Sleepeezee Chelmsford Pocket Sprung Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 296 customer reviews
Sleepeezee Chelmsford Pocket Sprung Mattress

Sleepeezee Chelmsford Pocket Sprung Mattress

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Becky's Thoughts On The Sleepeezee Chelmsford Pocket Sprung Mattress

The Chelmsford Mattress is a new introduction to the Dreams range from Sleepeezee and is a pocket spring mattress that has a fair amount to offer.

For those that haven't heard of Sleepeezee, these guys are one of the biggest and most well known manufacturers within the UK having a strong heritage within the sleep sector.

The Chelmsford mattress is exclusive to the Dreams retailer and offers an incredible nights sleep due to it's 1950 individual pocket springs as a support layer and pressure relieving memory foam as a comfort layer.

The memory foam layer is fairly breathable thanks to the soft touch velour cover but will still preserve heat at a greater rate than a comparable natural mattress. This is great if you find yourself getting cold at night and are looking to be a little more snug.

The tension of this mattress is rated as extra firm, that means this mattress will only be suitable for those looking explicitly for a very firm mattress, ideally suiting those who sleep on their stomach or back, or with a higher BMI than average. Back and neck pain may also be a factor for considering this mattress but is not a "silver bullet" and does depend on a multitude of other factors.

If you are landing on this page looking for a normal mattress for an average weight and build, this mattress may not be suitable.

If however, you are looking for a firm product that may help with back or neck pain, or, you happen to be of a higher than average build and BMI, then this may indeed be what you are looking for.

Reviews for the Sleepeezee Chelmsford are good with over 300 positive reviews and an impressive 93% consumer satisfaction. The negative reviews look to be predictable with people unhappy at how firm the product is. We would advise caution with very firm mattresses as they are particularly specialist making them great for those that need them but not so much when they do not.


What Makes The Sleepeezee Chelmsford Pocket Sprung Mattress Great?

Comfort Grade - Firm

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

Memory Foam layer

Something for the memory foam lovers. Who doesn't love a bit of sinky-floaty and supportive material designed to rebound again and again. Definitely the optimal for comfort in any mattress

Comfort Grade - Very Firm

Very firm mattresses are ideal for those suffering with back pain. The amount of pain relief that a quality very firm mattress can provide is often the primary reason for people to purchase this specific type of mattress. For those looking for comfort over pain relief, there would be an arguement to perhaps look at something close to medium firmness

Sumptuous pillow top

With a pillow top, this mattress effectively comes with it's own built-in protector. That's all a pillow top really is, an additional top layer of comfort which makes all the difference when it comes to getting that good nights sleep. We quite like pillow tops, they have their place in the industry. 

Layer of supportive memory foam

Memory foam is one of the more comfortable top layers in a mattress. Memory foam will give a sinking feeling of supreme comfort that moulds to your body giving a feeling of support and contouring

Royal Warrant mattress - bestowed for quality and excellence

A royal warrant is a way of demonstrating the highest of standards in excellence, quality and service and is a highly prized and distinguished. This warrant is only given to the most exclusive and best of mattress companies.

Soft-touch velour cover

Sumptuously soft pillow top for added comfort

Mattresses traditionally have a support layer with a comfort layer on top. Pillow top mattresses come with a further comfort layer that sits on top of the traditional comfort layer to give additional softness and a deeper nights sleep. 

1950 pocket springs (king)

Anything over 1500 pocket springs in a mattress is going to offer enhanced roll together protection and ensure that every part of your body is sufficiently supported. The 1950 quoted here might be a little overkill for most peoples needs but it's certainly very nice to have

Sleepeezee Care Guide

When you purchase this Sleepeezee mattress, you will also receive a Sleepeezee care guide, specifically tailored toward their product range that helps with advice in flipping, turning and caring for your new mattress to ensure there are no avoidable damages to the product under your care.

About Sleepeezee

Sleepeezee is another holder of the royal warrant, renowned for it's expert craftsmanship, this brand has been long associated with sleep and helps to produce some of the most exquisite beds ever manufactured.  A Sleepeezee mattress is one of status and comes with some of the deepest and finest fillings to help ensure that you get a great nights sleep.

Soft touch velour cover

There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable night’s sleep where you toss and turn all night, wake up tired, and feel like you have to drag yourself through the day. The solution -  sleeping on a soft knit fabric mattress cover can help you get a restful nights sleep due to their extreme softness combined moderate stretch.

