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TEMPUR-FIT Mattress Protector

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becky says

Mattress protectors are often dismissed as noisy and uncomfortable but not so. The Tempur-fit mattress protector comes from a manufacturer at the top of their game, managing to create a 100% waterproof protector that will keep your new mattress sanitary and hygienic. Other benefits of the protector come in the form of a longer than standard guarantee and a washable and tumble-dry safe product. 

Another key benefit for customers is that many retailers and manufacturers require a protector to be used in order to allow the customer to file warranty and guarantee claims against the mattress. This means that your warranty and/or guarantee could be at risk without a protector like this one. 

Reviews for the Tempur-fit Mattress Protector are good, with over 1300+ reviews and an impressive 90% customer satisfaction.

Reasons to Buy

Helps to assure the warranty of the mattress beneath, many retailers and manufacturers require a protector to keep valid.

Price point is reasonable and comes with an impressive guarantee of it's own

Reasons to Avoid

Breathability is always a concern with protectors, after all, you've potentially spent a lot of money on a breathable mattress that will help keep you cool in an all-season sleep and the protector adjusts with all these dynamics. For those utilising this protector for a memory foam mattress they don't need to worry as most memory foam mattresses aren't really breathable anyway at which point, no harm done.

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Of The TEMPUR-FIT Mattress Protector
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Our Key Performance Indicators are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algoritmic data points and user reviews. For example, a firm pocket spring support layer is more breathable and offers better back support but may prove unsuitable for side sleepers, the reverse is true for a soft-medium tension reflex foam support layer. This is one of 100+ datapoints considered when generating the below ratings.


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  • Mattresses that feature breathable materials help promote airflow and keep you cool making for a more hygienic night's sleep.


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Of The TEMPUR-FIT Mattress Protector
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Average
Customer Sentiment: Good

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What Makes The TEMPUR-FIT Mattress Protector Great?

Small single is online exclusive only

Fully breathable and 100% waterproof

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and your child's sheets are all wet? That's, a hassle for all involved and without protection could create a very unhygienic mattress very quickly. The water-repellent outer cover on this mattress prevents accidents from happening in the first place. It's a win for everyone!

Can be tumble dried up to 70°C

Tumble dry safe washing means you can help to maintain the fluffiness and shape of the protector. The movement of the product in the dryer can help redistribute the filling, fluffing it up and keeping it in good condition.

Surface 100% tencel, membrane 100% polyurethane

TENCEL™ fibre covers are produced using environmentally responsible methods, utilising sustainable raw material wood. The Tencel fibres are used in some of the best quality mattresses across many retailers. The Tencel fibres are both soft while also being fairly hard wearing, making them an ideal choice in mattress cover.

Machine washable at high temperatures up to 90°C

Isn't it great when you have a product that you can just wash in the washing machine? It's so much easier than handwashing, and of course, it saves you time. You don't have to be lazy--just put it in the washer and dryer!

Machine washable at 60°C

Isn't it great when you have a product that you can just wash in the washing machine? It's so much easier than handwashing, and of course, it saves you time. You don't have to be lazy--just put it in the washer and dryer!

Fully breathable and 100% water resistant

The water repellent cover is ideal for small accidents and spills, helping to keep the mattress hygienic and fresh for many years to come.

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Customer Reviews For The TEMPUR-FIT Mattress Protector

Based on 1190 reviews
Excellent - but give it time

I purchased this mattress a couple of months ago; having had our previous mattress for well over 8 years. Both myself and my partner prefer a firmer density in mattress, but not overly firm so it feels hard, and one that helps keep us cool. We started looking at various types; ruling out the cheap ones as they were horribly uncomfortable especially with their spring base. Eventually; we came to this one. The mattress is firm but not overly hard. The foam is at the perfect density for us - it moves and adapts to your body to help support you where you need it. Were both happy with our choice and find it difficult to sleep on anything else. A word of caution - this was advertised as coming with a cooling layer, which was great in the showroom. However, in real life circumstances - with a bottom sheet and protector on - there is no real benefit from the cooling layer. Dont base your choice to buy the mattress solely on that. Another word of caution - the first few nights with this were dreadful. We expected to go to sleep on it and immediately drop off and feel like we were on a cloud. The first couple of nights were uncomfortable and it took a while to get used to, especially having not hadnt a memory foam mattress before. Stick with it though - its an excellent mattress overall


I bought this mattress to go on the Sleepmotion 800i and I have never had a better quality sleep. I have severe arthritis and have suffered with severe pain and poor quality sleep for years. This resulted in me spending longer in bed as it took longer to get to sleep, waking up during the night and finding it hard to get back to sleep again. Due to this I spent more time in bed trying to get enough sleep. I had to use a rail to help me get out of bed and when I got up was in pain and tired from the poor quality sleep. The wonderful lady who helped me told me that you could lie on your car keys and wouldn't feel them! To be honest I thought it was just a gimmick, my partner managed to sit on a plug without feeling it!!! Yes these mattresses are expensive but it's worth every penny. I have never had such a comfortable, pain-free and quality sleep EVER. If your thinking about buying this mattress, buy it you won't regret it for a moment. I used to spend 12 hours plus trying to get a good sleep, to wake up and feel refreshed and never managed it. Now I sleep for about 8 hours and feel refreshed every morning!

