Sleep Essentials Series One Mattress - Medium Soft Rated 3/5 based on 182 customer reviews

Sleep Essentials Series One Mattress - Medium Soft

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Code: 113-00467
Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 18cm
Updated: 9/21/2019 9:19:01 PM
3/5 - 182 reviews


What Makes It Great

I cant believe people are rating this mattress 5 stars. We bought 2 of these for our daughters aged 2 and 5 for their bunk bed. I was a bit sceptical as its a cheaper mattress but the girls seemed happy. However apon actually laying on it myself I felt a raised wire/spring?? If you push down with your hand you can feel every spring which are no more than 5mm away, which is ridiculous . I asked my daughter is your bed nice to lay on and she said "not really, I can feel it on my back (meaning the springs). Its not reversible and everytime I get off the bed you hear springs pinging. Lucky us we have 2 now!!! Not what I expected from Dreams at all. Ive had to spend another £120 on thick decent toppers.

Soft touch covers are commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

More toward the budget end of the range with an open coil base. This type of mattress is ideal for those that are still looking for a good quality supportive spring system but don't want to pay too much forn the privilage.

Questions and Answers

Can this be used on a cabin bed or us it too thick?

Answer: This mattress is 18cm in depth and therefore would not be deemed as suitable for use with mid sleepers, high sleepers, cabins or bunk beds. Mattresses at a depth of 15cm or less are suitable for these bed frames. Kind Regards, Dreams

How big is the box the matress is vaccumm packed into? As I need to know how much space I need in my car Thanks!

Answer: Hello, This will not be in a box and is vacuum packed and rolled. They are designed to fit into cars easily however the height will vary on the size you go for. Many thanks for the question.

Can two of these mattresses be used on the Tabitha day bed?

Answer: Yes, this mattress will be suitable for use with both parts of the Tabitha bed frame - both the trundle and the main sleeping area. Kind Regards, Dreams

Will this mattress fit on a 4ft Double Bed?

Answer: We offer this mattress in both a single and double. The double mattress will fit on any standard double bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi is this mattress suitable for a child aged 3! Meaning it's not too firm and will support her back in the right way?

Answer: Hi , We would not recommend a really firm mattress for a child, so this one will be fine. Thank you for your question.

What is the difference between a series 1 and a series 2 mattress?

Answer: The Series Two mattress has the addition of a high density comfort layer. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this have a removable cover?

Answer: No, unfortunately the cover on this mattress is not removable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Could this mattress be used on a folding bed which would be stored with the mattress folded in half? 

Answer: Hi , No, unfortunately this would not work with this product. Thank you for your question.

Is this not an every day use mattress? Why do you state only occasional use?

Answer: Good afternoon, This mattress is designed for guest or spare bedrooms. Kind regards Dreams

how deep is the mattress?

Answer: Hi , The depth of this mattress measures at 18cm. Thank you for your question.

Can you roll it up after use

Answer: Hi , No, you wouldn't be able to roll the mattress up. Kind Regards, Giedre

What is the guarantee on this?

Answer: This mattress comes with a one year guarantee. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the mattress 2 sided? 

Answer: Hi , Yes this mattress is double sided. Thank you for your question.

Is the mattress NBF approved?

Answer: Hi Andreww1111, Yes this mattress is NBF approved. Thank you for your question.

Can theses mattresses be used on a slated pine bed base ?

Answer: Good Evening, Yes this mattress will be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you turn this mattress over

Answer: Hi , Yes you can. Thank you for your question.

Customer Reviews

Based on 182 review

Terrible mattress - do not buy!

The fact that it is 5am and I am up writing this review instead of sleeping should tell you all you need to know... No foam filling; can feel every single spring when you move; thin (I can actually feel the slats on my bed through it); digs in; not able to rotate like it tells you you should due to the bottom being even worse. We bought this as a temporary measure to last a couple of months before getting a bigger bed, and therefore a bigger mattress, however, we have tried sleeping on it for one night and it will be going back as soon as the store opens today. You cannot even call it a mattress! Never mind whether I would recommend to a friend, I wouldn't recommend to an enemy! Truly terrible.

