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Maitland 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress - Firm

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Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 23cm
Updated: 11/12/2019 11:41:08 PM
5/5 - 385 reviews


What Makes It Great

We recently bought our new bed from Dreams as our previous bed was becoming uncomfortable for my wife who has severe osetoarthritis in her spine. We wanted a bed which also had storage as were planning a remodel of the bedroom around the design of the bed and wanted to get rid of ottomans etc. We found the perfect bed and mattress at Dreams. After initially applying, my wife mainly dealt with Dreams as she had to organise a different delivery as wished to have the assembly service. From that very first phonecall she remarked how professional and helpful the Dreams team were when she called. My wife is a retired Officer with HMRC so knows good service when she receives it. As promised, we were emailed with every change, the delivery men came on the date promised and called that morning. They were delighful guys, so helpful and explained how to use the bed and particularly what to beware of with children as we have two. The bed is amazing, the design is gorgeous, everyone remarks on it who has seen it and asked where it came from, the mattress is firm, not too hard or soft, just right. Again, my wife has recommended Dreams to so many people, she has continually stated she has been so impressed as have I with the service we have received, if I ever need a new bed or mattress again, Dreams will be my first stop. Only annoyed we had not thought to use Dreams before.

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

1000 Pocket Springs is considered a fair amount of support for a premium product, any less than this and you start to that find areas of your body are not getting the same amount of support as those with a higher spring count would achieve

An open coil Mattress paired with a soft touch covers is commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top. Meanwhile the open coil technology offers good levels of support at an affordabnle price

Questions and Answers

how can i see what mattresses are in stock for collection

Answer: We have several rolled mattress ranges that are available for purchase and collection in store. They include all models of our Doze and Sleep Essentials Mattress ranges as well as some of our Hyde and Sleep Mattresses. To locate the closest store to you that stocks these mattresses, we would recommend using our 'find in store' feature on the website which will show the stores closest to you that stock these models. To double check in store availability, we would recommend phoning the store in advance to check. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi We want to buy a matress on which if we sit on edges doesn’t go down, or we don’t get rolled over whole night Will this be good? Is it firm 

Answer: The Beaumont mattress offers a firm level of support and has individual pocket springs which help to distribute weight evenly. If you are concerned that this mattress will not offer the right level of support for you, we would recommend using our find in store feature that will show your closest store with this mattress on display. Kind Regards, Dreams

Has it handles on mattress

Answer: Hello Patsy mo mouse, The Beaumont does not have handles as it is a relativity light mattress only weighing 33kg. In regards to handles, please be advised that mattresses should not be moved to your bedroom using them as they are there to aid turning heavier mattresses around. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

How long is the wait for delivery

Answer: Hello , It depends on where you live, you can take the product to the checkout page and you'll be shown available delivery dates. Alternatively please call our telesales team on 0800 652 5090 and one of the team can check the product against your postcode for you. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What color is the divan base?

Answer: Hello Molly, The Beaumont Divan base comes in a range of colours including; blue, silver, mocha and beige which can be found here: - bar the silver colourway which can be bought via our sales team on 0800 652 5090. I hope this helps and thank your for your question.

Do you remove the old mattress when delivering a new one?

Answer: Yes, when our delivery team deliver your new bed or mattress they are also able to remove and recycle your old mattress. The cost of this service is below: Single Mattresses: £23, Double Mattresses: £33, King or Super King Mattresses: £38 Kind Regards, Dreams

Are both the mattress and bed stand included?

Answer: Hello , Yes both the mattress and divan base are included in the Beaumont Divan set.* I hope this helps and thank you for your question. *This answer will also appear on the Beaumont Mattress product page. The Beaumont Mattress does not include the divan base.

I spend most of my days in bed is this mattress ideal for that? I bought a memory foam one a couple of months ago from an online company but it has gone soft. I'm looking for a sturdy mattress that is sprung and can be flipped. Please can you advise

Answer: Good Evening, The Beaumont mattress offers a firm layer of support whilst providing comfort. The pocket springs distribute weight evenly and so give plenty of support. In addition, the Beaumont is double sided so can be turned regularly. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this mattress hypoallergenic?

Answer: Hi , This mattress does not fall in to our anti-allergy range. Our silent night range feature anti-allergy mattresses, and our flaxby range are natural and therefore should prevent allergies. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

How can I order just a bed?? Evertything includes a mattress. I have a mattress just need a bed!!

Answer: Hi , As this bed doesn't come with the headboard, please go to 'Divan Bases' on our beds drop down menu to just buy the base. If you want the headboard too then we have these in our headboards section. Thank you for your question.

Can I collect because I need it sooner than the minimum 4 weeks and if so where from ??

Answer: Hello , Yes you can collect from one of our warehouses only if your order this item in store. Unfortunately this isn't currently an option on our website or through our Telesales Team Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi, I want to buy a super king size but with two single mattresses. Is this possible on line?

Answer: Hello , A standard single will be 3" to short for a superking base. You will need to look at our zip and link options. Click here for your options - Many thanks for the question.

I have a Beaumont mattress...Can you tell me why I am aware of both hearing and feeling the springs 'ping' ...I am very concerned about this as the mattress was only purchased a few months ago and I have only just recently started sleeping on it.

Answer: Hello, You do have a 40 nights comfort guarantee on the mattress however if you feel this could be a concern for this specific mattress sent out to you, please call our customer services on 0800 652 5090. Many thanks for the question.

Does the maitland mattress have different layers of foam, that maybe thicker or more comfortable in one of the sides ? 

Answer: Good morning, This mattresses is double sided so you can sleep on either side. The Maitland has no foam and is filled with other luxurious fillings so will feel the same on both sides of the mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

Will this mattress fit a super king size wooden slatted bed with an aperture of 183x203cm?

Answer: Our Super King Mattresses measure 180 x 200cm so any bed frame with a sleeping area this size will be suitable. As your frame measures 183 x 203cm a Super King Mattress would be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

By paying 299 I'm getting a bed and mattress???? Confused  

Answer: Hello , £299 is the price for the divan base and the mattress for a single with no drawers. If you would like a larger size with 2 or more drawers the price will increase. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Does this bed come with a mattress and wat type of mattress

Answer: Hello , This bed comes with the firm Beaumont mattress which has 1000 pocket springs to distribute weight evenly, giving independent support for every area of your body. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Does this bed come with the Headboard aswell?

Answer: Hello , This bed does not come with a headboard. The set does however include the mattress and divan base. Headboards can be chosen separately to suit your room décor. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Would I be able to choose a different matress as I would really like a 1600 pocket Sleepeezee mattress?

Answer: Hello , It is one mattress per divan set however you can mix and match mattresses with the available divan bases. Use the link below to do this. Many thanks for your question.

Can you buy the ottoman divan without the mattress and, if so, how much would it be a king size divan please?

Answer: Hello , Yes, this will be £470 for the base only in a king size. - this link will direct you to our best priced option Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Does this mattress have handles that facilitate easy turning. Is it a medium firm and can I order a head board as well

Answer: Good Evening, This mattress does not have handles and is a firm comfort grade. We have a range of headboards in a variety of colours and styles that are available for purchase online or in store. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can u collect my old mattress if I buy a new one

Answer: Good afternoon, We do offer a disposal service. This can be added at the check out online or with a colleague in store. The prices will vary depending on what is being collected. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do you still  take the old bed away      Mine is a double  and I am getting a single to replace it

Answer: Hello Magnolia, In short - yes, we do still take away old beds. This comes under 'Recycling' for £39.99 and can be added to your basket in the checkout stage. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Is the recycling service free?

Answer: We can recycle your old mattress or bedframe at an additional cost. Please visit the link below for more information. Kind Regards, Dreams

How often does this mattress need rotating/turning?

Answer: Hello , We recommend that new mattresses should be rotated on average every 3 months. After 1 year the mattress should be rotated every 6 months. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

I need to buy a king sized mattress which would fit up a spiral staircase. Id like a firm mattress preferably with springs. Do you have anything which comes rolled or compressed?

Answer: Hello kateO, We will have memory foam options that come rolled up to help get a mattress up those stairs. Please view our ready matt collection for this. Many thanks for your question, I hope this helps.

Hi there.....will any head board go onto this bed??? Thank u ?

Answer: Hello , Yes any correct sized headboard will fit to the same sized divan base. Please note the headboard fixtures come with any divan base. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

How much inches thick is the mattress

Answer: Hello , This mattress is 8.6inches deep. If you'd like to know the dimensions of any other mattress, please click on the dimensions tab. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

 Can you turn the Maitland forefoot six mattress right over not just from top to bottom is it the same material on the top and the bottom so that you can do this please 

Answer: Good afternoon, Yes, the Maitland is a double-sided mattress with the same material on both the top and bottom. Therefore you should turn this mattress over regularly. Kind regards Dreams

Does this mattress need to be turned or not please? Does it dip on the edge?

Answer: Hello , This mattress is made of good quality and 1000 pocket springs strong. It has to be turned and rotated regularly as it is double sided. Many thanks for the question.

Do you sell spring mattresses in the size 100 x 200 centimeter (the typical size in Germany)? Thanks for a quick answer and we'll come by today.

