Flaxby Natures Finest 8500 Dnair Mattress - Medium / Firm Rated 4/5 based on 43 customer reviews

Flaxby Natures Finest 8500 Dnair Mattress - Medium / Firm

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Brand: Flaxby
4/5 - 43 reviews


What Makes It Great

Supposed to be medium but it is very soft. However, very comfortable. Began to sink in after a few days and by 10 days this was apparent even with the cover in place. My hip bones were level with the mattress edge and getting out required thought. I am not a heavy guy. Felt like sleeping on a slope. Customer service very good and no problem accepting the independent assessors survey confirming the fault, agreeing to us purchasing an alternative, which arrives next month. So far ok having turned the mattress 180degrees and I’m getting a comfortable nights sleep, indeed I now like this half of the mattress! I was concerned about the pillowtop in the showroom and took an extended warranty for that reason. I also ignored the poor reviews, my fault, but will stick to normal mattresses from now on. Staying with Flaxby.

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Pure natural fillings including Egyptian cotton, wool & mohair for durability and highest comfort

Ventilating and temperature regulating exclusive DNAir pocket springs

This spring system is exclusive to Dreams. However, the pocket spring is generally a very good spring system for a mattress and will give you all the comfort and support necessary

100% Viscose Belgian damask finish preventing wear away and overheating

Split tension/zipped options so you and your partner can both sleep happy

Exclusively handmade by Harrison Spinks in the UK

5 year guarantee as standard

Comfort grade - soft or medium

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

16 brass air vents

A decent height for padding material representing a barrier between you and the springs that make up the core of the mattress. This type of mattress should be comfortable as a result of the depth of this soft and comfortable material

8 handles

Sumptuous pillowtop for a luxurious feel

2 rows of hand side stitching

8500 pocket springs (king)

So many springs. Have your mattress adjust to your every movement. Every point of your body is going to be supported by an indivual spring unit that will be applying the exact right amount of pressure for the absolute ultimate support

Questions and Answers

My King Size fitted sheets are not fitting this mattress but won't a Super King fitted mattress be the wrong shape?  Can u please let me know what sheets go with these mattresses. Kind regards, Charlotte 

Answer: Hi , Our Flaxby fitted sheet should fit this mattress as it accommodates up to 34cm deep. If you are still having struggles, we would suggest using the Flaxby flat sheet. You can find both of these products by searching for Flaxby bedding in our search bar, or going to bed linen within bedding and filtering by the brand Flaxby. Thank you.

Interested in the zipped version. What is the weight limit for each side please?

Answer: , This mattress is available in a Zip and Link King size or Super King size. Each half of the King weighs 33.5KG and each half of the Super King size weighs 39KG. I hope this helps. Dreams

Can I use a electric blanket with the matteress 

Answer: Hello, This mattress can be used with an electric blanket. Many thanks for the question.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 review

Not fit for purpose

We bought this mattress without reading the reviews, which was a mistake. However because it was so expensive we assumed it would be superb quality. After 3 weeks the mattress developed large dips where me and my wife lay, these were very deep and we are not heavy people only 10st and 12.8st. They were permanent dips that did not recover when we got out of bed, and there was a ridge down the middle. I think this is a design fault with this mattress as other customers have reported the same thing. To be fair to Dreams they did eventually change the mattress for a Hypnos which is much better.


Not worth the money!!!!

As you can hopefully see by the time of this review that I am not able to sleep!!!! This mattress is extremely uncomfortable and is 100% not what I would expect from an £1800 purchase. I took delivery of this on the 7th March and already the mattress seems to be out of shape and seems to have sunk in the middle. I got this along with the Alexander TV bed so you can imagine this was a substantial purchase. I am now waiting to hit the 30 day period in which I can hopefully take advantage of the 40 night gaurantee. I am extremely unhappy with this product.


Oh dear what a disaster

We broughtvthis mattress in February and thought over time things would get better as it bedded in. How wrong were we. We think this is the most uncomfortable mattress we have ever brought, not only that, but it doesn't fit the bed properly. It's to short and our pillows disappear between the headboard and mattress. The mattress feels saggy with high sides that push you into the middle. Would we recommend this mattress, absolutely not. Very disappointed and thinking of changing it to get a decent nights sleep!!


The jury’s out!

I received delivery of this a fortnight ago and I’m still not entirely sure whether it’s any better than my previous, very old mattress, which I thought was at least partially to blame for my back pain. Whilst I didn’t expect a cure for my back pain, I was hoping for at least some improvement in the discomfort I feel on waking. The quality is excellent and I’m hoping that the mattress is still settling and that I will get used to it, in time; however, if I don’t, it will have been a very expensive mistake!


So disappointing

I bought this just over 3 weeks ago to replace a very old mattress, which I thought might be adding to my back problems. However, right from night one, I have had sleep disruption and been so stiff and in so much pain in the mornings, I can't tell you. Dreams will exchange it, I understand, but how do I know a replacement will be any better for me? (I used the Sleepmatch facility in the store and this was second to the most expensive one suggested!)


You won't regret buying this bed

I have had this bed for a month now and I love it. Even on the first night the bed just felt so 'right'. There was no need to get used to it like any other bed. It just seemed to be perfect from the very start. My wife also says she has never slept so well in years. It feels good to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. The bed is pricey but we'll worth it and you won't regret spending the money. You can't put a price on quality sleep!


Don't want to get out of this bed!

We have a serious problem. With our old bed it was so easy to get up in the morning. Now we're late for breakfast, at risk of missing appointments and the dog is grumbling. You surely realise that this country has a serious productivity problem and you're making it worse. Why make your beds as comfortable as this? It's just not good enough! We're spending far too much time in bed.


