Brooke Traditional Spring Mattress - Medium

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Height/Depth: 19cm
Updated: 8/17/2019 12:31:48 PM
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What Makes It Great

We bought this mattress a few weeks ago, we have never been more happy with a purchase. The ordering was easy, the delivery was fantastic, we had a couple of emails to tell us the progress of our order. We had a text the day before delivery and the morning of the delivery. We even received a call from the delivery driver to let us know what time they would be with us. The delivery team were, friendly, polite, and very respectful of our carpet, using a piece of carpet in the doorway and shoe protectors. The mattress it's self is very comfortable and we have had really good nights sleep, since getting it. All in all the whole experience was fantastic, there are no faults or complaints at all. Thank you very much, all of you.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

This is the most common type of mattress and consists of an inter-connected spring system. You will often find this sort of specification on cheaper mattresses where pocket sprung would have often been the preferable choice for a consumer. That said, it offers great value and support, well worth it if you are on a budget

Soft touch covers are commonplace in the mattress industry. These covers are still hard wearing enough to last the lifetime of the product but soft enough to the touch to still be comfortable even with the thinnest of sheets on top

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

Questions and Answers

Is the bed made with slats ? Jacks

Answer: Hello, The Dalton Open Spring Ottoman bed is a platform top divan base and is therefore not made using slats. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

does it come with the mattress for the same price for the single ?

Answer: Hello , A full divan set will include a mattress regardless of the size. Please note that prices are size dependent. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Does the platform have slots so a headboard can be attached? 

Answer: Hi , The base will arrive with holes in and also bolts to fit the headboard. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

How many coils are in the single mattress?

Answer: Hi , I can confirm there are 325 Open Spring coils in a single size of this mattress. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Can this bed have sliding doors instead of drawers 

Answer: Hi , This bed can have sliding doors instead of drawers. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Can you order a single bed with ottoman storage?

Answer: Hi , I can confirm that yes you can order the Dalton Mattress with single Ottoman Divan Base. I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

How deep is the mattress? Thanks

Answer: Hello , The mattress is 18cm deep. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

what is the depth of the Dalton open spring matress medium

Answer: Hello , This mattress is 18cm in depth. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hello, can the wheels be removed from the base or do they have to remain on ?

Answer: Hello , These are removable. I hope this helps and than you for your question.

Is it possible to buy this bed without a mattress?

Answer: Hello, Yes this is. Please see our classic divan base (as seen with the Dalton) here: I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Where can I buy that particular headboard? 

Answer: Hello, This headboard is called the Atlanta, and can be found using using this link: Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps

I'm looking for a hypo allergenic mattress for single bed. no wool content. Do you have one?

Answer: Hello , Unfortunately not, none of our beds are specifically hypo allergenic Many thanks for your question.

Can we collect the mattress? 

Answer: Hello , Mattresses can be collected from your closest depots. If you're in London that may be High Wycombe or Crawley. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Is this mattress suitable for a cabin bed?

Answer: Hello , This mattress is suitable for some cabin beds as it depends on the length of you cabin bed as this mattress is 190cm in length. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

do you take away my old mattress when you deliver the new mattress

Answer: Hello , Yes we do offer this service at a cost of £39. You can select this in the checkout or basket page. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Is this price for the bed and mattress or just the mattress or just bed also do we have to buy a headboard

Answer: Hello , The price of this Divan includes the base and the mattress. The headboard is not included, if you would like to add a headboard please view our range here: Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

It says the height is 140 cm,  is that the base alone, or is that with the matress?

Answer: Hello , 140cm is the combined height of base and mattress. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

If I buy the mattress from the shop,do I stil get free delivery

Answer: Hello Mandy No if you bought this in-store there will be a £10.99 delivery charge. Thank you for your question.

Can I buy Dalton Open Spring Ottoman Bed - Medium - Beige bed base WITHOUT MATTRESS?

Answer: Hello , Yes you can, please take a look at our Divan Bases here: Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Can I buy this product on credit (monthly payments)

Answer: Hello , This can only be done on orders over £400. Thank you for your question.

