and it will ofcourse be from dreams! Hope it helps those who are looking for a mattress go for it (:

Homecoming Comfort........

Bought this mattress as a replacement for our daughters bed as a surprise for when she visits from Uni. We didn’t have a huge budget for it, so we were looking for a mattress that was a good price. She has been home for two weeks and loves it, has said it is super comfy and gives her a good nights sleep. Ordered online which was really quick and easy. The two guys that delivered the mattress were super polite, very friendly and very efficient a credit to the company. Overall couldn’t fault anything, I was very impressed with service and product. A++++++ all the way

Incredibly sturdy and comfortable mattress

I purchased this mattress approximately two weeks ago as I was long overdue in updating my mattress as I was starting to wake up with a painful back. I must say that this specific Watson Traditional Spring Mattress is much better than I would have expected. I have had the best couple of nights sleep I have had in many months. It's robust nature combined with the comfortable lining on top is absolutely brilliant especially for such an excellent price. I would highly recommend this product if you are after an affordable yet durable mattress.

Really Comfortable Sleep

I have had this Mattress for above a Week now and can honestly say, It is the Best Traditional Sprung Mattress I have ever owned, You get a really comfortable nights rest and wake feeling ready for the day ahead, Although the Delivery was late the Delivery Drivers did ring and apologise that they were running late and they were very pleasant when they arrived and most efficient at removing the old Mattress and replacing it with the New one, A best buy in my opinion.

A sound night's sleep at last!

We have had your mattress just over a week now and are delighted with it, it was delivered during the snow and we did not think they would manage to keep the appontment, but the two young men who came were brilliant! It took them about 10 minutes to walk upstairs with the new mattress and downstairs with the old one in a big plastic bag. They would not even stop for a warm drink. What excellent staff you have-courteous efficient and committed!

Quick online buy

I was in the process of moving house short on time i ordered online without actually trying the mattress in store and not knowing what i was buying, and with limited funds went for a slightly cheaper option.This mattress is great value for money and nice and firm and comfortable . It came well packaged and was a comfortable weight to turn on my own. Overall extremely pleased and have a restful nights sleep great value for money.

Amazing value

Bought a couple of months ago now,I was amazed at what good value this was. The delivery experience was second to none. Two chaps arrived ,both were outstandly polite and helpful. One thing to point out,I was concerned that I had ordered a soft mattress,actualy I thought it was quite firm which was great. I would be more than happy to reccomens both the product and the company to anyone. They excell in customer service.

Taylor Traditional Matress Excellent !!

I bought this item a few weeks ago and was unsure as buying items online without seeing it in person was a worry! I can honestly say it’s fantastic, excellent quality and luxurious at an affordable price. The guys who delivered it were very professional and took pride in their jobs providing a brilliant service. This was my first purchase through Dreams, of a bed and mattress but from now on I won’t be buying anywhere else.


Needed a new mattress was going to wait after Christmas but seen there was a 50% sale I just can’t grumble saw saw the lovely Taylor spring mattress Read all the reviews and every single one was five stars so I wanted something simple. I’ve had my bed since the 19th of December and it has been a godsend I sleep better at night and my back is a lot better. Now I recommend dreams to all my friends

Excellent soft mattress

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago after suffering with a bad back, me and my partner were both pondering each and every site in search of the best! I’m so glad we came upon this mattress as it was priced at great value and is definitely made to last! The mattress is of fantastic quality, and the customer service both on the phone and face to face was friendly and useful!

Fantastic value quality mattress

Bought this and another mattress while the sale was on, absolutely thrilled with the quality. Beautiful damask covered and very comfortable. Suppose is very good for my back ache. Ordered on Monday, delivered free of charge on Wednesday! Fantastic service. Delivery guys took good care in my home and removed all packaging and took it away. Really pleased with Dreams overall.

Comfortable and great value!

I bought this mattress when I moved into a new apartment and didn't want to spend too much. I'm pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it is for such a good price. The mattress is firm and comfortable. I sleep so well on it that it feels like it has to be more expensive than what I paid for it! Well worth the money indeed. Also very happy with Dream's service and delivery.

Good Nights sleep

Bought this mattress in the sale half price. When it arrived was a bit concerned how low it was, but after a nights sleep on it opinions changed. Amazing! So soft and comfy. Struggle to get a soft mattress all hard. This one just right, moulding to our body each night, so improving even more. Don't know if I would've paid full price for it but well worth amount I paid.

Bought for sons new bed

I cannot find any faults with the product or service received from Dreams. Ordered a single mattress and it was delivered on the day they had promised. My son finds it comfortable so there is no complaints there. This is the 2nd purchase i have had from Dreams but 1st online and they provide quality in all aspects. Will quite happily do business with again.


I chose an expensive one because it is for a guest room, so will hardly get used. However, I am pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it is, and such good quality for the price paid. The delivery man was very helpful, covered his shoes before climbing the stairs, and removed and took away all the packaging. All in all, I cannot fault the product or delivery.

Great price, Great Quality and fast delivery!

I needed a mattress fast and i was on a budget due to it being christmas, so I was lucky enough to stumble across the dreams website whilst they were having a flash sale. I wasn't expecting much for a budget double mattress, however i was pleasantly surprised. Not only was the mattress delivered within a few days, it was great quality and comfy too!

Nice Firm Mattress

For our guest bedroom, this mattress is perfect. Recently my pops came over to meet the kids and they had a sound sleep on this mattress. I would recommend this for the firm spring support it provides. I would recommend following the manufacturing instructions and turning it once a week for the first 3 months and monthly thereafter ..