Answer: Hello, We do not have mattresses to that specification. It will either be 90 x 190cm for a UK standard size or a standard euro single of 90 x 200cm. Many thanks for the question.

How often doe this mattress need turning/rotating? Whats the warrenty on the mattress? 

Answer: Hello , The warranty on this mattress is 1 year from the day of delivery. We recommend you turn this mattress every 6 weeks. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

do you have anyone available to assemble flatpack

Answer: Hi , We offer an assembly service across all of our bedsteads for £29.99 and £49.99 for high sleepers and bunk beds. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

what is the recommended user weight? I don't want to get a bed for it to break, needs to b e strong enough for a 25 stone and 14 stone person

Answer: Hello , We do not have a set weight limit however this will be suitable for your needs as it is a firm 1000 pocket sprung mattress. Many thanks for the question.

I intend buying two 4' divan double beds and a 3' matress. Will these items be delivered free? Will you collect the old ones also free of charge?

Answer: Hello , The items will be delivered free with our online delivery however it is a £39 service for each bed for old bed removals. Many thanks for the question.

Do you take old bed away

Answer: Hi , Yes we can, however this is a chargeable service. You can add this onto your order at checkout, it is called 'Recycling'. Thank you for your question.

Hi Could you please let me know the guarantee period for this mattress? Thank you.

Answer: Hello, This will be a one year warranty with a eight year purchase option through customer services after purchase for the guarantee. Many thanks for the question.

how long before delivery

Answer: Hi , This bed is usually available for delivery between 7-14 days. Please note this is stock depending. Hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Hi there, . If I buy a mattress from you (Beaumont pocket sprung double) and have it delivered, do your delivery guys take my old, very old, mattress away for me?? xx

Answer: Hello , Yes if you select this option during the checkout process we'll recycle your old mattress. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

HI, I wanted to double check the total height of this bed base plus mattress. Is it 56cm overall - floor to top of the mattress? What is the internal depth of the storage? Many Thanks, Joanna

Answer: Hello JoanneD, The storage depth is approximately 30cm. That is correct, 56cm will be for the height of the divan bed in total. Many thanks for the question.

what is the overall height of the bed and the mattress together( how high off the ground?)

Answer: Hello , The base is 56cm the mattress is 22cm so together they are 78cm from floor to top of the mattress. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the charge for taking away my old mattress when I buy a new one?

Answer: Hello, That depends on the size of the mattress we are disposing of. This can be seen when selecting the size through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Does this mattress come rolled up or flat as I'm worried about getting it upstairs! 

Answer: Hello , This mattress is not delivered rolled up but will be delivered as one piece ready for use. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

I want to buy in the sale but I am moving house so want to hold off on delivery for 6 weeks. Is this possible?

Answer: Hi , Yes we can do this, if you contact us on the following number 0800 652 5090 we will be able to further assistant. Many thanks for the question.

If I bought the Beumont Single (3' 0) mattress could I also have my old one collected at the same time?

Answer: Hello, We most certainly can do this for you, the service will present itself through checkout to add this to your order. Many thanks for the question.

Is there a guarantee?

Answer: Hi , This product has a 1 year manufacturer guarantee, but we do also offer an 8 year service plan for a one off fee. Thank you for your question.

Is this Matress suitable fora bunk bed. I have a bunk bed in the boys room and I need one to replac the lower one. 

Answer: Hi , I can confirm this mattress would be suitable for a bunk bed, both the top or lower one. I hope this helps you and thank you for your question.

Would it be a good mattress for people with sciatica problem? 

Answer: Hi , We are unable to confirm. We would advise you seek medical advice if you require a mattress for health purposes. Kind Regards, Giedre

I have a King size solid Oak framed bed with a wooden base. What mattress type would suit this style of bed. Do you need a specific mattress for wooden framed/base beds?

Answer: Hi , All of the mattresses we range would be suitable for both wooden or metal bed frames. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Hi, can you let me know what material the mattress is filled with? Many thanks!

Answer: Hello , This mattress is filled with a 1000 pocket sprung unit and an 800g polyester pad. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi, is that mattress suitable for metal bed frame please?

Answer: Hello , All of our mattresses are suitable for a range of bed frames including metal beds. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Is this mattress suitable for a slated bed

Answer: Hello , Yes this mattress is suitable to go on any of the slatted bases that we sell. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

does the single divan base come in two parts, please? (we are looking for a bed that can be easily moved up and down a narrow staircase)

Answer: Hello , The single divan will come in one piece. Everything from the double and larger comes split in two. Many thanks for the question.

Can i collect this today from your white city store 

Answer: Hello , The store will only be a showroom to view the product, everything will be on a delivery basis. Many thanks for the question.

Can this mattress be turned over or can it only be rotated?

Answer: Hi This mattress is able to be flipped over and rotated as it is double sided! Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

How much do you charge to remove old king size mattress?

Answer: Hi , The recycling of a king size mattress is £38. You can add this onto your order within checkout. Thank you for your question.

Does this have memory foam

Answer: Hello , The Beaumont mattress will not contain any memory foam within it's upholstery. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

what are the dimensions of a king size mattress

Answer: Hello , The dimensions for the King size mattress is: Width: 150cm x Length: 200cm I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Why are the dimensions different for the same product on the description  ie base is 13" then I read same product is 22+"  Which is correct?

Answer: Hello , The base alone will be 13", the second measurement you have seen could be mattress inclusive. Many thanks for your questions.

Can I pick up at store

Answer: Hello , Our store's are only showroom's with all items available for delivery through checkout. Many thanks for your question.

Do you do same day Sunday delivery and take away old mattresses

Answer: Hi , We do offer a disposal service, but unfortunately we do not offer same day deliveries. Many thanks for your question.

Hello, how heavy is this mattress in a double? Or even an approx weight.

Answer: Hi , I can confirm in the double size, this mattress is approximately 33Kg. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

How does the 2 piece double bed fit together to stop movement? 

Answer: Hello, There is a linking bar at the front and back of the bases. This keeps the bases together. Many thanks for the question.

Is it possible to order  bed with delivery held until I need it?     Bedroom being refitted                            

Answer: Hello , This depends on how long you need the products held for. We can hold your delivery for up to 3 months if needed.

Is a pocket sprung mattress firmer on a divan base or softer

Answer: Hello , The mattress will be same firmness on a base or a bed frame. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Is this mattress suitable for a slated base

Answer: Hello , This mattress is suitable for all slatted bases we sell. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

do you have a service that removes your old mattress?

Answer: Hello Bosco. Yes, we do offer an old bed recycling service. It costs £39. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

I understand that the mattress will need to be regularly rotated end to end, however does it also need to be flipped over too and if so how often? Most mattresses nowadays only require rotation, so just wanted your clarification on this. Thanks

Answer: Hello , Turn your mattress once a month for the first year and every 3 years thereafter. Many thanks for your question.

would you take the old beds away?

Answer: Hello . Yes we do offer an old bed recycling service. It costs £39. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can you turn this mattress over?

Answer: Hello, This mattress is designed to be turned over regularly to keep the fillings fresh. Many thanks for the question.

Can you tell me what material the Belgian damask is made of on this mattress please? We need natural materials and no synthetic's for our child's condition. Thanks

Answer: Hello , This matewrials used are silk, wool linen and cotton within the mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Will you take away the old bed on delivery of the new one?

Answer: Hello , Yes if you opt for this service during the checkout. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can I order extra length? Need a 210 cm one.

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately this mattress is not available with a made to measure option. Many thanks for your question.

what are the weight limits on the storage of the three ranges of ottoman divans you sell? the classic? the luxury? and therapur?

Answer: Hello , This will have a maximum weight limit of 15kg. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

There's also a beaumont 2000.  Is this the updated model?

Answer: Hello, This will not be a mattress within our product collection. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

How long would this take to be delivered? 

Answer: Hi , For this product, it should take a few days depending on where you live. Many thanks for the question.

Does this bed come with a mattress or do I need to buy that separately? 

Answer: Hello , A divan bed will include the mattress and base within the pricing. Many thanks for the question.

Hi can i order two 3ft divan bases which link together? I have the mattresses already. Thanks

Answer: Hi , No sorry we don't do the 3ft divan bases that can join together. Many thanks for your question.

Will you take away the old mattress

Answer: Hello , We do provide a old bed recycling service through checkout at £39. Many thanks for the question.

How often must this mattress be turned ? Must it also be turned from head to foot ?

Answer: Hello , Yes, this will need to be turned and rotated once every 4-6weeks. Many thanks for the question.

What;s the difference between this mattress and orchard pocket sprung mattress?

Answer: Good Evening, The difference between these mattresses is the cover and fabric design. Kind Regards, Dreams

How long. Is Dreams sale on, as we have selected our bed  and mattress but do not return to the Uk Until January, will we miss the sale prices?

Answer: Hello , We have sales on throughout January 2016. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Does this mattress need turning?

Answer: Hello , Yes we would advise turning the mattress. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can I buy now pay in instalments

Answer: Hello Chrissy0392, This can be done with a minimum order value of £400. Many thanks for the question.

