Sleepeezee Regency Stately Mattress - Medium Firm Rated 4/5 based on 63 customer reviews

Sleepeezee Regency Stately Mattress - Medium Firm

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Brand: Sleepeezee
Code: 133-00692
Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 23cm
Updated: 11/12/2019 11:45:44 PM
4/5 - 63 reviews


What Makes It Great

I work on the delivery team for dreams and this was on a demo bed we had on display and everytime I sat or laid on it I was accidentally fell asleep within 30 seconds, love the medium firmness and softness also got a good spring to it, the only problem I have is I believe this mattress doesn't get promoted enough, I have various colleagues who would 100% back me up with on how comfortable this mattress is. Definitely definitely definitely would recommend, also recommend hunting this down in a store and trialling it out so you can see for yourself.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

A decent height for padding material representing a barrier between you and the springs that make up the core of the mattress. This type of mattress should be comfortable as a result of the depth of this soft and comfortable material

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Memory foam is without a doubt much more comfortable than many other types of filling offered while being able to offer both support and a rebound effect that encapsulates your body

Better than average amount of springs. Might be slightly firmer as a result but don't let this put you off. Firmer mattresses can still offer tons of comfort, the only difference is you get a better level of support as well. Ideal for those suffering from a bit of back or joint pain

Better than average amount of springs. Might be slightly firmer as a result but don't let this put you off. Firmer mattresses can still offer tons of comfort, the only difference is you get a better level of support as well. Ideal for those suffering from a bit of back or joint pain

Questions and Answers

Can you bend the mattress to get it up stairs? 

Answer: The Stately mattress has a combination of pocket springs and memory foam and therefore turning mobility will be more limited than a foam based mattress. However, our delivery team are very experienced in manoeuvring mattresses and so will likely be able to navigate this mattress up your staircase. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you rotate this mattress, or do you flip it when you first buy it? 

Answer: Good Evening, We recommend that you rotate your mattress regularly, rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter. This mattress is not double sided and so there is no need to 'flip' the mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

How long time the grantees or warranty 

Answer: Good afternoon, We cover all our items for 12 months, however extra coverage for 8 years is available for purchase on most products. Kind regards, Dreams

Is this an orthopedic mattress?

Answer: This mattress is not classified as an orthopedic mattress, it is a medium comfort grade. Kind Regards, Dreams

Will this mattress be suitable with a slated bed Base or only for a divan tested in the shop seemed comfy but I'm worried that cause it was on a divan on my slatted bed base it may make the mattress feel different than it did in the shop 

Answer: Hi Jason25, This mattress will be find to use on a slatted bedframe. Kind Regards, Giedre

How much does the superking size mattress weight?

Answer: Hi Nickykos, The superking size mattress weight is 50 kg. Kind Regards, Giedre

Can you please confirm which Sleepeezee collection this mattress is from?

Answer: This mattress is from the Regency collection. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the superking really heavy or is there another option which is lighter in weight for me please? Thankyiu

Answer: The Super King Stately Mattress weighs 50kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

can you use this Regal Sleepezee mattress with an ottoman solid based framw

Answer: Hi , Yes, this will be fine. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 review

Bright and regal!

The bright, clean, crisp look of this mattress is very appealing at first sight. The build of the mattress sealed the deal for us...pocket springs and memory foam we find is the perfect combination. We have used this for three weeks now and no complaints. It feels strong and I have no doubt will last us a long time. I am impressed by how cool I've felt through the night. A recent trial (for 100 days with another company) was returned after a few weeks as we were incredibly warm through the night. Very very happy now.

Excellent value, incredibly comfortable

I purchased this mattress in the sale, which provided excellent value. The mattress is extremely comfortable. I prefer a soft/medium mattress while my partner prefers firm/medium. The supportive mattress with its soft topper works perfectly for both of us. It works on our slatted ottoman bed. It has been very comfortable from first use, providing good support and also soft comfort. Feels great quality and more than worth the price. Handles make it easy to move as bed is quite heavy. Would definitely recommend.

Great comfort

We brought our mattress a month ago, since then I have looked forward to going to bed every night, I now understand why people say it’s important to go & try mattresses so you get the right one. The member of staff was also very good & has a lot of input in to the mattress we brought. I do think the mattress was expensive & maybe more than I would initially thought about spending but it is most definitely money well spent. Thank you Dreams

Worth the price!