Great value extreme comfort.

Looking for a mattress for daughters first single. Snapped up a bargain here. Daughter loves it, so comfortable and thick great quality, was informed greatly from purchase to delivery and changed delivery time and date easily .. result of this purchase is no more grumpy toddler sneaking into my bed :) have highly recommended to friends

Best nights sleep in ever had

Bought this mattress two weeks ago, as tried a few other retailers with poor sleep pattern, I'm disabled with MS and bad back and this mattress gave me my FIRST night ful nightsl sleep in comfort so much I wanted to stay in bed.it is the old saying "you've tried the rest - now try the BEST" , i only wish i tried Dreams first. thank you


I had been searching for a new mattress for ages and finally found this one from dreams. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and am very pleased with it!! Very comfortable and not too firm. I was also happy with the delivery service provided, together with the collection of my old mattress. All in all A*. Would recommend!!

Comfy Mattress

This single mattress is so comfortable and smooth.  We bought it when it was 50% off sale. Compare to our old mattress which has no firmness in it when you sit down by the bedside; you just sink in right to the bottom. But not this new mattress, it is so comfortable and great to sleep with, not mentioned the bargain price we paid.

Good value in sale

Bought this in one of the sales, to replace an overly soft and uncomfortable mattress that came new with the bed in the spare room, which is used for when we have family over. Much better and feedback has been positive with good night sleeps reported so far. Also couldn't fault the delivery team; they were excellent.

Very good quality mattress

I purchased this mattress to replace my daughter's old single mattress. It is a lightweight mattress with a good quality damask cover. My daughter says it is very comfy with a nice springiness to it. I bought the mattress whilst on offer so very pleased with the price, excellent service and delivery from Dreams.

Superb Value for Money!

I was really weary how good the mattress would be because the price was so good, but it was within my budget. I was so delighted with the quality, and the quick and professional delivery service too. I couldn't praise Dreams enough! They will definitely be top of my list for my next bed/mattress purchase.

Excellent bed for a young teen.

Wanted a decent bed for my son who was transitioning into his teens and getting rid of his bunk bed. Delivery date and arrangements were perfect for us. The delivery team were prompt, on time , polite and removed their shoes whilst in my home!!! Bed is incredibly soft and sturdy. Son absolutely loves it.

Great night sleep!

I bought two of this mattress without actually going into store. As I had only a few hours left of the offer they had on. They are great both my children 9+11 love them, very comfortable, affordable. Even I enjoy laying on them as they support your back with a nice cushion soft layer. Thank you dreams.


I recently bought this mattress it is comfortable and great for my back and excellent value for the price. the service from Dreams is very good I will keep going back to dreams as their service is fantastic and the delivery men are very good they put the mattress in the room where you need it

Great value for the money

Bought this for my elderly but independent Mum, she is very pleased with the quality and comfort, it it also easy to turn round as recommended and she can do this with ease herself, the gentlemen who delivered it were kind and thoughtful, very pleased with service and the product, thankyou.

Perfect mattress

I have fibromyalgia and needed a decent mattress. This does the job, great if you have anykind of muscle/Skeletal conditon/s. I opted for a firm mattress and it is indeed very comfortable. Go ahead and buy this great value and not problems with overheating that you get from foam mattress.

A lovely bed for my 4 year old

This mattress is comfortable to sleep on. I am very happy with the overall quality and look of the mattress and my son loves it. Delivery was 10/10. The delivery man took his shoes off before entering my home and dropped the mattress off to our desired bedroom. I could be happier!

Very comfortable

Bought this for my 4 year old nephew. He is a very restless sleeper but seems more settled on this mattress. I tried It out one night and found It firm, supportive and comfortable. A very good purchase and, being in the sale at the time, it was at a great price. I recommend this.

Lovely and comfortable

We bought two of these mattresses for the kids (5 and 9) about a month ago and we’re really pleased with them. They’re good quality and value for money (got them on half price offer). I slept on it with my 5 yo and it was very comfortable. Would definitely recommend.


I bought this mattress for my son who constantly complained about back ache in the mornings, I looked on line and came across Dreams all problems dealt with one click my order dealt with quickly, old mattress collected and no more back ache for my son you are stars.

Deightfully comfortable

My new Taylor matress was delivered promptly. I used the matress immediately and was delighted with the comfort and gentle give of this medium style matress. Since then, I have used the matress nightly and found that I can enjoy a good night of uniterupted sleep.

Comfy mattress

I bought this mattress because there was a sale on and it was a really good deal. It’s a really comfy mattress, had thick plastic packaging over it to ensure it wouldn’t get dirty or damaged during transit which I was also happy with. Nothing to fault so far :)

Very comfortable

Had this mattress for a few weeks now i would highly recommend it very comfortable to sleep on bought for my 17 year son he says he’s had the best night sleep since I got it the mattress was on sale when I bought it but would happily of paid full price for it

Life - Lasting Comfort

I bought the mattress a few months ago, not only was it a good price but it fulfilled my comfort needs. It is soft, bouncy and most of all comfortable. I look forward to sleeping in my bed every day because of this mattress. Love it! Definitely recommend it!

Excellent Value

I purchased this mattress in the Sale for a bed in our spare room. My guests commented how comfortable it was and had a perfect nights sleep. Excellent purchase and to save money by buying it in the sale was a bonus. Also the service from DREAMS was 100%.

