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Sealy Sanctuary Oasis Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 11 customer reviews

Sealy Sanctuary Oasis Mattress

Brand: Sealy
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Becky's Thoughts On The Sealy Sanctuary Oasis Mattress

The Sealy® Sanctuary Oasis Mattress has been designed to give you a more restful night's sleep. It features the latest technology, including 2300 individually responsive pocket springs (a superior spring unit that gives support in abundance), Quantum Edge® support for edge to edge support, Innergetic® Latex for pressure relief and a hand tufted pillow top that gives you the perfect balance of comfort and support.

Let's break that down further and look specifically at the support layer. The support you get from this mattress comes in the form of those 2300 pocketed springs. What makes this great is pocket springs are highly regarded as being a better alternative to both foam and open coil springs, further to that, it really is a case of the more, the better. 2300 springs represents the top end in terms of quality when it comes to this layer. Featuring a firm tension, this spring system will contour to your body while giving you additional orthopaedic support that is useful if you suffer from neck or back pain.

Moving onto that comfort layer and we've got a combination of both latex and hand tufted pillow top as a further comfort layer. That's two comfort layers in place of one. Latex is one of my favourite top layers due to it's memory foam like properties. The benefit of latex in this instance however, is that it is more breathable than memory foam and doesn't cause the sleeper to get too hot while they sleep. It's an ideal choice and one that I personally really love to see.

Finally, you've got that 10 year guarantee, that's 9 years more than typical and actually longer than the average lifespan for a product like this. Most people replace their mattress within 7-8 years but you've got a guarantee here that will protect it for a full 10. That makes the cost of each night of sleep really quite good value and one that should be considered when making your decision.


What Makes The Sealy Sanctuary Oasis Mattress Great?

5-year guarantee

This is an exceptional guarantee that is fairly uncommon within the industry, this shows that the retailer and supplier both have huge confidence in the product that they are selling. Any problems in the first 5 years? Call them and they will sort it.

Comfort rating 4 – firm

An extra firm tension mattress is typically suited toward back and front sleepers as they provide a stable and even surface with a focus toward those who enjoy sleeping "on top" of their mattress rather than sinking into it.

Innergetic® Latex insert gives excellent pressure relief

Innergetic® Latex is an insert that slots in between the support layer and comfort layer in order to provide further comfort. Latex is a great comfort material as it has many of the springy properties of memory foam while still allowing you to remain cool. Further to this Latex is a naturally sourced product that is hypoallergenic giving the user a safe and allergy free experience.

Quantum Edge® provides maximum sleep surface

Quantum Edge® is enhanced edging available on selected mattresses that enhances the mattress by helping prevent roll together and roll-off. It does this by ensuring rigidity is maintained throughout the entire mattress base giving more real-world sleep surface than you get with other mattresses.

Hand-tufted for a firmer, supportive feel

The tufting holds all mattress fillings together, this gives a slightly firmer feel and prevents sagging of the mattress in the middle while offering well rounded support up to the edges.

Endorsed by Allergy UK for the use of Purotex® fibres

Purotex® fibres are hypoallergenic, this means that they will not cause allergies, ideal for those that do suffer.

Spring count – 2300

Mattress height: 36cm

This is a fairly deep mattress, featuring plenty of room for good quality materials. Mattresses over 30cm are generally recommended for those that are heavier as the extra depth helps embrace the body better than thinner mattresses otherwise would

Customer Reviews For The Sealy Sanctuary Oasis Mattress

Based on 11 review

We have a roll together issue as we have a 10 stone weight difference, sadly this mattress doesn't account for this! Having the disabilities that I have I spend a lot of time in bed and whilst I'm on my own my 75kg are super comfy but when the other 120kg not so much!! Struggling to find fitted sheets for this mattress! Having to buy a size up!


Perfect mattress; we had been struggling to get a good nights sleep and had had a number of mattresses over the past few years. NO MORE; we purchased one from Benson's and was given great advice and chose the Sealy Sanctuary. Suits our bodies and sleeping style and we have both had a good night's sleep since purchasing. Would recommend


Extremely comfortable,glad its made in Cumbria, a handle at the en as well as sides would help with turning the mattress round


Tremendously comfortable. Not cheap but certainly worth the extra investment


Top quality mattress , very well constructed and comfortable


Very comfortable bed. Expensive but worth it


Very comfortable & pleased with the choice.


Best night sleep in a long time .


sleeping well - good for my back


Excellent service


Heaven on earth

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