Beautiful, elegant, bed for life

I spotted this bed in the window of dreams whilst out shopping, I knew it was the bed I had been searching for, big, bold and beautiful. I waited a few months then checked online and saw it was discounted which was even better as now we could get the super king size, dreams kept us informed when their was a slight delay and compensated us for the troubles, they went above and beyond. Bed arrived on time, delivery men were lovely, made them a cup of coffee each and left them too it, 20/25 minutes later bed was assembled, packaging was taken away by the driver and I was left to dress the bed. Slept like a dream since. Comfortable, sturdy, solid and imposing. Makes such a statement I couldnt recommend highly enough. It was everything I dreamt it would be all those months ago when I saw it in the shop window. Couldnt be happier.

Beauty and Comfort

Ever since I purchased my first Tempur mattress I couldn't wait to return home from holidays and business trips to enjoy its body hugging and pressure relieving properties. I felt it was about time to replace it and I was in shock when I realised it was 17years old! I visited the store and the assistant showed me the current range. After thorough testing I chose the Elite. My old divan base had seen better days so I decided to replace it with an Ottoman base. Both looking magnificent. I had to redecorate the bedroom to match them. The mattress seems much softer than my original but within 5 minutes I was relaxed and sleep quickly followed. In addition, the storage space of the Ottoman is amazing. I can hide everything, making the bedroom look like a showroom!

Tempur mattress pillows mattress protector

I bought the mattress ,pillows ,mattress protector from dreams of uddingston they were very helpful in the store and we tried out the mattress it's the best mattress I have ever tried and so are the pillows the mattress cover is lovely .now the mattress and pillows and cover are dlivered it's the best nights sleep iv had you just sink in to the mattress and pillows iv had back pain for years and this mattress really helped me it's warm not like the old mattresses that are frezzing when you go to bed I would recommend this mattress and pillow to anyone who is looking to buy a new one and the delivery men John,Simon that delivered them was very carefull they took it out of the box and put covers on there shoes to take it up satires for me and took away the box

Works well

I bought this product as a replacement for a protector (the same one) had started to wear a bit thin and some of the protective backing had come off. The one I had previously lasted a few years before it needed to be replaced. My Tempur mattress still looks good as new and the protector washes up well too! You can see where it has been protecting the mattress but it will need checking with every wash as like I said the protective linining on the protector started to wear away and peel off in places. But I have had it for a few years but for the price and the brand I might have expected it to last a bit longer. (Please note, the review is of the previous mattress protector more than the one recently purchased as I have only had it a couple of weeks!)




This is a very good quality cover, the material it is made from feels lovely. I thought it would make you sweat as the back of it looks plastic but it doesnt. I am not sure about the price of it because we got ours free of charge with the insurance cover we took out. The only reason for giving it 4 stars is because of the size of it. I Believe Tempur make mattresses in two different depths 25cmm and 30cmm and this cover is one size meant for both, wish they would make them for the size of the mattress because ours is 25cm and it is too big it moves during the night and you have to strip the bed right back to the mattress and remake it. A bit of an unnecessary chore really.


The pillows are really comfortable but they are heavy and take some getting used to. They also stay nice and cool which I personally like. On the down side they do not fit all pillow cases and if you squeeze them into one that is a little small they are not comfortable to sleep on, they do need to be in the right size pillow case. It has taken me some time to get used to them, but now I really love them and would hate to sleep on another type of pillow. The mattress protector fits well and I assume is protecting the mattress (too early to tell) but I do not notice it is on the bed. It grips well and does not crinkle under sheets.

Tough to review

Although I've purchased and slept on this product. I've not fully tested it's protective properties and the goal is to never have to. I once voided a 15 year mattress warranty with a careless cup of tea two years in. Lesson learned. That stuff stays away from my new Tempur Mattress. All I can say, it fits well as you should hope coming from the mattress manufacturer. It hasn't seemed to harm the cooling performance noticeably and doesn't affect the comfort of the underlying mattress. If I ever do accidentally test it's stain resistant/water repellent properties I'll try to update and let you know how it performs

Waterproof mattress protector and sheet combined

This mattress protector was recommended for the Tempur mattress as regulates body temperature. Was told my adviser that they dry within 2 hours, plus not rustle being wayerproof, plus they dont ruck up like other sheets on an adjustable bed - to start the sheet rucks a bit and doesnt stay flat so bit disappointed, takes ages to dry especially as holds the water, thou keep turning inside out is best option, and does rustle a bit !! Im beginning to get used to it now after few months of use, and lays better than normal sheets but for the price alot of money. Plus only available in White unfortunately.

Tempur Mattress

Best money we have ever spent. Prior to buying this mattress (and soon after Tempur pillows) I couldn't stay in bed past 6 am and was always up and out of bed before my daily alarm went off at 5.50 am. I now easily fall back to sleep and could spend all day in bed. I can't wait for bedtime. You don't even know there's anybody sleeping next to you as the mattress and pillows just mould to your body. We had normal memory foam before this, which I found comfortable, but too warm. Having said that, normal memory foam is nothing compared to the luxury of Tempur. Like I said, best money ever spent :)

New Tempur Bed

We spent about 2 hours in the Dream store and were allowed to try the mattresses without ever feeling pushed or hurried by the sales person. We chose the firm mattress which was delivered as promised. We would say that it does take a few nights to get used to the feel of this type of mattress but immediately noticed that both of us did not have the usual back-ache in the morning and that the covers were tidy because we weren't fidgeting about during the night. We awoke feeling rested. Yes, it is expensive, but what price on a pain free back and a good nights sleep.

