Carnell Pocket Sprung Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 204 customer reviews
Carnell Pocket Sprung Mattress

Carnell Pocket Sprung Mattress

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Carnell Pocket Sprung Mattress Review

Today I'm looking at the Carnell Pocket Sprung Mattress, one of a host of new mattresses from Dreams that aims to tackle the upper segment in terms of quality and price point. Armed with an impressive 2014 pocket springs, this mattress demands respect in any bedroom it is placed in. With natural wool fillings with enhanced breath-ability along with all-season temperature regulation, this is a one size fits all approach to quality that performs very well when put through it's paces.

To start, the pocket springs. Pocket springs are far better than the open coil and reflex foam that you would typically find at the lower price points and that's reflected in the additional body contouring and support that pocket springs provide. With 2014 springs inside a king size mattress (numbers reduce relative to size), there's plenty enough to offer full-body support.

More on the springs, these are rated as extra firm. Regardless of what sort of topper get's put on a mattress, the firmness is what it is and won't be massively softened, as such, the mattress DOES feel very firm and if you are not looking for a firm mattress then this would be the time to look elsewhere. 

In terms of suitability, this will mainly be marketed toward people that are looking for orthopaedic support, maybe suffering from back or neck pain or have a higher BMI than average. 

Finally, the use of wool fillings in this mattress mean that the mattress remains breathable ensuring you won't get too hot or too cold on a night which is ideal for those coming from memory foam that are looking for something that doesn't cause them to wake in a pool of sweat. As a result, this mattress is more hygiene friendly also.

This mattress also comes with a 1 year guarantee, something that is an industry standard and not too surprising here given the already impressive price and specifications. Settlement or both the springs and the fillings should be observed by rotating the mattress monthly, this isn't necessarily unique to this product, rather, a general recommendation on guidelines to prevent dipping over time. 


What Makes The Carnell Pocket Sprung Mattress Great?

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

2000 pocket springs (King)

Better than average amount of springs. Might be slightly firmer as a result but don't let this put you off. Firmer mattresses can still offer tons of comfort, the only difference is you get a better level of support as well. Ideal for those suffering from a bit of back or joint pain

Comfort Grade - Very Firm

Very firm mattresses are ideal for those suffering with back pain. The amount of pain relief that a quality very firm mattress can provide is often the primary reason for people to purchase this specific type of mattress. For those looking for comfort over pain relief, there would be an arguement to perhaps look at something close to medium firmness


Hand Tufting is a labor intensive process that involves securing the fittings to a mattress rather than having them operate independently and loose within. This small act not only secures, but also leads to the mattress lasting longer and feeling firmer. A hand-tufted mattress is great for anyone looking for additional stability while they sleep.

About The Dreams Workshop

The Dreams Workshop has been hard at work since 2003 and is a long established production arm of the ever-popular Dreams Beds retailer. Each mattress created under this brand is hand-crafted to perfection by the master craftsmen inside their factory in Oldbury. 

Natural wool filling for breathability and temperature regulation

Tufted finish with soft-touch cover

Hand tufting typically makes a mattress feel firmer due to how the stitching from the cover carries through the mattresses layers. It is a great way to keep everything tight and together within the different mattress layers and acts as an increased tension providing better back and neck support.

Natural wool filling

Natural materials like wool, cashmere and silk are often used in higher quality mattresses. Their benefits are numerous with many preferring the supreme softness on offer while others appreciate the environmentally friendly offering. Another core benefit of natural layers is that they are extremely breathable and as a result create a safe, hygienic and temperature regulated nights sleep.

Soft touch cover

There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable night’s sleep where you toss and turn all night, wake up tired, and feel like you have to drag yourself through the day. The solution -  sleeping on a soft knit fabric mattress cover can help you get a restful nights sleep due to their extreme softness combined moderate stretch.

Customer Reviews For The Carnell Pocket Sprung Mattress

Based on 204 review

Best Night's sleep in years

I've had this mattress for about 3 weeks now and am thrilled with it. Decided to go into store to have a browse rather than purchasing online and I am so glad I did. It supports my frame brilliantly, is not so soft that I sink into the mattress, but provides a little give so I have an excellent night's sleep. My 4 year old who often climbs into bed with me has actually been sleeping through the night- and I would swear it's down to how comfortable the mattress is. I was very concerned about feeling too hot at night hence opting for a pocket sprung as opposed to a memory foam mattress and I am not disappointed at all. The mattress keeps you cool enough throughout the night for a sensational sleep. I was able to use it straight away- no unpleasant aromas from the filling/ packaging. The mattress appears very sturdy and is very deep. Cannot recommend this mattress highly enough.