Customer Reviews For The Sleepeezee Chelmsford Pocket Sprung Mattress

Based on 296 review

Highly recommended

My partner and I have been sleeping on this mattress for just over a month now, and we both very happy with it. We are overweight people and both suffer from the long term effects of previous lower back injuries, yet we have found that our quality of sleep has improved massively. I don't wake up during the night with hip and shoulder discomfort any more, and have also found that if I go to sleep on this mattress with an aching back, it has mostly healed by the morning. I used to buy cheap mattresses to save money, but I do think that I have been converted to buying higher quality ones like this one in the future. I will say that the super-king size mattress mattress is heavy and was an absolute nightmare to get up our narrow staircase due to the size and rigidity of it (we weren't offered delivery to a room of our choice due to Covid restrictions) so I would recommend bearing this in mind if you're infirm, live on your own, or live in a small house like ours. However, it was totally worth the headache!


Solid, easy build, comfortable

Having moved into a new house and our old bed being broken in transit we needed a new one. We visited Dreams store in Southampton and the young lady was very knowledgeable and did not try to sell. We use the mattress matched and selected the mattress. The frame itself ended up being on sale and we save £300. Despite the Coronavirus delays the delivery was timely. The bed itself which was self assemble took less than an hour just a few bolts and screws and we were done. The whole thing is sturdy and strong. The mattress took a few nights to adjust to but thos is because it was a different firmness to our previous but now it has settled the sleep is comfortable. Overall great product, great service and reasonable price. Highly recommend Dreams Southampton.


Absolutely amazing

This is the mattress I bought and I am so so happy with it I use to wake up in the morning with back pain and feeling tired but when I started sleeping on this mattress no more back pains and I feel so refreshed when I wake up. It was worth every Sent. Talking about Dreams in Hull the service was absolutely on par and they put you on a bed that senses how you sleep and then this program shows you the mattress you need. I was very impressed with the sales man that helped he was so patient and so polite even after we told him we were going to he's opposition. My mother in law and my aunt has also bought from Dreams after seeing my bed. I tell everyone I know about Dreams and the quality service and best beds


Sleepeezee Chelmsford is the dream

The sleepeezee Chelmsford is worth every penny. The first night you sleep on this mattress is priceless. It literally is a dream. The staff at Dreams were so helpful. Please be prepared and don't go with a budget in mind as you will fall for this beauty like i did and will then be disappointed lol. The whole shopping experience was great. I have never spent so much on a mattress in my life but it was evident that we needed a new one waking every day in pain and having a bad night's sleep or lack of. This mattress is worth the wait and we haven't woken with aches or pains in 2 months. If you want to dream then go to Dreams.



Great Mattress all round, and exceptionally well made too. Very thoughtful design. I suspect probably better for folk who sleep on their back and front - but of course that will vary from person to person. Hats off to the Dream(s) Team who were very professional, efficient and knowledgeable. Very re-assuring. Faultless service all round. I'm not familiar with bed retailers, but they can't come any better than dreams. Would highly recommend - very impressed all round. Super service - and great product. I'm a fussy buyer, so don't recommend unless I'm 100% happy.


A giant, fluffy cloud!

I bought the super king size and am glad I didn’t opt for a cheaper alternative: the mattress is extremely comfortable, like sleeping on a giant, fluffy cloud! The enormous size makes it feel even more luxurious and decadent. It’s a firm mattress which was recommended to me because I’m a side sleeper, and I’ve slept so much better since using it. I bought some expensive bedding to go with it and I think that has made a difference too. Note that it’s very heavy, so rotating it can be difficult if you don’t have anyone to help. Highly recommended.


Dreams have the solution for you.

Thought a new silent night was best but a trip to Dreams checking out competition would be best as a good bed is not cheap and it’s for a long term use so be sure you test at least 6 beds.Then when you settle on one request a go on the bed tester in store at Dreams on the Kempston retail park. You will be amazed how right the machine selects the best bed mattress for you. Don’t believe me go and try it.Then you will sleep easily every night for next 7-10 yrs plus.


Fantastic sleep on the Chelmsford SK Mattress!

We knew it was the mattress for us in the Dreams store where we tried a number of mattresses and chose the Sleepeezee Chelmsford and it hasn’t disappointed. We went for the Super King size which affords us a lot of room for movement in the night. It’s considered very firm with 1716 pocket springs but has a softness to it perhaps due to the memory foam top layer. We look forward to going to bed with the confidence that we will have a comfortable nights sleep.