Absolutely needed

We had our new bed delivered 24th June, so excited to assemble and jump in. We both loved the bed but had a little gripe, the fitted sheet kept pinging off the corners. When we bought the bed we bought all the bedding from dreams too, so new it was the right one etc. We decided to buy the mattress protector to see if that helps and perfect, problem solved. Fully covers the mattress, will protect our 2000 mattress and most importantly gives the fitted sheet something to cling on to. Only wish they had told us/sold us this at point of sale of the bed/mattress.

Great Tempur-Fiit Mattress protectors

I had bought the Tempur-fit mattress protector for a king size bed 5 years ago and was impressed with both comfort and durability. I recently purchased another single and a double size Tempur-fitt mattress protector, and am equally happy with both. They are not only good for water protection but are cool and comfortable and does away with the traditional bulky padded protectors that I once used. They are made to fit a deep sized mattress. I would buy these again and recommend these Tempur-fitt mattress protectors to anyone interested.

Matress and pillows

Bought our matress and pillows over a month ago, Went initially to the straighton in Edinburgh store. The customer service was 10/10, Unfortunatly they did not have our product in store but managed to source it in another store which we then went to collect. The service in here was not so excellent. Average at best by the lady. Didn't help I put my back out lifting the martess out a corner as the lady couldn't move it and she was the only one there. The products themselves were very good.

Worth the money and peace of mind

We were offered this kind of free when buying the mattress and pillows. It was the same price as the mattress insurance so we decided to buy it. Im glad we did even though I was sceptical as I thought waterproof would mean like a hospital bed, thankfully it doesnt! We also splashed it and bought a Tempur sheet once we got home. As I mentioned in my last review for the pillows, surely you need a sheet that gives when you lay on it otherwise its pointless having a memory foam mattress.


My new bed and mattress was delivered just a few days before I went down with a really nasty dose of Covid 19. I was really very poorly with it for 10 days most of which were spent in bed. What a joy the bed was. It could not have been a more personally uncomfortable time for me, but the bed came out with flying colours - I just kept thanking my lucky stars that I had it. I certainly came up to my highest expectations and I would highly recommend it to anyone. 10 out 10 thank you.

A tough protector that you hardly notice

This is a very well-made mattress protector. This is our second purchase and the first one is still going strong. It is light, breathable and waterproof. We find that it leaves the mattress looking as good as new, with no visible wear. It can be washed at high temperature and dried in a tumble dryer so can be kept clean and returned to use very quickly. This protector is not cheap but you do get what you pay for and it's a small cost to pay for a mattress that cost thousands.

New Tempur mattress.

After a month of sleeping ( 8-9 hours a night, not constantly, but could easily) on my new Tempur mattress, I now wonder how I managed to sleep on my old mattress. I now wake refreshed and ready for the day. Gone are the odd aches where I slept awkward. I now fully agree that you should change your mattress for a better nights sleep that you deserve. Easy 0% finance set up in store to make the purchase easier to budget for. Well worth the money. Best purchase Ive made this year.

Good mattress protector

Bought this to go with my new Tempur mattress to help keep it in good condition. The protector claims to be waterproof, but I haven't needed to test it in that respect. I was concerned the waterproofing would mean the protector wasn't breathable, and would make you feel sweaty. However it doesn't at all. We've been sleeping on it in very hot weather, with no problems. It's very comfortable. It's a thin protector, so doesn't detract from the feel of the Tempur mattress.

Good quality but not a lot of natural materials

I got this free with my new mattress and it was the only one they had in double size. If it was myour choice I would have chosen something that was 100% natural materials rather than synthetic. Having said that, it is good quality and large enough to be tucked under each edge of the bed to provide complete protection. Initially I thought it might make a crinkly sort of noise when turning over in the bed because of it being made of plastic, but it doesn't.

Fits like a Dream!

This TEMPUR-FIT Mattress Protector really does fit like Dream! We have a deep Feather & Black Hazelmere mattress on a SleepMotion 800i bed and the mattress protector hugs the mattress like a teddy bear, is cool and comfortable to sleep on. Its definitely worth knowing that the mattress is properly protected, therefore worth the cost. Would recommend it to anyone who wants the reassurance after spending a small fortune on getting a great nights sleep!

Worth the investment?....oh yes!

Looked at buying a new mattress for some time and kept questioning if the Tempur mattresses could possibly be worth the money, cautiously purchased one and pillows. 2 months later was it worth the outlay...oh yes! - best night sleep for years, believe the hype (if it works for you), if you can find the money of utilise interest free credit, give it a go. Hope it works for you. (value can only be rated as "good" as its still super expensive)

Very comfortable

We have had our new Tempur mattress for about 3 weeks now. It took a little bit of getting used to as a Tempur mattress is different from a standard mattress. However, it is very comfortable. We do feel warm in it but as it's winter at present that is no bad thing. For the summer, it is hoped that Tempur's "Cool Mattress" technology (exclusive to Dreams,) will kick in so that we can continue to sleep very well and very comfortably.

Perfect FIT

Best waterproof mattress protector Ive used. It doesnt seem to make you sweat like others I have had in the past. Obviously its a perfect fit for the Tempur mattresses. Only issue is it slowly deteriorates from washing - much more quickly than a pure cotton protector, but this is expected from a waterproof protector. This purchase is my second after having the first for 3 years. You really need it though to protect the mattress.

Are mattress toppers necessary?

As mattress protectors go, it's ok. It is deep and fits the deep mattress well without too much riding up on corners but it still feels kind of plasticy - not as bad a the dreadful crisp packet one we previously had from Simba (absolutely dreadful). It seems to prevent the cool mattress from cooling you too so not convinced it's worth it tbh. Only had it a couple weeks so it may soften in with more washes...jury's out on this.