Good but...

I have the mattress for few months now. It is ok but not a big difference from a much cheaper one. Don't believe it will do miracles because it won't. Is just commercial,...perfect sleep...will make you pay 1000 pounds without a real benefit. Be careful, order it online not from the store. You will not get a refund if change your mind. Is very tricky. Read before you buy. If doesn't fit you will pay 20% from value....if you are late 15 minutes for picking up you will pay extra 50 pounds. If you want to exchange is not for free...50 pounds...and you have only one shoot...nice when you pay about 1000 pounds. The guarantee is only one year..fair enough for 1000 pounds mattress!! Extra warranty? Pay another 80 pounds.... I wish I could change my mind but...not possible... so open your eyes before buy such an expensive mattress. At this price...I expect more.



We were recommended this mattress by staff after using the stores virtual computer mattress which said we both needed firm. Have used this for a month. Rotated every week as instructed. ( heavy mattress bend your knees :) Having severe back/spinal problems I have found this mattress a god send. I do not roll in the night, find it easy to get in and out off plus I have had undisterburbed sleep and woken up less achey. I would strongly reccommend trying this mattress in store for yourself. Since using my wife has noticed her own back and shoulders ache less and also has had better undisturbed sleep. Good quaility. Good price. Good mattress.


Very supportive and good quality

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago as I have suffered from a bag back for some time and felt I needed something firmer. It hasn't been a miracle cure but it certainly offers greater support and I don't feel I'm sinking so much into it as I did with my old one. It seems to be of very high quality and I'm pleased with the purchase. Bought from Dreams because they give you the option to return their mattresses after trying them out. No amount of trying in the showroom can substitute for the few weeks' sleep necessary to find out if it's right for you!


at last a good nights sleep

We bought this to replace a long in the tooth mattress that was so "weak" that if one of us moves the other bounced like a pebble on a drum. Its every bit as firm as we hoped it would be and because of the handles easy to move. The only problem is that we can't get up in a morning as we're too comfortable . The only annoyance is that when we looked at the "how did we do" survey we noticed the cookie statement wanted so much personal data I wasn't prepared to accept it. This meant I couldn't do the survey.


Comfortable nights sleep

We usually buy much cheaper mattresses but they never last very long, so this time we went for a more expensive one. It was more than we wanted to pay, but so far is worth the money. The mattress is firm and holding its shape. Its supportive and comfortable throughout the night. It does need two people to move, as we have the king size mattresses and its heavy, but it's certainly well made and keeping us cool during the night too.


Best sleep I've had In a while

I bought this mattress about 3 weeks ago, after trying several memory foam mattresses I have to say this is one of best mattresses I've had. It's very firm, perfect for my back. Also love the fact that you don't get disturbed by each others movements. The only one thing I'd change is that the firmness doesn't go right to the edges, so if I'm sitting at the edge of bed I feel myself sliding of slightly. But otherwise a great bed.


Good range at affordable prices

I bought this as a guest bed so that I had somewhere for my son and his wife to sleep when they visit. As this is a single bed with another folded underneath when it is not being used it does not take up so much space as a double bed or futon, allowing the room to be used for other purposes most of the time. As it can be used as 2 separate spare beds it will be ideal for when the 2 grandchildren stay overnight on their own.


Really happy

I bought this mattress as I have lower back issues, and I must admit the first night I woke feeling like I slept on a board and thought I had made a big mistake. The next night it was a much better sleep and since then I find I can get up easier and not waddle about for a few minutes. Very happy - the service in the store was great, as was the delivery team and the updates sent to my phone. All in - very happy


A great firm mattress.

We took a while to research what kind of mattress we needed, and we decided to go for the best we could afford. We are delighted with our new bed. It is firm as we like it but solid and so comfortable. We are already benefitting from great nights of sleep, and I haven't had any back problems since sleeping on this mattress. The delivery men carried the bed up to the bedroom and were very efficient and courteous.