Best purchase I have made in a long time

We purchased from Dreams many many years ago and our old mattress was so bad we kept rolling off so we purchased a new mattress and since our purchase we don’t know why it took so long to buy. At first I thought that it was not as comfortable as our last one but our new mattress is now so comfortable it feels as though it hugs you as you sleep it is perfect in all ways, comfortable, firm and above all it is our’s “great” thank you


Great product and service

Great service from the minute we stepped into the showroom, through to delivery. We visited the Chelmsford store to try out and choose the right bed for us and then ordered later online at home, we felt no sales pressure at any time. The bed arrived when promised and is working out to be everything we hoped for and we now realise just how uncomfortable our old bed was, we haven't slept as good as this for many years.


Best night sleep I've ever had

I was having a second thought after I purchased this mattress, i thought surely this is just overpriced. But after finally sleeping in it for the first time, I am so glad i chose this mattress. the top is so soft and surprisingly doesn't overheat you. We needed it firm due to muscle problems but this mattress, we don't even have these problems anymore. definitely worth the price. Worth giving it a test instore too.


Good quality mattress

We went to the Dreams store & completed the sleep testing machine, we then tested different firm mattresses around the store & this one was our favourite. We’ve had it for around two weeks now , it’s so thick & comfortable while being supportive to your frame. My lower back pain has massively improved highly recommend this fantastic mattress, it’s well worth the money for a great night sleep!


Absolutely love it!

Had this mattress delivered just over a fortnight ago and wowee am loving how comfortable it is. Would highly recommend it if you are after having a good nights sleep on the most perfect and comfortable mattress you'll ever buy. There is only one other thing is as it is so wonderfully padded and deep my poor girlfriend needs a step to get up on to it at night...very funny to watch.


Excellent mattress

This mattress was one of the ones we were matched for and very similar to our last mattress, but a little firmer. Such a comfortable mattress fully supporting every part of your body, and comfortable whether on your side or back. No sag if you sit up in bed and you can lay down straight away without any dips where you’ve been sat. Excellent value for money and highly recommended.


I can leap out of bed after a good nights sleep.

Super confortable and no longer waking up in pain in the mornings. I used to wakeup with sore backs and stiff legs but no longer, I am able to get up and out of bed and walk which is a hugh improvement for me. We are both sleeping much deeper and better. It does feel hard the first couple of nights, however one you get used to this mattress it is so comfortable.


Best nights sleep

I bought this mattress a month ago and it is truly the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. I suffer from slower back pain and this mattress is so supportive but soft at the same time. My partner has also noticed an improvement in his general aches and pains which may have been due to our old mattress. I will be recommending this to all friends and family.


Super comfy mattress

After weeks of searching for a mattress we found this mattress with the very helpful assistance for Dreams. The quality of sleep we’ve had since using it has been fantastic. The mid-firm support given by the mattress is beautiful, but it is softened greatly by the Terry towel topping to make for a very relaxing feel. Would recommend this mattress to all.


Excellent Mattress, an absolute delight

Bought this excellent mattress following our amazing customer services from Dreams. Absolutely delighted with the purchase. I would definitely say that this mattress has given the most deep and refreshing sleep that I look forward to each night. All of us are absolutely delighted with the purchase and definitely recommend its value in terms of price and comfort


Best nights sleep in ages!

This mattress is worth every last penny. Had a solid memory foam mattress before and it was only a cheap one. Used to wake up with backache most mornings. Have had the Chelmsford mattress a month now and myself and my partner sleep so much better. I have virtually no aches in the mornings now. Just love it. Over the moon with our purchase.


Brilliant Mattress

Was unsure about a new mattress after having a memory foam Carlow mattress for over 10 years , but I shouldn’t of been , this new mattress is amazing , so comfortable , and I realise how uncomfortable my old one had become .This mattress is so well worth the money , best nights sleep for ages , it’s firm , it’s quite a lot higher . Excellent



With the help of a very knowledgeable salesperson, I tried 6 different mattresses, 2 or 3 were very comfortable, but this mattress was perfect. I took approx 15 mins on each mattress . Every step was expertly discussed , I was made to feel very comfortable . And just in case you are interested his name was Charles fro the Trowbridge Branch.