Good value for the price

I purchased this mattress for the spare room and it was excellent value (I caught it in the sale). It's been in place for about 3 weeks now and only slept on for one night. Feedback rom that night's guest was good, it was comfortable etc. It more than does the job it was purchased for, occasional use in the box room. I wouldn't want to use it on one of my kids beds (would need something a little more robust), but ultimately you get what you pay for and for the money there is certainly no complaints. Also worth noting that it did take best part of a week to fully expand back into shape, as it had come rolled and vacuum packed.

Not entirely as expected

So yes, I bought a budget mattress (two actually) for my step-daughters bunk bed. They sleep in it every fortnight so I thought they'd be ideal mattresses but I was kind of disappointed. As soon as you lie on it, or even touch the top of the mattress, you can really feel the very prominent springs. I've since bought quite thick mattress protectors and they've really improved this issue. Other than that, they are comfy, and they were very conveniently packaged which is a great feature for delivery. Overall, I can't complain considering what we paid for them. I would recommend to a friend but only if it was for occasional use.

Shocking mattress

I bought 2 of these mattress’s for my 4 & 3 year old , to say they are poorly made is an understatement.. my 3 year old gets out of his bed and sleeps on the floor since sleeping on this mattress.. you can feel every single spring.. on the discription it sais spring foam.. there is absolutely no foam on this at all .. we phoned customer service and a technician came out to look at them today and said to return to store and exchange as he agreed they are of very poor quality and said his self.. dosn’t know why they sell them! My dogs bed is more padded than these mattress’s!!

Great value

I bought this to move into my new flat, and my friends thought because of how cheap the mattress was, it wouldn't very good quality and I'd struggle to catch my Zzz's. However this isn't the case and infact I'm struggling to get up in a morning but I might put a memory foam cover on the mattress just because in some positions the springs can come quite sharp.. Especially on your knees. 4/5 stars, amazing value and couldn't ask any more for a mattress for £80!!!! Delivery guys were mint, they liked the fresh aroma of the flat.

Spring matress bought in Winter

My Wife and I bought this matress a month ago for some of our family members visiting. It isn't the most luxury matress but that is to be expected for the price range when buying a matress for around the £100 mark. It is very springy, so don't expect a sturdy, solid matress if you purchase this product. Our 2 family members shared the bed and they had comfortable nights sleep, their only complaint was that it was "bouncy or springy". The matress itself came rolled up and is really easy to move as it is very lightweight.

Does what it says on the tin

I'm 23 and I've just moved into my first apartment with my boyf. I was looking for a cheap mattress that didn't feel like a plank of wood. It's bouncy I'll give it that. But like you can feel the springs but I'm just gonna grab a foam topper and it'll be fine. It's smaller than I thought too and it came rolled up! But fast delivery, I wouldn't expect much more for the price of it. For a first time mattress buy, it suits. Lord help the person with back problems who sleeps on this bed though lol

I don’t understand the positive reviews!

I needed a mattress on a very tight budget, so I was really happy to find this one at a bargain price. The service and delivery from dreams was brilliant, but the mattress is awful. I can feel every spring. I am a 9 stone woman so I’m not overly heavy, but every spring seems to dig in. I haven’t slept well since using the mattress, and have now ordered a topper to try and help. I’d urge anyone thinking of buying this, to maybe go and check one out first.

Great mattress for those on a budget

I brought this as we brought a triple bunk and needed a double mattress for the bottom. After looking around we decided to go for this one as it was on sale and the reviews looked good. Upon arrival i was a bit dubious as we have an expensive memory foam topped mattress and i wasnt sure how comfortable a cheaper mattress would be. How wrong i was. It is lovely and cosy. My daughter loves it and says it really comfy and soft.

Excellent comfort

I brought these 2 single mattresses for my daughters. I have often found for children’s beds the mattresses are too thin and over time you can feel the slates. I wanted to buy good quality mattress for a reasonable price as it was for children so I knew I would have to purchase again. I must say that they are fantastic, very comfortable and since we have had them both of my children are sleeping through the night!!

Extremely uncomfortable

I bought this for my 10 year old son and from day one he's complained it's lumpy and the springs dig in him. I don't remember it stating it was for a guest bed but seems to say that now. I doubt guests would stay again if they were to sleep on this. Got told I could exchange for another mattress but would have to pay another £50ish to get one which with 4 kids is hard for me to afford. Hoping a mattress topper will help

Amazing value for money.