Can we pay for the bed in London, but have it delivered to address in Hull

Answer: Hello , Yes of course you can. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps

What is the actual size of each half of a double divan base unit.  We have awkward stairs!

Answer: Hello , The dimensions of each half of a double divan base is: H52cm x W75cm x L198cm. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the weight of this matrress ?

Answer: Hello , This is 24kg. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

What are the fire safety rating and descriptions for this mattress?

Answer: Hello , This mattress has fire retardant which makes it suitable for domestic use. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Do dreams take old mattress away after delivery of new one

Answer: Hello , If you purchase a new mattress and opt for the recycling service during the checkout process we will take your old mattress away on the same day we deliver your new one. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the spring count and what is the filling material?  Thanks

Answer: Hello , The Dalton has 325 open springs with polyester fillings and soft-touch Belgian damask cover. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Is this mattress suitable for a wooden slat bed frame

Answer: Hello Lydiate, Yes, this will be a suitable option for this bedframe. Many thanks for your question.

Is this bed available without the mattress?

Answer: Hi there, It is indeed. Click here for the ottoman divan base: Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hi, does the base of the small single (2ft 6) come in two halves? Thank you.

Answer: Hello , No, this will only be available as one base in this size. Many thanks for your question.

Hi, what colour bases do you have left in stock? Thanks Alison

Answer: Hello , The base colours available are beige, mocha, blue and silver. Many thanks for your question.

This bed is in the medium comfort section but the details say it is soft comfort, could you please confirm which grade of comfort this is?

Answer: Hello , I can confirm this mattress is of a medium comfort grade. Many thanks for your question.

I need a new bed for rented flat.  Are there replacement mattresses available for 3ft ottoman beds?

Answer: Hello , That is a standard sized single in width and you can replace your mattress with any within that size from our product collection. Many thanks for your question.

Do you do any divans with base and storage only please? I've just bought a special mattress see as I have spinal degeneration? A headboard would be good too. Do you charge to take the old bed away? Thanks.

Answer: Hello, Yes we do, you can find all of our divan bases here: You can find headboards here: Yes we charge £39 to recycle your old bed. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

How heavy is the Dalton double with a classic divan 2 drw base please

Answer: Hello , The divan set will be 57kg in total. Many thanks for your question.

Is the king size bed option always with Ottoman storage? I seem to have to select storage option "other" to add this to my basket?

Answer: Hello , It only comes with the ottoman version so when you select 'Other' this does mean Ottoman :) Many thanks for your question.

Hi Does this single bed for £209 come with the wooden headboard?

Answer: Hello , This is not included however you can always add this to your order if needed. Many thanks for your question.

What size in the bed with the drawers pulled out? 

Answer: Hello , This will be 2 x 1ft. Many thanks for your question.

Hi - How does the Dalton Trad medium mattress come delivered, i.e. does it come rolled up? the room I want it in is up a really narrow staircase with low ceiling. Is there an alternative that arrives rolled up if this one doesn't? Cheers

Answer: Hello , The Dalton is not rolled but we do have foam ready matts that are rolled and vacuumed packed. Many thanks for the question.

Is the Dalton Traditional Spring Mattress suitable for bunk beds

Answer: Hello , Yes, it's suitable for bunk beds that use 3'0 mattresses with a minimum height of 18 cm . Many thanks for the question.

Can I specify a certain day for delivery?

Answer: Hello , You can choose your delivery date from those that are available. Many thanks for the question.

Would this be all right for an adjustable bed, what are the dimensions.

Answer: Hello Cm vat42, Adjustable beds usually have a special single sized mattress. They will be 90 by 200cm long. Many thanks for the question.

is this mattress suitable for a 3 year old please?

Answer: Hello, This will be an adequate mattress for a 3 year old. Children prefer a softer mattress to a firm comfort grade rating. Many thanks for the question.

Hello Can an existing headboard be attached to the Dalton Ottoman single Divan Bed? It is currently screwed to the existing bed and not floor-standing. Many thanks.