How thick is the mattress?

Answer: Hello , The Beaumont mattress is 22cm thick. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

what is the depth of the mattress

Answer: Hello , This mattress has a depth of 22cm. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Do you remove take away old mattress

Answer: Hi , We do take old mattresses away at an extra cost. Thank you for your question.

What's the difference between the Beaumont and Orchard king size mattresses other than the outer finished material?

Answer: Hello, This will be the major difference between the mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Can I use the maitland single mattress on an ottoman bed?

Answer: Good afternoon, Yes, the Maitland is suitable for ottoman beds. Kind regards Dreams

How many springs in a double please?

Answer: Hi , The double sized mattress contains 858 springs. Kind regards Dreams

Could you advise me the size of the draws for this bed please

Answer: Hello, Length - 70 cm Width - 44cm Depth - 12cm Many thanks for the question.

Single divan can I have 2 drawers on one side of the divan

Answer: Hello, This will come with two drawers on one side. Many thanks for the question.

Please advise the depth of the matress... I need one about 9inches so would this one be suitable.

Answer: This mattress is 23cm (10 inches) deep. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this ottoman bed come in any other colours ?

Answer: Hi Jennifer85, Yes, this is available in a mocha colour and blue. Thank you.

does this matress have the memory foam topper layer

Answer: Hello, No, this is purely a pocket spring mattress. Thank you for your question.

Is this mattress fire retardant please??

Answer: Hello , Yes, this will be fire retardant. Many thanks for your question.

Hi does the filling for this mattress contain wool?

Answer: Hello, This mattress does not contain wool. Many thanks for the question.

Will the 4'6'' (double) Beaumont pocket sprung mattress fit the 4'6'' (double) Cooper charcoal grey fabric bed?

Answer: Hello , Yes, this will fit just fine. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, Does it come in European double size - 140X200. And can we order online that size?

Answer: Hello , It doesn't unfortunately. Many thanks for your question.

Customer Reviews

Based on 385 review

Sleeping Made Easy

My old mattress was like an old jumper that I had held onto for far too long. Historically, I would purchase any mattress with my only stipulation being that it had to be relatively firm. A few months back I happen to sleep at my friend's house and noticed that as I hit the pillow, I immediately drifted into sleep and found it hard the next morning to leave the bed. In the morning she spoke of her 'new mattress' as if it was a well known friend and although not entirely convinced, it was enough to stoke my curiosity in wanting to explore t more this fascination with mattresses. After much deliberation, I took a trip down to my local Dreams store, and tried out some of the beds. The choice was a little overwhelming, being a novice mattress purchaser. My final choice was the Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress which I purchased along with the Nixson bedframe. I AM A CONVERT! My husband and I never appreciated the importance of a good mattress until that first week and I never knew that a good mattress has so many benefits such as creating feelings of calmness, peace and warmth. I still have not worked out how a mattress can make you more relaxed. It sounds cheesy but we both look forward to going to bed at night. The mattress is comfortable - firm, yet not hard and the bed, also purchased at Dreams (Nixson) is both attractive to look at and inviting.

Finally, a great night sleep!

I have been marred with back injuries for a while, and at 29 that won’t do! Bought the mattress after days of research and reviews- which was not a disappointment! The mattress arrived promptly and was called an hour before to ensure we were available. The delivery men said they would take it upstairs but we opted to do this ourselves. Mattress fits perfectly to our 4’6 double bed. With room to get the sheets fitted. The mattress to lay on is firm with sleight cushioning under weight. Perfect for what I needed. I haven’t had a decent nights sleep where I don’t wake up in pain for a while. But this mattress did not disappoint and I was pain free and have slept soundly since (1 month now). All in all a great buy. It gets 5 stars because it does what it says in the description, the delivery drivers were attentive and I haven’t had to stretch in the morning (like no 29 year old should!) since having this mattress. Would recommend to all.

Supportive and comfortable

In the showroom, I preferred another, softer mattress and my Fiancè preferred the Beaumont; so of course we compromised and got the Beaumont. It is firmer than I would have chosen myself and after the first nights I didn't really like it. However, after a couple of nights I was actually glad that we went with her choice. The mattress is quite firm which makes it very supportive, however there is a bit of springiness and enough cushioning to make it very comfortable. We are both sleeping so much better on it than on our old mattress and waking up with no aches and pains. The construction looks and feels fairly solid and especially at the sale price we paid, we've got no complaints at all.

Simple process, very happy.

I went to the shop in Oxford to see the bed we needed to buy. As I intended to use a large chunk of my PayPal credit from the sale of something, I was disappointed to hear that I couldn't spend that in-store. Thankfully the staff were more than happy for me to order and pay for the bed while sitting on a bed from my phone. The staff were really good. The bed arrived on time and was handled by two helpful and friendly blokes. I'm more impressed with the staff than anything, but it's also very important that the quality and variety of products matched the staff experience (which it did).

Outstanding Product

Just wanted to thank the Dreams team for a brilliant customer experience first of all. The next thing to mention is how impressed I am at this product. - The quality of the build of the mattress is of a really high standard - The Pocket Sprung design offers really good comfort resulting in me having great nights of sleep. - My old mattress used to give me back pains, and the Beaumont Mattress has taken all those pains away which I am so happy about. - Finally was the price, I managed to get this mattress in the recent Sale that Dreams had so I got an absolute bargain to boot!

Well Made Mattress

I purchased this mattress to replace my old one which I had for well over 10 years. I did not realise how bad it had become until I had the best night's sleep for a long time the first night I spent lying on my new one. Be aware however the mattress is correctly described as firm. If you are used to a medium or soft mattress, then this will probably not suit you. For me however it is just right and provides firm support across the entire width of the bed. I bought it on sale so it was even better value for money. A well made and good looking product I would highly recommend.

Wonderfully Comfortable

I have now had this mattress for almost a month and have not regretted choosing it for a moment. The mattress offers fantastic support and comfort whilst ensuring a great nights sleep. The height is also excellent for someone who has suffered back problems in the past with easy getting in and out of bed. The materials are first class, help prevent disturbance to partner on even the most unsettled night and offer maximum comfort. The thirty day trial offer is also an excellent way of ensuring absolute satisfaction with your purchase. Well done Dreams! Dream on.

Exactly what I wanted!

I needed a new mattress to go with a new divan bed and bought this one about a month ago from Dreams and I've enjoyed sleeping on it ever since! This is a good quality, well-made mattress. It has an attractive and strong white fabric cover and neat, strong stitching. It has the required level of firmness without being hard. It is a deep mattress and provides a very comfortable and cosy night's sleep. The Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress is an excellent mattress and very good value. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Night and Day

The difference the new mattress has made is amazing -- previously I arose with a sore back, now it is just wonderful the difference this new mattress has made -- I would never have believed it was possible. I'd like to thank the young man I spoke with when ordering, he recommended the Beaumont -- I'm glad he did. It is my 83rd birthday today and I feel like I have been given the best-ever present. By the way, I am still awaiting delivery of four pillows which your delivery man said would come by courier?

Great comfort at a great price

I bought this one month ago for my son's guest bedroom. We went along to our local Bradford shop and tried out a number of mattresses. The assistant was extremely helpful and arranging delivery to another part of the country wasn't a problem. They kept in touch with delivery times and the delivery men were quick and efficient. On arrival in the nirth east our first nights sleep was excellent on this very comfortable mattress. Thank you Dreams team for making it so successful.

The Best Mattress for the Money

Simple and quick review...I like a firm bed...not too firm and not soft at all...maybe a 7/10 firmness is what I would give this mattress. Score I give a full 10/10 as my sleep quality has fitbit can vouch for this as I have been using a sleep monitor for over 3 years now and I can see the transformation immediately. My sleep is a similar length in duration, but my movement has practically dropped by 70% which shocked me. Great Mattress and Perfect Value for Money!

Great Sleep At Last!

Bought This Mattress 3 Wks Ago And From Sales To Delivery I Can Not Fault Dreams In Any Way Shape Or Form. We Stepped Into A Friendly Store Where We Were Greeted With A Smile. No Pushy In Your Face Sales Assistance Just A Pleasant Knowledgeable Helpful lady Who listened To Our Needs & Showed Us Her Recommendation To Which We Purchased One That Was Recommended & To Date We Have Not Been Disappointed. Our Mattress Is Comfortable & Gives Us A Great Night's Restful Sleep.

Marcus and his assistant were magnificent!

I had knocked myself out a week before and had only recently come out of hospital the day before delivery, Thank Heavens for Marcus and his colleague. I didnt have to do a thing. Not that I could lol. But from repackaging the old mattress to tightening up the bed from where I had fallen. Nothing was too much trouble for them! And as for a decent nights sleep. well I dont need to resort to those tactics anymore, the Maitlands name should be changed to the Magnificent

Great mattress great service.

I bought this mattress for my daughter who needed a replacement for her old one. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the mattress. My daughter says it is very comfortable to sleep on, she is a front sleeper so needs a firm mattress. Also the Dreams delivery team where excellent delivering in snowy conditions. I didn’t even need to ask them to remove their boots, they did it automatically when entering my house! Perfect all round experience.