I bought this for my mother who suffers from back pain due to her Multiple Sclerosis. She has has nothing but good things to say about this mattress since purchase. It is firm enough to support he back and ankles but comfortable enough for a good nights sleep. We are very surprised with the quality seeing as the mattress was under £100! Will definitely be buying again, really pleased :)

So comfy!

I bought this mattress for my mum because she had been sleeping on the sofa due to her bed breaking and her previous mattress being ruined and she was so thankful for it, she loved it and has since she’s had it her sleep had been so good and she’s been able to get up for work happy and go to bed feeling good for 50, thank you dream for helping me please my mother before Christmas xxxx

Don't get this mattress - waste of money

Two months ago, I went into the St Helens store looking for an Ottoman bed. My son wanted a foam mattress. We were advised that the Ottoman bed needs a heavy mattress. So we bought this mattress but we are not happy. We can feel the springs through it and it is not comfortable. We were mis-sold the mattress as we have since found out that the Ottoman bed can have a foam mattress.

Great value for money.

We needed 3 children’s mattresses for a move around of our 3 boys’ bedrooms after the youngest moved out of his cot. For the money the mattressess’ from Dreams were easily the best value/quality for money we could find. Most mattresses at this price were poor quality and not good for the children’s comfort or posture. The kids love their new rooms and beds now :)

Absolutely AWFUL

I bought this mattress for my daughter who is aged 4. It is the most uncomfortable Matress. She has had sleepless nights & is now currently sleeping on the sofa bed. Not only is this matress extremely uncomfortable it is also not a normal single size mattress as this has been proved with a bunk bed we have recently bought. Very very disappointed

Not what expected!

This is a very strange mattress! It arrives coiled up in a very small package and once unravelled the springs stick out all over the place. In hindsight I should have spent a bit more for a better quality but as it’s for a guest room only frequented by tiny children then I think it might be ok. I wouldn’t want an adult to sleep on it.

Great mattress for excellent price.

We recently bought this mattress for our 4 year old son. Delighted with our purchase, really comfortable mattress for an excellent price. It’s quite a soft mattress for perfect for children. Customer service was excellent from the moment we ordered, constant updates on delivery etc. Really impressed with the whole dreams experience.

Comfort at its finest.. and cheapest

Okay so off a whim I decided I was going to redecorate my whole room, so off I go buy a brand new bed and completely forgot the fact I needed a new mattress (idiot I know) so I ordered this one for around £80 and I’m impressed to say the least, it’s got the comfort of a mattress worth double the price and defo worth the purchase

Basic but worth the money.

We bought this to suit us temporarily, it does the job. Would probably be perfect with a matters topper for extra comfort. You basically pay for what you get and this has been perfect for us whilst we set up our new home. I'd agree with other reviews and say this would be ideal for a spare room with a mattress topper.

Awful mattress

You can feel every single spring poking into you when you lay on this. I know it was cheap, but at any price it should be fit for purpose. Have had to buy a mattress topper. Not every person who needs a new mattress is well off Dreams....we ALL deserve a decent mattress even if we can’t afford top of the range!


Brought this for my son, I’ve purchased cheap mattresses before but none as terrible as this. My son complains of feeling all the springs and he doesn’t weigh a thing so dread to think what it would be like for anyone else sleeping on it, really disappointed. There’s no padding to it at all.

Not good at all

I bought this few weeks now for our visitor's room and I can't sleep on it for a night. It's not in any way comfortable, not even for visitors even if it's not for everyday use. It's not good you can't sleep on a bed for just a night. I'll need to throw it away and buy a new one


I recently purchased this mattress for the spare room and it's truly horrible. It's currently 5am and I've hardly slept a wink. You can feel every spring digging into your back giving me back pain. I purchased this because of the positive reviews but you should ignore them!

You get what you pay for

I was in desperate need of a new mattress and funds were so limited. Sadly i should off put up with my old one instead of getting a new one. The Springs are so hard and there is blue dye leaking through. Safe to say ill prob be buying a new mattress in the new year :-(

Okay for price

Used in spare room so not slept on this personally. When unpacking and placing on bed, springs easily felt through mattress... guest could feel slightly when sleeping. Have a quality mattress protector on it and now really comfy, I have laid on it briefly and feels comfy

Good for what you pay for

This would probably be more of a mattress for a guest room rather than a main mattress but it’s definately not uncomfortable. You’re never going to get a mattress that you sink right into for this price so it is definitely worth it for what you get.

