Doze Supreme Plus Mattress - Medium Firm

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Brand: Doze
Code: 163-01054
Retailer: DreamsDreams
Height/Depth: 20cm
Updated: 8/17/2019 12:25:21 PM
4/5 - 55 reviews
Rated 4/5 based on 55 customer reviews


What Makes It Great

I would love to be able to say that this mattress was worth every penny and that I saved a small fortune by buying it (well, I did.....initially). We tried and loved the mattress in store, but the product we took home was nothing like as comfortable. Maybe I was naive that a solely memory foam mattress would be as comfortable as a pocket sprung one. However, the in store one was, that's why I'm so disappointed. Not only did I end up with a sore back (after 5 nights) but my wife who has back problems just couldn't take the discomfort any more. There's no way we would have been able to last any longer unable to sleep properly on such a hard mattress. I also doubt that 40 days would have been long enough for it to soften sufficiently for us. We returned it today and spent that 'small fortune' I mentioned earlier, and upgraded. When in store, we were advised that the one on display may have been out for 6 months or so.

Soft touch covers are commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Medium Firm is the optimal firmness for a mattress if you are looking for comfort but also suffer from some minor back problems. This is because this type of mattress will ease the amount of strain on your muscles but not in such a way to deter comfort, ensuring a great nights sleep

Memory foam is without a doubt much more comfortable than many other types of filling offered while being able to offer both support and a rebound effect that encapsulates your body

Reflex Foam is a base foam commonly found in mattresses that would feature a memory foam top. Reflex foam is contours to the body but does not mould like that of memory foam as it is denser and firmer and used as a supportive part of the mattress. This foam comes in different density to reflect firmness, usually 30kg (Soft) to 33kg (Firm)

Questions and Answers

How thick is the memory foam layer please?

Answer: Hello, The memory foam layer is 4cm in depth. Many thanks for the question.

Why is there no specs on description. What is the overall thickness of the mattress? What other material is there apart from 4cm memory foam?

Answer: Hello, There is a full description on the product page for the mattress. The mattress is 20cm in thickness and also has reflex foam that makes up the rest of the mattress filling. Many thanks for the question.

Hi There , I have a latex allergy . Can you please advise me if there is any latex element to this mattress please? 

Answer: Hi , There is no latex in this product. The only mattresses we have latex in currently are our Sealy range. Thank you for your question.

Hi, please I want to know what is the life time of that mattress, (How long it last)? Thank you.

Answer: Hi , It is difficult to be able to state how long a product will last as this ultimately depends on the amount of use and care the product will receive. However, we advise replacing your mattress every 8 years. If you purchase bed cover with us and add this to your order, your guarantee will also be extended to 8 years from the 1 year by standard. Thank you.

Do you charge to take the old mattress away on delivery?

Answer: Hi , Yes we do, the price is subject to mattress size. You can view the prices in checkout when you select recycling as an option. Thank you.

Hi, can you tell me the weight limit per person for this mattress please, thank you

Answer: Hi , We do not have set weight limits on our mattresses. Thank you.

can this mattries be used on a solid bed platform

Answer: Hi Awhillson, Yes, this mattress can be used on a solid bed platform. Kind Regards, Giedre

Can a heated bottom sheet be used with this mattress?

Answer: We would recommend using an electric blanket that does not sit directly on the surface of the mattress. As the Doze Supreme Mattress is a foam based mattress please bear in mind that use of a warming sheet or blanket will alter the feel and comfort grade of the mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

Why when it is advertised as 79 inches long when it arrives it is only 74 inches long meaning I now have a 5 inch gap at the foot of my bed? Please can you explain ? 

Answer: We are sorry to hear that there is a discrepancy in the length of your mattress. We would suggest that you contact our customer service team to discuss this. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can the fabric cover be washed? If so what settings are recommended? Thanks!

Answer: The cover on this mattress is not able to be removed and washed separately. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do Doze Supreme plus D mattress 's have a certPUR-- US rating ? Thankyou

Answer: The foam used on this mattress has been CertiPUR® certified, meaning it has been independently tested to ensure it has no harmful chemicals. Kind Regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 review

Okay bed for the money

Bed wasn't particularly easy to set up, the head and foot boards are comprised of metal tubing and trying to keep everything square while you tighten it up is a real challenge. Frequently you will be left with some not lining up with screw holes which means you have to loosen everything off and wrestle with it some more to get everything to line up. Once the bed is together it is quite solid, after a few weeks it does creak like an old metal bed but I need to go around and re-tighten everything. There is also a considerable gap between the top of the mattress and the bottom tube of the headboard which is the perfect size for your pillows to slip through in the night or while you're sat in bed with your back to the headboard - they always end up underneath the bed.

