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24p per sleep based on average mattress lifespan
Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6
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Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

The Maitland Pocket Spring Mattress has a lot going for it, having been fairly new to the range but having already become the 5th (at time of writing) best selling mattress. That's quite an achievement but it's also quite easy to see how it got there, what with it's strong olympic team GB backing and the support of many happy customers it's not hard to see why people are eager to furnish their homes with a new mid-range low price pointed Maitland 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress.

What’s Inside the Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress?

For this price point we would generally expect to see a low quality open coil traditional mattress base that provides great cost to support but is often lacking in longevity and body contouring. However, in a surprise twist we have a 1000 pocket sprung base layer. This is the same base found in mattresses 2-3x as expensive as this particular unit. Pocket springs are my favourite tension and that doesn't seem set to change any time soon, even with the continued roll out of more and more reflex foam rolled mattresses in the industry, you simply cannot beat a good quality pocket sprung unit like the one used here.

Onto the comfort layer that sits above the support base layer and the value for money keeps on going. We also have luxurious fillings, anti-roll together technology, and quality tufting as part of this combination. The result?  This all comes together to create a really pretty remarkable mattress at a really fair and reasonable price.

What did customers think?

I'm not the only one to say so, either. With nearly 3000 reviews amassing an industry leading 95% consumer satisfaction on their own review-index, it is clear that others are delighted as well. Many comment on the great value at low cost and their ultimate surprise at the well-priced combination. Others remark on the firmness of this mattress being spot on relative to what they received, showing that this really is a firm mattress and what you receive should prove suitable for anyone looking to take advantage of this particular firmness, perhaps for neck and back pain, or perhaps a back or stomach sleeper.

Where is the Maitland Pocket Spring Mattress produced?

The mattress is part of a wider collection of mattresses produced by The Dreams Workshop, a brand that sits under the Dreams umbrella and has factories producing hand crafted products in Oldbury, West Midlands. 

Additional Information 

The Maitland Pocket Spring Mattress is part of the new Team GB range which makes them an official sleep partner. Made in the UK these mattresses have all the love and care that comes with handcrafted attention to detail.

Additional to this, the product has been a best seller before in it’s previous iteration, known as the Beaumont, which has been adapted and improved with the addition of turning handles and a more breathable and durable cover to improve comfort further.

Available in your standard sizes of single, double, king size and super king, there’s also a small double size available which may prove suitable for smaller guest rooms where space is limited.

Delivery times are somewhat sporadic in the post-covid landscape, however, we’re currently seeing just over a week for deliveries through the range which should suit most people fairly well.

The Dreams 40 Night Guarantee

Markets have shifted in recent years and more and more people are buying online. This shift in buying behaviour has created a problem in the market, what if you don’t like the product you receive? Particularly with mattresses, a product that is so subjective when it comes to comfort and support, getting it wrong could have huge cost ramifications for you and your family. Thankfully, the 40 night guarantee from Dreams is in place to ensure that this will not be a barrier and as a result, if you don’t love your new product, you can return it for a different model giving you a second chance to get the best night's sleep possible.

How does it feel?

Firmness of The Dream Team Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress depends on bodyweight. Adjust your weight below to get an indication of how it may feel. Remember though that firmness is entirely subjective.
weight description image

Reasons to Buy

Pocket springs at this price point is very good value and represents fairly large cost savings over equivalent branded product.

Double sided means you get twice the surface area for increased durability and longevity.

Firm tension ideal for back sleepers and those looking for additional support.

Reasons to Avoid

Potentially unsuitable for average weighted side sleepers

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Of The Dream Team Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress
Our Key Performance Indicators are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algoritmic data points and user reviews.

Key Performance Indicators KPI question mark

Our Key Performance Indicators are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algoritmic data points and user reviews. For example, a firm pocket spring support layer is more breathable and offers better back support but may prove unsuitable for side sleepers, the reverse is true for a soft-medium tension reflex foam support layer. This is one of 100+ datapoints considered when generating the below ratings.


*Assuming average weight, suitability will vary dependant on body type, use the quiz above for a more tailored guide.
  • Back Sleepers
  • The amount of support offered from a mattress will vary depending on the firmness of the tension and the type of support layer used. Based on a person of average build.
  • Side Sleepers
  • If you sleep on your side you typically need a supportive tension that is not too firm, nor too soft. This is because your hips and shoulders need adequate sinkage.
  • Stomach Sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers need a reasonable amount of tension in the base support layer to adequately offer body contouring and help prevent aches and pains. Results will vary based on your build.


  • Breathability
  • Mattresses that feature breathable materials help promote airflow and keep you cool making for a more hygienic night's sleep.
  • Turning on mattress
  • Certain materials like memory foam can make it difficult to move about on the mattress while you toss and turn. Same too for pillow tops which can create a cloud like sensation which can make manoeuvrability challenging.
  • Stability
  • Depending on the type of support layer in place can have an impact on stability, edge to edge support and roll together prevention. Pocket springs of a firmer tension will have better stability than open coil soft tension, for example.


  • Initial Odour
  • Materials in mattresses, particularly memory foam and rolled bed-in-a-box mattresses can have an initial odour, this is typically short term and reduces considerably within 24 hours.
  • Long Standing Odour
  • Certain materials inside different mattresses can produce a small odour. Typically this is short term rather than long standing but there are minor exceptions.

Brand Rating

  • Overall Brand Rating
  • This is based on community driven customer reviews tied to product reviews and grouped together at a brand level to produce a score.
Of The Dream Team Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The Dream Team Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress Great?

1000 pocket springs (King)

1000 Pocket Springs is considered a fair amount of support for a premium product, any less than this and you start to that find areas of your body are not getting the same amount of support as those with a higher spring count would achieve

Double sided with deep layers of luxurious fillings

The benefit of a double sided mattress is that you can both flip and rotate the mattress. This means that settlement of springs and fillings occurs preventing any sort of dipping or discomfort. By being double sided you have the benefit of extended lifespan, representing great value

Tufted mattress with traditional damask cover

An open coil Mattress paired with a soft touch covers is commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top. Meanwhile the open coil technology offers good levels of support at an affordabnle price

Comfort Grade - Firm

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

About The Dreams Workshop

The Dreams Workshop has been hard at work since 2003 and is a long established production arm of the ever-popular Dreams Beds retailer. Each mattress created under this brand is hand-crafted to perfection by the master craftsmen inside their factory in Oldbury. 

Comfort grade – Firm

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

Deep layers of luxurious fillings

The fillings are part of the comfort layer, this sits above the support layer. The deeper the fillings, the more separation between you and the springs/foam that sits below. 

Comes with our 40-Night Sleep Guarantee

The 40 night sleep guarantee is great as it allows you to exchange the product if you are not completely satisfied. This was one of the final challenges for online retailers to overcome comparable to traditional bricks and mortar where you can trial the product in store. Buy with confidence on this model.

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

A one year guarantee is suitable for many as the vast majority of problems that may occur often do so within that first year. At the same time, more and more retailers are beginning to offer multi-year warranty and guarantees although these often come at a slightly higher price point on average.

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Customer Reviews For The Dream Team Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress

Based on 2926 reviews
Amazing Service Throughout

We recently bought our new bed from Dreams as our previous bed was becoming uncomfortable for my wife who has severe osetoarthritis in her spine. We wanted a bed which also had storage as were planning a remodel of the bedroom around the design of the bed and wanted to get rid of ottomans etc. We found the perfect bed and mattress at Dreams. After initially applying, my wife mainly dealt with Dreams as she had to organise a different delivery as wished to have the assembly service. From that very first phonecall she remarked how professional and helpful the Dreams team were when she called. My wife is a retired Officer with HMRC so knows good service when she receives it. As promised, we were emailed with every change, the delivery men came on the date promised and called that morning. They were delighful guys, so helpful and explained how to use the bed and particularly what to beware of with children as we have two. The bed is amazing, the design is gorgeous, everyone remarks on it who has seen it and asked where it came from, the mattress is firm, not too hard or soft, just right. Again, my wife has recommended Dreams to so many people, she has continually stated she has been so impressed as have I with the service we have received, if I ever need a new bed or mattress again, Dreams will be my first stop. Only annoyed we had not thought to use Dreams before.

Sleeping Made Easy

My old mattress was like an old jumper that I had held onto for far too long. Historically, I would purchase any mattress with my only stipulation being that it had to be relatively firm. A few months back I happen to sleep at my friend's house and noticed that as I hit the pillow, I immediately drifted into sleep and found it hard the next morning to leave the bed. In the morning she spoke of her 'new mattress' as if it was a well known friend and although not entirely convinced, it was enough to stoke my curiosity in wanting to explore t more this fascination with mattresses. After much deliberation, I took a trip down to my local Dreams store, and tried out some of the beds. The choice was a little overwhelming, being a novice mattress purchaser. My final choice was the Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress which I purchased along with the Nixson bedframe. I AM A CONVERT! My husband and I never appreciated the importance of a good mattress until that first week and I never knew that a good mattress has so many benefits such as creating feelings of calmness, peace and warmth. I still have not worked out how a mattress can make you more relaxed. It sounds cheesy but we both look forward to going to bed at night. The mattress is comfortable - firm, yet not hard and the bed, also purchased at Dreams (Nixson) is both attractive to look at and inviting.