Brilliant bed

I have tried for some many years to get a comfortable bed. And now I have found the perfect one. The mattress is just right. Don't have a bad word to say about the bed. Delivery was on time and was always kept up to date with timing of driver turning up too

We got this mattress again because it's so good!

We bought the first mattress a year ago, and really liked it. So we decided to get a second matching one to put in the guest room. Great quality, great value. Amazing customer service from the delivery team, very on time and polite. 10/10 would recommend.

Extremely comfortable

I bought this product a week ago, and i cannot describe how much better my nights sleep have been getting, before i stuffed with such a bad back and since purchasing the Taylor mattress i've seen no end of improvement, and i am very happy with investment.

Comfy mattress for a good nights sleep

I needed a new matress and chose this from Dreams. It was delivered during my allotted time slot and my old mattress was taken away. Usually It takes me a while to get used to sleeping on a new mattress, but I had no trouble falling asleep on this one.

Great firm mattress withe the value for money.

This mattress really good value for money, cos if you want to buy a firm single mattress you couldn't find anywhere for this price. The design for delivery was really convenient, just loosen it on the bed frame for 3 hours rest and that's it. Amazing.

So comfortable

I am very pleased with this mattress. It fits my bed perfectly and the springiness is just right allowing me to feel supported but not too hard. The depth is ideal for me as I have a mobility problem and it is the right depth for me to sit easily.

A lovely comfy mattress!

I bought two of these mattresses for my children to replace their old mattresses. I was so impressed when they arrived. They are extremely comfortable, plush and sleep inducing. The children fall asleep very quickly and wake up lovely and relaxed.

Perfect for the kids!

We bought two of these a month ago for our kids and not only are they affordable but the kids love them! Delivery was on time, the driver called us in the morning then called us 15 minutes before he turned up.. great mattress and great service!

Great Mattress

Bought this mattress as a replacement for my daughters bed as here extremely expensive memory foam mattress began to sag in the middle! This mattress has sorted out her sore back and she is happy getting a decent night's sleep when she visits.

Good value

I bought this to go on a single bed downstairs as I'd just come out of hospital and couldn't climb stairs. It's a good solid,mthough soft mattress. Will be buying another for my upstairs bed when I can get upstairs again. Real value for money.

Amazing service comfy mattress!

I brought the mattress around 3 weeks ago when moving. We did not realise how much we needed a new mattress until we got one!! Slept like an baby ever since! Dream delivery guys were helpful and friendly, couldn't have asked for anything more.

Great customer service. Recommended

Happy with the product. Initially ordered the wrong mattress. Got order cancelled via web chat (no questions asked as to why and not trying me not to cancel), and re-ordered the correct size. Quick delivery. Overall smooth order. Recommended

Great value mattress

Bought this mattress for our son and he said how really comfortable it was and as a 19 year who loves to lay in without complaining this is a thumbs up for us. Hopefully time will tell how good it is long term but so far so good. Thank you

Good quality and very comfortable

I bought this for my kids, they both are happy. Good price good quality and excellent delivery choice. Both persons were very friendly and helpful, left the mattresses in the right rooms for me. Good experience would defiantly recommend


Amazing value for money the quality and comfort is out of this world I've had the best nights sleep in 2 years also the delivery drivers put the mattress were I wanted it I will be recommending dreams for the rest of my life thankyou

Very comfy

The old mattress had seen better days! Decided a new one was required so ordered this one. As a bonus it was on special offer! Put it on the bed and had the best nights sleep we have had for some while. Excellent value for money.


I bought two single mattresses and they are fantastic! I couldn’t have asked for a better product. Price was good, fast delivery, easy to carry upstairs, substantial, comfortable and have been a big hit with my teenagers. Perfect!

So comfortable!

I bought this mattress over Christmas and I can honestly say it’s one of the best mattresses I’ve ever slept on! So comfortable, yet supportive. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great quality and affordable mattress.

Great quality, reasonable price

I bought this mattrase a month ago and I am happy that I did as it's a really nice combination of great quality and affordable price. I chose a firm one that supports the body core and keeps my back healthy providing a good sleep.

Comfy mattress well worth the money

We were looking for reasonably priced mattress for a guest bed, this looked a good deal. It's actually better than we expected, really good quality and very comfortable. I'm sure any guest using it will get a good nights sleep

So comfortable

I brought this a month ago after not having a bed for over a month Struggling to sleep and not getting enough sleep finally now with such a beautiful and comfortable and affordable mattress i can get a decent sleep thank you

Amazing bed !!

I bought this bed last week and I am so glad that I did, it's so easy to put together and the mattress that it comes with is so unbelievably comfortable, I have had amazing sleep ever since I've had this bed!! I'm so happy!!!!

Great mattress

I bought two mattresses for my children's beds. They are so comfortable and the children are having a much more settled sleep. Highly recommend. The delivery drivers were also fantastic when. It came and in setting up.

Great offer

I brought this mattress for my Daughter who was blessed by another family with a big girl bed. She is only 3 and sleeps so well since getting her new mattress. The offer was amazing and so easy to order. Thanks very much

Taylor Single Traditional Spring Mattress

I bought this as a replacement for my son's bed when he comes over to stay with me. He's very pleased with it and he's had very good sleep from the product. Good value for money and not having to break the bank on cost.


I bought this mattress a month ago I'm very happy and very pleased with the service. The mattress is very comfortable and i have no problem with it and i even bought another one because it was that good. Thank you

Ver Comfortable Indeed

I was a little apprehensive about single mattresses to make up a super king but so far the result is perfect. Having two single mattresses enables your partner to move about as much as she likes without disturbing you.