Very pleased with my purchase

Although the mattress is firm as I chose to be its very comfortable. I bought this mattress as one of the options provided by the dream master bed ( its takes the shape and weight of your body) and it was my best mattress purchase ever because i was suffering back ache from previous mattress and now I sleep just fine. Although was a bit expensive it had 0% interest payments which makes it easy to pay. Im very pleased

Tempur Matress Protector

I have just ordered a second protector as I have been so pleased with my original purchase. The protector is not bulky and is very comfortable to sleep on. My granddaughter had a nosebleed during the night and I was really worried that the new mattress would be stained but I need not have been concerned as the mattress was perfectly clean when I looked to see. I am very pleased with the Tempur Matress Protector.

Very thin

Very thin mattress protector that you cannot feel its there. Big enough to cover the mattress and tuck underneath. Not like others where it does not quite go underneath and you are constantly pulling it backdown when it rides up. Its waterproof too. I would have given it 5 stars but my only problem with this is that cotton sheets move as its waterproofing makes them slide a little.Other than that a great product.

Best ever bed!

We've been searching for a good bed for years and spent a small fortune! We have just purchased a tempur bed superking 270, it is fantastic!! Best nights sleep ever, no tossing and turning just sink into the bed and go to sleep. As simple as that. We also bought the tempur pillows and they are great! To finish off we got all silk sheets, pillow cases and douvet cover. Amazing! Everybody should buy a temper bed.


The Tempur brand has long been associated with quality and the same is just as true today. Yes, it's a bit more expensive but you really do get what you pay for. These mattress protectors should last a very long time. I love mine because it keeps the mattress, well protected of course! It fits really well too, with a nice skirt and tight corners. The material is thick yet soft. I love all of their bed products.

Good mattress protector

Bought this several weeks ago. A Tempur mattress needs to have this special mattress protector as ordinary ones could impair the beneficial qualities of the mattress. It is a very thin/fine and lightweight protector that is breathable and soft. It is also waterproof, which is suprising as it looks and feels ordinary and does not cause sweating. I think you get very good quality, but be prepared to pay for this.

Dreams beds were just a dream to sleep on.

The mattress covers are just great. The bed we have is a double bed with two super king size single mattresses. The bed is a rise and recline and we were having trouble finding sheets and mattress covers to fit but you came up trumps. We expected to get up stiff and painful until we got used to the new mattresses but NO it was just amazing and the best nights sleep we have ever had in a "new to us bed"!!

Great mattress

We brought this mattress a week ago. Really pleased with the product. Sales person was really helpful, giving us time to try each product with a pillow and go back again and again to make sure it was the right product for us. Delivery was on time. The delivery team could not have been better. Even giving advice about letting the mattress warm up before making bed up, which I wouldn't have thought of.


Been using memory foam pillows for many years always used a quallity make but I did baulk at the price of these pillows. Silly me, I forgot the saying you only get what you pay for! These are nothing like the other major bed manufacturer ones I was using, twice the actual price but no comparison in comfort and aid to a peaceful nights sleep. Now I have tried them I would never go to another make again.


I have been using this product for a few years. It does what it says on the packet. It is very cool and comfortable to sleep on either as a sheet or used as a protector. I have a 30cm deep mattress and it fits perfectly. My tip is that when you wash it, wash with towels as these absorb the excess water that can become trapped due to the waterproofing. Very good product and I highly recommend.

Just Perfect

This protector is worth every penny. Been using it nearly a month and couldn't be happier with the purchase. The main selling point for me was that it keeps cool and doesn't introduce any artificial heating in the bed which is essential for anyone who likes to sleep at cooler temperatures. However, do be aware that it can make your sheets quite a bit louder when moving about due to its waterproofing.

Excellent cover

Having bought a new mattress I wanted a quality cover for it. This is very thin and although its waterproof the rustling is at minimum - its soft and covers well. Fitting right over the corner theres no danger of it rising up and coming off. While I have been very careful I did drop a tiny bit of liquid on the mattress and it did not go through and stain the mattress so Im thrilled with it.

Great for piece of mind

It is a must have if you are buying the tempur mattress as you cannot get the mattress wet so with this protector it is waterproof and no risk of damage to the mattress itself. Only downside that i have found is that putting a bedsheet on top is a pain because the bedsheet just slides off during the night. Probably need to buy extra deep fitted sheet rather than just a deep fitted sheet.

So comfortable and supportive

It's been just a week now with my new tempur mattress. I could never fall asleep on my back without waking up so full of aches and having to try and touch my toes to "stretch " my back out. NO MORE!!! I have been falling asleep on my back and wake up to not a single ache, heaven. More expensive than other mattresses on the market but if you want to invest in your future so so worth it.

Look after your valuable mattress

Not sure I needed a moisture proof mattress protector and was concerned that it might make us too hot. At the moment it seems to be doing what it should - it is there but we are unaware of it. If it stops the mattress becoming stained accidentally then it can only be a positive! Only criticism is that it could fit a bit tighter but that is something that is a minor problem.

Great quality and good value

We visited the Ruislip store 3 weeks ago and received a friendly, professional and personal engagement with the store team. We were treated to a coffee, had our requiremen5s discussed and offered many options and variations both in terms of our perceived needs and also the practicalities such as considering firmness, dual use, maintenance and overall comfort and support.