Finally, a great night sleep!

I have been marred with back injuries for a while, and at 29 that wont do! Bought the mattress after days of research and reviews- which was not a disappointment! The mattress arrived promptly and was called an hour before to ensure we were available. The delivery men said they would take it upstairs but we opted to do this ourselves. Mattress fits perfectly to our 46 double bed. With room to get the sheets fitted. The mattress to lay on is firm with sleight cushioning under weight. Perfect for what I needed. I havent had a decent nights sleep where I dont wake up in pain for a while. But this mattress did not disappoint and I was pain free and have slept soundly since (1 month now). All in all a great buy. It gets 5 stars because it does what it says in the description, the delivery drivers were attentive and I havent had to stretch in the morning (like no 29 year old should!) since having this mattress. Would recommend to all.

Great product, Great Service

I bought this just over a month ago now and I am so glad i did. I was having serious hip pain and lower back pain (at 34) and realised the mattress i had just wasnt suitable despite only being 4 years old. I hsd been looking online but decided to go into the Bath Road branch in Slough to try out the ones i had seen. I was greeted by a lovely assistant who pointed me in the right direction to the ones i had seen and let me test and take my time. I made a decision and was offered a chance to try the sleep match machine to see if my choice fit my needs and thankfully it did. I took out the extra warranty at no pressure and received a waterproof mattresss protector which is also brilliant and doesnt shift around under the sheet. The mattress is so comfortable and even after 3 nights i finally woke up with no lower back pain and the pains in my hips have massively improved! Great product dreams and great staff in your Bath Road branch.

Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress

This mattress was supposed to be medium/firm, however it is quite firm. We had a memory foam before this so this has been very hard for us to start sleeping on. 4 weeks on and I find it really comfy now although my husband still says it's too firm. I like the fact you don't roll into the middle and also can sleep right to the edge without feeling like you will fall off. With our combined weight and the fact I am a side sleeper and my husband sleeps on his back we couldn't go any softer on a mattress as I read up on everything as it's so hard to buy online. You do have to turn it once a week (for 3 months) and flip it completely over (once a month) for the mattress to settle and not sag. I am so glad we didn't go for the really firm one as this is firm, however it really does depend what mattress you've had before this for your perception of it. I got this mattress in the sale, so it was such good value.

Pleasantly surprised

Having had a foam mattress for about five years then switching to a firm pocket sprung mattress I wasn't sure how my partner and myself would sleep on our new mattress. It's been about three weeks now and we both agree that it's been a great improvement on our comfort and sleep. We both had suffered from aches and pains after a night's sleep occasionally and we both felt an immediate change for the better after just one night. The old foam mattress was too soft and not supporting our bodies properly, but it took a change in mattress to realise this. I had a concern about a sprung mattress making it susseptable to rolling syndrome, when someone gets in or out the bed and disturbing the other. This turned out to be not the case either. We have both been able to get in and out of the bed without disturbing the other's sleep, which is great. Overall it's a great mattress for the price.

So far so good!

We have been needing to replace our old mattress for a while now but haven't had the funds. When I saw this mattress and how good the price was I couldn't really say no, at the end of the day anything had to be better than the one we had! Delivery was quick and simple, the delivery guys were lovely and took the mattress upstairs for me. The mattress was thick and looked like it was made well and of good quality. We have had the mattress for about a month now and although at first it made us both really achy I think it was because there wasn't any support in out old one so our bodies jyst weren't used to it. Now we both sleep well, no aches and it's still firm but has give a little so it's comfortable but no squeaky springs sticking in your back. For the price I think this is a great mattress and we are more than happy with it, would recommend.

Excellent Quality and Great value!

Wife dragged me out to look at new mattress for our sons single bed. Firstly went to neighbouring shop where we were directed to kids mattresses in an assortment of colour coded piping denoting the different construction and quality. The best was 40 less than the Dreams one guaranteed for a year. Went into dreams and the Maitland mattress was nearly twice as deep, luxurious in materials used and with an 8 year guarantee. Yes it was 40 more expensive (offer price) but 1000% a more superior product and with free delivery too. We even brought the double Maitland and a new Ottoman bed during the same visit. Excellent service from the Dreams Bedford Salesperson unlike the guy in the next door shop (B for Beds!) who dropped us like a stone to concentrate on more lucrative customers when we announced our purpose was just a single mattress.


I bought this mattress 2 weeks ago, the delivery was outstanding, especially during the current climate. The delivery driver was spot on! Unfortunately I missed the call, but the text I recieved I immediately sent it to my partner and almost instantly the delivery man was there at the door! My boyfriend was really impressed with the bloke, he gave him all the information about maintaining the mattress and he kept to the social distancing guidelines very well. The mattress itself is incredible! The handles on the sides allow me to flip it myself without much hassle, and even allowed my partner to carry it up the stairs with minimal issues as well. Its firm enough to support you, again, fella can attest to that kneeling to play the xbox (silent eye roll -ha!. But its the perfect kind of firm, for a pefect night sleep.

Best night sleep in a while!

I was looking around for a new mattress as I was moving into a new house and wanted fresh everything so I had a clean slate. I struggle terribly with back pain especially since I gave birth but I was speaking to my auntie and she said to have a look at dreams as the mattress she has was from there, I had a look but was still at a loss to went into a shop to try out firmness. I found my preference and went home to price things up. I forgot about the whole need to buy a mattress thing for a few days then had a look online and got an amazing deal because of the sale. Best purchase I have made! My back doesnt hurt as much, my body feels rested! Absolutely brilliant. My only complaint is that if you live alone its really awkward to move but all mattresses are.

Does what it says on the box

Did the sleep test thingy and because we wanted a traditional style mattress this was one of the options. We still checked out others in store and other stores. Before deciding this was the one for us plus it was on half price offer so it was an easy choice in the end. It's quite firm which is what we wanted and although it's only 3 weeks since delivery it's going well. We knew we needed a new mattress but it's not until you have the first night on the new one that you realise the difference and being able to lie comfortably in various positions. I'm a back sleeper as I have issues with arm pains if I lie on my side but I find I can lie on my sides now for considerably longer than on old mattress. So for now very happy let's hope it continues that way.

A Good night's sleep.

I think that anyone reading this review would probably agree that the most worrying thing about staying away from hoe be it in a hotel, or with family or friends, is getting a good night's sleep. The Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress we purchased was for our guest bedroom. we were pleased with the purchase, and it arrived on time. we decide to try it out and slept on it that night and were pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was. The next test was when members of our family came to stay. Were a little apprehensive at breakfast and asked if they had a good night's sleep, and got a resounding thumbs up, there comments were very favourable and just what we needed. considering this was an unplanned purchase we are over the moon with the results.

Nice & firm

Had this mattress for a month now. Very happy with it. We had a memory foam one for the last 4 years and it got progressively worse. It felt like I was sinking in it and it offered little support for my back. (Although my wife still loved it). I didnt want memory foam again & fancied a decent firm mattress with spring pockets. This one was a great price with free delivery so I had nothing to lose. Straight away it felt better on my back. Although lying on my side it was a tad too firm. My wife was not happy with it(too firm) So I have since bought a decent 50mm memory foam topper to go on it & we both seem happy enough now. It was hard to find a balance between what we both like but I hope this mattress lasts a while without sagging.

Very firm mattress

I bought this mattress a few months ago and ended up deciding it was too firm for me. Originally I thought it would be good for my back since I do experience some mid/upper back ache...however, it really was too firm for me and I was quite uncomfortable throughout the night and upon waking in the morning (possibly because I sleep in various positions....on my side, my stomach, my back - you name it). So, after giving it almost the 40 days to see if I got used to it (I didn't) I decided to make use of the 40 day comfort guarantee and exchanged it for one of the Therapur medium comfort grade mattresses. The exchange process was very easy and I'm very happy with my new mattress, so all in all it was a good experience.

Great mattress, the best!!

I love my Maitland mattress. It is a repeat purchase as I had one where I lived previously and when I moved I really missed it. I am very particular about the mattress I use as I get back pain if I sleep on a bad or soft bed. Also I added an Ikea Tuddal mattress topper and the result is the most amazingly comfortable bed I ever slept in. Without the topper it's also fantastic but I love my toppers as they just add an extra dimension. Try this combination for yourself and you won't want to get out of bed!! I sleep so well and wake up feeling very refreshed and energetic. I do love Dreams beds as they have something for everyone and their beds are so well made and last for years without any loss of comfort.

