Silentnight Thornbury Combination Mattress Rated 5/5 based on 103 customer reviews
Silentnight Thornbury Combination Mattress

Silentnight Thornbury Combination Mattress

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Silentnight Thornbury Combination Mattress Review

For those who don't know, Silentnight is one of the largest and most well-recognised manufacturers within the UK, shipping thousands of mattresses throughout the country every week. New from the brand is the Silentnight Thornbury Combination Mattress.

Starting with the support layer, you get an impressive helping (up to 3611) of pocket springs known as mirapocket springs (Silentnight's version) which have a tension of firm. This firm designation will prove suitable for those who are looking for a bit more back and neck support while still requiring a good degree of comfort. Ideally suited to back and stomach sleepers, this firm tension will contour to your body while you sleep, alleviating pressure in all the right places to ensure you wake up each day feeling refreshed.

Onto the comfort layer and we get a new material from Silentnight called Nanoflex which is an impressive comfort technology of microsprings that comes exclusive to the popular mattress retailer, Dreams. The Nanoflex combines with a fan-favourite in memory foam, which gives the ultimate in softness with generous helpings that allow you to sink deep into the mattress and allowing your joints to relax.

The Thornbury is based on the Risborough mattress that we have previously reviewed and takes the same firm support and hypoallergenic materials and doubles down, addressing improvements that have given the mattress a higher prestige and even more luxurious quality. Just like the Risborough, you get full edge to edge support and no roll-together giving you a truly independent sleep.

Finally you get an impressive 5 year guarantee that gives you a better-than-average amount of coverage that will ensure your investment is protected. Many retailers have adopted a single year as part of their legal obligations while a 5 year guarantee shows the huge amount of confidence that both Dreams and Silentnight both have in this product.

Reasons to Buy

Firm tension does not typically suit side sleepers, however, the deep and luxurious memory foam looks to provide enough depth and sinkage to prove a great all-rounder.

Firm tension is becoming more popular in recent years, with people preferring the firm tension and additional support offered.

Reviews from the risborough suggest this will be a fan favorite for years to come.

Hypoallergenic for those that suffer from allergies, better to be safe than sorry.

5 year guarantee is quite good, offering better than the minimum 1 year you often find.

Memory foam continues to be a fan favourite and works really well with the nanoflex micro spring layer.

Reasons to Avoid

Still somewhat new at time of writing, many of the initial reviews come from the Risborough and should be taken with a pinch of salt.


What Makes The Silentnight Thornbury Combination Mattress Great?


This product is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction. Ideal if you suffer from any sort of allergy problems

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Has a firm comfort rating

It features advanced Mirapocket zoned support

Pocket springs are a legacy support layer that are one of the more popular and better quality within the industry. Silentnight has since put their own spin on the support structure and labelled it Mirapocket. The performance of these springs makes them a far better consideration than poorer support layers built around open coil traditional bonnell springs and reflex foam. Mirapocket springs are supportive and body contouring for ultimate pressure relief.

With a luxury quilted pillowtop sleep surface

Its Nanoflex™ comfort technology is exclusive to Dreams

Features body contouring memory foam

Rest easy with a 5-year guarantee

A 5 year guarantee goes beyond the industry average and is a fairly good indicator of a well-performing product. After all, a poor product with a long guarantee would create a negative cash position for manufacturers. A 5 year guarantee is great when you consider the average mattress is replaced after 7 years meaning you get protection for most of the products lifespan.

Customer Reviews For The Silentnight Thornbury Combination Mattress

Based on 103 review

Silentnight Risborough 2800 Pocket Memory Mattress

A very comfortable mattress. A firm feel but with a built in topper for a comfortable sleep experience which has micro coil springs - this reduces the amount of movement noticeable as we shift position in our sleep. We hardly notice each other turning over or even getting up now so we are both getting a much more rested nights sleep. Make a note of the depth of the mattress if you decide to purchase it as it was a surprise to us being a couple of inches high than our old one, you would require deeper sided sheets for this.


Comfort Supreme!

My wife and I have rarely agreed on mattresses, one of us preferring firm, the other squidginess. This mattress somehow offers the best of both worlds, without compromising on either. We have had this mattress both in double, and since we moved house, now also in Super-King. A thoroughly comfortable mattress that offers good support for sleeping, and... Well all other things you might wish to do.


