Sealy Avery Traditional Spring Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 49 customer reviews
Sealy Avery Traditional Spring Mattress

Sealy Avery Traditional Spring Mattress

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Becky's Thoughts On The Sealy Avery Traditional Spring Mattress

The Avery Traditional Spring Mattress from Sealy is a new mattress unique to Dreams that offers a decent amount of comfort and support using al the right materials at a hugely affordable price point. 

For those that don't know, Sealy is part of the Silentnight group and all parts are generally interchangeable with Sealy often doing better in bricks-and-mortar store fronts while Silentnight is marketed more online. Regardless though, there is plenty in this mattress that you do not want to miss.

Let's start with the support layer. Sealy have given us a tried and tested support system in play here known as a traditional spring base. In this case for Sealy, the Posturetech Core Support. Often referred to as open coil, this spring unit generally performs better than foam counterparts in our own testing and offers more than enough support for those looking for even contouring when they sleep.

On the comfort layer we're seeing a few different grades of foam being combined to create this layer and the end result should mean that you get an amount of softness that will help with the sinking feeling that many strive for, commonly referred to "sleeping on a cloud". While the depth of these fillings is sufficient, the quality of the components used gives confidence in their ability to retain their shape and comfort for a long period.

What I like about this mattress is the edge-guard support, that's a form of roll-off prevention that helps give support right to the edge of the mattress. This allows you to utilize more of the space without having to stick to the center of the mattress for comfort and support. Ideal if you are a couple sharing a bed.


What Makes The Sealy Avery Traditional Spring Mattress Great?

Comfort Grade - Firm

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Sealy's PostureTech Core Support system

Mattresses that come with a Posturetech Spring System help to assist with supporting of all pressure points on a human body. The result of this is that you end up with a far softer feel on the mattress that will naturally get firmer with additional pressure. The end result is a supportive and comfortable product

Edge Guard

Edge to edge support is hugely beneficial in a mattress as it gives you the full surface area of the product to spread out. This ultimately means you can utilise the edges of the product without fear of dipping or rolling out.


Hand Tufting is a labor intensive process that involves securing the fittings to a mattress rather than having them operate independently and loose within. This small act not only secures, but also leads to the mattress lasting longer and feeling firmer. A hand-tufted mattress is great for anyone looking for additional stability while they sleep.

Sealy Care Guide

An easy-care guide will provide a walkthrough for keeping mattresses clean and dry. Provide instruction on rotating and/of flipping if necessary. Keeping furniture stable and safe where required.

About Sealy

Sealy has divisions across the world with renowned manufacturing within the high-end bed and mattress segment for over 100 years. For the UK division of Sealy, the mattress factory is inset within the heart of Cumbria which makes an impressive 3500 mattresses per week.

Single sided - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

A single sided mattress is typical for the industry and relates to how  a mattress has the comfort layer on one side of the mattress. only This means that the mattress only needs to be rotated rather than flipped. The benefit of single sided mattresses is that they require less upkeep in that there's no flipping, but also, there's less components involved in the creation which saves costs.

Customer Reviews For The Sealy Avery Traditional Spring Mattress

Based on 49 review

Nice and firm , strong sides.

Bought about 1 month ago, very nice firm mattress , excellent sleep delivered in a nice clean plastic bag. The mattress itself very well made, the firmness is just right, and correctly sleep on the edge and you will not fall off. The support ridding around the side is perfect , this is not found in many mattresses nowadays. With Dreams and Sealy you can not go wrong. For the price it’s well worth every penny. It’s mattress that you spend almost 7-8 hours on per day. Make sure you get a decent one like this. Spend a little more to get a good nights sleep.


Comfortable Mattress

I've been sleeping on this mattress for the last 3 weeks and it is very comfortable. It is firm without being 'hard'. I suffer with a back and hip issues and I have found it provides the correct amount of support to my posture. The only issue I have is that there are no handles for moving it around and having a back issue makes this annoying!


very comfy and sturdy mattress

purchased approx a month ago. No complaints, sleeping well, we like the no sink edging and best of all wife is no longer complaining about her bad back. Overall seems to be a good purchase. My mistake is that i did not spot that it did not have handles on sides for turning. This appears to be its only downfall.


What a change !

Our old Hypnos mattress had given more than 20 years of comfortable service, but it was only with the new one that we realised just how much it needed replacing and we are delighted. The new one is firm, beautifully made and so comfortable that getting up is a real effort.


Sealy matress

What a brilliant mattress for us my previous mattress I kept waking up with Back pain this is now a lot better this mattress is firm but perfect for me it's sorted out my back pain even though this is a firm mattress we find it very comfortable.


Loads of great features!

This mattress is specially designed to support your body, providing a softer feel that gradually gets firmer as pressure increases - supporting your body where it needs it most. A fantastic mattress for those who require additional support.


Best night sleep ever had

Myself and partner had not realised how much our previous bed was effecting our health, after one nights sleep on this mattress we felt the aches and pains fading away, after 1 week we felt so much better. We would never choose any other.


