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Silentnight Ruddington Combination Mattress

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becky says

New from Silentnight comes the Ruddington Combination Mattress, a new product that fits into the upper end of the spectrum in terms of quality and cost. At this price point you're going to want something that's going to last and thankfully that's exactly what you will get thanks to Silentnights' impressive 5 year guarantee included with this mattress. Let's dive into the specifications and see what exactly is going to allow this product to stand out within the marketplace.

The Ruddington Comfort Layer - Triple Layer (Eco Comfort + Memory + Cushion Top)

Most mattresses will feature a single comfort layer at the top of the mattress to control softness and overall comfort with there traditionally being pros and cons of each.

Starting with the Ruddington it looks as though Silentnight is moving away from this single-layer model in their more prestigious range adopting instead a combination of three. In the mid-tier we have a fan favorite with plentiful helpings of that spongy bounce back memory foam material that will prove warming and comfortable, helping to give a sinking effect that has proven popular time and time again over the years.

Above the memory foam layer we have an eco-comfort layer that will aid in driving breathability to help ensure you don't get too warm while also being environmentally friendly in it's design whereby it is made solely from recycled bottles with an end result that is both soft and deep.

Finally at the top you have the cushion top layer, trapping the fibre fillings below and providing a final degree of comfort that gives a fuller and more bouncy feel to the end product.

The Ruddington Support Layer - Twin Layer (Mini Springs + Full Size Pocket Springs)

Onto the base layer and this is where you get the vast majority of your support. The usual advice applies here, pocket spring is good, open coil is bad and so forth. With the Ruddington we see our favourite pocket spring base layer in full-swing doing what it does best in giving full body contouring to the masses and helping with back and neck support. The same pocket springs will also help prevent roll together and also give full edge-to-edge support that is even and measured across the entire base of the mattress. The icing on the cake here comes in the form of additional micro/mini springs that sit as an additional comfort layer above the full size pocket springs. These micro springs give additional bounce while still protecting your muscles and body as you sleep, it's a practise that is becoming increasingly popular and the results are a higher spring count that allows the contouring of springs to be much tighter around your body resulting in better support.

While the Ruddington is still fairly new, you shouldn't be put off by the lack of reviews as this is a upper-segment mattress that is going to appeal to a niche subset of users who can afford to spend a bit more on their sleep. The firm tension offered will also serve as a reminder of the additional back and neck support on offer when you are willing to spend a bit more. 

How does it feel?

Firmness of The Silentnight Ruddington Combination Mattress depends on bodyweight. Adjust your weight below to get an indication of how it may feel. Remember though that firmness is entirely subjective.
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Reasons to Buy

Brand name you can trust utilising the latest in technology to bring an innovative new product to market that aims to help with back and neck pain.

Good quality components in plentiful quantities.

Reasons to Avoid

Price point may alienate those looking for something more budget. 

Key Performance Indicators KPI question mark
Of The Silentnight Ruddington Combination Mattress
Our Key Performance Indicators are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algoritmic data points and user reviews.

Key Performance Indicators KPI question mark

Our Key Performance Indicators are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algoritmic data points and user reviews. For example, a firm pocket spring support layer is more breathable and offers better back support but may prove unsuitable for side sleepers, the reverse is true for a soft-medium tension reflex foam support layer. This is one of 100+ datapoints considered when generating the below ratings.


*Assuming average weight, suitability will vary dependant on body type, use the quiz above for a more tailored guide.
  • Back Sleepers
  • The amount of support offered from a mattress will vary depending on the firmness of the tension and the type of support layer used. Based on a person of average build.
  • Side Sleepers
  • If you sleep on your side you typically need a supportive tension that is not too firm, nor too soft. This is because your hips and shoulders need adequate sinkage.
  • Stomach Sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers need a reasonable amount of tension in the base support layer to adequately offer body contouring and help prevent aches and pains. Results will vary based on your build.


  • Stability
  • Depending on the type of support layer in place can have an impact on stability, edge to edge support and roll together prevention. Pocket springs of a firmer tension will have better stability than open coil soft tension, for example.


  • Initial Odour
  • Materials in mattresses, particularly memory foam and rolled bed-in-a-box mattresses can have an initial odour, this is typically short term and reduces considerably within 24 hours.
  • Long Standing Odour
  • Certain materials inside different mattresses can produce a small odour. Typically this is short term rather than long standing but there are minor exceptions.

Brand Rating

  • Overall Brand Rating
  • This is based on community driven customer reviews tied to product reviews and grouped together at a brand level to produce a score.

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Of The Silentnight Ruddington Combination Mattress
Brand: Silentnight
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Good

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Radar Analysis looks at the product, brand and retailer against base norms established within the industry and determines where the product sits by way of established performance metrics.

What Makes The Silentnight Ruddington Combination Mattress Great?

Has a firm comfort rating

A firm mattress will provide a great night's sleep by providing the support your body needs to stay aligned and prevent back pain.

It features advanced Mirapocket zoned support

Pocket springs are a legacy support layer that are one of the more popular and better quality within the industry. Silentnight has since put their own spin on the support structure and labelled it Mirapocket. The performance of these springs makes them a far better consideration than poorer support layers built around open coil traditional bonnell springs and reflex foam. Mirapocket springs are supportive and body contouring for ultimate pressure relief.

With ActiFlex comfort technology

Body contouring memory foam

Memory foam is one of the most desirable and in demand comfort layers around, outperforming others when it comes to sheer desire. This foam was first developed with NASA and was first used for commercial applications shortly after. The soft and body moulding properties of this layer makes it very appealing to those looking for a weightless nights sleep. Be aware however that temperature regulation continues to be an issue with this layer, though there has been improvement in recent years with additional cooling solutions offered through select ranges.


This product is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction. Ideal if you suffer from any sort of allergy problems

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Rest easy with a 5-year guarantee

A 5 year guarantee goes beyond the industry average and is a fairly good indicator of a well-performing product. After all, a poor product with a long guarantee would create a negative cash position for manufacturers. A 5 year guarantee is great when you consider the average mattress is replaced after 7 years meaning you get protection for most of the products lifespan.

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Customer Reviews For The Silentnight Ruddington Combination Mattress

Based on 1135 reviews
Comfortable and warm

I bought this mattress two months ago and it was the first mattress I've ever bought as an adult so I spent some time deciding and trying a few out at the store. My old one had finally packed up and I was also suffering from lower back ache so needed something to support me at night as I hadn't been sleeping well for a couple of months. My pain slowly disappeared after a few nights of sleeping on the new one due to the extra support before being replaced by pain further up my back a few weeks later. Now, I DON'T believe the mattress was the cause of this and I've been sleeping well for a couple of weeks now as that pain has also since gone. But I feel I have to mention it in this review as I know back issues are something that many consider when looking at mattresses. But I really don't believe that to be the case in this instance as I'm now fine and sleeping well. The mattress is firm but you sink in when lying in the same spot. After a few nights you get used to this when trying to turn over. The first few nights it felt like I was trapped almost but it hasn't been issue at all. This mattress is also very warm due to the memory foam. I knew this when buying it and as someone who gets quite cold in the winter I didn't feel this was a major issue for me. However, as it's now summer there have been some nights where I've been extremely hot so if you're someone who gets hot easily and/or sleeps with a partner with the same problem then this might be something to consider. You won't notice it that much when laying on it at the shop for 10 minutes but you do when you sleep on it. I haven't regretted purchasing this mattress and when I've been pain free I've slept reasonably well. I think I need another few months to give a really full assessment but I'm someone who likes to sleep on his front with arm above my head and I'm able to do that comfortably. But I've also slept well when lying on my back and side. So all bases are probably covered depending on how you prefer to sleep. I'd give this 4 stars and not 5 because of how warm it can get and also due to having aches and pains before purchasing this and thus affecting the initial bedding in period. Had I written this review in 6 months time I may have given a different rating.

