Tempur Cooltouch Original Elite Mattress - Medium Firm Rated 4/5 based on 120 customer reviews

Tempur Cooltouch Original Elite Mattress - Medium Firm

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Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 25cm
Updated: 11/12/2019 11:40:41 PM
4/5 - 120 reviews


What Makes It Great

I have so far spent 6 nights on this mattress and its getting more comfortable each time. As soon as you lie down the mattress starts to form to your contours relieving the weight and equalling the pressure of your body. Within minutes you are perfectly supported and feel semi weightless. It does take a bit of getting used to compared to a sprung bed and I have had the best night's sleeps over the last week and wake up feeling refreshed. Though be warned, you will change position to get out of bed in the morning, and then just lie there as the mattress starts to form under you again, making you relaxed and comfortable. I would suggest to set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than you usually do to take advantage of this !

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Stay cool regardless of how hot it is with the special cooling properties within this quilted cover.

Hard wearing but not at a risk of losing the support that your body needs. Bare in mind that a mattress typically only get's replaced after 8 years, so durability is important for that sort of lifespan

Normally you only see a 1 year guarantee as standard. You know that a product is of the highest quality when you have this sort of protection against any sort of failure and dipping that may occur outside of normal settlement

Average mattress depth, suitable for most mattress covers.

The benefit of being removable is that you are not stuck with unsightly stains that you cannot get out of your mattress. Cat being sick on the mattress? No dramas, throw it in the washing.

Questions and Answers

will you take old mattress away if we spend over £2000?

Answer: Hi , We take old mattresses away upon the purchase of a new product. You can add our recycling services to your order upon checkout. Prices vary dependant on mattress size. Thank you for your question.

Should these mattresses be turned / flipped regularly or are they ok to be left in the same position?

Answer: Hi , This mattress does not need to be flipped but we do recommend you rotate clockwise/anti-clockwise regularly. Kind Regards, Giedre

We seem to be getting too hot - the cooltouch isn’t very effective.  Is there anything we can do to help this

Answer: We would recommend contacting our customer service team on 0800 652 5090 who should be able to help here. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you put an electric blanket on a tempur mattress or will that restrick the moulding shape etc?

Answer: Hi , We would not recommend using an electric blanket with this product. Thank you for your question.

Are all mattresses sold via dream anti-fire?

Answer: Hi , Yes all our mattresses are fire retardant. Thank you for your question.

Can you put a Tempur mattress on any branded bed frame/divan? (as long as both king size, for example). Or does a Tempur mattress have to go on a Tempur bed?

Answer: Hi , It can go on any bed. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 120 review

Tempur Convert!

I was a bit anxious prior to the delivery of my new Tempur mattress that I wasn't going to be happy with it. How wrong could I be, I absolutely love it! It is without a doubt the comfiest mattress I've ever slept on and definitely worth the money. I've never been one to skimp on mattresses because sleep is obviously very important but I was concerned that it was going to take some getting used to. I couldn't have been more wrong. I slept like a baby the first night and spent most of the following day in bed too (it was delivered on a Saturday). Tempur mattresses are phenomenal and if you're in mixed minds about spending the money, don't be, I would guarantee that you'll be 110% satisfied.

Comfortable but hot

Went into store to find a mattress that would support back and help with temperature as they were a big issue for me. I explained that i already had a memory foam mattress that makes me feel really hot. I was recommended this one and really liked the idea of the cool touch. The mattress in store was cool to the touch. I received this mattress yesterday. It does not feel cool when you touch it and as soon as i laid down i was instantly hot. I had to keep moving around during the night just so one part of my body wasn’t constantly hot from the mattress. Aside from this it is comfortable but i am a little disappointed as i have spent so much money on this :(

A different nights sleep

Had this mattress for a month and it is so good, really comfortable, bought with 2 tempur pillows as well and has really made a difference. Pillows are really good too. It took a few weeks of looking in show rooms but finally decided on tempur and it was a good choice. My wife has found it slightly warmer than our old mattress but we have changed our duvet for a lighter one and its fine. I'd consider this a small negative but outweighed by the comfort given. Pretty pricey mind but you spend a lot of time on it. We were tempted by the Emma Mattress but went through Dreams as it would be easier to return if there was a problem, 100 day swap is reassuring.