Sleepless nights no more

I've had memory foam mattresses for the past 4 years and have found that regardless of what the reviews said a "dip" would always appear and force me into sleeping in one particular position. I decided to go back to a sprung mattress and this did not disappoint. It's comfortable and I'm sleeping better than I have in years. I don't know what to say that wouldn't sound like a fake review but I was genuinely over the moon with dreams service during lockdown. They gave me a date, delivered on that date, called me on the day and told me they were on the way - I didn't expect much so I was pleasantly surprised. They recommend changing your mattress every 8 years so I know where I'm buying the next one from

Supportive and comfortable

In the showroom, I preferred another, softer mattress and my Fianc preferred the Beaumont; so of course we compromised and got the Beaumont. It is firmer than I would have chosen myself and after the first nights I didn't really like it. However, after a couple of nights I was actually glad that we went with her choice. The mattress is quite firm which makes it very supportive, however there is a bit of springiness and enough cushioning to make it very comfortable. We are both sleeping so much better on it than on our old mattress and waking up with no aches and pains. The construction looks and feels fairly solid and especially at the sale price we paid, we've got no complaints at all.

Value for comfort

I'm so pleased with the quality of this mattress, and at 50% off it was a great buy. As i bought it for the guest room i haven't really used it much myself so far, but guests that have stayed over have all said it was very comfy, and from testing it out with a few little power naps i am inclined to agree with them! It has a little bit of give/bounce to it (which is why I chose a pocket sprung mattress vs a memory foam one), but feels very supportive. The handles on the sides make moving it very easy. Fingers crossed it will last a long time as it seems to be a great success so far. Delivery was very quick, on time, and the delivery team were very courteous and efficient.

Needs turning regularly but a good firm mattress

This is a very firm mattress so I recommend using a topper with it. It has begun to dip on each side where my husband and I each lie so needs turning every time you change the sheets really. We bought this to replace a much more expensive mattress which was no-turn and dipped horribly so I am a bit disappointed that this one has dipped so soon however we are at least able to turn it. We are both of healthy normal weight build so not heavy people. I do recommend this mattress as it's good value and it is supportive, just make sure you factor in your budget for a topper (not a thin mattress protector) and be prepared to flip it regularly (need 2 people to do this really).

surprisingly perfect!!

We bought this mattress as purs jad seen better day,we were unsure about what comfort level to go for but decided a firm mattress would be best for both as were not quite happy with memory foam (each to our own). When the mattress came i was surprised by its size, after taking it upstairs and putting it on the bed, it filled the frame perfectly and is wonderfully tall! First time of sitting on it, i thought it was too hard and that i would never sleep well on it,how very wrong i was,ive never slept better in my life. Its firm but comforting,it holds your body and posture but doesnt form a permanent shape in the mattress. I would recommend this mattress 100%. Mary.

Kingsize Mattress bargain

This kingsize maitland mattress was purchased as we required a firm bed, with a soft topping for comfort, we needed one that could be flipped over as well as rotating head to foot, this type lasts longer - making it better value. I am heavier than my wife, so this now means I can wear out the whole bed evenly, as opposed to just one side. We waited till the price was down to 339. So if you can wait for a good price, then save your pennies till the sale is on again. It has served us well in the few weeks we have owned it. Our old mattress gave me back pain if I was on it more than 7 hours, this one has eliminated that problem, were very happy with the purchase.

Great nights sleep!

We needed a new bed and mattress for a long time. Our old one was starting to feel uncomfortable and resulted in broken nights sleep more and more frequently. We also were waking up and not feeling fully refreshed and slightly achy. We were a bit reluctant with buying a firm mattress, as we were unsure whether it would be too firm and not comfortable enough. Well I can honestly say, the mattress is so comfortable, and since having it, myself and my partner have slept through every night and wake up feeling refreshed. Well worth the money, we would definitely recommend to anyone who is wanting to upgrade their mattress. Excellent quality! Thank you Dreams!

Obsessed with new mattress

I'm obsessed with my new mattress, was an incredible deal for a super king which we need for my partner and I are both over 6ft. It fits perfectly in the room. On ordering in Walton on Thames the gentleman helping us made sure we tried all the different styles and talked us through everything. We even got a mattress topper and pillows as well. On delivery it came during the window block like it said it would. We received up to date information before and the day of the delivery. Delivery was quick and friendly and they gave us tops such as letting it breathe and flipping it during the first few weeks of owning. Would absolutely order from Dreams again!

So helpful

My husband and I both have Parkinsons, we bought a bed and we thought a firm mattress would be better for us to have, but did we make a mistake, so we bought a 4'6" bed thinking with a indiviual pocket spring mattress would be good, no way, so we contacted Dreams and informed them of our dilemna, and they not only changed the mattress which did have the option of changing it within the 40 nights option, they even let us change the size of the bed to a king size and also a completely different bed all together, well if that isn't service what is, so we have now got our new bed and mattress and we are having a good nights sleep, thank you all at Dreams.

Dont delay any longer it will make a huge differ

After years on an older soft mattress I slept at a friends with a firm mattress and had the best night sleep in years. This was the lightbulb moment to realise I needed to change my mattress. I spent a good week looking on Amazon for somethin that would fit the bill cheaply and then did a Google search where this one popped up on sale and well within my budget. Reviews looked good so went ahead and have not regretted the purchase. Good comms re delivery and I cant say I noticed any odour when the mattress was unwrapped. A month on I sleep soo much better and the support it provides mean I dont wake up aching. Should have done this years ago

Super comfortable, great value for money

I bought this mattress around a month ago, and i have slept so well ever since it arrived, it's quite a firm mattress but that is exactly wht i wanted so it is perfect, really supportive. This mattress is excellent value for money. The mattress took a little longer than advertised to arrive, but it is a pandemic and where I live is in local lockdown so it was to be expected. Dreams were excellent about keeping me up to date with when my mattress would arrive, and on the delivery day i was given a time it would arrive, delivery drivers were very friendly and socially distanced well. Overall an excellent experience, and an amazing mattress.

No Sleepless Nights!

This mattress is the PERFECT addition to my new bedroom. I've never bought a mattress before so I was a nervous to buy one but I took the plunge, and well, I was NOT disappointed! The mattress is lovely and thick. It's firm but not too much, it makes for the best nights sleep I've ever had. It reminds me a lot of the mattresses you tend to find in hotels. I can see this lasting for a very long time and would highly recommend it to anyone who was looking for a new mattress... actually I have already recommended it to my own mum and she loves it! Thank you dreams for having such quality items. I'll definitely be buying from here again!


What a happy experience I had buying my new bed from Dreams at the shop in Basildon. From the outset gentle assistance was offered but not "inflicted" and I was greatly helped by the helpful advice given by Tina resulting in purchase of a bed sold at sale price. Such a happy atmosphere in the shop and every promise has been carried out, leaving us as content customers. On the delivery day a time slot was quoted as 9.30 to 11.30 and the actually made delivery at 9.35 - brilliant, we didn't have to wait in at all. The new bed was needed in the hope of easing backache and has certainly proved fit for purpose.

Not for us unfortunately Ee

We bought this about a month ago, to replace a new mattress that we found too soft and was dipping at each side. We went on the testing machine and it recommended us to purchase soft to medium. However we thought the ones we tried were too soft and might go the same way the other one did, so we opted to buy this one as although it was meant to be firm the salesman said it was more like a medium. However we have found it too hard for us as we dont weigh very much so we are changing it on the comfort guarantee. Another point is that this mattress is in need of turning over unlike all the others.

Simple process, very happy.

I went to the shop in Oxford to see the bed we needed to buy. As I intended to use a large chunk of my PayPal credit from the sale of something, I was disappointed to hear that I couldn't spend that in-store. Thankfully the staff were more than happy for me to order and pay for the bed while sitting on a bed from my phone. The staff were really good. The bed arrived on time and was handled by two helpful and friendly blokes. I'm more impressed with the staff than anything, but it's also very important that the quality and variety of products matched the staff experience (which it did).

A truly excellent mattress

We bought this from our local store and straight away could see that it was well made and finished to a high standard. My partner is recovering from a spinal stroke and needed a mattress that was firm and supportive. She lay on the mattress in the store and found it to be comfortable and stable. She has used it now for several weeks and it is helping in her recovery. Apart from the obvious good quality of the bed and at a good price, the bed has another good feature in that it can be flipped over and with the integral handles this is easy to do, so the mattress can benefit from even wear.

Just what we wanted

We bought 2 single mattresses. Both are exactly what we wanted and are exactly as described on the website. When visited the Worthing Store to make our purchase, Cloe was very helpful in showing us the mattress we had chosen and then made the mechanics of the purchase a very smooth and quick event. We were contacted by the delivery team to let us know when it would happen. The delivery was on time and went without hitch. The team unwrapped the new mattresses and put them on the beds and took the old ones away to recycle. We had used Dreams before and would recommend them to anyone.

Outstanding Product

Just wanted to thank the Dreams team for a brilliant customer experience first of all. The next thing to mention is how impressed I am at this product. - The quality of the build of the mattress is of a really high standard - The Pocket Sprung design offers really good comfort resulting in me having great nights of sleep. - My old mattress used to give me back pains, and the Beaumont Mattress has taken all those pains away which I am so happy about. - Finally was the price, I managed to get this mattress in the recent Sale that Dreams had so I got an absolute bargain to boot!

firm and luxurious

I previously had a Beaumont, which was the predecessor of this model - which didn't quite last the 7-8 year recommended period without feeling the springs poking through. So it's early days but this mattress feels nice and firm - perfect for back pain, it has a luxurious damask cover and appears to be very good quality. I prefer pocket springs to all other types e.g. Foam, but if you find this too hard, you can buy a topper for it, which I would recommend if you are a side sleeper. It's a nice deep mattress too so you will need deep sheets etc. The delivery service was superb.

