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Sealy Maxwell Mattress

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Brand: Sealy
4/5 - 45 reviews


What Makes It Great

I bought this mattress about a month, I badly needed a new mattress, as my old one was way past it’s sell by date! I can’t sleep on medium or hard mattress, so was taking a big risk ordering this online without trying it out. Well I was not disappointed, even though it is classed as soft, it has a nice supportive feel, and that mattress topper - well it’s just wow, making it so cosy. I love it, would definitely recommend. Also must say that from ordering the mattress online to the delivery has been fantastic, I was kept informed of everything along the way, and the delivery men were very professional, unpacked and laid the mattress on my bed, aswell as taking the old one away. Fab all round, I am one happy bunny.

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Sealy's PostureTech Core Support system

Mattresses that come with a Posturetech Spring System help to assist with supporting of all pressure points on a human body. The result of this is that you end up with a far softer feel on the mattress that will naturally get firmer with additional pressure. The end result is a supportive and comfortable product

Memory Foam layer

Something for the memory foam lovers. Who doesn't love a bit of sinky-floaty and supportive material designed to rebound again and again. Definitely the optimal for comfort in any mattress


Ideal for anyone suffering from allergies. These products are made from materials that do their best to protect you

Comfort grade - Soft

A soft mattress will give you great comfort and can be a god choice. Remember though, the amount of firmness directly correlates to support and you are not going to get too much support from a soft mattress. This may be exactly what you need, but it's apersonal choice. Avoid if you suffer from any sort of back pain

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Questions and Answers

Would the softness of this mattress be better felt on a spring slatted base or a solid divan base? I have a solid divan base and my current mattress is like lying on a block of wood. Wondering whether it’s the bed base that’s the problem...?

Answer: , You can feel the different between a solid base and slatted base. I would strongly advise you pop into one of our local shops, our store staff will be happy to help you find the perfect combination. Kind Regards, Dreams

I would be grateful to know if this mattress has pocket springs please. Thank you.

Answer: , The Sealy Maxwell Mattress features Sealy's unique PostureTech Core Support System which helps to target your lumbar region and support your pressure points. This spring system is an open spring system. Kind Regards, Dreams

Asked question previous about this mattress Sealy Maxwell no reply  Is it suitable with topper for two larger adults

Answer: Hi , This mattress will be fine with a topper. There is no weight limit on this product however we do recommend you rotate it regularly. Kind Regards, Giedre

Is this mattress suitable for an ottoman bed?

Answer: Good Evening, Yes this mattress will be suitable for use with an ottoman bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the weight of the double mattress? I have an ottoman bed, so need to be able to lift it

Answer: , The weight of this mattress in a double is 27kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the weight of this mattress in Super King

Answer: , The weight of this will be 36kg. Kind regards Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 review

Super comfortable

I ordered this mattress with a bed around a month ago, and it has been super comfortable. The delivery was when expected, the delivery guys who put it all together were lovely and helpful and the mattress is exactly as advertised. I have bad back problems and need a soft mattress that gives support but you can sink into to keep my shoulder from seizing up when i sleep on my side. This mattress has been perfect, and the soft top layer keeps my shoulder from feeling claustraphobic and restricted. I chose this mattress as it was a soft one however, but if you want one for support with sleeping on your back, i would advise a harder mattress. But still would recommend dreams!


Comfy but hot!

Bought this as i was in desperate need of a soft, comfy mattress and it fits the bill! It is super comfy due to the memory foam - however it is not as soft as i imagined, i find it to be a medium hardness mattress rather than a really soft and sinky mattress. It is 100 times better than my old, rock solid mattress as it is comfy, comforms to your body and keeps you snug. Only thing i would say you need to consider before ordering is that it is quite warm! You get hot quite quickly - so if you have a tendancy to get hot then i would use a thin sheet or thinner duvet especially in the summer! I would reccomend this though as its comfy and a good price.


She finally stopped whinging!

My other half was nonstop whinging about how uncomfortable the old bed was, her back was hurting, her hips were hurting and the springs were starting to wear through. We took the leap mainly for my sanity more than anything else. I have to be honest.. Well worth it. Given that she's at work for 8 hours that leaves 16 hours of complaining and I now only have to listen to 8. She gets in bed... Sound asleep. The mattress is super soft. Super comfortable. Well worth the money. Highly recommended. Only question is.. Why at 5ft 2 does she need a Super Kingsize? I guess we'll never know.


So so so comfy!

I bought this mattress almost a month ago & I cannot fault it one bit. It was lightweight enough to move in/out of rooms. Once on the best & I tested it, I just didn't want to move. My nights sleep has massively improved & I barely wake up in the night because it is super comfy. It just swallows you up. So comfy I struggle to get out of bed for work in the mornings! I definitely look forward to climbing in to bed after a tough day as well. This bed really is the best I've ever had.



I bought this mattress to replace the Annison mattress which was too firm. I bought this on the advice of a member of staff in a store. This mattress is described as 'Soft' - it is nothing of the sort! It is even more uncomfortable than the Annison mattress, which I wouldn't have believed possible! I bought a mattress topper to see if this would help, which it didn't. I haven't had a decent night's sleep for months thanks to the two Dreams mattresses.


So comfortable

After months of research I decided to buy this mattress. I was a little nervous as I couldn't try this mattress in store but I needn't have worried. This mattress is fantastic. It's very comfortable and even though it's a soft mattress it offers a lot of support. It's really well made and good quality. Only problem is I hate getting up in the mornings as I'm so comfy!


Hotel like comfort!

I bought this mattress in the hope of finally getting a good night's sleep as I've been full of aches from my old mattress. My husband and I have fallen in love with it and find it very difficult to resist sleeping in as it's just so comfortable and reminds us of our fantastic stay at Sheraton in Edinburgh. Worth every penny! A true investment!