Mattress & protector

A very good mattress. The salesman ( Portslade branch) Gave us a free king size mattress protector ( he said we would get it sent to us in the post) this was nearly 3 weeks ago. So I rang the store & was told we didn’t order or pay for a mattress protector, I explained but no we aren’t getting one! Unless we pay. The point is we were given one for free. A bit miffed



This mattress has perfect back support and is not too soft and not too hard. It costs more than what my initial budget was meant to be, but it's really worth it. The delivery could've been a bit more precise, as it came a few hours after the scheduled time slot, but I'm still giving it 5 stars as I'm very happy with the product after some 20 days I've slept on it.


New mattress

The mattress is helping with the neck pain my partner was complaining about with the old one. It's suitable for both of us, despite our different sleeping styles. We are very happy we have decided to go with the recommendation in Dreams and purchase this one. It is very deep, so we had to get new mattress protector and sheets, but it's more than worth it.


Silent night Risborough Mattress

The experience of buying a new mattress at Dreams was a dream. The technology used to find the perfect mattress for my husband and I was truly remarkable and we have found the mattress we bought is perfect. The saleslady who helped us was very caring and considerate and certainly knew her job. Therefore a good night's sleep on a great mattress.


A must for those who sleep on their side

tested many mattress and finally settled on this. Firm but moulds to your body. A good night sleep for those who like to sleep on their side. I am a body builder and have wide shoulders. Usually this would cause me pain when sleeping on my side as my wife complains of my snoring. I have found a mattress where I can comfortably sleep on my side.


New mattress and great service!

We found the staff at the Ashford branch very helpful, patient and a pleasure to deal with. We went through the process of using the mattress diagnostic bed, tried a few mattresses and discussed ten options before settling on our final purchase. We are very pleased with it and are enjoying a very much improved nights sleep! Thank you.


Great Quality Mattress

An amazing quality mattress not too firm that it feels like you are sleeping on concrete, but you feel supported and the memory foam cushion top is really lovely to snuggle into. You don’t get that deep sunken feeling you do with a full memory foam mattress. We are sleeping really well and not being disturbed by each other moving around.


Silent night 2800 risborough pocket memory mattres

Great mattress, very comfortable, really needed this to help with my hip and legs. Would recommend this to anyone with this problem. Best nights sleep in years. Easy to try in the shop,very helpful and friendly staff,delivery very goodband at your convenience again very helpful with putting the mattress where requested. Good work Dreams.


Highly recommended

LOVE this. Still can't quite believe I've spend so much money on a mattress but it was very worth it. My partner moving doesn't wake me up all the time, we don't overheat like we used to and I'm waking up so much more refreshed. Good level of support but it does need 'breaking in' which will result in a few mornings with an achey back


Most supportive mattress I have owned

After a horrific experience with a mattress from elsewhere, decided to replace with something more traditional and I couldn't be happier with my choice. Feels very supportive yet the topper gives a really 'bounce' feel, deep but without being too imposing. Just love it and worty every penny


An extremely comfortable mattress

Dreams provided means for us to determine the most suitable mattress for our needs, and they came up trumps with this one. The mattress is extremely comfortable, well made and great value for money. We are thrilled with our purchase, and it's exactly what we were after.


Deep sleep at last

I can’t express what a difference this mattress has made to me . It so supportive and really cozy it’s like a big hug at night. For the first time ever I wake up refreshed . Trying the mattresses in store was such a help and I immediately knew this one was for me


Wouldn’t have any other mattress. Highly recommend

Amazing mattress. We were toying with the idea of trying one of the well known mattresses from online but when we went into store we quickly realised that is wasn’t what we wanted. This mattress feels and looks luxury! And is so comfortable, highly recommend.


Such a comfortable, spacious mattress

This matress is very comfortable. On our previous mattress if one of us moved you could feel it. Now neither of us disturbs the other. Also we don't overheat. Whatever the technology used to make it you don't get too hot. And the best of all is the space.


Happy as the proverbial Pig

After not purchasing a new bed for quite a while. we bough this mattress through Dreams Ebay outlet. I would describe it as firm, but boy is it comfortable. Communications were great for delivery, and the guys delivering were very helpful 5 stars all round


Worth the price!

Comfiest mattress I have ever slept on - getting the best nights sleep of my life since purchasing this mattress. Didn't know the combination of springs and foam would be so comfy - used to sleeping on spring mattress and was nervous about the switch.


