Doze Luxe Pocket Sprung Mattress - Medium Soft Rated 4/5 based on 109 customer reviews

Doze Luxe Pocket Sprung Mattress - Medium Soft

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Brand: Doze
Code: 133-00665
Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 22cm
Updated: 9/21/2019 9:25:24 PM
4/5 - 109 reviews


What Makes It Great

My partner and I bought this mattress in king size for our master bedroom last month and have been sleeping really well on it ever since. We are both on the heavier side so really needed a mattress that was firm enough that we didn't sink in to the middle but still soft enough to be comfortable - this mattress is the perfect balance! I always worry with mattresses that have any kind of foam in them that I will get too hot but that's not a problem with this one. We tried the cooling gel mattresses too which felt lovely but were soooo much money and I'm not sure we could have justified that. One thing to note is that this mattress can't be flipped but it can be rotated. We've not noticed any sinking problems though so don't think this is an issue. We tried loads of other mattresses in Dreams and looked online at Emma, Casper, Eve etc. and most of them were a LOT more expensive. If you don't want to spend a fortune and just want a decent, comfy mattress that you can take home on the day (bonus = it comes rolled up so will fit in any normal car) then this one is ideal. I'm so glad we didn't spend £1,000-1,500 on one of the others that didn't feel much different!

Soft touch covers are commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

Something for the memory foam lovers. Who doesn't love a bit of sinky-floaty and supportive material designed to rebound again and again. Definitely the optimal for comfort in any mattress. Also a good quality pocket spring system, not like the cheaper open coil variety, this has longevity and will stand the test of time

800 Pocket springs is a compromise. It is a far better choice than an equivilent open coil product but is a little on the low end in terms of the volume of springs. Support should be acceptable, but if there is an option for 1000+ at a similar price, it is worthy of paying a little bit extra

Questions and Answers

Does it matter which way up the mattress is while it is expanding? It seemed to roll out to be upside down

Answer: Hi , Simply turn the mattress over and it should be absolutely fine. If you have any concerns please ring customer services on the number at the top of our website. Thank you for your question.

What is the knitted cover made of?

Answer: Hi , The exterior white & grey fabric is 100% polyester. The lining on the inside is 100% polypropylene. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

How long does if take to expand once unrolled?

Answer: Hi , This mattress will appear in true form almost immediately, however it will take a few hours to expand to it's fullest dimensions. Thank you for your question.

Can you use an electric underblanket with this mattress

Answer: Hi , You can use a heated/electric blanket, however the heat may soften the components in the product making appear slightly softer. Kind Regards, Giedre

Is there anyway to speed up the expansion of the mattress?

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately not, all mattresses need time to fully adjust. We advise up to 48 hours as an absolute max for this product. Thank you.

Why does it say for occasional use? Is it not suitable to use everyday? If so how come?

Answer: The Doze Luxe mattress is suitable for every day use - we apologise if there is any confusion here. Kind Regards, Dreams

How often should I rotate this mattress?

Answer: Hi , Our recommendations are once a month for the first year and then every 3 months thereafter. Thank you for your question.

Could you please advise how heavy the Doze Luxe mattress is in a standard double size and if it is suitable for an ottoman style bed?

Answer: In a double, this mattress will weigh 26kg and it will be suitable for use with an ottoman bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can I use this memory foam mattress (doze double luxe) on a slatted base?

Answer: Hi Yes, this mattress is suitable for the slatted base bed. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Can you please advise on the dimensions of the box the mattress will come in, I need to know if it will if through a narrow door way.

Answer: This mattress will come rolled and so will be suitable for very narrow doorways. Kind Regards, Dreams

If I move house can this mattress be rolled to fit in car? Or once opend and used will not rolled back?

Answer: Once unrolled, this mattress unfortunately cannot be rolled up again. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, does this mattress contain any animal derived materials? If so can you recommend similar which doesn't please. Thank you. 