Great nights sleep now

I have struggled with my back and havent had a goodnights sleep for quite a while now. So i bought this mattress as reviews were good and i can honestley say since ive had the mattress my back feels better and i get a goodnights sleep


Brilliant mattress

First time I've bought a firm mattress. Holds you comfortably for a good sleep. Fairly easy to grip and manoeuvre to keep in good condition. Quality product and would definitely recommend buying. Haven't had a sleepless night so far.


brilliant comfort

Was unsure to buy this now glad i did. before I often had a bad back in the morning now I get a really comfortable night sleep and no bad back in the morning. definitely worth the money and will be buying the single for my son.


Solid nights sleep

Having previously had a Sealy mattress for nineteen years we decided we must have another. The first has given us nineteen years of comfort and we expect the new one o do the same. So far it’s been great, nice and firm.


Good value

I bought this product a month ago along with a new bed. Matress is ok for a guest room for when my grandchildren sleepover but it does need a matress topper on to make it more comfortable. Not bad though for the price.



I purchased this product after reviewing it on line having had previous bad choices on pocket sprung mattreses being disabled and having bad nights sleep now i feel relaxed and sleeping a lot better with this one .


Perfect quality and price for spare room

We got this mattress for our guest room. It was well priced, on special, at eDreams and the quality is not compromised. The whole purchase, delivery, recycling of old mattress went without any hitches. Thank you.


great quality mattress

I bought this mattress to improve my sleep which was poor due to back problems.My sleep experience is much improved since I bought the mattress and my wife also benefits from a better nights rest


a fine mattress

i bought this a few weeks back and realise now how i should have gotten rid of my old one at least two years ago. the new mattress is firm and i've been enjoying regular good night's sleep.


Brilliant mattress

Bought mattress as it was firm, really pleased with it, back ache much better. Communication with Dreams excellent, delivery excellent, driver excellent, ,thoroughly recommend


Nice and firm!!

Exactly what it says in the description. The little flowers on the mattress are felt through the sheets but remedied by a good mattress topper. Fabulous mattress.


Quality firm mattress

Sturdy and firm mattress just to my looking. Though the earliest delivery slot was a month after ordering, but delivery staff were very courteous and professional


New Mattress

Great firm mattress at first thought maybe too firm but the sleep quality is really good. Great professional service from Dreams from ordering to delivery.


It like sleeping in a five star hotel bed

since we bought our new bed we have had the best sleeps and would recommend this Sealy mattress to all those looking for a firm yet confortouble bed.


Good Mattress Great Value

Ordered, chose delivery day - Dreams were great - on time, taken to bedroom, old mattress removed and couldn't be more pleased with my new Sealy one.


Good product

I bought this for my son as at nearly 6ft he was seriously out growing a single bed! He has not complained, says the mattress is comfortable.


Very firm

Had this mattress 3 weeks now. Took a week to get used to the firmness but sleeping like a baby now. Excellent delivery service as well.


nice & firm

this mattress is what we needed a firm & supportive mattress with good strong edges that don't collapse when getting out of bed perfect


Great mattres absolutely perfect

I bought this mattress last month and it is perfect. Great value for the price so happy with it. Delivery and service was top notch.


Fantastic product

I cannot believe the difference a good mattress makes on a good nights sleep. Cant wait to get to bed every night now. Wonderful!



Fantastic mattress. One of the best I've ever had. Finally getting a good night sleeps every night since I purchased this.


Nice and comfy.

I bought this nearly 2 months ago, and I have been sleeping better since. It is a firm mattress, but very comfy.


Good quality

Great firm matress, takes a bit of getting use to as have had a softer mattress. But comfortable enough for me.


Really comfortable, great nights sleep

Only had the mattress just over 2 weeks, we are having a much better nights sleep. Happy with the purchase.


Very firm excellent matters

I have purchased this mattress after having some issues with my back and I would never look back


So comfortable

I brought this a month ago and it’s the best purchase I’ve ever made. So comfortable and firm.


So Good to sleep

ordered this matress and received the delivery with in 5 days, very comfortable to sleep on.



This is the 2nd mattress I’ve bought online, without trying first, and again it’s perfect!


Super comfy

I’ve had this new mattress a couple of months and I’m finding it very comfortable.



So glad we purchased this mattress, we are both having much better nights sleep


Best sleep

Haven't had my new mattress long but my bad back has improved so much!!



Had my new mattress for nearly a month now and it is soooo comfortable.


great firm mattress and good value for money

I brought this on the easter sale. Great value and great night sleep.


Sealy mattress

Really comfortable … great value for money. Looks really expensive


Basic but good

Bought a new mattress over a month ago, good value for money ...


Exactly as described.

Very comfy. Good quality. Excellent price and delivery great.


Very comfortable

My daughter is so happy , she says she is sleeping so well



I got this on the 14 Oct never had such a good night sleep


Excellent value for money

Very comfortable mattress and excellent value for money


Good night’s sleep

Bought as an occasional guest mattress! Does the job!


Searly Mattress Single

Love the mattress, it’s firm but not to hard

Questions and Answers About Sealy Avery Traditional Spring Mattress

How much do you charge for your recycling service please

Answer: , Our recycling prices are dependent on the product type, prices for each option are as below: Single Mattress - £23, Double Mattress, £33, King and Superking Mattresses £38, Bed Frames and Divans £23, Sofa Beds £28, Headboards £18. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can this mattress be flipped?

Answer: , This mattress is not double sided and therefore cannot be turned. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, does this mattress have pocketed springs?

Answer: Hi , No, this is a traditionally sprung mattress. Thank you for your question.

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