This mattress is very comfortable, I have not had a better nights sleep since owning this mattress! Was a great upgrade from my old budget mattress! Highly recommend this mattress, you sleep like an absalute baby!

New mattress for the new bed.

My son finally managed to break the old bed base so ordered a new one. Decided to order a new mattress at the same time. Looked on line at prices and quality and decided on this one. Good quality and excellent value.

Very good value for money

I brought this a few weeks ago and it really has made a difference to my sleep. It’s really comfortable and if you like a firm but still comfortable / soft mattress then I would definitely recommend this mattress.

Airbnb guests giving it the thumbs up

I haven't slept on it but my guests say it is great. I've lay on it and did think it was fine especially in comparison to one bought from a high st catalogue shop which was significantly lower quality feel to this.

Great mattress

I bought this mattress a month ago for my 3 year olds bed. It is a fantastic mattress and it very comfortable. I would certainly recommend this mattress. I bought this during the sale and it was a fantastic price

Exactly as advertised and great price

I bought this for a very busy spare room! Everyone says how comfortable it is and have slept well. Did a lot of research before buying and the Taylor Single Traditional Spring mattress has proved it's worth.

Single mattress ideal for child bed

I bought this mattress when another supplier let me down, dreams delivered on time when they said. It was in stock and at a great price in the sale. Really comfy and feels a quality product. Highly recommended.

Very comfortable mattress and at a very good price

I bought this a month ago and I must say I am very Impressed that I could trust DREAMS to get me a good night's sleep the mattress was a very good price for a high quality product. Highly recommend purchasing

So comfortable!

I don’t have a lot of money to spend, so I needed a cheaper mattress. This one was brilliant value for money (I bought in the bank holiday sale) it’s so comfortable and I sleep very well on it. Very happy!

Lovely night sleep

Finally a decent night sleep!! This mattress is very comfy. I wake up with no back or neck aches. Delivery men were lovely and helpful on care of the mattress, thank you! Highly recommend! Thank you dreams

very comfortable

I bought 4 of these about a month ago and am so pleased with them. My grandchildren have pronounced them as being "mega comfortable". The plus point was how absolutely professional the delivery team were.


Having used Dreams before purchased this mattress superb comfortable firm mattress I have found this matress has helped my back I really wouldn’t go anywhere else quick hassle free buying and delivering.

Night nurse

Probably the comfiest mattress I've bought in a while. Great quality and price. I fell ill for a week and a half shortly after receiving this new mattress and was completely comfortable while I rested.

Amazing quality for the bargain price

I bought this bed a few weeks ago and we are so impressed we will be purchasing a single one for our little boy. Amazing quality for such a bargain price. Super happy and well rested. Thanks Dreams

Single Mattress

Bought in the sale, half price for spare room. Good firm mattress at bargain price. Very pleased. Delivered on time, and packaging taken away. Would definitely recommend Dreams, very professional

High quality mattress

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago and am loving my improved quality sleep. Also, the delivery was amazing: the guys even put the protective cloth around their shoes to bring it into my room.

Excellent value

Bought 2 of these for my teenage sons. They are very good quality and I got them in the sale so extremely good value. They seem to enjoy lying in bed even more... which I hadn’t thought possible!

Great mattress

Purchased for 18 year olds new bed. Has difficulties sleeping and so far all good reports. Has a lovely design and although the quality shows in weight it’s not too heavy. All round a great buy.


What an Amazingly comfortable matters, at such a low price. 100% recommend. You will not get this quality at this price any where else....Also very easy to clean....amazing thank you Dreams x

Best sleep for years

Brought this as I seriously needed a new mattress. Easy ordering and quick drlivery, so quick it was delivered before the green recycling bag arrived. Even arrived earlier than time given.

Brilliant Mattress

We brought this for my toddler but would be great for any single bed. Very comfy. Delivery was fantastic and was called that morning to be given an appropriate time within my 2 hour slot.


Bought this mattress for our grand daughter a few weeks ago best buy I have ever made for her. She's over the moon with it she says it's so comfortable that she doesn't want to get up


Bought this for my daughter but never told her Her first night of sleeping on it was a success because she got up in the morning and asked if it was a new mattress as it was so comfy


I bought this mattress to go with my new bed I ordered, I had a great night's sleep ever night since purchased. The matress is just the right firmness, I would highly recommend this.

Equipment Delivery

he bed is the bed that I had chosen, good condition and the delivery men were polite, helpful and cleared all the rubbish away with them, very imprest with both product and delivery.

For a perfect nights sleep

I bought this bed for my teenage daughter and she absolutely loves it! Problem is now, I can’t get her out of it in the morning! Great bed for a fab price. Would highly recommend.

Great mattress

Needed a new mattress, wasn’t sure what one to buy but have slept so much better since buying this one. It’s really comfy and for a mattress with springs you can’t feel the springs.

Good for my bad back

I bought this as a cheap matress for the bed in our spare room but it actually is very comfortable and far better than I had expected - as comfortble as far more expensive matresses

Very comfortable

This mattress was purchased for my 7 year old daughter who is disabled and it provides excellent support and comfort for her and was a great price, very happy with this purchase.

Great feature

I bought this mattress months ago it is excellent I’m having a good nights sleep I only buy mattress from dreams nowhere else if you want better sleep get mattress from dreams

Great for the price

Saw cheaper mattresses online but from companies I'd never heard of, but this instead and for the price turned out to be a good deal and my daughter bis really happy with it

1st class service

Brilliant from start to finish. Purchased a mattress 3 weeks ago fabulous best £139 i ever spent .dreams are wonderful firm to deal with wont hesitate to buy more in future.