We were looking for a mid-range mattress when we went in store, but after trying a number of different types recommended by the sleep test mattress, we immediately fell in love with the comfort and luxuriousness of the Stately. I suffer from lower back pain & since sleeping on our new mattress, the pain at night has diminished massively. Highly recommend spending the extra when you’ll be spending half your time on it!

Comfortable is better than expected

Been sleeping on this for a couple of weeks. Far superior than a foam only system. Last mattress was a foam base with a memory foam topper. Believe me this is so much more superior. We do not roll together. I am also convinced that unlike the foam only system the springs will stop the sagging and compression issues of foam. I now get a proper nights sleep.

Great Mattress

The mattress was delivered a month ago, at first I found it too firm but over the last few weeks it has started to give a little and is now extremely comfortable, it moulds nicely round the body giving that extra support needed, my back pain is better than it was and I am sleeping much better. I would definitely recommend this mattress

nice deep mattress

Had our Hypnos mattress for ages and was going to go for a similar one. Tried lots and lots in the showroom - this one was a great all rounder - got springs and memory foam, so the best of both worlds. You will need the extra deep fitted sheets - just a word of advice. Only had for 2 weeks now - but am really pleased.

Excellent mattress

I purchased this mattress online, and relied on other peoples comments. I am delighted with the quality, and firmness. I wanted medium firm, and that is exactly what I received, plenty of support but not too hard. Love the 2 strong handles each side. Best nights sleep in months.

Bargain in the sale! Great mattress

Got this mattress in the sale just after Christmas after trying a few medium firms in various stores. At the price it was it was a no brainer for us! So comfy and great support, the memoryform is super soft. Can’t comment on longevity but we’ll definitely get our money’s worth...


It replaced my 10 year old lumpy mattress and what a difference! I can actually get comfortable at night! Seems of great quality. My only draw back is, the edges slightly roll down to the stitches, so if you’re too close to the edge you feel like yours sleeping on a slope.

Love this mattress.

So happy with this mattress, it is extremely comfortable and provides excellent support. My husband did not think it could be as good as it is and now absolutely delighted. Has improved our sleep beyond all expectations. We should have bought it a long time ago.

Super comfy

Had for two weeks and can’t believe I’ve gone 20 years on a standard double, this mattress feels great and I’m sleeping right the way through the night and finding that no sleep is interrupted by me or the wife rolling over! Great price in the sale as well!!


Bought this a few weeks ago and we are amazed that we kept our old mattress for so long. This is so comfortable and worth every penny. The delivery guys were great too, very professional and friendly. I cannot fault anything about the product or the service!


Have been sleeping on this mattress for 3 weeks now but from the first minute, it’s been immense!! I’ve never been a great sleeper but this has transformed me. No aches or pains in my shoulders on waking. No rolling together. Just perfection.

Comfy matress

Great matress might not be the cheapest on the market but definitely one that you get what you pay for if you want a good night sleep this is for you if this matress continues to be as good as it has will definitely be worth the money

So comfy

I bought this for a very good price in the sale, have had it for a few weeks now and have slept so well. It’s firm but comfortable. The best thing about it is that you can’t even feel when your partner rolls over or gets out of bed.

Very comfy

I bought this a month ago. We had a firm mattress before and fancied something a bit softer. After trying many, this was perfect for the price point, comfiness and features. We did buy when it had 60% off but well worth that price.

Great Mattress!

I've had this mattress a few weeks and after a couple of nights to get use to it compared to my old mattress, I fell in love! The service was quick and my mattress was delivered straight to my chosen room with little fuss.

Excellent quality

I bought this as I was advised by salesman that I should buy a pocket sprung mattress as I have been diagnosed I with a problem in my hip. Have found this mattress to be extremely comfortable and extremely well made

Amazingly soft! Would recommentn10/10!

I mean I messed up for the first week as I slept on it upside down but even that side was still comfy haha. I suffer from chronic back pain and this is really helping and it was a very good deal I got so thank you!

Great Matress

Very pleased with our purchase, now had the mattress for three weeks. Both getting a good nights sleep. Its the first time with had the combination of memory form and pocket springs and it does work very well.

So Comfy!

This is one of the best mattresses I have ever slept on. It is very good quality and very comfy. Can't really think what else to say other than I have slept like a baby every night since purchasing it!


A medium firm mattress with 1800 pocket springs (king) and a layer of body moulding memory foam that is bestowed by the prince of wales royal warrant ... designed with luxurious and comfort in mind ...

