Flaxby Natures Finest 4500 Mattress - Medium / Medium Soft

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Brand: Flaxby
Code: 133-00667
Retailer: DreamsDreams
Height/Depth: 32cm
Updated: 8/17/2019 12:19:52 PM
4/5 - 69 reviews
Rated 4/5 based on 69 customer reviews


What Makes It Great

Would not recommend this mattress at all, please avoid. I don't know who designed this mattress but if you're reading - having the extra top part not be attached at the edges causes major discomfort. The gap at the top means your neck is just at an awkward slope - which is causing both of us real pain, and having the side bits go up too means that there's a slope and you end up fighting to roll into the middle. I'm never one to leave reviews or even complain about discomfort in general but that's how truly awful this mattress is - by far the worst sleep I've had. We even tried this in store and thought it was fine - but when it arrived it was smaller than expected (even though it says allow for 2cm difference) and also much, much harder. You'd have a more comfortable night sleep on the cold pavement and using the money spent on this mattress to hire someone to punch you in the back of the neck every 20 minutes.. Also, on a side note Dreams' '30 night guarantee' is great until you realise that they also have to make the replacement and have no immediate mattresses to exchange it for, so you end up spending over 60 nights in true discomfort.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

This spring system is exclusive to Dreams. However, the pocket spring is generally a very good spring system for a mattress and will give you all the comfort and support necessary

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

So many springs. Have your mattress adjust to your every movement. Every point of your body is going to be supported by an indivual spring unit that will be applying the exact right amount of pressure for the absolute ultimate support

A decent height for padding material representing a barrier between you and the springs that make up the core of the mattress. This type of mattress should be comfortable as a result of the depth of this soft and comfortable material

Questions and Answers

could you tell me what is the material used inside the pillow top

Answer: Hi , Wool is used inside the pillow top. Thank you for your question.

Does the height dimension of 32cm include the topper?

Answer: Hi , Yes the height dimension includes the topper. Thank you for your question.

What is the spring for a double mattress? King size is more.

Answer: Hi , We do not state spring counts for every size. King sizes are always stated as standard procedure, spring counts do not fluctuate massively either side so a double would be slightly less and super king slightly more. There shouldn't be a huge change. Thank you for your question.

What is the difference between CG2 and CG3 mattress? Which is the firmest?

Answer: Hi , CG2 is Firm and CG3 is Medium Firm, therefore CG2 will be the firmer option. We hope this helps you.

Hi. Please can you tell me what CG4 is. Thank you

Answer: Hi, CG stands for comfort grade. Number 4 is Medium. We hope this helps you.

Please can you tell me what tension the maker recommends for someone who is 5ft 8 and 9stone 10 and someone who is 5ft 10 and 11 stone 10. From what I've researched the maker of the bed knows these things..

Answer: Hi , A medium tension would be recommended. Thank you for your question.

I'm trying to decide between Nature's Finest 4500 and the 6500. I see the materials in the mattresses are good at regulating body temp which is great (Hot flushes prob!). Does the topper do as good a job of this as lying directly on the mattress?

Answer: Hi . The pillow top has all of the DNAir springs, natural fillings in, meaning it will do a fantastic job at regulating temperature as they work in conjunction with each other. Thank you.

Will the pillow top sag eventually? I'm assuming not as this is different than usual pillow tops as it has springs in, but what's the expected life time of the springs before they lose their....spring? If its cut off is mattress still good to sleep on?

Answer: Hi , The pillow top will not sag due to the DNAir springs within them. They will push the fillings back up every time. The mattresses have been tested during development for up to 10 years worth of use. If you cut the topper off you would not find the mattress very comfortable as you would be laying almost directly on the core unit, without any DNair springs or fillings. Thank you.

Please can you supply a breakdown of the weights, gsm, of the individual upholstery materials used in the Nature's finest 4500 and the 6500 mattresses please to enable me to compare the two. Also, what is "resilient white fibre"?

