Tempur Cooltouch Sensation Luxe Mattress - Medium Rated 4/5 based on 17 customer reviews

Tempur Cooltouch Sensation Luxe Mattress - Medium

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4/5 - 17 reviews


What Makes It Great

I bought this mattress as I have been in so much pain with my hips. WOW WOW WOW!!! This mattress has changed my life for the better. I now get up and dont do the "ministry of funny walks" to the bathroom. The mattress itself is soft BUT supportive and moulds around you but not in a "I feel like I'm being eaten alive by the bed" feeling. I am so glad I bought this and wish I had done it sooner!

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Comfort Grade - Medium

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

Exclusive CoolTouch™ mattress cover to keep you cool at night

Stay cool regardless of how hot it is with the special cooling properties within this quilted cover.

7cm - Comfort material

A decent amount of padding here to help offer an additional layer of comfort and support. Any seperation between you and the springs within a mattress can only be good

8cm - Dynamic support material

A decent amount of padding here to help offer an additional layer of comfort and support. Any seperation between you and the springs within a mattress can only be good

2 x 7.5cm - Durable base

Split into parts for easy movement

30cm - Depth

Quite a thick mattress, you may find you need to buy deeper sheets to be able to properly fit. However, this isn't a negative, a good quality mattress will often be thicker than the common mattress

Responsive technology

Similar to memory foam in that the technology within is going to respond to any change in movement by continuing to adjust and offer support for your body

Durable and supportive

Hard wearing but not at a risk of losing the support that your body needs. Bare in mind that a mattress typically only get's replaced after 8 years, so durability is important for that sort of lifespan

Removable and washable cover at 60°C

The benefit of being removable is that you are not stuck with unsightly stains that you cannot get out of your mattress. Cat being sick on the mattress? No dramas, throw it in the washing.

10 year guarantee as standard

Normally you only see a 1 year guarantee as standard. You know that a product is of the highest quality when you have this sort of protection against any sort of failure and dipping that may occur outside of normal settlement

Unique Tempur body moulding memory foam

7cm comfort and 8cm dynamic support layers providing enhanced pressure relief

Dual layered durable support base

30cm deep

Exclusive CoolTouch mattress cover - removable and washable at 60c

10 year guarantee*

Made in Denmark

Questions and Answers

What is the weight limits for the cooltouch double?

Answer: Hi , There is no weight limit on this mattress. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 review

Best mattress Ive owned

I walked into the store and tried a whole pile of mattresses out and fell in love with the 30cm worth of foam. Myself and partner were first a little sceptical of the price so went to try the 25 cm one. Nope! It had to be this one!! Just that extra layer of padding helped so much. I suffer from my back so a good nights sleep is paramount. Definitely recommend to anyone!


Best sleep ever

For us this is by far the most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on, and we have been fortunate to have slept in some very expensive beds! The Lux mattress is worth every penny: snugly, supportive and warm but not hot. We both feel more rested in the mornings as well. The downside was that we overslept by a couple of hours the first couple of nights!


Excellent Mattress

There is literally nothing bad I can say about this mattress, I’ve had a great nights sleep every night since I got it. Obviously being Tempur it was a bit on the expensive side, but it was worth every penny and as I took out the interest free finance I hardly notice the payments going out.


Great support, perfect sleep

It is amazing! We slept on the new mattress on the first day arrived. It has a very good support. My husband and I have a good sleep finally after moving in the new home. The price maybe a bit expensive but it is worth for it especially there is 10 year warranty.


Great buy

Had the mattress about 1 month, found a noticeable difference in comfort immediately. Back ache and overall sleeping discomfort much improved. Love how you just feel the support & comfort as you lay back into the mattress. Very impressed worth every penny.


Quality product

We bought this a fortnight ago and we are really quite please with the product quality. It may prove that we have purchased a mattress that's a bit too hard for us, but that's a choice compromise for us not an issue with Tempur.


Perfect !

I brought this a month ago as I had bad lower Bk problems, a month on I’ve never slept so well an also the pain has eased up ten fold! Highly recommended if You suffer from lower back pain like I do


Expensive but worth the money?

Difficult to tell if this mattress would be any different to similar foam mattresses on the market as haven't tried the rest, it seems to do the job but at the price it is i'd expect it to!



Bought this bed a month ago and it’s was such a great decision. In a super king size it is super luxurious. So comfortable and with a cooling top layer the bed doesn’t become hot at night.


Lovely mattress

I am very pleased with the mattress. It is extremely comfortable and did not take long to get used to. Definitely worth the money.


Very comfy

It is very comfy and can move around on it easily but it does get hot if stay in one position and it is very slippery.


Great comfort

I brought this month ago n happy but thinking to exchange with 25 cm as it’s height is bit uncomfortable.


The best night sleep I have ever had

Since taking delivery of this mattress I have slept better than ever before, absolutely perfect


Fantastic matress

I hadnt intended to buy such an expensive matress - but I am glad we did - it is amazing.



Incredibly comfortable honestly the best night’s sleep I have ever had.


Super comfortable

Worth it , very comfortable sleep - no aches in the morning