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Dream Catcher Pocket Sprung Kids’ Mattress

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becky says

The first in a new range of children's branded mattresses. This mattress from Little Big Dreams, named the Dream Catcher sure has a lot we can talk about. 

The main thing that stands out from the outset with this product is that it comes with a proper pocket spring support system. Gone are the foam bases that offer a compromise in support, you're literally getting a pocket spring base, as used in premium adult mattresses and at a price point that doesn't break the bank.

You'll be pleased to know that the fillings and everything around them all feature hypoallergenic qualities meaning that you shouldn't have your child experiencing any additional difficulties while sleeping on this mattress.

Finally, the most important bit, this mattress is waterproof with the inner cover protecting the core of the mattress from any accidents. Further to that you have a water repellent outer cover that can be wiped clean without issue. When that's not enough, the outer cover is actually removable and can be washed separately without issue. That's three separate preventative measures to help ensure that there is little discomfort and little inconvenience to those mistakes that can happen.

Reviews for the mattress are good, with parents across the UK proving to be very happy with the protection and comfort the mattress gives their child. Reviews come in at an impressive 200+ at time of review with 95% of parents happy with their purchase. Positive mentions include the ease of wipe down for unpleasant accidents and spills accompanied with delight regarding the mattresses low price and well-measured support for their child. People are also opting to utilise this mattress in a bunk bed due to its low height which brings it in line with many requirements around height limitations within the industry.

 Negative reviews are fairly hard to come by with the main complaint being that the plastic wipe-clean sheeting can be particularly grating on the ears if you are not in the mood for it. This is unfortunately a by-product of the hygienic cover and its efficiency which is what makes it not quite silent if your child tosses and turns near you. I'd argue it's better than trying to get a urine-drenched mattress dry but you'll need to make your own conclusions.

How does it feel?

Firmness of The Dream Catcher Pocket Sprung Kids’ Mattress depends on bodyweight. Adjust your weight below to get an indication of how it may feel. Remember though that firmness is entirely subjective.
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Reasons to Buy

One of the better child mattresses we have reviewed.

Good quality pocket springs just like adult mattresses.

A great in-between for kids aged 5 and over.

Impressive 40 night sleep guarantee.

Reasons to Avoid

Limited sizing given that it is for children and as such only a single is available but no cot options in this particular model.

Pricier than other options on the market, albeit others do not have such high quality.

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Of The Dream Catcher Pocket Sprung Kids’ Mattress
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Key Performance Indicators KPI question mark

Our Key Performance Indicators are produced using a combination of specification-heavy algoritmic data points and user reviews. For example, a firm pocket spring support layer is more breathable and offers better back support but may prove unsuitable for side sleepers, the reverse is true for a soft-medium tension reflex foam support layer. This is one of 100+ datapoints considered when generating the below ratings.


*Assuming average weight, suitability will vary dependant on body type, use the quiz above for a more tailored guide.
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  • The amount of support offered from a mattress will vary depending on the firmness of the tension and the type of support layer used. Based on a person of average build.
  • Side Sleepers
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  • Stomach Sleepers
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  • Breathability
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  • Turning on mattress
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  • Stability
  • Depending on the type of support layer in place can have an impact on stability, edge to edge support and roll together prevention. Pocket springs of a firmer tension will have better stability than open coil soft tension, for example.


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Of The Dream Catcher Pocket Sprung Kids’ Mattress
Brand: Little Big Dreams
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good

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What Makes The Dream Catcher Pocket Sprung Kids’ Mattress Great?

Supportive pocket spring mattress combined with anti-allergy fabric

Pocket Spring is one of the better spring systems used in mattresses. Offering a much better level of support than foam or open coil springs, this sort of mattress will last for a fairly long time while ensuring you stay comfortable and supported.

Hypoallergenic qualities for the most sensitive skins

The materials used in this mattress are combined to create a product that is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction

Heat regulation for that extra level of comfort

A heat-sensitive mattress is a safer alternative to traditional models. It reacts to your body temperature, preventing overheating and discomfort. It helps to regulate your body temperature, leading to a more comfortable sleep.