Superb quality

I bought an additional mattress from Dreams as tge first one made such a difference to us. The spare room addition is top quality, we enjoyed an online sale offer. On arrival it had a very lovely leaf print on it giving it a crisp clean feel. The delivery was on time, the driverc were communicating before arrival. A 5 star service. Thankyou


Amazing new Mattress

The most amazing mattress we have ever had. Great nights sleep from the first night. Very comfy, great height, fantastic quality fabrics with a very good quality finish. Well worth paying a little extra for a great quality Mattress and amazing nights sleep We would definitely used Dreams again. Thank you Dreams for many good nights sleep


Too firm for our liking

Assistant was very patient and helpful during our selection process. Unfortunately even after 7 weeks the mattress is too firm and uncomfortable for us. We are currently waiting for lockdown to end to choose another to replace it. Fingers crossed the next one will be more suitable as we haven’t slept well in7 weeks.


Super comfy mattress

Mattress has been an absolute dream for us, I have not wanted to get out of bed in the mornings! We have owned it for a month now and can feel the memory foam has already moulded to our sleeping shapes. It's firm, supportive and snuggly all at once. We were hesitant at the price but hoping it continues to pay off.


Much firmer than in store

There is no give in the memory foam yet, it’s much firmer than the one in store and I forgot to ask how long it had been on display. I will be returning if it doesn’t soften a bit in the next week. It seems a very good quality mattress though the furry cover is a bit pointless as you have to put a protector on it!


Excellent purchase

I bought this about a month ago as my partner and I suffer with back problems, the sleep match suggested this one and after trying many different mattresses we chose this. Best thing we did! We went up to a super king size and my sleep quality and pattern has drastically improved ever since. Highly recommend!


Expensive but worth the money

We quite like a firm mattress and with the help from the team selected this one. Although it was over the budget we had in mind it was worth it. We moved our old mattress to another bedroom aand I had to sleep on it last week. The difference between the new one and the old one is vast in terms of comfort.


Firm but soft in a good way!

Only had the mattress 3 weeks so still early days but although it very firm it is very comfortable. I would say its firm but soft! I only hope it doesn't loose its firmness because it feels just right for my back at the moment. It is very well made and the topper is what make it feel soft and cosy.


Comfy Mattress

Felt overly firm when it was first delivered but a few nights sleep and getting used to the mattress it has been amazing, its very supportive and comfortable. Also love that it is a very deep mattress, so brings up the height of the bed, which is very good if you have someone on the taller side.


No more midnight boxing anymore.

The mattress is silky smooth to the touch and supportive; we could see the difference after only a few days. I used to wake up with aches and pains like I'd been in a boxing ring, but now I'm properly supported by the mattress, and I wake up with more energy owing to a good night's sleep.


Amazing sleep

I bought the Sleepeezee mattress a month ago and I am so glad we did. It was recommend by the store when we went and tested it before COVID hit. It was one of the slightly more expensive mattresses but it is so worth it. I can honestly say I haven’t had a better sleep. So comfortable!


Cool and comfortable

Stayed at a friends who had this particular mattress. Had the best night sleep in years. I'm as most women my age experiencing sleepless nights and poor quality sleep due to flushes. The mattress is cooling and comfortable. Accompanied with pure gotten sheets it's a 'dream'. Love it.


Super Duper !!

Bought this Sleepeezee Chelmsford Pocket Sprung Mattress, after visiting the Cribbs Causeway store. I had no idea, how bad my old mattress was until my 1st night in the Chemlsford, slept like a baby, no aches or pains in the morning - and since. That was 2 weeks ago - its so comfy


Undisturbed sleep

Mattress was delivered 3 weeks ago. After 27 years using a water bed it took a little getting used to, good firm sleep platform and (unlike the water bed) when my wife turned over or left the bed I felt no movement. Delighted with the mattress and the 2 pillows that we also bought.


Luxury mattress

I bought this mattress and have been so pleased with it. It’s exactly what we wanted and had been looking for a while and were recommended to Dreams who have met all our expectations with this mattress. It supports our backs which was a must and gives us a perfect night sleep


Soooooo comfy!

This mattress is so comfy. Quite a hard mattress with soft padding, somehow makes you feel like your body hardy weighs anything! A lot higher than our old mattress, but this is good as you don't need to get up out of bed. Only trouble with it is we don't want to get out of it!!