Answer: Hello, That should be fine if the headboard being used was a UK standard size. Many thanks for the question.

How easy is it to self assemble the divan base? What good will I need?

Answer: Hello, This will be very straight forward. You will only need a screwdriver for the linking bar. Many thanks for the question.

Is there an option for you to take the old mattresses when delivering new ones?

Answer: Hello, Yes, this option will present itself through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

How deep is the mattress please?

Answer: Hello, This will be 18cm. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, would the Dalton Open Spring Mattress- Medium be suitable for a teenager? Also, how long do you think it would last?

Answer: Hello, This will be suitable for a teenager. This will last you up to 8 years. Many thanks for the question.

What length and width is this mattress please? The dimensions are blank in the details.

Answer: Hello, This will be 137 by 190cm for a double in size. Many thanks for the question.

Is there polyurethane in the composition of this product? Otherwise, what is insulation and which materials are used in?

Answer: Hello, This will be polyester and a Belgian damask cover. Many thanks for the question.

how do the drawers open?

Answer: Hello, They are pull out draws on runners. Many thanks for the question.

How many springs? does the mattress contain?

Answer: Hello, The Dalton has 325 open springs with polyester fillings. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

hi what is the delivery time on beds

Answer: Hello, This is a in stock item allowing it to be delivered fairly quickly. We can give accurate dates through checkout before payment to your postal area. Many thanks for the question.

Is this mattress in a roll to collect?

Answer: Hello, This mattress can not be rolled. It will arrive flat for delivery. We will have a rolled mattress range available to collect in stores. Many thanks for the question.

Is this mattress suitable for adults and does it come with any guarantee ? Also could i pick it fr a local store and fit it into a taxi ? Thanks

Answer: Hello, This is suitable for Adults however is only available for delivery. Store's are for display purposes only. The product will come with a one years manufacturing guarantee. Many thanks for the question.

Hello, Do you also collect old mattresses when you deliver?

Answer: Hello, This is a service we provide through checkout which you are able to select. Many thanks for the question.

What is the clearance from floor to bottom of divan

Answer: Hello, This will be very minimal. Approximately a couple of centimeters. Many thanks for the question.

what is the thickness of the Dalton mattress?

Answer: Hi , The thickness of this mattress is 18cm. Thank you for your question.

Hi what does it means when it states please allow a tolerance of 1 inch on the Dalton mattress??

Answer: Hi , This simply means to potentially expect an inch difference from the stated dimensions as sizes can sometimes vary. Thank you for your question.

Does the mattress have any warranty or guarantees?

Answer: Hi , All mattresses will have a 1 year manufacturer's guarantee. We also offer an 8 year service plan at an extra fee. Thank you for your question.

What is the charge for recycling a king size mattress

Answer: Hi , A king size would be £38. You can see the prices for each size within checkout if you add the recycling option onto your order. Thank you for your question.

Do you collect old mattresses?

Answer: Hi , Yes we offer recycling services. This is at an extra charge and charges vary depending on size. If ordering online you can add this to your order upon checkout. Thank you for your question.

How many springs are in the single mattress?

Answer: Hi , There are 325 open springs. Thank you for your question.

After ordering online, can I collect this mattress from my local Dreams shop?

Answer: Hi , These orders come from warehouses so wouldn't be delivered from stores. Orders online are always directly delivery only. Thank you for your question.

Is it possible to switch the way the bed opens? So it opens up from the side instead of the foot?

Answer: Hi , Not with this model unfortunately, we have some Therapur divans which are side opening. If you search for the word Therapur in our search bar you should see the options available. Thank you for your question.

what height is the bed (single) with mattress on?

Answer: Hi , This would measure at 55cm in height. Thank you for your question.

Hello my Mum would like to buy two small single divans with mattresses for her guest room to have as 2 singles also pushed together as one large bed. Would 2 beds sit together closely, or would there be a gap between the mattresses when bases meet? Thanks

Answer: Hi , On a single divan the bottom edges are rounded so there will probably be a gap, whereas the double edges are flat to each other. Thank you for your question.