Not great!

I purchased this mattress as I had bought a new bed. After sleeping on it for 2 weeks I decided to swap it to my spare room and am now sleeping back on my old mattress and my old divan! This budget mattress is thin and you can feel the coils in It!

Quick delivery and a great price

Bought this mattress for a spare bed and it is perfectly suited. It was a great price and arrived very quickly which I was happy about. That said, I haven’t slept on it myself so couldn’t comment on that but have had no complaints from guests.


My 4yr old likes it, mainly because it's really bouncy. The springs are very prominent and feel terrible, this isn't as much of an issue right now as a 4yr old doesn't weigh so much but as he grows I'm certain it'll start to dig in.

Super comfy!

I bought this a few weeks ago and it is one of the most comfiest mattresses I have ever slept on. It’s an air sprung mattress and it was so easy to put on the bed. The guy who brought it into the house, David was super helpful too!

Buy cheap buy twice

Purchased for bunk beds, theyre good mattresses, well made, good quality but not too comfy, now looking for mattress toppers, kicking myself for not buying a slightly more expensive mattress hence my cheap buy twice.

Good for price

I brought 2 of these mattresses for a my 4 & 2 year old, in there bunk bed, good quality for price i would say if your a heavy person then you way feel the springs more but perfect for children they love there beds now


Bought this for the spare room in December, had the chance to test it out last night...the most uncomfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. You can feel every spring digging in! Definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

So comfy

I bought this for my 1 1/2 year old daughters bed transferring her from a cot bed to a big bed and it’s just perfect for her , for the price it’s perfect didn’t cost too much and I’ve had no problems with it

Very uncomfortable

I bought this as it was good value and had good reviews but it is awful. You can feel every spring and in between each spring is no padding, I couldn't sleep on it and have had to buy another mattress.

So uncomfortable!

I bought this for use on the guest bed at my mother in laws. My husband and I slept 4 nights on it over Christmas, except I didn’t sleep because it was so lumpy and uncomfortable. Really disappointed.

Perfect for what we need it for

I bought this mattress for my daughters bunk bed, it had to be shallow enough for the top bunk and also we didn't want something really expensive. It's not anything fancy but does the job for a child.

Fantastic customer service

I bought two mattresses I needed urgent the man from the Leeds crown store was very friendly kept them to one side so I could collect after work even helped me to the car highly recommend to my family

Good Value Mattress

Purchased this for kids bedroom as it was the best value mattress I could find. Certainly provides enough support for a child, although probably wouldn't suit an adult unless only for occasional use.

Three Happy Sleepers - and a lie in for all

I've just bought 3 mattresses for nerve bunk beds I made for the children and what a success - they love them, they sleep, we love that! Comfortable, durable with a quality feel: what's not to love.

Very uncomfortable

I bought this mattress about 2 weeks ago for my son expecting it to be comfortable but every spring can be felt as soon as you lay on the mattress, wasn’t what I expected and I am very disappointed

Great Value for money

I brought the mattress just over a month ago and it’s very comfortable and it fits my bed perfectly without leaving any visible gaps at the side ( The problem I’ve had with previous mattresses)

Great mattress

Bought 2 of these mattresses. Quick delivery and polite drivers. Even took the both mattresses in the kids room. Kids love their new mattress and slept well everynight. It is a bargain as well.

Bought for my boys beds

Bought our 2 boys bunk beds and bought 2 of these mattresses for them. Arrived on delivery date as expected. Very comfy for them. Great value for money! Fits perfectly in single bed frames.

Great purchase

I purchased 2 of these mattresses, 1 double and 1 single, these were exactly what I was looking for economical, and comfortable for my girls, will be getting another very soon for myself.

Very comfy and adorable on a tight budget

I was dubious at first how the mattress was going to turn out as it is so reasonably priced but I must say I have had many a good nights sleep since purchasing and would highly recommend

very comfortable

I bought the mattress and since the first night it was very uncomfortable. We could feel only the springs. Awful. We could not sleep a second night on it so we had to sleep elsewhere.

affordable luxury

I've had this a few weeks now and its still like new, very comfy and looks very expensive too. This was my first shopping experience with this store and would definitely shop here again

Great mattress

I bought this for my 8 year old daughters room, it arrived rolled up, it’s very light and easy to move and very comfortable , I’m happy with this purchase especially the price £££ .

