Little Big Dreams Dream Catcher Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 56 customer reviews

Little Big Dreams Dream Catcher Mattress

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Code: 113-00504
Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 15cm
Updated: 11/12/2019 11:42:55 PM
4/5 - 56 reviews


What Makes It Great

I bought this for my 3.5 year old, his first "big boy bed". He likes it. He hasn't tested its built in removable protector's waterproofing (yet!)...but I'm pleased that it's not a noisy mattress to sleep on, like other mattress protectors can be. only 3.5 stars because, despite being pocket-sprung, the sturdiness of the mattress doesn't extend to the edges, they're very soft, too close to the outer-edge and he's going to fall out of bed. I thought a pocket-sprung mattress would prevent that; it certainly does on my own.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

The benefit of being removable is that you are not stuck with unsightly stains that you cannot get out of your mattress. Cat being sick on the mattress? No dramas, throw it in the washing.

Pocket Spring is one of the better spring systems used in mattresses. Offering a much better level of support than foam or open coil springs, this sort of mattress will last for a fairly long time while ensuring you stay comfortable and supported.

Waterproof backed has both pros and cons. The pro is that you won't find yourself with a soiled or sodden mattress. The con though is that a mattress is meant to breath, it's part of the comfort of the product that you might find gets lost

Questions and Answers

After how long is it advisable to replace this mattress?

Answer: Hi , We have a replace every 8 campaign, meaning replacing every 8 years. However, because this is a kids mattress it depends on your personal preference too. Your child may outgrow it as they get older/if they have accidents in the night and you want to replace it earlier this is up to you. To prolong the life of your mattress you can purchase mattress protectors, and this mattress already comes with a removable and washable cover to keep it as fresh as possible for longer. Thank you.

Would this mattress be suitable for an adult

Answer: Good Evening, This mattress is only available in a Euro Single size which is slightly longer than a standard single mattress making it ideal for children's bunks. As a result, although adults are able to use this mattress, it will not fit a standard single frame and therefore may not be suitable for your intended use. Kind Regards, Dreams

I would like to know if you do caravan roll up mattress

Answer: Good afternoon, This mattress comes in a Standard UK or EU size. Depending on the space the mattress is going in the this may be suitable. It unfortunately does not come rolled. Kind Regards, Dreams

Spring count - in answers to questions above you have answered that there are 140 pocket springs, and 450 pocket springs. Please could you confirm how many pocket springs in the 15cm deep mattress?

Answer: We apologise for any confusion caused here - we can confirm that there are 450 pocket springs in this mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

Once waterproof side is no longer needed can you flip this mattress to allow child to sleep on quilted side? 

Answer: Hi , The waterproof layer is underneath the quilted cover. There is no need to flip the mattress. Kind Regards, Giedre

Is this mattress ok for a bunk bed please?

Answer: The depth of this mattress is 15cm and therefore would be suitable for use with a bunk bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this 20cm deep mattress suitable for use with your bunk beds?  

Answer: Mattresses for use on bunk beds or mid sleepers should be 15cm in depth or below. Kind Regards, Dreams

Our single bed frame measures 192cm by 91cm in its cavity. Will this mattress fit?

Answer: Good morning, Yes, this mattress should fit any standard 3'0 single bed frame. Kind regards Dreams

Hi, what fabric is this made of please?

Answer: Good afternoon, The cover is made with polyester and polycotton. Kind Regards, Dreams.

answer the weight of this matt is 6.7kg

Answer: Good Evening, Yes, this is the correct weight for this mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

How many springs in this mattress?

Answer: There are 450 springs in this mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

what is the weight of this matt

Answer: The weight of this mattress is 6.7kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

You say your spring count is based on the king size as an average but I can’t find a king size for this product- so, how many springs does it have and how thick is the layer on top of them please? Thanks

Answer: This mattress has 450 springs. Kind Regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 review

Comfortable yet firm

I bought this mattress for my children’s first bunk bed, initially I was worried they were too thin but on lying on them to read stories etc they are actually just perfect. Comfortable yet firm enough (for young children). My kids adore them and my daughter is finally sleeping through the night. The removable, washable top layer is also ideal for the venture into no nappies!