Bad sagging

I bought this mattress about a year ago and am very disappointed given the price paid. As other reviewers have said the mattress quickly sags badly where you lie meaning you end up feeling as if you’re lying on a slope. I’ve rotated as suggested in the instructions but this doesn’t work. Extremely disappointed and can’t afford a replacement unfortunately.


Super comfy

The mattress was delivered on 10 October and I have been really pleased with it. I have rotated it weekly as instructed and it is lovely and soft. I am a side/ mainly front sleeper so this is an ideal mattress for me. My previous mattress had a memory foam topper which made me too warm. This topper is natural and so I have not had this problem.


New mattress

We purchased this mattress for our bed and it is so high that I need a step ladder to get into bed each night. After our old mattress this one is fabulous it is a split top firm and medium a lot of money to buy but is worth it....only thing i would say they could make the info more clear for the split sides we sorted after a few days


Good Result.

I have had lumbar back problems for many years and finding suitable mattresses has been a problem. Decided to ignore the cost and go for the best - a sound decision because it has been excellent. The only small negative is its depth, 13 inches, giving a rather high bed on a 14 inch divan. All that quality needs a lot of space, I guess!


Lovely mattress awful mattress protector

I bought the care package which came as a promotion with a free waterproof mattress protector. What a mistake! The protector slipped all over the place, it made me very hot and I stuck to it. In fact it put me off the mattress. When in desperation I took it off the bed and put an old protector on that I had, the mattress was fine.


Buyer beware. Comedy mattress

Awful sagging in the middle. Can't use the edges of the bed because of the terrible slope and height difference from the middle to the edges. I'm appalled and upset I've spent £1600 on a terrible mattress with obvious issues. I've posted my review preciously but had it taken off for some reason.


Absolutely amazing mattress

Absolutely delighted with this mattress I had always gone for firm or Orthopaedic mattresses and initially thought it was too soft. It is amazing and I have been having extremely relaxing sleeps since we got it. I would definitely recommend it, worth the extra money.


Lovely mattress

I bought this and was delivered 20 days ago It is an awesome beautiful well-made and lovely comfortable mattress however it’s too soft for me and I feel like I’m borrowing down in the middle of it so I’m going to claim under the 40 day switch guarantee


Best nights' sleep in years!

We've had this mattress for 3 weeks and what a difference it's made! My husband is sleeping through the night for the first time in years and we're waking up in the morning without aches and pains. Wish we'd bought this mattress years ago!


Fantastic nights sleep!

Our new mattress arrived a few weeks ago, and we have had the best nights sleep ever! After so many years of trying to find the right mattress for both of us, we are thrilled. Thank you Dreams!


Good but expensive

I bought this a while ago now, recently had it delivered and started using. It’s good yes, but way over priced for what it actually is/does. I could sleep just as nice on a cheaper one


Best mattress ever!!!

I bought this mattress a month ago and since then I've had the best nights sleep ever. It is so comfortable that I feel I'm sleeping on a cloud. You can't get better than that.


Lush Night's Sleep

The luxurious natural fillings in the pillowtop make for a sumptuous mattress and lush night's sleep. Worth the spend for the perfect mattress in both quality and comfort.


No more back pain

I brought this 3 weeks ago due to my old mattress being far too hard. Every morning I would wake up with lower back aches and pains. Now I wake up fresh as a daisy.


Sleep at last.

I was sceptical about this but my wife persuaded me to get this, I have not slept as well as I have since buying it probably for the rest of my life. Just buy one.


Wonderfully comfortable

Bed was delivered two weeks ago ..... thought the old one was comfy but ... my word it wasn't ! This is fabulous ... highly recommended.


Incredible - best bed you will ever buy or sleep o

Superb mattress, as comfortable as I hoped. Not cheap but in this case you get what you pay for and the reduced pain is worth every penny.



I have tried 3 mattresses before this one. Nothing compares! Back problems now gone it’s a miracle. I wish I invested in this years ago.


Lovely mattress

I bought this mattress 3 weeks ago . mattress well made excellent quality. wanted a pocket Sprung mattress. So far very impressed


Great mattress

I’ve had this mattress a month now and I wish I bought it years ago very comfortable, I no longer wake up in the morning in pain


Very comt

We received our mattress about a month ago. We bought a zip and link. We’re very happy with it. Thank you James at Canterbury.


Flaxby 8500 DNAir Pillowtop Medium Mattress.

Absolutely luxurious. The mattress is heavy but very well made, extremely supportive and comfortable to sleep on.


So comfy

I splashed out on the mattress and am so glad I did it really is like falling into a bed of feathers


Luxurious bed

I bought this a month ago and it’s excellent what a great nights sleep I get it’s sheer luxury


Even Santa would be late sleeping on this mattres

This is the most comfortable mattress i have ever slept on. It is like sleeping on a cloud


So comfy

I brought this a month ago and it's a amazingly soft mattress It's like being hugged.


The mattress computer test suggested this type.

We are very please with our new bed and mattress. We noe get a good night's sleep.


Very satisfied with the product

We are very happy wth the product. The mattress is much warmer than we expected.


Great mattress

An absolutely super mattress and great help from the staff to select it


Best bed we have ever owned, so comfortable

Very comfortable had it 2 weeks and our sleep patern is so much better


I love the soft topper attached to the mattress.

This mattress has changed my life. It’s like sleeping on n a cloud.


Saxby mattress

Hah this now for a month and having a comfortable nights sleep


Superb comfort

Purchased 3 weeks ago this bed is the best I’ve ever had!



Not had long by seems very comfortable at the moments


This mattress is amazing!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

Can't explian how amazing this mattress is, PERFECT!