Waterproof inner cover and water repellent outer cover to keep fresh

Waterproof backed has both pros and cons. The pro is that you won't find yourself with a soiled or sodden mattress. The con though is that a mattress is meant to breath, it's part of the comfort of the product that you might find gets lost

Removable and washable cover at 60°C

The benefit of being removable is that you are not stuck with unsightly stains that you cannot get out of your mattress. Cat being sick on the mattress? No dramas, throw it in the washing.

PVC Free

Commonly a specification found in Air-Mattresses and can be toxic, as it’s quite common for PVC to cause irritation to the eyes, nose and throat, and also cause headaches and nausea. That's why this mattress has been made free of any PVC ensuring that those that do suffer from the aforementioned when confronted with PVC can still get a sound nights sleep.

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Depth: 15cm

15cm depth is considered fairly slim for a mattress but don't let that put you off, it's still plenty of room for good quality materials and also is largely regarded as being suitable for bunk beds (though this may depend on your bunk bed)

About Little Big Dreams

Little Big Dreams is part of the Dreams workshop and mainly targeted towards children's mattresses. The quality is considered good and, with UK based manufacturing, you can be assured of the best quality components crafted in safe working environments. 

Anti-allergy fabric

If you are prone to allergic reactions then anti-allergy fabric is really important to help aid your sleep. Generally, when talking about the term of 'anti-allergy' within the mattress and bedding industry we're talking about products that have anti-dust mite qualities. 

Supportive pocket springs

The ideal choice in construction when choosing a mattress, pocket sprung mattresses offer, in our opinion, the best combination of support and comfort. The number of pocket springs can be equally important however


This product is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction. Ideal if you suffer from any sort of allergy problems

Waterproof inner cover & water repellent outer cover to help keep fresh

The water repellent cover is ideal for small accidents and spills, helping to keep the mattress hygienic and fresh for many years to come.

15cm depth

15cm depth is considered fairly slim for a mattress but don't let that put you off, it's still plenty of room for good quality materials and also is largely regarded as being suitable for bunk beds (though this may depend on your bunk bed)

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Customer Reviews For The Dream Catcher Pocket Sprung Kids’ Mattress

Based on 286 reviews
Thank you

From start to finish the service I received was superb. I visited to Worcester store where James was able to advise me on various options and considerations to make. I went away for a few day and returned to meet James again who was able to listen and advise on my requirements, place the order whilst maintaining great communication with my 2 young sons at the same time. My 3 year old sons walked away incredibly happy with a new book each and knowing they would be having new beds soon. James was amazing and a true asset to the company. Communication on the run up to delivery was faultless. At delivery there was some water damage to one of the packages, the excellent 2 man crew were able to advise me straight away on the next process which they were able to handle themselves so required no effort from me. The replacement for the damaged packaged arrived exactly when I was informed it would be with a great crew again. Thank you for making what could have been a stressful decision incredibly easy. It was a joy to buy from you, thank you!

Great until 9 months later

Bought this mattress for my son's first proper bed after his cotbed and it sounded great that it will conform to a growing child. Unfortunately I noticed over time that the memory foam gets caught under the springs and creates a compressed look and feel on the edge of the bed. I turned it around hoping it would sort itself out but the same happened on the other side. Dreams are very good with sorting out an insurance claim against it so well worth the 25 for peace of mind. Hindsight, should have bought my son a proper adult's mattress instead of a "child's" one.

3.5 stars really: Comfortable, to a point

I bought this for my 3.5 year old, his first "big boy bed". He likes it. He hasn't tested its built in removable protector's waterproofing (yet!)...but I'm pleased that it's not a noisy mattress to sleep on, like other mattress protectors can be. only 3.5 stars because, despite being pocket-sprung, the sturdiness of the mattress doesn't extend to the edges, they're very soft, too close to the outer-edge and he's going to fall out of bed. I thought a pocket-sprung mattress would prevent that; it certainly does on my own.


Fantastic mattress, and fantastic service. It was delivered during lockdown about a month ago and the delivery man actually lifted it into my porch for me which was great. I bought this mattress for my 4 year olds new bed its so comfy and love the added features. She had been sleeping in my bed every other night, as soon as the mattress was ready to go shes totally forgot about snuggling up with me and slept on her lovely new mattress every night

Phenomenal matress for the kids room

After our almost 4 year old had slept on a "budget" matress for about 2years we decided to upgrade her matress. Visited the store and had excellent help. 10 days later the matress was delivered. Our daughter has slept great since. She appears much more comfortable and rested in the morning. The matress is great quality and even holds up when the kids are jumping or I take an afternoon snooze while they are playing. Would highly recommend!!

