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Home and Haus 7 Zone Comfort Memory Foam Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 10 customer reviews

Home and Haus 7 Zone Comfort Memory Foam Mattress

Brand: Home & Haus
Firmness: Soft Mattress

4/5 - 10 Read Reviews


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What Makes The Home and Haus 7 Zone Comfort Memory Foam Mattress Great

Took far too long to arrive-then had three delivery dates that never happened stayed in all three days waiting for a delivery eventually arrived on a day not scheduled even though I had been on the UPS website requesting knowledge in a text as to when it was going to arrive !! ON opening the very dirty packaging discovered a dirty mark next to the label on the mattress which can only have got there at the manufacturing stage as it was shrink wrapped and rolled up. Cannot yet comment on how comfortable it was as it has been on the bed 3 days and haven’t been able to sleep much! Due to the hassle. A Partial refund was made but then courier came to collect it with no means to wrap it up if he had been going to take it away as I initially rejected it due to the dirty mark. My first and last ever purchase from Wayfair

Mattress Overall : 90cm W x 190cm L

This is the dimensions for a single mattress, the mattress is available in single, double, king size and super king size variants, just click through on the offer to choose the corresponding size you require

Mattress Overall : 135cm W x 190cm L

This is just the bed size, measurements do have slight allowable tolerances however, so do not be surprised if you find your mattress a few CM out from the official guide above

Mattress Overall : 150cm W x 200cm L

This is the size of a king size mattress. The dimensions for this come in at 5' x 6'6" (150 x 200cm). The benefit of a King Size Mattress is that it is large enough that both you and your partner are able to spread out or starfish without issue. King size mattresses are best suited toward master bedrooms.

Mattress Overall : 180cm W x 200cm L

Cover Material Composition : 100% Polyester

A common material composition for covers, sheets and toppers, polyester is a man made fiber that is very resiliant and hardwearing making it ideally suited toward products in the mattress sector whereby the life expectancy can be upward of 7 years

Hypo-allergenic : Yes

These mattresses are specifically designed for those that are prone to allergies, a hypoallergenic mattress will not necesserily guarantee you an allergy free experience, but it has the best chance of reducing the odds of complications or irritation for those commonly effected

Breathable : Yes

Breathable covers are very important to maintaining a hygenic mattress. The amount of sweat lost while sleeping varies person to person but is generally pegged at 20-200ml/hour

Orthopaedic Support : Yes

Great for anyone suffering from back pain, this mattress is slightly firmer in nature and will offer your back a bit more suport while you sleep. Suffer no more.

Top Features : Orthopaedic, Hypoallergenic

This matress is ideal for those suffering from some form of back or neck pain and also conscious about their allergies. By being hypoallergenic this mattress should atleast act neutral to your allergies and not make them worse

BS 7177:2008+A1:2011 Certified : Yes

This is the nationally recognised certification given to all products produced or imported to state that the product passes mandatory fire tests necessary for a product to be sold.

Mattress Thickness : 20cm

A fairly average depth for a mattress, it should fit standard sheets without issue and while depth is not a true indicator of quality, 20cm is an acceptable thickness to give a reasonable nights sleep.

Sleep Cool Foam : Yes

Foam, be it memory foam, reflex foam or hard cast foam, can all cause problems with overheating, particularly in the summer months. This mattress however, manages to introduce foam for that luxury comfort while avoiding the common pitfalls of getting too hot. It may be an industry secret how they have achieved that, but it certainly makes for an interesting product well worth consideration.

Removeable Cover : Yes

This mattress has a removable cover allowing you to adequately clean the main surface of your mattress. Toppers and protectors can certainly help, but a removable cover gives you that extra piece of mind when it comes to cleanliness

Colour : Quilted

Firmness : Soft: Suits side-sleepers

A soft mattress may be suitable under certain specific circumstances, be warned however, softness does not correlate with comfort. A soft mattress is only suitable if you have a low BMI or you sleep solely on your side and require less back and neck support than average. We would generally advise an amount of caution when selecting a soft mattress over the much more common medium firmness

Mattress Construction : Core Construction: Memory Foam

Core Construction : Memory Foam; Reflex Foam

Filling Material Composition : 85% Reflex foam and 15% Memory foam

Customer Reviews For The Home and Haus 7 Zone Comfort Memory Foam Mattress

Based on 10 review

Amazing! Extremely comfortable and high quality mattress. Easy to keep clean with the zipper cover. Very pleased with this mattress.


Great mattress, great price!!! Only lost a star as description states mattress is soft but it is very firm.


Bought this for my daughter, so comfortable I’ll definitely be buying a similar one for my bed


The mattress is as advertised very comfortable , no problems at all would recommend to others


Very comfortable mattress offers support with a cushioning effect of softness.


Fantastic mattress! Provides a lot of support and aids a better nights sleep.


Very comfortable and good quality for the price


Very comfy defo worth the money


Does what it says

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