Costly mistake

I brought this in January 2019, I was at the time heavily pregnant and had lots of lower back pain which I associated with pregnancy and could only sleep on my sofa as it was firm. The mattress is difficult to get up from and move /turn compared to sofa. Post delivery of the baby I was excited to use the mattress after sleeping on the sofa for 3months. A) you sink and can't move around and get up as easily takes effort B) cooltouch is actually really warm C) I have lower back pain with the mattress yet if I sleep on another mattress I don't have this pain in the morning. Main complaint is you sink and your back absolutely hurts.

Haven't slept since

We've had this a few weeks now and I literally haven't slept through since - which is unheard of for me. The first issue is fitted sheets. The memory foam seems to pull them out all the time and even when in they're not tight, so it's uncomfortable to lie on. Second the mattress seems to curve downwards at the side so you feel like you're always falling off. I end up sleeping towards the middle near my partner which I hate because I need my space! Lastly, I must toss and turn a lot at night because I find myself waking myself up because it's so much more effort with memory foam. All in all, a bit of a nightmare.

Best night's sleep ever!

After using the Dream's "sleepmatch" system in Chesterfield, this Tempur mattress came up as my best match. Just trying the mattress in the shop really surprised me to find how comfortable it was. The mattress is not cheap and I did seriously consider this, but as sleeping accounts for one third of every 24 hours, it is pretty important. Since the mattress was delivered just over 2 weeks ago, I have genuinely slept better than I have for years. I cannot recommend this mattress highly enough, I absolutely love it. The only down side is that it is now even harder to get out of bed in a morning - it is just too comfy!

Do Not Machine Wash Mattress Top

I purchased a Tempur Cool Touch mattress in September 2018. I put the top, Cool Touch part in the washing machine as per the manufactures instructions. When I removed it from the washing machine it had two holes in it, caused by the zip. On contacting Tempur about this I was told it was not a manufacturing fault therefore the best they could do was to sell me a new Cool Touch top at half price. This is the manufactures fault because they said it could be machine washed when clearly it cannot, but they will not replace free of charge. ++++BEWARE DO NOT TRUST Tempurs washing instructions, DO NOT WASH IN MACHINE.

For the best nights sleep ....

My Husband and I desperately needed a new mattress after sleeping 10 years on our old one, we visited our local dreams store and on advice from the sales tried 5 mattresses - we decided on the Tempur as it seemed far more superior to the others. We are so pleased we did, it is so comfortable! neither of us have had such a good nights sleep in years. It neither makes you hot or cold - it is just perfect. You actually feel like a new person when you wake up in the morning. It is deeper than our old mattress but our fitted sheets still fit it. Would highly recommend people to try this mattress - it is wonderful.

Love it

What can I say. I was extremely sceptical about spending so much on a mattress! My old had passed its shelf life and I had a tough two years with repeating back issues, possibly due to age but more to do with lifting in my job. I'm forever doing stretching to help my back but still find that when I wake up in the mornings my back is really stiff. I decided to take the plunge and must admit I love it. It's been a month now and I truly feel rested and I longer feel stiff in the mornings. Yes it's expensive but by Jo was it worth it.

Horizontal relaxation

I’ve just purchased my second Tempur mattress, I purchased the first after reading reviews and hearing a work mate say it help easy his back no end. The Tempur mattress helped my back too, after years of getting up in the morning needing to stretch to ease my back. After a week on the Tempur I notice things getting much better. After eleven years the first Tempur was now to soft, but I didn’t even think of another brand of mattress. I went straight to Dreams and ordered the one they recommended to me and it’s been perfect.

Best mattress for arthritis

This mattress allows ‘countours’ of your body to ‘sink in’ giving it great support. I’m a side sleeper, so this feature is very helpful, allowing me a pain free nights, as I started suffering from arthritis in my shoulders and knees and my previous very expensive mattress was not doing it’s job for me. No more tossing in the bed! Although bought it on sale, this was still an expensive purchase, but for me it was the right and only choice (even within other Tempur mattresses)

Excellent Mattress

I bought the Tempur Cooltouch Elite Mattress about a month ago. It is such a comfortable mattress while also giving good support. Having had 2 back operations, I was very particular in finding a mattress that gave me great support and a good night's sleep. In the showroom the Tempur Cooltouch was the winner for me every time. Now that I have my own Tempur Cooltouch at home, it continues to be a winner and I am delighted with my purchase.