Silent night Osterley As expected : great.

The Dreams computer bed in-store put this mattress on the list as one for me (top end of firmness) and after trying it in the shop came coming back to this one. Firm and feel even firmer when sleeping on your front but feel great and supportive. It is firm right all the way to the edges and does not slump when sitting on the edge of the bed as a lot of other mattress I tried elsewhere did. Has definitely helped with my back aches as got none now in the morning. Has a soft memory foam top which makes it nice and comfy. The mattress has quite deep indented "pockets" where the buttons are stiched in holding the mattress together. You can feel them with your hand but actually not much so when lying on it so not an issue. Tip : when choosing a mattress, try them all and you will know when you ll find the one. Simple. Price : steep but the quality is there (got mine on black Friday to be within my budget) Delivery : great. polite, friendly, helpful staff. You are kept informed all along via text, email and phone calls few days before and on the days. Take shoes off as enter property (nice important touch) Hesitated to buy from Dreams to be honest (mainly due to price) but they know what they are talking about, not pushy in shop, regular offers and quality products. products.

Moulded comfort

I attended Dreams first week of lifted restrictions, as a key worker having worked through lockdown it was a pleasure to return to a kind of normality. My appointment with Brandon was smooth and carefree. The whole body adaption system of mattress appropriate for my individual type was something I had never experienced. Approximately 6 in store mattresses has been identified to my body/sleep position type. Brandon offered a covered pillow slip and pillow for optimum comfort so as to ascertain which mattress would suit. This mattress was the second laid on, I returned to 3 others, however, the Osterley mattress was by far superior in comfort. It has been 3 weeks since taking delivery of Osterley mattress , I was surprised as all text denotes that it takes a few nights to acclimatise to new mattress, this was not the case as I have slept soundly since delivery. I have since rotated mattress and have enjoyed wonderful sleep patterns since delivery I cannot find fault with this mattress, it had enabled me to enjoy bedtimes again and a truly good nights sleep.

Excellent in every way,

I bought this mattress after being guided by Gary, in your showroom. He understood right away my needs, I have terrible ailing back and back pain, and I told him I have never been able to find the right mattress before but it was urgent I finally buy the right one. He knew straight away, and as I tested the first one he choose, I knew at that point it was the best. The bed absorbs all my pressure points, like a shock absorber, and no matter if I choose to sleep on either side or my back, I no longer feel any pain. The difference is tremendous, I no longer get up in the mornings in agony. The bed is of great quality, it goes back to its original shape quickly. The craftsmanship of this bed is excellent in every way , it's simply beautiful, best purchase I have made in my life and for my health. I have recommended this bed to my dear ones and have no hesitation in recommending this bed to my friends and acquantances Thank you.

Ideal mattress

I bought this mattress after reading reviews online, using the "sleep bed computer" in Dreams and discussion with the sales assistant. And of course having a lie-down on it in the shop. It was a wee bit more than I had intended to pay but costed over an estimated 7 year lifespan the cost per day was not too bad :-) When it wss delivered to me it looked like a top quality product, well packaged and so on. Having used it for 2 weeks I am pleased to say it has exceeded my expectations. I thought I may have a better sleep but I did not expect how it would change my sleep. I fall asleep quicker, toss and turn less and awake feeling refreshed. I previously had a slightback ache but now realise this was caused by my old mattress as it has now completely gone. I did not look forward to buying a new bed, thinking it was a bit of a chore. However, I am so glad I shopped at Dreams and with their have bought the right mattress for me.

Best mattress weve ever owned!

We went into store to pick a new mattress as our previous super comfy Sealy finally needed to be replaced. We used the Dreams Sleepmatch tool and Miles helped us to understand the best matches for us. The first mattress we tried was this one and it was absolutely perfect, and though we did try the others recommended, nothing came close. Delivery was super quick - within a week- and we have slept so soundly ever since. My sciatica is subsiding and our sleep is no longer interrupted. Its so supportive- the memory foam top gives a bit of comfort but the mattress is firm and fully supportive. Its just as comfy to sleep on your front as your side or back, but I fidget so much less now because Id the added support it gives. Im just sad I didnt switch sooner- this mattress is genuinely the best mattress weve ever owned and Im so glad we chose it over a number of the online competitors who were offering great deals at the time.

Amazing Customer Experience

We have been looking at replacing our aging mattress for months. Finally we went along to Dreams, at first it was overwhelming, all that choice and different styles. The staff where brilliant from the start and very patient! We tried several styles before we settled on the Ashridge. I must admit that I was not surprised that I would be spending the amount we did, yes it was expensive. The assistant gave us a deal on some accessories, but we felt that this would have happened if we had gone for a cheaper "in the sale" mattress, but it was still a good touch. Delivery of the mattress was again brilliant, we where kept informed of the delivery times etc: On the day it arrived the delivery men where professional and precise, no messing! Even when removing the old mattress. Overall, at brilliant experience on choice and delivery, cost wise - I was what we expected.

God send

I spent months trying to decide on a mattress. I went into dreams 3 times laying on every single mattress and I kept coming back to the Silentnight Osterley. I have a vertebrae out of place in my lower back and always woke up in pain with the old mattress. Having been sleeping on this mattress now for two months I have very few days where I wake up in pains and can lay in for a while before I get aches as I never could before. Its no magic healing mattress but as its firm and has as many springs as it does it defiantly helps. You also cant feel your partner fidget on the other side of the bed which is a nice bonus thanks to memory foam top. Its expensive but if I knew how beneficial it was I would have purchased the mattress a lot earlier. Is a god send in my eyes, defiantly recommend you check this one out before you commit to any others.

Super Duper Mattress

Fab store assistant who showed us a variety of different beds and mattresses to suit our needs. She even pointed out that there was the same mattress but a lot cheaper as it had been sun-bleached from being on display near the store window and that there was a small rip (which had been repaired). Needless to say, we opted to buy this one and save ourselves s. Great attention to detail.......they even printed off the receipt from the Super King size bed we had bought from them 8 years previously, to allow us to display the exact make/model of bed which we then sold second hand (the quality of product was still exceptional, and although it still felt like a brand new mattress, it wouldn't fit in our new bedroom). Highly rated, and 5 Stars for our 'go to' store when we need a new bed......definitely recommend to friends and family.

