TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Original Elite Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 783 customer reviews
TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Original Elite Mattress

TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Original Elite Mattress

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TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Original Elite Mattress Review

So we have got a treat for you all today with a fresh review for the improved TEMPUR CoolTouch Original Elite Mattress. From one of the biggest and most popular brands in the industry, Tempur has made inroads into the higher quality mattress segment with this new CoolTouch Original Elite.

The Cooltouch Original Elite Mattress is the top of the range in mattresses sold from the Dreams retailer and is well regarded within the industry as a market leader. The product performs well in both comfort and support thanks to that exclusive and unique Tempur premium memory foam which offers the perfect balance.

To start, this is a premium memory foam mattress, so you get all the comfort of memory foam with the premium quality of the Tempur brand. What separates this mattress from others at this price point is the incredible 10 year guarantee included. This means that if anything goes wrong with that mattress within that 10 year period, it is taken care of. Let’s take a moment to unpack that, the average person has a mattress for 7 years before having to replace it due to wear and tear, settlement problems and more. With 10 years guarantee, the retailer and supplier are basically putting their reputation and finances on the line and is a testament to the quality of the mattress.

What is TEMPUR CoolTouch?

Tempur has been making the Original Elite mattress for a number of years that, with time has seen it get carved up on price by a number of different high street retailers and online powerhouses. In recent months however, the Cooltouch model has arrived unique to Dreams that aims to address the warming foam of the previous model while increasing breathability, hygiene and durability as a result. The CoolTouch technology is a premium material which is woven throughout the cover in order to help increase breathability and produce a cooling affect which regulates excess body heat. Predictably given its namesake, the CoolTouch technology remains somewhat cool to the touch albeit not too cool to be uncomfortable, in-fact we wouldn't really call it cooling so much as a neutral heat regulator that keeps everything at a reasonable room temperature making it ideal for those that need an all-season and all year round mattress.

This particular model also features what has been dubbed QuickRefresh™ which in reality is a detachable cover that can be machine washed at 60 degrees celsius. People often overlook removable covers but shouldn't, you see the mattress will last close to a decade and in that time you will sweat into the mattress which makes it less hygienic and causes breathability issues with time. By allowing a removable cover, you get piece of mind and a fresher, better nights sleep. We recommend removable covers wherever possible.

When trialling this mattress, we found it on the firmer side. A firmer mattress is a great choice for those that are looking for a bit more support in their sleep, or suffer from back/neck pain. If you are on the smaller side, or found yourself being a side sleeper, this may not be the mattress for you, however, for everyone else, this is an absolute no brainer in terms of quality, support and lifespan.

The Cooltouch comes in a variety of standard popular sizes ranging from single, double king and super king. This means you will have no issue finding the right mattress to suit your bed frame.

Reviews for the Tempur Cooltouch Original Elite Mattress are fantastic, with over 900 review at time of writing making it the best selling and best performing mattress in the Dreams upper-quality segment and price point. Customers particularly enjoyed the level of support offered in the mattress with overs commenting on the great guarantee and confidence they have in the long-lasting ability of the product. Given the impressive 10 year guarantee, this isn't surprising as it far exceeds the competition at a price that when broken down, is fairly reasonable on a cost-per-night-of-sleep thanks to the longer standing durability offered.

Reasons to Buy

Plenty of customers are overjoyed with the neck and back pain relief offered thanks to the incredible support and comfort layers which work hand in hand.

Medium tension will appeal to many due to its far reaching suitability.

Customer reviews give it an impressive 93% consumer satisfaction at time of writing.

10 year guarantees are market leading and far better than the 1 year offered as standard against competition.

Reasons to Avoid

We mentioned before how the mattress has a slightly firmer feel, this might catch the occasional person out who is looking for a softer experience. Personally we really enjoy the slightly extra tension and how it contours against our body.


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What Makes The TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Original Elite Mattress Great?

Comfort Grade - Medium

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

Exclusive CoolTouch™ mattress cover to keep you cool at night

Stay cool regardless of how hot it is with the special cooling properties within this quilted cover.

Durable and supportive

Hard wearing but not at a risk of losing the support that your body needs. Bare in mind that a mattress typically only get's replaced after 8 years, so durability is important for that sort of lifespan

10 year guarantee as standard

Normally you only see a 1 year guarantee as standard. You know that a product is of the highest quality when you have this sort of protection against any sort of failure and dipping that may occur outside of normal settlement

25cm - Depth

Average mattress depth, suitable for most mattress covers.

Body moulding

The use of certain base and upper layers to help mold to the body giving extreme comfort and decent support.

QuickRefresh™ cover, easy to unzip and wash at 60°C

The benefit of being removable is that you are not stuck with unsightly stains that you cannot get out of your mattress. Cat being sick on the mattress? No dramas, throw it in the washing.

3cm - Comfort material

9cm - Support material

6.5cm - Durable base

25cm depth

25cm depth is about average for a mattress, it leaves plenty of room for good quality fillings while still allowing you to fit a standard sheet over it.

10 Year Guarantee

A 10 year guarantee is a huge reflection of just how much trust the manufacturer and the retailer have in their product. for reference, mandatory requirements are for a 1 year guarantee.

Premium memory foam mattress

Premium Memory foam is a very popular and luxurious mattress layer to aid in comfort. The buzz around memory foam is well justified, it is incredibly comfortable and makes it feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. Standard caveats apply however, memory foam can make you hot and this may present a problem for those that do find themselves getting warm through the night. For those with this issue, take a look at a Latex mattress. For everyone else though, you cannot beat it.

All TEMPUR® mattresses are no turn, so there is no need to flip or rotate the mattress

When it comes to mattresses, you generally need to rotate them when they are single sided, and flip them when double sided. With this range from Tempur though, there's no need, these mattresses require no turning, rotating or flipping. A win for your back and a save on stress and hassle.

2x 6.5cm - Durable base

Exclusive CoolTouch™ mattress cover designed to manage excess heat through the night

The mattress comes with a unique woven material that is crafted into the cover of the mattress and helps keep it cool to the touch while also absorbing any excess heat. The material gives you enhanced comfort and support for the entire body while keeping you cool as you sleep.