Excellent service all round

I got great support in the Leamington Spa store from Mike when I was looking at options for my daughters new single bed. She is only 2 so I needed something that would suit the toddler stage but still grow with her for the next few years. The advice was great and I am very happy with the service and quality of the product, my favourite part is the fact you can unzip the top layer to wash it. I was also happy with the very quick delivery.

Perfect first mattress

Bought this for my daughters first single size bed after her cotbed. Very comfy for her. It comes with a waterproof protector on the cover which I didnt realise made a plastic rustling noise when she moves on it. If I had been buying in store I wouldnt have chosen this bed, but due to the lockdown I wasnt able to see before buying. Its perfect if your child is prone to bedtime accidents, but mine isnt.

Comfortable yet firm

I bought this mattress for my childrens first bunk bed, initially I was worried they were too thin but on lying on them to read stories etc they are actually just perfect. Comfortable yet firm enough (for young children). My kids adore them and my daughter is finally sleeping through the night. The removable, washable top layer is also ideal for the venture into no nappies!

Top marks!

I bought this mattress for my 7 year old daughter to replace an old spring one that she'd had since she was 3. I am so impressed with the quality of this mattress for the price! My daughter tends to sweat a lot whilst asleep so the removable waterproof layer helps to wick the sweat away and protects the mattress too! Very happy with this purchase and would recommend! A++

Light, comfortable, easy

Weve had this mattress for a month. Delivery was fine, no issues for the delivery people to carry it to the third floor. The mattress itself is very light, which (eventually) will make it easy for our son to make his own bed. The zip-off waterproof cover is a nice feature, it brings peace of mind, of course, you have to be able to clean and dry it efficiently.

Great quality and practical

Bought 3 of these mattresses a month ago for my daughters (age 4, 3, and 1) they all sleep really well on them and the zip off protector is handy in case of any accidents. When I laid on one it felt quite soft but I am 11 stone, guess as a child it must feel considerably firmer. Define feel its worth the money over the other cheaper 2 in the range

A fantastic mattress!

I bought this mattress two years ago for my daughter. Its comfortable and so easy to clean. The top layer zips off and can be washed and dried and back on the bed within a day. Perfect for accidents and ideal to keep clean and dust free. I was so impressed that Ive just bought another one for my son after he transferred from a toddler bed.

Good for kids still not fully dry at night.

Bought for a 7yr old who still has occasional accidents so this mattress is good because of the water resistant layer. Other reviews say it's quite noisy when they move on it but I didn't think it was that bad. Only negative is that when I tried out the mattress the sides aren't than supported so you tend to roll off if too near the edge.

Kids Mattress

I bought this mattress for my 11 year old son after being assured by Dreams that this was an excellent childs mattress. In hindsight, I should have bought him an adult mattress as I didn't appreciate that there is a waterproof layer sewed onto the top of the mattress beneath the zipped cover that is quite noisy when you turn on the bed.


Bought for my 3 year old son who at first was apprehensive to switch from his toddler bed, but loved it after his first try and he has very comfortable sleeps. The zip off cover is a great addition for any accidents, and easy to clean. I'd still recommend having an additional cover so that the zip off cover acts as a backup.

Very pleased with our selection

We brought this mattress to go with our 3-year old daughters new bed frame. We selected the deeper mattress and wanted it to be waterproof which this one is. It also has a removable, washable cover. Pleased with the quality and look of the mattress. Its fairly soft but as she is only 3 years old its perfect.


This is a great good quality mattress for a childs bed. The removable top layer is a great idea (in case of accidents) and the mattress is very comfortable, it would probably be too soft for an adult but my daughter loves it. Great service too, delivered promptly and on time on the specified day. Many thanks.

Perfect for my 4 year old

Child loves it since moving up from a toddler bed mattress. Appears soft to an Adult but with the weight of Child is firm enough. Removable top sheet is an excellent feature. We looked at cheaper options but once you consider the cost across the lifespan of the mattress it's worth paying for the best.