Firm Mattress

We bought this mattress just over a month ago after trying a few in the shop decided on this one, I wanted firm for my back so I thought. The delivery was good as expected. It felt good in the shop but when we got to sleep on it , it was a different experience it felt very firm I couldn't sleep for the first few nights till I walked up and down on it for a week or so to soften it up even after a couple of weeks better but still felt very firm . I have since learned that light people shouldn't have a firm bed I think I should have been advised in the shop of this . After a month we were going to change it for a more expensive one but decided to buy a good mattress topper which gave us the cushion feel but still firm best of both worlds. We didn't change because it is a very heavy, well made, good quality mattress.

Not totally satisfied - but its early days

The in shop test confirmed our thoughts that we needed a hard mattress. Due to Dreams Covid restrictions it took several weeks longer for delivery. Dreams would not enter the house despite traders being allowed at this time. The mattress was much harder than we expected, infact the first few days I could not sleep at all, my husband did not find this too much of a problem. After 4 weeks we are now getting used to it. I thought the memory foam would make it softer, but it is held so tight with the buttons that it is irrelevant. We are surprised that the mattress is already shows signs of dipping where we lay, despite following the instructions of turning it every week. We are glad that we took out the extended warranty which gives us peace of mind if needed.

Firm but fair!

Bought this after a fair amount of time in-store trying out different styles. In the end we narrowed it down to two, this one and a cheaper option that was slightly less firm. In the end we went for this, more expensive one simply because you spend more time on a mattress than on anything else and so we figured it wasn't worth scrimping and saving on it. Glad we did as although it took a few nights to get used to the firmness, it's really comfortable and regularly sleep the whole night through now. An added bonus is that there is very little bounce in it, which means when one person turns over, the other one isn't bounced awake! Only negative is that some of our fitted sheets don't fit too well because the mattress is so thick.

A really good Nights sleep...

Bought this just over a month ago to replace a newly bought memory foam mattress, not from Dreams. I wanted an old fashioned mattress with coil springs and to be very firm. I was tested by there in house sleep/bed machine and it came up with this one amongst a few more. After trying them all out in the shop decided on this one, and I am glad I did! The first nights sleep was just that a, a peaceful and undisturbed sleep. I cannot remember when I had such a deep sleep, and the mattress does not disappoint. Every night it offers a firm mattress that you can snuggle into and forget the world and drift off! The only issue is leaving the comfort of the bed in the mornings for work unless you are having a Sunday lay in.

Firm an supportive

I ordered a new bed and mattress on New Years Eve and after some time chose the memory foam rating 3 mattress but due to having to rush in the end to get my niece and her baby home for his sleep plus building work etc I was having carried out didn't check what the salesperson had written on the order (my fault) and subsequently found a sprung mattress with a 5 rating had been sold / ordered. It is comfortable and firm but as I sleep on my side it does make my shoulders ache the same as my old mattress did so no improvement for me which I was hoping for. I will order a memory foam mattress when I order another bed and try it to see if it would be better for my back which has arthritis in the bottom 2 vertebrae.

New Harmony Osterly K bed & Pillows

I went to Dreams Huntingdonn and was helped by two amazing members of staff Michel and Michael they really took the time to explain all the matresses to me, I hadnt bought one for 20 years so all the new technogy and materials were a bit mind boggling but each was explained and once i decided which i thought i wanted they let me tryeach one with varying firmness so i could select the one I felt most comfortable with. I also had 4 new silentnight pillows and having used them i now know it was my old pillows that were causing my neck ache. I will definitely be changing my matress and pillows more frequently and i will go to Dreams in Huntingdon for their expertise and professionalism.

Not appropriate for public view

Its very hard to rate the mattress as I often wake up with lower backache and sometimes slight sharpness against my ribs after 5 or 6 hours decent sleep. I then find it hard to get back to sleep. The mattress seems well made and rated suitable for me after testing in Dreams, but it may be that the mattress is either too hard or soft for me and I just made the wrong choice in the shop. It could be though that the memory foam layer has good support to begin with but then sinks too much during the night and I'm lying more on the micro spring layer underneath which is harder. That could explain why it can be better when I turn the mattress round after a week as the foam has 'rebounded'

Initially disappointed

It is firm, definitely, also firmer than I remember from trying in-store. Perhaps because there I wore more clothes than I usually wear in bed (I'm not Victorian). The first 1-2 weeks I seriously considered if I should swap it for something different within the 40 days guarantee, but then it seemed my body adapted, and I noticed that the backpain I've had, almost disappeared. So now I'm going to stick with it. Also it seems to be very good quality and provides confidence that it will retain shape for the years to come. Biggest downside now is that it is quite heavy, and where my bed is, I have access from one side only, making it rather hard every time I have to rotate it.

Utter perfection

Having just had spinal surgery, it was suggested that I invest in a decent mattress. Having visited Dreams, I was given a selection of Mattresses to try. The shop assistant was knowledgeable and confident in what they believed I needed. After being shown the selection, I was drawn to this mattress due to its firmness and quality feel. Having taken possession of the mattress a month ago, I can honestly say, since then I don't have broken sleep anymore, I don't wake with the usual aches that I had previously and I sleep soundly through some of my alarms now. Had I known how comfortable this mattress would have been, I would have gladly paid double.

The jury is still out

This mattress was rock hard the first night which gaveme some pain and a disturbed night's sleep (I'm a side sleeper). I was all set to return the mattress but had to keep it for 40 days/nights. Night two, the mattress was noticebly softer and I had a much better night's sleep. I'm now onto week 4 and although the mattress still feels a bit too firm, I believe I'll keep it and with it getting softer, it will be an excellent supportive mattress. I would recommend the mattress but caveat it with a warning that you have to be prepared for the the fact that you may have to go through some discomfort before getting comfortable.

Our goldilocks mattress, just right!!!

After purchasing 3 mattresses in 3yrs I've finally found my goldilocks one. This is just right for us. I was beginning to lose hope of every getting a suitable mattress after we finally and reluctantly parted with our old one after 10yrs. I'm a front sleeper and our previous purchase was too firm. The one we had before that was one of those natural fibre and unicorn hair stuffed ones, super expensive and it sagged after 4 months (not a Dreams purchase). Very happy and refreshed as I'm sleeping better. We have put a topper on it as hubby likes the bed a bit softer but its also good for me. Excellent service from Dreams.

Exactly what we wanted

Having bought a new bed from Dreams, we needed a mattress to go with it. We 'tried' several and eventually decided on Silentnight Osterley. It is firm with a built-in topper and suits our needs. To our great surprise and delight, the sales team pointed out that they had one in the sale! So, not only did we get what we needed we actually paid a lot less than we had to. The bed and mattress was delivered to us exactly in the time slot stated and duly assembled. We were given great advice about letting it air for several hours before actually making the bed up. Great service, great products and great prices

A great night sleep

We bought the matresss in the new year sale. Delivery was with 5 days. The guy in the shop said we had 40 nights sleep to decide if it's the one for us. From the first night we know we had. Ought the right mattress it's perfect and comfy and the right firmness. The individual pockets mean we don't roll which is good as hubs is bigger than me! I would recommend this mattress and also dreams as the service we received was great. My only negative was 38 to take the old mattress away thought that was quite a lot and should be free for the amount of money we spent! Hence why the 4 stars.