Light, comfortable, easy

We’ve had this mattress for a month. Delivery was fine, no issues for the delivery people to carry it to the third floor. The mattress itself is very light, which (eventually) will make it easy for our son to make his own bed. The zip-off waterproof cover is a nice feature, it brings peace of mind, of course, you have to be able to clean and dry it efficiently.

Kids Mattress

I bought this mattress for my 11 year old son after being assured by Dreams that this was an excellent childs mattress. In hindsight, I should have bought him an adult mattress as I didn't appreciate that there is a waterproof layer sewed onto the top of the mattress beneath the zipped cover that is quite noisy when you turn on the bed.


This is a great good quality mattress for a child’s bed. The removable top layer is a great idea (in case of accidents) and the mattress is very comfortable, it would probably be too soft for an adult but my daughter loves it. Great service too, delivered promptly and on time on the specified day. Many thanks.

Perfect for my 4 year old

Child loves it since moving up from a toddler bed mattress. Appears soft to an Adult but with the weight of Child is firm enough. Removable top sheet is an excellent feature. We looked at cheaper options but once you consider the cost across the lifespan of the mattress it's worth paying for the best.

So comfortable

I bought two of these, one deeper and one less, for my sons new bunk bed...he's just moved up from his toddler bed and told me he's so warm and comfortable on his new bed and slept well.Great design making the cover washable in case of accidents at night...comfortable child, happy parent!!

Great Mattress!

I bought this mattress for my 4 year old son as he’d outgrown his kids bed and wasn’t sleeping very well. Service was great and delivery was prompt as promised. It has made a huge diffrance to his sleep and I can’t give a better review than his words which where ‘it’s so comfy’....

Comfortable and practical

Comfortable and supportive bed for a child or small adult (I have tested it!) and like the washable cover. I would have preferred a little more padding on the top of the bed which is why it is not 5 star but I am happy with my purchase and 3 year old thinks it is very comfortable.

Comfortable mattress!

We bought this mattress for our 4 year old daughter, to go on her first ‘big girl bed’! Extremely comfortable and she is now even sleeping in until gone 7am!! That is priceless! Very pleased with the purchase and the delivery service - thank you Dreams!

Perfect for what we needed!

We wanted a pocket sprung mattress for our 3 year old boy’s new bedroom, but also one with a removable cover for washing. This mattress just ticked all the boxes where other ones just didn’t! Very comfortable & he’s slept well in it every night so far!

No replacement covers

Sadly the zip off cover for this for damaged and dreams can’t sell me a replacement rendering one of the main features of this mattress lost, replacement zip off covers are essential and I am shocked you can’t help me

Great Matress

I bought this matress for my daughters first big girl bed. I love that if she were to have an accident I can unzip and wash the first layer and it has the barrier to prevent it soaking through the whole mattress.

Very comfy

We bought this a month ago for my little Girl. She's not fuly night trained so the zip off washable cover is a great feature. Also at times we get in bed with her, and the matress is very comfortable to sleep on.

Nice Finish

It’s really nice for kids my son love this mattress. Delivery was not very good as expected no communication no phone call bang here is your mattress 6:45 in the morning then bye hmmm is that it ok may be

Comfortable and durable

Daughter has been sleeping on this mattress for nearly a month and seems to be sleeping well, so must be comfortable for her! Good sturdy mattress, that looks well constructed and will last the duration.

Very comfortable

We brought 2 for our children’s bunk beds so pleased with the delivery service and quality of purchase would definitely recommend to others! Much more comfortable than the previous mattresses we owned.

Great quality

We bought this mattress a few months ago for our little boys 1st "big boy bed". It's very comfortable and has a great removable / washable top with waterproof top underneath. Would highly recommend

Too thin

We tried the thicker / deeper mattress in the shop and got sold the thinner one. It was just too thin and uncomfortable for my 2 years old. We exchanged it for the thicker one which is great.

Toddler mattress

Great mattress, easy to wash for toddlers who are potty training with the removable topper and waterproof cover underneath. Happy with this purchase and would buy again for my second child.


Purchased a few weeks ago for my three year old. Excellent quality mattress. Yes there's cheaper ones around but I'd rather pay the extra and have something top quality for my daughter.