Hi there, Can this mattress be turned over and used on the other side, as I see quite a few that are non-turn. Thank you

Answer: Hi , This one is double sided so you will be able to turn it. Thank you for your question.

Can we just buy the base as we have a good mattress

Answer: Hi , Yes, if you go onto our divan bases link you can buy this base separately. It should be called a classic divan base. Thank you.

What are the dimensions of the 3 foot single Dalton mattress ?

Answer: Hi , If you click on the dimensions tab you will see a drop down menu of all mattress sizes. All measurements in both centimetres and inches are displayed here. Thank you.

Is this mattress suitable to use with a kids cabin bed?

Answer: Hi , This would depend on the safety height rail on the cabin bed. Generally, these are set at 15cm so this mattress would be too high. Check the height of your cabin bed side rails first. We do have a new range of kids mattresses that should fit within beds like these, if you visit our kids section on site. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 review

Perfect for kids beds, my 6-year-old sleeps well!

We bought two of these mattresses a few weeks ago, and my 6 and 9-year-old boys are very happy with the comfort. My 6-year-old has had trouble sleeping through since he was a baby and already we're seeing a marked improvement! He used to wake pretty much EVERY night, without fail... Now? He's stayed asleep right through the night for 7 out of the last 10 sleeps, and that's despite the fact we're currently having a heatwave! Dreams also kept us up to date with the delivery schedule, my only gripe though is they went a bit far with a text update at 7 am on a Sunday morning! Obviously, this is an automated text but perhaps revise the system to not annoy people so early on a weekend morning! ;)


Our old mattress was well over 20 years old so it was time for a change. We (my wife and I) decided not to go for memory foam so chose this. BIG BONUS !!! 50% discount with free delivery when we bought it. We've been sleeping on it for just over 3 weeks now and we now wake up having had a good night's sleep (which couldn't be said about our vintage 1990's mattress). Excellent delivery too. Highly recommend - to the extent that we will be revisiting the site to buy a bed (and mattress) for our (32 year old) son and his partner for their new home when he moves out later this year.

Good mattress

I bought this mattress 3 weeks ago, It’s very comfortable, I sleep better. Having problems with my back I had firm mattress before, but this medium one is much better, I stop waking up at night or having pain in my back in the morning. I think this mattress will be perfect for not very heavy person like me, it gives support, it’s comfortable and good value for money. I’m very pleased with this mattress.

Lovely mattress

Bought this a month ago, thought i would see how it really was before leaving a review. Bought for my 9 year old after hers had gone very flat and uncomfortable and this did not disappoint. She said shes been having the best sleep ever, its higher than her last one and a bit firmer but it is very comfortable, fits lovely in her bed frame and an excellent price.

Just the job

This is just what I needed - an open coil, double sided mattress which is suitable for my slatted bedstead and is lightweight enough for me to turn without straining my back. I agree it feels a bit hard for a medium mattress, but I think that's because, being double sided, it doesn't have memory foam. I added a memory foam topper and I'm sleeping like a baby.

Fabulous service and product

We purchased a single bed for our guest room From order to delivery we were kept informed by e mail and text and the bed arrived exactly in the 2 hour slot allocated the day before and by telephone on the very day The delivery team were careful polite and efficient We are therefore happy with our value for money product and the good service thank you

So comfortable

My son desperately needed a new mattress so we decided on this as my daughter has one and loves it. After his first nights sleep he declared it the best, comfiest sleep he’s had for ages. I agree, it is so comfortable... having had to vacate my own bed a few times after him having a bad dream, coming into my room and then taking up all of my bed!!

Quality bargain!

Quality and bargain are not usually 2 words i would use in the same sentence but these mattresses genuinely are! I bought 2 for my girls bunk beds and the quality matched up to a mattress I’d previously bought at 4 times the price! My girls are happy and claim they’re comfortable and even I’ve slept in there and agree!

Saved by the bell!

I wasn't getting a good night's sleep at all with my old mattress ... but when I got my Dalton Single Traditional Spring Mattress from Dreams, all that changed. I am now having very good nights on what has turned out to be a really comfortable mattress. Thank goodness that I made the decision to change.

