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Dura Celebration 1800 Mattress

Brand: Dura
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What Makes The Dura Celebration 1800 Mattress Great?

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee (See our bed and mattress guarantee page for further details)

A 1 year guarantee is considered fairly commonplace in the UK bed and mattress market and not at all uncommon. Life expectancy of products will vary with use and treatment, however, expectation would be for these products to last longer than this minimum period.

Flag stitched handles for regular turning

Handles are a somewhat necessary feature for mattresses, especially when purchasing a mattress any larger than a single. This is because mattresses require both turning and sometimes flipping. You cannot easily do that without handles as mattresses can be very heavy. As such, rest easy, because this mattress comes with those all important handles.

Comfort rating: Medium to soft

Medium Soft tension mattresses are ideal for those that sleep on their side or have an average or lower BMI. When it comes to mattress tension it is entirely down to preference, what works for one does not work for another. That said, a medium soft tension mattress should still provide a relative amount of back and neck support while allowing you to sink further into it, proving more comfortable depending on your preference.

Fits standard size UK beds and divans

These mattresses come in normal mattress sizes of single, double and king. You can often find mattresses in bespoke sizes, sometimes suitable for a tighter space like a caravan or bespoke home build. For those, you will likely need to go custom. This mattress though, it comes in normal sizes and requires normal size equivalent bed frames.

1000 pocket spring system

1000 pocket springs is considered the sweet spot between comfort and value. Pocket Springs themselves are a vast improvement on open coil traditional mattresses, while 1000 springs is the typical value necessary to appreciate the tension and body contouring that pocket springs can offer. While spring counts can go into the multiple-thousands, the amount that they cost increments. As such 1000 springs represents the best price point to appreciate the luxurious base layer.

Combined with 800 mini pocket springs for extra comfort

Pocket springs are one of the best support layers on the market, offering pocketed springs that each mould to your bodies movements. It is our favourite support layer and one that does better with higher quantities of springs. In this instance, you get 800 springs which is going to be suitable for body contouring while keeping the price fairly low.

Deep sculptured knitted fabric cover

Side stitched border with air vents ensure healthy air flow

Mattresses have to absorb all sorts of bodily fluids while we sleep. An unpleasant thought, but reality all the same. This mattress has air ventilation that will help ensure air can move through the mattress with ease. Ideal for helping you keep cool, while also removing excess moisture and ensuring your mattress doesn't become soggy and mouldy. A win for everyone.

Micro-quillted attached cucshioned top

Turnable: Head-to-foot only

Mattress depth: 23cm

23cm of mattress depth is enough to house a typical good quality spring system with decent support and comfort layers while also being thin enough to accessorise with standard mattress sheets. No need for deeper sheets and further purchases as a result.

National Bed Federation approved

The National Bed Federation (NBF for short), is a trade association which represents many UK manufacturers of bed frames. They are regarded as the leading bed authority and help to ensure standards and legislation are created and followed within the industry.

Double mattress

A double mattress size is the most common mattress size in the UK. It is also the most common mattress size in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.A double mattress is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. It is also known as a full-size bed in the US.Double mattresses are available in a variety of thicknesses for your comfort and support needs.

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