Perfect mattress

Was looking for a new mattress so had a mattress test at Dreams, bedding, the very helpful sales man suggested another mattress then this one, straight away my partner and I said "This is the one" and we haven't been disappointed, very comfortable and much better nights sleep.


The most comfortable nights sleep

At the price we are a bit apprehensiv but now wow it’s the best night sleep we both are getting now no disturbances when turning over in the night just love our lay ins now with a cup of tea can’t fault the work man ship to make this mattress so comfortable thank Q good night


Living the dream!

It’s been three weeks of heavenly slumber since we had our mattress delivered. Not only does the super luxurious feel add to the comfort of our bed, it supports my back whilst I sleep, meaning that I’m waking up feeling super refreshed! Best purchase we’ve made in a long time.


This has been the best nights sleep I have ever ha

This has been the best nights sleep I have ever had. I wasn't expe3cting to spend as much as I did, but when you consider you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, it was worth every penny. plus, it's not like we have been doing anything to spend money over the past 18 months...


Such a comfortable nights sleep

I couldn’t be happier with this mattress. They service in store was excellent and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. We have now been sleeping on it for 2 weeks and have loved it from the start. The support it gives is perfect although it feels comfortable and luxurious.


Great Service and wonderful nights of sleep

Great Service throughout from Dreams. Having suffered with back pain for many years the recommended mattress has ensured great sleep with no back pain. The delivery team were also exceptional in the quality of their service and installation. A job well done throughout.


Quality of mattress materials

We like the topping of the mattress. But when you get off the bed from the edge it sinks & nearly meets the bottom of the mattress. This has caused a dip on the edge. It is the only way to get off the bed. We have rotated the mattress twice & will keep an eye on it .


Sleepezee Chelmsford bed

Fab bed and fab lady who helped us choose the right bed. Michelle took her time, explained everything with no hard sell. We decided on this bed and went back a few days later to buy the tempur pillows. Thank you from a very happy and well slept customer x


Lovely mattress!

Lovely mattress, well worth the money! Took a few days to get used to it & in the meantime I actually tore a disc in my back but I’m sure this mattress eased my pain more quickly than I was anticipating. Very comfy & I wake with no lower back pain anymore :)


Why didn't we do it sooner!

This is the best mattress we've ever owned and since owning it have not woken with any ages or pains! I suffer with back problems and used to always wake up in pain. Not any more! This mattress is firm yet comfy and very supportive. Would highly recommend!


Brilliant mattress

I purchased this mattress a month ago and omg it’s a game changer..I suffered from back pain and ever since I’ve slept on this mattress I no longer have any pain? It’s worth every penny. To make it even better I purchased x 2 Temper pillows again amazing


Chelmsford Mattress review

Great mattress, best I have ever bought, well worth the money, so so comfortable. Nice and deep and the Teddy bear top is do soft and warm. Great service instore and all the way through including delivery. All procedures throughout were Covid compliant.


Fantasy mattress

We bought this a month ago as we were both having trouble sleeping. We both work long shifts at the hospital so it’s important to get a good nights sleep. Since having the new mattress we are so pleased to be getting the rest and comfort we needed.


Excellent comfort

Since purchasing this product I have found that my sleep is more restful. As a shift worker I feel that the comfort is important to help me feel refreshed and energised. I am better prepared for a busy and stressful shift on a front line ambulance.


Sleepeezee Chelmsford pocketsprung matress

This mattress is just so comfortable. It’s a bit pricey but I’m so glad that I bought it. No more backache in the mornings and a guaranteed great nights sleep. If you’re thinking about buying it, don’t hesitate. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


Very comfy

After being assessed for the most suitable mattress in store, now I have had a few nights sleep, I can confirm that this is perfect for myself. Excellent quality giving me a great night's sleep and comfort even when I am just sitting up reading.


Firm, comfortable mattress

I bought this mattress having tried many mattresses containing memory foam, which I found were too soft, sunk me in to the matress to much and got too hot. This mattress feels firms and supportive and helps me get to sleep and to stay asleep.


Chelmsford pocket sprung mattress

Used the dream machine technology to be directed to this bed. We like a firm mattress and this meets the criteria perfectly. It is thicker than previous mattress so have had to buy deeper fitted sheets. Very comfortable nights sleep


The bed dreams are made of

When you stop in fancy hotels and the giant dreamy bed is something you dream of actually having at home, well dreams come true, dreams beds made them come true, now we are living that dream Simply outstanding quality and beautiful


Fabulous and very comfy

Fabulous and very comfy so far. Had good nights sleep. Good to use the bed tester in Dreams and believe that this helped with our chose of mattress Have only used it for a couple of weeks so only time will tell just how good it is.