Outstanding comfort

I bought this matress a while back , and already I can see a huge improvement from my last matress. It is extremely comfortable and I am able to fall asleep very quickly using your matress. The matress doesn't make you hot during summer nor cold during the winter. Also, it was extremely easy to install.

Very comfy!

We bought this as a replacement mattress a few weeks ago for our daughter and for the occasional guest to use. It'll do both jobs well. It's very comfy with a nice soft top layer, which means you can'f feel the springs at all. It's a medium firmness as described and seems good value for money.

Very comfortable bed

I swapped a rickety wooden bed frame and mattress for the Dalton bed, mattress and headboard and the new bed is wonderfully comfortable and solidly made. Easy to join the two-part base together. Lovely large drawers which have tidied the bedroom of storage boxes. No hesitation in recommending.

Excellent value

I bought this mattress a month ago ..I had been looking around and everything was so when I looked on dreams I thought this was to good to be true...anyway I bought it was delivered free arrived when they said it would be and it's so comfy all round great value.

Such a good sleep

I sleep so well on this mattress, usually at the weekend I am an up and out type of person, get something achieved, the last 3 weekends i have managed to sleep so well in the morning and feel so much better and awake for the whole week, this mattress is worth its wait in gold

Incredibly comfortable

Had this mattress for a month now, replacing a much firmer memory foam mattress from Casper. Since we have had this mattress gone are the aches and pains we woke up to every morning. Suitable for sleeping on front, back and side, incredibly comfortable in every position.

Comfortable bed and good nights sleep

I bought this bed for my youngest as he moved from a cot. A comfortable bed was a must as we regularly habe to sleep in the bed with my youngest in order to get any sleep! This bed has resulted in the through the night wake ups by my teething two tear old bearable.

So comfy

I bough this product about 3 weeks ago in the clearance sale, it was such great value for money! It’s very comfy and you cannot feel a single spring! It’s actually for my 2 year olds bed but myself and husband have both lyes down on it and didn’t want to get up.

Spring mattress

The mattress looked very good quality, but unfortunately it was the wrong size, so never got to try it. I must say the delivery and return collection were both in the time slots advised. Have bought from this company and will do again when required.

Comfy Mattress

I bought this mattress two weeks ago. Very comfortable and reliable service. The only minus being the green bag to take recycled mattress away came a day late but fortunately driver took it and put it in the bag the new one came in.

Very comfortable and great nights sleep

I bought 2 of these for my teenagers and they both say these mattresses are very comfortable and they sleep really well. The mattresses are thick, springy and feel luxurious. The delivery was smooth and arrived without any issues.

Great springs and amazing comfort

I bought this mattress a month ago for my wife's bad back and ever since she and myself have had a full night's every night without any discomfort. I would recomend this mattress for amazing comfort and superb value for money.

Very comfortable

I bought this mattress for my 11 year-old daughter who was complaining that her old one was so uncomfortable she couldn't sleep. This one is so comfortable, that I can't get her out of it! Very pleased with the quality.

Very comfortable

We’ve had this a couple of weeks now and it’s much more comfortable than the expensive Lazyboy mattress it replaced. Mattresses are very personal however we are happy with it and it’s was excellent value for money.

Very comfortable great price

I bought this a month ago, and I am so glad I did. It was my first time shopping with dreams I'm really happy with their delivery service. This mattress is well worth the price it's perfect not too firm not too soft

Very comfortable

Bought this mattress for my daughters first big girl bed. Lovely delivery men, I had updated on times all the way up. This mattress is very comfortable and perfect fit for her single bed. Would highly recommend

Great mattress

Great mattress and very comfortable for my 3 year old and for us too when we need to get in it with her! We got this at a discounted price and it is well worth the money, even at full price in my opinion.

No complaints very comfortable

I purchased this mattress for my Son and partner as their mattress was so uncomfortable. They have said it is very comfortable and they now get a good nights sleep. The item is well made and good quality.

No complaints from the kids!