Best Money i have ever spent!!!

When walking around dreams I wasn't too sure on the on the mattress based on the price but after testing out the sleep machine it recommended this mattress. After one night sleep in it I could feel the difference! its so comfortable, its stopped my back pain and now I get an amazing nights sleep every night, feeling refreshed in the mornings! the only down side to this is anytime I'm away from home i miss this mattress!

At last, a good nights sleep.

Buying this mattress was the best decision I have made. My existing mattress was less than 3 years old but was causing me sleepless nights and severe back and hip pain. I was worried about making another expensive mistake but the Tempur mattress is fantastic. My backache is considerably less than before and I’m sleeping through the night. It was expensive but has been well worth the money.


Had this a few weeks now, it is now Soooooooo comfortable took a while to get used to it though. The problem is that it is now very difficult to get out of bed in the mornings as you do not want to get up, you sink into it and feel supported fully, and the aches associated with the previous mattress have been reduced significantly. Why have I waited so long to get one of these mattresses.

Great Night's Sleep ... Backpain Now Gone!

I suffered from lower back-pain and pain in my shoulders, as my previous mattress was too hard. Tried 8 different manufacturer's products, and decided to buy the Tempur CoolTouch. The mattress is extremely comfortable, very supportive and nice and cool when you get into bed. After a couple of nights on new mattress, back pain has gone and I am getting a really good night's sleep.

good night sleep

we have had this mattress for a month in the beginning we were worried spending this amount on a mattress but i have a bad back and my partner has fibromyalgia so we thought to hang with the cost and go for it and i can tell you now we don't regret one penny of it every part off the body is supported and a great night sleep 10 out of ten.

Most comfortable mattress I have ever had

I bought this mattress last month after going trying out a number of them! I have been living with disc bulge in two places in my spine for the last 10 years. After having tried so many mattresses, I can vouch for this one - the best ever I have had so far. I am no more in pain when I wake up in the morning. Thank you Tempur :-)

So comfy

My partner and I have been really unlucky with our mattress choices- we've been through 3 in less than 2 years. We tried the Tempur in Dreams and decided it was the one, but put it off for about 6 months because of the price. We've had it nearly a month now and I love it, it's super comfy but also gives us the support we need.

Good, comfy tempur mattress.

We bought this after getting rid of our previous tempur mattress by mistake after 10 years! Having tried a different memory foam mattress for a couple of years we realised it wasn’t in the same league as tempur. This is firm, supportive and you don’t roll into someone else when they’re on / in bed! Pricey but worth it.

Absorbing Mattress!

I bought this mattress more than a month ago and I am in love with it. I've used memory foam in the past, so I was exceptical before the purchase. However, it was an excellent decision. Even though I'll replace it for a softer one (Medium Cloud Mattress), I can say overall this is a great one. I am sleeping like a baby!

I can’t praise this highly enough

We’ve had this mattress 3 months and it is heaven. Firmer than I remembered in store but oh so comfortable. It is warmer than a normal mattress but a thinner duvet and window open helps here. It is expensive but absolutely worth the extra investment. I used to wake with lower back pain but not anymore!

Changed my life

I have had my mattress a week and omg I feel like a new person.. 100% forget the price it worth every penny, even the bags under my eyes which I put down to age has gone.. so free face lift.. feel happier through the day, as have no aches and pains:) if you can afford to buy a tempura don't hesitate x

The best I've slept in years

We decided to invest in a Tempur mattress after suffering from morning back pain/stiffness for years. It took about 2 nights for our bodies to get used to the mattress, but ever since then it has been the comfiest bed we've ever slept on. We're reluctant to sleep anywhere other than home now!

Better than expected

You feel refreshed after a good night sleep and I don't wake up with back pain anymore infact my back feels amazing. I actually bought 2 one for me and my partner and one for my parents. And they are loving it, my dad is sleeping more and my mother falls asleep a lot more faster than before.