Awfull mattress

I bought this for my daughter's bed, it is awfull, you can feel every spring when running your hand across the mattress! It really is a very low end budget mattress, steer clear!

Uncomfortable lumpy mattress

Unfortunately this mattress was a disappointment. I purchased for my ten year old daughter, but it is so uncomfortable I have to get another one. Very lumpy spring mattress.


I brought this mattress for my daughter and after a week almost all of the springs were poking into her back. This mattress is terrible I will not be recommending this.

Amazing mattress

This mattress is top Quality even for the cheaper price! Never had such a good nights sleep. The delivery was quick and they were very helpful! Greaf customer service!

Does the job

Bought for a child’s use and have had no problems. It’s pretty thin- you get what you pay for- so not sure how it would suit a heavy adult. Perfect for our use though

Very comfortable

I brought this mattress a few weeks ago for the guest bedroom, nothing but compliments it’s very comfy I have even slept on it one night and had a great nights sleep

Great value

Great value product, A little harder than i thought it’s in my daughters room however haven’t had any complaints worth the money, delivery service was great too

Brilliant service

Website was very easy to use, received plenty of notice of when my item would be delivered, delivery guy was very friendly and very helpful. Perfect experience.

Great mattress

I brought this a month ago for my son as i needed a mattress on a budget and it is very good quality just as good as a more expensive one he has had previously

Not overly inpressed

I thought even though it was there cheapest being Dreams the quality would be good. Although the material it's made from was nice you can feel all the springs

Great Sleep

I bought for my son, he was struggling to sleep (Blaming the mattress), since the new one has been on his bed we haven't heard anything from him!!! RESULT

Great service

We bought 2 mattresses that we were not happy with. Dreams changed them without any question. We paid the extra of course which is fine. Well done Dreams.

Brilliant mattress

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago for my daughter, was abit unsure as it was a cheaper mattress but she sleeps wonderfully on it highly recommended.

Very basic but very comfortable!

This mattress is very basic but very comfortable and I am pleased with for the price. It’s been used in my little boys bed and he sleeps very well in it.

Very comfortable. Great price.

I brought this the other week. And the lady serving us was very helpful. This mattress was perfect for both me and my partner to get good nights sleep.

Very bad quality do not purchase

This mattress is not fit for purpose u can feel every spring due to the inadequate covering and there is no foam filling as stated in the description.

Comfortable and as described

Brought in a bed crisis, great product, perfect for it's immediate use. Quick and easy to fit in the frame. Great quality and affordable price. 10/10

An ok spare bed mattress

Bought this for a spare bed so our grandkids can stay over, think it'll be fine for them, but doubt it would be sufficient for a heavier set adult

Good night's sleep!

Bought for teenagers bed. Very pleased with it. Arrived on time, taken up to bedroom and we unpacked it. It is a very comfortable double mattress.

Great mattress for my daughter

I bought this for my 2 year old daughter for her first bed and its great. She has been sleeping really well in it since we got it so very pleased.

Soft and does the job

Bought this 1 month ago for my toddler, came rolled up but nicely expanded after a few hours. She has slept well on this bed so no complaints!

Simple and cheap

Got for my son, simple cheap mattress and does the job. Delivery took a bit longer than I would expect for such a standard item but hay ho.

Terrible mattress

Bought this for my sons bed. It is terrible, you can feel every spring in the mattress dig into you. I will be taking it back to the shop.

Great service

Good value and good quality bed. Excellent communication from Dreams regarding delivery, and thoroughly pleasant and helpful delivery men.


I brought this last month and the reviews made my final decision to purchase.. however the most uncomfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on

grate customer service well organised

i've bought a bed mattress series 1 for my mom , based on price&quality was acceptable i had a bit more expectations for quality

Kids love it!

The kids are loving their new mattresses and they’re even comfy when I’ve laid on them with them! Amazing price for a great product!

Good value

We were looking for mattresses for 2 trundle beds. These seemed to be good value and good quality for the amount they will get used.


Bought this mattress a few weeks ago, arrived promptly on time. Super comfortable mattress, not too springy. Perfect for the price.

Great value

Bought 2 of these, 1 for each of the kids in their bedrooms. Great quality consdering this is the "budget" mattress. Boing Boing!!