Answer: Hi , There are: 4500-1000 core springs, 3500 DNAir springs in the pillowtop. Fillings of cotton and wool. 6500 - 1000 core springs, 5500 DNAir Springs. Fillings of Egyptian cotton, wool and Mohair. Resilient white fibre is polyester which sits under the core spring on the bottom of the mattress, so that the springs are not directly in contact with the mattress tick. Thank you.

What depth sheets should I purchase for the king size mattress?

Answer: Hi , This mattress is 32cm high, therefore you would need a fitted sheet to accommodate this. Thank you.

Please can you tell me what tension the maker recommends for someone who is 5ft and 6.5 stone. Thanks.

Answer: Hi , It is down to your personal comfort preference. We would recommend going to a store and trying a few different comfort grades to see what you like best. Please bear in mind that mattresses in store have been laid on by several people so when you buy a mattress from new, it may take time to loosen up. This is why we offer a 40 night comfort exchange. Thank you.

Is a flaxby 4500 a medium or soft when the mattress label shows medium soft?

Answer: Hi , You can choose the comfort grade in the options, so you have the choice between either a soft or a medium mattress. Thank you for your question.

Does this mattress require a mattress topper or does it already have one built in

Answer: This mattress comes with a built in pillow-top for added comfort and therefore does not require a topper. However, a topper can be used if required. Kind Regards, Dreams

Why is the single mattress 20cm deep whereas all the other sizes are 32cm deep? Being a shallower mattress how does the single offer the same level of comfort and support as the other sizes?

Answer: We apologise for the confusion here, but the depth of the single mattress is 32cm as per the other sizes. Kind Regards, Dreams

We have a 4500 flaxby which shows medium soft on the mattress label, yet on your website you only have a medium or soft option. Why does our mattress label say medium soft?

Answer: We recently reclassified our mattress comfort grades, hence why the description on your label differs to what is displayed on the website. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can this mattress be uesed on an electric adjustable bed?

Answer: This mattress is not suitable for use with adjustable bed frames. Kind Regards, Dreams

What does this mattress weigh sinle

Answer: The weight of the single mattress is 28kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the weight of the king size mattress?

Answer: Hi The weight of this mattress will be 49kg. Kind regards Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 review

Very luxurious mattress

Firstly, I should say that I would never have before considered Dreams for a bed as I always saw them as overpriced and too in-your-face for sales. I'm delighted to say that our first experience in store at Stanway, Essex was very much what retail is missing. A personal service from manager Tony V, a cup of coffee and an informal chat without the hard sell. Even attempted entertainment for our 3 year old! Everything regarding sale/finance/40 day return etc. Nothing was too much trouble and Tony went above and beyond to deliver a very comfortable experience. The mattress was delivered to the room as requested and unwrapped. The delivery crew were friendly, clean and professional. The first few nights took a little getting used to - going from a firm cheap mattress to a softer more expensive luxury mattress in comparison. We both now sleep much better than before, and my wife's sciatica has withdrawn somewhat since the purchase. I too now don't suffer too much from back ache as a result. Overall very impressed all-round!

Best Buy ever!!!

I have bought the mattress about a month ago now , Me and my Girlfriend suffered from back neck and sleep problems. So we have decided to go to Dreams tried the mattress in the Shop layed down on a special bed that eases up down adjusted to our posture positions that we sleep in and gave a report of this mattress as soon as we tried the mattress we feel in love with it nice and soft felt amazing we didn’t want to get up. So we have purchased the mattress since then we haven’t had any problems with sleep and our back and neck problems have stopped ... the mattress Is honestly our Best Buy definitely would buy it again. I would definitely recommend this mattress to anyone that suffers from sleepless nights back or neck pain. Thanks to Dreams we are having the best sleep ever just feels like a sleep in best hotels (like you have on holiday ) with most comfortable mattress ever and just makes you life and nights so much better

Just Perfect!