Super comfy!

My wife and I chose this mattress as a compromise, as I like a firmer mattress and she prefers a softer one. But even though it’s a softer mattress the extremely even, all over support makes for a fantastic nights sleep, both of us waking totally refreshed after a deep nights sleep.

Great Mattress

I bought the Tempur Cool touch mattress and 1 soft and firm cool touch pillows since having this mattress both myself and my partner have had a good cool nights sleep the mattress is firm and very comfortable when either of us move the other does not I would recommend this mattress

Perfect keeps you cool

Takes a bit of getting used to as it quickly molds to your body shape but once your in you sleep like all night. I’m a terrible sleeper usually toss and turn all night not with this mattress. I wake up refreshed only down side is trying to get up on my days off it to comfy!!!

Very Happy

I bought this a month ago after trying other leading memory foam mattress. The difference is amazing. Had Tempur before and so glad I changed back again. My backache has ended and neck pain too. Certainly the mattress is not cheap but worth the extra money.

3rd Purchase

This is my 3rd purchase from Dreams and of Tempur. I wouldn't use anything else. Supports the body and feels just super comfortable. Need to give it time to get used to it but once you do, you will never sleep on anything else as well as you do on a Tempur

Resolved my back pain in 5 days

Best Buy ever. It may be expensive, but it cured my back pain in less than a week and the cool touch within have helped no end during this heat wave. Would highly recommend the mattress testing machine in store, to help you make the right decision too.

Welcome to slumberville.

This is truly the best nights sleep that I’ve had for a very long time. I am so comfortable, it mould’s perfectly to your body and provides a wonderful environment, where sleep beckons. I was a bit worried about the price but it is worth every penny.

So so comfortable

One of the best things I have brought, it is lovely and comfortable. I don't wake up with any pains anymore and i feel well and truly rested. Just wish it was cheaper and the only bad thing i have to say about tempur other than that its great.

Comfort at its best

Been suffering with a bad shoulder for months 2 weeks after having the mattress my shoulder is much better. Comfort is everything the matress moulds to our shape and we get a full night sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and not aching.

This mattress has changed my life!

I bought this mattress almost a month ago and I have never slept better. I can sleep in any position and still wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed. It is firm, but also comforting and literally becomes a part of you, whilst you sleep.

Sleep comfort

Our choice of Tempur cooltouch original elite mattress was back pain.But since we started to sleep in this mattress, it all disappeared. We awake up now without any pain at all. This mattress is a must for master bedroom in every home.

Tempur quality!

Always wanted a Tempur and took the plunge despite the relatively high price tag, have had it for a month, although it takes a bit of getting used to, finding that my back pain is a lot better now. The 100 day guarantee helps!

Very Comfortable

Tried a bed in a box but not very good and returned. This is far superior. Takes a bit of getting used to because lying on memory foam feels different to conventional mattress so try first. Not cheap but good night's sleep.

Tempur Cool touch Original Elite Mattress

We received the bed on the 25th September 2019 right from then until now have not had a bad night's sleep, can't believe how comfortable it is, we have told lot's of family & friends, would highly recommend to everyone!

Great mattress

It was time to change our old mattress so we opted for a Tempur one, tried it in store very comfy, purchased one with new bed frame, delivered in just over a week, had some good night's sleep on it, well worth the money

Great night sleeps

I have had this mattress for around 3 weeks and it has given me the best night sleeps! I sleep on my side and all mattresses that I have tried would all give me backaches, with this mattress I have had no backache!

You pay for what you get

Qi bought this mattress for my wife and I because we have got older we are feeling a few achesmand pains. We decided to get a Tempur mattress which is extremely comfortable and would recommend this to anyone.

Soooooo Comfy

This mattress is so unbelievably comfortable, we are really glad that we splashed out on this product. I can no longer sense when my partner is moving around in the night either. Definitely worth every penny!

Takes a while to get used to

But comfortable when you do. The CoolTouch feature is completely lost on me and my wife. Neither of us have noticed any difference in the coolness of the mattress when compared to our previous one.