Well Made Mattress

I purchased this mattress to replace my old one which I had for well over 10 years. I did not realise how bad it had become until I had the best night's sleep for a long time the first night I spent lying on my new one. Be aware however the mattress is correctly described as firm. If you are used to a medium or soft mattress, then this will probably not suit you. For me however it is just right and provides firm support across the entire width of the bed. I bought it on sale so it was even better value for money. A well made and good looking product I would highly recommend.

Such an upgrade on old mattress.

I was recommended to use Dreams by my brother and am delighted with my purchase. I ordered my mattress online on Thursday with bedding and everything arrived on Monday, earlier than expected. I had a couple of queries which the customer service team dealt with courteously and swiftly and I was informed by email and text of all delivery updates. The mattress is so comfortable and the right level of firmness with some nice give in the right places. It is such an improvement on my old Argos mattress and I'm thrilled to have replaced it with such a nice mattress at half price.

Wonderfully Comfortable

I have now had this mattress for almost a month and have not regretted choosing it for a moment. The mattress offers fantastic support and comfort whilst ensuring a great nights sleep. The height is also excellent for someone who has suffered back problems in the past with easy getting in and out of bed. The materials are first class, help prevent disturbance to partner on even the most unsettled night and offer maximum comfort. The thirty day trial offer is also an excellent way of ensuring absolute satisfaction with your purchase. Well done Dreams! Dream on.

good mattress and good price

We've had this mattress about a month now and despite me being briefly worried that it would be too firm I seem to always sleep well on it. My wife also sleeps well on it. We had looked at some memory foam ones but as my wife wants the option to have an electric heated bed sheet it wasn't really an option (anyone would think she's 62 y/o and not 32 which she is!) . The pocket springs mean that you can get in and out of bed with the knowledge that you're not going to shake the other person awake. If you like a soft bed though this is certainly not for you!

Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress

Before I bought this mattress from Dreams, I did not have a full nights sleep in years, and I had mistakenly bought softer mattresses from other stores, thinking soft would do me best, but I have been wrong for many years. Now with my new mattress from Dreams, being a firm mattress, I have had full nights sleeps since this new purchase.... I awake and rise each morning without an ache or pain in my hips and spine now, so my days all begin happily , which makes the rest of the day brilliant ... I am very happy with my new mattress from Dreams.. Thank you ...

Good quality but drawer does not fully close.

I bought a new bed with 2 drawers on one side. Sales agent was brilliant, delivery was as agreed, and on time. However, the delivery agent could not get one of the drawers to close properly and arranged for a fitter to attend to resolve the problem. The fitter attended 3 weeks later (earliest they could attend) and could not resolve the problem on site. A new replacement bed frame was ordered, and this is expected in about 2 weeks. Generally, the quality of the bed is very good, very comfortable and sturdy, and the matching headboard is also great.

Great value, high comfort level

Great value mattress - we were looking for a mattress for a guest bed, so only occasional use. But we wanted it to be comfortable for the guests so needed good quality. This fit the bill - good quality at a reasonable price. So far, we've had good feedback from guests, and I am sure it would make a perfect mattress for everyday use too. Service from Dreams was a dream :-) - we bought in store via the phone as we wanted them to benefit, rather than an automated on line system. Without people doing that, we'd lose the showrooms, which woiuld be bad

Great mattress at a great price

We bought this mattress 4 weeks ago as our old one was 9 years old and beginning to show its age. I did a lot of research and wanted a mattress that could be turned both over as well as top to toe. This mattress perfectly suited our needs. It has handles on the side which make turning easier and is lovely and firm. The only downside compared to our last mattress is that the sides are not as firm so when you sit on the edge, you sink a little unless you sit further back but this does not in any detract from our satisfaction at our purchase.

Well made and a good sleep.

I have had this bed for a couple of months, great storage space underneath and is well made and finished well. The mattress we chose may not be to everyone's taste as it is quite firm. Making the change from standard to king size made a huge difference for us, we both work shifts so comfort and space is important. No roll together on this bed :) Overall very happy with our purchase and the service from Dreams beds. I would possibly buy one with extra topping if you are after something a little softer but this bed is perfect for us 4.5/5


Ive held off buying a new bed for a long time and now Ive got my new bed I really wished Id done it much earlier. This new bed is awesome so comfy I really look forward to going to bed and certainly dont want to get out of it in the morning. I have had really great nights sleep since getting it and my back is so much better. I recommend replacing your bed sooner rather than waiting like I did. And with it being on ottoman Ive been able to make so much room in my wardrobe the space available is far more than having just draws.

Beaumont King size

Only had this mattress a couple of weeks but it's VERY comfortable. Had been worried it would be too firm but that's not the case. Delivery was a refreshingly smooth process - the 2 delivery guys were v cheerful and helpful and called when they were an hour away. We bought this on sale and as such it feels like excellent value. (One minor quibble - why don't ALL mattresses come with handles around the sides? This one has none and as such is difficult to move which won't really be a problem until we decide to replace it down the line)

Exactly what I wanted!

I needed a new mattress to go with a new divan bed and bought this one about a month ago from Dreams and I've enjoyed sleeping on it ever since! This is a good quality, well-made mattress. It has an attractive and strong white fabric cover and neat, strong stitching. It has the required level of firmness without being hard. It is a deep mattress and provides a very comfortable and cosy night's sleep. The Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress is an excellent mattress and very good value. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Finally, a mattress we both liked!

Before buying this mattress we ordered a competitors hybrid mattress which we sent back after 1 week, another firm mattress from another supplier sent back after a few days as it was awful, and a Which best buy which we put up with for a week then returned. Those were all ordered online, our big mistake!! We ended up going to Dreams in Tottenham Court Rd. and tried all the different ones in store. We have now found our Mattress and we are very happy with it. Very comfortable, a traditional mattress at a very good price

Well 'ard

Just to say, this is the first mattress I've ever bought. I used to think I preferred a hard mattress but it would seem I'd clearly never slept on a firm mattress before. I am a 77kg male and my hips feel a bit numb in the morning but when I'm on my back it feels great and I can feel my spine lengthening (I don't think this is good though). My wife is 60kg and says she loves the mattress so I've given it 'good' rating because it's probably my fault for thinking I was one of those 'ard lads but at least I know for next time.

A lot firmer than we expected

My husband and I bought this mattress along with a new bedstead but we are two weeks in now and it is still a lot firmer than the one in store. Its so much more that I even went back to the store to check we had the same mattress that I tested. Apparently it takes about a month to "bed-in" so I'll give it another couple of weeks. Shame though, cos I was really looking forward to my new bed and this isnt that comfy at the moment! Just a note on the design, there are not any handles so its not that easy to move about either

Comfortable mattress

We bought this mattress to replace an old one in our holiday home. Got the size right but, due to the depth of the new mattress which is much deeper than the old one, and the fixed headboard on the wall, it doesn't go all the way to the wall so it does hang over the end of the bed a few inches. Thought I would mention this so anyone buying a mattress for their holiday home would be aware of this potential problem. However pleased with the mattress. It is comfortable and the delivery men were friendly and very helpful.

Just the job!

Having moved house we've had to use our double bed for a period of time rather than our more roomy King size. The original double mattress was too soft and we were always waking up with aching backs, so we needed to replace the mattress. The divan base is quite new so a whole new bed wasn't necessary. Knew pocket sprung worked for me and looked on-line. Having a thousand springs and "firm" grade, for the price (including "free" delivery) it couldn't be beaten. And success! We now have comfortable and pain free nights

Easy and Perfect

The process of finding and buying the perfect mattress was so quick. Me and my partner walked in and was very warmly welcomed where we were then shown the dreams machine where you lie on a bed for 3 minutes and it calculates what bed would suit you. We then were guided to the mattresses that were suitable for our needs and after being left to our own devices to quickly price match the other mattresses we with 10 min had chosen and were ready to pay. Whilst paying we were offered water which on a hot day was perfect!

New dreams from Dreams.....

My new Dreams mattress has absolutely transformed my sleep pattern. I can now go right through the night without noise, excessive heat and full support. The complete process from shop advice to delivery was excellent, friendly reliable staff, drivers even removing footwear to place the mattress in my bedroom. The website to change delivery times is seamless and so convenient to use. The price was also a huge factor in my purchase brilliant value for money, Dreams compared top to the competitors i checked out.

Dreamily Good Buy

The staff at the Stevenage branch were brilliant. They showed me the options in the price range I was looking at, and didn't try to up-sell me anthing. They were friendly and professional throughout. When I rang back to change a delivery date, the helpline staff were helpful, and quick to sort the new date out. The price was also the best I had come across. When the mattress was delivered, the delivery driver phoned and sent texts to make sure it was all going through OK. I would recommend Dreams to anyone.