My teenage daughter is happy

My daughter needed a new one so after looking at the reviews I decided to give it a go. I’m not disappointed, she’s very happy and says it’s very comfy! And it was on offer!

Great for the price

I brought this for my toddler as I have moved him into his own bedroom and he loves it. He has a good night sleep & my partner has also slept on it and also approves of it.

So comfortable

I brought this almost 3 weeks ago now and I must say I wish I had known about this mattress sooner,it’s so comfortable,I suffer with back problems and This is ideal for it

Super comfy for the little one!

Hey! Bought this mattress as we’ve moved our daughters into bunk-beds. It’s really light so was easy to lift and sort bedding out. Plus, my daughters says it’s super comfy.

Very comfortable

I bought this a month ago for a new tenancy. Delivery was perfectly on time, the handling staff were very friendly and efficient and I’ve enjoyed sleeping on it ever since.


I ordered this bed in the middle of the night as I was having such a bad nights sleep and Dreams did such good service!! I received the bed so quickly and am very pleased.

Great mattress

I brought this for my son as his old mattress was cheap!! This mattress is brill.. very comfortable and an amazing price too! Already recommended to my friends and family.

Comfortable and good value

We have found this mattress very comfortable and as it is not too heavy it is very easy to make the bed. It is very good value and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again.

so comfortable

I bought this about a month ago and do not know why I hadn't done so before! I am pleased with how comfortable it is not too soft/hard. The delivery team were superb.

Fantastic value for money

I bought two of these mattresses for my daughter's and they've had the best night sleep ever! They are not as firm as I thought they would be but ideal for my children.

It’s a good affordable mattress

I have had this mattress about 2 weeks now so still wearing it in.. it’s fine for both of us and has helped my back feel a bit better. Great mattress for a great price.

Comfy bed

This wee beds not so wee! Great size, excellent spacious storage and looks lovely. Worth paying £18 for men to build it. Second purchase from Dreams, highly recommended

Overall , Fab

Got x 2 single and 1 double exactly same make. Great sturdy mattress, both my children just love their new beds now! And both sleeping a treat, so a very happy mummy.

Good on price and comfortable

Bought this mattress a few weeks ago, I suffer with back problems, and needed a comfortable bed, glad I chose this I sleep like a baby now so comfortable and love it

Great value for a great mattress

Bought this single mattress for our guest room. Our guest loved it, says it's very comfortable. Great price as well. So will definitely purchase again in the future.

Comfortable mattress

I got his a month ago now to use a spare bed everyone who has slept on it have commented how comfortable it is. I did last night after I had a greats night sleep !

Very comfy

The mattress purchased was delivered by 2 people who were very helpful and kind. The mattress itself is firm and so far had great night sleep! Would recommend!!

Very comfortable

Has been on my sons bed for about 3 weeks now and he sleeps so well every night. He has asthma and the new mattress appears to have helped to allieviate this.

Very comfortable

I bought this a month ago for my daughter's bunk bed. It's perfect. She is getting a great nights sleep and I've slept on it a few times and very comfortable.

Good night's sleep

Bought this for my teenage son. He now sleeps like a log which can be a nightmare when trying to get him up for school!! He really likes it, no complaints

Very Happy!

Bought for my teenage daughter. She loves it. Very comfortable and good quality. Great communication with delivery and drivers were very polite and friendly.

Very comfy.

Bought this a few weeks back and it s really comfy, not as firm on the sides as I had hoped but still love it and actually getting a decent night's sleep


I bought this going into 3 weeks now and I’ve never slept better. Great sale price and would have been worth every penny if I had gotten it at full price

Great Mattress

I bought 2 of these a month ago for a 3 in 1 guest bed in my spare room. So glad I chose this mattress as they are very comfy. A great sprung mattress!

Very comfy!

We’ve had this mattress about 4 weeks now and it’s a million times better than our old one! It is very comfy and I don’t wake up with back pain anymore!

Superb mattresses

Bought 2x of these recently for spare room for my grandchildren when they come to stay, excellent quality comfort and price, very pleased with purchase

Watson mattress

Needed to get away from memory foam mattress Glad I did. This mattress is so comfortable. I get a fantastic nights sleep and get up feeling refreshed

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress for my teenage daughter to replace her old uncomfortable one. She loves her new comfy mattress & now gets a much better sleep.

Excellent Quality

I had the best sleep since I bought this mattress. It is very comfortable and accomadating for my achy back and muscles. It is good value for money.

Great mattress

Bought two of these for my two boys, 12 & 17 and they both have said they are having a better night's sleep. It's nice and firm and obviously comfy.

Excellent value for comfort!

Just delighted with this mattress! My guests report enjoyable and restful nights sleep of comfort and total relaxation. Plus its very good value.

Great guest bed

Really pleased with this bed bought for a spare room. I slept in it and was pleased that it was soft. I would call it medium. Good value for money

As expected

I bought this mattress to go on my 4 year old's new single bed. the mattress is comfortable enough and for the price appears excellent quality.

So comfortable

Bought this a month ago and have never been more pleased. Comfortable nights sleep night after night . Five star quality and would fully recommend

Boys beds.

Was having trouble with the boys sleeping so changed their mattresses to this one. They sleep so much better. Great quality and very comfortable.

Great mattress, very comfy

I have now had my new mattress a couple of weeks and am very happy with it. It is exactly as described and what I expected. I very nice purchase.