So firm

So happy with this mattress, best nights sleep ever. I suffer with chronic joint pain and this has helped no end due to the additional support. This is also great for a light sleeper as you cant feel the other person moving about in the night! Only negative is that I didnt realise this wouldn't not be delivered rolled up so quite bulky to manoeuvre to the desired room and too heavy for 1 person to turn.


Good but has dips

I really enjoy this bed having tried an Emma mattress that was too soft and warm at night. This has a much firmer base which I have discovered I prefer but also has made me sleep much better. The only thing that could potentially be a pain is that it has quite pronounced “divots” where the springs are. Personally, I find it comfortable and it is not a problem, but maybe others would take issue with it.


It really is very firm

We bought this bed and it was delivered just over a week ago. I have slept great every night. Hardly feel my partner move in the night, no sinking or roll together. It is very firm. I was worried it was too firm but it's great. I found some of the "firm" options in the store were actually too soft. Only down side is you need a matress topper as otherwise you can feel the pattern a bit too much.


Firm Matress with amazing comfort

I bought this a month or so ago, so I thought I'd leave this review after trying it for a bit. It's really comfortable, and provides me the firm support I need without feeling like an ironing board. It's a little expensive, but after trying lots in the dreams stock, this was a great balance between price and function. Try the Dreams sleep matching machine - it's a good experience.


As described

We've had this mattress for 3 weeks now and we're delighted with it, it's very good quality, it's as firm as Dreams said it was and we're very happy with it. We were a bit apprehensive about buying a pocket sprung mattress as we were going to opt for a traditional spring mattress, we are both pleased we went with this, it's very similar to a quality hotel mattress, we highly recommend.


Excellent service and quaw

From start of entering store to delivery of mattress the store staff, text information re delivery and the two delivery men dreams where excellent. Could find no faults with them. But the only problem is the beds SO COMFORTABLE WE HAVE DIFFICULTY GETTING UP IN THE MORNING. Well done to all the staff in store, manufacture ing, back room, and delivery teams. Thank you.


A very good nights sleep

We bought this bed a month ago and we can honestly say it is superb. I suffer from back pain and need a good supporting mattress. After trying a few different types in the showroom we opted for the extra firm. We are so glad we chose it because within less than 5 minutes of lying down on it we are both fast asleep and getting good quality sleep.


Great mattress

I bought this few weeks ago ant that was the best spend money from few years. Comfort what we have sleeping on that mattress got influence on all our life. We more relax and not that tiered. My wife finally stop crying on the morning that she can't uo from bed because of back pain. Now we start looking for really god quality pillows.


Very firm

Recently bought less than a month and have been delaying it for some years now because of the expense. Glad we did, the best night sleep in some years. Every night since I have bought this, I come home and tell my husband that I am going to lay down for half an hour. Usually wake up after midnight still fully clothed.


Firm and confy

We bought this about a month ago and are pleased so far. We both prefer a firm mattress and this is very comfortable. It is however very heavy to turn as advised by the delivery driver, (who I have to say was very knowledgeable) I would recommend this mattress and hope it continues to be as comfortable as it is now.


Best Mattress Ever

Both me and my partner are bigger, he sleep on his back and i sleep on my side or front. This mattress is perfect! I've never slept well and never thought it could be due to my old mattress as it was always comfy. However, since getting this mattress I've slept like a dream and this is very comfortable.


Good nights sleep

After spending 1 1/2 years of interrupted sleep, especially after having major surgery 6 months ago I decided I needed a firmer mattress. Since I started sleeping on the Insignia Bedgebury mattress my sleeping pattern is getting back to normal and I am not getting the aches and pains that I was getting


Lovely mattress

Firm but comfy mattress. So much better than the Simba and Nectar mattresses we had previously tried. The Store staff were really helpful identifying the right mattress for us and delivery was exceptionally quick, and the delivery guys really helpful and efficient. Really couldn't be much more pleased.


Quality product

We had tried this mattress out in the shop as my wife wanted a really firm mattress for her bad back. The mattress that was delivered was exactly the same as the mattress in store and you can really feel the quality. It definitely seems like it will last, although only time will tell on that score.