Perfect for little ones

We brought this 3 weeks ago as my son as he got a new bed He has slept really well and through the night since sleeping on this in his words I love my new mattress is it so comfy We like that it is great for little ones as the cover is removable and also waterproof in case of any accidents

So comfortable

I bought two of these, one deeper and one less, for my sons new bunk bed...he's just moved up from his toddler bed and told me he's so warm and comfortable on his new bed and slept well.Great design making the cover washable in case of accidents at night...comfortable child, happy parent!!

Comfy matress

Great mattress. Very comfy for my 3 year old. The waterproof cover is perfect for accidents. It can be easily removed and washes well. Definitely protects the mattress which saves worrying about the matress getting ruined. Worth the money. Quick easy purchase and delivery through Dreams.

Perfect mattress!

I bought this to replace our 7 yr olds mattress which had become very uncomfortable. This mattress is specially designed for little growing ones and so far, our daughter has had beautiful uninterrupted sleep all night! And the zip off cover is very useful just in case of any accidents!

Great Mattress!

I bought this mattress for my 4 year old son as hed outgrown his kids bed and wasnt sleeping very well. Service was great and delivery was prompt as promised. It has made a huge diffrance to his sleep and I cant give a better review than his words which where its so comfy....

Comfortable and practical

Comfortable and supportive bed for a child or small adult (I have tested it!) and like the washable cover. I would have preferred a little more padding on the top of the bed which is why it is not 5 star but I am happy with my purchase and 3 year old thinks it is very comfortable.

Bought for a spare bed but really comfy

I bought 2 of these mattresses for my new trundle bed, they were on sale but better quality than the ones provided originally. I had a very comfortable nights sleep on the trundle bed on this mattress, it was worth the extra money. Quite firm but that's what I want to sleep on.

Fantastic topper

I bought this mattress about a month ago for my 6year old son. Thank goodness I did as he had an accident the first night and the topper was so easily removed and washed and the waterproof cover underneath was wiped over. So the mattress stays new and fresh, simply brilliant.

Over joyed 9 year old!

Our nine year old son is overjoyed with his new mattress. Its fits the top level of his bunk bed perfectly. Having upgraded from a standard foam IKEA mattress, the difference in comfort is massive for him. He is no longer complaint of back pain and stiffness. Thank you!

Fantastic style

Bought this for when my young grandchildren come to stay with me. It's perfect. Comfortable, great materials and finish, and a clever design that does away with the need for an uncomfortable (hot) waterproof cover in case of 'accidents'. Very pleased with my purchase.

Lovely comfy mattress

mattress is so comfy. Bought for my daughter who gets hot, this heat regulating mattress is lovely. She is not hot as much and sleeps so well. It is a soft mattress but is ideal for my daughter. The delivery was perfect and they were very friendly and professional.

Perfect mattress for my 3 year old toddler! :0)

Great mattress and my 3 year old finds it comfortable. The zippable top cover was a must for me for when accident happens and there is not many single mattresses out there that offer this feature. Would highly recommend and it seems to be a favourite with mums! :0)

Toddlers new bed

I bought this 1 month ago and my daughter sleeps very well on it I love the fact that my toddler is potty training and if she has any accidents its easy removed and washed and put back together as its wet Perot without the noise of a plastic bag I just love it

Better than expected!

Needed a thin mattress for my son (so his seizure alarm that goes under the mattress still works) and this is perfect, really comfy I have to say I'm really surprised by the quality. I would go as far as to say... perfect for any young child's first big bed!

Perfect pocket springs!

We bought this mattress two weeks ago for my daughters first big girl bed. So happy with the quality - the pocket springs completely do what they say! You can sit down on it and not feel yourself getting up. Brilliant; so pleased. Would highly recommend.

Extra Deep Kids Mattress Worth the Extra

Excellent, ticks all the boxes for the perfect kid's mattress: Removable top cover, pocket sprung, waterproof & hypoallergenic. Worth spending a bit extra to get this extra deep version as all mattresses lose a few centimetres in height after a few years.

Comfortable mattress!

We bought this mattress for our 4 year old daughter, to go on her first big girl bed! Extremely comfortable and she is now even sleeping in until gone 7am!! That is priceless! Very pleased with the purchase and the delivery service - thank you Dreams!