Best mattress by a mile

I bought this matress about a month ago, was sceptical about spending so much money but sooo worth it, I was waking up with aches on a regular with my old one but this one has been absolutely amazing

Extremely comfortable

We bought the Tempur mattress three weeks ago and it has been a revelation although it did take several days to get used to it.Very comfortable and the Matching cool touch pillows are also very good


I cannot find any fault with Dreams from first placing my order to it being delivered. I found them to be extremely professional. I can thoroughly recommend them and will use them in the future.

Tempur mattress

My wife thinks the mattress is brilliant but I think that it is awful. I don't like the way that I sink into it. I much prefer a firm base. If it was up to me, I'd return it as unsuitable.

Sleeping better than I thought I could!

Currently a few weeks into having our new mattress, the missus loves it! I'm finding it slowly growing on me, helping me sleep for longer instead of my normal 4 hours I'm getting atleast 6

A bit hard

Found this a hit hard compared to the mattress we tried in the showroom and Omar are still not getting used to it. I bought because of my back and it hasn’t really helped that much

Best sleep ever

Best nights sleep I have had, bit different from a sprung mattress, but once you get used to it no going back, expensive, but you can't put a price on a good night's sleep.

So comfortable

This bed and mattress arrived 2 weeks ago and it’s amazing. Very comfortable and supportive especially for my husbands bad back. Have already recommended it to my parents

Just as Comfy as we thought

Bought a few weeks ago after trying several styles of mattress, so glad we went with this one. Really comfy - wife even thinks its helping to reduce her hip discomfort.


We have had this amazing mattress for nearly a month and wonder how we ever used to get a good night’s sleep before! Wonderfully comfortable, would recommend to all A*

Very comfy

We bought our Tempur mattress. My wife has always wanted one, I wasn’t that convinced. I was wrong. The mattress has improved my sleep & I honestly wake up, pain free.

pain free sleep

This mattress is wonderful. After years of discomfort my husband and I now enjoy waking up after a good nights sleep which has been free from uncomfortable leg pains.

Soooo comfortable

Great product. Cool at night and just the right amount of firmness and support with still softness for ultimate comfort. I have neck issues and this is perfect for me

Never slept better

I tried all the mattresses available, this was the 1st I tried yet none compared too this one. Not the cheapest but what price can you put on a great nights sleep

New bed base and mattress

Bought 3weeks ago been on holiday haven't slept many nights on new mattress Still looking forward to getting use to it that's why I gave average rating

Superb mattress

It took a couple of weeks to get used to but wow what a nights sleep and I don’t know whether it’s anything but I’m only getting up once during the night

Top comfort

I bought this mattress at the beginning of the year on advice given by a family member. Good advice and good decision. Improved sleep from first night.

So Comfy !

We have had the Tempur mattress for a month now and can honestly say it’s worth every penny. Took a couple of weeks to get used to it but love it now .

A good nights sleep !

Sleeping so much better on this amazing mattress , no pressure pains on joints , a constant temperature all night , meaning no waking up over heating .

comfortable, just the right firmness

I got this a month ago. i like it . Previously I used to get up with aches in the back and neck. I don't have these anymore. Hope it stays that way.

Good nights!

I bought this a month ago and it gave us sweet dreams every nights! Very comfy and supportive to the back! Just fall asleep in 1s...unbelievable~~~

Worth every penny

Really pleased with mattress. Never spent so much on one but highly recommend. Takes a few sleeps to get used to but we’re both sleeping better.

Great nights sleep at last

From the first night we were sleeping much better. This has continued to improve too. Will fully recommend this mattress to anyone.

So comfortable

As I have a trapped nerve in my neck , which effects my shoulder too. I have finally been able to sleep a better nights sleep

Gives a good, comfortable & supportive nights rest

I Bought my Tempur Mattress 7 Weeks ago . Seems to be a very good investment, thankfully I do have a good Radio/ alarm clock.

Wonder mattress

My wife and I got one of the Temper cool touch Mattress two weeks ago . WOW I have never had such a great night sleep ever .

Fantastic bed

This bed is awesome, so comfortable you fall asleep within minutes! the only issue I have is you sleep late for everything.

Cool touch of a mattress

Very happy with the mattress. Love the way it molds to the shape of your body but goes back to its shape when you get up.