Beats memory foam hands down

I went from a memory foam mattress to this and could not be happier. With the memory foam you felt trapped in one position whereas with this I can move freely. It is also really comfortable and I can already feel an improvement with my back pain


Can’t thank Paul enough with all his information

Paul in the Epsom store was so professional and knew all about the products He must have been trained very well Very impressive with all what he had relayed , so,pleasant Can’t thank him enough for helping us with our new mattress


Silentnight Risborough 2800 Pocket mattress

A firm mattress but with a lovely memory foam topper. Ideal for those like me who suffer from back and hip pain. Difficult to judge in store but so happy with purchase. Both of us sleep well. No aches and pains. Highly recommend.


Everythjng about the Dreams company is excellent.

All the items we purchased from Dreams were of first class quality. My wife and cerainly had a far better and more comfortable bed and mattress. We both will certainly recommend Dreams to members of our families and ourbfriends.



This is the most comfiest mattress I have ever slept in, it’s like staying in a posh hotel every night !! My only regret was not getting one sooner, if your after a really good mattress then I’d say go for this one it’s amazing


Best mattress you can buy

Super comfy and just the right amount of firmness. As soon as we tried it in store we new this was the one! Tried many other mattresses but none came close to this one. We’ve now had it for just over 4 weeks and still love it.


Soo dreamy.

Very comfortable mattress , nice material only issue is the weight of the mattress as we are both retired find it very heavy to lift to tuck in the sheets otherwise very delighted with the quality and having a great sleep


Excellent Mattress

This mattress was an excellent purchase from Dreams. The mattress is comfortable and certainly was worth the money we paid for it. The mattress has significantly improved our sleep and I would recommend to anyone.


Best purchase you will ever make!

This mattress is genuinely amazing and worth every penny. It is firm but so so comfortable especially due to the topper which gives a really luxurious feeling. It has fully eradicated my partner and I’s back pain.


Extremely happy! bye bye back pain

Best matterace - I am side sleeper and had suffered lower back pain for months before purchasing this product. At first was hard and felt that the pain has worsen but overtime it actually helped with back pain!/


Splashing out on a quality mattress

Nice and firm chunky mattress but moulds slightly into your shape. Was quite expensive for a mattress but what price do you put on a good nights sleep especially if you have aches and pains as you get older.



Firm yet comfy mattress! Memory foam topper makes it extra comfy whilst still providing support for my back. My back pain has reduced drastically since purchasing this mattress. Lovely thickness also.


Very comfy mattress

This is a really comfortable mattress. I would highly recommend it for someone who like a medium mattress. I always feel like my body is supported and get a much better nights sleep now that I have this.


Sleeping sweetly

It’s so good I had to purchase this mattress twice. It is supremely comfortable and you are guaranteed to get a great nights sleep on it. The price may be steep, but it is an investment in your sleep.



My Silentnight Risborough mattress is fab! It has made me realise how much we have needed a new mattress!! The mattress and it’s design is of excellent quality and is a pleasure to sleep on.



Mattress is very good strong and well made and comfortable just what we was looking for the service from the dreams team from shop staff to delivery staff was very good professional and helpfull


High quality and comfortable

While this was on the expensive side, this has given some incredibly good night's sleep since we got it. It's firm but comfortable and supportive. This should last us for a long time.


A Good Night’s Sleep

A really excellent mattress. It is the correct firmness for us after the great help given to us by Julie in choosing it. Very good value for the money too. Many thanks John & Angela


Firm but comfy

Really comfy and firm mattress. Exactly how it felt in the showroom. Higher than our other mattress so feels quite luxurious. Dreams delivered in less than a week, great service


Very Comfortable Matress

This is the most comfortanle matress i have ever had. It seems to mould around your body but offers support also. I am so reluctant to get out of bed in the morning now!


Best mattress ever!

Best mattress I have ever had, so supportive and comfortable, I fall asleep straightaway on it when I used to have real trouble getting to sleep. I absolutely love it.


Great mattress

Almost fell asleep on it when I tested it in the store. Very warm and cosy mattress. Would recommend a low tog duvet with this mattress to avoid being too hot.



This mattress is very good most comfortable we are very pleased with it was expensive but you certainly get what you pay for would highly recommend


Very comfortable

This is a lovely mattress, extremely comfortable and i find it much easier to get out of bed in the morning with much less back pain than before


Money well spent.

An excellent mattress - I am sleeping well for the first time in many years and no longer have a sore back. The purchase was money well spent.


Recommended purchase - highly satisfied

Friends recommended this bed and we are very pleased. Very comfortable - you sink in and don’t feel movement from the other side. Brilliant!


Cracking mattress!

Excellent service from Dreams Ealing, and the mattress is brilliant. Great support, incredibly comfy, and really gives a good nights sleep.