Great value perfect

I brought this for the guest room it is excellent value for money I would recommend especially if only to be used lightly or child

Great mattress but needs a topper.

I bought two of these mattresses and they are great. Even better with a topper to make them even more comfy for my spare bedroom.

Great value

I bought this a month ago and I’m happy I did because it’s a great mattress for my daughter, comfy, good quality and great price

Value for money

I bought the flexi roll mattress about 2 weeks ago . Excellent value for money very happy with the product and service received.

Great for price

Comfy mattress, not bad at all for the price however does have a lot of bounce I could do without and some times springs pop up

Good value for money

Brought this for my daughters bedroom to go on her bunk bed. Didn't want anything expensive as I'm sure it will get jumped on.

Decent mattress

For the price you pay it’s a decent enough mattress. I wouldn’t use it for myself however for my little boy, it does the job.

Great value for money

I bought this for my little girls bunk bed. Nice and comfy. Perfect for a child’s bed. Very impressed with delivery time too.

Best value for guest mattress

I bought two of these mattresses for guest use. They actually liked it and there wasn't any complaints about their sleep.

Good value

Bought this for my 10 year old son and added a memory foam topper. He loves it and is getting a good nights sleep on it.

Good mattress

Bought for my sons first bed...but springy for my liking but for the price it is a good mattress and quite comfortable.

Decent mattress

My expectations came into reality with the Sleep Essentials Mattress I bought a month ago. I’m really content about it.

Springy matress

Disappointed in the comfort although can't expect with the price but could have been let aware it's a little springy

Very nice good value for money

I bought the double bed version of this for the spare room and it's wonderful as a guest bed, great value for money!

Great mattress

Really good mattress and great price. Sleeping lots better now and with the quick delivery we weren’t left too long.

Ideal for kids beds

Bought a double and single for kids triple bunks. Adults might feel the springs but kids have said they were comfy

Great Mattress

Bought two of these for our girls and we've not had any complaints. Great customer service and fantastic delivery.

Single mattress

I brought the mattress for my grandchildren to which they do most weeks. Really pleased with it children love 8t

Great item

This item is well worth the price. I bought it for my little boys bed and he has the best nights sleep on it

Beautiful wooden frame

This has been a great purchase. Family stayed for a week and said they had blissful nights sleep every night

Great design

We bought our bed around a month ago. We love the style and esp the space we have in the ottoman feature.


Got 2 of these Mattresses a few weeks ago for 2 children's beds. Great mattress especially for the price.

Cheap and cheerful

Comfortable enough but is better teamed up with a mattress topper and protector. Perfect for a spare bed

Great value for money

I bought this matress for a child's bed and it's idea, they find it very comfortable and it was a bargin

Great Mattress!

I bought the mattress around a month ago, it is very comfy and made with good quality. Worth the value.

Great spare mattress

Easy to arrange delivery. Lots of reminders for the time of delivery and very friendly delivery drives.

Shocking quality

Not fit for a guest bed or the family pet!! I guess you get what you pay for...... Save your money!!!

A good nights sleep

Comfortable and cosy. Very easy to fall asleep on this mattress, a good buy and good value for money.

Great value, good quality

I bought this mattress to go with a 3ft. Divan bed for my Grandson. He loves it and sleeps like a log.

Great mattress

I bought two of these a while ago and the kids say they are really comfortable. Great value for money

Cheap and comfy

Very good quality for the price. The kids have not had one disturbed nights sleep since getting these

Simple mattress

Brought for two year old potty training so price makes it easy to replace if there are accidents

Good quality

Bought this for our spare bedroom. Family and friends who have stayed have said how comfy it is.

Just what I ordered

I'm very happy with my purchace. Delivery came on time and the mattress is just what I ordered.

Nice and soft

I bought this mattress a month ago and very happy with it. Fits perfectly for my teenage son.

Brilliant Matress

Brought it a few weeks ago both my girls seem very happy ! brillaint Price and good delivery

Great quality

The springs are very easy to feel however with a mattress topper this a fabulous spare bed!

Good value

Great price and the mattress is well made. It’s not the most comfortable and very bouncy.

Great price and quality.

I am very happy with this mattress, great value and price also perfect for my spare room.

Great mattress

Bought this a month ago for my 8yr old daughter. It’s fantastic. Good quality great price

A great item

Im Autistic so im very choosey x my mattress is great comfy and im sleeping better now.