Great product!

Bought two about a month ago for teenage boys and they love them. Much better than their old ones. Good value in the sale and smooth delivery.

Super comfy

I bought this a couple of months ago and I never want to get out of bed! Super comfy and doesn’t make you too hot! Would defiantly buy one again

So comfy

Very happy with this mattress. Brought in sale so even better but it's worth the full price. Good quality mattress and I sleep very well on it.

Great mattress

I bought this mattress about a month ago now and I couldn't be happier. Delivery was great - fast and friendly! The mattress is so comfortable!

Extra comgortable mattress

I bought this mattress and got it delivered on the exact delivery date. What can i say yhis mattress is so comfortable. Thankyou so much Dreams

King size bed

This the first new bed I've purchased in a long time and am very happy I chose this bed excellent value for money and also very comfortable

Really comfy mattress

Bought whilst it was on sale, loved the price, but love the mattress even more. So comfortable, made me realise how bad the old one was.

Great quality

I bought this for my son and he absolutely loves it. Really good quality for the money and nice thick mattress would definitely recommend

Really pleased

My wife and I are really pleased with the mattress. It’s firm so gives required support but also really comfy. Excellent value for money!

Perfectly acceptable cheaper end mattress

Had this mattress a few weeks now. For a cheaper mattress this is perfectly adequate for general needs. Really pleased with my purchase.

Superb quality and value for money

Excellent quality mattress at a truly competitive price. Try before you buy option certainly beats online shopping from other retailers.

Fantastic new mattress

Got this to replace my son's older mattress, it is deep and medium firm, and keeps a teenager happy. Staff at Horwich were very helpful

very comfortable

i have this mattress now for a while and i am now having good night s sleep, it is so comfortable that sometimes i dont want to get up

Lovely mattress

Bought this for the first room as my son was staying over Christmas with his girlfriend. Looks nice and am told it's very comfortable

Great service

Need a new single mattress for redecorated bedroom .impressed by the communication from Dreams if delivery and then actual time slot

Great Communication and delivery service

Keep in touch with updates on delivery, arrived when they said they would and the two delivery drives were very helpful and polite.

Great features!

Bought this matress couple weeks ago for my kids single bed, came on time and was very comfortable, would definitely recommend it !

Great buy

Bought 2 of these for both my boys rooms. Very comfortable and great value mattresses with a prompt delivery service. Recommended.

Great nights sleep!

Bought this mattress a few weeks ago and have slept like a log every night since! Excellent value for money. Definitely recommend!

A good mattress

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago, and since the have had a restful nights sleep. Thank you Dreams and keep up the good work.

Really comfortable

I bought this for my daughter a month ago she said it’s very comfortable, we struggle to get her out of bed for school now though

So comfy!!

I bought this a month ago or so and it is so comfortable I sleep like an angel and there is no disappointment with the springs :)

Excellent quality

I brought this to go on my daughters trundle bed great quality for a spare mattress and got it a very good price in the sale to.

Excellent spring mattress

I have recently bought this 3 weeks ago, since then I been having the best sleep and wake up in the morning with positive energy

Lovely and comfy

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and so far so good was having problems sleeping and this was literally a dream to sleep on !

Really comfy

I bought this for my teenage daughter. She absolutely loves it, finds it really comfy and has been sleeping really well. Thanks

Quality Sleep

I bought this product just over a month ago for my teenage son. He has loved it. No getting up in the middle of the night now!!

Fantastic value

Brought this in the sale. Fantastic reduction made it a real bargain, couldn't be happier with it. Good quality, fast delivery.

Great value mattress

I bought this mattress along with a bed frame as a guest bed. It looks great, is very comfortable and was good value for money

Great bed!!

Fab value for money and is firm and very comfortable. Will definitely buy from dreams again. Also, great delivery service too

Lovely firm mattress

Bought for my daughters room but has had visitors slept on it too. It's a lovely firm mattress and all have slept well on it

Completely satisfied

I have this mattress for almost a month and I am not disappointed. It is firm, comfortable, high quality, just what I needed

Great mattress at a great price

Wonderful to sleep on a very comfortable mattress, for over a month now, and wish I had changed to this one a few years ago.

Very comfy

Brought this around a month ago. It’s very comfortable at a very good price. Very happy with the product and the service.

Happy with my choice

Bought this for my daughter’s double bed and she’s very happy with it. Comfy and the ordering and delivery process was ace

Great mattress, great price!

I bought this mattress 2 weeks ago now at sale price and it’s so comfortable I couldn’t be happier with it. Great product


Bought two of these for new bunk beds. They're really comfortable and our son loves his new bed compared to his old one.

Beautiful Nattress

I bought it roughly a month ago. It is well made and comfortable l. I was skeptical about buying it. So glad that I did!

Watson Mattress

As I have a disability I need a comfortable mattress and this does exactly what it says it well. Enjoying going to bed.

Great nights sleep!

I’ve had this about 3weeks now, has really helped my bad back! Getting better nights sleep firm mattress so far so good

It's so comfy

I bought this as a last min as my dad had to cone stay with me last min,due yo being in hospital he said it's so comfy

Very comfortable

Very comfortable. Had an amazing night's sleeps on it straight away. Light in weight so easy to rotate. Great quality.

Excellent value for money single mattress

I bought this a few weeks ago and the Grandchildren are fighting to stay in the new bed because it is so comfortable

So comfortable!