Customer Reviews For The TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Original Elite Mattress

Based on 783 reviews

Very comfortable, but also very expensive

We purchased this mattress to replace an old king size Ikea bedframe and mattress that was sunken in the middle. Both of us suffered with back / hip / shoulder pains and we felt a new bed and mattress would help. We chose this mattress based on the guarantee that came with it, but it was also the most comfortable of all the mattresses tried - just. In terms of the cool touch, I'm not sure if I can compare vs other similar types of mattresses, but it's as cool as the memory foam topper we had before. I personally am suffering less with both hip and shoulder, but that could have improved with a different new mattress too. Overall, I do feel like I could have purchased a mattress for half of the cost and still have found it to be very comfortable as this mattress is. Time will tell if it has the durability and quality to command the price it does. Long story short - very comfortable, very expensive and would probably, really, buy a mattress for half the cost and still be happy next time.


A fantastic purchase!

This is our 4th week's sleep on this mattress and, after 1 week, settled into it very well. We had the bedroom window open for a few hours each day during that first week to enable the 'new' smell to fade away which is no longer noticeable. I had read 1 review that mentioned lower back pain so was wary in the beginning due to having bulging discs which cause issues now and again. I am pleased to say that this mattress supports my back extremely well due to the memory foam supporting in all the right places and I no longer wake with aches and pains. I can also sleep on my side on occasion knowing that my hip/shoulder will be moulded into the mattress which, in turn, then supports my ribcage comfortably (I recommend putting the Tempur pillow between knees for this position as it moulds perfectly to knees/ankles). When sharing this mattress the movement of the other person is less noticeable and much quieter than our old one!


Sink and sleep - TEMPUR mattress

My wife and I tried this mattress in the store, and it felt so good that everything else felt uncomfortable in comparison! We had the TEMPUR mattress delivered, and initially it took a few nights to get use to. It feels very firm initially and a bit unusual as you realise that it lets you sink slowly into it. Initially it was also a bit odd to leave a body-shaped dent in the mattress as you come off, and to see the mattress slowly reform to its normal flat surface. After a few nights of getting used to it, the mattress feels great and feels like it’s worth the money. My wife and I get comfortable quicker than on our previous mattress, and we also toss and turn far less during the night. It feels like a treat every night to get into bed and enjoy the mattress, as it moulds to the shape of your body, which supports and makes you feel so comfortable to enjoy a great night’s sleep.


Great Mattress and service.

We have had this mattress for a month now. Originally we went into a store nearby and explained that although our current mattress is only 2 years old, I was having back issues and thought it may be too firm. The other store tried to sell us a softer mattress that was on offer without asking us many questions about our life or age etc. I wanted to check out our local dreams store before committing to anything and I am so glad we did. We were greeted by David, who clearly knew his mattresses. He recommended we were assessed on the machine they had in store, which advised a handful of mattresses at a variety of prices. We tried them all, and settled on this one. We have a super king size bed, so this wasn't cheap, and I was a bit nervous if we would really get on with it. My husband and I both love this new mattress and I am very glad we took the time to check out Dreams.


Tempur cool touch original

I was really in need of a new mattress after a lot of researching i decided to pop into dreams the service was brilliant from start to finish i used the sleep station machine which they Programme for you with your details and it tells you what sort of mattress would be better for you. In my case due to bad lower back pain and shoulder neck pain i was advised medium to firm I tried the tempur one which was at the front of the shop very expensive but oh my god so comfy it moulded to my body shape after thinking about changing my mattress i thought along the lines of something cheaper but the tempur one was most comfy for me, so i purchased it usually i have buyers remorse but this time i didnt i couldn't wait for delivery day and a month after delivery still happy with my decision.


It's a real pleasure to sleep on it!

My partner and I have been sleeping on this mattress for about 2 months and we are very pleased. This mattress has conquered us since we tried it in the store, it will model according to the shape of the body .. honestly, I have long dreamed of such a mattress. My dream cost me a lot, but it was worth seeing my dream come true and I can enjoy it every night. Whoever has the opportunity to buy it, we highly recommend it, because it is about our own health. P.S. A little observation: if you put yourself on the mattress during the day it will be a strange feeling at first, because you will sit , which means that the whole body weight is at one point, and the mattress will sink quite hard. It'll take something until you get used to it, but can be very funny.


Tempur CoolTouch Original Elite Mattress 25 Firm

Having suffered with chronic fibromyalgia and very bad arthritis for many years I have tried a few different mattresses over the years but have never really found one that has helped me to get a comfortable sleep. I decided to purchase a Tempur mattress and it was the best thing I have ever bought and will never look back again, it takes about 2-3 night to get used to but what a difference it has made to my life. I know sleep better and wake up more refreshed not totally pain free but in a lot less pain than normal to start my day the mattress supports you and balances out your weight and the cooltouch keeps you cool for a comfortable sleep I also bought the cooltouch pillows and they are amazing too thank you dreams and tempur wish I purchased you sooner.


Very comfortable but still hot!

I had previously purchased a memory foam mattress but had issues with heat build up so was recommended this product by Dreams. I can't fault the comfort but had issues immediately with heat build up - to the point that I have had to change my night clothes 2-3 times per night. The Tempur mattress protector made the problem worse. Having researched a little, I understand this is a continuing issue for many people even though Tempur claim to have solved it. I have am currently awaiting a wool pad system which (according to my research) solves the problem. In short, Tempur have not solved the excessive heat issue which can occur with these mattresses - which negates the other benefits. FYI I am not perimenopausal (if you are I certainly wouldn't risk it).


Buy now. You won't regret it!

I was a little hesitant at first having never slept on a tempur mattress before. When you first unpackage the mattress there is a slight smell, not a horrible smell, more of a industrial type smell. This is normal and quickly fades away. The first night the feel of the mattress compared with a more traditional mattress was strange and I wondered if this type of mattress was really for me. However, by the third night, i had adjusted to the memory foam and couldn't imagine sleeping on anything else. The memory foam cradles you while you sleep, I wake up without the aches and pains I used to with my old mattress. Yes its more expensive but I highly recommend you pay the extra and feel the difference for yourself, you won't regret it!


The best supporting mattress ever

I have so far spent 6 nights on this mattress and its getting more comfortable each time. As soon as you lie down the mattress starts to form to your contours relieving the weight and equalling the pressure of your body. Within minutes you are perfectly supported and feel semi weightless. It does take a bit of getting used to compared to a sprung bed and I have had the best night's sleeps over the last week and wake up feeling refreshed. Though be warned, you will change position to get out of bed in the morning, and then just lie there as the mattress starts to form under you again, making you relaxed and comfortable. I would suggest to set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than you usually do to take advantage of this !