I brought this mattress about 3/4 weeks ago, very uncomfortable would not recommend it

Really comfortable sleeps!

Perfect consistency of firm and soft - a lot more easier sleeps at night I must say!

Good price

I bought this a couple weeks ago one of the springs is off but otherwise it's great

Bouncy sleep

Worked well with mums bad hip. She had a great nights sleep with no pain in morning


Happy with the mattress, nice clean and soft white exterior. Easily unpacked etc.


Bought 2 mattresses for my kids they absolutely love them, great value for money.


Great for my 4 year old i have fell asleep on it my husband has very comfortable

Perfect for my child's new bed

Brought this mattress for my son's bed and he lives it, great value for money

Good mattresses

Mattresses were very good value for money and are perfect for our 3 children

It is a good matress!

Happy I bought this! Plus customer service was great went above and beyond!

Great mattress as great price.

Bought for my daughter aged 11, no complaints she thinks it's really comfy.


Bought this mattress for a guest bed. Comfortable and good value for money.


I paid for cheap and got cheap! The springs stick out all over the place.


Bought this for our spare room and it is perfect! Surprisingly comfortable

It is very soft and comfy to sleep on

I’m so happy that I’ve bought this as it has made my sleep so much better!

Very comfortable

I bought 3 of these a few weeks ago and my boys find them very comfortable

Matress didn’t fit my double bed frame

Awful customer service and bad product doesn’t fit my UK double bed frame

So comfy!

I bought this mattress for my guest bedroom and it is really comfortable!

Lovely sleep

I got this mattress about 5 weeks ago and it's given great night's sleep

Really comfy

Absolutely love my new mattress so comfy really enjoying my night sleep

Great mattress

Needed a new mattress and this was affordable - very comfy to sleep on!

Very comfortable

I bought this a few weeks ago and I'm really pleased that I chose this.

Very good value

Amazing value for a single mattress, as described and reasonably priced

Great product

I brought 2 mattresses for my sons. They are fab. Service was great too

Good product

For the price it’s a good mattress, 8/10 would recommend to a friend.


Got this a few weeks ago I’m so happy with it a great nights sleep :)

Reasonable comfortable for the price

Comfortable...just. was disappointed that I could feel the springs.

Lovely item

I’m glad I bought this, great value for money, soft and well padded

Will do for a toddler. Not a teenager or older

Had it a week now, does fine for my toddler but won't last 3 years


Bought this for my daughter, its great she has never slept so well

Great matteess

This mattress my well be a budget item but my 7 year old loves it.

Very comfy

For the price it's a steal, do it don't think twice, just buy it.


Bought two of these for our childrens beds and they are perfect.

Good value

Grandchildren love they new mistresses. Grandson says its comfy

Great quality product

I bought this item and it's really good. Thnx. Value for money.

Great product

I bought this as it was cheaper and it’s a excellent mattress


This matress is great value, comfortable and a good firmness

Perfect for value

Excellent product excellent value. I’d absolutely recommend!

Good value

Nice mattress but the springs are noticeable after a while.


I bought and we happy now my daughter really better sleep

Very comfy for the low price

I bought this a month ago, very good quality and a bargain.

Great service

Delivered when stated, old mattress removed- worth the cost

Comfy bed

Brought this last month and it's perfect. Not hard at all.

Most Comfortable

Very Happy with this purchase most comfortable I have been

Good service, great product

Delivery service was very good and I'm happy with the bed

Great comfortable mattress

Bought this mattress and it's brilliant, lovely and soft.

Very good

I got this last week it's just what I've been looking for


Awful, can feel very single spring. Should not be sold.

Great value

A good affordable mattress. The delivery went smoothly.

Great value

An very comfortable mattress at a very reasonable price

Really Good!

I bought it recently and it's comfortable to sleep on.


Very comfortable and very happy with product ????????

Perfect for my daughter

Bought it for my 4 year old and she sleeps great on it


Bought for spare room its very comfortable and a soft

Amazingly packaged

Good delivery and instructions on how to unpack item

Very comfortable

Very happy with this mattress great value for money

Perfect mattress

Bought it couple weeks ago, so comfy for the price!

Great Value

Quality was much better than expected for the price

Really comfortable

My son loves it, he thinks it's really comfortable

Super soft cover - good mattress

Bought this for a second bedroom and very good!