Sleepeezee Westminster 3000 Pocket Mattress Rated 3/5 based on 18 customer reviews

Sleepeezee Westminster 3000 Pocket Mattress

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Brand: Sleepeezee
3/5 - 18 reviews


What Makes It Great

We ordered the medium-firm mattress and it proved to be the right choice for both of us. Due to the new mattress, our quality of sleep has greatly improved and we now wake up without the old back aches and pains we suffered with our old mattress. We both have the support we need, we no longer have to fight to stay in bed when sleeping near the edges due to the high level of support in these areas provided by the new mattress. The mattress is just the right thickness and is the right fit for our bedframe. Very pleased with this product.


This product is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction. Ideal if you suffer from any sort of allergy problems

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

5 year guarantee

A 5 year guarantee is quite rare in the industry and is a great indicator of the retailer beleiving in their product. Anything go wrong in the next 5 years, no drama, get it replaced.

Turnable mattress

Air Vents

When you sleep you also sweat, when this happens it generally leaks into the mattress. Sounds a little gross but that is the way it works, no drama however as matresses are built to be breathable and air out any moisture buildup, the addition of air vents helps ensure this happens with peak efficiency

Woven Damask Cover

Guarantee: 5 Years

A 5 year guarantee is quite rare in the industry and is a great indicator of the retailer beleiving in their product. Anything go wrong in the next 5 years, no drama, get it replaced.

Pure New Wool

Contains Natural Cotton

Medium to Firm

Firmer than the average mattress, a medium to firm mattress is ideally suited to those that are looking for extra back support but still require and amount of comfort from their mattress. Ideally suited for a large range of the populus and becoming much more common, deviating away from the previous medium-for-everyone model.

Turning Handles

Have you ever tried rotating or flipping a mattress without handles? You have to do that weird thing where you use your head as a third arm as you sort of nudge it with your face. Take the handles as a blessing


Individual Pocket Springs

The ideal choice in construction when choosing a mattress, pocket sprung mattresses offer, in our opinion, the best combination of support and comfort. The number of pocket springs can be equally important however

Fire Resistant - Low Hazard

This product has a low fire hazard marker against it, ideal considering you"re unconscious while on it. Not to be confused with a source 5 rating

NBF Approved Product

NBF stands for the National Bed Federation and is at the forefront of standards and legislation in the UK bed industry, these guys oversee the entire bedding industry with their mark and brand only being associated to those that follow a certain criteria of care and standards.

60 Night Sleep Trial: exchange your mattress for a different Sleepeezee model if you're not 100% happy

Luxurious Silk

Hurry! This mattress won't be around forever - once it's gone, it's gone!

In stock and available for Free Next Day Delivery - with a complimentary Two Man Delivery Upgrade to the room of your choice!

An incredible 3000 pocket springs

Springs are manufactured using 30% high quality recycled steel

Luxurious natural silk, English wool and cotton fillings


Turning handles for easy moving

Premium quality Belgian damask cover

Chrome finished air vents for freshness and breathability

Hand-tufted for enhanced longevity and support

Anti-bacterial cover treatment to guard against allergens

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 review

This mattress is rather firm - I need to buy a topper to try to make it more comfortable.Quality is only average (springs creak a little). It is advertised as having "natural fillings", which is true but there is also synthetic filling so this description is a misleading. It is very heavy and the handles on the sides break their stitches when you move it.


The delivery men were somewhat awkward ! They were delayed by Van failure for a few days. On arrival, it seemed they were reluctant to take it upstairs to the bedroom via a staircase with a small dogleg at the bottom. We had to insist that they did...albeit with a lot of negative huffing and puffing!!! We helped.


It is heavy, but not unmanageable.The cover fabric isnt the usual luxury look or feel. Im sure there is a reason behind it, but it just looks cheap and plasticy compared to previous SE mattress we have had. With that said, the mattress is great despite the minor flaws.


I love the feel and the support. I would say better feel than our last medium firm Sleepeezy mattress.My son is 3 and he just moved on to a big boy bed, and he sleeps so much better since we upgraded.


Firm (ours is medium-firm, but I find it slightly on the softer side and would have preferred a bit firmer, especially around the edges); looks and feels great and is very cosy.


Love this mattress, supportive firm but doesnt feel like you are sleeping on the floor!! I dont feel hardly any bounce if partner tosses and turns in the night


The bed seemed a bit too firm at first. But we have got used to it. And get a really good nights sleep. Would definitely recommend.


Very heavy and compared to other more expensive mattresses I find it a bit on the softer side. Also the edges give away easily.


Slightly firmer than we thought it would be. We had to get zip and link as full supersize would not go up the stairs ...beware


We were switching from soft mattresses. In retrospect we should have bought a firm mattress, rather than medium to firm.


I have bad back and this mattress has helped a lot with support. Would definitely recommend.


I did lots of research and remain really pleased with this purchase.


Well made mattress. Firm but very comfortable


Firmness and support and it has handles!


As stated. Good firm mattress.


Good support and comfortable


Well made, comfortable.