Bedded Bliss

My fiancé and I have been sleeping on our new Tempur Cool Touch for about 3 weeks now. We were told that it could take a few sleeps before we got used to the mattress. Not so! Immediately we both were sleeping more soundly. It takes a few moments to get used to that sinking feeling as the mattress foam slowly forms around your body’s pressure points but the support is very, very comfortable. I have a habit of waking up tossing and turning, but far less so now. Our old mattress was giving us backache and that’s gone too! Yes, it’s expensive but we all spend a third of our lives in bed. The Cool Touch is a helpful addition as the mattress is a little warmer than a sprung version. Treat yourself. It will be worth it.


Great Mattress but Missing an Important Feature

Had this for 3 weeks now and it has been fantastic for my neck and back. It takes a little while to wear in as it's quite hard at first but given time to settle it has softened up. It doesn't run hot like other people suggest either, maybe that is down to using cotton protector and sheets. My only gripe is there are no handles. I am not the strongest person but also not weak by any means and there is no way I can lift this mattress to turn it as recommended or even lift it to change sheets. It takes me and partner a great struggle to rotate the mattress each week and we dread it. I feel like the amount of dragging rather than lifting we have to do might cause damage to the mattress by snagging at some point.


Never going back to a normal mattress

We have always had spring mattresses. I had seen the Tempur ads. on T.V and had often wondered about what they were like to sleep on, well now I know, absolutely brilliant. I am a fairly light sleeper and always woke up several times during the night. Not any more. This mattress moulds to your body shape so you don't wake up with sore hips or aching joints. I love it!! My Husband has a bad back and has told me that in the mornings he can get out of bed without aches and pains. The cool touch is also great as you don't feel like you are overheating during the night. I will say that it took us about a week to get used to the way this mattress feels but for us now there is no going back to the springs!


Great nights sleep and refreshingly cool

After having a Sealy mattress, I was initially dubious as to whether the Tempur Cloud Elite could offer a comparably nights sleep. When the product was delivered we did as you would expect and laid on it to see how it felt and my first impressions were not great, it was hard; but then it started moulding to my shape and instantly I felt relaxed. The CoolTouch mattress cover/protector offers a nice cooling effect; although you may need to move during the night to get that same feeling as it only remains cool for half and hour or so until it starts to level out with your body heat. Overall me and my partner are very happy with our purchase and considering buying a double for our spare bedroom.


Tempur Convert!

I was a bit anxious prior to the delivery of my new Tempur mattress that I wasn't going to be happy with it. How wrong could I be, I absolutely love it! It is without a doubt the comfiest mattress I've ever slept on and definitely worth the money. I've never been one to skimp on mattresses because sleep is obviously very important but I was concerned that it was going to take some getting used to. I couldn't have been more wrong. I slept like a baby the first night and spent most of the following day in bed too (it was delivered on a Saturday). Tempur mattresses are phenomenal and if you're in mixed minds about spending the money, don't be, I would guarantee that you'll be 110% satisfied.


A true dream to sleep on...

I purchased this mattress from Dreams Exeter Branch who provided absolute fantastic service and after trying out so many beds for between £500-800 and still not convinced. I actually sat on this product to tie my shoe laces and had to lie on it. My body just sank into the mattress and straightaway - it was instantly amazingly comfortable. I knew I can finally sleep on a mattress. For two years I’ve woken up with back pains almost every morning. In the last three weeks - I’ve been waking up pain free. It’s the best mattress I’ve ever had and worth every penny. A fantastic investment for the next 10-15 years! Absolutely amazing and thank you Dreams - I can now finally sleep and dream! :-)



After suffering with pain in my hip and back for a long time I narrowed it down to sleeping on our very old mattress that was providing little support I decided to splash out on this memory foam mattress. Having never slept on memory foam before I was nervous about whether we would like it, but it’s fantastic. Both myself and my husband have commented that we are sleeping better and more deeply and my hip and back pain has improved in a couple of weeks. The only negative is the smell, although we are trying to air it everyday with the windows open and it is getting better or we are getting used to it?! Would definitely recommend spending a bit extra on a mattress like this!


A must have

I have to be honest, I had always said NO to a Tempur mattress, but after we tried our the sleep test we went to see what all the hype was.....we are so glad we did. We did try the other mattresses that were advised on the sleep test, but hand on heart this was superb and none of the other even came close, we even left with two Tempur pillows to which are second to none. It took us about 7-10 days to get used to sleeping in it, but 4 weeks in we are sleeping better, we don’t feel any movement from each other when we turn over at night and we are getting up for work more refreshed and ready for the day ahead. It doesn’t get hot as you would think, it’s a must have in any bedroom


Comfortable but hot

Went into store to find a mattress that would support back and help with temperature as they were a big issue for me. I explained that i already had a memory foam mattress that makes me feel really hot. I was recommended this one and really liked the idea of the cool touch. The mattress in store was cool to the touch. I received this mattress yesterday. It does not feel cool when you touch it and as soon as i laid down i was instantly hot. I had to keep moving around during the night just so one part of my body wasn’t constantly hot from the mattress. Aside from this it is comfortable but i am a little disappointed as i have spent so much money on this :(


Amazing product

After sleeping on this for a few weeks I really can’t imagine how I was ever managing to sleep on anything else. No more feeling achey in the morning after being improperly supported all night. Laying on this mattress feels as though you are suspended in clouds. It’s so comfy. The heat regulating feature is also very good. I’ve had memory foam mattresses in the past and have found them to get overly hot and uncomfortable quite quickly. I was skeptical at first about how effective this feature would be but it does work very well. I’ve always been an early riser but since having this mattress getting out of bed in the morning has become increasingly difficult!


A different nights sleep

Had this mattress for a month and it is so good, really comfortable, bought with 2 tempur pillows as well and has really made a difference. Pillows are really good too. It took a few weeks of looking in show rooms but finally decided on tempur and it was a good choice. My wife has found it slightly warmer than our old mattress but we have changed our duvet for a lighter one and its fine. I'd consider this a small negative but outweighed by the comfort given. Pretty pricey mind but you spend a lot of time on it. We were tempted by the Emma Mattress but went through Dreams as it would be easier to return if there was a problem, 100 day swap is reassuring.


Such a Comfortable Mattress

When you first lie on the mattress you “oh no it’s too soft” but seconds later you realise the feels like it has a life if it’s own and begins to snuggle and firm around you. This is so reassuring, the mattress is really firm and very supportive. The added benefit is to my knees which were very painful in bed when I lay on my side. No more, the mattress cushions the knees and provides the right amount of give for a really comfortable nights sleep. The mattress is no cheap, but it is worth it’s weight in gold. Downside is when you try and get out, you do feel that you have to go uphill to roll out of bed. A minor detail which I have got used to,


Fantastic comfort,

Ive struggled with sleep deprivation for years , and was very determined to try and sort once and for good ! I went to dreams , and their incredibly professional and unbiased team , gave me lots of choices and great advice , on changing my 9 year old mattress! The Tempur cool touch was simply the rolls Royce of every one I tried ! , so I bought one ! , delivery was brilliant , on time and very friendly I now simply have a super nights sleep, every night ! , my wife was also has been incredibly impressive as , now i dont keep shifting about trying to get comfortable !! I wish id bought a Tempur years ago ! Thank you dreams too !