Really Comfortable Investment

Finally decided to do a proper buy of a mattress after buying online or 2nd hand over the years. This firm mattress was worth the investment after being tested on the sleeping machine in-store which I was a little sceptical about but in the end turned out to give decent results. I am still within my 90 days allowance and so far no complaints and would recommend. The material and weight make it feel durable and delivery was very well organised. I was able to get it on finance as well. Only giving 4 stars as opposed to 5 because I was given 4 crappy pillows with it for free that I can't actually use

Sweet dreams.

After making a big, and costly, mistake with a full memory foam mattress which was far too soft for us, we went to Dreams. Their sleep analysis machine recommended a selection and we went for the Osterley. It is much more supportive and we are both sleeping well. Materials are excellent quality and I expect it to last well beyond the recommended 7 years lifespan! There is a memory foam layer but it adds comfort rather than compromising the spring system. Good price too with a discount in their recent sale. Definitely not too hot either which I feel is downside to many memory foam products.

Firm and comfy

I chose this mattress for its firmness. It has a lovely comfortable layer of memory foam on top of the main pocket sprung layer that just allows a little give. It is quite a deep mattress so I now need to buy more sheets as mine don't quite fit. Others have commented on it being hot and I would suggest that if you get hot at night, don't buy a mattress with memory foam as it isn't breathable. Mine has felt hotter since putting the rather expensive tencil mattress protector on it. I imagine I might need to remove this in the summer during hotter weather. Otherwise, I love this mattress!

A really good night sleep

Now on week 4 of using the mattress after we moved from an old spring mattress with the thickness of a yoga mat to the Silentnight Osterley, following the recommendation of the Sleepmatch and what a difference! The mattress is supports the body uniformly and has a good level of firmness; it doesn't change shape throughout the night and keeps the same level of support after 8 or more hours of sleep. It feels sturdy and well built, with a close attention to detail and excellent finish in the stitches. Excellent comfort in any position (side, prone, etc.); would definitely recommend.

I'm now a deep sleeper!

I used to wake up really easily to noises and movement in the night. Since getting this mattress, I have overslept on several occasions because the vibrations of my Fitbit are no longer enough to wake me up! Who knew I would be a deep sleeper if only I had a comfortable and supportive mattress? I've also had problems with my knee and back, and I used to be unable to recline in couches or in bed for longer than a few minutes before I felt pain in my lower back. I can now say I am able to read in bed like I used to before my injury. I'm so glad I went ahead and bought this mattress!

I love this mattress!

I have a chronic back problems, due to a spinal condition, so it was important to get the right mattress. After plenty of research, and helped by generous credit arrangements, I was able to go for one a little more expensive than my initial budget - and, boy, was it worth it! I absolutely love this mattress! It took a week or two to get bedded in (so to speak), but once it had, it has been supremely comfortable ever since, and I've had it 2 months now. The springs are nice and firm, but with that extra bit of foam topping, it gives a soft, luxurious feel. Highly recommended!

Surprising Bonus

I was aware Silentnight had a good reputation but for me, a bed is a bed and a mattress is just that. However since having the Osterley I have realised just how different they are. Comfort while sleeping is very important and the Osterley certainly provides this but, undisturbed sleep is also vital and I didn't realise how often I used to half wake up to turn over! A surprising bonus about the Osterley is that it does actually make maneuvering so much easier and therefore allows a continual peaceful sleep throughout the night. Thank you Dreams for fulfilling my dreams.

This mattress feels like it was hand made for me !

I investigated the extremely mind blowing Mattress market. I investigated the personal computerised sleep profile offers by Dream Beds. I visit there Shop in Sheffield . I had already sorted out my Ottoman Bed. The staff were extremely helpful. I tried numerous mattress as recommended by my extensive and highly informative position test. Was given every detail I could imagine . Chose my mattress. Delivered with my bed and pillows . Installers were amazing . Cleared up packaging . Removed Old Bed and Mattress. Now I literally as they say sleep like a baby. Excellent !!!

Very helpful staff

The Inverness store and Mark (I think) was very helpful, we explained that we were having problems with our current mattress and supplier, he explained about a guarantee which we would be entitled too. After much back and forth we were issued a refund and went back to see Mark. After a sleep test which took 2 minutes he pointed out which mattresses would be suitable to our sleeping style etc and we happily purchased the Silentnight Osterley. I have a bad back and was having major issues with the other mattress but that has improved since we have had our new mattress.

Transformed my night's sleep

I bought this mattress just over 2 weeks ago and at first I thought it was going to be too firm. But after a couple of night's it quickly felt amazing and so comfortable to sleep on. Definitely not too firm after 'breaking in'. It has got rid of a lot of tension/ aches which I get from working a desk job. Amazing. When there is two people led on it you do not roll into one another, and neither do you feel like you are going to fall off the edge (as some mattresses have a curved edge). Excellent product, well done Silentnight. This mattress is worth every penny.

Firm, Solid, Heavy, Durable, Very Very Comfortable

Solid heavy Mattress, Firm, supporting but very comfortable. Compared to my 20yr old mattress it is clearly an improvement but to be fair I slept reasonably well on that one. The difference is less broken sleep, not waking up so often during the night and when I do I feel more refreshed. Was comfortable from day one. I was expecting a week or two getting used to it but none of that . Performance is as described by sales assistant in the store and her recommendation was spot on. Quality and appearance is very good and it feels like it will last for many years.

Very Comfortable

Having used Dreams Sleepmotion to find a suitable mattress for us, this was was one of a few that was chosen. We knew straight away that this was the right one as it was firm and relaxing at the same time. It took a few days to get used to it after it was delivered as it is very firm but supportive as we both have back problems. The memory foam certainly helps as well. The one thing that we really notice is that you can't feel it when the other person moves. I am glad we bought this mattress and would recommend it to anyone looking to buy a new one.

Great mattress

I bought this last month because I was having problems with a one year old mattress that started to dip in the middle. So pleased with this purchase. We no longer have back pains and our sleep has improved massively. I simply will now stick with dreams mattresses. This is a good investment and quality mattress that will last. Starts off firm and then the memory foam kicks in making your body as comfortable as possible. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who experiences back pain and can honestly say that we look forward to going to bed now.

Great Mattress.

I bought this mattress a month ago to replace an 8 year old memory foam mattress as it was like sleeping on a marshmallow. I used the sleep mach system at Dreams store and went with one of its recommendations. I was a little apprehensive but so glad I went with one of its suggestions. At first I found the mattress a little firm as it was a firm mattress I bought, but after a month of steeping on it my sleep quality has improved greatly. Personally with having lower back problems I would recommend using the sleep mach as it worked for my self.