Will never not buy king size again

We bought this to replace an old double mattress and has been an amazing investment into our sleep, it has helped to alleviate our lower back pain and although very firm is still very comfortable. As soon as we tried the mattress we where hooked and went straight for it would definitely recommend.


Firm mattress but very comfy

This matress is very firm but personally i think its the most comfortabe matress ive ever had. If you like to feel hugged by your mattress i wouldn't recommend but if like me you are bigger and prefer a firmer mattress then this is ideal. my back hasn't hurt at all since we got it!


So comfortable

As someone who seriously suffers from terrible back pain this bed has been wonderful. So supportive for both myself and my wife and anti roll. With will inside it really makes a difference to comfort and warmth. I would highly recommend this mattress. The price is perfect.


Best Mattress I've Owned

I Purchased this Mattress Using the 'Sleepmatch' Bed in store, it identified my comfortable sleep position and density of Mattress that suits me. 2 weeks have passed and I am very Happy, I sleep without disruption and the back aches have disappeared. Top Quality !!!!


Keeps its shape all of the night , very comfortabl

I bought this a month ago to replace our old roll up mattress , went to dreams to have a look at mattresses and ended up getting both mattress and bed, so glad we bought the mattress especially as it’s so comfortable as we both agree , which is very rear these days


Good firm mattress

Mattress (Bedgebury SK) arrived last week. No issues so far. Good and firm for bad back. Helpful staff in store (Gina, New Cross Gate), answered all questions. Price dropped before delivery, raised query online and difference refunded immediately (Price Promise).


All natural materials. Looks great.

I purchased this 2 weeks ago. All natural filling. . Very comfortable from the first night. Very expensive looking and luxurious. Firm whilst still having a little give and softness. Exactly what I was looking for. Very happy. Very helpful delivery drivers.


Extremely comfortable

We purchased two single adjustable memory foam mattresses to replace our previous Dream mattresses which we had for many years. The difference was immediate, we both have arthritis and we are now having a more comfortable night and sleeping a lot better


Great Mattress by a mile

I bought this mattress couple of weeks ago and have been sleeping on it for a week. It's by far one of the best mattress I have used in my life. It's very firm and you get a goodnight sleep even if you are a person who rolls around a lot while sleeping.


Carnell Pocket springs mattress

I just love my mattress I don’t have anymore back pain and shoulder pain I can sleep much better after I done night shift as I was suffering with insomnia. But now I don’t have that problem anymore. I am very satisfy with my mattress and just love it.


Firm yet comfortable

Really happy with this mattress. As a particularly heavy person I've struggled to find a bed that can handle my weight and still be comfortable, and this fits the bill perfectly. It's miles better than the memory foam mattresses I've tried before.


Best Bed and Better than The Hospital Beds

Bought this bed mattress two weeks ago and I have just come out of hospital after having a broken hip operation and find this mattress very comfortable for my hip and staff at the showroom were very helpful and explained our options.


Very comfortable ( Amazing workmanship)

I Bought this mattress three weeks ago and i can confirm that my back ache is gone. Its very comfortable, it relaxes the whole body. I used to wake up tired, but now i wake up feeling relaxed and ready for the day. Many Thanks Dreams.


Good back support

I bought it about 2 weeks ago, back feels better. A bit bouncier than what i'm used to, however much better than memory foam-style. Also my partner seems to be enjoying it so I'd recommend it both for single people use or partnered.


Excellent night's sleep

This mattress was an early Christmas present. I chose extra firm for my back and am pleased to say that it helped me a lot. Very comfortable. Also the delivery was on time and the two delivery men couldn't have been more helpful.


Very comfortable

I had this mattress delivered at the beginning of this month and it was the worse thing I did....i cannot get up in the morning! This mattress is fantastic sooo comfortable and very supportive for my back. Worth every penny


SleepMatch gets it right again!

Purchased this mattress after using the SleepMatch facility instore. A great idea and picked this mattress based on the results from SleepMatch. Am loving my new mattress which is firm and my sleep quality has improved.


So far so good

Bought this last month.. Because I was strugling with severe back pain every morning... Can say that, this mattress is really goid as of now. No back pain since then.. Hoping it will continue.... Great product...