Lovely bed and great service

Really pleased with the bed there is loads of storage space under it and it looks very smart, considering buying the kingsize version for our main bedroom. Very impressed with the delivery service, we had paid extra for assembly and were very glad we had. The guys who delivered and assembled were great - arrived when they said they would, were quick, efficient and polite - great advert for the company. It is so rare to find a company that delivers on product and service - Dreams appear to have achieved this.

The best we've ever owned!!

I was a bit put off with paying the extra for a mattress and to be honest we've Done this again and again buying cheap ones that didn't last more than a year. But I can honestly say it was the best decision we've made to pay the extra amd with montly installments it doesnt really brrak the bank, the mattress is amazingly well made and supportive yet not overly hard. It's one of those situations you pay for what you get, thanks again dreams! Only drawback is the delivery waiting times soooo long BUT worth it.

As Described

Originally went to shop and walked around and decided which one we wanted. Ran out of time to go back - so ordered on-line. Received emails to confirm regularly - kept informed. 2 hour time slot on day between 3 - 5pm. They found our house -no problem (which some compnaies struggle with) Arrived at 3.15pm. Item delived and helped me to lift to upstairs bedroom. Polite. Helpful. Clean tidy delivery people. Bed as described. Easy to put together myself. Fits perfectly in room. (Son moans that it is too firm!)

Night and Day

The difference the new mattress has made is amazing -- previously I arose with a sore back, now it is just wonderful the difference this new mattress has made -- I would never have believed it was possible. I'd like to thank the young man I spoke with when ordering, he recommended the Beaumont -- I'm glad he did. It is my 83rd birthday today and I feel like I have been given the best-ever present. By the way, I am still awaiting delivery of four pillows which your delivery man said would come by courier?

Finally, a pain reliever!

I bought this mattress almost a month ago, following severe pains I had on my lower back. I visited the store and was put on a test mattress (which basically recommends the appropriate mattress). Ive been using this mattress for 3 weeks now...I sleep in comfort!!! I dont wake up randomly at night, as I did before. The pains I used to experience have been subsided significantly. Its a great mattress, highly recommended. Oh...and I have an 8 year warranty as well...thats some confidence booster!

Really firm and comfy!

I bought this mattress two months ago and am really happy with it. As I tried it out in-store I already new what to expect anyway but was given peace of mind with the money back guarantee. The mattress was delivered right up to our bedroom, which was great and the delivery driver rang an hour before to let us know he would be arriving. We couldn't get our first choice of delivery date (on a Saturday) so had to take a day off work to wait in for it, but we did receive our mattress in 5 days of ordering.

Caressed by Heavenly Cloud

The first night we slept on this, was like being caressed by an emotionally and physically supportive cloud, it was heaven. This is a firm mattress, so for people with back problems this gives all the support you could need IMO. Although firm there is some comfort give in the top layer. Also rolling over does not disturb the wife anymore, top notch tech. Would highly recommend to anyone, especially if you are coming from a memory foam mattress, which imo is (insert Louisiana accent here) The Devil.

Amazing mattress

I purchased this mattress from Dreams a month ago and it is very comfortable and supports my back really well, giving me a lovely night's sleep. The mattress fitted the exact requirements that I asked for- the staff at Dreams who dealt with this purchase were very knowledgeable and helpful. Even though shops had only just reopened, they were very assuring, confident and recommended a fantastic product. Furthermore, they were incredibly helpful when I asked for them to alter the delivery address.

A budget mattress with great firmness

I was a bit apprehensive about getting this mattress, as it was a fair bit cheaper than other firm mattresses. My greatest concern was whether it was firm enough, as a lot of cheaper mattresses that claim to be firm or medium-firm are actually medium or even medium-soft. But I had no need to be worried - the mattress is indeed firm, quite solid actually. It's every bit as good as my previous firm mattress which was double the price, although to be fair I did buy this one at a discount price.

Firm mattress but 'buttons' can be a bit painful!

This is a great mattress in that it is just as firm as I wanted. I bought it online so didn't test it in any shop. This is maybe where it went wrong for me. The 'button's that are pressed down into the fabric are quite prominent. I'm quite a bony person and when I sleep on my side too long on the buttons, I wake up feeling bruised. I've just had to buy a thick mattress topper to provide some cushioning. Just a warning for other bony people! Otherwise, this is a firm, good quality mattress.

Superb Supportive and Comfy

This mattress felt a fair bit firmer than my old one, but I adjusted to it in a couple of nights and its incredibly comfortable and supportive. No aching lower back anymore when I get up in the morning and Ive had the best nights sleeps since purchasing this mattress. Super organised delivery by two guys, who took it upstairs to my bedroom, and even unpacked it and put it on top of my existing divan base. They also took away my old mattress too. Would highly recommend this mattress.

Great comfort at a great price

I bought this one month ago for my son's guest bedroom. We went along to our local Bradford shop and tried out a number of mattresses. The assistant was extremely helpful and arranging delivery to another part of the country wasn't a problem. They kept in touch with delivery times and the delivery men were quick and efficient. On arrival in the nirth east our first nights sleep was excellent on this very comfortable mattress. Thank you Dreams team for making it so successful.

Best nights sleep ever

Replaced an old expensive mattress and this feels just as good quality and have had the best nights sleep in a long time. I had a sore lower back and over the month I feel this pain going maybe down to my new sleeping position. Couldnt recommend Dreams enough as this was my first ever purchase from them after using another high street retail for my previous beds bad service has lost them my custom. Already planning our next bed upgrade. Thanks to everyone at Dreams. Big thumbs up

The Best Mattress for the Money

Simple and quick review...I like a firm bed...not too firm and not soft at all...maybe a 7/10 firmness is what I would give this mattress. Score I give a full 10/10 as my sleep quality has improved....my fitbit can vouch for this as I have been using a sleep monitor for over 3 years now and I can see the transformation immediately. My sleep is a similar length in duration, but my movement has practically dropped by 70% which shocked me. Great Mattress and Perfect Value for Money!

Good quality mattress and delivery service

I already had this mattress and needed another new double mattress for my spare room. So when I saw it was on special offer it was a no brainer. I suffer from a bad back if my mattress is too soft but I find this mattress absolutely perfect in terms of firmness. Very comfortable. Also the delivery service was spot on, which is always the case with Dreams. This is the third time I've used Dreams and the guys are always on time and deliver to the room of your choice. Recommended.


AMAZING MATTRESS. I have had very bad lower back pain for years & I never slept well, so I was in need of a new mattress & I was told that pocket spring ones were the most long lasting & really comfortable. I am very impressed with this mattress, I had gone to a dreams store to test it first like to sit & lie on the actual mattress first & it felt amazing & from the first night I slept on it my back actually felt relaxed & I slept so well, I can wait to get to bed at night.

Really nice mattressat a great price.

Bought this a few weeks ago for my daughter. She had been sleeping on a 1500 Hybrid memory foam / pocket sprung king-size monster that took up too much space in her room. We were concerned that this might be a significant downgrade for her but she's really happy with it and say's she prefers it. Delivery was on-time and the guys who delivered it were helpful and efficient. Overall we're really happy with the experience and are happy to reccomend the mattress and Dreams.

Firm but comforting mattress

I didn't try this mattress in advance but read all the reviews and considered I owned a Silentnight mattress before that is considered more firm and felt I would like to to try something softer. Delivery of this mattress by Dreams was great, I am finding this really comfy, fits well on M&S Ottoman bedframe. No feeling of leaning to one side, feels supportive to sit up in bed but no discomfort from mattress when laying down. Would recommend if you prefer medium to firm beds

A firm comfortable mattress

I bought this mattress last year, as my old one was sagging. Advised by the assistant at Dreams I settled upon this mattress, preferring a firm pad rather than a soft one for posture. I have not been disappointed, and felt the difference within days. It has proved to be the good investment I had hoped for,and I look forward to many years of service. For those who prefer a firm base this mattress is the one I would recommend, and continues to give me a good nights sleep.

Great Sleep At Last!

Bought This Mattress 3 Wks Ago And From Sales To Delivery I Can Not Fault Dreams In Any Way Shape Or Form. We Stepped Into A Friendly Store Where We Were Greeted With A Smile. No Pushy In Your Face Sales Assistance Just A Pleasant Knowledgeable Helpful lady Who listened To Our Needs & Showed Us Her Recommendation To Which We Purchased One That Was Recommended & To Date We Have Not Been Disappointed. Our Mattress Is Comfortable & Gives Us A Great Night's Restful Sleep.

Great mattress great service.

I bought this mattress for my daughter who needed a replacement for her old one. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the mattress. My daughter says it is very comfortable to sleep on, she is a front sleeper so needs a firm mattress. Also the Dreams delivery team where excellent delivering in snowy conditions. I didnt even need to ask them to remove their boots, they did it automatically when entering my house! Perfect all round experience.

Marcus and his assistant were magnificent!

