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Revived Adriatic Pocket Sprung Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 21 customer reviews

Revived Adriatic Pocket Sprung Mattress

Brand: Revived
Firmness: Firm

4/5 - 21 Read Reviews


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What Makes The Revived Adriatic Pocket Sprung Mattress Great

I was always against buying a firm mattress as I thought they were all uncomfortable and not soft enough for me. But I was so wrong! This mattress is so comfortable, is it soft and bouncy, AND gives me the support I need when I’m sleeping! I bought this mattress about a month ago and it has changed my life. I have such a better sleep and some back pains I had before are completely gone! Amazing!

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

2000 pocket springs (King)

Better than average amount of springs. Might be slightly firmer as a result but don't let this put you off. Firmer mattresses can still offer tons of comfort, the only difference is you get a better level of support as well. Ideal for those suffering from a bit of back or joint pain

Comfort Grade - Very Firm

Very firm mattresses are ideal for those suffering with back pain. The amount of pain relief that a quality very firm mattress can provide is often the primary reason for people to purchase this specific type of mattress. For those looking for comfort over pain relief, there would be an arguement to perhaps look at something close to medium firmness

Supportive and resilient recycled fibre filling

An average of 230 upcycled plastic bottles go into every mattress

Soft touch knitted cover made from upcycled SEAQUAL® YARN

Over 200 recycled plastic bottles go into every king-size mattress

About Revived

Customer Reviews For The Revived Adriatic Pocket Sprung Mattress

Based on 21 review

Great nights sleep

I was reserved on the first night and wasn't sure it was the best fit however, on waking up the following morning from the first nights sleep on the new mattress, I have to say I have never slept so well for a long time. It was amazing.


So comfy

We've had our new mattress now fir a fortnight and i wake up without any muscular arching in my back or neck. Mossy morning i wish i could stay all cosy and tucked up for long because i am so comfy and relaxed in my bed now, thank you.


Best nights sleep I've had for a long time

Had this mattress for over a month and it has done wonders for my sleep! No tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable anymore! Would definitely recommend giving this one a go if you don't want a memory foam mattress.


New Mattress

Being used to an older mattress for so long I felt that I wouldn’t notice the difference with a new one. How wrong could I be, so comfy and the whole buying experience was first class all the way through to delivery.


Best sleep for a long time

I bought this bed in the sale about a month ago and it's so beautiful and comfy and love just even relaxing in it which I never really did in the old bed I had, my sleep has improved after getting this new bed too


Great comfort

Had this mattress for just over a month now and it is extremely comfortable. It’s only for the spare room but comes in very handy when my partner is snoring and I need an alternative place to sleep!!!


Nice matress

I bought a mattress. It's OK to sleep on. It's just a matress. I'm not sure the computerised bed thingy that decides on the best mattress for you is anything more than a gimmick


Like sleeping in haven

I brought this two weeks ago was on sale so great value for money, but since it has been delivered would be prepared to pay full price for the mattress


Perfect mattress for me

Used the sleep match machine and this mattress was given as a recommended and the comfort is perfect for me. Great product, couldn’t fault anything.


Amazing - great night after nights’ sleep

I bought my bed earlier this year, and I’m finding it really comfortable affording me good quality sleep every night.


Love it love it

Having the best night sleep no leg cramps no restlessness my old bed just wore me down, This bed is a dream


Good quality.

Bought this bed a few weeks ago and have been having much better sleep at night. No back pain since.


Great nights sleep

I brought this bed two weeks ago best nights sleep I have had for years


Excellent comfort!

Most comfortable bed we have ever had. It is spacious and delightful!



I bought this a few weeks ago its the best mattress we have ever had.


Grate features

I bought this item a month ago and found it extremely comfortable


Lovely bed comfortable mattress

We bought our bed about 1 month ago and wished we did it before.


Good mattress

Bought it a few weeks ago Very comfortable, will recommend


Very comfy

I am so happy with my new bed has helped with my backache

Questions and Answers About Revived Adriatic Pocket Sprung Mattress

Is is available in zip and link? How long to be delivered 

Answer: , Unfortunately, this mattress is not available in Zip & Link. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this mattress a rotate only or is it flip able as well?

Answer: , This mattress is single-sided, so you cannot flip it over. Kind regards Dreams

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