Comfortable and supportive

One of the best features is that when I or my wife move it doesn’t disturb the other one of us like our old mattress did.

Great night sleep

Bought 2weeks ago and the mattress sucks you in so very comfortable, no aches which you normally get with a new mattress

Really Comfortable

Brought this item a moth ago due to my Hubbys bad back. Glad we did as so comfortable. Bit more expensive but worth it.

So comfortable.

We brought this 3 weeks ago. My husband and I are sleeping so much better. Would definitely recommend the mattress.


Brought this a few weeks back due to my wife having a bad back. Since we have both found it incredibly comfortable.

Comfort heaven

We bought this mattress a month ago - brilliant sleep and helps with our back problems - well worth the expense

How comfortable it feels form a good night sleep

Finally found a mattress that when you wake up to get out of bed no aches or pains from my lower back :))))

Excellent mattress

Took a couple of nights to get used to the way you sink into it. Very comfortable, excellent nights sleep.


Can’t fault, don’t buy cheap every couple years, spend your money wisely. So comfy and would recommend.

Great mattress

5 stars mattress! It's like I'm sleeping on a cloud that it's hugging me at the same time. Great buy!

So comfy

Really helps to support my husbands back and neck and helps me sleep better and supports my baby bump


I did the dreams mattress match in store and I haven’t been disappointed comfort well worth the money

new matteress

Couldn't have been easier, went in chose the one we wanted and complete transaction with half an hour

Comfy and soft

Had this delivered 2 weeks ago and haven’t had a bad nights sleep since. Incredibly comfortable.

Amazing mattress

Never slept better. I'm sleeping through till my alarm goes off and I haven't done that for years


We bought ours 3 weeks ago, couldn't be happier, no more aches and pains in a morning for us !!!

Very Comfortable

We have had this bed about 3 weeks now, it is so comfortable the bed just blends with your body.

So comfy

Bought mattress had 40 day trial lovely so comfy and mould to ur body . Col touch really good.

Really comfortable

Really comfortable mattress. Takes a few days to get used to but no more pain in the morning.

Helps my back

This is my 2nd Tempur mattress, I use them because I have back trouble and they help a lot.

So comfortable

Even with a back condition, this mattress is so comfortable - gives a great night's sleep.

Takes some time getting used to

Had it for 3 weeks, not getting numb arms quite so often. Hoping we made the right choice

Amazing Mattress

This is an amazing mattress - lovely nights sleep every time. The cool touch is good.

So comfy

We've had our mattress about 3 weeks now it's so comfy and i wouldn't change a thing

Great comfort

I bought this mattress two weeks ago and what a difference it makes, pure comfort.

Sweet dreams

We did buy it a month ago and it may have been expensive but worth every penny.

Great nights sleep

Bought this mattress a mo the again and nonget wake up with bad back fantastic

The most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on

Definitely the right decision to treat my old bones to the best on the market


Excellent I have shopped a before many years ago and never had any problems

Comfort at it’s best

Had this mattress a month now and have had the best night sleeps for ages

Good nights sleep

Very happy with Matress so far. No more aches & pains good nights sleep

The most comfortable mattress ever!

This mattress is so comfortable and has really helped with my bad back.

Excellent Matteress

Great matteress , if you are looking for a firm but comfortable sleep.

First class mattress!

We and it adjusted to each other in minutes and haven't looked back!

Best nights sleep I've ever experienced!

best investment I've made in years! great customer experience also.

great comfort

we got this a few weeks ago and it is already helping my back.


i bougt this nearly 2months ago and it was money well spent

Comfortable,cool and supportive

Took a while to get used to it but now I have its excellent

Best nights sleep!!

I wish I'd invested and bought this mattress years ago!!!!


We bought this mattress last month and so far very happy


Takes time to get used to, but once you do, excellent.


I bougth this a month a go but it is not very great .

Perfect bed

This bed is so comfortable , best bed I ever slept in

good comfort had a good nights sleep

i brought this about 6 weeks ago and can not fault it


I bought this mattress a month ago and is brilliant!

Comfy bed

Comfortable mattress and nice height off the ground.

So comfortable

This mattress is so worth the money best sleep ever