Excellent (if expensive) mattress protector

The Tempur mattress protector works perfectly with the Tempur mattress. I have tried another brand, but it is not as good as the Tempur one. With Tempur there is no "noise" from moving, no movement of the mattress protector & no overheating - a common complaint with Tempur mattresses. I honestly believe this protector stops that. It is a little expensive, but very good.

Brilliant mattress

Ive had this mattress for 3 years now, it still feels brand new and its one of the best purchases I ever made. So comfortable, easy to keep fresh with the zipped cover and mattress protector. I have had to spend a lot of time in bed due to illness over the past couple of years and this bed was a godsend! It really aided my rest and I felt supported after operations.

Comfortable and quiet

Ive had just over a month to get used to this bed and love it. The motor is so much quieter than my old bed so I dont feel Im disturbing others when readjusting in the night. The gel mattress has taken a bit of getting used to and my only concern is that maybe it will be a bit warm in summertime, but at the moment it is ideal. Overall I am very happy with my choice.

Great product!

I brought this product when I got my new mattress a month ago and it was well worth paying for. I have a puppy who often runs onto the bed after getting wet outside and has had a few accidents on there and the mattress is 100% protect. I am so happy to have brought this great product and think it is a most for who really want to keep a good quality item protected.


Bought this protector to cover our new Tempur mattress. Was a bit hesitant at first as it seemed quite pricey but then I weighed it up against what we had spent on the actual mattress. The cover fits perfectly and doesn't move about. It washes and tumble-dries extremely well so one of these is enough to have as I can get it back on the bed in the same day easily.

Best protector by far

It doesnt even feel like I have a protector on the mattress its that thin, seems expensive but to be honest its worth every penny, bonus being its waterproof without feeling like a noisy plastic bag, machine washable and can be tumble dried. I was concerned that it might get hot but it states that it is breathable and to be fair Ive not had any heat issues.

Does what it says.

To complement our Tempur mattress wanted a suitable mattress protector. This is very thin compared to competitors but exceeds their performance. Keeps cool to allow uninterrupted sleep. Does not have the plastic feel of others but has excellent protection. The design allows to keep in place and not shift all over the bed. Wish we had bought years ago.

Wouldn't be without it.

This is the second protector I've bought. The first one lasted three years before it started to develope holes. Great for protecting the mattress, especially if you are clumsy like me and regularly spill tea, coke etc which would have stained the mattress. The stains don't fully wash out but who cares as long as the mattress itself is protected.

Tempur mattress protectors

I purchased this over a mouth ago. I had purchased an hotel type protector which just keep slipping off and made the bed too warm. The tempur protector has been a godsend it fits perfectly on my super king size bed. It dosent slip off as ample tuck provided. It has been so fabulous I have now purchased the tempur sheets. So well worth the money.

Excellent Product and Service at Dreams Ruislip

I had heard about the Tempur Original Mattress from my brother as he owns one for himself. Further to that I did some research on internet and you tube prior to purchasing a Tempur original .... It is expensive but it's worth it and I have no regrets. Being a business centre manager and a gym fanatic I can't ask for a better confirm sleep!!

Worth every penny

Amazing mattress, was dubious about the price but believe me its well worth every penny. Its the best mattress I have ever owned, cant recommend enough. All my family and friends want one now. It supports you just where you need it, so luxurious and I have to also comment on the staff at store in Derby. They are amazing and so helpful.

Noisy rustling sheet

We purchased this with our mattress in the hope that it would help increase the mattress life cycle by providing added protection. We have used it twice and now it is put away until we have children or pets or any additional reason to protect the mattress. It is rustles a lot which isn't relaxing and the bed feels much nicer without it.

Great Prices

I was really delighted to see Dreams price for the Tempur mattress protector I purchased was the most competitive price I found online! Tempura products are always expensive to buy so I was delighted at the price Ordered it online expecting to be a delay due to Covid but it was prompt delivery too - so excellent service all round!

Good addition after purchasing a Tempur mattress

Given the price of the Tempur mattresses you want to do what you can to protect them on the bed and this was recommended. It's more like a protective fitted sheet than something you need to wiggle on to the mattress beforehand so easy enough to remove and wash. Not sure of the price for what it is but got one to be on the safe side.

Mattress protector

We bought this to replace our old one which lasted 4 years of boil washing and tumble drying. The back had started to flake off. This is an excellent fitted sheet for the tempur mattress which protects it 100% and doesn't make you sweat. I also think it makes it more comfortable. Expensive but it compliments the mattress perfectly.

Good quality

I wanted a mattress protector for our tempur mattress. Reading the description for this it said that it was designed to allow the mattress to breathe and would uncompromise the tempur experience. Therefore I went for this one. It is expensive, you are paying for the brand, and for what it is I would gave preferred it to be cheaper.

A must buy product

A protector is a necessity if you have a Tempur mattress and one from the same company fills the bill, this was to replace one that has been washed and washed over many years and Dreams had the most economical price I could find. Certain recommend this if you have a mattress like this as liquid of any sort can ruin memory foam.

Doesn't rustle and keeps the mattress aired.

Keeps the same mattress aired and isn't noticeable when laying on it. Haven't seem what it's stain resistance is like but then again I don't plan to find out either. All I know is some protectors sound like plastic and rustle around when you're on them or they keep in heat, this doesn't do that so you do no know it's there.

Mattress Protector

We have used a number of mattress protectors over the years but ended up taking them off and throwing them away as they moved around and made you sweat more but this protector stays in one place and after 3 weeks use it doesnt appear to be making either myself or my husband perspire more so hopefully this will continue.