I had knocked myself out a week before and had only recently come out of hospital the day before delivery, Thank Heavens for Marcus and his colleague. I didnt have to do a thing. Not that I could lol. But from repackaging the old mattress to tightening up the bed from where I had fallen. Nothing was too much trouble for them! And as for a decent nights sleep. well I dont need to resort to those tactics anymore, the Maitlands name should be changed to the Magnificent

Looks and feels good quality

Ive only given this 3 stars because it isnt as firm as I thought it would be after having a 1000 pocket firm dreams mattress before it feels more like a medium although is comfy. The sides are very soft and kind of collapse when u get in which isnt great, also feels like it needs more filling inside as u can feel the springs every now and again. I am being quiet picky but this is the truth overall is an ok mattress was expecting abit more from dreams to be honest.

So comfortable

I have been sleeping on this for 2 weeks now and its so comfortable, you don't realise how bad your old mattress is until you get a new one! It is ideal for me, i have a bad back and am restless in the night but i seem to be waking up a lot more settled and not tossing an turning as much. It didn't come with care instructions but can be turned fully so I assume this will help with the care. Overall, absolutely perfect for me and I am very happy and would recommend

Excellent Service

We are very happy with the product and service that the Dreams Company produced. The Blackpool store employee was very knowledgeable and friendly and when I got home I also checked out Dreams website which was easy to use and bought this product. The men who delivered our mattress took it up 2 flights of stairs and placed it in our bedroom. The whole experience was quick and easy. Since then we both have had good night sleeps a very good mattress would recommend.

Perfect balance for comfort and a pain-free back

I have trouble with my back so it's important I get my mattress right - firm is my preference. Since having this mattress, I haven't had any pain in my back - it's firm, supportive, but enough spring for good comfort and a great night's sleep. I can't recommend highly enough. The only reason it's not 5 stars, is the mattress came with slight marks on it. However, Dreams did offer to replace it free of charge, while also allowing us to sleep on it in the meantime!

Mattress as displayed, exemplary delivery service

Like most home movers, we sat on what felt like every mattress in the country before settling upon this one. While, with the benefit of hindsight, a mattress that's firmer at the sides may have been a better choice (this design is firm in the middle but softer at the rim), this remains a fine option, especially for the wholly reasonable price we paid. Dreams were also extremely accommodating with our ever-changing move date, while delivery service was excellent.

Good purchase

We had a thorough guide through the various mattresses after the computer wizardry of the mattress selector machine. the store assistant in Liverpool was ace. This narrowed it down to 4 mattresses which my son tested (his new bed). The result was that we were able to choose a mattress within our price range and for comfort. Delivered to home with no fuss on the day advised. Thoroughly pleasant experience. BTW the mattress has been road tested and it is super.

Super purchase!

We have recently moved house and decided that we would treat ourselves to a new mattress. I have never bought a mattress online before and we were apprehensive about buying one online without trying it out. We didnt need to be worried as we are very happy with the mattress - it is not too firm (I was scared it was going to be rock hard!) but Is firm enough to support you whilst remaining comfy. Delivery was quick + safe. I would recommend this product.

Perfect Balance Of Firm and Comfort

Very good Mattress. Arrived on time and was carried straight into my bedroom, Firm yet very comfortable mattress, the perfect balance, easy to get to sleep on. Im very happy with my purchase, one of the best mattresses If not the best Ive slept on in memory. Highly recommend for any one looking for a good mattress at a decent price ( there was a deal on when I purchased this mattress ). Only thing left is to see whether it stands the test of time.

Not impressed

I've had this mattress delivered last week, I'm not 100% happy with it to be honest. It is firm, that is what I wanted,the design is also nice but it is noisy, as noisy as my old one. I do understand that in time the springs start to make noise when you sit on the mattress, but for a new mattress,it is unacceptable. I'm still thinking if I should get rid of it and buy a different one or just keep it and put up with the noise every time I sit on it.

Great night sleep

So glad I went to dreams as the advice given was brilliant. Matching my Sleep and Comfort profiles and traditional pocket sprung Mattress to the Maitland. I wanted a traditonal matteress that could be turned and rotated unlike memory foam layered ones which can also be hot sometimes. The last month I have the best prolonged deep sleep ever helped by the deep and soft padding they use on this mattress. A great buy thanks to the experts at Dreams.

Great value for moneyt

I bought this in October 2016. I needed a cheap mattress but didn't want to scrimp on quality too much, after-all you do spend a third of your life in bed. I found this mattress to be the perfect balance between cost and quality, it really is great value- much more supportive than all of the entry level matresses I'd tried and as good as many twice the price. If you want to look after your wallet and your back my advice is to give this a try.

amazing mattress

I bought this a few months ago to replace our ageing 'firm' mattress with memory foam topper which was way too soft and saggy. The beaumont mattress is amazing and incredibly comfortable and supportive. My back is much improved and I sleep much better now. Highly recommended. You can feel the pocket bumps when its new but they seem to have flattened enough for me not to notice now, or perhaps I have just got used to it. Well worth it.

A good night's sleep that doesn't break the bank

Only stretches it slightly.. I'm normally a value-oriented mattress buyer of a certain Swedish firm, but this time I decided to try Dreams. The quality is very high, with this being the thickest mattress I've owned - and unlike others has not yet developed a small body-shaped crater on the spot I curl up on. I like a firm mattress, and this is certainly that - supportive but not hard. Time will tell, but after two months so far so good

Its ok but would prefer flat top surface

I bought this bed two weeks ago, I wanted a firm bed and tho I am pleased with the firmness I dont like the buttoned top finish because it tends to feel lumpy where the buttons pull the surface in leaving mounds or lumps protruding. I intended to buy a flat surface bed but being assured this would give me the firmness and comfort I find it a little uncomfortable, I wish now that I had kept to my original intention of a flat surface

So comfty

This bed I bought a few months ago is so comfortable it's firm but got a lovely soft gentle spring to it at first I didn't think it'd be big enough but after a few days of me and partner getting used to space it was fine drawers are fairly big and very sturdy the base is perfect comes in two halves but doesn't create any problems would defiantly recommend this bed but at 400 you'd hope you'll get a prefect nights sleep happy all round

Excelente mattress and service

Thr mattress is Amazing. I have been suffering from back problem for long time and since i started using these mattress i have noticed less pain and i wake up fresh and rested in the morning. If you are looking for something not too expensive this is the one. It's worth the price. The delivery was amazing directly to my bed room and the mattress was ready for use it. Not needed to wait nothing. THANKS FOR THE GOOD SERVICE TEAM DREAMS.

Im sleeping too much!!

I brought this mattress for my 34 year old daughter who works nights and sleeps during the day. She had difficulty sleeping in the day due to noise, sun light etc but also had a memory foam mattress which she disliked. She asked for a mattress with springs and now is sleeping so well she keeps snoozing her alarm when it goes off as shes so comfortable! I had my reservations about springs thinking they might dig in but she loves it.

Excellent Customer Service

I was desperate for a new mattress as I suffer with 2 forms of arthritis and my my existing one was very old and uncomfortable and exacerbated my symptoms. Because of Covid I was asked to bag my old mattress and take it to the front door and then take my new mattress upstairs. There was no way I could manage this so the Dreams team sorted everything out for me. They were amazing and I have slept so well since my new mattress arrived.

Great compromise of firmness!

I bought this more than a month ago and couldn't be happier! My partner loves really firm mattress, when I am more of a medium firm person. We have found the perfect compromise with this mattress! Only note for DREAMS - we got confused with the sizes on website (we are not British so don't read in feet...) and got the smaller double size than what we actually needed, so would just recommend putting sizes in cm as well on website!

A great night's sleep

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago and I couldn't be happier with it. It's very comfortable, fairly firm but with a little bit of give in it. Some other reviews have mentioned it dipping a little bit I can't say I've noticed it yet. The delivery guys were great too - punctual and polite, they even took their shoes off at the door. Very happy all round and when I need to replace it I'll definitely be shopping with Dreams again!

New bed

We have recently moved into a new property as we had signed the lease in March. Most of our furniture had been purchased in January but due to Covid 19 wasnt able to be delivered so we searched the internet and found a perfect bed from dreams who delivered the product to us within days saving us having to sleep On an air bed. The bed is well made and extremely comfortable and I wished we had gone to Dreams in the first place.

Great support!

I have a slight lower back problem but I tend to sleep on my stomach which makes the problem worse. The reason I bought the mattress was to give support to my spine and it has done the job. Previously I had one of the foam mattresses which exacerbated my problem but since I've started sleeping on this mattress the pain has been gradually going away. Now I always feel comfortable in my bed and I don't wake up in pain at night.

Comfort and affordability

We tried very many mattresses before we happened upon this one in a Dreams store. We would have bought it there an then but decided to scale up to a king-size bed and needed that delivered first. Bought the mattress online which was effortless, and delivery was free. Since delivered we have spent many comfortable nights on it. All this and it represents astonishing value. Very happy with our purchase and Dreams experience.