Perfect for what we needed!

We wanted a pocket sprung mattress for our 3 year old boys new bedroom, but also one with a removable cover for washing. This mattress just ticked all the boxes where other ones just didnt! Very comfortable & hes slept well in it every night so far!

Excellent bed with advatages

We bought this to replace a new Stompa mattress which we were not happy with. This is exceptionally comfortable, although slightly more expensive. Worth that extra in my opinion. The removable cover is a great idea for children and would recommend.


My 7 year old daughter finds this comfortable enough. I personally find it rock hard! I would say it is adequate for a child but it is not a high enough quality mattress for an adult in my view. It is good for the price and if it is for a child.

Great product

We brought this mattress for our 2 year old. Me and my husband are very impressed with this mattress it is so comfortable, even has a topper so if our daughter was to have an accident or was sick we can wash it. We both would highly recommend

Great mattress, great comms

Great mattress, great comms. The team kept me up to date almost daily. Checking in on how best to deliver. If anyone has symptoms etc. The delivery team called before as promised and delivered on time. My son loves his first big boy mattress


I brought this few weeks ago and my kids were so happy , few days later the true test came , my daughter was sick over it. Removed the protector and was amazed nothing went through , the protector washed and didnt even leave a mark..... superb

Early days but looking good

This was bought for my daughter for her brand new mid sleeper bed. The mattress seems to be good quality and she's slept very well since it's been in use. It's a little pricey but it does appear to be well made and I'm expecting it to last.

Extremely comforatble

I purchased this for my 3 year old son who mas moving from a cot bed into a 'big boy' bed and we are delighted we did. He has slept brilliantly and even we've had to wake him up in the morning a few times - an absolute first in our house!

Comfortable and handy waterproof layer

A comfortable mattress with a useful feature for kids which allows you to zip off the top waterproof layer to wash. Looks attractive and comes in two sizes - the bed we got from Next needed the European Single which was hard to find.

Super comfy and good for jumping!

We bought two of these for our two boys new mid sleeper beds. Theyre really comfy and very well made. The boys climb all over them and love jumping up and down during the day. Would recommend as a good mattress for your little ones!

Perfect for little accidents

My girls love this new mattress, it is very comfortable and with the top cover fully removable with a zip, it is very easy to clean when you have a small accident. Highly recommended! It is also just perfect size for high sleepers.

Little dreams dream catcher

Decide to buy 2 of theses for a bunk bed for my 3 and 5 Yr old, excellent purchase they sleep really well in them, and the 3 Yr old is just getting use to wearing no night time pull ups so having a removal cover to wash is ideal.

Comfortable, quality matress

Bought this as the bottom bed in a bunk bed for our daughter. Delivered when stated and fits great. I usually sit in bed with her to read and we both find it very comfy. Shes not wanted to come out of her bed since we got it!

Super matress

I bought this a month ago for my 4 year olds cabin bed. He is very comfortable in it. The slightly lower depth keeps him safe without compromise on comfort & the removable waterproof cover is a great extra feature if needed.


Bought a fes weeks ago for my 8 year old daughter to fit in her high sleeper. Lovely medium firmness mattress. She has had very comfortable nights sleep. The removable cover looks quality. Happily recommended this mattress.

Dream catcher mattress

The mattress is great, very spongy and perfect for toddlers. We havent tested the waterproof aspect of the bed test and hoping not to have to. Slightly more expensive than we were hoping but overall a very good mattress

Really lovely quality mattress

Really pleased so far with this mattress. We bought for our son who is 4 and even though its advertised as a childrens mattress you can tell it is still of a great quality and should last a lot of years. A great price too

A must for a first mattress !

Fantastic first mattress for little ones! Bought one 3 yrs ago for #1 and had no hesitation acquiring a 2nd with #2. Too cover easily detached along with a waterproof cover is invaluable. Both boys love there big boy beds

Dream Catcher is a Dream

I brought my son a Dream Catcher mattress about three years ago (2019), I have been so impressed with it that I have just brought one for my younger daughter (2022) for her first proper bed, as she moved from her cot.