Great mattress

The strong chemical smell lasted a long while. I aired the mattress for three days, even took the mattress cover off (which can be removed with a handy zip, a feature I love). The smell is still in the room after a few weeks of sleeping on the mattress and changing the sheets a few times but it does die down eventually. I'm sure the airing process helped. The quality of the mattress is lovely, though. I sleep so well on it and love how it feels. Not too squishy, not too hard. It expanded within a few hours of unrolling it and I've had absolutely no problems with it -- apart from the strong chemical smell to start with. Would definitely recommend.

Still waiting for a good night sleep

I purchased this mattress last week, it’s like sleeping on a brick, I still waiting for that ‘supportive and comfortable night sleep’, my last mattress was a memory foam on foam, which is what I thought this one was, however it is not very comfortable and does not mould around your body shape as advertised. The smell emanating from it is offensive, I have had to purchase a electronic diffuser to try and mask it, sadly that hasn’t worked either. I have sent an e.mail but no reply as yet!!! Really disappointed.

Gets way too hot

I bought this in the winter. The mattress was extremely comfortable and had no issues. Then the spring came. It gets way too hot and I cannot sleep after a couple of hours being in bed. I would say it's such a big issue that it totally prevents the mattress from doing it's purpose - to provide you with a decent night's sleep. I now have to resort to sleeping on the sofa to get to sleep. I'm dreading the hotter summer months.

Too short!

When the mattress had fully expanded we discovered that it was only 193cm long and didn't reach the end of our bed. I could fit my hand widthways into the gap. On the website it should be 198 plus or minus 2cm. We returned it and a second mattress was delivered. This was also 193cm long. Very frustrating! This too will be returned. We like the comfort of the mattress but can't rate it any higher if it doesn't even fit the bed.

A Mattress unlike any I have ever felt before

I have had a fair number of mattresses through the years but none even come close to this. I think only once staying in a very classy hotel did I once have a bed that came close to how truly comfortable this is. Words fail me to define the sensation by which you are supported without springiness yet the material adapted to me perfectly. I wish I had chosen to buy this mattress a long time ago.

Super comfy and a super price

Bought this memory foam mattress to go with my new bed, and I'm super happy with it. I did think with it being a budget version it wouldn't be as good as my last one which cost over £800 8 years a go, but I was wrong. It's much better, and not stupidly deep like the last one, which I could never get sheets to stay on. So all in all I would highly recommend this mattress to all.

Exactly what we were looking for

We explained our old mattress n how we didn’t like it.. we then went into explain what we wanted. Based on that we were shown 8 mattress. After half an hour of trying n re trying, we settled on the Supreme plus, medium firm.. best night sleep we had in ages. Thank u so much for listening to our needs n u patience as we decided. N for the addition help getting it into my car. Thank u

Great mattress

Bought it when there was a discount offer. So it was less than half price of other foam mattress's on the market. It takes at least 2 days for the smell to disappear and even then there is a slight smell that remains for over a week. Its winter so don't know if it gets hot in the summer as other reviewers have said, but if it does i will buy a mattress topper.

Really comfortable!

Only had this mattress two weeks but so pleased with our choice. It's very supportive without being too firm. I have a back injury so it's a true test really. The only thing I would say is it's probably better on slats. Ours is on a divan and can move slightly every couple of days as it's lighter than a mattress with springs but this is obviously not a big thing.

Amazing mattress and service

I have been very overdue a new mattress and I ordered a new mattress off dreams which was the best decision ever! It’s so comfortable the guys who delivered it were lovely and very helpful. The service I have received from dreams also was amazing service. Thank you for giving me a bed that now I can look forward to going to bed.

Doze mattress

We purchased the mattress about a week ago and nothing to complain about the comfort. My partner woke up with shortness of breath which is due to the amount of chemicals coming from the mattress. Now we have had to move back onto the sofa bed until we have another mattress delivered.


I bought this two weeks ago roughly, and have slept so sound with no backaches or waking up for random reasons. Warm mattress and provides comfort for great sleep. Service was amazing and they took it to my room with laughs and smiles.

Awful - too firm

Haven't slept since purchasing this mattress, I wake up every morning now with back pain, this is far too firm for me. I've given it time to adjust but as it is now 2 months since purchase dreams will not let me exchange this.

Lovely mattress

Never had a better nights sleep. This mattress is fantastic but if you’ve brought it for the first time memory foam takes a bit of getting used to. Luckily this is the secuone I’ve had and I love it to bits - so do my cats

Great bed and mattress!

Got this bed 3 weeks ago, and had a great night sleep since. The mattress and bed are incredibly comfy, and for a reasonable price too! Delivery drivers were brilliant too. Will be back when it's time to renew!