Fantastic mattress

I’ve suffered with back pain for years so we decided to buy a new bed and mattress after sampling a few we decided to go for this one and wow since my first night a month ago I’ve not suffered with my back at all !!


Perfect Firm Mattress

I bought this mattress 3 weeks back and I can say that it is very comfortable. I was particularly looking for a very firm mattress and I found this. If you want a mattress which is really firm, this is for you.


Great value for money

I brought this double mattress in the sale just before xmas . Really lovely mattress good value for money really please with it . Checked all the sites and dreams was the best one and the delivery was very good .


Best mattress

I bought this matress a month ago and up to now ,we are really happy with the quality and the sleep we have. I m suffering from neck and back pains and up to now with this mattress, I don't wake up with any pain!


Sleep Soundly

Bought a month ago and has given night after night of comfortable sleep., So good that a full nights sleep without pain of any kind and support in ample amounts, the business going to order another for spare room


Total comfort

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago and am delighted. My old mattress was done and having this new mattress has improved my sleep quality no end. It is comfortable and gives great support. Highly recommended.


Description is accurate

We needed an orthopaedic or very firm mattress; the description of this mattress was accurate so we were able to choose easily and with confidence. The mattress is as described and exceptionally comfortable.


Really comfortable

We bought this a few weeks ago and we are so happy we did! It is rather firm, but it turns out a firm mattress is what suits as best. Quality appears to be top of the range and price was quite reasonable.


dreams gave me a great service, will use again

bought this mattress along with the luxury divan, so far brilliant, i couldnt ask for more of a mattress. they have proven to me that they are bed specialists and want the consumer to feel happy. im happy


Very comfortable

I bought this mattress as I was due to change after 10 years the new mattress is very comfortable with single pockets springs this makes it comfortable and movement is less and gives me a goodnights rest



Slightly disappointed with comfort, unfortunately compounded by Dreams reducing the cost from what I paid by £100, 2 days after I purchased ours, inspite of me enquiring if any deals were up and coming


Best Purchase

I find it really hard to leave my bed on mornings because this bed is so very comfortable. I am truly happy with my purchase and I would recommend Dreams to anyone. Thank you guys for an amazing sleep


Good night rest

I had terrible backaches and spine aches before I got this mattress. I can boldly say all these aches and pains are gone within two weeks of sleeping on this bed. This bed is solid and does the job.


kingsize orthopaedic matress

got to say I love my new mattress. the staff in the shop were so helpful and patient and polite. I wud recommend DREAMS BEDS to anyone. thank u for finally helping me to get a good nights sleep.


Great Service

didn't take long to find what we needed, Darren was very informative and listened to our specific requirements regarding delivery. There was no need to contact again to reschedule. Fab all round


Superb nights sleep

I bought this after trying out several - with a very patient and attentive sales assistant. So glad that I did - I am sleeping better than I have for ages. Delivery easily arranged and COVID safe.


Very nice to stretch and sleep.

I love this firm mattress.keeps my back straight and I do not get any lower back pain in the's a very good buy for me.100% satisfaction.also very pleasant and helpful staff at Dreams.


Very comfy

I bought this a few weeks ago and have already noticed improvements in my sleep quality now I’m used to the firmness! The only downside is the new mattress smel that is taking ages to go away.


Good features and great deal

I kept looking for a very firm mattress for my parents then finally bought this a month ago. My parents like it very much which support their back strongly. Great value and fantastic features!


Great purchase

Great purchase from Dreams, lots of fab advise from Margaret in store. Mattress is firm but also very comfortable. So glad I made this purchase. Delivery team were also fab very helpful.


Well made

A very good quality product, if a little too firm (hoping it might soften up with a little use) .I used the instore system to choose the type of matress but I'm not sure if it worked.


Lovely and firn

After 9 months of having to sleep in a half sitting up position due to a broken pelvis and spine and my old mattress being unable to support me I am finally able to lie down to sleep


Excellent customer care and product

Walked into the showroom not knowing what we wanted but a lovely man called Darren helped us. Customer service and product knowledge was brilliant and now having a good night's sleep


Great quality

Bought this mattress a few weeks ago, really happy with it, but it's a bit on the hard side, harder than it was in the showroom - maybe the one in the showroom was too worn already


A Dream Mattress

Solid and smooth as well. Due to my bad back, wanted an extra firm mattress, while my wife preferred a soft one. We found this one as a perfect blend. Both of us are happy now.


