Fontwell Mattress With Standard Oatmeal Adjustable Divan Bed On Legs - Firm BEIGE Rated 4/5 based on 19 customer reviews

Fontwell Mattress With Standard Oatmeal Adjustable Divan Bed On Legs - Firm BEIGE

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Brand: Body Response
4/5 - 19 reviews


What Makes It Great

have had this bed for 3 months now and very happy being disabled is hard and especially when trying to get out of bed but this bed has made things so much easier for me the guy who helped me with the bed knew exactly what to show me very professional and helpful i can not thank him enough for making my life much easier

Comfort Grade - Firm

If you find yourself suffering from back pain then you may want to look at an orthopaedic (fancy word for firm) mattress like this one here. Firmer surfaces put less stress on muscles while sleeping which might be exactly what you need to help your back

5cm layer of luxurious Memory Foam

Memory foam is without a doubt much more comfortable than many other types of filling offered while being able to offer both support and a rebound effect that encapsulates your body

15cm layer of supportive Reflex Foam

Reflex Foam is a base foam commonly found in mattresses that would feature a memory foam top. Reflex foam is contours to the body but does not mould like that of memory foam as it is denser and firmer and used as a supportive part of the mattress. This foam comes in different density to reflect firmness, usually 30kg (Soft) to 33kg (Firm)

Finished with an adaptive treatment

Cooling properties that help ensure that your mattress will remain both cool and moisture free

5-part adjustable frame

Splash proof dual motor

6 button ergonomic handset

Energy efficient motor

Birch sprung slats

Good quality wooden slats that will help ensure the mattress stays in top shape. Remember that slats need to be the right distance apart, so consult manufacturer guidelines when building

Solid wooden sides

Single wheel castors

Typical castors for a product of this type, strong and reliable to take the necessary weight of a person without undue stress on any part of the product

Central webbing for even weight distribution

Weight restriction applies - up to 18 stone per half base (The double bed only sleeps one person)

Questions and Answers

Hello is there any brake on the wheels to prevent the bed from sliding? My 80 old mum needs stable bed 

Answer: Hi , This product does not feature brakes and therefore should be placed on carpet and not a wooden floor. If you are putting this onto a wooden floor then our best advice is to purchase some castor cups that will fit underneath each castor and prevent movement. Thank you for your question.

Can this bed be tested for comfort at home

Answer: Hi We offer delivery on this product however, using the store locator link below you can find the closest store to you and have the full shopping experience with our trained advisers: Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

What is the warranty on your adjustable beds?

Answer: Hi , You get a 1 year warranty as standard, you do get the option to extend this to eight years against manufacturer's faults also covering the first five years against accidental damages. You can do this by adding bed cover to your order within checkout. Thank you.

do you take old beds and mattresses away

Answer: , We do offer a disposal service and this can be added at the checkout. If you have already purchased then please call our customer service team and they may be able to add this service on for you. Kind Regards, Dreams.

Can you put a super king mattress on the adjustable bed base or does it have to be two single mattresses

Answer: , There needs to be two single mattresses for a superking as each half of the base moves independently, therefore with a superking mattress you would not be able to achieve the range of movement. Kind Regards, Dreams

How much is it to buy the bed without the mattress -single size? Or is there a a "bed" for the MLine adjustable mattress?

Answer: Hello, The base for this product can not be purchased separately however this base will be a great option for a m line adjustable mattress. Many thanks for the question.

Hello. Please provide prices of the headboards for the Fontwell 4 foot

Answer: Hello, To locate headboards for that specific size, you can use the link below. Many thanks for the question.

What is the guarantee on this mattress?

Answer: Hello, This will have a one years warranty and an additional eight years guarantee available through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Is the KING size version of this bed separately adjustable on both sides of the bed i.e. do these come with two separate adjustable matresses or is there only a single adjustable mattress

Answer: Hi , The King size will have two separated bases and mattresses. The bases are bolted to one another. Thank you for your question.

You refer to rotating the mattress regularly. How frequently do you suggest to rotate the mattress.

Answer: , We recommend rotating head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter. Kind regards Dreams

What are the washing instructions on the mattress cover, please?

Answer: Hi , There are no washing instructions for the cover as this should not be taken off the mattress itself. Thank you.

this model is for weight limit up to 18st, do you do one that has a higher weight limit?

Answer: Hi , Our standard frames do not have set weight limits. However all adjustable beds are 18 stone. Thank you.

The description of this bed says adjustable,please could you advise what the adjustable part means? 

Answer: Hello, This mattress is specifically for adjustable divan beds. Many thanks for the question.

Is the double sized version of this bed separately adjustable on both sides of the bed i.e. do these come with two separate adjustable matresses or is there only a single adjusable mattress

Answer: Hello , This will be one mattress . Many thanks for the question.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 review

Not impressed with the initial installation

Had this bed for two months or so now and it's never been right. Had someone out to look at it and he agrees that the slatted moving part is twisted and does not sit flat.


Comfortable adjustable bed

So happy with this bed Being able to adjust helps my bed rest I suffer from fibromyalgia and this bed is far better for my condition than a traditional bed


Good quality

I bought these mattresses for my new bed and I am very happy with them, I suffer with my back and these are the right firmness I need


Best Buy ever!

Have had this bed for 2 weeks and have had the best nights sleeps ever. So so comfortable and so easy to use. Can’t praise it enough


Great nights sleep

After buying this bed my nights sleep has been so much better. It's helps my legs. They don't ache as much. I can sit up and read.


Amazing so much easier for me to get out of bed

This was the best purchase I made I have slept longer and find it easier to get out of bed with my mobility issues


Excellent very pleased

We are delighted with the firmness but soft to touch mattresses are backs are so much better and sleep is better



I am disabled and we bought this to enable me to sleep better. It is user friendly and extremely comfortable.


Nice and firm mattress

This was delivered well ahead of the expected delivery date. So far the mattress feels really good and firm.


A good firm mattress and keeps it's shape

A good firm mattress and keeps it's shape even right up to the edges would recommend it for orthopaedic use



All as described and just what I needed. It also arrived within 2 weeks of ordering, very good thanks.


firmness where needed - support where needed

was getting 2 hours sleep at a time and now its over 5 hours without waking. sooo comfy.


Very comfortable

I was bought this mattress as part of my recuperation plan, very very comfortable


Great comfort

Slightly larger than most, so no cold feet etc. Very comfy, sleeping very well.


A fantastic nights sleep

I bought this a month ago and so glad I did as I am sleeping so much better


It’s a bed

I am slowly getting used to this bed. I do use it with the head up abit


Firm Matress - just gorgeous

Like sleeping on concrete, no give, it is excellent absolute 5*


Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous

Best thing I've EVER done - puts another "slant" on sleeping!!!