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Symple Stuff Dolly Memory Foam Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 17 customer reviews

Symple Stuff Dolly Memory Foam Mattress

Brand: Symple Stuff

4/5 - 17 Read Reviews


Small Double
King Size
Super King

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What Makes The Symple Stuff Dolly Memory Foam Mattress Great

I was extremely skeptical of such an affordable frame being able to support bed bed and my family safely. I was shocked by the ease of assembly and the strength of the foundation. Further, It is high enough to store EIGHT 77 qt storage tubs under it. I am 20 months pregnant (at least I feel that way) and my husband is not small either, but this bed supports both of us and in the morning our children too, without concern. The platform is also surprisingly comfortable. One unexpected bonus, was the plastic on the feet. I assembled the king sized frame myself and moved it around the room, without scratching the wood flooring. I would completely recommend it, it is definitely worth the lengthy shipping time (it's no Prime, but it did arrive within 10 days).

High-density foams ensure a long lifespan whilst maintaining comfort

Firmness: Medium

Medium tension mattresses are suitable, generally, for most people. Unless your BMI is substantially lower or higher than average you will not typically find a medium firmness mattress uncomfortable, Generally speaking though, if you do suffer from backpain and your BMI is average or higher, consider a firmer mattress. If you do not have backpain have have a lower BMI, consider a softer mattress.

Core Construction: Foam

When a mattresses core construction is foam that means it does not have a traditional spring system common withing the industry. Make no mistake however, reflex-foam as it is commonly dubbed, is a fine substitute that many of the big bed-in-a-box retailers have latched onto in recent years to to it's supportive feeling and non-dipping effects. Well worth consideration, tensions can vary depending on material compound.

Top Comfort Layer: Memory Foam

Memory foam is one of the more comfortable top layers in a mattress. Memory foam will give a sinking feeling of supreme comfort that moulds to your body giving a feeling of support and contouring

Hypo-allergenic: Yes

A Hypo-allergenic mattress is created using materials that have a low expectation of producing allergic reactions. Due to the wide scale of allergies that people can have, there is no guarantee of not experiencing a reaction, however, this product represents one of the best chances you'll get to not have reactions.

High-quality memory foam provides pressure relieving support

5 zone support

Relieves pressure and soothes aches and pains edge to edge support

Vacuum rolled mattress for ease of transport with the same benefits of a standard mattress

It is ideal for asthma sufferers

Hypo-allergenic soft-touch removable cover reduces symptoms of asthma and allergies

Customer Reviews For The Symple Stuff Dolly Memory Foam Mattress

Based on 17 review

I ordered this product to go with an upholstered headboard I purchased from this site. A friend and I assembled this frame yesterday and it did not go as seamlessly as I hoped. The product seems sturdy, but buyers should note the hole placement for the bolts did not line up. Due to the fact that I loathe returning things we did everything we could to get all the bolts in at an angle to secure the bed enough to ensure It won't fall a part. Perhaps this was just a fluke and I got a faulty bed frame, but I wanted to give the heads up to future buyers.


Fantastic! Easy assembly. Much more sturdy than expected for the height of the rack. Can have the legs with a solid end cap or the wheels. Capped legs worked better for me on the carpet in my closet. Easily fits four pairs of shoes on each level. Taller ankle boots use the top shelf. Shoes with any size heel works the best to catch the bar in the back and not slide forward. My running shoes do stay in place on the textured bar. Perfectly pleased with the purchase. Might be getting one for my daughter we like it so much.


I will say that I'm very pleased with quality of the comforter and would recommend it to anyone. Just be sure of the color you're wanting, though. I had looked everywhere for a rust color bedspread and the color of this comforter in the add was just perfect. When I unwrapped it, I was very disappointed to find something closer to neon orange. Pros: Good value, nicely made Cons: The color did not match the ad photo. In the same ballpark but not the same shade.


This product is easy to assemble and is quite sturdy. (It only took about a half hour to put together.) A consideration is the additional purchase of nonslip material and foam corner bumpers/protectors. We also used a pool noodle around the legs to guard against stubbing our toes. Purchasing those other items was a minimal expense, and they all worked like a charm.


The bed frame is very good. Just what I was looking for. Its heavy and easy to put together. The only problem I have with it is that I didnt notice how high it would be compared to how low the holes are on my headboard. I also hope my mattress doesnt slide as it doesnt have anything to hold it in place. Other than that it will do.


It keeps all my heels organized and makes it easy for me to look for the shoes I will wear. I am getting another one since not all my heels fit in it. Only 40 pairs really fit in it and I have other shoes I would like to organize in the same fashion. Definitely recommend it!


Cheapest one I could find anywhere and it is perfect. Not too heavy and not too lift. I am a hot sleeper so have trouble finding these that arent too heavy and this one is perfect. Extremely comfortably!!!


Love it took 45 minutes to put together and you do not have to use the wheels lay it on the floor before you connect make sure bars look like the picture then twist all poles on one side


As a bed frame, it's fine. It was easy enough to put together and seems sturdy enough. My only regret is that I didn't notice the part where it doesn't have casters.


Decent mattress for the price. Only just got them so don't know how they'll wear but the teenagers are happy with them and have said they are comfotable.


I bought this comforter based on its reviews. I was not disappointed at all. Great quality and price.


My daughter was super impressed with her new mattress,very comfortable and great fit!


Nice thick, comfortable mattress. Definitely worth the price paid.


Amazing price for a high quality mattress


Very comfortable

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