Fab mattress

Bought 2 of the same mattresses for bunk beds. One was damaged on delivery. Dreams were very good and quick at replacing. The mattresses themselves are really comfortable, good material and would definitely recommend

Lovely Mattress

Bought to go with Bed and very pleased and how comfortable this single mattress is my little Granson loves his new Bed and mattress so Im happy with that . He sleeps like a dream in his new Bed . Thank you Dreams .

Nice and bouncy mattress

The mattress is nice especially the waterproof layer which is easy to remove and wash.It's very springy and my son loves to bounce on it. Only downside that the mattress sinks and it's not sturdy around the edges.

Great Matress

I bought this matress for my daughters first big girl bed. I love that if she were to have an accident I can unzip and wash the first layer and it has the barrier to prevent it soaking through the whole mattress.

Very comfy

We bought this a month ago for my little Girl. She's not fuly night trained so the zip off washable cover is a great feature. Also at times we get in bed with her, and the matress is very comfortable to sleep on.

Best for sleeping and bouncing

My little girl (3.5) loves this mattress. Its much softer compared to her old mattress but still fine for her body size and weight. Its pocket sprung so its comfortable for sleeping and great fun for bouncing

perfect for little ones

We bought these mattresses for when our grandchildren stay. Love that even if there is an accident and the waterproof cover is removed the mattress is still waterproof underneath. Brilliant idea for young ones.

Lovely Mattress

I bought this mattress for my toddler. Its lovely and comfortable and toddler sleeps well on it. The built in mattress protector with zip is an excellent feature. I can see this mattress lasting a long time.

Kids sleeping better at night

We bought two of these to go with our boys new bunk bed. They absolutely love them and sleep longer because of them. It's also got a built in mattress protector for my younger boy who has just gone nappy free.

Mattress that my daughter needed

Dreams has experience in what a child need for a good sleep and this mattress ticks all boxes: comfortable and durable and it is designed with kids in mind (extra water resistant layer and washable cover).

Comfortable and durable

Daughter has been sleeping on this mattress for nearly a month and seems to be sleeping well, so must be comfortable for her! Good sturdy mattress, that looks well constructed and will last the duration.

Nice Finish

Its really nice for kids my son love this mattress. Delivery was not very good as expected no communication no phone call bang here is your mattress 6:45 in the morning then bye hmmm is that it ok may be

Grandson's new mattress

Bought this to go with my grandson's new bed. Although he had a single bed, decided that he needed a new mattress. This one was a good price, is well made, comfortable, what more could a growing lad want?

Good features

I purchased this a few weeks ago for my 4 year olds new bed, he is really happy with it & not had a problem adjusting to the new mattress. Love the fact that the top is removable in case of an accident.

Fantastic Matress

Bought for my Son's new cabin bed fits perfect excellent support and great features with the washable covers very pleased with purchase and so is my son tells me he has had a great nights sleep each day

Very comfortable

We brought 2 for our childrens bunk beds so pleased with the delivery service and quality of purchase would definitely recommend to others! Much more comfortable than the previous mattresses we owned.

Great quality

We bought this mattress a few months ago for our little boys 1st "big boy bed". It's very comfortable and has a great removable / washable top with waterproof top underneath. Would highly recommend

Bunk bed mattress

I purchased this mattress for my sons top bunk and its the perfect thickness, as you have you have a slightly thinner mattress on top because of the safety rail. He loves it and says its very comfy

Great mattress!

I bought this to go with a cabin bed for my son who up until now hasnt slept well at all. I now have to wake him in the morning as he is so comfortable! Great purchase, delivery and overall product.

Dream catcher pocket sprung mattress

This is the second mattress we have purchased as we were so impressed with the safety features, quality and comfort. We have found it to be perfect choice for our grandchildren who love their beds.

New matrices for kids

We got 2 of these for our 2 youngest girls. ( they destroyed their matrices. They seem to really love these. One point to note. Is they are wider than their beds. So going to need new beds for them

Dream catcher pocket sprung mattress kids mattress

Perfect mattress for a child moving to her first single size bed, The removable washable cover is a nice touch, and adds confidence that if there is any ' accidents' it won't damage the mattress

So comfortable

I bought this matteress 3 weeks as my girls old matteress was old and she wasnt sleeping well. Got this one and its so comfy, I am now happy to sleep in with her if she does have a nightmare.