A dream purchase

If you want soft support and cosy comfort I would highly recommend this mattress. It seems risky buying without trying in the showroom so the 30 day trial period was reassuring, but to be honest my wife and I found this Sealy Maxwell to be everything we’ve dreamed of - we’ve certainly slept so much better since we bought it.



I was a bit wary buying a mattress online but I'm so glad I did. I love it and it's super comfy, I do use a mattress topper but it's so much more comfortable than my old mattress. I can highly recommend it. The younf men that delivered it were so nice and took their shoes off withour me asking them. Great customer service!


exceptional quality

I bought this one single for my husband and myself. My husband is sleeping so much better and finds it so comfortable myself due to rheumatoid arthritis have a topper on mine the mattress has such a nice little bounce to it which makes turning over so much easier we are both so pleased with our purchase.


Extreme comfort

Bought my sealy mattress from Dreams about 6 weeks and we love it for the comfort and the good night's sleep it promotes even during the heatwave conditions. We are not young and haven't woken up with any aching joints and backs as we had previously. Our cat loves it. Would recommend it to other people.


So comfy,

Only had for short while but the mattress has made such a difference, I experience such painful pressure points, and can only lye on certain side, this has helped and for that I am so appreciative, having the right mattress with picking the key features for your own benefit is a win win situation


So comfortable

I bought this mattress online and took a chance as I was unable to test it before purchase. I made a mistake with the last one I bought from a top of the range chain store, this Sealy Maxwell Mattress is the best I have ever owned and I am now getting the best nights sleep I have had in years.


Very comfortable

I have had my new bed now for two weeks and I am extremely pleased with it. I was a bit worried about buying on line without trying it but I had read all the reviews and so went ahead. Very pleased I did It is so comfortable and was very reasonably priced.


Great mattress

Had this mattress a few weeks and we are very pleased with it. It's soft and comfortable and you get a good night's sleep. Seems to keep your body at the correct temperature enabling you to sleep well and feeling refreshed in the morning.


Excellent - highly recommend

Trying to find a comfortable mattress is like trying to find the end of a rainbow! However, this mattress is finally the pot of gold. Very comfy; great quality; obviously well made. Highly recommend this item and Dreams as a whole.


Extremely comfortable

Very nervous about buying on line but should not have been .This is a very good mattress comfortable, great quality.The one thing to mention is it is very warm.Will buy another when second bed needs a new mattress


Very comfortable mattress

This mattress was delivered begi ning of this month. I am very happy with it. Also the delivery drivers were excellent ,friendly and efficient including removing their boots to save the carpet. Very impressed.



Bought this around a month ago. Read reviews because I was buying online, I'm glad I did. Very comfortable, I would say its possibly more soft/medium firmness. Still a great buy though.


Great comfort

I purchashed this a month ago and have had the best nights sleep in ages. No more back pain and waking feeling refreshed so pleased to have bought this product without prior testing.


Extremely thick and comfortable all round support

This matress was delivered about 21 days ago, It is so comfortable I keep wanting to go to bed early. and of course indulge in the occassional lay in ! Real Bliss.



Bought this two weeks ago and find it very comfortable. We are getting a much better sleep and not waking up sore as we were with last mattress!


Sleep in comfort

Chose this mattress in superking. Wonderfully comfortable and well made. Fabric is of good quality. A good value for money purchase.


Firm yet soft and very comfortable to sleep on

Only had this mattress couple of weeks and really happy with my choice, mattress is comfortable yet firm, really sleep well on this.


Great for money

Been using about 3 weeks way better than our old one. Only complaint is that it’s not as soft as expected based on firmness rating


What a mate ress

This is the first time in my life I have had a good night sleep. the mattress is so comfortable first time buying quality amazing.


Excellent value for money.

Bought this in the sale and I’m really pleased with the quality. Far more comfortable than some of the more expensive mattresses.


Super comfy

Really comfortable mattress! No longer waking up woth back pain. Would definitely recommend. Dreams delivery was also excellent.


Beware the smell

The mattress is comfortable to sleep on . My problem was the smell had to leave aired for two weeks before I could sleep on it


Very comfortable.

Bought this mattress for a guest bedroom and everyone who's stayed over.Have aleays said how comfortable this mattress is.


Great mattresse

We have this mattresse a month and it’s so comfortable we have slept so well since we had it, would definitely recommend


Quality and comfort

The mattress is very comfterble and nice quality. I'm very happy with my purchase and the customer service you provide.


So soft, great quality- exactly what I wanted.

I bought this item a few weeks ago, and I have never slept better since it arrived. It’s amazing, has changed my sleep.


Absolutely a dream

This mattress is absolutely amazing. Some comfortable and I sleep through the night now. No more tossing and turning.


Very comfy

Bought online without even trying so could be risky ... but very comfortable, very pleased with the service from Dreams


Best Sleep

This is actually worth every bit of the money spent, gives the most comfortable sleep and wake ups without body aches!


Good night sleep

I have slept well since purchasing this mattress. A big firmer than anticipated but hasn’t affected how well I sleep.


sealy mattress

bought my mattress 3 weeks ago enjoying sleeping all night now and waking up refreshed ready for the day ahead


Very comfy

I love this mattress, I find it very comfy and i don't wake up in so much pain. Great purchase!


Just as it says

The description before purchase was precise. It is exactly as described, just soooo comfy


Very comfortable

Nice and plush top part and not too soft, this mattress is all night comfortable.


Great features

I can honestly say this is the most comfortable mattress I have ever had.


Really exceptional comfort

Purchased this mattress a few weeks ago best mattress I have ever had


Comfort at it's best

We bout this a few weeks ago. The best mattress ever