Perfect firmness up to edge; Makes body sweat

We tried different firm mattress in the store and nothing matched this mattress. Hip went down in other mattresses but his one supported very well. There is firm support up to the edge and doesn't buckle unlike other mattresses. Great for side sleepers, for back sleepers it can get hot. I wake up early morning with sweaty back. Looks like I need to invest another 150-200 for a wool mattress protector to avoid sweating. My wife had neck pain with our previous memory foams, but she comfortable sleep in this (she is a side sleeper).

Super comfy

Ive never known exactly which comfort type of mattress was right for me (so many to choose from) and im so glad i went to dreams. The staff was really helpful and best of all left you to browse in your own time. They helped me on to the Sleepmatch machine to help choose the correct comfort type for me as i was experiencing back pain. Firm mattress was recommended. Ive never had a firm mattress before so was anxious but there was no need. It is so comfortable and i sleep so well and best of all no back pain when i wake. Perfect.

Great Sleep!

Excellent service when we bought this mattress. It was one of the recommendations for us on the machine (cant remember the name of it sorry) but was the last one we tried. Bought it in black friday sales as at full price it was outwoth our budget. Delivery team were excellent, calling me with a 2 hour window then 15 mins before so i could nip home from work to receive. Hubby and I both sleep really well on it. No aches and pains, fantastic item. A bit heavy to rotate top to toe but then it does have over 1400 springs in it!

osterley mirapocket mattress

i have found dreams beds very good to deal with, found the relevant mattress on line,at a very good price i spoke to an agent on the telephone, enquiring about the various qualities of the mattress, sorted out the details and ordered our mattress, the two young men who delivered the new mattress also picked up our old mattress for recycling and took the new one to the designated bedroom, these two young men were very efficient in delivering our new mattress and taking away our old mattress, all in all a very good experience.

For those who love a firm bed

This is an excellent firm mattress. There is a bit of give for side sleepers but you still feel incredibly supported. It's nice and thick too, so getting up in the morning is less painful on the knees (important for tall people!). By all means use a mattress protecter but I would strongly advise against a topper - we used one for the first few nights and it completely undermined the supportiveness of the mattress and left us with back pain! The first night after taking it off though was the best nights sleep I've had in years

Silentnight Osterley Mirapocket Mattress- Amazing!

This mattress was one of the ones recommended to me after trying it out in store using the matching technology. By far the BEST decision/ purchase I have made in a while. It's still early days but I no longer wake up feeling stiff with back pain. I can't remember the last time I slept so well. The perfect blend of firmness, support and comfort with the added layer of memory foam which makes all the difference. Would 100% recommend spending that bit extra for the quality of this product as it really is worth every penny.

Love it

After having a waterbed we needed a much firmer bed, as we started to have back problems and old age doesn't help. So we picked this mattress, so glad we did we have had it for a few weeks now and it's perfect for us and my back, wish l got it sooner. We do turn it as required and have had no problems. It is not a cold bed in fact it is surprising warm even when you first get in, l just keep still for a few minutes it soon heats up.It's a good depth fitted sheets fit great no looseness at all. Very happy.

Extremely comfortable

I debated over buying this mattress as, even in a combination deal with a bed frame, it was over my initial budget. Id tried it in store after being matched to firm mattresses and it was the comfiest one in there by a long shot. The different layers work together to make the mattress supportive and comfortable and there are enough springs to adequately distribute my weight however I sleep. Its been a fantastic addition to my new house and I am so pleased I went for it, even at the higher price point.

Firm but fair

Brilliant mattress if you want a firmer one! It is still very comfortable (I have been used to a soft memory foam mattress) I have found my back is not aching as much anymore with this one. My partner has had a lot of problems with his lumber spine and needed surgery in the past but this mattress seems to reduce the risk of his back going into flare up! Value wise is another thing it is a quality mattress but not cheap, we got it at a good price but would not have afforded the full price as advertised.

Very comfy

I bought this mattress about two months ago. I would say it is a very comfy mattress and has helped with my back ache. However, this mattress cannot be flipped over to use both side. Also there is a large plastic logo at the foot of the bed so when you turn the mattress as recommended you have a large plastic logo under your pillow, it affects me as I sleep with my arm under my pillow. The top layer is memory foam which is very comfy but it does make your bed warmer if your not used to it.

Pure comfort

New mattress was well overdue. Service at dreams was amazing. Not pressured into buying on spot. Went in to do some research but were so satisfied with the sales that we bought this mattress and havent looked back since. It's so comfortable. Exactly the right amount of support where it's needed. I had weekly neck/shoulder aches in my last mattress for over a year. Invested in a decent mattress and i can honestly say, one month in, that i havent had any neck/back pains since. Sleeping like a baby

Silentnight Ashridge Mirapocket Mattress

I'm going to be perfectly honest and say that neither of us had a great sleep for about 3 nights as we couldn't get used to the firmness of the mattress ... but having said that, the following nights, (and weeks) to date have been really comfortable and we've both been having really relaxing and restful sleep. I must comment here while I have the chance, the staff at the Talbot Green branch of Dreams were extremely helpful in helping us with our purchase and delivery.

A new mattress

Only had the mattress a week. It is just beginning to feel as comfortable as our old one wed had for 13years. We miss the memory foam topping and are not yet sure that latex is a good choice as a replacement. It seems very firm especially if we lie on our sides but excellent when sleeping on our back. The surface seems dented where the buttons are compared to the flat surface we had before. Early days for a review of an item we hope to enjoy for many years to come.

Amazing comfortable mattress

I wasnt sure at first when the store suggested a firm mattress as I was always used to a medium firm mattress but I was pleasantly surprised. As a side sleeper it provides adequate support to the back and is very comfortable. I was taken aback with the price but it was definitely worth every penny as its something you will be using every night so you want to ensure its suitable for you even if it costs a little more than you expected. Very happy with this purchase!

The store/ the mattress and the whole experience

For the price, comfort and all around happiness this mattress brings me its a 10 out of 10 5star mattress. The only reason I put 4stars in the review is so they wouldnt increase the price and neglect other people from having this pleasure. Highly recommended and even if not interested in purchasing make your way down to your nearest dream store to do that sleep test thing where you lay down and they pick out your ideal mattress. Why not make a day out of it lol

Got what I expected.

I didn't want an ortho mattress but at the same time I was looking for a comfortable mattress which can provide reasonable back support which it did. I have tried multiple mattresses even by silentnight but they have truly outdone themselves with the osterley series. Dreams Grimsby Team was spectacular. They helped us select the right mattress and I am really glad they listened to our requirements and were able to guide us towards making the right choice.

A good night's sleep at last!