Great Kids Mattress

I bought this mattress for my four-year old for her new full-sized bed. It seems very good quality and she is sleeping well on it. We have already used the removable cover after an accident!

Very pleased

Bought one of these mattresses for our daughter a couple of years ago when she moved to her big girl bed and has no doubt that we would get the same for our son. A very comfortable mattress.

First big girl mattress!!!

Bought as first mattress for my daughter transitioning to a big girl bed. She loves it and sleeps very well in it. Plenty room for Mum or Dad for story time. Very comfortable and good value.

Toddler mattress

Great mattress, easy to wash for toddlers who are potty training with the removable topper and waterproof cover underneath. Happy with this purchase and would buy again for my second child.

Mattress quality

Early days but appears to be good quality, nice and firm plus my nearly 9 year old son says its very comfortable and thats whats important. Reasonable price and washable cover is a bonus

Good mattress

Comfortable and has a zip off piece to allow cleaning. Much thicker than I expected, my little girl really likes it and makes nap times / bedtimes much easier as she wants to be in the bed.

Brilliant Matress!

Brought this mattress for my 4 year old, she loves it! She had no problems adjusting to it and I feel she sleeps better now. The cover is washable too which is handy is case of an accident.


Purchased a few weeks ago for my three year old. Excellent quality mattress. Yes there's cheaper ones around but I'd rather pay the extra and have something top quality for my daughter.

Very Comfortable

We bought this mattress for my son, Its very comfortable and we live the zip off top feature for cleaning. He is really happy with it and has made transition to bigger bed really easy.

Great mattress now our 6 year old goes to bed!

The mattress we previously had came with the bed we bought and was low quality, springs popping out everywhere. This new mattress is much better quality; firmer and much more comfy.

Very comfy

My 7 year old needed a new mattress and this one looked good - I liked the washable cover idea. She is very happy and says it is much more comfortable and has been lying in more too!

Reasonable children's matress

It has a cover that can be washed. This matress seems okay. I sat on it and it felt thinner than expected but it isn't made for an adults weight and it seems comfortable for my child.

Great mattress

I bought this a month ago as my Granddaughter found her mattress too firm. What a find! This mattress provides support yet still feels soft and comfortable, excellent quality too.

Very comfy for my 12-year-old son

I bought this for my sons cabin bunk bed as he had been complaining his old one was uncomfortable. He says its really comfy and now sleeps much better! Id definitely recommend.

Very impressed

I visited the showroom and was impressed with the measures in place for COVID. The advice we were given influenced our purchase and we have been so impressed with the purchase.


We recently purchased 2 of these mattresses as we brought bunk beds. Amazing quality, great for young children incase they have an accident easy to wash and remove the topper.

Excellent Mattress

Bought this for my 9 year old son, extremely comfortable, perfect fit for single bed. The outer layer protection for any accidents during the nights is also a great feature.

Quality mattress

I bought this to go in the mid sleeper bed we purchased from dreams. Fits snuggly in the bed with no big gaps left down the sides of the frame. Very comfortable to sleep on.

Comfy mattress

Very pleased with this mattress, it feels high quality and is comfy for a child. Pleased I went for the 20cm deep version as it will last longer and sheets will fit better.

5 star quality mattress

Very comfortable and our little one sleeps all night now. Very impressed also with the zip off cover - easy to wash in case of accidents. I would highly recommend. 5 star!

Three year old son said how comfy it was

When I first built the bed and added the new mattress I was struggling to get my son to jump in but once he did he said how comfy it was and he slept the night through.

Excellent mattress

I bought this product 6 weeks ago and have been delighted with it. My grandchildren look forward to going to bed and that gives me some peace at the end of the day!

Great mattress

Looks and feels great, comfortable to sleep in. Love that has removable cover, great for washing it.not too heavy. Love the colour too. Fits perfecty on single bed.

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Questions and Answers About The Dream Catcher Pocket Sprung Kids’ Mattress

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

After how long is it advisable to replace this mattress?

Answer: We have a replace every 8 campaign, meaning replacing every 8 years.However, because this is a kids mattress it depends on your personal preference too. Your child may outgrow it as they get older/if they have accidents in the night and you want to replace it earlier this is up to you.To prolong the life of your mattress you can purchase mattress protectors, and this mattress already comes with a removable and washable cover to keep it as fresh as possible for longer.Thank you.