Best mattress ever!

I have had this mattress for almost a month and its great.I loved it the moment i tried it in store. The mattress had a smell when it came,I aired it out for some days and the smell went away.This didn't bother me because I suffer from back pain and I was determined to try out what I heard is the best mattress out there..and it is. It conforms to my body and I no longer wake up with painful hips and shoulders like before.Its firm but feels soft. I was sceptical after reading some reviews that said the mattress made them feel hot,I have not experienced this. Overall this is the best mattress and I highly recommend it.


Best night's sleep ever!

After using the Dream's "sleepmatch" system in Chesterfield, this Tempur mattress came up as my best match. Just trying the mattress in the shop really surprised me to find how comfortable it was. The mattress is not cheap and I did seriously consider this, but as sleeping accounts for one third of every 24 hours, it is pretty important. Since the mattress was delivered just over 2 weeks ago, I have genuinely slept better than I have for years. I cannot recommend this mattress highly enough, I absolutely love it. The only down side is that it is now even harder to get out of bed in a morning - it is just too comfy!


For the best nights sleep ....

My Husband and I desperately needed a new mattress after sleeping 10 years on our old one, we visited our local dreams store and on advice from the sales tried 5 mattresses - we decided on the Tempur as it seemed far more superior to the others. We are so pleased we did, it is so comfortable! neither of us have had such a good nights sleep in years. It neither makes you hot or cold - it is just perfect. You actually feel like a new person when you wake up in the morning. It is deeper than our old mattress but our fitted sheets still fit it. Would highly recommend people to try this mattress - it is wonderful.


Overall experience

Expectation for this product was high due to visiting dreams about 10 to 15 times just dreaming of getting one. Price was the factor that delayed us on buying one but then when you think of at least ten year life span it's not much for the amount of time you spend in your bedroom. We got the superking tv bed with the tempura matteress. . After 3 weeks of sleeping on this product I would recommend to anyone. The support of gives and the fact you are not tossing and turning throughout the night. The only thing to get used to is getting out of bed in the morning but two days is all you need to adjust to this.


Dreams Tempur Mattress Cardiff Branch

We purchased the tempur mattress super king, if you have joint problems this is the mattress for you, wonderfully comfortable when your asleep, but it wasn’t for us as you gradually sink as if your in quick sand this makes turning, getting out and any intimate relations awkward! It is also very warm if you prefer a cool bed. Have to say Dreams have been wonderful as they have a no quibble exchange so thank you dreams! Tempur mattresses are marmite you’ll either love it or hate it, but not a problem for dreams they’ll sort you out. A big shout out for Chase at the Cardiff branch he was simply fantastic!


Good nights sleep!

I bought this a month ago and what a difference it's made. I have terrible trouble with my spine and frequently wake up when I need to turn over. Not with this mattress, I can't believe the difference it has made. The cool touch cover also helps, memory foam can be a bit warm at times but that's not an issue with this one. An added bonus is the cover is zipped around the edge and can be removed for washing if ever needed. It's not the cheapest, but I'd forgotten what a good nights sleep felt like so I think it's worth it, the only reason I don't want to get up now is because I'm so comfy!


Way Too Hot !!!

Purchased a new bed and this mattress early October (a very extravagant purchase for us). Went through all the sleepmatch process, tried several mattresses, explained to the sales person that we are both warm sleepers so this was highly recommended, bought two tempur cool pillows too. Mattress was quite cool to touch in store. Have tried to give it a go for two months now but this is red hot, to the point where we have switched to a 4.5 tog duvet, in winter! Trouble is, tossing and turning so much, every night, is now giving me a bad back, completely defeating the object. So disappointed.


Improved sleep quality

The first night we found the bed uncomfortable compared to trying in the shop. However, we read up that this is often as the cells start opening up and that it is normal to take a while for bodies to adjust. Within a few nights we had adjusted and sre finding we are sleeping better - not moving in bed mush any more as no pressure points. I really do feel like the bed is hugging every contour. I suffer with back and hip pain and have largeish hips and breasts which with other beds meant that I would sink further down in these areas causing pain in my lower back. Not with Tempur!


What Chiropractor

This mattress (and the cool touch pillow) have genuinely changed my life. I used to visit the chiropractor at least once a fortnight. I haven't been at all since I got this mattress. Yes the mattress was expensive but when it's saving me £72/month on chiropractor appointments, I am totally ok with it. I would suggest going in-store to test the firmness (obviously when lockdown restrictions aren't so harsh) however. The cooling feature isn't super powerful, (in-store it was under the air conditioner) but it's enough to help me drift off seeing as my partner runs hot at night.


Tempur Cool Touch Original Elite Mattress

This mattress has been a god send to us. We have had this for about 15 nights now and from day one, our sleeps have been the most comfortable we have ever had. In fact, I was sceptical after the first 2 nights as I could believe how good the mattress was, but when I actually couldn’t get myself to leave the bed by the first Saturday morning, I was completely convinced that we had made the best purchase ever. The only drawback is that these foam mattresses will run you a little hotter than spring ones but we bought a temperature regulating duvet that has helped with this.


Why did we ever consider any other mattress?

After years of sleeping on a memory foam mattress, we opted to replace it with one of the 'bed in a box' mattresses. Sleeping on that mattress was agony, and we couldn't wait to get rid of it. We ordered the Tempur mattress, and have been in heaven since. It is SO comfortable, and there was no "breaking in period" where we were expected to be stiff and sore until we "adjusted" to our new mattress. The cooltouch cover does a great job of staving off the heat. Could not be happier with this mattress, and will go for the same one again in 15 years when this one is kaput!


Best investment ever!

I took my mother to dreams bed showroom and she tried several beds. She is of the make do and mend generation and was a bit apprehensive about the cost of a top of the range mattress. Also being 90 and a back sufferer she needed something special. Never owing a tempur mattress before and being reassured that she could change it if it proved to be unsuitable, we went for it. Mum has slept soundly in it now for over a month and is seeming much brighter in herself. I'm so glad she invested her money wisely, as you can't put a price on a decent night's sleep!