Moved house in November so it was time for a new bed and mattress. Ordered a new bed and mattress from a well known company online and we were appalled with the quality and comfort. After 15 days of waking up in pain with returned the bed /mattress. We then tried another high st brand and found again the mattress to be hard even though it was classed as medium. We persevered for 60 days before we decided we would order the flaxby 4500 soft mattress from dreams. This mattress is fantastic. It's classed as soft but you are fully supported and I get no back pain or being woken with tingling in my fingers from reduced cicirculation. Well done Dreams. Great service and great product. One very happy customer!

Wish I never bought

I have now had my matress for 2 months after researching and testing different ones in stores for 6 months. I have never slept so poorly and I'm truly shattered. The mattress is so uncomfortable and not what you expect for the price. It feels nothing like the one I tried in the shop. I went back after about 30 days to try other mattresses with the thought that I would swop within the 40 day gtee but I was told to stick with it longer as it would soften. It hasn't! I suffered with back pain before and was told this matress would help. My pain is much worse. I'm now stuck with the matress as it's not something you regularly change. Roll on 8 years! Avoid this matress!!

Harrison spinks

Bought the flaxby 4500 mattress and divan. The drawer configuration is 2+2 which has 2 smaller drawers near the bedside cabinets, very handy as drawers can still be opened. The bed base is sprung but has a fixed edge. Would have preferred a fully sprung base but it seems ok. The mattress has a topper so it is not necessary to flip it regularly but to rotate it, which is just as well as it weighs a ton. The mattress is very dense and heavy but is comfortable. It feels quite firm even though it is a medium softness.So far, no dipping or rolling together and has been a good night's sleep! Had to get new fitted sheets as the mattress is deeper but it was no problem


Bought this mattress in king size in April 2017 and by November same year I was arranging a quality test on it. Within months the we could feel an arch forming between us in the middle and also a big dip on each sleeping side (neither of us is overweight). The assessment company Dreams sent out was useless they said it's normal....Really?? Dreams did nothing to help either. I could go on how we both developed lower and upper back issues with my husband. Now within weeks on a new mattress the problems vanished. Don't buy this rubbish it's a waste of money! I wouldn't even give one star....

Very comfortable mattress

Love this mattress, it’s like sleeping on a cloud, very comfortable and doesn’t overheat me when I sleep, not like others I’ve had in the past. Very good build quality and is silent when moving around and doesn’t wake up the Mrs when I get out of bed either. Bought this mattress to go with our new bed, really glad we went for this mattress, there were loads to choose from and buying a mattress is a real gamble as we’ve found out in the past. We nailed it with this one.

Dip in the middle a month after purchasing

I bought this mattress on 26.02.18. It was far more expensive than our usual mattress, but it was for my pregnant wife so she would be more comfortable than on our previous mattress. Within a month it started to develop a dip in the middle, and now we are practically rolling into the middle of the bed each night and I have a sore neck and back as my muscles are obviously trying to compensate for sleeping sideways on a hill!


Our bed arrived three weeks ago and we have been very disappointed. For 4500 pocket springs you would think this bed has great support? Unfortunately not. Since this mattress arrived neither myself or my partner have had a decent nights sleep. If your a restless sleeper you can feel every movement which keeps both of us awake through the night. We went for the medium/soft option which gives poor support.

Supportive and comfortable

The mattress is so supportive and comfortable it’s the best nights sleep. Went into the Bedford branch and the salesman got us to test what mattresses were good for us. This mattress is perfect and is worth every penny. It’s helped improve back pains and I use to have trouble falling asleep but have a restful and full nights sleep. Fantastic quality can not fault it at all

A great night's sleep

I bought my mattress after a long conversation with the young man at Dreams. I have to say having had my old mattress for 30 years it was a big decision to make hence the long process. It is amazing and I know now what a great night's sleep is. This mattress is absolutely amazing and so comfortable. I now look forward to going to bed and enjoying a great sleep.

Great mattress just not what we ordered!