So comfortable

I have been sleeping on this for 2 weeks now and its so comfortable, you don't realise how bad your old mattress is until you get a new one! It is ideal for me, i have a bad back and am restless in the night but i seem to be waking up a lot more settled and not tossing an turning as much. It didn't come with care instructions but can be turned fully so I assume this will help with the care. Overall, absolutely perfect for me and I am very happy and would recommend

Excellent Service

We are very happy with the product and service that the Dreams Company produced. The Blackpool store employee was very knowledgeable and friendly and when I got home I also checked out Dreams website which was easy to use and bought this product. The men who delivered our mattress took it up 2 flights of stairs and placed it in our bedroom. The whole experience was quick and easy. Since then we both have had good night sleeps a very good mattress would recommend.

Great compromise of firmness!

I bought this more than a month ago and couldn't be happier! My partner loves really firm mattress, when I am more of a medium firm person. We have found the perfect compromise with this mattress! Only note for DREAMS - we got confused with the sizes on website (we are not British so don't read in feet...) and got the smaller double size than what we actually needed, so would just recommend putting sizes in cm as well on website!

Excellent purchase

I purchased this mattress after looking at various websites and reviews. Online process worked well, delivery booked easily - delivery drivers were super polite - put down a mat to avoid dragging mattress through the house. Mattress itself is excellent - firm and a dream to sleep on. If it came with handles on the sides to ease manoeuvring it would be awesome! looking forward to good sleeps

Most omfortable Night Imaginable

I bought this mattress only a few weeks ago. Normally, it takes a while to get used to a new mattress, while the body takes time to adjust, but from the minute I got into bed the first night it had arrived, I have never had such good nights' sleep. I couldnt possibly be more pleased. It meets all the criteria needed for bad backs such as mine, and I am simply delighted with this product.

Solid support, but not rigid

I had been suffering from a bad back, so after the first night I woke up rested because I hadn't had my sleep interrupted due to the pain. Obviously, such a serious back pain didn't go away after one night, even if I felt the difference. Now it's about two weeks and I can honestly say that my back is no longer inflamed and I wake up from a good night's rest. I am so happy I bought it.

Very comfortable

I bought this for the spare single bedroom for my elderly father to sleep on. He’s very impressed with the comfort and firmness of this mattress. I was pleasantly surprised by the look and feel of this mattress, the weight indicated that it wasn’t a flimsily manufactured item. It fitted the bed frame I’d already had, perfectly! overall, a thoroughly good purchase!

Replaced memory foam mattress and was good choice

Had a memory foam mattress which was killing our backs, this new spring mattress is not too firm but firm enough to support you well and no back pain since we changed ... parents are going to get the same one very soon after we bought this and liked it.... only down side no handles on the side which makes moving it around the house and up stairs a tad difficult

So comfortable!

I bought this in the sale so we got it half price! Worth every penny! It’s so comfortable and it is firm but still with a bounce for extra comfort. Highly recommend it! Only down fall is that there aren’t any handles on the side of the mattress to make it easier to pull out when putting sheets on but that’s just because I’m weak so not a problem for every one!

Great firm mattress

Very pleased with the mattress so far. No more sore back since I finally switched back to a firm one! It feels well built and like it'll last for a long time. The pocket springs are great especially for a couple, they definitely stay in place. The buying experience was good, delivery was fine - picked a day and got given a delivery window in the morning.

Perfect and as described.

Had the mattress for a couple of weeks and we were concerned it may be a little too firm after using memory foam for the last few years. Well, those fears were unwarranted as the mattress is perfect and my back is so much better. Great price in the sale and it does appear to be great quality. Good service from Dreams on the delivery side too. Top marks.

Beaumont Pocket Sprung Mattress - Firm

This was bought to replace a softer pocket sprung mattress with less than half the number of pocket springs as the Beaumont. We have noticed a real improvement in the quality of our sleep since we started using it with less 'rolling together' in the night! It also had a better quality covering than our previous mattress which is softer to touch.

Very solid

I bought this mattress about two weeks ago. It was delivered at 7.15am, 10 minutes after being called to say the delivery was on its way! It is a very sturdy and solid mattress, looks good quality. I ordered firm because my husband prefers that but it is very firm. It is perfectly comfortable but if you order firm, you certainly get firm!

Very comfortable

I bought this a couple of weeks ago to replace an aging mattress and wish we had taken the plunge earlier. This mattress is firm but very comfortable and very good value for the price we paid. I'm looking forward to many more great nights sleep! The service from dreams with delivery and recycling of the old mattress was also excellent.

Comfortable mattress

I was dubious about buying a mattress without first being able to try it out in the shop but I need not have worried. We were looking for a firm but comfortable matress to provide us with a good night's sleep, waking up free of any achec and pains and that is just what we got with the Maitland. Good price too as it was on special offer!

Great for my bad back!

Had this mattress a couple of weeks now and I love it! I bought it online without testing and went solely off the reviews and I'm glad I did. I was waking up with a bad back every morning on my previous mattress and after the first night on this one my back felt much better! Got it half price in the sale which is always a bonus!

Nice thick mattress!

I'll be honest, I chose this mattress because it was the best balance between quality and price. The first thing that really caught my attention is how thick it is! This is a firm yet comfortable mattress which has brought me many nights of comfortable sleep; just wish I'd got rid of my old lumpy mattress earlier!

4ft firm pocket sprung mattress

The mattress was delivered recently by two very friendly and professional guys. From the first night it was as if this had always been my mattress because it is very comfortable and so easy to sleep on. Being firm it gives me all the support I could wish for without feeling like it is a board. I totally recommend it.

Super comfortable

It's been over 2wks and it's been 2wks of waking up pain free!!!! I have chronic back pain and take high doses of meds but have been a to cut back due to how firm the mattress is and how its giving that support. I'm very light so dont make any dent in it at all, I'm not sure how it would stay firm for someone bigger.

Excellent Mattress

I brought this for my Son, he suffers with his back and his previous mattress was only a few years old and was starting to sag a bit, he said that this matresses is really comfy now, took a couple of days to get used to it as he was not used to the firmnes but wakes up without ang back pain. Well worth the money .

No more pain!!

This is a very comfortable and supportive matress. The back pains I have had for over a year have magically disappeared within a few days of sleeping on this matress. The only very small issue I have is that this matress is a few inches shorter than the previous one I had so there is a gap at one end of the base.

Extremely comfortable

I brought this a month ago as I had been suffering from bad lower backache and decided we needed an upgrade on our old mattress. Best purchase! My back is so much better & I'm getting a great nights sleep. Also I'm a petite 5ft1 & my husbands 6ft1 & theres no roll too in the middle, supports us both really well.

Fantastic Quality Mattress

I’ve been sleeping on my new mattress for a few weeks now and I’m so pleased with it, I didn’t realise how little support there was in my old mattress until I slept a few nights on my new one. It is making a difference to how many times I wake up during the night and I feel my back ache is not so bad recently.

You Can Really Dream On this Mattress

This was delivered on the 4th of July by two delightful chaps who did everything quickly and efficiently. The bed and mattress are superb and gave me a really comfortable night's sleep. It has good support for the body and the springs are well covered. Love it, and a really good buy. Goodbye sleepless nights.

Just what I wanted.

Tried lots of different types of mattress in store. I needed to replace my old double sprung one and was looking for much the same, but wanted a firm one. When I lay on this it proved to be the most supportive for me. Price was good value for money and it was delivered for free. I have no negatives at all.


Having previously purchased at storage bed, we noticed that the mattress was too soft. So we visited Dreams and found the Maitland which was the same mattress made for the Olympics. The mattress is extremely comfortable and is 9 inch deep, pocket sprung. Great quality and comfort for a really good price.

great mattress

I was sleeping on the sofe and cheap mattress and it hurt my back so much. Couldn't have good sleep every night. Since i bought the dream mattress, there's no more problems with my back and sleep. The most important thing is I bought it on sale, its really good price for such good product. Thanks dream!

Pleasant and value for money

I bought this about 3 weeks ago so it's still settling a little but overall it's a firm but comfy mattress. The delivery procedure was brilliant - my bedroom is on the 5th floor and the delivery guy took it right to the room without raising an eyebrow and was super helpful and friendly in all respects.

So comfortable

Bought two of these mattresses for my two daughters. Both girls really impressed, nice and firm. Well priced for an excellent quality mattress. Delivery was on time and communication was brilliant. Even the dogs are impressed and are seen creeping up onto the girls beds most nights

Brilliantly Comfortable!

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago when it was on offer, and I can really tell that this mattress is worth far more than I paid for it. I'd highly recommend buying this mattress because it offers great support and barely any movement when my partner is rolling about in their sleep!

Most comfortable night sleep ever

Couldn't get over the quality for the price. This really is a beautiful mattress that will last. My 14 year old son say it is firm and very cosy to sleep on. Very happy I bought it. He is having the best sleeps and no achy bones in the morning...which I had put down to growing pains.

New bed

My bed came yesterday very comfortable....had good night sleep.Only complaint is if l would have waited another week would have got another 20% off.....we went to buy on the saturday because the sale was ending on the tuesday..only to find out its still on with an extra 20% off....