Answer: Good afternoon, This mattress does not contain any animal derived materials. Kind regards. Dreams

Hi. Can the mattress be used on slatted beds?

Answer: Hi , Yes this mattress can be used on slatted beds. Thank you for your question.

Is the mattress cover washable? If so can it go in tumble dryer?

Answer: This mattress cover is not able to be removed and washed. Kind Regards, Dreams

How deep is the memory foam on this mattress?

Answer: Hi , It is 4cm deep in the Doze Luxe & Doze Premium. Thank you for your question.

Does this mattress require turning or just rotating? How often?

Answer: Hi , This is rotate only. Thank you for your question.

Customer Reviews

Based on 109 review

first nights sleep in 6 years

I bought the double mattress as I haven't slept in nearly 6 and a half years. I've bought various big named mattresses but this one is amazing. for the first time I've sleep in 6 years. being disabled for some time I've finally found some solace by buying a mattress from you at dreams. your staff were brilliant allowing me and family visit various times over a week to keep trying them to find the right one. and we did. thank you for putting up with us and thank you for the mugs of hot chocolate your lad brought up whilst trying the beds and mattress out. we also got one for my terminally ill mum who loves the mattress and also has enjoyed some peaceful nights sleep. brilliant mattress I hope people who are disabled or frail and even general people will buy this. thank you for having a mattress that's given me sleep for the first time in 6 years.

Perfect purchase

I went into the dreams shop in Truro purely to view, I was on the looking for a new ottoman bed for my daughter as I’m a single dad and finances aren’t great!.. I was a little late into store as they were closing in five minutes, the gent that served me was more than welcoming and made me feel at ease . I’m so glad I purchased there and then my daughter has never slept so well before and it gives me a chance to relax a lot also.. once I have saved up enough I will be buying my new bed and mattress from dreams as they helped me out so much and I’d also like to add the fitting / delivery team were very polite, hardworking and I felt at ease with them in my home . They respectfully removed their shoes even though I didn’t mind them wearing them. All round good company to deal with . 10/10 goodnight star from me :)

No stars - abysmal product!

This is an appalling product. This is now the sixth mattress of this type we have tried, either as a purchase or a replacement. Without exception - every single one has either failed to expand properly or has sagged ridiculously after weeks. I find it amazing that Dreams are still selling this product , there is evidently a quality control problem. furthermore, ‘in store’sales staff have only recently been told that this product should only be kept on the shop floor for a maximum of six months and clearly staff have been selling this product unknowingly. My overall experience with this Dreams product and customer servce has been a nightmare -far from dreamy!!!!! I recommend this product should be discontinued - do not waste your time, energy or money.

Not worth it

We went for this option as it was available to take home immediately, whereas everything else had a fair wait for delivery. Having read other reviews we expected it to take a while for the corners to fully fill out, however, now into week 5 of sleeping on it, none of the corners filled properly which leaves the mattress rounding off in all the corners, which makes the bed feel smaller. Given that the product is the same price as a regular mattress I certainly wouldn't recommend it. We have a mattress topper which we owned before and together they are comfortable to sleep on, however we have quite a slanted old floor and the mattress sinking in the corners just adds to the feeling of sleeping on a sloped surface.

Unusually bad

As soon as I unfurled the mattress all corners looked irretrievably sunken. I left it 48 hours and whilst the mattress had puffed out, the corners were still all down and the mattress ramped down on both sides, plus the whole thing looked warped. When sleeping, my head tilted back, I couldn't adjust the pillows in anyway that would make it comfortable, and the duvet was constantly slipping to the foot of the bed as it was so slanted down. What stuck out for me when we tried it in the shop was how level and square it was, so I was perplexed at our version. We got a replacement but no luck, got exactly the same warped mattress, all the same faults. I am at a loss as are Dreams to explain why this is so.