Super service

I visited Dreams to replace my mattress and was delighted with the help and advice given in an unhurried way in very pleasant surroundings. The product i decided to buy was a Tempur Cloud mattress. Thisis an eexcellent product and I think it is going to be a wise investment. Super comfort and support. What's not to like!

No noise at all!

I expected this topper to be noisy and annoying, given that it's waterproof, but I can't hear anything when I lie on it, and it doesn't impact the comfort of the mattress at all. Absolutely worth buying; if I spill something or have an unexpected early period, I can replace this and keep my mattress clean and safe.

A good idea

We were advise to buy the protector to ensure that the mattress stays in top condition. I'm happy that it's doing just that, but the fit could be improved. It doesn't stay tucked in position and tends to wrinkle when used under a cotton sheet. Quite expensive to buy, so I did expect it to fit better than it does.

worth buying

A bit expensive but this came free with our tempur mattress however I would recommend spending the money if it doesn't as it's lovely - soft and breathable yet waterproof. Definitely improves the surface feel of the mattress even with a fitted sheet on top. Washes at high temp and tumble drys to easy to care for .

Not worth the price.

Dont understand how this can cost so much when its basically a bonafide waterproof sheet. It definitely makes a noise when you move around in bed which is not nice. Plus side is it's super thin so you can feel your mattress especially if it has a cooling agent which is why we got it but really not worth the money.

Extremely thin and light weight.

The Tempur protector is extremely thin lightweight, breathable and thin fabric that really does the job! It isn't like other protectors I have tried that have been too 'thick' in consistency. Love it as it dries out quickly after a wash. Only down side is the single size is too large and there is excess fabric.

It's works

This works!! I've spilt small amount of drink on my bed and it didn't penetrate past the mattress protector. Upon lifting the mattress protector the actual mattress was still dry and smelt new! Better paying more and preserving your mattress than paying less and ruining it at some point throughout its long life.

Nice protector

I wanted a mattress protector suitable for the tempur memory foam mattress and this is good due to the fact that it has some stretch so moves with the mattress. Also good as it is waterproof so protects against spills. I haven't washed it yet but it looks like it will be easy care and quick drying on the line.

Great Tempur Mattress topper

This came with the Tempur Mattress, I am glad I got this as I have discovered that this helps absords sweat which is great as I fi d that I do sweat during the night , I have only had this over a week or two and have seen that my night sweats aren't as bad as before, am greatful for being told about the topper

Top Notch

As mentioned before, the perfect shopping experience. From walking in to the buying process, everything was done with a smile, courtesy and professionalism. The staff are so knowledgable, I can not recommend highly enough. The mattress protector did everything it was supposed too and was so easy to fit. Thanks

Fantastic bed!

Had my titanium t3 delivered on Monday. All I can say is wow! Bed is beautiful. I opted for a tempur cloud 22 mattress. Very nervous about my choice as I have never had a tempur before. First two nights were restless. Last night I slept like a baby very comfortable. Lots of money spent. But worth every penny.

Good but like all protectors has a plastic feel

Purchased to protect our new mattress and having the 3 year guarantee is definitely a plus. It is a mattress protector at the end of the day and still had a plasticky back to it. Luckily this doesnt seem to be affecting the cool touch ability of our Tempur mattress and isnt that noticeable under a bedsheet.

Mattress Protector

I bought a Tempur mattress from Dreams and I love the comfortable sleep that I now get. We bought the Tempur mattress cover at the same time. We have now purchased another cover cover for the guests room as it is a great cover providing protection for the mattress and keeping you cool at the same time.

Tempur-Fit Mattress Protector

The best mattress protector on the planet. Already have one on another mattress and it really does protect against dirt and moisture! Dreams delivered it very quickly and have had excellent customer service in the past when buying our mattress and this particular mattress protector. Best on the market!

Great product

I got this to protect my mattress and boy does it work. My husband gets very hot at night and sweats and on our old mattress found it started to oil stain the mattress very quickly and with this slip over it has saved our brand new bed. No stains and it helped protect my mattress from a coffee spill.

Tempur Mattress Protector

I was supllied my mattress protector with my purchase of a new bed & Tempur mattress. It was a great item to have as my partner had a would on his back at the time our new bed arrived. It has done an excellent job and so far no moisture marks either as the memory foam mattress keeps you really warm.


We brought this at the same time as the mattress after we where shown how good it was at dealing with spillages, especially as we did not want our new mattress to become stained from spilt cups of tea in bed. However, it is a little noisy, as it rustles when moving, have got used to it now though.

Should have bought this from day 1!

I bought this about a month ago and its clear now I should have bought it when I first purchased my Tempur Mattress! Does exactly what it says on the description and still keeps the mattress from getting hot on those warm nights. Its one of the best purchases Ive made this year, if not the best!

Best Mattress ever

The Tempur Cloud is the best mattress I have ever slept on, I have severe arthritis & didn't sleep for more than a few hours. I now sleep 4 or 5 hours, much easier to stand up in the morning and have less pain while at work. Will never buy anything else in future. so comfortable worth every penny

An absolute must for a Tempur mattress!

Having bought a Tempur mattress, we wanted to ensure that we kept it protected and clean. This cover does the job perfectly and allows the cool touch, exclusive to dreams, to come through. I am certain that this will allow us to have the full extent of our mattresss life, that it is protected.