Definitely worth the high price

The tempur mattress is hands down the best mattress I've ever used. We had tried multiple others and struggled between comfort and support. This offers support for the 'larger bodied' whilst still feeling soft and cosy. When it first arrived we were worried it was too hard, but after a week of use and the foam warming in the house, it's now lovely to lie on and sink into. It definitely takes a few days to get used to as it's not like any other mattress. My hip pain has eased and sleeping on my side is a pleasure. 100 percent worth the high price.


Best mattress ever.

Not my first Tempur mattress and won’t be the last. I was first recommended a Tempur mattress by my chiropractor and haven’t looked back since. After a solid 10+with my Tempur mattress, I thought it was time to update and it just amazing to sleep on. Lovely support in all the right places and you don’t get over hot like some mattress (in motels, even though I take my Tempur travel mattress topper everywhere I travel). I have recommended Tempur to friends who have purchased and love it too. Treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


Love it

What can I say. I was extremely sceptical about spending so much on a mattress! My old had passed its shelf life and I had a tough two years with repeating back issues, possibly due to age but more to do with lifting in my job. I'm forever doing stretching to help my back but still find that when I wake up in the mornings my back is really stiff. I decided to take the plunge and must admit I love it. It's been a month now and I truly feel rested and I longer feel stiff in the mornings. Yes it's expensive but by Jo was it worth it.


Horizontal relaxation

I’ve just purchased my second Tempur mattress, I purchased the first after reading reviews and hearing a work mate say it help easy his back no end. The Tempur mattress helped my back too, after years of getting up in the morning needing to stretch to ease my back. After a week on the Tempur I notice things getting much better. After eleven years the first Tempur was now to soft, but I didn’t even think of another brand of mattress. I went straight to Dreams and ordered the one they recommended to me and it’s been perfect.


adjusts to your body shape

I bought this about a month ago. very expensive but I hoped it would be worth it given both my wife and I suffer from bad backs. To be honest I'm still getting used to it and have to admit to having not noticed a significant improvement in sleep or back. I do find sitting on the side of the bed to get undressed uncomfortable as the sides sink very quickly and then take about 20 secs to adjust when you get fully in the bed. Lets hope we do see marked improvements else I'd be wondering why I spent so much on this mattress.


Best Mattress Ever

We've had our new mattress just over 3 weeks now, when it first came I thought it felt hard. I slept on it and woke with neck ache ouch.... At that point I was adamant that I would be returning the mattress under the return option. I tried different pillows and the neck ache disappeared, after less than a week I really fell in love with it. Now I'm used to it its definately worth every penny, and I would not want to return it, I'm having the best nights sleep ever. Most nights not waking at all which is very unusual.


Great mattress!

We first saw this mattress a year o so ago and thought it was one of the most comfortable we'd ever tried in a shop. So when we tried the dreams sleepmatch we weren't surprised that it came up as a top pick. We tried some other tempur mattresses in other shops but this was our favourite with the cool touch layer especially as we'd heard others say they found the memory foam hot. A couple of weeks in and we're delighted with the firmness of the mattress and the way it moulds to your body. A very comfy night's sleep!


Completely different sleeping experience

So we have had this mattress for 3 weeks and it is definitely a different sleeping experience. We spent the money on this as it supposedly is good for 20 years, so saves on changing a mattress after 8 years, so figured this would save money in the long run. We are still getting used to the mattress but as our old one was so soft but our new Mattress is definitely supporting us all in the right places and my husband doesn’t wake me up anymore when moving around ...... if only Tempur could sort his snoring out!!!!


I would never buy a sprung mattress again.

Not the cheapest mattress but you really do get what you pay for, it’s the strangest feeling sleeping on one these mattresses. The main thing I noticed was I don’t get disturbed when my wife turns over in bed as you simply can’t feel it or hear it, the mattress just moulds to your body however you decide to position yourself. I have back and neck problems due to having had a very physical job for 25 years, it’s definitely made a huge difference to my sleeping pattern and I wake with no aches and pains anymore.


Sleeping on cloud 9!

The best mattress and pillow i have ever owned. I always look forward to bed time! Only problem is if i now go to bed early to watch tv im falling asleep straight away , no matter how hard i try to stay awake i fall asleep. The Tempur mattress and Tempur pillow just support you in a way others dont, no more shoulder pain when sleeping on my side and when sleeping on my back its like im floating in air! So glad we went to Dreams to use the sleep match machine , it really did pick us the perfect mattress!



We tried this bed example in store and thought it just right for us, but we are different body weights my wife at 55 kgs me at 102 kgs. Currently we seem to roll together during the night due to weight differences ! Now we think we will get an even firmer mattress as we have the 100 night deal to exchange it. Staff are very helpful in assisting us and advising us too . We will take our tempur pillows and try the other options in store in February and see if we can justify the mattress type change !


TEMPUR CoolTouch Original Elite

Best mattress I've EVER bought! I didn't intend to spend as much as I did, but once you've tested one of these, you'll never be satisfied with anything less. I used to suffer from lower back issues, but haven't experienced a single problem since the TEMPUR arrived. I no longer wake up in the night and sleep right the way through. And no, I DON'T work for them either! If you need support and a good night's sleep, PLEASE find the money from somewhere to move up to a TEMPUR - I wish I'd done it years ago.


A Super Sleeping Experience

The concept of 'mattress' as truly reached a new standard of perfection with the development of the Tempur line, including this CoolTouch Original Elite version. Okay, it costs more, but the value for money, I guarantee you, is worth it. I find that this mattress adjusts beautifully to your weight and movements, providing blissful support and comfort for a super sleeping experience. Especially great for side sleepers who need help with pressure points on shoulder, hip, knee. But a treat for everyone!


Back pain GONE!!

Old bed was causing both my wife and I back pain. She has always had pains in her hips on other mattresses as well due to the need for something firm. This Tempur mattress is still firm but also gives where needed. It's an expensive mattress and we did wonder about the cost, but took the plunge and now neither of us now suffer from pain when we get up in the morning and we sleep much better. We have had the mattress for a few weeks and are very happy with it. Well worth the money for good sleep.


No more back pain!

I broke my back a year ago and had been struggling on our previous mattress. It took a few nights to get used to the TEMPUR mattress as it is a different way of sleeping. I was so used to pillow propping to get comfortable it seemed strange to not have to do that any more. Can safely say we are very happy with our purchase and wish we had bought one sooner. Only down side is that the cool touch cover is quite slippy so the sheet keeps coming off during the night which is a bit annoying.