Sleepeezee Chelmsford Pocket Sprung Mattress KS

Only been used for two weeks so still assessing. Some reservation regarding the 'Pillow Top' and retaining its shape. We are following the instructions as to turning the mattress We appreciate it can take up to 30 days to settle


Best nights sleep

Always reluctant to leave reviews after a short amount of time, so 6 weeks on and the bed is still incredible. We used to have sore backs with our old bed but now we haven't had anything for 6 weeks. Would recommend to everyone.


Great quality and comfort

The assistant matched us with this mattress and a less expensive mattress of similar make up/quality....we chose this one..very definitely the right choice! Great quality, super comfortable and we really enjoy our nights sleep.


Wonderful Night's Sleep

I've had the new bed and mattress about a month now and absolutely thrilled with it, and enjoying comfortable and long nights sleep. Only wish I had bought one sooner, had I known what a difference it would make for my sleep.


Great comfort

We’ve had our new mattress for 2 weeks now and can honestly say this mattress been a great choice. It’s firm, which we wanted and also very comfortable with the in built memory topper. Would definitely recommend this product.


Best nights sleep ever

I brought two of these one for us and one for our guest room, having taken the dreams mattress test, our guest love the mattress as much as we do, it's the best nights sleep ever. Would highly recommend, worth every penny.


Great mattress

Very happy with the mattress, just what we needed. Great quality and we get good night sleep now. Prompt delivery as requested at the time of order and mattress was brought into our bedroom by delivery guys. Excellent!!!


Rest Assured

We bought a Sleepeeze mattress from Dreams after being analysed on their test bed. We are so happy with our purchase, all of our aches and pains seem to have disappeared and we are both getting a full nights sleep


Superb bed

I have never slept so well and my back pain has basically disappeared. You can’t quite understand how great a bed can be until you have a great one. Get the perfect mattress for yourself - you won’t regret it.


Complete the package

Absolutely brilliant. Don’t ever cut corners on the cost of the mattress, it’s the key to the whole thing. This mattress completes a perfect bed set up and our sleep has improved enormously since we bought it.


Comfy 100%

We have never in the 43 years of marriage had such a comfy mattress. It is so lovely to get into bed and not have to spend first ten mintes trying to got comfy. Its cosy as well as firm so glad we bought it .


Dog approved (humans too)

Very comfortable and i sleep beautifully all night. Barely move around but wake refreshed. My husband and dog both sleep well too. It has the dogs approval so it must be good, she doesn’t sleep just anywhere.


Less disturbed sleep

Very comfortable. Would highly recommend especially if you or your sleeping partner are quite restless during the night as you don’t feel them moving about with this mattress. Means a less disturbed sleep.


My new mattress and pillows

Fantastic product and the service was first class. Don’t hesitate if your thinking about it !!! Go for this product you will not regret it me and my partner love out new mattress and pillows thanks Dreams


Peaceful sleep

It is a so relaxing and amazing mattress, don’t look at price as a whole but divide it up by the number of years and days. You will have amazing sleep for less than 2 pound a week. How amazing is that


Chelmsford Mattress

My wife and i both suffer with back problems so we decided on a newvbed.while the mattress is comfy it still makes me feel hot even tho we were reasurred by the salesman that it would keep us cool!!!!


Best bed... possibly ever!

Honestly one of the most comfortable beds I have slept in in a while! Certainly worth every penny - and we'll be buying another one soon when our son inherits ours when we move into our bigger house!


Fabulous mattress!

We had previously always had Sealy mattresses so were anxious at making the change. We need not have worried we both find this sleepeezee very comfortable and we are both enjoying good restful sleep


A dream

We absolutely love our new mattress, it’s so comfy and massive that sometimes we even forget that the other person is sleeping next to you. It was definitely worth the long wait during the pandemic!


Sleepeeze chelmsford. Definitely sleeping better

Best night sleep I've had in year's. So comfy. Not to soft, not to hard. Feel really refreshed in the morning. I have a fused spine, this matress offers the right amount of comfort and support.


Best mattress ever

Tried a few mattresses in store and this was the best for us. Was pricey bit considering how much time we spend in bed - it was worth it. So so comfy I just don’t want to get out my bed.