We bought a mattress from a different store which was replaced after 6 months as it was faulty. They refused to replace the replacement even though the fault was the same! We went into Dreams and our bed buying experience was wonderful. The salesman was extremely knowledgeable about their beds and after trying about 8 beds, we decided on this one. It is extremely comfortable and we both now have a good night's sleep. My husband even snores less! Thankyou Dreams


I went into the rugby branch and bought this mattress three weeks ago, it was the best decision I have ever made. I cant begin to tell you the difference it has made to my nights sleep and how comfortable and supportive it is which considering I have a bad back is fantastic. The staff in the shop were really helpful and knowledgeable regarding the different mattresses. They gave me time and space to lie on every single one before making my decision. I love it!

Firm and comfortable

I bought this about a month ago to go with the Hopkins bed frame. I like having slightly firmer mattresses and this Silentnight model matches all my expectations! It is firm but not too hard. It moulds to the body shape well. I always have a good nights rest in it so definitely recommend. Sometimes I feel the cushioning takes the body weight and goes a bit soft in parts so its not always uniformly firm, but that is a minor issue in an otherwise good mattress.

Great quality mattress

When we visited the shop we used the Dreams Sleepmatch utility to find out that we need the firmest mattress available. This certainly fullfills that requirement. And although it has taken a few weeks to get used to it, we are now finding the mattress so comfortable and we are having a much better sleep. We also purchased the Sleepal+ smart tech and that have shown that we are sleeping much better than we used to. We are very pleased with this purchase.

Love it.

We've been on this mattress for just over three weeks and our whole sleep pattern has changed. It's deep, comfortable, solid and supportive, and we now sleep right through instead of waking up half a dozen times a night. In fact, if you buy this mattress, make sure your alarm clock works as you may well sleep in by accident. Definitely the best mattress we've had in over thirty years together - it suits us both, which is quite strange in itself!

Delivery drivers were amamzing

Smooth and quick process ordering and applying for finance. Your delivery drivers are a credit to you!!! They called me in the morning to give delivery slot of two hours and also estimated when in that slot they are likely to arrive. When they arrived they were polite and helpful. The mattress is simply amazing. I suffer from restless legs and I have rheumatoid arthritis- this mattress supports me really well. We dont want to leave our bed.

Much better nights sleep!

I have now owned this mattress for a few weeks and already I can start to see and feel the difference with my lower back. I am suffering from lower back pain where there is no quick fix and sleeping with previous mattresses gave me pain waking up in the morning, however now using a firm Silentnight Osterley Mirapocket mattress has helped me by giving me the support in the right areas that I need, whilst being comfortable for me and my partner.


I would say it is worth paying that little bit more for a good quality product. My previous mattress had lasted me at least fifteen years and I paid a good price for that mattress at the time. The new mattress made by Silentnight is very well made. It is taking me a while to adjust but I can safely say that my back feels a lot less achy in the morning. I just need to purchase the pillows that I tried out in the shop when testing the beds out.

Luxury matress

I spent time trying out various mattresses in bed shops and always felt the most comfort while laying on this one. I purchased the mattress and now that I have slept on it for over a week, I know that it was a great choice. It gives me a comfortable nights sleep and I am noticing fewer aches and pains all over my body in the day time. It is firm and supportive yet the gel top provides subtle softness for a little 'hug' on the pressure points.

solid mattress

I bought this a month ago and have waited for the 30day exchange to come round.I know realise that I should have bought the Chantilly mattress by silent night which I did try out in the shop as I now find that the Ashridge is too firm for me and is making my back ache so I am going to exchange it.If you require a firm mattress then the Ashridge is ideal but I think if you have back problems then a mattress with more support is the way to go.

Quality mattress

I purchased this mattress about 2weeks ago, was delighted with the service provided by the staff and their honesty for the product. It was a hard choice as there were two to consider, but I wasn't worried as I knew there was a 40days to decide if this was the one for me. It's a firm mattress which I usually don't like but because it also gas memory foam too it's firm but comfy. You don't feel you're other half move and it's very supportive.

Very Firm but comfortable mattress

I have problems with my back so require a firm mattress for support. The Price was a little steep but I truly believe you get what you pay for and this mattress is of excellent quality and will stand the test of time. My sleep has been excellent! The memory foam topping makes it comfortable and even though some have reported this can make it hot or uncomfortable I havent experienced this issue. Would definately recommend this mattress.

Good firm mattress.

We bought two of these, one for us and one for a guest bedroom. We did find it quite hard for the first few week but with use it has softened up and is very comfy. Our guest reviews have been mixed with the majority absolutely loving it, but they don't usually spend out on a mattress, sleeping on this quality has enlightened then to the fact that a good mattress makes a good night sleep. All round very good but a bit hard to start with.

Super comfortable mattress and great service

I bought the mattress 3 months ago with in mind of delivery time and myself moving to a new apartment! Got a great deal of 20% off and It is so comfortable. Great nights and feeling refreshed the next day. The customer service is great. Changed my delivery multiple time as had some issues with my moving in date. The delivery was great they took their shoes off and had the mattress delivered all to my bedroom. All in all great!

So comfortable!

This was the first time that I was choosing a mattress just for myself. After receiving this as a recommendation by the Dreams in-house assessment computer, I chose it as the most comfortable of those offered but was nervous that it might not be as comfortable as the mattress I was replacing (which I've loved for 12 years). It is absolutely perfect and so, so comfortable - I look forward to sleeping on it every night. Great product!

Great mattress at a great price, Osterley king siz

Having tried this mattress in a dreams store, we knew it was the one for us. It was delivered on time, by polite delivery men who were very accommodating. Pre delivery communication was first class. We are very happy with the mattress - its a bit firmer than the one we tried in store but thats to be expected. My favourite thing about it is that there is no roll over movement so no disturbance for my partner. Definately recommend.

Great for not feeling the husband flopping around.

The mattress is very firm when it first arrives. Once you are used to it it is a great mattress and gives excellent support. I cant feel my husband when he flops around like a fish out of water on his side of the bed. Im a sturdy girl and this mattress suits me really well. Delivery was quick, easy and the service was great on the shop. Wed recommend this mattress to all. It fitted on a non Dreams base really well.

Very comfortable and quick to arrive

I am very pleased with my purchase from Dreams. The mattress is so comfortable and made from high quality materials. Due to the firmness of this mattress my back feels very supported, enabling me to get a much better sleep now compared with my old one. It was also extremely quick to arrive and delivery men were very polite and helpful. Overall I have had no issues at all with the product or ordering process from Dreams.

Very comfortable!

Had this mattress a couple of weeks now and after 2 nights of getting used to it I'm very pleased with it. Good service in Dreams too from Chris at Swindon store, Liked the sleep matcher experience. Only thing I've noticed since having this mattress is that it's a little deeper than a standard fitted sheet so the sheet rides up on one corner but I wouldn't let that put you off as it's a 2 sec job to pull it back down!

Great Service

I bought the bed a month ago and received very good service in the store with a good explanation of the products. We were very pleased with the service and finance option. Delivery was efficient and good communication from the logistics department. The mattress looks and feels great and the new pillows were worth the extra money. All in all a great end to end service and will go back when we need to get a new mattress.

Great quality sleep!

