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Mumsnet Kindred Mattress

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Brand: Mumsnet
4/5 - 41 reviews


What Makes It Great

You never realise how bad your previous mattress was, until you get a new one! My partner and I got this mattress about a month ago, and ever since we have not looked back. This mattress is really solid but has some give which is great, as it doesn't feel like a sink hole is being created by the two of us! The days of tossing and turning to find the right position are behind us. One thing that was very important to us, was the strength of the mattress (it's not what you think). We have 2 kids so we needed a mattress that would not sink in the middle with the weight of four of us (despite them having their own beds), this mattress passed that test which was the most important - Overall very happy and would 100% recommend

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

3000 pocket springs (King)

Ensure that every single part of your body is moulded to your mattress by going for one with 3000 springs, all perfectly aligned and adjusting to every movement you make

4 Handles

Comfort Grade - Very Firm

Very firm mattresses are ideal for those suffering with back pain. The amount of pain relief that a quality very firm mattress can provide is often the primary reason for people to purchase this specific type of mattress. For those looking for comfort over pain relief, there would be an arguement to perhaps look at something close to medium firmness

Natural cotton & wool layers for breathability and moisture control

Natural alpaca & bamboo layers with antibacterial properties

3000 individual pocket springs to provide superior support

Ensure that every single part of your body is moulded to your mattress by going for one with 3000 springs, all perfectly aligned and adjusting to every movement you make

Anti-allergy, treated with Fresche® an environmentally friendly treatment

Ideal for anyone suffering from allergies. These products are made from materials that do their best to protect you

Exclusive to Dreams & Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

4 air vents

A decent height for padding material representing a barrier between you and the springs that make up the core of the mattress. This type of mattress should be comfortable as a result of the depth of this soft and comfortable material

Depth: 25cm

Questions and Answers

Do you need to turn the mattress over (as opposed to just rotate it)? Thanks in advance! Mostyn

Answer: Hi , To ensure that you continue to get the best night’s sleep possible, we recommend rotating your mattress regularly. For the first three months after purchasing your new mattress, rotate head to foot every two weeks. After these three months, you should then rotate your mattress head to foot once a month. You do not need to turn this mattress over. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the significance of doubling the spring layers and can bending the super king size matterce to fit in the lift damage any of the matterace or its performance? How much, what degree of an angle when bending the matterace is without consequence? 

Answer: Good Evening, The double layer of springs provides added comfort and support to the mattress. As this mattress is a firm comfort grade it is not able to bend to a large degree - we would also not recommend twisting or bending this mattress as it may impact on the comfort by damaging the internal layers. Kind Regards, Dreams

why is there 2 layers of springs and are they both the same size or different

Answer: , Within the Mumsnet Kindred Mattress there are two layers of springs that are the same size. By having two layers, this mattress provides superior comfort and enhanced response to movement. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the Mumsnet Kindred suitable for use on an adjustable bed with facility to raise and lower the head and foot?

Answer: , No, unfortunately the Kindred is not compatible with an adjustable bed. You can shop our range of adjustable mattresses here: Kind regards Dreams

Is this mattress ok on a slatted base? As I have a bed frame already

Answer: , Yes this mattress is fine to use on a standard slatted base. Please do bear in mind that the feel of mattress will vary slightly depending on the type of base that it is placed upon. Kind Regards, Dreams

Should we flip the mattress too?

Answer: , The Kindred mattress is not a double sided mattress and therefore does not requiring turning, only one side is suitable for sleeping on. Kind Regards, Dreams

When it says it has 'natural layers', does that mean there is NO synthetic filling? I'm looking for one that is naturally fire retardant rather than having been impregnated/sprayed with fire retardent

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The Mumsnet Kindred Mattress has natural layers but not all components used in making this mattress are natural. The fabric has been FR treated.

How much does the kingsize mattress weigh please ??

Answer: Good Evening, The King Mumsnet Kindred Mattress weighs 59kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 review

Best nights sleep in years!

This is a firm mattress that is luxurious and comfortable. I love the height of the mattress and the support it gives is amazing - coming up to 7 months pregnant with PGP but still managing to have wonderfully restful nights. Something that didn't happen in my last pregnancy with my old mattress. The natural materials used give the mattress a really soft and sumptuous feel and the firmness means you feel supported all night. Also, with our old mattress I found sometimes I would roll towards my husband's side but this never happens - the kindred easily supports us both and we have never slept so well!



After suffering with back problems and feeling twice my age I decided I needed to bite the bullet and buy a new and better mattress, even though my previous one was less than 5 years old .. I tried the mumsnet kindred in one of the shops, knowing it had excellent reviews in which magazine. It was so much more comfortable than I could even imagine. Super firm, but soft and cosy at the same time, and made a big difference to the way I sleep and feel almost immediately. So much support and comfort and really great quality. Is pricey but managed to get it at sale price so I really can’t complain


The best night's sleep I've had in years

I've been blown away by how much of a difference this mattress has made to the quality of my sleep, and the comfort of my neck and back. I wake up each morning and am not in agony, plus I feel like I've had truly deep sleep - and my sleep tracker confirms it! My two young children don't generally sleep in bed with my husband and I, but knowing that this mattress has anti-allergen and natural layers makes me feel happy that they're safe when they do invade for the night. I've always bought cheaper mattresses in the past, but am 100% converted to the fact that you get what you pay for.


Great value but too firm for me

Although I love a firm mattress, unfortunately I found that this was too firm for me. My body started to get used to it after a couple of weeks but it still wasn't right. I think that it would be great for someone who sleeps on their back for most of the night. I'll be taking advantage of the 40-night comfort guarantee and exchange it for a less solid mattress. As an aside, the Mumsnet Kindred is great value at the moment with 60% discoynt.