Overall, very pleased

I have had the tempur mattress ,cover and pillows for over 2weeks and I find I do get a better sleep . The power base was delivered 4days later which I Did not find very convenient!! Now I have the full bed and can find a comfortable sleeping and watching TV position as the base is adjustable.

Extra insurance

This product was recommended to us by the Dreams colleague. Although it can be a bit crackly when you turn over,its something you get used to. We both take drinks to bed with us and you know that soon there is going to be a spillage, so this is just another way of protecting your mattress.

Mixed ideas on the mattress protector

The protector does not fit as tightly as I would like , it moves a bit . I would recommend using it with a more padded one over the top . We bought it because we know it will do its job as a mattress protector and do it well but not something you want to sleep on with just a sheet on it.

Waterproof and Breathable

This is a made-to-measure mattress protector which requires a little bit of force to stretch the elasticated material around the mattress - once on, it's a perfect fit. It is water resistant, but breathable at the same time, so protects the mattress from daily use without trapping heat.

Eventually a good nights sleep

There are so many mattresses to choose from it is very confusing as to which one will suit you best, but in the end I chose a Tempur and it has been a great success not slept so well for ages. The sales lady was very helpful and patient whilst I did lots of trying different mattresses.

Protects but a bit noisy!

the product is fit for what it was made to do protect your mattress but you need to perseveer with it - now we dont even notice but when you pay all that money for a mattress you want it to last and be at its best for a long time - we hated it to strart with but dont notice it anymore!

Quality product

Bought to protect our new Tempur mattress from body and beauty products used by the golden shimmer other half ( who I love dearly, regardless of tan level ) The fit was superb and seems of a very good quality so hopefully it will do the trick and keep our mattress from getting a tan.

Very good idea

Was not aware of these until we were told about them by the Dreams assistant. One simple accident and the mattress is stained forever, but with these protectors you can feel safe, and if you opt for expensive mattresses, as we did, everything you can do to protect them is worth it

Tempur quality.

Fits perfectly as you would expect. At the end of the day, it is worth buying to protect your investment of a quality mattress, as you can wash or buy new mattress protectors regularly, but a mattress every 10 years. So god forbid you spill a cuppa, you know you've got protection!

Excellent product

You could not buy a better mattress protector. It is light and extremely comfortable to lay on and fits the mattress perfectly. I have just replaced the last Tempur protector which has lasted for over 10 years, the Tempur mattress is still spotless, so well worth every penny paid.

Great product

This is the second one we have bought for when the sheets are changed. The first one saved our expensive matress when some liquid was spilt on it. The sheet fits perfectly and doesn't move when fitted, even after a restless night. Well worth the money and would highly recommend.

Expensive but really the only choice

Quality product bought to cover my Tempur mattress. It's waterproof but so thin & soft you really are not aware of it being so. It is pretty expensive but the only product I could find that fits the mattress so is worth it. Stains come right off without machine washing so far.


Its so great and really thin, so you can still feel the benefit of the Tempur. Brought other brands before, but I definitely dont regret paying the extra this time, as you can really the difference. I would have saved money if Id have bought this one on the first place!!!!

necessary buy for tempur mattresses

purchased one of these after spending a fair amount on our mattress- we've got it on the bed, it hasn't been tested noticeably yet- (we haven't had any spillages etc) but its soft, feels like a bottom sheet would, so comfortable and doesn't effect the feel of tempur mattress

tempur mattress protector

Bought this item in dreams about 5 weeks ago. It fits the tempur mattress extremely well and is a must have for anyone who purchases a tempur mattress. It is no brainer not to protect the expensive mattress from spills or accidents that might happen. Well worth the money.

Perfect for piece of mind

I brought this to protect the mattress as they are expensive and removing to cover to wash it could be hard work so with this just popped it on and nothing to worry about if I spill my cuppa and it does stay smooth and you dont feel its on, my mattress is the 30cm deep one.

Doesn't do what it says

Bought this along with our tempur cloud mattress. I was concerned about being too hot and was assured this would help. Fortunately we have a 6 foot bed as every night I hunt for the cool spots as sleeping area becomes so hot. Great if you are always cold but not good for me

Mattress protection

Had this protector with my tempur mattress,only criticism is due to the type of material used,it doest feel very nice and the top sheet keeps coming off as it's made of a slippery material to protect against fluid Mark's, could with with being 2 layered with a cotton top

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Questions and Answers About The TEMPUR-FIT Mattress Protector

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Does the protector have anti allergy qualities?i have just bought in store and was led to believe it does but there is nothing on the packaging to indicate this

Answer: This product has not been treated specially with anti-allergy treatments, however it is made of natural materials so for those with latex allergies as an example, it would not irritate you. It's also not that synthetic as tencel is the main material which is a natural sustainable fabric from wood cellulose.If you are concerned, we do possess mattress protectors with anti-allergy and hypoallergenic qualities that you can find within the toppers & protectors section.Thank you.

I want to know if the tempur mattress cover stays in place and doesnt slip off the corners every night when the bed is slept in. I love my tempur mattress but Im getting fed up of the mattress protector and fitted sheet pulling off the corners. Help ple

Answer: This could be down to a very common issue, the fitted sheet not being deep enough to fit the mattress and as a result it is pulling off the protector. Please ensure that the fitted sheet you have at home is the right depth for your mattress. This should hopefully resolve your problem.

Will using the tempur mattress protector affect the tempur cool touch mattress system from working ?