We first bought this mattress 3 years ago in double size. We are so happy with the quality of the mattress and of our sleep, so when we moved to super king size - there was no question - we went for the same mattress again. Both times we went for zero interest finance, which was quick and easy to apply online. Delivery time was reasonable, just over two weeks, given that mattress is produced after the order is placed.

Discovered out of sheer luck

Felt a bit like Goldilocks as I was trying out every mattress in store but after I tested this one I immediately decided to buy it and haven't regretted it since. It's the perfect balance of firm and soft, any position is comfortable to sleep in but it has a good amount of resistance so you don't sink into it too much. The fabric is lovely and although it's pocketed you wouldn't be able to tell. A great investment!

Great mattress

Only had this mattress for 2 weeks and the difference is amazing. Our old mattress was a fairly expensive Hypnos and about 10 years old. It had a permanent ridge in the middle and I found it very uncomfortable and I didn't get a good nights sleep. The difference with the new mattress is amazing, very comfortable and I have been sleeping so much better with no aches and pains in the morning - long may it continue!

Superb comfort

Tired of my Ikea mattress that only lasted 6 months, I decided to give it a shot at dreams. My partner and I did the simulator and this was one of the mattresses recommended. Big thanks to Grace from the store in woolwich. She was superb and recommended us this one. This is REAL comfort, don't spend your money on something cheap as it won't last. Delivery team was 5 star and I couldn't be happier with my choice!

Thrilled with my new bed..

Thrilled with my new bed.. My bed arrived as planned and was put together in less than an hour.. The storage underneath Is great, my bedroom Is now clutter free.. The electric system Is quiet and efficient, raises and closes silently. With the mattress the bed Is quite high, but I am only 5 feet 2 Inches tall so this may not be an Issue for others. That said I am able to get in and sleep very well... Thank you

Very comfortable mattress.

This mattress is excellent, very supportive with the top memory foam giving way for your back to rest but not swallowing your body inside. The tufts are not noticeable when you lie down. It is super heavy so difficult to manoeuvre. My only drawback is that the mattress arrived with a grey stain on the top centre part and some marks on the side. After discussing with Dreams, they will replace it in April 2021.

Provides right balance between comfort and support

So far so good. I'm only holding off on giving it 5 stars as we've been with the mattress only 2 weeks so clearly cannot comment on long term wear. First impressions though is that the quality is excellent, and it seems to provide the right balance between comfort and support,. although possibly there could be a bit more give on the shoulders when sleeping on one's side. Lower back though seems well supported.

Great mattress

Ive had a memory foam mattress for over 10 years so which was the most comfortable bed Ive ever had so was a little apprehensive about this mattress, apart from the fact that my feet dont touch the floor when Im sat on it. Lol. I am really pleased with it. I was recommended to buy this particular one by one of your staff because I mostly sleep on my side and she was absolutely right. Very comfortable.

Love it

Bought it about a month ago now. Had an issue with the stitching on it, I called customer services and it was exchanged for a new one. No messing. The delivery lads where great too, took then 5 minutes, they took their shoes off in the house and was very friendly and polite. The bed itself is extremely comfortable and has made a huge difference to our nights sleep and wake up with the usual aches.

Warranty iwrong information

I went to the store in March 2020 to choose a mattress. The hardest one they had available was the Silentnight Osterley. I was informed about the warranty at the store to be 8years, and when I bought it online, after questioning, I was informed that the warranty is 1y for a replacement, the next two years I would pay for the usage. I had a previous one that the warranty was 3y... It was very disappointed.

Comfortable and good quality

My partner and I came to dreams show room three different times and did the dream match scanner. This mattress was on our list. Our absolute favourite was the tempur hybrid however this was too pricey. Out of our list we tried every mattress on three different visits and found this was the perfect form mattress for me and my partner if you are looking for a high quality hybrid mattress I would recommend.

Well-built, but not as firm as Id hoped.

This mattress is clearly well-built, but it is not as firm or supportive as I had hoped. I am going to take advantage of Dreamss 40-day comfort guarantee and swap it with one of their firmer options. I went to a store location today and tried out the Mumsnet Kindred mattress and that one felt much more supportive and firm and is only a couple hundred pounds difference to payworth it for me and my back.

Low price.

We bought this mattress half of it's original price,cause it was a return. When we test it in store seemed alright, but after one month sleep my wife and I we agreed that isn't very comfy and because it was a return we can't send it back. Well you get what you re paying. The seller Dawn, she was very good to us and se made us feel very welcome and she explained everything so definitely its not her fault.

A great quality product

This product was selected following the sleepmatch assessment we undertook at our local Dreams store on the Isle of Wight. The mattress has proved to be perfect. My sleep has improved as I am more comfortable, sleepmatch takes into account any health/pain conditions and I would recommend that anyone suffering with these issues goes to a Dreams store where they can help select the best mattress for you.

sleep relief

I purchased this matress in November and my wife and I have had far better sleep since then. It's the first firm matress we've had and were a little sceptical about how comfortable this would be. The choice can be cofusing but the sleep system and friendly staff helped us choose and with the added matress proctector and firmer memory pillows we made a good choice and had a good deal on the price too.

So comfortable

We needed a new mattress so went to Dreams, we went on a machine that measured various things and then the assistant showed us various mattresses that might suit us, we tried 4 mattresses in total (a number of times) but finally settled on this one. It is so comfortable and we are having the best nights sleep we have had n quite a while, its very difficult to get out of it for work in the morning

Extremely comfy, great quality.

We chose this mattress based on the match process in store. I didn't know what to expect with this process and was slightly dubious but it minimised the amount of mattresses we looked at, as there are so many, and really helped us decide on the firmness level. It suited both of us and after sleeping on it for around a month now, I can say it is extremely comfy and helped with some sleeping issues.

Great service, great quality product.

I bought this bed a month ago for the guest room where my mother will stay when she visits. Mum is in her mid 70s and so comfort is very important to her. As the bed is in our guest room, style is equally important to us. This product looks great, and ticks all the boxes for my mothers comfort. The service we received in store was excellent. Would definitely recommend the product and the store.

Long awaited replacement

Went into chested store to try out mattresses and was taken with it and because it was what I wanted and no other would do I waited until it was on a special offer of 20% off as could not afford it at normal price of 999.99 that is the good thing about dreams that they have such achievable offers to enable you to purchase those big tag items and could not be happier with the new mattress

So Comfortable

I bought this a month ago and I can honestly say its fantastic. If myselfmor my husband move in bed we hardly feel it as a pose to my previous mattress I felt like I was in bed with zeberdee. I also suffered from a bad back and I feel that this has also been a lot better since the purchase of this mattress. The whole transaction from selection to purchase to delivery was just brillinant

Best sleep I've had in long time

I bought this mattress few months ago. I wanted a firm mattress that doesn't collapse or sink under my weight and honestly speaking when I first got it I thought it's way too firm it felt like sleeping on the floor, but after few nights it adjusted and wore in a little bit. Now It feels perfect and I find it hard to get out of bed in the morning that's how comfortable it is! I recommend.