Good value, comfortable mattress

I bought this mattress for my elderly father who can be rather hard to please. He couldn't find anything wrong with it (which is a huge compliment!) and even commented that it was comfortable. I'm very pleased with the purchase - a good quality mattress for a reasonable price.

Very nice!

We brought this to replace our memory-foam which sank in one side after just couple of years. This Beaumont pocket sprung is well made and supportive, firm and feels so much better. We slept on this mattress at a hotel (very nice!) so we remembered the model and here we are.

Great Buy

Excellent price just a shame couldn't get a saturday delivery. I have been suffering with my back for a good few months (not having the right mattress contributed to this a fair bit) but after week or 2 no more waking up with an aching back and a great nights sleep all round.

Very comfortable

Bought this matress, together with a base, about 3 weeks ago, and so far my wife and I are very impressed. We both suffer with back and muscular aches and pains and we find this matress very comfortable and get a much better nights sleep as a result. Would highly recommend

Great all round mattress

Purchased this three weeks ago as a guest bed for the Christmas period. A great nights sleep, comfortable, supportive and a very reasonable price. Very happy! Delivery guys were spot on and took it to the room, unpackaged it and placed it on the frame. Thank you dreams.

Great mattress so far

We bought this mattress for he main bedroom and haven’t been disappointed. It’s somehow firm but incredibly comfy. My partner had a bad shoulder and back and after just two nights sleep on this mattress they felt better. Would definitely recommend for a good nights sleep.

Really supportive, yet comfy!

Bought this just before Christmas as hadn’t been able to sleep on our old memory foam mattress since damaging my neck! Had a double disc replacement, tried this mattress and can finally sleep back in our bed!!! Hubby liked the old mattress but finds this even more comfy!

Extremely comfortable!!!!

Now had for 3 week and I'm sleeping like a baby. Have suffered with a bad back for years and now my sleep position has adjusted to my new matress I am waking up feeling refreshed and able to cope with my day. Great dreams..... and thank you for a quick and speedy service


I bought this 2 weeks ago and the mattress has given me a good nights sleep which is fantasic because I suffer from back problems and other mattress I have bought in the past have been disappointing. The half price was great for this product and persuaded me to buy it.

Comfy mattress

Purchased for my four year old's bed and its trundle. My son is very comfy on this mattress. It is nicely padded with no springs felt through it. It is a deep mattress, but just fits in the trundle underneath. Grandad also finds it comfortable when he comes to visit.

Supportive and comfortable

Bought this about a month ago and its literally changed my life. I woke up in general discomfort but particularly around my shoulders and neck. I had a disturbed sleep. I had a memory foam mattress never again this pocket sprung mattress is in a different league

Great Customer Service

I bought this bed someone at work- he seems happy with it. I over-ordered by mistake and hadn't realised as it was sent to him directly. Customer service rang me to say that they would process my refund automatically. I would have been £250 worse off otherwise.

Great Mattress & Super Service - Can’t Fault

I bought this for my son in his first flat -perfect transaction, helpful when changed delivery date, great communication & perfect mattress on the firm side which is what they wanted. Bought in sale on fab value Best night’s sleep in months my son said!

So comfortable!

I originally bought this mattress as a single, for my spare room. It wasnt until I slept in that room a few months ago that I realised how divine it was! So I just HAD to replace my King size mattress - just wish I had done it earlier - I sleep so well now!

Great night sleep

I bought this in the sale and for the price I paid I feel it is great value for money. It is firm but not too firm, so you still feel comfy but with alot of support. Love that it can be rotated aswell as flipped so the springs will last longer too.

Nice firm mattress

I bought this 3 weeks ago and so far am happy. It is firm which I like. It could be doing with a very slight reduction in firmness but hopefully it reduces in time. That is all a matter of opinion. It feels and looks like a good quality product

Excellent mattress, very comfortable!

I bought this mattress about a month ago and so far it’s been fantastic! Our budget was towards the lower range of mattresses so I didn’t have high hopes but am pleasantly surprised and having great nights sleep. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

Good quality product

We had bought this mattress to replace one that we had had for over 10 years.. The delivery was perfect and on time, the mattress is high quality and very nice to sleep on... Very good value for money and would definitely recommend it.

Best mattress I’ve ever bought

Bought this a few weeks ago and am now wondering why I waited so long. It’s supportive and comfortable at the same time which I didn’t know was possible. Sleeping better than I have for a long time, would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Really comfortable

My Beaumont Single Pocket Sprung Mattress arrived 10 days ago. It is a firm mattress, which I like, and after a few nights of getting used to a 'new bed' I find it is great! I love it and would recommend if you like a really firm mattress.

Best buy ever!

We bought this mattress a month ago and it is absolutely perfect. It's firm but ever so comfortable. We did not want to compromise on the comfort on sleeping hence the decision to spent a bit more towards right mattress. So far - love it!

Very Comfy

The mattress is very comfy, of a good quality and in new condition - very pleased with it especially at the sale price. The delivery was on time and the delivery men were polite and helpful. Overall experience - all good, no problem

very happy

mattress is great and the service we received over the phone and the guys who deleivered was fantastic, honestly wouldn't hesitate to reccomend and as we are in the process of buying another mattress we will be off to dreams again.

..totally satisfied..

....a really great mattress with pocketted springs....soft on top but nice and firm beneath to provide good support for a great night's sleep....very popular with our visitors.....and good value too.....ticks all the right boxes....

Comfortable and looks great

I bought this for my teenage son and he loves it - said it is comfortable and he sleeps well on it. The draws are a good size and the bed looks of a high quality. The Dreams delivery staff provided excellent customer service too!

Amazing - I love my bed!!!

I bought this about two months ago and I'm SO glad that I took a gamble on an online purchase. I love a firm mattress and it's lovely, but also not too hard. I upgraded from a double to a king too so I never want to leave my bed!

Solid and sturdy, great support.

I have back problems, so need a sturdy mattress. This is excellent. Bought two of these and have them on a combined set of ottomans in the main bedroom. Never slept better. Back or stomach sleep and no issues in the morning.

Perfect mattress for the price

Purchased this mattress to replace a worn out one, as I was suffering with stiff back. I went for this as it has a more firm rating, and I am not disappointed. For the pricepoint, it is an excellent mattress, really comfortable!

Best night sleep in a long time

Bought this mattress a few weeks ago and it is so comfortable! I sometimes suffer with a bad back but since I bought this mattress I've had no back pain. It's nice and firm for support but doesn't feel hard. Absolutely love it!

Very comfortable, highly recommend

We bought this mattress a month ago, dreams delivery staff were very helpful in delivering our item and we have slept better ever since. Nice and comfortable with the right amount of support, we would recommend this product.

Looks well made

I asked an advisor at dreams before purchasing my mattress on line as I have back problems. I am really pleased with the quality and comfort of the design. The price was affordable and value for money. I sleep better now.

Excellent buy

This is the second beamont mattress ive bought....they are excellent value for money and help with the arthritis in my lower back and spine.I have a firm support but its comfy too.I would recomend it as an excellent buy.

Firm, supportive, and very comfortable mattress

This mattress felt perfect from the first "test" in the showroom. It's firm without being hard, offers great, even, support whether sitting up and reading or deeply asleep, and is super comfortable. I'm delighted.


I bought this bed a few weeks ago and since then I have enjoyed a good nights sleep! The bed is comfortable & not too firm .As I bought it in the sale it was half price so an absolute bargain . Thank you Dreams !!!


Had it for a couple of weeks now and both me and my husband are very happy with it. With our old matress, sometimes I used to wake up with back ache and since we got this one the pain has gone. Highly recommend it

Firm and comfy

Delivered a couple of weeks ago. It took a few nights to get used to as it's a bit firmer than my old mattress. But after a week I've found I'm sleeping well and my lower back problems are starting to subside.

Really good mattress

Recently got rid of memory foam mattress for this one and it's the best thing we ever did. Great nights sleep since having this. I used to have so much trouble before, now I know I can sleep when I go to bed.

Comfiest mattress ever!

I bought this mattress online so only really had other reviews to go from but this has to be one of the comfiest I have ever bought. It is neither soft nor hard, but offers good, firm support. Would recommend.


Been using my new mattress for a week now, I decided to buy it because I've had regular back pain for about a couple of months, already by back seems a lot better now, fingers crossed, I've solved the problem.

Beaumont sprung mattress

It's been a month since I bought the Beaumont sprung mattress from Dreams and it has good shoulder, back and leg support. I opted for the firmed mattress which is perfect for me. I wake up feeling refreshed.

So comfy and soft a great night sleep

I baught this matress just under a month ago and it's amazing what a great night sleep i have been having since purchase dreams is the no1 best place to get anything from if they have it you know it's quality

Brilliant mattress

I bought a mattress in July and after a couple of months was finding I was waking in the morning aching (this was also from dreams). This new mattress is amazing and I sleep better than I have for a long time

Exactly as it says on the tin

I bought my first of these mattresses with the new master bedroom bed frame. Lovely and comfortable and firm. When I fitted out the guest bedroom, I ordered another one since the first was such good value.