Comfortable mattress at reasonable price

Having spent the morning touring shops and trying various mattresses, we saw this one tucked away innocuously at the back of the store. Although perhaps not visually inpressive, we tried it and discovered that at last we had found a mattress that we both liked and at £1000 less than the next contender. Although it has 800 springs compared to the thousands that some other mattresses have, it is comfortble for both of us. Unlike some other reviews, it expanded fine and does seem to be softening slightly after a few days as it did at first seem firmer than a medium soft. Only slight gripe is that it was not included in the sale, but apparently these rarely are.

Best choice!

So after few years with old mattress we decided to buy a new mattress. We didn't want to just order random mattress from internet so we decided to make few test at local Dreams. At the arrival a lady came to us to welcome as and she gave us a quick tour around shop explaining differences between other mattresses . Then she left us alone to begin the test . After trying of the cheapest and even very expensive options we decided this mattress is perfect balance between quality , comfort and price. We are so happy to have this mattress , no regrets and finally having deep, quality sleep.

Great Mattress, Poor Service

We bought this mattress at the start of the year. The communication about delivery was great, however, the delivery drivers left the mattress rolled up and not event on the bed, not only this but all of the adverts advertising that the mattress comes with a "Delivered onDate", there is no label on the mattress with any date on it, I have spoken to others who have had mattresses recently and this is the case with them as well. However, the mattress, once fully inflated after 6 hours or so is absolutely perfect.


I got this mattress and was very disappointed when I received item weeks ago, when they unrolled the mattress I was told to leave it for 3 hours to get the shape, I left it all day until I made the bed that night, and all 4 corners was really down. Got replacement and still very disappointed as it does not even fit the base properly. I have noticed that since having this mattress I'm suffering from back problems and need a memory form but it's nothing like that at all. Avoid at all cost

Superb customer service and great product.

My mum needed a firm but not hard new mattress as she has scoliosis of the spine and severe arthritis and suffers chronic pain. In the Dreams store she was able to lay on the mattress we had seen advertised to test it for comfort. The sales assistant was so kind and helpful and knowledgeable which made buying a new mattress a quick decision. The mattress is perfect and mum is sorry she didn’t make the purchase months ago. A new pillow has also proved a massive improvement.

Its thick, firm but warm.

I've had this mattress for 3 weeks now, I'm still getting used to it. Compared to our 8yr old spring mattress it's heaven. Its firm and quite thick which makes it a bit easier to get in and out of bed. Only downside with the memory foam it's a bit warmer than I'm used to. Overall though it's great. Kevin in the Redditch branch was brilliant help, the only reason I bought it online was due to the finance options being so different to the store options. Sad really.

Poor value for money

The first 3 months of having this mattress were incredibly comfortable and I truly felt it was worth the money. Unfortunately a year and 5 months later the mattress is unbearable. Springs can be felt either side and the bottomed of the mattress has a huge gap/hole in the padding meaning it cant even be turned round. I've started have neck pain and really wished I had paid more for a better quality mattress!! Save your money and buy a better brand!

No memory foam for me

Bought 2 of these mattresses last month, and have been back to dreams to replace them. The memory foam on the mattress has made it so difficult to sleep. I felt like my bed was on fire, it was that hot!! So uncomfortable and hot, Iv chosen the pocket spring mattress with no memory foam. Definitely won't be buying a memory foam mattress again, very hard to get a good night sleep, had to have the bedroom window open in the winter, it was that bad

Extremely disappointing

I bought this mattress because it looked good quality in the store. However it has been just as bad if not worse than the mattress i had before and that was causing me alot of backache. Im still having backache waking up during the night and at times feel like im being bounced and catapulted around when my partner turns over during the night. Most nights my partner has been sleeping on the sofa as he finds that more comfortable.

Another faulty mattress review.

Tried every mattress.This DOZE mattress seemed best for me at the cheaper end .Read mixed review's and was hesitant but went ahead with purchase.As with other reviews the mattress came damaged.It comes rolled and one corner was squished and never expanded to proper shape.I am being sent a replacement but for some reason I have to wait 6 weeks.Will see how replacement goes. I do think it is a very comfy mattress though!