Can you please explain your mattress tension definitions please. I thought anyone under 8 st should have a soft tension mattress. This would be all children, Medium is for 8-12 stone isn't it? Thanks

Answer: This is a kids mattress and therefore the comfort grating is based off children weights and how a child would feel while lying on this mattress, so despite their lighter weight this will feel medium for them. Medium grade mattresses will give growing children enough support, while still feeling comfortable.

Would this mattress be suitable for an adult

Answer: Good Evening,This mattress is only available in a Euro Single size which is slightly longer than a standard single mattress making it ideal for children's bunks. As a result, although adults are able to use this mattress, it will not fit a standard single frame and therefore may not be suitable for your intended use.

What is the warranty for this mattress?

Answer: This mattress comes with a 1 year guarantee. We do offer the option of extending that to 8 years with the bed cover warrantee. If you would like more information please take a look at the Bed cover information page. Alternatively you can call the Telesales or customer service team for more details.

We need a mattress less than 20cm deep to help when we are putting on shoes. What choice to you offer?

Answer: We do have a few different mattress options that might suit your needs. I would advise that you pop to a local Dreams showroom to try the mattresses as they will all feel different and we want to find you the perfect mattress.

I have this mattress for my toddler, can you buy just the top zip layer on it's own? My toddler is currently learning to sleep without nappies and it would be great if we could get the top zip section as would save purchasing more waterproof bed sheets.

Answer: Unfortunately we are not able to offer the option to purchase the top zip layer alone. This top panel is completely waterproof as well as removable and washable so hence will protect against any accidents.

What size fitted sheet would you recommend for the 15cm depth mattress please? I would like a snug fit without having excess material to tuck underneath ie a flat sheet

Answer: Unfortunately we do not sell any fitted sheets to suit this mattress. We would just advise you would need a standard uk single size sheet with the closest measurement to the depth of 15cm's.

I would like to know if you do caravan roll up mattress

Answer: This mattress comes in a Standard UK or EU size. Depending on the space the mattress is going in the this may be suitable. It unfortunately does not come rolled.

What has the mattress been treated with to make it anti allergy?

Answer: This mattress has not been treated with anything to make it Anti allergy. The materials used are natural making it less likely for sufferers to have reactions.

Hi, will this matress be the best option for my soon to be 3 yr olds single bed. Will this be the best one to suit his back?

Answer: This mattress is supportive and has been designed for children suitable for the next step from a cot or toddler bed.

Spring count - in answers to questions above you have answered that there are 140 pocket springs, and 450 pocket springs. Please could you confirm how many pocket springs in the 15cm deep mattress?

Answer: We apologise for any confusion caused here - we can confirm that there are 450 pocket springs in this mattress.

Once waterproof side is no longer needed can you flip this mattress to allow child to sleep on quilted side?

Answer: The waterproof layer is underneath the quilted cover. There is no need to flip the mattress.Kind Regards,Giedre

Is this mattress ok for a bunk bed please?

Answer: The depth of this mattress is 15cm and therefore would be suitable for use with a bunk bed.

Is this 20cm deep mattress suitable for use with your bunk beds?

Answer: Mattresses for use on bunk beds or mid sleepers should be 15cm in depth or below.

Our single bed frame measures 192cm by 91cm in its cavity. Will this mattress fit?

Answer: Yes, this mattress should fit any standard 3'0 single bed frame.

Can you just purchase the top zipped section?

Answer: Good MorningUnfortunately the cover is not available to purchase on it's own.

Hi, what fabric is this made of please?

Answer: The cover is made with polyester and polycotton. .

answer the weight of this matt is 6.7kg

Answer: Good Evening,Yes, this is the correct weight for this mattress.

What is the waterproof layer made from please?

Answer: The waterproof layer is made from Polypropylene.Many thanks, Dreams

How many springs in this mattress?

Answer: There are 450 springs in this mattress.

what is the weight of this matt

Answer: The weight of this mattress is 6.7kg.

You say your spring count is based on the king size as an average but I cant find a king size for this product- so, how many springs does it have and how thick is the layer on top of them please? Thanks

Answer: This mattress has 450 springs.

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