Firm Luxury

If you love a firmer feel the Kindred is the perfect mattress. The pocket springs offer great support and pressure relief. The luxurious layers of natural fillings give added comfort and help to keep you cool during the night. The natural layers and anti allergy treatment make it a great mattress for yourself and any little ones who want to get away from the monster under their bed.


I love this mattress

I bought this mattress a month ago and I love it. It replaced a good but 15 year old mattress from Heal's and I am extremely happy with it. I love the depth of it, how firm it is and the luxurious feel. Would def recommend to anyone who likes a firm mattress. Well done to the Mumsnet testers. Delivery service was v efficient.


Excellent supportive mattress

I bought this mattress three weeks ago and what a difference. I previously suffered with hip and lower back pain and since sleeping on my new mattress I have not had any pain. Usually it takes me a few nights sleep to settle and sleep well on a new mattress but from the very first night I enjoyed a well rested night sleep.


Extremely supportive

We found this mattress much firmer that we were used to on our first night but very quickly got used to that and find we sleep really well without any aches unlike when sleeping on a softer mattress. It is very comfortable and doesn't move about even when one of us rolls over. Highly recommended.


So comfy!

Bought it a few weeks ago. I had to wait for delivery so have had it for two weeks. Really comfy! Good support. Only one night of that weird new smell. Feels great and helps my aches and pains The first one had a small hole and they changed it without fuss So all round am pretty pleased


Fab, firm mattress

I bought this mattress a month ago and I love it. It replaced a good but 15 year old mattress and I am extremely happy with it. I love the depth of it, how firm it is and the luxurious feel. Would def recommend to anyone who likes a firm mattress. Delivery service was v efficient


Comfort supreme

Having bought this just o er a month ago I was glad I took the advice of the store regarding waiting the 30 days. Initially I thought I’d never be able to sleep on it as it felt too firm. But now only after a short time I am having the best sleep I ever had. Pure comfort!


Great for back pain but it is VERY firm

I bought this matress a few months ago. I wanted a firm matress to eleviate back pain. This matress does this very well however it is not what you would call a comfy matress. I will be looking to buy a matress topper to soften it slightly. It is VERY firm,


As it says on the box

This mattress is indeed a firm and comfortable mattress that can be shared comfortably by others without disturbing if turning or getting up during the night. It is not too heavy and Looks as good as it feels. An excellent choice for me.


Beautiful mattress

I bought this mattress 2 months ago, it’s very firm and comfortable. No dips, or being rolled cos ur partner has turned over. We both now enjoy a good nights rest without the aches & pains of our old 14yr old mattress. No complaints.



A firm mattress that has enhanced the quality of sleep and cured minor back problems. I've tried expensive foam mattresses but they are no where near as good as this traditional sprung mattress. A fantastic buy


Very Comfortable and bed feels bigger

We have had our Mumsnet Kindred for almost a month now and the difference from our old mattress is amazing.Because there is absolutely no roll together the bed actually feels bigger and is so comfortable.


Close but no cigar

Overall very good but could do with a firmer perimeter as tends to sink away if you venture too near the edge. We are both supprised it is rated as cool, we have found it warmer than our old mattress.


Great firm, comfortable mattress

I have had my new mattress for three weeks and I love it. I now sleep better than ever. I suffer from lower back pain and this mattress has help so much. Couldn’t be happy with my purchase


Best sleep ever

Bought this after doing extensive research and it's giving me the best sleep I've ever had. I'm sleeping longer and waking up without back pain for the first time in years.


Superb mattress

I bought this mattress two weeks ago. It is very firm. I've gotten used to it now and I am having the best sleep I have had in many years! Thanks, mumsnet and Dreams!


Amazing firm mattress

We loved the mattress, we can both move about with our disturbing the other person and with my partner being 6’4” we have more than enough space in the super king!


It's very comfortable .i get a great nights sleep

I have had this for a couple of weeks now and I am so happy that I bought it . I have had the best nights sleep in years x it's great value for money


comfortable mattress

This mattress is comfortable and moreover, is relatively easy to turn - ours is superking size. Our previous mattress just was too heavy to move!


Great comfortable bed

We bought this mattress as a replacement and we are glad that we did. Not had a bad night’s sleep since. Would highly recommend five star.


Miss jinita vaghela

I bought this two weeks ago And I’m really happy with the purchase as it help me so Much with the back pain and it’s really comfortable



It’s amazing it’s extra firm yet manages to wrap itself around you to offer an amazing nights sleep


Good quality firm matress

This is a really nice firm mattress and would reccomend it to anyone who likes a firm mattress.


Never slept as well

Full maters support just what I need for my back. Great customer service highly recommended


Absolutely perfect

The reviews on this mattress are fantastic and we agree with them all. It's perfect.



it's so nice and firm just what we wanted. great quality and all natural fibres. 5*



Delighted with this excellent mattress which lived up to its top class billing


Great mattress

This mattress is firm but so comfy. Such a good nights sleep! Would recommend


very firm

Very firm, which is what I like. It is very comfortable. good nights sleep.


Nice and comfortable

This is a firm mattress and i am heavier than most men. So far, so good.


Amazing matress!

Had the best night since buying this and wake up back ache free, now!


Good hard firm mattress

Firm as we expected, provided very good support to my pregrent wife.


So comfortable

I bought this a month ago and had a good night’s sleep ever since


Great mattress

Exactly as described. Reslly firm, well made. We are pleased


Great mattress

I bought this a month ago couldn't be happier with it


A great night’s sleep.

A firm mattress that provides a great night’s sleep.