Perfect Mattress for what we needed

The mattress was perfectly matched to what we needed. It seems well made and of high quality. Delivery was fast and well managed.


Silentnight mattress - best I have had so far

Super comfortable. It’s a perfectly designed mattress for a comfortable sleep. On the harder base side which meets my requirement.


Super comfy and got a great deal on it!

Extremely comfortable and got it for a quarter of it's retail price! (ex-display). Still come with warranty so am very happy.



I thought my old mattress was good, but this one surpasses it by miles. Correct firmness with a soft and comfy pillow top.


Very good bed and mattress

Have had the bed for some four weeks or so now and more than happy. Previously both waking in varying pains, no more!!


Five starts quality mattress and customer service

Fantastic customer service and excellent mattress. Am extremely happy with my purchase. It was worthy every penny..


Silent night Risborough pocket mattress.

It was all we were promised. A great night’s sleep, undisturbed by tossing and turning partner. What a relief.!!!


Comfiest mattress I ever had

A firm mattress yet the memory topper allows for just that little bit of give to help you get so very comfortable



2weeks and my low back pain has gone , best product I’ve brought. Thank you dreams . My dreams have come true .


Great mattress and worth the investment

Absolutely love this mattress - so comfortable and really helped improve my nights sleep. Well worth the money.


Best nights sleep ever

Best nights sleep ever. Nice medium but firm mattress, nice and deep. So comfortable highly recommend.



Comfortable and large!! Never had a king size mattress so a real luxury and no compromise in quality.


All around great experience

Really comfy mattress, and super smooth process from walking into the shop right through to delivery.



Super comfortable, firm mattress and does what it says. We'll put together and beautifully finished!


Silent night risborough 2800 pocket memory mattres

Absolutely the best mattress I have ever purchased , complete comfort and amazing customer support


Excellent mattress

This is an extremely comfortable mattress, Very well made and designed to fit the bed perfectly.


Very good matress

I have a bad back. This matress supports my back without being too hard. Very nice to sleep on.


Best sleep ever.

Great bed firm but comfortable best sleep ever thanks to the very helpful dreams assistant.


Superb Comfortable Mattress

A superb comfortable quality mattress that allows aid a restful, relaxing good nights sleep


Risborough 2800 mattress

My last mattress was a memory foam only so was pleasantly surprised how comfortable it was



Takes a week or so to get used to but oh my goodness it’s worth it. Such a lovely mattress


Silentnight Riseborough mattress

Very comfortable mattress which gives great support across whole body. Totally recommend


Never slept better

This is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever had. It’s done wonders for my arthritis.


Perfect mattress for larger side sleeper.

The mattress is extremely comfortable and really high up which is exactly what I wanted.



I’ve slept exceptionally well since I have been using it. Excellent value for money.


Perfect shopping experience

Shopping experience was perfect thorough and friendly. Very happy with the mattress.


Better and longer sleep

Great mattress. Sleeping much better and longer when compared to the old mattress.


Mattress review

Very comfortable. Great support. Very happy with the product. Would buy it again.


Silent Risborough Mattress

Very comfortable! Only concern is how heavy it is when I want to flip it over!


Silent night mattress

Mattress is so comfy! Sore back previously is now better and great night sleep


great Mattress

What a base line for a great night sleep the mattress meets all expections.


Best and most comfortable mattress

Great looking very comfortable mattress designed to get a good nights sleep


Silentnight Risborough 2800 Pocket Memory Mattress

Mattress is great. Very comfortable and helps with supporting the spine.


Week worth the price and then some

Excellent mattress. Has made a lot of my bank and neck pains disappear.


Perfect night’s sleep

Love this mattress so much I bought a second. Well worth the investment


Absolutely brilliant

Super quality and a great night's sleep - cannot recommend more highly


A Soft Sleep Awaits

Great delivery, perfect mattress feel for our needs, and a fair price.


Silentnight mattress

Awesome comfortable mattress. Slept amazingly well since we bought it.



Very Comfortable mattress. Too heavy for me to turn on my own though.


Miracle mattress

Since buying this mattress we are experiencing very good nights sleep


Great mattress

This mattress is really comfy - slept really well since getting it


Very comfortable mattress

Best nights sleep I’ve had in years Excellent quality’s mattress


beyond comfort

Very comfortable supportive andgives the best nights sleep ever


Very good mattress

Very good quality and comfortable, my backache is a lot better


Great quality

Great Mattress, very good quality supportive and comfortable,


Good mattress

This mattress is lovely however, the stitching is terrible.