I brought this mattress for my daughter. 2 weeks in she reports how comfortable it is. Well made and fits perfectly

Good mattress

I've had this mattress for about 3 weeks now- so far so good. Its firm and lightly padded with no bony bits or dips.

Excellent value and exceeded my expectations

I purchased 2 weeks ago and am considering purchasing another 2 king size as am so comfortable and relaxed in bed

Can’t go wrong for the price

I purchased one of the cheapest mattresses and the delivery was perfectly on time, and mattress is nice comfortable.

Great Value for Money!

Bought one month ago, extremely happy so far with the mattress - exceeded expectations. No faults/negatives at all.

Very comfortable and at a great price

Bought two of these for my kids and they have been delighted since we received them on the second week of January.

Perfect and so comfortable

I brought a single bed for my daughter's bunk bed in fact irl be going back to dreams to buy another one thank you

Very comfortable

I bought this 2 weeks ago and overall I'm very happy with the product! Delivery was on time and staff very polite

So comfortable

I'm very pleased with this mattress . Its Firm and great to sleep on . My family have all tried it out and loved.

Amazing matress

I am glad i got this matress, making the decision to get out of bed or call into work sick has never been so easy


This mattress is extremely comfortable and for the price such a good buy! I would highly recommend this mattress


Not yet used, but they are great quality, feel comfortable and just how they were advertised. Highly recommended


I bought this last month along with the bed frame. I have now had the best sleep ever since buying this product

great price

got two about six weeks ago for the kids room they love um they get a good nights sleep which is good around !!


I purchase this mattress fir ny grandson, it is so good to buy at half price will definitely be getting to more

Value for money!

Bought this mattress around a month ago, very comfortable, great support. Delivery guys really friendly too.

Great Mattress and delivery

2nd time I bought from Dreams They have never let me down on perfection of mattresses, prices and deliveries

Looks comfy

We bought this mattress and was so impressed with the quality and comfort we bought another one a week later

Comfortable relaxing mattress

Bought it for the children’s bed really great quality worth every penny Can’t get the kids out of bed !!!!

Excellent buy

We got this mattress to replace the our boys' old mattress and it has proven to be an excellent quality buy.

Comfortable mattress

Had this mattress since mid December and so far has been really comfortable and gives a good night’s sleep.

Spring mattress

Bought these two as I had had mine a long time. Very comfortable to lie on, had a good nights sleep on it.

Great value for money

The mattress is very good quality, comfortable to sleep on and for the price, brilliant. Can not fault it!


Had the mattress around a month now, really comfy & great delivery service. Good value as bought on offer!

Brilliant mattress

I brought a wrong size mattress it was so easy to replace the item without any hassle, loved the service .

Great value, my son loves it!

I bought this for my son. He has been really pleased with it, he now loves getting in bed it's that comfy

great mattress. very comfortable and a great price

I purchased this a month ago, the mattress is of a very good quality, and a great night sleep was had.

Good quality

I bought this a month ago for my daughter, it’s great quality for the price and comfortable. A good buy

Great sleeping

I bought this mattress before two months. Delivery was nice. This is quality goods. I’m very satisfied.

Very comfortable

Bought two for both my children, 3 and 5. They both said how comfy they were. Very pleased. Great price

Good quality

Bought for childrens bunkbed. Comfortable and good price. I would recommend. Particularly for children.


I recently bought this mattress and I have slept soundly ever since. It is cheap but very comfortable!

Really good value

I bought this mattress and hadn’t really seen any reviews about it but to be honest it was really good

Very decent mattress

I bought this last month and have been impressed with the quality. The service overall was fantastic.

Comfy sleep

I am so happy with my new matteress that I brought another for my daughter... nice & thick, comfy....

Great features

I bought this around month ago for my week one and is excellent very comfortable. Happy with purchase

So comfortable

Great product so comfortable and has resulted in great night sleeps. Highly recommend this mattress.

Lovely nights sleep

I bought this for my teenage son. He said it was the best sleep he’d had in ages. Very happy with it

Absolutely brill

We’ve had this a fair few weeks now and for the price it’s an absolute steal! I definitely recommend

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress and its so comfortable great night sleep don't want to get up in the morning

Great mattress at a great price!

Really impressed with this mattress. Good quality, comfortable and great price! Very happy customer

Great product!

I bought this product last month and it is simple great. Best comfortable mattress I have ever had.

Daughter seems to like it

Bought one of these for our 8 year-old daughter she says it's comfortable, so high praise indeed.

Lovely soft mattress!

I purchased this a month ago for somebody, and after a fortnights sleep, they say it’s wonderful!

great quality, nice and soft

I bought it a month ago for my daughter and for the first time, she sleeps all nights in her bed


I brought tbis about 3 weeks ago, delivered with no issues, and very comfy, very good value buy.

Lovely nights sleep

I brought this matress a few weeks ago and have slept so soundly ever since. Thanks Dreams :)


Brought this to go with my daughters first big girl bed. It's comfortable, and values for money

Good mattress at good price

Bought for my daughters existing bed, good product good price and delivered quickly and on-time

Quality Mattress

I bought this for my son and I must say the quality is fantastic. A really good study mattrsss.

Connector brilliant

I bought this last month because the mattress I had before then was 10 years old, well overdue!

Amazing price, great product

Comfy, not too heavy for turning, good temp control. The perfect mattress for a perfect price

As described

Bought for my granddaughter who wanted a soft bed and this mattress is perfect. Very happy...