Firm but very comfortable

I bought this mattress a couple of months ago for my sons bed and it's a great mattress for the price. It's sturdy, firm and very comfortable. It feels more comfortable than my own mattress which was 4x the price. Not bad for a 'cheaper' rolled mattress and has far exceeded my expectations. Would definitely recommend and would even consider replacing my current mattress with this one.

Great in the end

Bought mattress 2 months ago and in the end I’m happy with my purchase. I had some hiccups as first mattress didn’t expand correctly and I needed replacement. Swap was easy to organise. Second mattress expanded properly and since then I have great night sleep. If someone thinking about purchasing this one I recommend to go to shop and try it as it more like midium to firm.

Warped Corners

I first bought this mattress about three months ago. Like similar reviews, the mattress itself is really comfy. That said, the corners never ‘inflated’ properly, and the foot and head of the mattress remain decompressed. I’ve just had the mattress replaced, like for like, but I can already tell this one will do the same - although I’ll give it more time to prove itself.

Not a long lasting mattress

Buy only for sporadic use! I bought this mattress 18 months ago and I feel that memory foam doesn't give support and comfort anymore. It was the best mattress ever. I feel I already need a new mattress with aches I am getting due to change in feel of the mattress after one plus year of continuous use. Nothing is wrong with my health. I am slim healthy female.

So blooming comfy- the Goldilocks of mattresses

Not too hard and not too soft, we feel well supported by our new mattress. We liked it so much we bought a second one for the guest room. Pocket sprung over the traditional type means no squeaky springs keeping you awake, whilst also being a not too alarming price. Mattresses are more expensive than you realise but this is really good value for money.


I purchased this for my guest room bed. We’re decorating our room so had slept in the bed in the guest room. We both found this mattress to be firm and definitely NOT medium soft. I went back to the store to be told because it was for the guest room bed it hasn’t had time to settle yet. Not happy with this but hope it will be ok for our guests.

So comfortable!

I bought this for my spare room. My first visitor asked where the mattress was from because she loved it so much and said that she is now a convert to a foam mattress ( this despite her brother-in-law being connected to a well known sprung mattress brand, so she has experienced some high end mattresses!) A very good mattress for a spare bed.

Fantastic Value

Only had this two weeks and we have both noticed a real difference in how well we are sleeping. At the store we were allowed to lay on the mattress for as long as needed to make sure it was what we wanted. Great value for money and a great nights sleep. Only (slight) took a couple of nights before the smell disappeared.

Doze deluxe mattress

BLISS !! at last a good night sleep! I left this mattress the full 48 hrs , as instructed before using it. Have to take care when cutting away the plastic cover it's sealed in because it is vacumed packed. Best night sleep I've had in a long while, no more stiff back or aches and pains. Totally recommend this mattress to anyone.

Not medium soft

I've tried a lot of mattresses, in an attempt to find the solution to a sciatic nerve issue. Unfortunately, although the quality of the product is good, this one doesn't do the job, and is definitely not medium soft - more medium firm. It's going back, I'm afraid... oh, and the corners turn down, as others have commented.

Second one I've bought.

The second mattress of this model that I've bought. Was going to spend £1000 but after sleeping on my daughter's mattress thought I'd save some money. If you are in a hurry they are rolled so they fit in a car. The double goes in a Seat Ibiza! The finish isn't great but once the sheets are on does it really matter?

Lovely Sprung/Foam Mattress

Been sleeping in this new mattress for a couple of weeks now. When it arrived, I was told to let it stand for 24 hours. I have to admit I didn't think it was going to sort itself out completely in 24 hours, but it did. Really good quality mattress in my opinion and I can't wait to get into bed now!! Thank you Dreams!

Super Comfy!