Great comfort.

We bought the mattress 2 weeks ago. It is classed as very firm and yes it is firm but not like a board, there is the right amount of give and so far I've slept like a baby on it!


Good firm mattress - add a topper for guests!

I wanted a very supportive mattress for when I use it, but it is a bit unwelcoming, and even with a topper our first guests were missing the comfort of their medium mattress.


Perfect nights sleep!

Was having back issues and was looking fir a solid mattress. This has helped considerably if you like a firm mattress then this is for you. Having a great nights sleep now.


Fantastic night’s sleep!

If you enjoy a firm mattress as I do (6’0” and 85kgs) hen you’ll love this mattress. Muscles relax immediately and wake up feeling rested from the previous day’s training!


Comfortably firm

Such a comfortable mattress, I can't believe how much of an improvement it is over the last mattress I had! Nice and firm, with a little bit of bounce, super supportive.


Looks good

I've had this bed a few weeks, never thought I'd get a bed more comfatable than my last bed. My wife and I never struggle to go to sleep. It is a bed Dreams are made of


Great mattress

Had it for two weeks now and it’s comfortable. Only issue was that it was damaged on arrival. (So too was the 2nd bed I bought) so for delivery I would not give 5*


Comfort ,

purchased this a few weeks ago,nice firm comfortable, suits our needs [pensioners]second one from dreams,hence the reorder couldn't be more satisfied thank you .


Firm comfortable sleep

Bought this a couple of weeks ago and have had great sleep ever since. It is very firm but it is great for your back I don't wake up with aches and pains anymore



Had the product for 2 weeks it was like sleeping on a brick as the days have move on the mattress has improved hopefully after 30 days it will improve even more


Superb in Every Respect

Perfect from purchase to delivery! Sales staff were superb. Delivery was fantastic. The mattress it self is heavenly! Haven't slept so well for a long time.


Very firm mattress

Purchased this mattress about a month ago and have had great nights sleep since. I know it's not everyones choice to sleep on a firm mattress but it suits us.


Just perfect

We bought this mattress for our new super king bed, and it has been the right choice. Slept on it for a dozen of nights already and had an outstanding sleep.


Firm mattress

I have had this mattress a few weeks now and I sleep so much better for having the firm support for my back. great advice from the instore lady, Geraldine


Happy with this purchase

We bought this bed for our little Man’s bedroom and he is just obsessed with his bed. Thank you dreams for making our little man happy. He just loves it.


Firm mattress

Needed a firm mattress as been suffering back and neck pain. Had this mattress for about a month now, no more pain. Bit 0n the expensive side though!


A great purchase

It is a firm mattress got used to it after a couple of days My sleep is so much better and and matress provides good support on my back A good buy


Staff got our needs spot on superb choice

I brought this a month ago and have slept well since different from what I am used to but staff listened and interpreted my needs perfectly Thanks


Wonderful sleep on this comfortable mattress

I like a firm bed it feels like you are just floating on it, so good for your back, I am fast asleep in no time and hardly move all night, very happy


Comfortable and supportive mattress.

Been using this mattress for just over two weeks now and I’m very happy with it. It’s a very firm mattress and is very comfortable and supportive.


Fab mattress

This is our 2nd mattress and I would not hesitate to recommend it , I have back problems and this has got to be the best orthopaedic mattress ever


Don’t get fooled

Miles better mattress than previous one brought from dreams that had a fault and they would do nothing about don’t ever buy a memory foam mattress


Great quick deluvery

I bought this 2 weeks ago after my partner said my mattress was to soft I didn’t really want a firm mattress but I have had the best nights sleep


Great Matress!

Purchased this mattress 2 weeks ago, and it has been a dream! Great night sleep after great night sleep! Couldn’t be happier with my purchase


Great service

Needed a mattress urgently, help we received in store was second to none and drive away with a reasonably priced good quality mattress same day.


Great nights sleep

This mattress is definitely very firm but we have found it extremely comfortable. Would not recommend if you like to sink into a soft mattress!


Perfect for a good night's sleep!