Great mattress now our 6 year old goes to bed!

The mattress we previously had came with the bed we bought and was low quality, springs popping out everywhere. This new mattress is much better quality; firmer and much more comfy.

Great mattress

I bought this a month ago as my Granddaughter found her mattress too firm. What a find! This mattress provides support yet still feels soft and comfortable, excellent quality too.


We recently purchased 2 of these mattresses as we brought bunk beds. Amazing quality, great for young children incase they have an accident easy to wash and remove the topper.

Quality mattress

I bought this to go in the mid sleeper bed we purchased from dreams. Fits snuggly in the bed with no big gaps left down the sides of the frame. Very comfortable to sleep on.

Three year old son said how comfy it was

When I first built the bed and added the new mattress I was struggling to get my son to jump in but once he did he said how comfy it was and he slept the night through.

Excellent mattress

I bought this product 6 weeks ago and have been delighted with it. My grandchildren look forward to going to bed and that gives me some peace at the end of the day!

Great features!

This mattress is perfect - so happy I bought one. My daughter has never slept better and the removable cover prevents any accident stains and is easy to wash!

Very comfortable and high quality

This is self evidently the top of the range kids mattress. Very comfy and supportive. No creaks. Our child sleeps well every night, a real bonus for everyone

Excellent child mattress

I bought this a few weeks ago as my daughter's first full sized mattress. She finds it very comfy to sleep on. The size is perfect for her mid sleeper bed.

Looks good

We bought product over month ago and we are quite happy.Also kids are happy.Not sure if it's really worth price that we paid but looks ok.easy to fit.

Very comfortabe and excellent quality

Bought this for my toddler as his new big boy bed. It is great quality and seems very comfortable. Quite pricey but I feel it will last a long time.


Since buying the mattress my son has woke up every morning saying how amazing his new mattress is and he has slept throughout the night ever since.

Very comfy and love the zip off cover!

I bought this for my 2 and a half year old to go on his new single bed, its lovely and comfy and fits great. Especially like the zip off cover!

Very comfy

Bought it a few weeks ago as next bed for 4 year old. . He has not slept in it yet but his lightweight granny has and she is very impressed!

Great mattress for children

Bought last month. Wee boy loves it. Peace of mind for parents if child has an accident the mattress cover can be removed to be washed.


The child stays in bed all night every night and almost in the same position. Had troubke with her getting up every night !

Comfortable, little one loves his new big boy bed

Little one moved to a new big boy bed and this mattress got tested out fully with jumps. He sleeps much better now.

Great value for money

I bought this mattres for my daughter two weeks ago and she is extremely happy with the comfort of this mattres.

Great mattress

We bought this mattress for top bunk for our son - perfect size and very comfortable. Would highly recommend!

Comfy Bed

Bought the mattress couple of month ago and my daughter sleeps so well on this mattress, super comfy.

Excellent product and real value for money

I am enjoying this product, my back and neck pains are all disappeared. THANK YOU DREAMS

Ver comfy

Great bed for kids, have it on my sons ikea cabin bed and fits great. Good features also

Great features

I bought this few weeks ago. The mattress is the best and feel comfortable good sleep.

Comfortable and practical

This mattress is both comfortable and also has practical zip off cover for washing.

Very comfortable

Bought for my 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter and they both like the product

Plasticy and noisy

Really noisy plasticy sounding mattress. Will be returning and shopping elsewhere.

Brilliant mattress for first big boy’s bed

Great quality and price. Medium firmness our 3 year olds first single bed.

Perfect comfort for our toddler.

Our toddler loves his first big boy mattress, in fact he chose it himself.

Daughter said it's too comfy

I've bought this mattress a couple weeks ago and my daughter loves it.

Lovely and soft

Got it for my 3 year old. He is cosy and comfortable. He loves it.

Good night sleep

Nice firm mattress. What a relief to get a good nights sleep.

Great mattress

Easy purchase. Very good for price. Like the removable cover.

Great purchase!

Perfect mattress for a 3 year old moving into their big bed!

Kids love new bed

Best bed eva got best nights sleep had in a long time

Good mattress. My 6 year old loves sleeping in it.

Good mattress. My 6 year old loves sleeping in it.