We bought a mattress for our son on line. This was easy to do and we were able to find reviews and information about the mattress before we bought it on line. Delivery was quicker than expected. The men delivering the mattress were excellent and followed Covid regulations. The mattress is part the kids mattress range. It is very comfortable and the ability to take off the topper part of it to wash is an excellent feature. My son likes the mattress and is great for him as he grows.


Best mattress for arthritis

This mattress allows ‘countours’ of your body to ‘sink in’ giving it great support. I’m a side sleeper, so this feature is very helpful, allowing me a pain free nights, as I started suffering from arthritis in my shoulders and knees and my previous very expensive mattress was not doing it’s job for me. No more tossing in the bed! Although bought it on sale, this was still an expensive purchase, but for me it was the right and only choice (even within other Tempur mattresses)


Worth It!

I bought this mattress after buying another brand of memory foam mattress and although more expensive than the previous, you can see why! The first memory foam mattress I tried was highly rated independently online, but not what I expected. It was foam and returned to its shape after getting off it, but didn’t offer me the support or comfort I get with this Tempur mattress. Although the Tempur feels solid when you get on, you soon feel yourself sink into it and hold you.


Good Surprise

Never in our lives thought we’d spend £2100 on a mattress but after trying it out in store and comparing to standard spring mattresses, took the decision to get the mattress. Really happy with it, it’s comfortable, a firm feel but allows you to sink in supporting you well. Looks good if that really matters for a mattress. Thickness is good as well, with our new bed, sits at a nice height off the floor. Worried at first spending this much on a mattress flout glad we did!


A totally new experiences !.

I purchased this beast of a mattress last month, in the superking size, this mattress is a delight and a shocker at the same time, if you can get over the spookyness of getting out of bed and it looking like a ghost is init then you will love this mattress, firm but so comfortable, contours around your body give the ultimate support, second memory foam bed and you can really tell the difference between the original and the imitation. Thank god for tempur.


Is worth every penny!

Fantastic mattress!! Initially is a new sensation compared with a traditional spring mattress, and might be even uncomfortable for a couple of days when you go to bed. But you feel the sleep improvement from the very first day. I wake up with the sensation of having rested every single day. No back pain, no positional pain... just a pleasant sleep. I still have 10 years ahead to change the mattress, but i just have decided I would go for the same one!


So worth the money

Never pictured myself spending £2000 on a mattress until I tried this. With my old sprung mattress I was waking up with hip pain, a dead arm from trying to support the gap under my neck, etc. Lay on this and could feel all those parts just sink into it. Closest I can describe it is like a water bed, just supports you evenly all over. Haven't woken up in pain since, haven't woken up in the night at all in fact! Getting the best sleep I've ever had.


So comfy...

We didn't intend to buy a new mattress but when we tested this one in store we were sold. We've been sleeping on it for a few weeks now and it's the most comfy mattress I've ever had. It's very unusual the way it adjusts to your movements but it supports you in every inch of your body. The cool touch feature must be working too as I haven't found it too hot. It seems to distribute the heat your body emits well. Overall very glad we invested.


not that happy

most expensive mattress, i bought firm tempur mattress. when it came very bad gaz smell from mattress. i have to leave ot open stand for 3 days smell little bit better. when i’m sleeping i’m rolling to my husband, and top of the mattress very slippery material. all my sheets protects comes off in the night. so annoying. i cant even refund. if i change it i have to change the different mattress has to be same price. they dont do refunds!!!!!


The most supportive mattress ever and it’s not hot

Perfect support so comfy. We were concerned that people had said tempur makes you very hot. I can confirm that this is absolute rubbish, the mattress is no warmer than any other mattress, that said I am not sure the cool touch do actually make it cooler to sleep on but maybe it’s the reason it’s no different to any other mattress. The only two negatives are the price and it is harder to move around in bed because you are totally supported.



although we ordered a medium having been recommended to buy firm following the sleepmaster check, the medium is still very hard. After 3 weeks of trying to adjust to the mattress I gave in and brought a really good thick synthetic mattress topper. This has helped me a great deal as it has made the mattress more bearable to sleep on, although it has cost me another £50 for the topper on top of an already very expensive mattress at £2,000


Excellent Mattress

I bought the Tempur Cooltouch Elite Mattress about a month ago. It is such a comfortable mattress while also giving good support. Having had 2 back operations, I was very particular in finding a mattress that gave me great support and a good night's sleep. In the showroom the Tempur Cooltouch was the winner for me every time. Now that I have my own Tempur Cooltouch at home, it continues to be a winner and I am delighted with my purchase.


Quality is worth paying for!

I brought this mattress a month ago because my girlfriend wanted it but at first wasnt that impressed due to the price but after a month of sleeping on it my opinion is completely turned around and I have realised quality is worth paying for as I haven't slept so well on any other mattress and that's because I have always gone for a cheap one in the past. This mattress is quality made and has proved the best nights sleep I have ever had.


My new Mattress

Okey we know cost a lot of money and you would expect it to be something magical but its not so we were very disappointed the first night it was hard and not as comfortable as we expected. But please read on the paper work that came with the mattress did say it takes a short time to "bed in" for the want of a better word should say a few weeks now we can see and feel in benefit of the Mattress worth every penny. Remember give in time


Good mattress overall just not suited to my needs

I bought this less than a month ago together with the Headboard and base. I was very excited and happy at first because Tempur is such a renowned brand. Unfotuantely though the mattress did not suit my severe back issues. Too firm, too hot and unable to have a proper sleep due to back pain not calming down at night time. Sadly had to return the mattress under the 30 nights guarantee and Dreams have been really helpful in the process.


Technology built into mattress impressive

Bought a temper mattress a few weeks ago ,due to continuous episodes of Back ache then 5 months of unbearable sciatica I thought I would buy the best and take a gamble .so far so good took a while to adapt to it taking your body shape but getting a better nights sleep confirmed by smart watch /Garmin even heart rate lower .Back pain now under control and don’t think it’s a coincidence but the mattress which has helped enormously.


Temper Cool Touch Original Elite Mattress.

It is cool to sleep in I like other foam mattresses, and since we purchased it we have enjoyed amazingly comfortable and restful nights sleep. As a Scoliosis sufferer, it is vital to be able to get comfortable and it has done just that. It moulds to my shape and supports my body and allows me to sleep. This amazing mattress has done everything I wanted as well as moulding to my partners body shape and sleep needs. Thank you.