Mattress review

Suits us, very little side to side movement which is great.


Best mattress

Second one we have brought really comfy supportive mattress


Silent night mattress

Amazing mattress . So comfortable and good value for money



Wow wow so beautiful and indeed slight night as is says


Supportive comfort

Supportive comfort bed . I would thoroughly recommend .


Great mattress and great sleep

Great mattress. I would definitely recommend to others.


Silentnight Risborough 2800 Combination Mattress

Perfect for those who prefer a more firmer mattress.


5 Star

Great service Super comfortable mattress many thanks


Excellent mattress

Excellent mattress fabulous to sleep on . Great buy

Questions and Answers About Silentnight Thornbury Combination Mattress

Silentnight Chantilly Pocket Sprung Mattress - Medium Firm, King Interested in mattress. Delivery is key to purchase as I work and cannot takes days off. Friday afternoons after 1pm or w/ends is ok. What do you suggest?

Answer: Hello , I would suggest taking the product you would like to the checkout because there will be a calendar where you can select a delivery date. All this depends on your personal postcode. I have checked a Loughborough postcode and the first Saturday delivery of the Chantilly King Size is Saturday 9th April. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps

Does the Chantilly treated with purotex prebiotic? Also how long is the manufacturer guarantee?

Answer: Hello , We do not have Purotex in our Chantilly mattress, but our Rosebury and Sotheby by Sealy are both endorsed by Allergy UK for the reduction of house dust mites as they do contain Purotex. They also contain Tencel an eco-friendly fibre that helps keep you cool and dry. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Can I use an electric blanket with this matress

Answer: Hello , We would recommend against this as the heat from the electric blanket can have an adverse effect on the memory foam within the mattress. If you're looking for a mattress that you can use your electric blanket with, a non memory foam mattress would be the best type. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Is this matteress delivered rolled? If not, can it be bent slightly? I ask because I'm concerned that it may not be possible to fit a super king up my stairs.

Answer: , No, this mattress is not delivered rolled. The mattress can be bent slightly but this can cause damage. If you are concerned the mattress may not fit up your stairs, you can select a Zip/Link mattress which is a Super King split in half and then Zipped together. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi - Has the grading of this mattress changed. I see from the Q7A and recent trip to a store it was a FIRM category but online it now states medium - so i'm unsure if I order it'll now be too soft

Answer: , This mattress has recently been re catergorised to a medium comfort grade. The fillings in the mattress haven't changed, we feel that within our range of mattresses this mattress is better classed as a medium. Many thanks Dreams

Is there a sleep trial for this mattress

Answer: , Thank you for getting in touch with your question. We offer a 40 Night Comfort Guarantee on our mattresses. For more information on this please visit: Kind regards, Dreams

is this mattress suitable for someone 26stone

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. At Dreams we do not have weight limitations on any of our mattresses. The Risborough mattress has 2800 pocket springs which are designed to adjust to body weight providing both support and comfort. Kind regards, Dreams

I bought this mattress and I confess I am finding difficult to buy a deep sheet for this deep mattress on high street shops. Could someone if not everyone tell me a good sheet and where did you buy it please? I have a super king size. thank you :)

Answer: Hello , We will be able to provide bedding for this. You will need a deep fitted sheet. Please look at this using the below link. Many thanks for the question.

I am looking for a mattress which has minimal transfer of movement when placed on a slatted base. How is this mattress when it comes to transfer of movement?

Answer: Hi Tomtom, This mattress should provide minimal transfer of movement due to the spring count and memory foam topper. If sharing with a partner these elements help to prevent roll together. Thank you for your question.

How many pocket spings in a superking?

Answer: Hi , Our mattress spring count is only counted for a King size. Other sizes will not differ hugely from the King count. We would advise about 3300 for a Super King. Thank you for your question.

What density is the memory foam layer in this mattress?

Answer: , There is no way to identify the exact density of foam, if the foam is considered a high density then we will mention this in the product description. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this the latex pillowtop or spring pillowtop ? what is difference ? Thanks 

Answer: Hi, this mattress has memory foam in the pillow top (top of the mattress) and this sits on 2800 pocket springs. Memory foam is a great filling layer for relieving pressure relief. Many thanks

Is this mattress good for asthmatic ?

Answer: , The Risborough mattress is made from high quality hypoallergenic fabrics that help to minimise any cause of allergic reaction. Kind Regards, Dreams

How many years warranty does this mattress come with? 