I brought this product a month ago and have really enjoyed it, had a great nights sleep every night so far, it is so thick and a mixture of memory and pocket spring so really comfy. When new it came rolled so was easy to get upstairs, it quickly filled into shape in less than 24 hours with no bad smell like some.

Buy cheap.... buy twice

I thought this mattress was ok at the start.. but firm for medium soft but ok. Now I have never had so much back pain. It lasted about a year and as soon as your 1 year warranty is up it all dipped and sagged. Yes I followed instructions and turned but am left with saggy dips all over. I wouldn’t buy again

Comfortable Affordable Mattress

I bought this a little under a week ago and I have never slept so well! The mattress takes a while to unfurl properly but it is worth the wait - i have been waking up with no back or hip pain for once! The price is very reasonable for the quality. I actually look forward to going to bed at night now :)

Extremely comfortable

We needed a mattress urgently as the existing one had become soiled due to an illness. We also needed it the same day to accommodate a visitor. The mattress is supplied rolled up an vacuum sealed which enable d us to get it into a car. Excellent, and the young man that served us was just wonderful.


Brilliant, bought just over a month ago and as others have said, it does take a week to get used to. I have had major spinal surgery since purchasing this mattress, and it has been absolutely fantastic since getting home. No aches in the morning, no sinking to the middle - absolutely brilliant!

Very comfy

I needed to replace my old mattress due to a broken spring, On a budget after visiting multiple stores I found this product which was recommended by the sleep match machine. It was exactly right I have slept 10 times better on this mattress compared to my old one, even before it broke.

Great bed

I received my bed a couple of weeks ago and its been amazing. We build the bed ourselves, not to complicate at all once you have all part separated. The mattress is half spring half memory foam and its gave me such a good night's sleep and my body feel so much better for it.

Amazingly comfortable

I bought this a few weeks ago and it is fantastic. I purchased it after buying a similar one for my daughter from Dreams 2 years ago...after sleeping in her bed a couple of times due to a snoring partner I decided I had to get one myself as it was so incredibly comfortable.

Happy with my purchase

I bought this for my daughter. She was looking for a firm mattress. She tried this in store and found this to be suitable for her despite the fact it was labeled as medium soft. It does feel firm compared to other medium mattresses we have and she is very happy with this.

Don’t buy

We bought this mattress just over a year ago ... it’s been quite uncomfortable lately but put it down to my sleep .. I had a spillage so took the cover of to wash and found out that the foam was all split .. if I hadn’t of taken it off I would never of known

Better than expected, very comfy

I bought this as a temporary materess while I await delivery of a new larger bed. Because of this I went for a cheaper one hoping it would be OK enough to sleep on for a few but, but it's actually surprisingly comfortable, better than expected for the price.

Comfy for 6 months now a nightmare

I bought this mattress last June and it was really comfortable but now I’m waking up everyday with lower back pain and the reason? The mattress the doze luxe s it’s got a dip in the middle after less than a year glad I kept my old mattress is all I can say

Comfort and support.

I bought this sprung memory foam mattress a few weeks ago from Dreams. Easy to unpack, it came rolled up and sprung to full depth within 12 hours. Very comfortable sleep but still a bit warm as with all memory foam. Delighted with the goods.

My blue bed.

The mattress comes wrapped up. It was light to carry and easy to open up. I like it because it’s so comfortable able yet gives the body support. The base is an attractive royal blue colour. It was simple to set up. Yet it has 6 wheel support.

Very comfy and value for koney

I bought two of these,one king one double. Delivery was speedy, mattress popped up nicely, and it is a very comfy mattress. Medium firm, and good support. Very good price, much cheaper than a lot of mattresses at that level of firmness.

Not great for me

I bought this mattress at the end of March. My son has one and loves it. I have persevered with it, but have found it to be much too firm for me. I am very stiff when I wake in the morning. Plus I am finding it much too warm at times.