Lovely comfortably firm mattress would rwcommend

We bought the mattress after we undertook the body scan at Dream which recommended a form mattress. We both suffer with back issues. I can however state my back has greatly improved since using the mattress. It soft a slowly adjusts to your body shape. It's designed so you don't feel your partner move and and this is so. It took some adjusting from a soft mattress but has proven to be a great hut. We really live the mattress


Fitted sheet problem

We have had this mattress a few weeks now and are now getting used to it We do have a problem with getting the fitted bottom sheet staying in place while we sleep We have tried without a mattress protector - with 2 different protectors - with cotton sheets - with polyester sheets and with brushed cotton sheets but the top corners have always come away by morning All the different sheets are the correct size so it is a puzzle


Excellent purchase

We went looking for a mattress with no idea what to get as there are so many to choose. Having spoken to the sales assistant on site we decided to try out the computer to assess our needs, we both suffer with various ailments which were included in the assessment. After 5 minutes it gave us 5 options to choose, having made our choice, and having it delivered around 2 weeks later, we've not looked back, best mattress ever.


Tempur elite ool touch mattress

We purchased this mattress in December.. had it delivered the start of this year... mainly to help with the problem my wife has with her back... and I have to say it has helped her no end... not only with her back.. but also in allowing her to have a proper relaxing night's sleep.. so thank you "Dreams",,, for not only easing the sleepless nights my wife used to have... but also me as well... Thank you from both of us....


Comfy but cool touch doesnt work!

This bed is so comfortable!! Twi weeks in and still loving it. However in the past few days when its been warm out it has become unbearable for me to sleep comfortably on a night. The mattress keeps in so much heat it is uncomfortable to touch, let alone have a peaceful nights sleep! I have resorted to sleeping on top of our duvet to avoid touching the mattress. Definitely not for someone who likes to be cool on a night.


Best Money i have ever spent!!!

When walking around dreams I wasn't too sure on the on the mattress based on the price but after testing out the sleep machine it recommended this mattress. After one night sleep in it I could feel the difference! its so comfortable, its stopped my back pain and now I get an amazing nights sleep every night, feeling refreshed in the mornings! the only down side to this is anytime I'm away from home i miss this mattress!


Mattress like no other!

Very pleased with our purchase. We had been to a number of places testing out mattresses of all sorts without any luck but it took Dreams no time to find us the right match! Excellent customer experience and the mattress is fantastic! It is extremely comfortable and has just the right level of firmness. Also, we're very impressed with the cool touch feature - it actually does remain 'cool' at all times! 100% Recommend!


Most comfortable sleep I’ve ever had.

When we tested this mattress in store it was leagues above all the others in terms of comfort. I lay down and it felt like I was being supported across my whole body. We couldn’t wait to get ours delivered. Now we have had it for a couple weeks and it is just amazing. I used to get sore shoulders on my old mattress but that is now a thing of the past thanks to the comfort of the tempur mattress. Worth every penny.


Sleep perfection

After trying different mattresses over the years which where to hard or to soft and not getting a good night’s sleep I have now found a mattress in the tempur cooltouch original elite mattress that is so comfortable which has gave me the best nights sleep and not waking up with a bad back in a long time I would definitely give this a ten out of ten and wish I had invested in one a long time go highly recommended


Great Sleep

We recently bought a super king size Tempur mattress from the Hereford branch of dreams and received delivery in under a week. We cannot fault the lady in the store or the two delivery men in the quality of service. Although we have only had the mattress a couple of weeks we are both sleeping much better and it appears to be helping to reduce the aches and pains we were starting to get as we age.


You're Worth It!

Bought this a few weeks ago & yes it's expensive, but it's also the only mattress I'll buy for many years given it's quality. Firm to the touch, yet you sink into to slightly & slowly so it fits the contours of your body. The best sleep I've ever had. Thought of going cheaper, but we decided the value of paying extra for a better product & for longer product life was worth the expense. Very satisfied


Incredible comfort

We've had the mattress for 2 weeks now, after a delayed delivery due to covid... Dreams sorted this out as soon as possible for us. The Tempur mattress is incredible. I suffer with a bad back so it's amazing how much support you get from it and allows proper alignment of the spine and complete comfort all night through and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Its expensive but worth every penny!


Takes some getting used to

To be fair this is still in the test phase for me, I'm a terrible sleeper and this far since having that a good night's sleep is a mixed bag. There is a sinking sensation when laying on the bed as it moulds to your position, takes about 3 minutes and the same everytime you adjust. Quality of the mattress is exceptional however, if you sleep easy this is probably the best mattress you can purchase


The word “Cooltouch” adds over £300 to the price!

Takes a few weeks to get used to and makes the bed very hot. Apparently the “Cooltouch” is exclusive to Dreams and although it is cool to touch, once in bed it soon becomes very hot! We found a Tempur Original Elite double Mattress & 2 pillows £350 cheaper than Dreams but they wouldn’t price match due to the word Cooltouch being on the invoice. Incidentally no such word on the mattress label itself.


Expensive but comfortable

It took a couple of weeks to get used to the mattress, it’s completely different to anything I’ve slept on before. Right from the first night my hip pain disappeared. I was worried I would find it too hot but so far it’s been ok. I find moving around challenging sometimes, you seem to get stuck in a hole!! I think it’s expensive for what it is but I’m hoping it will outlast a traditional mattress.


A Super Mattress to have

My wife and I bought this mattress as it was the best one from the chosen list for our sleep test. The bed has a soft feel on first contact but you feel really supported in all the right places with a firm but snug fit, as the fowm moulds to your body. Our restless nights have now gone and we are getting at least 1.5 hours deep sleep everynight, so feel so much more refreshed in the mornings


Great nights sleep.

I have lower back pain and over the last few years it's been getting worse. This last 12 months I have been waking up at night, in pain and uncomfortable. I was very apprehensive with this new mattress until we tried it, that said, for the first time for a long time I sleep all through the night. This is not by any means a cure as I still suffer lower back pain but not during the night now.


At last, a good nights sleep.

Buying this mattress was the best decision I have made. My existing mattress was less than 3 years old but was causing me sleepless nights and severe back and hip pain. I was worried about making another expensive mistake but the Tempur mattress is fantastic. My backache is considerably less than before and I’m sleeping through the night. It was expensive but has been well worth the money.



Takes a good few nights to ‘settle in’ and get used to the different ‘feel’ of the mattress. It is SO SO comfortable and really does mould to your shape. I had been suffering with sore hips and neck/shoulders. I now sleep soundly and have no aches n pains in my hips at all. It is a bit warmer than the traditional mattress but a lighter tog quilt solved that. Very happy with our purchase.



Had this a few weeks now, it is now Soooooooo comfortable took a while to get used to it though. The problem is that it is now very difficult to get out of bed in the mornings as you do not want to get up, you sink into it and feel supported fully, and the aches associated with the previous mattress have been reduced significantly. Why have I waited so long to get one of these mattresses.


