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iGel Pegasus Mattress Steel Rated 5/5 based on 3 customer reviews

iGel Pegasus Mattress Steel

Brand: iGel

5/5 - 3 Read Reviews


What Makes The iGel Pegasus Mattress Steel Great

"Had it a week and so far I have slept brilliantly every night. You cannot feel when the other person moves around next to you and the built in topper keeps the heat regulated pretty well. only down side there is a slight to smell to the mattress but I guess that's normal for all new ones? Either way very happy"

5 year guarantee

A 5 year guarantee is quite rare in the industry and is a great indicator of the retailer beleiving in their product. Anything go wrong in the next 5 years, no drama, get it replaced.

With 5cm of new formula iGel™ for that just right comfort feeling.

iGel™ works with your body’s natural temperature so that you do not sleep too hot, or too cold – you sleep just right.

The gel is much cooler than traditional memory foam. It has many of the same properties as memory foam but because of the gel's heat diffusing design, it cools whilst providing good air circulation, pressure relief and support.

The patented phase change gel crystal formula, with highly conductive ceramic was developed in America to absorb excess heat when you are too hot and release heat when you are too cold.

iGel™ crystals provide advanced body support by clustering in areas of body pressure, while the Memory Technology in iGel™ relieve aches, pains and pressure points.

1800 pocket springs encased inside a protective foam wall, provide you with advanced body support.

Breathable strong and stretchy mattress fabric provides lasting softness.

Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic friendly.

Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic friendly. 29cm mattress depth

Customer Reviews For The iGel Pegasus Mattress Steel

Based on 3 review

"We love this mattress, so comfy and your heat really is regulated by this mattress. Even in the hot weather, we stayed cool at night."


"Perfect We also bought the igel pillows M wife used to moan when I got up and moved the old mattress - not anymore "

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