Little disappointed

I bought this 3 weeks ago, followed instructions to the T including sales assistant advice and the mattress expanding overall, the 4 corners never did and remain squashed. In fact I’m going to ask for a replacement.

superb matress

My husband purchased this fabulous mattress to go with our new bed, it is beautifully made and extremely comfortable that my sleep has improved. The delivery was prompt and the delivery men very polite and efficient.

Best nights sleep

Ive had my new matress now for roughly two mths. And i cant fault it, best nights sleeps in a long time. Last memory foam i brought i never got on with. Put as i tried my new one In showroom i knew it was the one.

Good mattress....good price

This mattress is ideal.It came rolled and vacuum packed so I had my doubts about it being firm enough but these were dispelled after it was left for the appropriate time as per instructions .And ideal purchase.

Most comfortable bed I’ve slept in!

Bought this for my first house and was nervous about not sleeping as well as I did previously.. how I could be so wrong! Haven’t had a bad night sleep since I’ve had it, would 100% recommend to everyone!

Good value for money

I bought this mattress a month ago very pleased with my purchase. Comfortable, firm and soft. Since I have been sleeping on it I have had a really good sleep. I am very pleased with the purchase.

Really comfy!!

Bought a week ago, very comfy!! You need to give it a couple of days to expand completly, they tell you about this in store, i suffer with joint pain which has eased since buying this mattress.

Like sleeping on a cloud!

I bought this mattress 2 weeks ago and I’ve slept like a dream every night since. It has excellent support but is soft and moulds to your body. I haven’t woken up aching once!

Extremely comfy

Bought one of these mattresses for ourselves and was very happy with it, just the right amount of firmness. So then we bought another for my son for his new bed, he loves it!

Soo comfy

I have had this mattress a few weeks now and I must admit I have had the best night sleep for a long time, helps with my back pain as well no more doing up with a stiff back.

Great mattress

Product was good but there were a few scratches on the bed frame knobs and the delivery time was too long, however overall we are happy and the mattress is very comfortable.

Very comfortable mattress

I brought this mattress about a month ago and I've been very happy with the quality and comfort. Would recommend this mattress, the mixture of spring and foam is very nice.

Nice height.

This matress has a firmness which keeps you elevated and not sunken and it also comforts you with softness. I definitely think I made a good choice. Affordable comfort.


Not slept on it yet as it is taking too long to inflate. I bought it on 6Dec & 9 days later the corners are still very low. Maybe you need to think about your packaging.

Even my 2 year old sleeps well on it

The mattress is really comfortable, and is helping with the lower lack pain I was suffering. My 2 year old even falls back asleep when he comes in in the morning.

Very comfortable

Brought this mattress after having a full hip replacement , really helping me to sleep and my hip feels supported . Never did get the sleep tracker though ?


I bought this about a month or go so and its really comfortable, im really happy with it! And men who delivered were very helpful taking them upstairs for us!

Highly recommended mattress

At last a mattress that lives up to its reputation. Not on the high price range but suitably impressed with this product!! At last a great nights sleep!!

Not slept well for a week now

Had the mattress just over a week. Feels very hard and nothing like the one we tried in the store. Should be medium/soft. Both of us are not sleeping well.

Very comfortable

Excellent mattress but one issue is that it is king size by it seems about inch small on width because there is a gap from my bed when I lay the mattress.

Great mattress

I bought this few weeks ago and it had been comfortable so far. It has eased the back pain I had already while having a luxurious sleep in the meantime.


I have had this bed for 3 weeks, it took me a week to get used to it but now I LOVE it... it’s so cosy and I’m much warmer than my old mattress... 10/10

Very comfortable

I brought this a month ago, for the price it offers amazing comfort. All the perks of a full memory foam mattress with the price of a bargain mattress

Nice and soft but has a bit of firmness to it

Our 14-month old loves her new mattress. It's nice and soft for her, but also firm enough for mummy to lie down with her without getting a bad back.