Absolutely loved the mattress in the store and was so excited to receive it, but on arrival was immediately disheartened as to how firm/hard the mattress was, even the pillow top it not as soft. Ordered the same as what we laid on in store but the mattress we have received it no where near as comfortable or soft. Very disappointed.

good delivery staff

Good communication before and on day of delivery, professional staff, delivery drivers/assemblers were respectful, clean and tidy. Overall good job. However purchased bed and mattress through topcashback and this has not tracked, hope this is resolved as cashback is a considerable amount and impacted on the decision to purchase.


i had this bed delivered 3 weeks ago and i have had the worst back ache and terrible insomnia since. This bed is so hard you may as well sleep on the floor. The springs also seem to dig into you during the night. i just wish i could have my old bed back. Can't believe i spent so much money to be so uncomfortable.

V happy with our new mattress

The mattress arrived about a month ago. I find it very comfortable and I don't get as hot as I did with my previous memory foam mattress which is lovely! My husband found it quite hard at first but loves it now. We paid more than we were looking to spend but it was the right one for us.

Fantastic Service!

I bought a bed and mattress from the Blackpool store – The manager (Inny) and his team were amazing, very knowledgeable and helpful both in store and on the phone. They spent time explaining the different mattress types and pillows. Highly recommend the team at Blackpool.

Great Mattress

yes it was more than we planned to spend, but after choosing one mattress that we did not get on with, we used the Dreams comfort exchange service. Which was easy to do. So happy with the new mattress, wife said first time she slept right through the night for years.

Support with choosing at store

I visited the local Dreams store to buy a new mattress. There was no sales pressure. The salesman listened to my need s, allowed me plenty of time to try out beds, and had extensive knowledge of sleep and the mattress manufacturing process. He even made me a coffee!


I bought this mattress because I was experiencing back pain when getting up in the morning. It has considerably helped this and gives a great nights sleep. I would definitely recommend this mattress to anyone who suffers from back pain or disturbed sleep patterns.

So comfortable

Wow, my new mattress was delivered last week and it is so comfortable. We ordered a soft and it's like a cloud bed. Yet still supportive. I absolutely love it. Amazing Customer service from the Chester store. Polite delivery men. Highly recommend.

Wish I’d got one sooner!

I’ve had this mattress for 3 weeks now and can’t imagine sleeping on anything else now. It’s so supportive and comfortable. No lumps or bumps and the topper is like a cloud. You will need extra deep sheets though to fit over

Superbly Comfortable

We’ve now had this for a coupe of weeks and it certainly lives up to its specified description. It is very comfortable being just the right balance of firmness. Obviously it is early days so hopefully it will keep comfortable.

Amazing night sleep

I got this about 2 weeks ago after reading the reviews and all I can say is OMG what a mattress it is so comfortable. Every night so far has been a dream. Sleepet like a log so comfortable love it . You need to try this out

Lovely and comfy

Had this mattress a month now. Was a little worried it would be too firm and should we have gone for the softer version but it is lovely. Took a few nights to get used to it but now wouldn’t change it for any other mattress.

Excellent Quality

What a difference this mattress is making to our sleep and lives. We no longer have a restless night sleep and waking up with aches and pains in our back. The quality of this mattress is excellent second to none.


Purchased a month ago and couldn't be happier. Definitely worth trying before buying to ensure you get the right feel for you but I've had Harrison mattresses for the last 20 years and would highly recommend


Awful mattress, i was wondering why I had leg pain and realised it was one of the tufts sticking into my leg . I have to put something behind pillow as it slips back and end up having neck pain .

Best nights sleep ever

Was hard to decide on the perfect mattress, but this one is deffo the right choice. Haven't slept as well as I have since got this. Perfect support, firm but not hard and comfy as amything.

So hard

Got delivered about a month ago, the quality itself is good but it is so hard. I am waking up with constant back pain. Not what you want when I have paid a lot of money for this mattress.

Mrs Brown

Lovely mattress and very comfortable. Very happy with our purchase. The delivery men put shoe covers on to deliver into our new build home and were friendly which both were appreciated.