So comfortable

I bought this around a month ago and it was the best decision ever. It's firm but supports you enough and it's ridiculously comfy. Was easy to lay on the bed, I was worried at first because it seemed very flat.

Very Happy

Bought 3 weeks or so ago - arrived on time, mattress had unfolded very quickly - there was a strong chemical smell to start off with but after 1-2 days that smell had gone. Incredibly comfortable mattress

Fantastic comfort!

I bought this couple of weeks ago and must say a superb purchase and great sleeps. No longer discomfort from a spring based mattress. Great value too in comparison to other branded products in the market!

So comfortable

We love this mattress it's very comfortable, only down side is it seems to have a very strong smell to it which isn't getting any better with time. Our 5 year old isn't impressed as it isn't bouncy


We've had this mattress for 3 weeks now , it is very comfortable ,I've been suffering with a bad back recently and this mattress has helped with my recovery, I highly recommend this mattress

No complaints!

Brought a couple weeks ago. The mattress was packaged in a compact and easy to manage way. Very clear instructions on setup and use. Very comfy and provided so far, good nights sleep!

Looks can be deceptive.

Had to send this back, it would not fill out to the the advertised size even after leaving for 48 hours, very hard for a medium mattress no good on a slated bed, very disappointed.

Great but funny smell

Great price. Feel amazing to sleep on. Only down side is leaves a funny smell. Which I was told about. Also size seems a bit smaller Would definitely think twice before buying

Worst mattress ever

Left 24hrs corners still not expanded out and bend downwards sheeting around mattress is baggy nothing like the one in the shop sending back very disappointed


Love bedtime as this bed is so comfortable. It's nice and high up to with loads of storage room. Made really well, very sturdy. Very pleased with purchases.

Best sleep ever

Bought this three months ago and absolutely love it. My persistent hip pain of 6 years has subsided tremendously. Dreams staff were brilliant too in Wrexham

Really comfy

I brought this mattress just over a month ago and I absolutely love it, after suffering months with back pain I can’t believe what a difference it has made

Does not fit the bed frame

When the mattress had fully expanded we discovered that it was only 193cm long and didn't reach the end of our bed. The mattress is 2cm too short.

Great for the most part

Purchased this mattress a month ago, comfort wise its amazing. However, still can’t get rid of the new mattress smell which is sickening at times.

Lovely mattress!

A really lovely mattress especially for the price. It came rolled which was a nice space savers! No springs to worry about, and very comfortable.

Super comfy mattress

Ordered online without trying it, trusting others reviews. So glad we did as it is super comfy! Also the delivery lads were super helpful too!

Really comfortable

My wife and I bought this mattress a few weeks ago and are really happy with it. It is comfortable and soft but gives great support too.

Great comfort once it’s settled in

Was a little uncomfortable at first but once the second night had gone the mattress really started to become very comfy. Would recommend

Like sleeping on a cloud !

I bought this two weeks ago and it's already the best decision i made.As soon as you lie on the bed you slip into a deep sleep.

Fantastic night's sleep

Bought this several weeks ago. Fantastic quality and good value for money. My daughter is surprised how comfortable it is


Bought this recently and am so happy with it. Light and so easy to move if I need to. Comfortable to sleep on all night.

Very comfortable

I bought both a divan base and mattress. Have been sleeping much better. Delivery was on time and went smoothly.

Lovely mattress

Lovely mattress that you just melt into, yet it’s still firm enough to support your body - great nights’ sleep!

Great night sleep

I bought this mattress Oma whim, and so glad I did! It just gets comfier the more I use it!! Awesome mattress.

Very comfortable

I bought this last month and so far it has greatly improved my sleep I also have less back pain now

Great value

Really comfy mattress, bought one to see what we thought, so good we just bought another one!

Firm and Comfortable!

It was delivered as stated and has proved to be a comfortable and hard-wearing mattress.


I bought this about 3 weeks ago, and i'm very happy with this purchase. It's wonderful !

Comfy matteress

I have had this matteress for a few weeks now and I’ve been getting such better sleep!


massive improvement on previous bed cossets you for a proper nights sleepzzzz

Nice bed, little bit firm

Wish I knew bout the smell, it did take a few days to really air out.

Amazing Doze mattress

I brought this mattress recently and have had a lovely night's sleep.

Really liked it

Its really really good matrress. I will recomended to my friends

So comfortable

The best nights sleep, slightly shorter than a standard double

Best nights sleep ever

What a difference a decent mattress makes to sleep. Love it

Really comfy bed, delivery guys were great too!

Bed delivered in April, really happy with the purchase

Very comfy

Very comfy and fits perfectly with my new bed frame

Very comfortable

Very good mattress very comfy and not overly heavy