Great Night's Sleep ... Backpain Now Gone!

I suffered from lower back-pain and pain in my shoulders, as my previous mattress was too hard. Tried 8 different manufacturer's products, and decided to buy the Tempur CoolTouch. The mattress is extremely comfortable, very supportive and nice and cool when you get into bed. After a couple of nights on new mattress, back pain has gone and I am getting a really good night's sleep.


Best sleep ive ever had. Solved my back pain.

Best sleep ive ever had. Ive struggled with sleep a lot in the past and this mattress is giving me the best quality of sleep ever. Ive had a lot og back pain for the past 5 years and after only 2 weeks of having this new mattress and pillow, my pain is a fraction of what is has been and getting back every day. Better sleep and no more crippling back pain is life changing.


So Comfortable

I purchased this mattress to replace one that was getting somewhat tired. We tried a number of mattresses and this one really took the biscuit. My wife and I love this mattress as it gives superb support for the full length of the body to ensure a good nights sleep. The fact that the top can be unzipped for washing is an added bonus, something not found on other products.


Must buy

I just had to write a review as I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis and have struggled to sleep and struggled to get out of bed in the mornings due to pain .... since having this mattress I sleep so much better and have far less pain when I wake in the mornings and also wake up refreshed ... it really is a fantastic mattress and deffinatley worth every single penny


Exceptionally comfortable.

Tested numerous mattress's from a variety of companies and Tempur was the one I continued to be pulled back to, price was not an issue as I was looking for the most comfortable and supportive mattress as I suffer from back and neck pain. I have had this mattress now for a month and can quite honestly say its been the best months sleep I have ever had. Absolutely awsome.


Tempus mattress worth every penny

Bought my Tempus mattress a month ago best night sleep I have ever had, sleeped just like a baby .woke up in the morning so refreshed no aches or pains . The passed 8 years I have bought two expensive mattresses and was so disappointed didn't sleep and covered in aches and pains. I wish I had found my Tempus mattress years ago it was very expensive but worth every penny.


Wonderful Comfort

I have had this mattress for more or less for just over two weeks and the comfort is absolutely fabulous it moulds to your shape. I have each night just snuggled in bed and within minutes I have gone to sleep. For several years now I have found difficulty in sleeping but this mattress feels like magic to me. So very happy to have purchased this item, excellent product.


Great night’s sleep

I’ve had this mattress for 3 weeks. I’ve always had sprung mattresses before and I was warned this would feel different. It did take some getting used to but now it is by far the most comfortable I have slept on. It does keep cooler and provides really good support. I’m sleeping better than I have done in years. You do have to allow it time to settle to suit you.


Excellent mattress

An excellent mattress which supports your whole body and keeps it in alignment, whilst not putting pressure on your joints. The best night's sleep I've had in a long time with no aching joints or discomfort in the morning. Have also bought the Tempur pillow to go with it and no longer need to use two pillows. Highly recommend both the mattress and the pillow.


Tempur cool touch contour elite 25 D

I bought this mattress 19/1/19 order number 308A007007 great for the first year. Now because of the dips on ether side so much and seams to have gone soft to touch all over as well ,reported it to local Dreams have sent in previous photos on reading reviews I not the only one. In store were extremely helpful recommended this as a firm Mattress .It was.


Perfect sleep

I have been sleeping on this mattress for for a while now and it still feels amazing every evening I go to bed. It is like lying on air. It is so comfortable and I am having the best nights sleep I have had in a long time. I wake in the morning feeling refreshed and that was something I wasn’t getting before. I would definitely recommend this mattress


Great mattress

After being told we needed a firm mattress I was concerned as I thought we needed a soft mattress however this is great, and not as firm as anticipated- definitely having better nights sleep which is the main thing! Is it worth the premium price tag? I’m not totally Convinced yet, but maybe time will tell as the 10 year guarantee is very appealing!


Great mattress - but heavy and not easy to move!

High quality product, faultless infact. The mattress delivers on it’s promise. The only slight issue we had was the fact that access was quite narrow, and manipulating the mattress to get into our room was not easy. It does not bend very easily and is really heavy! The delivery men, really warned their keep and we were thankful they were there!

Questions and Answers About TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Original Elite Mattress

Would you recommend using a topper on this mattress?

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. The use of a topper would be down to your own personal preference. This bed is extremely comfortable without a mattress, but if you would prefer, then a topper could also be used. You can find our mattress toppers here: https://www.dreams.co.uk/bedding/mattress-toppers. Kind regards, Dreams

I've got arthritis in my neck, hips and back as well as fibromyalgia. Will a tempur help at all? I'm worried I'll spend all this money and end up uncomfortable still?

Answer: , Tempur mattresses are indeed extremely supportive. We would recommend though heading to your local store to try out sleepmatch machine, as this will pair you with your perfect mattress! You can find more information about this here: https://www.dreams.co.uk/about-sleepmatch Thanks, Dreams.

will you take old mattress away if we spend over £2000?

Answer: Hi , We take old mattresses away upon the purchase of a new product. You can add our recycling services to your order upon checkout. Prices vary dependant on mattress size. Thank you for your question.

Do you have to turn or rotate the mattress at all?

Answer: , This mattress does not need to be flipped but we do recommend you rotate clockwise/anti-clockwise regularly. Kind Regards, Dreams.

Should these mattresses be turned / flipped regularly or are they ok to be left in the same position?

Answer: Hi , This mattress does not need to be flipped but we do recommend you rotate clockwise/anti-clockwise regularly. Kind Regards, Giedre

Can you put an electric blanket on a tempur mattress or will that restrick the moulding shape etc?

Answer: Hi , We would not recommend using an electric blanket with this product. Thank you for your question.

Can I purchase an EU double mattress size 135 x 200cm

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not stock this sized mattress at present. Kind regards, Dreams.

Are all mattresses sold via dream anti-fire?

Answer: Hi , Yes all our mattresses are fire retardant. Thank you for your question.

I'm buying an ottoman bed and so need to know the weight of the Tempur mattress. Please can you help.

Answer: , The weight of this mattress in a king size is 48.7kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the sides of this mattress a light grey 

Answer: , The cover of the mattress is white and grey. Many thanks, Dreams

What is the weight of this Mattress is King Size? 

Answer: , The weight of this is 48.7kg. Kind regards Dreams

Can you put a Tempur mattress on any branded bed frame/divan? (as long as both king size, for example). Or does a Tempur mattress have to go on a Tempur bed?

Answer: Hi , It can go on any bed. Thank you.

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