My wife and I can't believe the difference it has made sleeping on sleepeezee mattress. We sleep better at night, mattress just moulds around your body shape to get a better sleeping position.


Amazing nights sleep

We traded in our 8 year old silent night mattress for this beauty. I wasn't sure how i felt about a memory foam top but it is so comfortable and offers brilliant support for us side sleepers.


Sleepeezee Chelmsford Matress

Great Mattress firm but comfortable, takes a couple of weeks to adapt to your body, provides amazing support where you need it. Sleeping well and waking up without any pain! Thanks Dreams!


Very comfortable

We have this mattress and it’s perfect for both of us who have back pain. The sales assistant put us on a virtual machine that took all our measurements and correctly picked this mattress.


Best sleep ever had

Best nights sleep I have ever had. Used to take hours to get to sleep and be happy to get up in the morning. Now I get to sleep in no time and don't want to leave the bed in the morning


Excellent quality matress

Wishing we had bought one sooner. Lots of room to get a good sleep and dont feel the person next to you moving around during the night. Top Quality and a lovely finish. Super king size


Sleep like a dream

Bought this mattress about a month ago now and it is the most comfortable mattress we have had. High quality and the topper makes it just that tad more comfy, would definitely recommend.


A great nights sleep

I bought the mattress a month ago and noticed the difference immediately. It was comfortable from the start and we have no trouble sleeping the night through and waking fully refreshed.


Soooo supportive and comfortable.

Such a lovely comfortable mattress. Very supportive for people with joint problems and who are a bit heavier. The best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time. Would definitely recommend.


Super king mattress

Second sleepeezee mattress we have had. Very firm which is perfect for our needs and went for zipped super king this time which meant it was easy to install. Very comfy night sleep.


This is the best sleep I've ever had

I was sceptical about the Dreams sleep check but armed with the output I selected this mattress and wow its wonderful. I sleep so well and always get up ache free and refreshed.


Firm yet so comfortable

Have been struggling with backache for a while and chiropractor recommended getting a firmer mattress. This offers such good support but is also so comfortable. Very happy back!


Sleep Restored

Everything went as planned despite delivery being one day before lockdown. The mattress is very comfortable and is relatively ease to turn evenallowing for it's size and weigjt.


First Class

Dreams were first class from start to finish. Buying the product and delivery were easy and the service was excellent. The mattress itself is fantastic. Buy with confidence.


Amazing mattress

My fiancée and I bought this as our first mattress and it’s simply outstanding. It’s thick, soft, plush and so comfortable. We’ve never slept so well! Would 100% recommend.


Superb comfortable mattress

Fantastic extremely comfortable king size mattress when combined with the base it creates a lovely high bed like you get in American hotels. I am sleeping so much better.


I love it!

Delivery service was brilliant and the mattress is wonderful. It’s a lot of money but if you are going to spend a third of your life on it. Why wouldn’t you get the best


Best mattress ever

We decided to upgrade our mattress and this was the best choice. Its a great mix of firm mattress with soft memory foam. Its like sleeping on a lovely supportive cloud.


Super Comfort

This bed is super comfortable, having used the sleep analysis system in store we have the right fit for us. I have back problems & they have eased since having this bed.


Firm, comfortable and suportive

I bought this a month ago and have found that it is a firm mattress but it gives a lot of support. Previous backaches and neckaches have gone.We are sleeping better now.


Excellent Mattress

I am really happy with the this mattress, before buying the mattress I used to experience neck and back pain. Since sleeping on this mattress I no longer get any pains


Chelmsford luxury pocket sprung mattress

The Chelmsford pocket sprung mattress give excellent support with a soft firm touch. Highly recommended for luxury support. Excellent night sleep relaxed and comfort

Questions and Answers About Sleepeezee Chelmsford Pocket Sprung Mattress

For a king size mattress does it take standard king or deep size king size sheets?

Answer: , The depth of the sheet would depend on the mattress itself. Some of our King size mattresses can only take deep sheets. The depth of the mattress and the sheet can be found on our product pages under 'Dimensions'. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the weight of this mattress 

Answer: , Please find the weights for each size below: Single - 27kg Small double - 34kg Double - 38kg King - 44kg Super king - 53kg Kind regards Dreams

How many springs does a king mattress have?

Answer: , The King size variant of this particular mattress has 1,950 springs. Kind Regards, Dreams

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