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Mammoth bHealthy Active Plus Foam Mattress Rated 5/5 based on 2 customer reviews

Mammoth bHealthy Active Plus Foam Mattress

Brand: Mammoth
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Becky's Thoughts On The Mammoth bHealthy Active Plus Foam Mattress

Mammoth bHealthy Active Plus Foam Mattress

Originally from the UK, this brand's mattresses are experts in improving your health, their priority is your well-being, and the Mammoth bHealthy Active Plus Foam Mattress is no exception.

For decades, their mission has been to reduce day-to-day pains, pioneering good sleep and prioritizing what really matters about investing in a mattress: sleeping well. They even won an NHS award for this reason.

Their expertise is to give fundamental value to the raw material and filling of your mattresses to ensure that they fulfil their function. For example, this mattress is made with Mammoth's specialized technology for medical purposes, chemical-free, and manufactured by healthcare professionals. They go through scientific tests and studies, just so you can sleep peacefully. They have done the hard work so that you, with this mattress, never have a bad night's sleep again.

In addition, if you are a sports fan, a mattress with this level of specialization in health is essential to keep your body healthy and your optimal well-being.

Its medical grade technology is unique in the mattress industry, it is a foam that is unlike any other. You will be unlikely to have any problem with the ventilation of the mattress, so both your muscles and your skin will be able to breathe properly. In addition to offering a reduction in pressure points of up to 50% greater than regular foam, so it makes it possible that, although it is a medium tension mattress, you will still achieve great body contouring and support.

As a bonus, this mattress is perfect for children too. After a busy day of play or study, it is necessary for their optimal growth and proper development that they sleep properly, since this is crucial for both their physical and cognitive level. This mattress has a priority to promote that development of your children, avoid insomnia and will make them sleep for long hours. Let's remember the importance of this: it is during sleep that we produce more growth hormone, children need it.

It is a fairly luxurious mattress without being excessively expensive, so it is a quality product at a beneficial price. Specialized technology and endless benefits for your health. Get adequate sleep with the Mammoth bHealthy Active Plus Foam Mattress.

What Makes The Mammoth bHealthy Active Plus Foam Mattress Great?

10-Year Guarantee

A 10-year guarantee is fairly unheard if within the mattress industry. Bear in mind that the average mattress has a lifespan of around 7 years before being replaced and you can soon realize why many suppliers do not offer this length of guarantee. When they do, however, like in this instance, you can be assured of a mattress of good quality because otherwise the retailer and supplier would lose money. As such, buy with confidence, if anything does go wrong, you'll be looked after

Made with Mammoth Medical Grade™ technologies

Soft stretch knit fabric cover for added comfort

A soft knitted cover can add additional feelings of comfort and luxury to your mattress and can even have a bearing on airflow and longevity. In this case, soft knitted and quilted covers are both breathable and stretchy.

Designed specifically for children

Developed and Endorsed by Health Professionals

Chemical treatment free*

Available in Single, Small Double & Double

Comfort rating: 3 medium

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

15cm Reflex Foam for Ultimate Support

5cm Medical Grade™ Posturecell foam

Customer Reviews For The Mammoth bHealthy Active Plus Foam Mattress

Based on 2 review

Exactly as the mattress I saw in store. Delivered in excellent condition complete with instructions and guarantee.


This is lovely it

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