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Flaxby Natures Finest 16500 DNAir Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 35 customer reviews

Flaxby Natures Finest 16500 DNAir Mattress

Brand: Flaxby

4/5 - 35 Read Reviews


Small Double
King Size
Super King

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What Makes The Flaxby Natures Finest 16500 DNAir Mattress Great

After trying all the mattresses in the shop, I came back to this one every time. It was expensive for me but with interest free credit it was doable. We had not charged our mattress for 20 years so felt the investment was worth it. So after a difficult transition into the home,it took 3 adult males to carry it up the stairs,i have now slept in it for 3 weeks. I have a cartilage knee problem and my previous hard mattress with a dip in it, offered it no respite from spending the night lodged harshly against it. On my new mattress I am sleeping well, it is far softer than the previous one and offers my knee the support it needs. I also had back pain as I settled down in the previous one that has now gone too. The new mattress is also warmer than the last one. It is much larger too, as it is a mattress with an added topper, my sheets barely fit now but they stay in place because you sink into the soft expanses of this mattress and really do not move much during the night. Do I want to get out of bed in the morning, the answer is no. I am very pleased with my purchase and should have done it years ago.

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Ventilating and temperature regulating exclusive DNAir pocket springs

This spring system is exclusive to Dreams. However, the pocket spring is generally a very good spring system for a mattress and will give you all the comfort and support necessary

100% Viscose Belgian damask finish preventing wear away and overheating

This mattress is covered with a 100% viscose Belgian damask finish. This material is not only highly absorbent with temperature-regulating qualities, it will also offer added durability to prevent wear away.

Split tension/zipped options so you and your partner can both sleep happy

Split tension mattresses allow you to select a different tension for each side, making them an ideal choice for sleeping partners who are not the same. Whether it is your sleeping position, weight or just your preference that is different, you can change just your side to suit without effecting your partners sleep.

Exclusively handmade by Harrison Spinks in the UK

Handcrafted in the UK to the highest standards by skilled bedmakers. These superior quality mattresses offer sustainable luxury using the finest natural fillings. They are 100% foam, glue and FR chemical-free, they product zero landfill and even the Cortec™ Quad springs are recyclable.

5 year guarantee as standard

A 5 year guarantee in the industry is normally fairly unheard of. After all, mattresses only have a typical lifespan of around 7 years anyway, so for a manufacturer and their chosen retailer to offer this sort of guarantee, it acts as a testament to the quality of the product. Buy with confidence, the manufacturer would not offer this sort of guarantee without the reassurance that it could stand the test of time. 

16 brass air vents

A decent height for padding material representing a barrier between you and the springs that make up the core of the mattress. This type of mattress should be comfortable as a result of the depth of this soft and comfortable material

8 handles

3 rows of hand side stitching

Pure natural fillings including Egyptian cotton, wool, mohair & hemp for durability and highest comfort

Sumptuous pillowtop for a luxurious feel

16500 pocket springs (king)

So many springs. Have your mattress adjust to your every movement. Every point of your body is going to be supported by an indivual spring unit that will be applying the exact right amount of pressure for the absolute ultimate support

Comfort grade - medium or soft

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

Flaxby Care Guide

Flaxby offer care instructions to help get the most from your new addition. The instruction cover maintaining its appearance such as removing dirt and stains. It includes how to avoid damage from water and hot surfaces as well as actions to avoid like inadvertently removing fire-retardant coating. These instructions can come coupled with the warranty. It is important to follow the care instructions as not to void this warranty.

About Flaxby

The Flaxby collection by Harrison Spinks is hand-built by British craftsmanship and made exclusively for Dreams. Their mattresses consist of a pocket spring core coupled with a layer of tightly grouped mini pocket springs to fully contour to your body, relieving pressure points and providing support. Their unique perforated sides push airflow towards the surface keeping the mattress well ventilated and the temperature regulated. Even the Flaxby collection bed bases contain 2000 pocket springs to provide additional support. Add the finishing touch with their hand-crafted headboards, pick from customisable designs in luxurious fabrics to match your divan.

Customer Reviews For The Flaxby Natures Finest 16500 DNAir Mattress

Based on 35 review

Gorgeously soft but sags in the middle

I love the softness of this bed it feels gorgeous when you lie on it; I’m a side sleeper so wanted to take some pressure off my shoulder for going for a more expensive/softer mattress. Me and my hubby tried this mattress in the shop and we loved it; but on the shop model, one side is soft and the other side is medium(you can buy them like this in the king size and above but not the double) We ordered the soft version in a double and when it came it was gorgeously soft as the shop model was but dipped horrendously in the middle causing us to roll together. as the shop model had a firmer side and a softer side for demo purposes it didn’t do that- giving a false representation of what a full sized double in a soft would be like. Needles to say regretfully weve had to use the comfort guarantee and changed to a TEMPUR CoolTouch Cloud Luxe Mattress - in Medium Soft


Luxurious Comfort

Having suffered from back pain and restless sleep I wanted to invest in a quality mattress and was drawn to this mattress because of its use of natural fibres and support from the host of pocket springs.It has ticked every box and both my sleep quality has improved and I have no back ache. The workmanship in the mattress is obvious and is good value for money. This is the heaviest mattress (King) I have ever had and turning it top to toe needs two people. There is no give in it to negotiate through narrow door openings or stairs but it squeezed into the bedroom and has given me sleep like childhood - thoroughly recommended