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress a month ago and have had good night's sleep plus it's very comfortable

It’s great. Exactly what it said on the box

I brought this mattress about a month ago and I have already recommended it to 3 other people

Quality product

So glad I bought this for our spare room. Looks good and comfortable. Good value for money.

Great value

Bought for my daughters bed. Great price in the sale. Good quality and a comfy nights sleep!

Amazing and comfortable

I have recently bought this mattress and it's amazing no issues. I feel and sleep better now

Great first grown up first mattress for my son

I brought this a few weeks ago. He says it is really comfortable and is sleeping better now

Great Product

Brought this item a month ago and very happy with it so far and very good value for money .


I brought the bed about a month ago, so sturdy and very comfortable. Easy to put together.

Perfect for teenagers

Two happy teenagers who hadn't realised how bad their old beds felt compared to new ones!

So comfy

Amazing totally love the, discount made it an absolute steel, would have paid full price

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress for my spare room. It is very comfortable and such a great price!

Great firmness with comfort.

Great value for money,firm,comfortable and quality. 10/10 with a great delivery service.

Comfy mattress

One of the cheaper mattresses in the store but provides a great nights rest every night


Nice mattresses, bought 2 of these for our kids bunk bed, kids liked them no complaints

Comfy mattress

I bought this 2 weeks ago for our spare bedroom and it is very comfy and a great price!


I brought this for my 3year old the mattress is so comfortable definitely recommend it.


Bought this for my 2 year old girls new bed and she has slept amazing in it every night

Excellent value

I bought two of these mattresses for my children 9 and 7. Very comfy, excellent value.

great mattress

i bought this mattress a month ago and have been extremely impressed with the quality

Great value

Bought this for a spare bed. It was a good price, and super comfortable, very happy

Very comfortable

I bought this a few weeks ago and so glad that I did, my sleep is so much better now


Bought 3 weeks ago , great service and sooo comfy . Great price . Highly recommend .

Such a lovely mattress

Bought these for my 3 children and they are so comfortable such good value for money

Comfy bed for my son.

My son is very happy with his new comfy bed and it’s a perfect size for his bedroom.

Really super mattress

Great quality for the price, it is very comfortable to sleep on and a decent depth.

Value for money

Great value for money, delivered on time, friendly staff. I will def use you again.

Great product

This is a great product a d really good money wasn't to expensive. Well recommended

Great product

I bought king mattress few weeks ago,and it is so comfy,great product,great service

Exactly what I wanted

Comfortable product and amazing customer experience prompt delivery with no issues.

Lovely cheep Mattress

I bought this a month ago and this is a lovely cheap mattress and very comfortable

Really comfortable!

I bought this for my daughter and it is so comfortable! Really glad we bought it.


Had this couple of month, no complaints, Getting a good night sleep, Good price.

Exactly as described

I brought this for my spare room, more than happy with it - exactly as described.

Very comfortable

Had our new mattress for a couple of weeks.. very comfortable and fantastic value


We bought two of these mattresses which were reduced but they are so comfortable

Great Value

Really pleased with our Purchase, Great value for Money, would highly recommend.

Great Mattress!

We bought this mattress a few weeks ago and have had a great nights sleep since.

Safe bet

Mattress doing an excellent job - excellent price and delivery method. Thank you

Great value for money

Bought two weeks ago and mattress is comfortable, and of good quality materials


We brought this mattress for our children, and they fund it really comfortable.

Great value

Bought for my kids room and it’s very comfortable for the cost of the mattress

Great on a budget

Bought this for my guest room, great for guest staying at weekends, good value

So comfy

I bought this a few weeks ago, it’s so comfy and would definitely recommend!!!

Great Product

I bought this about a month ago and it's one of the best products. I like it.

Really comfortable

Bought this at a great price. Really comfortable. Delivery service excellent.

Fantastic Purchase

Speedy and efficient service and received the product as described..great buy

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress very recently. Very good quality and very comfortable.

Great comfort

I brought this bed a month ago and it’s been nothing but a dream to sleep on.

Good night sleep

I brought this a month ago and are now having a great night sleep every night

great value for money

Was a bit reserved given it was not overall expensive, but extremelly comfy

Quality comfortable mattress!

Quality comfortable mattress great price Speedy friendly delivery service

Super Value...

Bought this a month or so again...just great value and very comfortable...

Quality mattress

Very springy but firm at the same time, ideal for childs first single bed

Great Quality

Overall really happy with product for price I paid it is so comfortable.

Very comfy

I bought this for my 8yr old sons' bed and he loves it. Very comfortable.


This bed was just what I wanted. Great value and service too. Very happy

Beautifully comfy

A very comfy mattress...no more back ache. Delivery men so very helpful.


I bought my mattress on line, delivery was speedy and a great mattress

Good quality!

I bought this for my son and he has a very comfy sleep which is great!

Great Mattress for Price

This Mattress is very good and comfortable. My son enjoy sleeping now.

Very comfortable

Can't be faulted. Great nights sleep now I have brought this mattress.

Amazing price, great value!

Strong support. Very thick mattress. Used for daughters high sleeper.

Great Mattress

Great Mattress best sleep for a long time so comfortable.Great value.

Very comfortable

I brought this mattress a month ago glad l did as it fit really good

Is what it is

Bought this for the kids & they haven’t had a bad night sleep since

Bedded bliss

The most comfortable mattress I have owned .Sheer bliss to sleep on


I brought this after having a heart attack its just so comfortable

Excellent mattress

I bought this for my 16 year old brother and he says he loves it!

Great value for money

I bought this for my grand daughter and I am very please with it.