Answer: , All our mattresses come with a 1 year warranty with the option to extend to 8 years by purchasing our Bed Cover policy. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there a fee for you taking away my old kingsize matress?

Answer: , Thank you for reaching out with your question. Our removal cost for King & super king mattresses is currently £45. Kind regards, Dreams

How can you clean the mattress? Is there any particular spray or product? The memory foam topper needs a freshen up. Any help would be greatly appreciated 

Answer: Hello, Unfortunately, we do not have any recommended spray for the mattress as this could damage the memory foam within. Many thanks for the question.

Is this mattress okay to use on a slatted base. The slats are 3” apart

Answer: Hi , Yes this Mattress is perfectly suited to a number of bases including slatted ones. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Do you take the old mattress away?

Answer: Hello , We take the old mattress away for £39. This is available as an additional service through checkout. Many thanks for your question.

How heavy is this mattress?

Answer: Hi , Please find the mattress weights below: Single: 28.5kg Double: 42.7kg King: 47.5kg Super King: 57kg Thank you for your question.

Is this mattress suitable for a wooden framed bed with slats ( not sprung slats)  Thank you

Answer: Hello , Yes this mattress is suitable for a bed with wooden slats or a divan base. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi, what size valance sheet can I use on this bed with the divan it comes with, i.e. the normal valance sheet or the extra deep one? Thanks

Answer: Hello , We do not sell any valance sheets, however the height of this base is 42cm. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

In the overview it says it comes with a 5 year warranty . But in questions and answers , it says just one year. Which is correct please 

Answer: , I can confirm this mattress has a 5 year guarantee, this is a recent change that has been made. Many thanks Dreams

Do I need a regular fitted sheet for this mattress or a deep sheet? Thank you

Answer: , The mattress depth is 32cm, so you would need a fitted sheet for this depth. Many thanks Dreams

Hi Can you tell me the maximum weight this mattress will take

Answer: Hi , There is no weight limit, the mattress is extremely durable. Many thanks for your question, Shannel

Can we bend this mattress to get it upstairs? 150cm gap, but mattress is 180cm wide.

Answer: , We advise against bending the mattress to avoid damaging the springs. Thanks, Dreams.

Is this mattress suitable for heaven person

Answer: , Yes, this mattress is suitable for all different weights of sleepers. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can Silentnight Risborough Mirapocket  mattress be placed on a slatted base?

Answer: , The Risborough mattress is suitable to be placed on a slatted base. Many thanks Dreams

Hi can you tell me what the weight of this matteress is please?

Answer: Hi, the mattress weights are: single = 32kg, double = 48kg, king = 56kg and superking = 67kg. Many thanks.

How much does this mattress weight ?

Answer: Hi, the mattress weights are: single = 32kg, double = 48kg, king = 56kg and superking = 67kg. Many thanks.

what is the depth of the Chantilly mattress?

Answer: Hello, The depth of the Chantilly Mattress is 34cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

could you tell me if there is 1 layer of springs or are the spring double layered in this mattress? many thanks.

Answer: Good Evening, The Risborough mattress has only one layer of pocket springs . Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the base on kingsize with 2 drawers have spring top please

Answer: Hello, The base can have a 2 drawers and a sprung edged base. Many thanks for the question.

Is the memory foam part removable?

Answer: Hello , This is not removable as it is a built in topper. Many thanks for your question.

Hi, please can you tell me how heavy the Silent Night Chantilly mattress King Size is?

Answer: Hi , This mattress is 56kg. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Can this mattress be purchased in medium instead of firm

Answer: , Unfortunately this is only available in firm. Kind regards Dreams

What is the depth of the foam inside this mattress?

Answer: , This would be 10cm in depth. Thank you for your question. Dreams.

What is the spring count on the Super king size mattress please?

Answer: , This size contains 3510 pocket springs. Kind regards Dreams

Hi, could you please tell me the thickness of the memory foam layer in this mattress (super king variant). Thankyou!

Answer: Hi , This would be 10cm in depth. Thank you for your question.

Can you tell me the weight of a double mattress 

Answer: , This mattress weighs 43kg. Kind regards, Dreams.

What's the depth of this mattress?

Answer: , This mattress is 32cm deep. Kind regards Dreams

How much does it wiegh

Answer: Hi , This weighs 48kg. Thank you for your question.

Hi, is this mattress anti allergy, treated with pitot ex probiotics to help eliminateojld and dust mites?

Answer: Hello , Unfortunately not. Many thanks for your question.

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