I have had my new mattress for approx 2 and a half weeks. I have the most restful nights sleep and didn't realise how bad my old mattress was!


Best night's kip this side of Christmas

I have been using this mattress for about a month and have not looked back, it gives me great support, and I wake every morning feeling great!


fab mattress

Really comfortable supportive mattress, perfect nice sleep. It does make it even harder to get out of bed in the mornings now it's so cosy.


Luxury sleep

I bought this mattress a month ago.since then I have been sleeping So well that i have not even had a break in my sleep. This is too good.


Full support

Since purchasing the “firm” matteress my wife’s back has been fully supported allowing her to obtain a good nights sleep after many months.


Decent mattress

It is very very firm - took me about 3 weeks to get used to it and have put a mattress topper on it which has now made the bed super comfy


Great comfort!

I bought this matress a month ago and absolutely love how comfortable it is. I get the best night sleep since then. Highly recommended!

Questions and Answers About Carnell Pocket Sprung Mattress

Hi what is the weight capacity for each side of the mattress.

Answer: , Our mattresses have been designed to accommodate a variety of different sleepers – therefore we do not specify weight limits for any of our mattresses. If you are concerned about the support that a mattress will be able to offer you, we would suggest visiting your local store to discuss your requirements with our team who will help you find the most suitable mattress. Many thanks Dreams

Do you take old mattress away and any fees?

Answer: Hi , Yes we do take old mattresses away, and it does come with a fee. The option for old bed/mattress recycling should appear upon checkout. The prices vary depending on the size of the mattress or bed, but will be displayed upon checkout. Thank you for your question.

Hi do you take away old mattreses

Answer: , Yes, our delivery team are able to take away your old mattress when they deliver your new mattress - this service can be selected at the checkout. Prices for this vary by size: Single - £25, Double - £35, King and Super King - £40. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi there, Do I have 40 nights sleep guarantee?  Thanks

Answer: , With an expectation of a few products all of our mattresses come with a 40 night comfort guarantee. This will start from the date of delivery. If you have any questions please explore our terms and conditions online. Kind Regards, Dreams

Sorry - previously posted a question, but didn't mention the type of mattress. We have just purchased a Insignia Bedgebury Pocket Sprung Mattress - and are pleased with it. Just one question - can it be flipped, as well as rotated?

Answer: , Yes, the Insignia Bedgebury Mattress can be rotated as well as turned. We recommend that you rotate your mattress regularly; rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is it anti-roll?

Answer: , The Bedgebury Mattress is a firm pocket spring mattress that has luxurious cotton and wool fillings that provide unrivalled support. In addition, this mattress is side stitched super superior edge support. Kind Regards, Dreams

Have just purchased this mattress. Very pleased with it. Just one question. Can it be flipped as well as rotated?

Answer: , Yes this mattress is able to be both rotated and turned. We recommend that you rotate your mattress regularly; rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter. Kind Regards, Dreams

hi, how much weight can the Carnell D mattress hold per sleeper? my family are on the larger end and I need a strong mattress for the spare room

Answer: , We currently don’t specify a weight limit to our mattresses. We would recommend to visit a store to be able to test the mattresses and see which would be the most suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

what is the approx weight for (Double) Insignia Bedgebury Pocket Sprung Mattress

Answer: , Thank you for submitting your question. Insignia Bedgebury Pocket Sprung Mattress (Double) approximate weight is 36 kg. Kind Regards, Giedre

Hi, I am referring to your product code 313-02458. Do I pay only £679 for Package 1 for both the bed (with 4 drawers) and the mattress? Thank you.

Answer: Hi , That price is for a single divan set with no drawers or headboard. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Hi, can u pls tell me the weight of the king size mattress? Insignia bedgebury 2000 K Mattress. Also, can i use the slats base or just solid divan base? Purchasing otoman bed for it so need to know what is suitable. Thank you. 

Answer: , This king size mattress is 42kg. You can use any type of base with this mattress. Kind regards Dreams

Does the mattress come with a guarantee?

Answer: Hello, This comes with a one years manufacturing guarantee as standard. Many thanks for the question.

How many inches thick is the NEW! Insignia Bedgebury Pocket Spring MATTRESS - Very firm

Answer: Hi , The answer is 27cm. Many thanks for your question. Shannel

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