My daughter used to wake up with back pain, got this new mattress and she hasn’t complained once! It says it’s medium, but a bit more firm which is good. I’m contemplating getting a king size for my bed!

Super Comfy

I have had this mattress for a couple of weeks now and I love it! It is so comfy and suits me well, the perfect comfort for a perfect nights sleep and I am amazed at this because the price is also great

Comfortable nights sleep!

We bought this mattress for our spare room and have only heard good things! Delivery drivers were very helpful and took their shoes off each time they came back into the house which was a plus!

Brilliant mattress

I brought this for my daughter who is going from a cot bed to a normal single bed. It is amazing. It’s so comfy you can’t feel any springs. For the price as well it’s a bargain. Highly recommend

Super comfy - what’s not to love?

We’ve had this mattress almost a month now and it’s honestly the comfiest mattress we’ve ever had. I don’t even think about it that much because as soon as I lie down on it, i’m usually asleep!

Good value

I bought this a few weeks ago and glad I did. So comfortable and I no longer wake-up with a bad back. Firmness is just right. Love the quilted top. Well worth the money I paid for this.

Good comfortable mattress

Was looking for a value mattress to go with a new divan base and this was half price in the sale so not much more than other ‘cheap’ mattresses, and it’s much much more comfortable!


I recently purchased this mattress. I previously had an exspensive mattress, it was so uncomfy. So i brought this one for only £200! Best decision ever! No more back ache!

Great service

Bought for my children last month, these mattresses are very comfortable, well made and look great on top of their new Dream’s pine beds. Very happy with my purchase!

Very comfy and a good standard

I bought it because of the offer on at the time not fully convinced it would be suitable but when it arrived and, following a few nights sleep I was very pleased.

Great mattress

Had this brought fir me by my kids as my old one had seen better days. This one is comfortable and was great value for what was paid for it. Would recommend

Bed faux leather brown

I bought this as it was on 99 pounds and my daughter age 7 loved her new bed. The mattress was also 99 so got a good bargain and she is very comfortable

Super comfortable !

I bought this product for a new flat I moved into. So pleased with the mattress, it’s super comfy and it was delivered on time with friendly staff.

Dalton Single Tradional Spring Mattress

I bought this for the guest room. No one has slept on it yet. I also purchased a double mattress for ourselves. I am very pleased with it so far.

Just what I needed.

Wanted this for a spare room and that didn't take up too much space. It was perfect and very comfortable. My guests had a great nights sleep.

Excellent value

I am so pleased with this bed and mattress. It's looks great, it feels great and we wake up feeling great! Definitely would recommend this bed.


We bought this for our spare room so have only tested it by lying on it for a while however we have found it to be very comfortable and solid.

Good sleep

Extremely pleased with this small single mattress that I purchased for a single bed trundle. The mattress is well made and very comfortable.

Thumbs up from my daughter

I brought this product for my daughter's bed and she says it's the best night sleep she as ever had. Carnt argue with that so 5star product.

Exactly what was required

We bought the mattress a month ago for our 2 year old as he moved into a cot bed. Very comfy and should last him many years. Happy customer

So comfortable

I bought this mattress around a month ago and since then my sleep has just been so peaceful and undisturbed! It’s not to hard nor to soft!

Guest bedroom

Bought for guest bedroom, good firm mattress. Hasn't been slept on yet but seemed good when I tried it. Excellent delivery service.

Great value for money

We bought 2 of these for our children's beds. They have been sleeping on them for a couple of weeks and are very happy with them.

Comfy bed!

I purchased this mattress around 3 weeks ago for the spare bedroom. It's very good value and would highly recommend this product

Great nights sleep

I bought this mattress about a month ago and since I got it I've slept so well I've not wanted to get out in the morning x

Soft Yet Firm.

I bought this mattress recently and I enjoyed it tremendously that I then bought another mattress for my youngest sister.

Brilliant bed and mattress

I’m so happy with my new bed, the storage under it is perfect and the mattress is so comfy!! Great service and delivery.

Good mattress; awful service

Very happy with the mattress but would never use Dreams again owing to repeated mix-ups with delivery. Dreadful service.