Can't beat a nice firm one

Well we went and tried what seemed like a million different mattresses and after speaking to the chap in our local dreams he suggested this one. The misses has a bad back and is extremely fussy about he mattresses. Best night sleep we've both had in years extremely happy with the a purchase especially when we bought it online 200 cheaper than it was in the shop a week after we saw it.

Pleased with purchase

When our bed broke, we went to dreams to get a new, better quality one. I suffer with back pain and restless sleep a lot and so far this mattress seems to have really helped. It took awhile to get used too as we had a much thinner, squishier mattress before, but now we have got used to it we love it :-) its much deeper than i remembered (25cm) so had an excuse to get new bed covers :-)

Very quick and efficient delivery on the day.

The purchase process was fine. The rep at Croydon worked hard to pull it all together on our behalf. The Bed is very comfortable. The delivery team were courteous and uber efficient. A credit to Dreams. The arrangement and changing of the delivery day process was rather arduous but having polite and helpful staff certainly helped (new Malden branch). All in all, a positive experience.

Wow wow wow

Got the mattress after falling out with our memory foam and I cannot believe the sleep we are getting. We have gone from waking several times a night to sleeping solid until the alarm kicks in. It is a hard mattress which suits us more than our older memory foam mattress I cant believe what a difference its made to our sleep. Would have made this purchase years ago if I had known

Very comfy

Great replacement for our previous mattress bought from Dreams. Once we had experienced a few nights on this mattress, we realised that our old one was well past its best and maybe we should have replaced it within the time lines suggested. Mattresses technology has come on, its really comfortable and appears to be able while keeping the warmth in, not allow the bed to get too hot.

A bit too hard

I am a bit disappointed with this mattress. I like to sleep on firmer mattresses, however also sleep on my side, and with this mattress particularly I am experiencing pain in my shoulders. My boyfriend sleeps on his back and doesn't have the same problem. I was hoping it will soften up after a while, but frankly, it hadn't. It does not feel the same as when I tried it in the store.

Great mattress

I bought the silent night Osterley mattress last month to replace my 8 year old silent night mattress. It is absolutely wonderful mattress and great value for money. Dreams in Southampton were great and delivered at booked time. All in all a great experience from purchase to delivery. Since sleeping on the mattress, massive improvement in the quality of my sleep. Very comfortable

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Questions and Answers About The Silentnight Ruddington Combination Mattress

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Can an electric blanket be used with this mattress?

Answer: Electric blankets can be used with all the mattresses however we do not recommend that they are placed directly on the mattress surface. In addition, using an electric blanket may alter the comfort grade of the mattress depending on the mattress type.We also recommend following all guidelines and instructions specified by the manufacturer of your electric blanket.

hi it says 1400 pocket springs for a king size but how would i calculate the number of pocket springs for the same mattress but in a different size?

Answer: There isn't a standard calculation to work out the different spring count in sizes. If you would like to know the exact spring count then please contact the customer service department and they will be happy to advise. Kind Regards. Dreams.

Can the single mattress be used on an orthopedic electric bed.

Answer: We are unsure what an Orthopaedic Electric bed is. If you need help with finding a mattress please visit your local Dreams store or call the Telesales line and a member of staff will happily go through your requirements.

Having read through your questions and answers I am now a bit confused as to whether I can use an electric blanket on the Osterley mattress. Could you let me know?

Answer: You can use an electric blanket, it will not harm or damage the mattress however when the components inside the mattress heat it can tend to make the mattress feel slightly softer.

Would using a heated electric blanket for five minutes be alright ? and what harm would this do if not

Answer: We would not recommend using a electric blanket as the mattress contains memory foam in it's make up however this would be entirely down to the user. Many thanks for the question.

What guarantee comes with the Osterley mattress please?

Answer: The Osterley mattress comes with a 1 year guarantee. The guarantee can be extended to 8 years by purchasing the Bedcover Service Plan.

Hello. I am interested in purchasing the Ashridge firm mattress 5' but want to know if you are able to dispose of my old mattress for me on delivery of the new? How long does delivery take to bath area if purchased today? Thank you. Caroline

Answer: Yes, we have a disposal service and delivery depends on where you are situated, both options can be seen through checkout before payment.Many thanks for the question.

The Super King Dimensions does not align to the Super King Bed Frame so, can you tell me if this mattress will fit this bed-frame please -Lucia Silver Fabric Upholstered Bed Frame?

Answer: They will differ as the frame measurements are from the outside, the mattress measurements would be the inside of the frame. It will fit for sure.Thank you.

Can i use this mattress with bedstead that has wooden slats The slats are flat and nailed in with 3" gaps

Answer: This mattress can be used with slatted frames, as long as the gap between the slats is not bigger than 3 inches.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Is this mattress suitable for electric adjustable bed

Answer: Unfortunately this mattress will not be suitable for use with an electric adjustable bed.

What is the the thickness of memory foam on top of the springs, ex. 50mm?

Answer: The memory foam on top of the springs is approximately 2.5cm.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Looking for new mattress I am. Quite a biggish lady I am fed up sleeping in a dip do you recommend this mattress for me.

Answer: The Osterley is a firm mattress and so will provide ample comfort and support.

Does memory foam heat you up at night and can I use an electric under blanket with this mattress?

Answer: We do not recommend a heated blanket with memory foam mattresses.Many thanks for your question.

I bought this bed a year ago and I am really happy with it. I am going to move and I need the weight of it in order to get a quote from the delivery company. Thank you very much for your assistance

Answer: the weight of the mattress is: single = 32kg, double = 48kg, king = 56kg and super king = 67kg. Many thanks.

Is there a maximum weight that this mattress will tolerate.

Answer: There is no specific weight limit for this bed.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hello! How much weight mattress? Thanks

Answer: This mattress weighs 48kg.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi Can this mattress be bent? I've got a tight turn at the bottom of my stairs so would probably have to bend the mattress a small amount to get it round Thanks

Answer: We strongly recommend to avoid bending any mattress. Kind Regards,Giedre

Can this mattress be used on a divan base

Answer: Yes, this can be used on a divan base or a bed frame.Many thanks for the question.

I was told by the sales team I could use a electric blanket on the ashridge mattress is this correct

Answer: Yes that is correct if you choose to do so.Thank you for your question.

Is this bed suitable for 16 stones?

Answer: We have no set weight limits on the mattresses/frames.Thank you.

Hi, what is the depth of the memory foam on the firm Ashridge combination spring mattress (king size)? Thanks

Answer: This will be 23mm for this mattress.Many thanks for the question.

Hi there - how much does the king size mattress in this model weigh?

Answer: the King Size Silentnight Ashridge mattress weighs 56kg. Many thanks.

How heavy is this mattress in kg?

Answer: The king size Osterley is 41kg.

How deep is the Ashridge mattress?

Answer: the Ashridge mattress is 29cm deep. I hope this helps.

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Firm vs Soft Mattress
Firm vs Soft Mattress
By BedStar
What is Hypoallergenic?
What is Hypoallergenic?
By Karen Kelley Perkins
About Silentnight
About Silentnight
By The Behaviours Agency

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