Good matress

Brought new beds as ours were10 years old. Mattress provides support and is really comfortable. It is well made and well packed when arrived. You get what you pay for a little more expensive than some places.

A great mattress at a great price thanks!

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and it's a firm mattress and at a great price. It's helped me get better sleep too. Delivery was good and fast and there were no problems. They took my old mattress away.

great comfort

I bought this a few days ago and must say how pleased I am with it. It is so comfortable getting really good nights sleep. It is firm and yet soft , Best nights sleep I have had in years,Thank you so much

Absolutely Perfect

So so comfy, the absolute right level of soft vs firm. Looks great in our new low bed. So easy to arrange delivery and delivery men were so helpful. Great service and great product, a very happy customer!

very firm and comfortable

I bought my mattress this week and last night first time I used it. Dreams are very professional and keep you advised on delivery the delivery men were very good and kept me informed on delivery as ewell

Magic mattress

We went from having basically no sleep to having a great nights sleep very night with this mattress. It's nice and firm, lovely support, the only downside is that the dog is no longer allowed on the bed!

Good buy.

I bought this for my son’s new bed. He is very happy with it. Says it’s very comfortable to sleep on. The delivery was on time and everyone from the lady in the store to the delivery men were excellent.

Great Mattress - Great delivery service

Had one before, bought very similar again as I always slept well on it. Just right in firmness and comfort. Very good value for money. Delivery was communicated several times and arrived when they said.

Excellent value for excellent mattress

I bought this mattress as a replacement for our tenanted flat in London. My tenants are delighted with it, and they say they have a wonderful nights' sleep, which they need as they both work in the NHS

What a difference!

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago. I wanted a firm mattress and this is just perfect. From the first night, I've slept really well. A great product and a very good price. Thoroughly recommended.

Great service great mattress

I bought this recently for the guest room. Good reviews from guests. Looks good and just right for my needs. Delivery service was great and they took the old mattress away. Very straight forward.


Great mattress, best nights sleep I’ve had since staying in a 5* hotel. Delivery was easy and fast. Would highly recommend if you’re looking for a firm mattress, it’s really helped my neck/back ache

Great value and comfy

This mattress is such good value. It is firm but really comfortable and cool to sleep on. I swapped a memory foam mattress that was too hot to sleep on for this one and I'm really pleased with it.

Very comfortable mattress

I love the size and colour of this bed. Matresss is also very comfortable and lots of under bed storage although 2 of the drawer are very stiff to open.. Overall I think it is money well spent.

So comfy!!!

Bought for my teenage son, it’s the most comfortable mattress ever!! So pleased we listened to the sales assistants recommendation as this mattress is worth every penny!! My son loves it too!!

Great night's sleep!

I got this mattress to replace a nearly new memory foam pillow top combi mattress (too hot for me!). It's great - firm but with some give and very comfortable. Quick delivery and on sale. Happy!

Lovely and firm, perfect for our kids

We moved into a new house and the boys needed new beds & mattresses. This was affordable, firm and came recommended. Delivery was seamless and the mattresses are fabulous and firm. Very happy.

Best Comfortable King size Bed

We've had our new mattress now for 2 weeks, I didn't realise how our old mattress had got so uncomfortable till we had the new one,bits brilliant, so comfortable, really good night's sleep.

Wow, at last a good nights' sleep

Having shopped around I am really pleased that I chose this mattress. I am now enjoying the best sleep that I have had for quite some time. It is really well made and extremely good value.

This is a great design

I purchased this, having so many to chose from, it took quite a while for me to make my decision but I have definately bought to right mattress. It is so comfortable. Would buy this again.

A firm neat mattress

Happy with the purchase. Brought this mattress for a spare room. A firm mattress with a good quality covering. Good depth. Good value for money. Delivered on time by friendly helpful men.

Soooo comfy, look forward to weekend lie ins

bought this product, the mattress is so comfortable. east ordering, and delivery was when they said they were coming, kept in contact if they were running late or early, mine came early.

Wow Factor

Purchased about 2 weeks, it's a firm mattress perfect for my back problems, very comfortable, sleeping loads better, and because the mattress has handles on it's very easy to turn...

Fantastic price and quality

This is the third dreams bed we have purchased; the company is amazing. I ordered on line and the delivery men were professional and everything was s perfect customer service experience!

Comfortable mattress

Very comfortable double mattress, looks pleasing on the eye with soft tops and I like the handles on the side for ease of turning around. Bought it to go with a divan base and headboard.

wonderful mattress

I bought this mattress 1 month ago and I really enjoyed this wonderful mattress. It has nice feature and it is firm but very comfortable to sleep upon. Highly recommend it to anyone!!!

Sleep with ease!

We’ve been sleeping on this mattress for about 1 week now & have never had such a good sleep! Great product. Service in Stoke store was excellent. Coffees provided, no pressure to buy!

Brilliant buy

I bought this only a few weeks ago and am delighted with my choice. The mattress is exactly what I was hoping it would be after having slept in it. It's so firm yet really comfortable.

Very comfy and supportive.

I bought this two weeks ago and can say it is very comfortable and supportive. I managed to get it when it was on sale, so for the price I paid, it was definitely worth every penny.

Feels natural

My first new mattress in years. Took me weeks to decide, I was tempted by the topped type. I am very pleased with this traditional sprung mattress. It feels naturally comfortable.

Good Mattress

I brought this Mattress 3 weeks ago and I didn't realise how my old mattress was affecting my back, I sleep well on my new mattress and get out of bed with no back pain. So happy

Comfortable sleep

We brought this mattress a few weeks ago for the spare room. We have had a few visitors and all have had a great nights sleep. It’s firm but comfortable, a delight to sleep on .

Very comfortable

Seems like great quality, on the firm side but I like that it doesn't compress too much under load. My partner is alot lighter than me and is also very pleased with the product.

So comfy

Bought this mattress recently and so pleased with my choice! I need a good mattress due to my bad back, hip, leg problems and this one seems perfect! Very reasonable price too.

Very comfortable

Bought this mattress to replace an ageing double sprung mattress and the difference is amazing. Had forgotten what it felt like to have a good nights sleep. Highly recommended.

Fantastic service and great product

I brought this two weeks ago and have experience fantactic nights sleep with no dips or hollows as you move on the mattress - not too firm that it's uncomfortable, just right!

supportive and comfortable

Pleased with the mattress, its supportive but not at all hard - Time will tell how it holds up but so far we are both happy with the support it gives and find it comfotable

Excellent product and value for money

Bought these for tenants. Wanted to get high quality as they're also mates! After 6 weeks they've absolutely loved the mattresses. Affordable + quality ..highly recommend

Great Sleep

I bought this mattress with a new bed about a month ago and its the best night's sleep I've had in a long time comfy and absolutely no roll together just very snug and cosy.

Very comfortable

We ordered this mattress on line. It was a easy process and delivery was arranged at a suitable time very easily. The product is very comfortable and we highly recommend it.


A very comfortable firm mattress. Have been sleeping a lot better since getting it. Excellent quality. Would highly recommend. Got it at sale price so exceptionally pleased.

Good value

I bought this mattress for my aging father who was getting disturbed sleep. Since receiving the mattress, he has a better night's sleep with no aches and pains. A good buy.

Made in Great Britain

Ideal mattress for our purpose, occasional use for overnight stays of the grandchildren or guests. We have though been trialling ourselves and found them very satisfactory.

Comfort for a big man!

I love my sleep and Dreams have got it just right! I havnt felt this comfy in a long time, I used to stay up late now I came wait too get into my relaxing bed! Firm comfy!


I was worried about buying a pocket sprung mattress as I’m use to memory foam but this Mattress is honestly so comfy so soft and firm for the price is like sleeping on air

Great Mattress

This bed was delivered in a timely manner and I was very impressed from start to finish with delivery etc.Guys were friendly and helpful and I will be using Dreams again.

Really comfortable

Bought a month ago, the mattress is really comfortable! It's also really hand that it has handles, was able to turn the mattress around with my girlfriend with no issues

Extremely comfortable

Thought I should change my 20+ year old mattress and chose this replacement as good quality (high number of pockets) at a competitive price. Very happy with my choice.

Good quality mattress

So happy with the quality of this mattress. Was looking for one that was firmer for better support and this one ticked all the boxes. Comfort, quality, value. Thanks

Great mattress

We purchased this mattress a month ago now and it has been great for two people with bad backs. It provides the firm support that we need to get a good nights sleep.

Extremely comfy.

I bought two of these mattresses one for our master and one for our spare. It’s perfect for us as it’s firm but extremely comfy. Had a very good nights sleep on it.

Fantastic mattress

I bought this mattress approximately a month ago and it has been fantastic from day one! My sleeping has improved and my back is so much better! Thanks to dreams!!!

Superb value for money

This is for a guest room so i have not personally used it but our recent guests were very happy. A pocket sprung mattress for this (sale) price justn can't be beat

Nice mattress, good quality and very comfortable

We brought online & are very happy with the mattress and service. This is the second time this year we have brought a mattress from Dreams & we will go back again.