Love it!

Bought this bed for my daughter. She absolutely loves it. Lifting and lowering is so easy. Loads of space for storage.

Excellent nights sleep

I've had fantastic sleep since purchasing this product. Delivery was efficeint and delivery guys were very helpful

Great comfort

So pleased with this mattresss very comfortable enabling a good nights sleep. Lightweight and easy to manuveur.

Great mattress for the price

Bought this for the spare room and my guests love it and say how well they slept...cant fault it for the price

Comfy mattress

Great mattress for a fantastic transition from a cotbed into a single bed for our 3 1/2 year old little girl.

Very comfortable

I bought this two weeks ago for my son an I am so happy I did he is sleeping better than he has in ages :)

Beyond comfort!!

I purchased this mattress recently and I am more than impressed with quality and comfort of the product.


Excellent quality & so much better being double sided. Which makes it easier when turning. Really happy.

Good support

Up to now I can offer positive feedback with the bed offering good support when sitting or laying on it.


very comfy. didn't realise how poor I was sleeping until i slept on this matress. no complaints at all.

Great mattress

I bought this for a convalescent. So glad we bought this one. Good quality but at a reasonable price.

Very comfy. Good night's sleep.

Bought twobweeks ago. Long overdue for new mattress and had forgotten how comfy a good matress was.

Comfy, stable, supportive

I bough this a few months ago and it is fantastic. Sturdy frame and comfy mattress. Would buy again.

Gone down well!

We bought this for a small single bed and it’s perfect. Really comfy and means a great nights sleep

Great Mattress for Our Daughter

Our daughter finds this mattress extremely comfortable, and the build seems to be of high quality.

Lovely and comfortable

I bought this mattress over a month ago and ever since then my sleep has improved tremendously!’

Great Mattress

Bought this mattress to replace another.and im very happy with it, and got it at a great price


Bought this month ago 5 stars best ever had my son loves it. Would recommended to every one.

Great product

I bought 2 of this for my childrens bed, arrived very quickly and they are very comfortable.

Amazing Value

I bought the mattress for a spare bed but it is so comfy we moved it to the master bedroom.

Exceptional purchase

We are delighted with our mattress. Like all our dealings with Dreams it is exceptional.

great product

i brought this bed for my daughter im so pleased with it and daughter is happy with it

Perfect for kids bed

This is the third one we have bought for our three kids, very happy with the product


Love this mattress, its comfy & a very reasonable price. Would really recommend it.

First class service

Purchased two mattress's online on a Wednesday and were delivered on the Saturday

Looks great!!

I purchased this for my 2 year old and it looks fantastic. Great value for money.

Great for the price

I brought this a month ago and the matress in great for the price would recommend


I was pleasantly surprised by the softness and bounce of my mattress, I love it.

Comfortable bed

We bought this bed for our son. He loves his big bed and it's very comfortable.

Lovely and comfy

I brought this la few weeks ago for spare room, great choice lovely and comfy.

Perfect for my 16 year old daughter!

Beautiful mattress. Just enough support without being too firm. Purchased two!

Excellent Quality Mattress

New mattress for my daughter who's 9, great quality mattress for the price.


I bought 4 of these for my kids bunkbeds. Nice & comfortable & good value

Very comfy

I bought this last month and so glad I did. Amazing value and very comfy!

the divan is all i wanted product is good

i am pleased with the product that I bought and will buy from you again

Very comfortable!

Bought this mattress 3 weeks ago, still like new, ideal for the money!

Very comfortable

I bought this product 3 weeks ago and I am very happy. I recommend it.

Very comfy

The mattress is very comfortable. I am very pleased with my purchase


Bought for bunk beds and very comfy. Good price for kids mattresses

comfy mattress

bought this a month ago, really pleased with the price and quality.

Excellent mattress

I bough this mattress last month and very comfy. Also quite firm

First proper bed

I bought this for my son's first proper bed and he loves it!


Brought this few months ago best one I’ve brought yet


Not too hard, not too soft, not too bulky, just right