Great service

I'm rating the Dreams service as excellent because it really was. I was half expecting the usual waiting-in-for-a-delivery that has to be rearranged etc but it was all exactly as promised. The bed is a little firmer than I'd anticipated and higher off the floor but to be fair it's described as 'firm' and you experience it in relation to what you had before so just takes a bit of getting used to. Overall I'm really pleased.

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Questions and Answers About The Dream Team Maitland Pocket Sprung Mattress

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

how can i see what mattresses are in stock for collection

Answer: We have several rolled mattress ranges that are available for purchase and collection in store. They include all models of the Doze and Sleep Essentials Mattress ranges as well as some of the Hyde and Sleep Mattresses. To locate the closest store to you that stocks these mattresses, we would recommend using the 'find in store' feature on the website which will show the stores closest to you that stock these models. To double check in store availability, we would recommend phoning the store in advance to check.

Hi We want to buy a matress on which if we sit on edges doesnt go down, or we dont get rolled over whole night Will this be good? Is it firm

Answer: The Beaumont mattress offers a firm level of support and has individual pocket springs which help to distribute weight evenly. If you are concerned that this mattress will not offer the right level of support for you, we would recommend using the find in store feature that will show your closest store with this mattress on display.

Has it handles on mattress

Answer: Patsy mo mouse,The Beaumont does not have handles as it is a relativity light mattress only weighing 33kg. In regards to handles, please be advised that mattresses should not be moved to your bedroom using them as they are there to aid turning heavier mattresses around.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

What is the weight of this matress please

Answer: The weight differs depending on the size of the mattresses. If you select the size of the mattress you require and scroll down to the delivery section on the product page (underneath the overview) it will provide you with the delivery package information and the weight.Many thanksJSDreams

Do you remove the old mattress when delivering a new one?

Answer: Yes, when the delivery team deliver your new bed or mattress they are also able to remove and recycle your old mattress. The cost of this service is below:Single Mattresses: 23, Double Mattresses: 33, King or Super King Mattresses: 38

Are both the mattress and bed stand included?

Answer: Yes both the mattress and divan base are included in the Beaumont Divan set.*I hope this helps and thank you for your question.*This answer will also appear on the Beaumont Mattress product page. The Beaumont Mattress does not include the divan base.

I spend most of my days in bed is this mattress ideal for that? I bought a memory foam one a couple of months ago from an online company but it has gone soft. I'm looking for a sturdy mattress that is sprung and can be flipped. Please can you advise

Answer: Good Evening,The Beaumont mattress offers a firm layer of support whilst providing comfort. The pocket springs distribute weight evenly and so give plenty of support. In addition, the Beaumont is double sided so can be turned regularly.

Is this mattress hypoallergenic?

Answer: This mattress does not fall in to the anti-allergy range. the silent night range feature anti-allergy mattresses, and the flaxby range are natural and therefore should prevent allergies. We hope this helps you.Thank you for your question.

How can I order just a bed?? Evertything includes a mattress. I have a mattress just need a bed!!

Answer: As this bed doesn't come with the headboard, please go to 'Divan Bases' on the beds drop down menu to just buy the base. If you want the headboard too then we have these in the headboards section. Thank you for your question.

Can I collect because I need it sooner than the minimum 4 weeks and if so where from ??

Answer: Yes you can collect from one of the warehouses only if your order this item in store. Unfortunately this isn't currently an option on the website or through the Telesales TeamThank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Does the maitland mattress have different layers of foam, that maybe thicker or more comfortable in one of the sides ?

Answer: This mattresses is double sided so you can sleep on either side. The Maitland has no foam and is filled with other luxurious fillings so will feel the same on both sides of the mattress.

how big is the packaging? What are the dimension of the packaging? Will it fit in a small residential lift?

Answer: The mattress will be delivered in a polythene bag so the dimensions of the package will be same as the dimensions of the mattress which you can then check against the dimensions of the lift.

Will this mattress fit a super king size wooden slatted bed with an aperture of 183x203cm?

Answer: Our Super King Mattresses measure 180 x 200cm so any bed frame with a sleeping area this size will be suitable. As your frame measures 183 x 203cm a Super King Mattress would be suitable.

By paying 299 I'm getting a bed and mattress???? Confused

Answer: 299 is the price for the divan base and the mattress for a single with no drawers.If you would like a larger size with 2 or more drawers the price will increase.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Does this bed come with the Headboard aswell?

Answer: This bed does not come with a headboard. The set does however include the mattress and divan base. Headboards can be chosen separately to suit your room dcor.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Does this bed come with a mattress and wat type of mattress

Answer: This bed comes with the firm Beaumont mattress which has 1000 pocket springs to distribute weight evenly, giving independent support for every area of your body.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Does this mattress have handles that facilitate easy turning. Is it a medium firm and can I order a head board as well

Answer: Good Evening,This mattress does not have handles and is a firm comfort grade. We have a range of headboards in a variety of colours and styles that are available for purchase online or in store.

Do you still take the old bed away Mine is a double and I am getting a single to replace it

Answer: In short - yes, we do still take away old beds. This comes under 'Recycling' for 39.99 and can be added to your basket in the checkout stage.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Can u collect my old mattress if I buy a new one

Answer: We do offer a disposal service. This can be added at the check out online or with a colleague in store. The prices will vary depending on what is being collected.

I see only a 1 year guarantee. Is this how long you expect the mattress to last before replacing it?

Answer: Our standard guarantee is 1 year, with the option to purchase additional cover for 8 years.We would expect this mattress to last at least 8 years, if not longer.Many thanksJSDreams

I need to buy a king sized mattress which would fit up a spiral staircase. Id like a firm mattress preferably with springs. Do you have anything which comes rolled or compressed?

Answer: kateO,We will have memory foam options that come rolled up to help get a mattress up those stairs. Please view the ready matt collection for this.Many thanks for your question, I hope this helps.

How often does this mattress need rotating/turning?

Answer: We recommend that new mattresses should be rotated on average every 3 months. After 1 year the mattress should be rotated every 6 months.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi there.....will any head board go onto this bed??? Thank u ?

Answer: Yes any correct sized headboard will fit to the same sized divan base. Please note the headboard fixtures come with any divan base.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

How much inches thick is the mattress

Answer: This mattress is 8.6inches deep.If you'd like to know the dimensions of any other mattress, please click on the dimensions tab.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can you turn the Maitland forefoot six mattress right over not just from top to bottom is it the same material on the top and the bottom so that you can do this please

Answer: Yes, the Maitland is a double-sided mattress with the same material on both the top and bottom. Therefore you should turn this mattress over regularly.

Hi How long will delivery be for a pocket sprung mattress?

Answer: Delivery lead times vary on each mattress and the size chosen. The estimated delivery lead time is just below where you select the size of the mattress.

Does this mattress need to be turned or not please? Does it dip on the edge?

Answer: This mattress is made of good quality and 1000 pocket springs strong. It has to be turned and rotated regularly as it is double sided.Many thanks for the question.

Do you sell spring mattresses in the size 100 x 200 centimeter (the typical size in Germany)? Thanks for a quick answer and we'll come by today.

Answer: We do not have mattresses to that specification.It will either be 90 x 190cm for a UK standard size or a standard euro single of 90 x 200cm.Many thanks for the question.

How often should this mattress be turned in each direction (end to end and flipped over)? I've just purchased this mattress and want to take proper care of it.

Answer: Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter. This also applies to turning the mattress from front to back.

How often doe this mattress need turning/rotating? Whats the warrenty on the mattress?

Answer: The warranty on this mattress is 1 year from the day of delivery.We recommend you turn this mattress every 6 weeks.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

do you have anyone available to assemble flatpack

Answer: We offer an assembly service across all of the bedsteads for 29.99 and 49.99 for high sleepers and bunk beds.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

what is the recommended user weight? I don't want to get a bed for it to break, needs to b e strong enough for a 25 stone and 14 stone person

Answer: We do not have a set weight limit however this will be suitable for your needs as it is a firm 1000 pocket sprung mattress.Many thanks for the question.

I intend buying two 4' divan double beds and a 3' matress. Will these items be delivered free? Will you collect the old ones also free of charge?

Answer: The items will be delivered free with the online delivery however it is a 39 service for each bed for old bed removals. Many thanks for the question.

Do you take old bed away

Answer: Yes we can, however this is a chargeable service. You can add this onto your order at checkout, it is called 'Recycling'.Thank you for your question.

how long before delivery

Answer: This bed is usually available for delivery between 7-14 days. Please note this is stock depending.Hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Hi Could you please let me know the guarantee period for this mattress? Thank you.

Answer: This will be a one year warranty with a eight year purchase option through customer services after purchase for the guarantee.Many thanks for the question.

Hi there, . If I buy a mattress from you (Beaumont pocket sprung double) and have it delivered, do your delivery guys take my old, very old, mattress away for me?? xx

Answer: Yes if you select this option during the checkout process we'll recycle your old mattress.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

what is the overall height of the bed and the mattress together( how high off the ground?)

Answer: The base is 56cm the mattress is 22cm so together they are 78cm from floor to top of the mattress.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the charge for taking away my old mattress when I buy a new one?