Answer: Good Evening,The Tempur Mattress Protectors have been designed to work in conjunction with the Tempur Mattresses and are fully breathable. The surface of the mattress protector is made from Tencel, which has both breathable and cooling qualities, all helping to ensure your Tempur Mattress stays cool.

I've bought the tempur mattress protector and it's due to its first wash. Would washing the mattress protector ruin the waterproofing effect? Do I need to wash it with a specific product to keep its waterproofing like you do with Gore-Tex materials?

Answer: The full washing instructions should be on the label attached to the protector. It can be washed at or below 90 degrees C. Do not Bleach. May be tumble dried at normal temperature. You can not bleach or iron the protector. Launder separately using a gentle wash cycle. No further waterproofing is required.

What is the depth of the Tempur mattress protector?

Answer: The depth of the memory foam of the TEMPUR mattress protector is 40cm. It can also stretch to fit almost all mattresses we sell. E.g. a Super King TEMPUR mattress is 27cm high and it will fit this.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Will the mattress protector go small enough to fit your Tempur original 21 mattress? If it also fits a 40cm mattress, it seems it may be a little baggy on a 21!

Answer: There are different sized protectors depending on the mattress size - to fit a single, double etc. They are elasticated around the edge and cling under the bottom of the mattress so should fit on to the mattress which ever of the depths you choose.

We have just purchased a tempur-fit mattress protector for king-size bed. It says there is a 3-year guarantee on the cover. Is this correct and does the purchase have to be registered on-line?

Answer: Good Evening,This Tempur Mattress Protector comes with a manufacturers 3 year guarantee. There is no need to register this online, the customer service team will be able to see the date of purchase on the system.

Hello Does the cover have a zip fastening Regards Keith

Answer: The mattress protector works like a fitted sheet with elasticated corners to grip around the mattress. The mattresses themselves have zip off covers. Different covers have different washing instructions which are shown on the labels.

Are the tempur waterproof mattress protectors suitable for use on none tempur mattresses?

Answer: Good Evening,Yes, the Tempur Mattress Protectors are suitable for use with any mattress, providing great protection to help prolong the life of your mattress whilst keeping it fresh and hygienic.

Hi what is the depth of this mattress cover? Will it fit a mattress depth 31cm? Thank you

Answer: This mattress protector has been designed to stretch to fit a large range of mattresses with differing depths; therefore this will fit a mattress that is 31cm deep.

Has it got a zip that goes completely round the mattress so it can be easily fitted?

Answer: This mattress protector does not have a zip. It fits over one surface of the mattress and tucks underneath, like a fitted sheet.

I have tempur 20mellow matterest do I need a cover

Answer: Our recommendation would be that a mattress protector should be used on all mattresses.I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Does this sheet also fit the long single matresses? (90 * 200cm) The Tempur website seems to show that it will but wanted to check.

Answer: Thank you for your question. Yes, this Mattress protector will fit a single mattress with the dimensions 200cm x 90cm.Kind Regards,

Can you use an electric blanket on top of this item ?

Answer: Good Afternoon I am sorry but unfortunately you are not able to use an electric blanket with this mattress protector.

Does the 46 protector for a small double (40)?

Answer: A small double mattress protector would be most appropriate for a small double mattress.Thank you for your question.

Is this mattress suitable for a UK sized double bed which is 190 cms long as it states this is 200cms long?

Answer: Thank you for your question. Yes, this is suitable for a standard 190 cm length mattress.

How deep are these superking mattress protectors?

Answer: These mattress protectors are very stretchy and hence fit mattresses up to 30cm deep.

can the tempur sheet that is fitted to the tempur matress be unzipped and washed or replaced ?

Answer: Yes, the mattress covers on the TEMPUR mattresses are removable and washable.

What is theHeight?

Answer: Our Tempur mattress protectors (all sizes) fit mattresses up to 31cm deep.Kind Regards,Giedre

I have a tempur cloud 22 mattress will this fit that?

Answer: The mattress protector will cater for the mattress just fine.Many thanks for your question.

can this protector be used for any mattress that i buy

Answer: The Tempur mattress protector is suitable to use with any mattress.

Do I still need to use a fitted top sheet on my new Tempur Mattress once it has had the Tempur Mattress Protector fitted?

Answer: We would advise to still use a sheet over the mattress protector.

I would like to know if the single size of "Tempur-fit Mattress Protector" is suitable to 90cmx200cm mattress.

Answer: These are designed to fit the tempur mattresses specifically.Many thanks for the question.

does the mattress protector come with any guarantee

Answer: This item comes with a 3 year manufacturers guarantee.

Is tempur matress cover washable

Answer: Yes this is washable up to 90 degrees.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Does it fit the Super King size Tempur mattress which is 180X200 as this one is mentioned 180X198 cms

Answer: Yes, this would fit. We hope this helps you.Thank you for your question.

Can the Tempur mattress protector be used on a spring mattreaa

Answer: They are standard sizes to fit UK mattress sizes so can be used on other mattresses too.

Does this zip up all around the mattress rather than just over the top

Answer: Yes this will fit fully around the mattress.

Will it fit 27 inch mattress ?

Answer: The mattress protectors are designed to fit the mattresses no matter what depth.

How deep is this cover?

Answer: This mattress protector is 31cm deep.

Does this protector come with any kind of guarantee? Thank you in advance.

Answer: This comes with a 10 year guarantee.Thank you.

If I am planning on buying a tempur adjustable bed in kingsize, what size mattress protectors will I need, 2'6" or 3'0"?

Answer: It would be a 2'6" protector.

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