New Mattress

It was lovely to have a "great mattress" once again. Gone are the "lumpy" days and bad backs. I found my sleeping pattern was excellent, no tossing and turning trying to get comfortable

Lovely bed

I tried out this bed at a dreams store and instantly knew it's the one for me, would highly recommend anyone buying this product as it is really good for a great night's sleep.

Like a cloud

I purchased this mattress at the beginning of the month and it's the best nights sleep I've had for years. It's a well made, luxurious, deep mattress. Worth every penny!

Flaxby 4500 Medium/M/soft

After reluctantly deciding to change our old mattress . We took a trip to our local Dreams store ,This new mattress has made a real difference to our quality of sleep.

Great staff. Good offers

Bought bed a month ago and delivered after hand made. Good sales staff, no hard sell, good offers on and fab delivery /recycle service. Returned here multiple times

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress one month ago and I love it! I tried 4 different mattresses before finding this perfect mattress. It is very soft and feels luxurious.

Map uncomfortable

I bought this just under a week ago and I’m yet to have a good night sleep... I constantly wake up and have constant neck pain throughout the day

Comfortable but slightly raised at the edges

It’s a lovely comfortable mattress but it is slightly higher round the edges so you feel you sink in closer to the middle if at the edge.

Super comfortable mattress

A month later and we are sleeping like a dream. This mattress is very comfortable and easy to maintain. I would highly recommend it!

Great features

Have been sleeping on this mattress for three weeks and have had the best night's sleep ever extremely comfortable,soft and warm.


Purchased my mattress 14 days ago so far very happy with it, it was damaged on arrival is currently being addressed

Fantastic mattress and great staff!

We bought this mattress and are very happy with it! The staff were super helpful and were very happy with Dreams.

Best night sleep

I’ve been having neck problems for months. Within a couple of nights of this mattress my neck issues have gone.

Very comfortable

We have the bed a few weeks and what a change we both get a goodnight sleep should have changed it years ago

Very comfy :)

Brilliant service from the store with fantastic recommendation. We love our new mattress it is very comfy.

Super comfortable !

I almost fell asleep in the shop when testing this mattress.... Super expensive, but super comfortable !

All natural product

This mattress is in our guest room and everyone who has stayed so far has had a good night's sleep

Comfy Mattress

Had my new mattress several weeks now and it is so comfortable and supportive. Would recommend it.

Great Mattress

We spent more than we thought but the mattress is fantastic so comfy like princess and the pea

Perfect Mattress!

Very happy with this mattress! Amazing sleep and so comfortable, will highly recommend!

Lovely mattress

Took a long time to choose, but the staff were very accommodating! Great nights sleep!

Very high

Really high and sturdy, maybe not as soft as I’d like it but glad we purchased it :-)

Great product

I purchased a month ago and was easily the best nights sleep ive had in a long time.

Comfortable nights sleep at last.

This mattress is comfortable and gives us a peaceful nights sleep with support.

Fantastic mattress

Fantastic mattress, would recommend to anyone again best mattress in the shop.

Really comfortable.

Best mattress ever. So glad I got it. Don.t want to get up in the morning.

Good nights sleep

Excellent quality and the perfect combination of softness and support.

Superb mattress!

Thrilled with this mattress, long wait for delivery but well worth it!

Great nights sleep

Very happy with the mattress, great nights sleep since delivery.

Peaceful nights sleep

Best mattress I've slept on, well worth the additional cost

Unclear labels

Mattress was delivered with no idea of product information


Absolutely love this mattress. Worth the expense by far. X

Plush layers of comfort!

Only just starting to use mattress. Impressive initially.

An absolute dream

Had this a few weeks it’s amazing sooo comfy very pleased


dips everywhere only had it a week cant sleep really bad


Comfortable mattress keeps you warm and we'll supported.

Extremely comfortable

A really good mattress, well made and very comfortable.

really comfortable mattress great nights sleep now

baught this a month and have had brilliant sleeps now