I bought this 3 weeks ago and I have been having a great night sleep since then. I wake up feeling refreshed every morning. Worth the price!

best sleep ever

i brought this mattress a couple if weeks ago and i honestly have had the best nights sleep ever. i cant wait to go to bed everynight!!

Great mattress, great price and so comfortable

We bought this mattress a month ago as my husband was getting back ache. It is so comfortable and no more back ache. Highly recommend

So comfy

Brought a couple of weeks ago and no longer wake up with a bad back. Would definalty recommend and the staff in store were so helpful

Very comfortable bed

We are very happy with this mattress, it is very comfy and we are sleeping well. Nice medium feel mattress. Would highly recommend.

Good bed, good delivery

The bed is comfortable and was a good price. The delivery was excellent with regular updates and all the help I asked for.

Memory foam mattress

Excellent mattress and the staff at Stockton-on-Tees shop were informative and very helpful excellent fist class service

Very comfortable

I bought this this for my son's bedroom, he says very comfortable, firm enough to make a difference to his nights sleep.


The guy who served me.was.excelend.and very professional and very lovely kind.and.gave us hot chocolate drink very nice

Great comfort

Three weeks in and comfort is great. Sleeping is 100% better. Aches and pains disappeared. Definitely no regrets.

Roll on bedtime !!

Fabulously comfortable completely different experience from any other i have tried would recommend to anyone

Best Night Sleep in years

Bought this mattress 1 month ago and it hasn’t disappointed! Firm but comfy - best mattress we’ve ever had.

Incredibly comfortable!

Bought this a month ago, and it made such a difference to the quality of my sleep. Really comfortable!

Nice and soft but has a bit of firmness to it

Just right for our little baby to sleep on, but also for mummy to lie alongside her when settling her.

Very comfortable

Had mattress about three weeks, had no trouble with it at all couldn’t have picked a better mattress.

Crazy comfortable

Mattress is excellent, exceptionally comfortable, feels like I’m in a cloud. Would 100% reccomend!

Excellent mattress really comfy

Bought this a few weeks ago and it is one of the comfiest mattresses I have had. Highly recommend.


Mattress feels very squashy and I wasn’t sure but I feel really supported on it and glad I chose.

Amazing value for money

Can't believe how comfortable this bed is, easily better than ones costing three times as much.


Fantastic mattress, relaxing and comfortable at a great price ! Definitely a purchase must ??

Very comfortable

A very comfortable bed for the price. Feels good in any sleeping position for long periods.

Very comfortable

Bought this lovely mattress at the end of December it’s lovely and cosy and comfortable

Doze Luxe Pocket Sprung Mattress

Excellent mattress. it is very firm. Delivery very good with helpful delivery drivers.

Very impressed

The help we had when buying our bed and the delivery afterwards could not be faulted

Very comfy and easy to unpack

I bought this 3 weeks ago and im so happy i did. For the price you wont get better


quality mattress bought for my daughter, so comfortable she gets up even later now

Sooooo comfy

This mattress is so comfortable, and provides me with a really good nights sleep.

Excellent mattress

Bought this for my daughter, it is great. I even sleep on it myself sometimes.

Very comfortable

Very happy to purchase this product. Definitely sleeping better than before.

Very comfortable

Comfortable. Easier to make the bed as it’s lighter than a sprung mattress

Comfiest thing ever

Love my new mattress so comfy I honestly don’t like getting out of it!!

Great design

Needs a couple of days to soften up but then it’s super comfortable!

So Comfy!

This is the best mattress I have ever had! Worth every penny!

Great value

Great value for money, very comfortable and good mattress.

Great Matters

I bouth this a moth ago and I`m very happy that I did so

Keeps it shape

It is now 6 months since I got it, I have no complaints.

Poor quality mattress and weak custumer service

Mattress well short in measurements and poor in quality

Great product

mattress is great, finally getting a good nights sleep!


I’m happy but was disappointed that it had s week delay


Bought this recently for my daughter who is very happy!


Brilliant product nice and light good for summer/spring