Answer: That depends on the size of the mattress we are disposing of. This can be seen when selecting the size through checkout.Many thanks for the question.

HI, I wanted to double check the total height of this bed base plus mattress. Is it 56cm overall - floor to top of the mattress? What is the internal depth of the storage? Many Thanks, Joanna

Answer: JoanneD,The storage depth is approximately 30cm. That is correct, 56cm will be for the height of the divan bed in total.Many thanks for the question.

Would an 16inch(40cm) extra deep fitted sheet fit this mattress?

Answer: This mattress has a depth of 22cm. The fitted sheet would fit, but you would have extra material to tuck underneath.Many thanksJSDreams

I have spinal stenosis is this mattress suitable foe me

Answer: Unfortunately we are unable to provide information on whether this mattress would be suitable for a medical condition.

Does this mattress come rolled up or flat as I'm worried about getting it upstairs!

Answer: This mattress is not delivered rolled up but will be delivered as one piece ready for use.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can this mattress take over 30 stone weight

Answer: Our mattress have no weight limits. We do recommend you follow the care instructions and rotate your mattress regularly.

Is there a guarantee?

Answer: This product has a 1 year manufacturer guarantee, but we do also offer an 8 year service plan for a one off fee.Thank you for your question.

If I bought the Beumont Single (3' 0) mattress could I also have my old one collected at the same time?

Answer: We most certainly can do this for you, the service will present itself through checkout to add this to your order.Many thanks for the question.

Is this Matress suitable fora bunk bed. I have a bunk bed in the boys room and I need one to replac the lower one.

Answer: I can confirm this mattress would be suitable for a bunk bed, both the top or lower one.I hope this helps you and thank you for your question.

Would it be a good mattress for people with sciatica problem?

Answer: We are unable to confirm. We would advise you seek medical advice if you require a mattress for health purposes. Kind Regards,Giedre

I have a King size solid Oak framed bed with a wooden base. What mattress type would suit this style of bed. Do you need a specific mattress for wooden framed/base beds?

Answer: All of the mattresses we range would be suitable for both wooden or metal bed frames.I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Hi, can you let me know what material the mattress is filled with? Many thanks!

Answer: This mattress is filled with a 1000 pocket sprung unit and an 800g polyester pad.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hi, is that mattress suitable for metal bed frame please?

Answer: All of the mattresses are suitable for a range of bed frames including metal beds.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Is this mattress suitable for a slated bed

Answer: Yes this mattress is suitable to go on any of the slatted bases that we sell.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

does the single divan base come in two parts, please? (we are looking for a bed that can be easily moved up and down a narrow staircase)

Answer: The single divan will come in one piece. Everything from the double and larger comes split in two. Many thanks for the question.

Can i collect this today from your white city store

Answer: The store will only be a showroom to view the product, everything will be on a delivery basis.Many thanks for the question.

How much do you charge to remove old king size mattress?

Answer: The recycling of a king size mattress is 38.You can add this onto your order within checkout.Thank you for your question.

Can this mattress be turned over or can it only be rotated?

Answer: BabbsThis mattress is able to be flipped over and rotated as it is double sided!Thank you for your question.Kind Regards,Robin

Does this have memory foam

Answer: The Beaumont mattress will not contain any memory foam within it's upholstery.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Do you take an old mattress away on delivery of a new mattress

Answer: Unfortunately at the moment due to the lockdown we are currently unable to offer the disposal service.

what are the dimensions of a king size mattress

Answer: The dimensions for the King size mattress is: Width: 150cm x Length: 200cmI hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Why are the dimensions different for the same product on the description ie base is 13" then I read same product is 22+" Which is correct?

Answer: The base alone will be 13", the second measurement you have seen could be mattress inclusive.Many thanks for your questions.

Hello, how heavy is this mattress in a double? Or even an approx weight.

Answer: I can confirm in the double size, this mattress is approximately 33Kg.I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Do you do same day Sunday delivery and take away old mattresses

Answer: We do offer a disposal service, but unfortunately we do not offer same day deliveries. Many thanks for your question.

Can I pick up at store

Answer: Our store's are only showroom's with all items available for delivery through checkout.Many thanks for your question.

Please could you tell me which fillings are used in this mattress?

Answer: This mattress contains different types of Polyester fillings as well as the spring unit.

How does the 2 piece double bed fit together to stop movement?

Answer: There is a linking bar at the front and back of the bases. This keeps the bases together.Many thanks for the question.

Is it possible to order bed with delivery held until I need it? Bedroom being refitted

Answer: This depends on how long you need the products held for. We can hold your delivery for up to 3 months if needed.

Is a pocket sprung mattress firmer on a divan base or softer

Answer: The mattress will be same firmness on a base or a bed frame.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Is this mattress suitable for a slated base

Answer: This mattress is suitable for all slatted bases we sell.Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

do you have a service that removes your old mattress?

Answer: Bosco.Yes, we do offer an old bed recycling service. It costs 39.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

would you take the old beds away?

Answer: Valda.Yes we do offer an old bed recycling service. It costs 39.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

I understand that the mattress will need to be regularly rotated end to end, however does it also need to be flipped over too and if so how often? Most mattresses nowadays only require rotation, so just wanted your clarification on this. Thanks

Answer: Turn your mattress once a month for the first year and every 3 years thereafter.Many thanks for your question.

Can you turn this mattress over?

Answer: This mattress is designed to be turned over regularly to keep the fillings fresh.Many thanks for the question.

Can you tell me what material theBelgian damask is made of on this mattress please? We need natural materials and no synthetic's for our child's condition. Thanks

Answer: This matewrials used are silk, wool linen and cotton within the mattress.Many thanks for the question.

Will you take away the old bed on delivery of the new one?

Answer: Yes if you opt for this service during the checkout.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can I order extra length? Need a 210 cm one.

Answer: Unfortunately this mattress is not available with a made to measure option.Many thanks for your question.

I want a double-sided mattress which can be turned over completely as well as rotated top to bottom. I gather from your answer to the questions below that this can only be slept on on one side. Is that correct?

Answer: This mattress is double-sided with the user being able to sleep on either side. Thanks, Dreams.

what are the weight limits on the storage of the three ranges of ottoman divans you sell? the classic? the luxury? and therapur?

Answer: This will have a maximum weight limit of 15kg.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

There's also abeaumont 2000. Is this the updated model?

Answer: This will not be a mattress within the product collection.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

How long would this take to be delivered?

Answer: For this product, it should take a few days depending on where you live.Many thanks for the question.

Does this bed come with a mattress or do I need to buy that separately?

Answer: A divan bed will include the mattress and base within the pricing.Many thanks for the question.

Hi can i order two 3ft divan bases which link together? I have the mattresses already. Thanks

Answer: No sorry we don't do the 3ft divan bases that can join together.Many thanks for your question.

Will you take away the old mattress

Answer: We do provide a old bed recycling service through checkout at 39.Many thanks for the question.

What;s the difference between this mattress and orchard pocket sprung mattress?

Answer: Good Evening,The difference between these mattresses is the cover and fabric design.

What is the bed base made out of? What is the outer material also?

Answer: HellsbelleThe materials will be steel cotton and multi-fibre filling.Many thanks for the question.

How often must this mattress be turned ? Must it also be turned from head to foot ?

Answer: Yes, this will need to be turned and rotated once every 4-6weeks.Many thanks for the question.

How long. Is Dreams sale on, as we have selected our bed and mattress but do not return to the Uk Until January, will we miss the sale prices?

Answer: We have sales on throughout January 2016.Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Does this mattress need turning?

Answer: Yes we would advise turning the mattress.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can I buy now pay in instalments

Answer: Chrissy0392,This can be done with a minimum order value of 400.Many thanks for the question.

How thick is the mattress?

Answer: The Beaumont mattress is 22cm thick.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Can you tell me, does the Maitland come with the comfort guarantee?

Answer: Good MorningOur Maitland mattress is eligible for the comfort guarantee.

what is the depth of the mattress

Answer: This mattress has a depth of 22cm.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Do you remove take away old mattress

Answer: We do take old mattresses away at an extra cost.Thank you for your question.

What's the difference between the Beaumont and Orchard king size mattresses other than the outer finished material?

Answer: This will be the major difference between the mattress.Many thanks for the question.

How is the mattress delivered/packaged? Is it rolled or delivered flat?

Answer: This is delivered packaged as is, it is not rolled. Thanks, Dreams.

Hi What is return policy in case it's not comfortable for me??

Answer: We are currently offer a 100 night comfort guarantee.

Can I sleep on the mattress straight away once its delivered?

Answer: This mattress is suitable to be used straight away.

Can I use the maitland single mattress on an ottoman bed?

Answer: Yes, the Maitland is suitable for ottoman beds.

How many springs in a double please?

Answer: The double sized mattress contains 858 springs.

Could you advise me the size of the draws for this bed please

Answer: Length - 70 cm Width - 44cm Depth - 12cm Many thanks for the question.

Single divan can I have 2 drawers on one side of the divan

Answer: This will come with two drawers on one side.Many thanks for the question.

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