Best nights sleep ever!

our old mattress was long passed its best. this is the best mattress ever. from the first night sleep, aches and pains disappeared. highly recommend this mattress

Just Right!

After a couple of nights sleeping in this bed I realised how silly I had been not to buy it ages ago. Great price and exceptionally nice delivery men. Perfect!

Good firm mattress

We bought this to replace a mattress which was too soft. This one is firm but comfortable and you wake feeling rested and supported. We’re very pleased with it.

Lovely & firm

Purchased this mattress after moving into a new home, very satisfied. It's everything you'd want from a firm mattress! Nothing much more to say, thanks dreams!

Great mattress

I bought this mattress for a spare bedroom. My mother in law said she had the best nights sleep in months on it. Fantastic mattress at a very good sale price.

Very comfortable

I brought this a few weeks ago it's so comfortable , that I find it hard to get up in the mornings especially with a mattress topper on top it's a great sleep

Great product and great service

Very happy with my new bed and mattress. The delivery arrived on time and the bed was brought up straight to my flat. Very pleased with service and product.

Very comfortable

Very comfy, delivered within my time slot. Only complaint is one of the draws is a bit dodgy just doesn't fit right or slide very well. Other 3 are perfect

Firm and Comfortable

I bought this last month; as I was experiencing back pain from my old mattress, due to it sagging. So far back pain has eased and I sleep very comfortably.

Great good nights sleep!

I bought this mattress for my spare bedroom but have used it myself quite a lot! great price, and quality. It's firm, but not too firm. It's just perfect!

Good price for quality product

Bought this for the spare bedroom bed. Mattress is firm but comfortable and likely to last well. The room is small so a small double was what was needed.

Fantastic First Mattress

We bought the mattress from dreams in Farnborough. The staff were all friendly and engaging with no hard selling.from the moment we walked into the shop

Comfortable and great features

I bought two beurmount mattresses in Caerphily branch, staffs are friendly especially the manager. I’m glad I bought them as we have a good night sleep

Comfortable built quality excellent

Bought for new bed Amazing comfort Softness we bought is firm It does not sink No spring noises Don't feel otherpersons space and time disturbances

great mattress

i bought this pocket sprung mattress and couple of weeks ago and have had the best nights sleep in years as it's just what i needed to ease my arthritus

Good Value

Bought this mattress last month and have no regrets,certainly delivers a good nights sleep and I would recommend this mattress to any one of my friends

Beaumont pocket sprung mattress

Thad my new. Actress for 6 weeks am very happy with it : comfortable and firm : dreams staff have been so helpful and professional at all stages thanks

Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress

Bought this about a month ago and my eldest son (#13) has slept so nicely since. Would recommend the mattress and Dreams customer and delivery service.

Great mattress

I received my mattress 2weeks ago and my sleep has greatly improved and so is my lower back pain!. I highly recommend this mattress! Thank you Dream!.

Firm as said

I bought this mattress a month ago and had best night sleep in such a long time used in master bedroom I also have a mattress topper for extra comfort

Lovely, comfortable mattress.

I bought this together with a divan base about a month ago for my spare small bedroom. My grandson came to stay for a few days and rates it excellent.

Great mattress

We bought this mattress around a month ago, my wife was having problems with back and hip ache with our old one and we have had no recurrence since.


Bought a memory mattress 9 months previous, one memory i would like to forget,now having a good nights sleep on my Beaumont pocket sprung mattress.

Great mattress

Bought this few weeks ago due to my husband complaining of back pain. Whilst mattress is very firm, it’s extremely comfortable. An hubby is happy.

Great for grandchildren's bunk beds!

Bought this to update the mattress on my grandchildren's bunk beds - now we have another one - so they have a comfortable sleep when they visit us.

Does what it says!!

Product as defined 'firm pocket sprung mattress' has so far, done exactly as required & certainly a good night's sleep has been spent on it so far!

Best mattress

So comfortable mattress, nice materials, really good for the price. I have bought 2 mattresses for the last year but finally I got the best one.

Very Comfortable

Brought this a couple of weeks ago for the spare bedroom, it was so comfortable moved it into the master bedroom, no more back ache for me-result

Excellent nights sleep

I cannot remember the last time l had a good nights sleep before l brought the bed l couldn't wait to get up but now l just want to stay in bed.


I purchased a new mattress after my other half struggled to sleep on a memory foam. The pocket sprung is comfortable and has a good depth to it.

Very comfortable

Took a few days to get accustomed to firmness but now sleep more peacefully. Wake up feeling ready to face the day instead of being g in pain.

Super product!

I ave only had this mattress for a week and am so pleased with it - am getting very good sleeps now and can fully recommend the 'firm' setting.

Excellent purchase. Very comfy & matches descript

Excellent purchase and matches description. My 9 year old is very pleased and I've already recommended this as a great buy to family members.

Best mattress we ever had

We have been using it for 3 weeks now and we love this mattress. It is firm enough so has great support but it is also very comfy. We love it!

Most comfortable mattress ever !

I bought this mattress 2 months ago and am very pleased with my purchase. I am sleeping soundly as this is an extremely comfortable mattress .

Maitland pocket sprung mattress

I was worried that it may be too firm for me but I needn't have been concerned, it's very comfortable and I've had no trouble sleeping on it

Love it

Have used this mattress now for about 3 weeks. Didn’t take long to get used to it. So very comfortable best sleep I have had in a long time.


the mattress is very comfortable and provides good body support. i feel the mattress needs side handles to make turning the mattress easier.

lovely mattress

we've had this mattress a few weeks now and find it really comfortable. it's firm but not hard at all and don't wake up aching all over now.

Great comfort

Bought this item a couple of weeks ago now and am very happy with it. I have no hip pain now. A comfortable nights sleep at last thank you.

Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress

Had this for a month now is perfect, great value, excellent service, very friendly helpful delivery team. Would gladly recommend to others.

Quality firm mattress

From the first night our sleep improved with this mattress. Pretty firm, in fact the firmest we have ever had, however comfortable with it.


Old mattress was causing me back ache in the mornings. Since buying this mattress that is not happened. Firm mattress but ver comfortable.

Great product, great service

Delighted with yet another mattress from Dreams. Very comfortable, great night’s sleep and fantastic customer service as usual. Thank you.

Great Mattress

I bought this a few weeks ago, I have foind this to be very comfortable even though its classed as hard. I have a bad back so it may help.

Great service and product

Very comfortable and excellent service. Mattress was delivered on time and old mattress taken away in plastic cover which shop provided.

Great mattress and service

I brought this mattress a month ago and I can honestly say I have the best nights sleep, also great customer service and friendly staff!!

Superb Service

We decided to get a new Matress we came across Dreams in Tamworth thought we would just look but the service and know how was impressive

Excellent mattress for the price

I've not used this mattress, but visitors have commented on its comfort. I cannot yet comment on the longevity, but it looks well made.

Excellent comfort for a great price

Brought for our spare bed but tested out by 2 lots of family already. very comfy and a great price. easy delivery right up to the room.

Comfortable or what!

This new mattress is just so comfortable. Our old one was over 20 years old. My back feels so much better when I get up in the morning.

Very comfy!

Mattress is very comfy and slept great since it's arrived. Easy online ordering and delivery! Even better that at a reduced price too!

Well worth the money

This mattress is a delight to sleep on. Firm but still so comfortable. A good nights rest and at the sale price I got a real bargain

So comfortable

I've had this mattress for about 3 weeks now and I love it! It is so comfortable I have such a good night's sleep. Excellent quality.

Really comfy

Lovely mattress and so comfy. Only comment would be that there is so fabric handles on it so proved quite difficult to get upstairs!

good value

Bought this for spare bedroom but has been used daily as decorating main bedroom. Comfortable and supportive without being too firm.

Dreams Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress

I brought this mattress two week ago, I am very happy with this mattress, value for money and I did get two week good nights sleep.


My son is really happy with the mattress said it's very comfortable I would definitely recommend dreams as staff were very helpful.

Very comfy

Bought this product online without testing. But due to the good description I bought it and was not disappointed. Very comfortable

Very good value

I purchased this matress one month ago and would gladly recommend it. I have slept well and feel it is a good support for my back.

Very firm and comfortable

Bought nearly a month ago Very Comfortable So far so good, no complaints Do change sides as recommended, works like a charm

Dreams Plus

Having had this mattress for four weeks now, the King Size Mattress is extremely comfortable, and highly recommended to everyone.

excellent value !

We have never had such good nights sleeping, cant wait to get to bed, everything that was advertized about it was not exggerated.

Looks good and feels good.

I love this mattress. It looks good and is so very comfortable. My back problem is already improving. I'm so glad I purchased it

Firm mattress

Very happy with the mattress. Good depth and good even support. Strong handles to enable constant rotation to maintain good use.

Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress

I bought this a month ago for a spare room it's so comfortable and supportive I'm lucky if my daughter ever gets out of bed now.

Nice and comfy

Bought this a week ago and haven't had an issue with it, was lovely to sleep in and the delivery drivers where very accomaditing

a good night's sleep

Fantastic mattress giving us a good night's sleep, well made, comfortable, good price and excellent delivery, well done Dreams.