Love this bed!

Bought this mattress in the Dreams Christmas Sale and I'm so glad we did. Not only was it a great price but it has helped me get a better nights sleep. Well done Sleepezze - I'm sleeping with ease!

Very comfortable to sleep on.

We ordered this mattress around two months ago after trying the computerised mattress in Dreams Llandudno first. This recommends the best ones suited to you. A must try before you decide.

Comfort to another level

I’ve never had a mattress specifically for me but in the Dreams store used the free measuring gizmo. Can honestly say I’ve not had such a comfortable sleep in years and years! Delighted!!

Great mattress

We’ve only had this mattress a month but so far it’s very comfortable and supportive. We bought this when it was reduced in the winter sale but probably wouldn’t have paid full price.


I love their products and the staff are so patient and understanding. I wasn't sure what mattress I was needing but the staff were very helpful and now I have the best sleeps ever.

Amazingly comfortable mattress.

So pleased with this mattress. We bought a super king size one and have soooooo much room. Its comfortable, stylish and in great condition. Highly recommended

Sleepeezee Regency Stately Mattress

I received the mattress 2 weeks ago, it differed from the trial mattress in the store. being very firm to start with and very slowly it is becoming softer.

Comfortable Mattress

Bought this on special offer - we would have been pleased with the comfort even at full price!! So, we are very happy happy with this purchase

Great title - says exactly what it is!

We've had this mattress for one month now and our sleep patterns are now so much better than they were. Extremely pleased with our purchase.

Super comfy sleep

It's been a couple of weeks and I have had the best night's sleeps that I have had in a while. A terrific mattress for us and our dogs.

Brand new bed

Love my new bed! Excellent customer service from purchasing in the shop to the delivery of our bed. Thank you for your quality service!

Our New Mattress

We bought this mattress just over a month ago and have been really pleased with it as we sleep much better than on our old mattress.

Very comfy

I have been sleeping a lot better since purchasing the mattress. Feeling rested when I wake rather than ready to go back to sleep

So comfortable, like sleeping on a cloud

I bought this a month ago and it really is the most comfortable mattress I've ever had, its sturdy and you can feel the quality

So comfy

Had this mattress around a month, I had lower back pain previously which has now completely gone! Such a great nights sleep

Very comfortable

Bought this mattress a few weeks ago. Great and very helpful delivery guys and have slept so well since. Delighted with it.

So comfy

We've had our new mattress for 2 months now and we love it. Just the right amount of firmness for my husband and I.

Really comfortable

I bought this a month ago. I suffer from a bad back, and since I have had this mattress, I have slept really well.


Bought it to replace our old mattress, might be expensive but honestly worth paying for.... better sleeps at last

Good nights sleep

Bought this mattress about a month ago. Haven't had a bad nights sleep since. Really pleased we purchased it.


This mattress was just the right combination of firm and comfortable. Great quality and a reasonable price.

Best nights sleep in 20 years!

Why didn’t I do it sooner!! Can’t believe the difference this mattress has made to me! Best Buy ever!

Very comfortable

A £1200 bed in the sale down to £450. Amazing price and the comfiest ever. Instant back pain relief.

Best mattress

I’v had this mattress 3 weeks and it’s soo comfortable, I just don’t want to get out of bed!

Worth every penny

I've had this 3 weeks now and can honestly say that it's the best mattress I've ever had

So comfortable! Fall asleep quickly

Really comfortable, sleep really well! Very happy with this mattress, would buy again

Very comfortable!

I bought this at the beginning of the year and it is so comfortable and supportive!

Great comfort

I suffer from bursitis and haven't suffered pain in night since getting it

Very comfortable

I purchased this with a metal bed frame, looks great and very comfortable

Very comfortable

Bought a month ago and had the best nights sleep I've had in a long time

Great mattress!!!!

We bought it 4 weeks ago and it’s the best mattress we ever had!!!!

Very comfortable

I'm glad I bought this mattress and I've told my daughter about it

So comfy!

Nice firm mattress, just what I was looking for. Nice quality.

So comfortable

Best nights sleep we’ve had for a long time and no backache


Omg this is so comfortable it’s amazing best money spent


Comfort is what it says and comfort is what it delivers


Only had a couple of weeks but so far very comfortable

Good night's sleep

I bought the best I could afford and am pleased I did.


Bought this new mattress and it's very comfortable