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Simply Bensons Lyndon Options Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 10 customer reviews

Simply Bensons Lyndon Options Mattress

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What Makes The Simply Bensons Lyndon Options Mattress Great?

"Accessible price and very pleased with the delivery speed. Arrived 2 weeks after ordering in Southampton store. We use this for our guest bedroom and guests all say they sleep well."

Made in Britain

These are made and manufactured in the Great Britain, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine Great Britain manufacturing.

5-year guarantee

This is an exceptional guarantee that is fairly uncommon within the industry, this shows that the retailer and supplier both have huge confidence in the product that they are selling. Any problems in the first 5 years? Call them and they will sort it.

Great Value Divan Set and Mattress

High Quality Woven Quilted Fabric

People invest a lot of time in making sure that their base layer is firm enough and that their top layer is comfortable, but people put very little time and effort into the cover, and, surprisingly, the cover can be one of the most important parts. The right cover can determine longevity, cleanliness, keeping too hot, keeping too cool and much more. In this instance, we've got a high quality woven quilted fabric cover. This cover is both durable and hard wearing while still being soft enough to offer a degree of comfort. 

Medium Support - Comfort Rating 3

A medium tension mattress like this is the goldilocks of mattress tensions. Not too soft, nor too firm, medium is typically suitable for the vast majority of people that are looking for a good nights sleep. If you are of average build without back or neck problems, this should be a suitable product. If you are of lower BMI and a side sleeper, consider a softer mattress, whereas if you are of a higher BMI and suffer neck and back pain, consider a firmer tension.

Super supportive edge-to-edge system to maximise sleep area

an edge to edge system in mattresses basically helps to ensure rigidity in the sides of the mattress. This is important as many lower quality mattresses lack this feature and almost push you out of the bed when you get too close to the edge, preventing you from being able to utilise the full sleeping area. 

Dual performance White Eco Fibre layer for dual firmness

White Eco fibres are extra-breathable and made from 100% recyclable materials like plastic bottles and other recyclable materials, all of which bring enhanced comfort at a price that won't cost the planet, or you, for a good nights sleep

Quilted Top Layer of White Fibre Fillings for added comfort

White fibre fillings are great because they are largely hypo-allergenic while still being soft and comfortable. A fine addition to any bedroom for allergy sufferers and still a great choice for those looking for an additional bit of comfort in a mattress.

Easy-care no turn, rotate only mattress

Rotating the mattress remains an important step in maintenance. The comfort and support layers of a mattress settle over time and it is necessary to rotate at certain periods to help reduce risk of dipping while you sleep in the same patterns and locations across the mattress.

BSI - British Standard Kitemark™ accreditated

The British Standard Kitemark is a standard produced by the BSI Group which is incorporated under a royal charter for safety, relaibility and conformity with British expectations and standards.

Open Coil Mattress

Open Coil, often referred to as traditional spring, is, as the name says, a support layer featuring open coils, often ranging in amount from 200-2000. Open coil mattresses are a fantastic choice for those looking for great value in a product, in part due to their cheaper manufacturing which can be passed onto the consumer. My personal preference leans toward pocket springs, however, you will be unlikely to find better at this price point.

Mattress Height – 22cm


Available in sizes Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double & King

Simply Bensons Collection

Part of the new Simply Bensons Collection. Established in 2020, this range is part of the rebrand of Bensons for Beds own brand mattresses and represents a excellent value for money while using good quality components.

Customer Reviews For The Simply Bensons Lyndon Options Mattress

Based on 10 review

Accessible price and very pleased with the delivery speed. Arrived 2 weeks after ordering in Southampton store. We use this for our guest bedroom and guests all say they sleep well.


"Not too soft and not too firm Was in my budget and comfortable Would recommend"


Not too soft and not too firm Was in my budget and comfortable Would recommend


Excellent bed and an eco bed at fantastic prices.


Slept like a baby thaks to bensons for beds


Great service so pleased


Comfortable mattress


Fantasic prices

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