So very comfortable

we chose this super king-size mattress because it's zipped in the centre giving us the option of different firmness on either side, so glad we did as my partner who has had back surgery love's the soft side, while I love the medium side. We always used to wakeup in the night, kept turning over to try and get comfortable, both usually sleeping on our sides, but now we both lay on our backs and sleep through till the morning


Best mattress ever

This is our second Flaxby mattress due to a flood we had to replace the first one. Having already known how comfortable they are we knew we had to get the exact same one, the soft tension one. It’s like sleeping in a cocoon, so soft but still supportive. I can’t recommend it too much, if you like comfort then this is the mattress for you.


Best mattress you can buy!

Fantastic quality mattress, checking fit bit sleep patterns this mattress has improved how I sleep 100%. No more restlessness. With intense weight training, the mattress has made the stiffness and muscle fatigue disappear! I’m amazed at what a difference a good quality mattress an make to my quality of life. Best purchase I’ve ever made.


Pure Luxury

The feeling when you lay on this mattress is like no other. Sinking in to the luxurious pillowtop will be sure to relax your mind and body and make you feel as though you are floating on a cloud. Perfect for anyone who loves a sumptuous mattress and the natural fillings help keep you cool and comfortable during your sleep.


Heavenly nights

I bought this mattress after asking the assistant at your Nottingham branch which mattress is the one featured on a TV programme. It was quite an 'eye opener' seeing how the mattress was made. As my husband and I are now in our twilight years we decided to splash out and buy this model. What a good decision!


Very comfortable mattress

I waited until we gave the mattress a fair try. It is very comfortable. We both usually prefer different mattresses, but this suits us well. Having arthritis, a good mattress is essential. We used the scanning machine, and this was the top recommendation. I would definately choose this again.



This has to be the best mattress I’ve ever felt. It has a lovely softness but you can feel the support around you. There really is a feeling of pure luxury and I’m also a big fan that it is completely naturally filled as this has helped with the heat issue at night.


Very comfortable

We received this just over 2 weeks ago and it took no getting used to. We chose a soft mattress because my wife has some problems with her back and finds that a soft mattress enables her to sleep better and we are both finding the mattress very comfortable.


Best nights sleep ever!

We bought this mattress a few weeks ago after much deliberation. I can honestly say I’ve had the best nights sleep ever since making this choice. When you think how much time you spend in bed it’s worth every penny!


Top quality ...and sooo comfortable

Had this delivered a couple of weeks ago..You can tell it’s top quality and with great support and comfort. We went for a split soft/medium mattress which is perfect and suits both of our preferences.


Excellent comfort

We bought this quality mattress about a month ago and we are both very pleased with it. It’s extremely comfortable and we seem to be sleeping a lot better. Definitely worth the investment.


Super Comfy!

The mattress is super comfy and feels like you’re sleeping on air. Moulds to your position whilst sleeping. First time I have ever been able to sleep on my back, normally a tommy sleeper.


Took a while to adjust

Iitial it was installed on an open slate base. This created back problems as the mattress sunk in between. This has to be on a flat Base to fully enjoy. It is finally now comfortable.


Pure luxury

Have never slept on such a luxurious mattress. So comfortable, wake up refreshed from such a good nights sleep. Really thinking of getting one for kids bed.



I brought this a few weeks ago and its the best mattress I've brought. Always thought a firm mattress suited me until I tried this medium mattress.


Most comfortable mattress ever

This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. Feels soft initially but is very longer waking up with backache


The most comfortable bed ever!

This bed is so comfortable and breathes so well, makes us look forward to going to bed every night.Its like a cocoon of luxury.Love it.


So pleased with this mattress

I have never had such a good night's sleep. It is just like sleeping on air but with just the right amount of support


Comfy as long as I sleep alone

This is a lovely mattress but when my husband who is of average size gets in then I feel as if I’m sleeping on slope


Super confy

I bought this matress a month ago iam so happy with i dont have back aches any more and have very good sleep


Really comfortable

I bought this to help ease my back problems. I find it really comfortable and have slept much better.


Most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on

We have had the bed about a month now and we’ve slept really well Well worth the cost



Only had it two weeks but up to now it is fantastic!, its like sleeping on a cloud.



I bought this mattress a month ago and it is a lovely comfy bed very happy with it


Best sleep ever

We took delivery of this mattress 2 weeks ago. Best nights sleep in years.


Very comfortable

We bought this a month ago and have slept really well since.

Questions and Answers About Flaxby Natures Finest 16500 DNAir Mattress

Is both the mattress and the luxury topper layer on the Zipped mattress zipped? Or is the mattress zipped and the topper part one complete unit?

Answer: , The mattress including the pillow top is split into two- the pillow top is hand-sewn to the mattress. The mattresses are zipped below the Pillow Top so that the Zip is not in view. Kind Regards, Dreams

How much does this mattress weigh? I want it to go on a wooden ottoman frame.

Answer: , Please see the below weights: Single - 41kg Small double - 54kg Double - 61kg King - 70kg Super King - 81kg Kind regards Dreams

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