Bought this mattress for my daughter to compliment her new bed. She said it’s the best nights sleep she’s had in a long while!

Good service + Super comfy bed !

I was having bad lower back pain for long time but this new super comfy bed gives me very good night sleep - highly recommend.

Great product

I've had my mattress for 3 weeks very happy as I suffer with back problems and it's brilliant best mattress I've ever brought

Great mattress

We brought this a month ago in the sale for our spare bedroom but we have used it until our new bed arrive and it is amazing

Very comfortable!

Bought for my daughters bed, she has declared it very comfortable and has not woken up at all in the night since having it!

A great buy

I bought this mattress last month, and it is extremely comfy and firm making for a great night sleep. Well worth the money

Very comfortable

Have had this mattress for nearly a month and we are really happy with it. Very comfortable and the quality it very good.

Really good product

Had this about 3 weeks now,really comfortable,great product at a fantastic price, firm but soft if that makes any sense,


I bought this earlier this month and am very please with the purchase. It is very comfortable and at a reasonable price.

Marvellous Mattress

Had the mattress a few weeks. Our guests have all mentioned how supportive and comfortable it is. We’re very impressed.

very comfortable, great night's sleep!

Recently bought this mattress, well made, very comfortable and delivery guys were excellent. Hard to fault this company

Super comfy

Purchased for my teenage sons bed and he is sleeping very well on his new mattress. Loves that it is soft but firm too.

Helpfull staff

Very well looked after by Jude the manager at the Leecs Crown Point shop when buying 2 matresses thank you once again

New Mattress

We are very happy with this mattress. Just the right amount of firmness for a good nights sleep and very good value.

Maitland double mattress

I bought this mattress recently and it is so comfortable. My husband and I sleep soundly. Best mattress we’ve bought.

Comfiest mattress ever.

We’ve had this for three weeks and it really is the comfiest mattress we’ve ever had. We both sleep really well now.

Great thickness, firm but comfy

Bought this for my daughters room and as she’s at uni, we find ourselves using her bed as now it’s so cosy and comfy

Great value

I bought this last month very comfortable helped with aches pains. But it did have black marks round edge of matress

All you need for a good night sleep

Purchased this mattress 2 weeks ago and is perfect. Is so comfortable and was delivered so efficiently. Thank you!!

Great Product

I bought this excellent mattress for my sister. Her family is enjoying this magnificent product and sleeping well.

No more back pain!

I was worried with how firm the mattress was to begin with but all my back pain has gone so I couldn’t be happier

Extremely comfy - we both love it.

Bought this after sleeping on a medium cheap mattress. It is incredible and I now find it hard to get out of it!

Extremely comfortable

Absolutely love this mattress. Great value and have had the best nights sleep since purchasing. Highly recommend


Best sleep i have had in a long time. Delivery was a bit difficult as could only pick a day and not a time slot.

Comfy bed.

Glad I purchased this mattress very comfortably look forward to going to bed and not waking up with a bad back.

The best!

Great for my guest room and they are so happy when they visit! Nothing like a good night sleep when they visit!


i bought this a few weeks ago and i dont know what side to pick it is so comfy and i get a great nights sleep

Lovely, comfortable and great quality

Bought for spare room, perfect fit, looks great and additional gb branding on the side is a hit for the family

Great quality and comfortable.

I was very lucky to buy this mattress because It is very comfortable and helpful people who have back pain.

Good nights sleep!

Mattress is very comfortable I bought this style after staying at my Mum's who had bought a similar product

So comfortable.....

Great mattress, bought this for my guest room. The only problem is that my friends now don’t want to leave!

Very Comfortable Mattress

I bought this 2 weeks ago. Very comfortable. Excellent service from the Dreams team and prompt delivery.

Very comfortable

We have now got this brand of mattresses on every bed in our house.... wouldn’t go back to any other brand

Great nights sleep

I am very pleased with my mattress . I am finally getting a relaxing nights rest and wake feeling terrific

Firm mattress, just as described.

Two weeks sleeping on this mattress and I am so pleased I made the purchase. Very comfortable to sleep on.

So comfy and easy delivery.

Very comfortable. I used to have a sore back after a night's sleep but don't any more. Highly recommended!

very firm, but very comfortable

I wanted a firm mattress and this is just that. Very comfortable if that's the kind of mattress you prefer

Great service, loved my new mattress from Dreams

Needed a new mattress, great quality, excellent service from ordering to the delivery cannot fault Dreams.


Excellent mattress fab value for money!! Don’t want to get up in the morning !! For all the right reasons

Great matress

This is a good mattress and has lasted a long time without loosing its original firmness. Would recommend

Get what you pay for

Mattress purchased for guest room and certainly looks and feels good! Good value for money in my opinion.

Excellent Quality

I have slept well on this mattress since purchase it is an excellent product well made and comfortable.


Bought this product on discount and I am very pleased, slept well from the first night, would recommend

Very comfy

Great mattress! I've been struggling with sleep for a while, this new mattress seems to be the answer.

Good quality, comfort and value

We have had the mattress for three weeks now and it is very comfortable, well made and very good value

Soooo Comfortable

Bought this to go with my son's new bed, it is such good quality. Very comfortable with great support.


Delivery arrived at stated time Mattress firm but comfortable Good value but only at the sale price

Very pleased

A very comfortable mattress at a competitive price. Delivery was painless I will use a Dream’s again.

Beaumont Mattress

I've had this mattress a few weeks ! Really pleased with the firmness & hold for my back - Very cosy

Great comfort

An affordable priced mattress , extremely comfortable and don’t want to get out of bed in the morning

Firm and comfy

Had a few weeks, bought to tackle fibromyalgia back and leg pains...can lie flat..a real difference.

Amazing mattress

Absolutely stoked with this product, couldn't recommend it and the service from Dreams highly enough

Really great and comfy. Really comfortable.

I bought my mattress and it's so soft and comfortable. I have had an amazing sleep on that mattress.



Bought for motorhome

Haven’t had chance to fully try it out on a holiday but tried it out at home at it feels very good.


I bought this several weeks back and it the most comfortable mattress I’ve had in a very long time

Sweet dreams

very comfortable mattress giving us both a great nights sleep and refreshed feeling in the morning

Comfortably firm

I bought this for my guest room and so far every guest has commented on how well they have slept.

Perfect Mattress

I bought few weeks ago and as expected the mattress is perfect for my back. Very well recommend.

Great product

I bought this mattress last month and have slept so wonderfully since. No more back ache for me.

Nice firm mattress

Really pleased with the quality of this mattress & got it in the ‘sale’ so I am really chuffed!

Love It!

Had this a few weeks now, and extremely pleased with it. Very comfy, and less back issues now.


The most comfortable mattress ever gives excellent support get a good nights sleep every night.


Had my bed about 3weeks now and it is a lovely bed comfortable mattress ...had it with 2 draws

More than we expecte

We have had a very good week. Excellent Sleep every night. The very best bed we ever bought.

Great product

Excellent customer service, quick delivery. I really love the mattress and was a great price.

Value for money

I bought the mattress tried and tested . We firm support and comfort for a good nights sleep

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress recently and it has only been used a few times, but so far it's great

great Mattress

had this mattress just over a week, very happy with the quality & it is very comfortable :)


I bought three weeks ago and happy about the purchase, very prompt and efficient delivery

Very pleased wit h this mattress purchase

So pleased l purchased this mattress it is great after having a worn foam topped matteress

Sleeping well!

Bought a few weeks ago. So far had some great sleep. No concerns. Easy and quick delivery.

Excellent Matress

Very luxurious and comfy! Bought for spare room with new bed and really sets off the room.

Good value mattress

Very reasonably priced and extremely comfortable, I always get a great nights sleep on it!

Very Comfortable

Bought for elderly mother. She has found it extremely comfortable. Sleeps very well on it.

Very comfy

Really happy with our new mattress. Great value for money, good quality, very comfortable.

Stylish and comfy

Swift delivery and on time. Good communication with firm. Product good value for money.7

Very comfortable

Bought this a month ago and it is a great mattress. Firm, supportive and very comfortable

Extremely comfortable!

This mattress is everything is was described as. Firm and comfortable. Excellent product.

Very comfortable & firm mattress

I was after a firmer more comfortable mattress and this is it. Very glad with my choice.

Really confy

Got this afew days ago, really pleased, comfortable straight away, firm but not too firm

Extremely Comfortable

In the weeks I've been using the new mattress and bed I've slept better than ever before

Great bed!

Really comfortable bed, very easy to assemble!! Wish I had ordered it sooner than I did.

Love it!

Bought the mattress a few weeks ago and love it. Gloriously comfortable. Can't fault it.

Excellent mattress

I bought this mattress a month and absolutely love it. It is so comfy, a very good buy.

Wonderfully firm and comfortable

I bought this about six weeks ago and it's the most comfortable mattress I've ever had!

A great night's sleep

Thanks to the amazing stuff at deems for the help finding my dream matrices. Thank you.

Great mattress

Bought this about a month ago and very pleased. Its firm and thick and is good quality.