Bardot pocket sprung mattress

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Height/Depth: 22cm
Updated: 8/17/2019 12:32:29 PM
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What Makes It Great

Bought for my teenage daughter to replace a memory foam mattress, which she was happy with, but I felt was too soft and gave inadequate support. Having failed to persuade her to go to a shop and try out different mattresses, I resorted to ordering online and chose a combination medium firm mattress which had decent reviews and was half price in the sale. Communication and delivery from Dreams was excellent. My daughter is very happy with her new mattress and I'm happy it is giving her more support.

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

Something for the memory foam lovers. Who doesn't love a bit of sinky-floaty and supportive material designed to rebound again and again. Definitely the optimal for comfort in any mattress

672 Pocket springs is toward the low end on the amount of springs that you would normally expect within a mattress. The fewer springs, less support for each individual body part. However, even with the small offering of springs, this is still a better option than an equivilent priced open coil mattress so it's not necesserily a bad thing depending on your budget

Easy to clean and maintain, this sort of fabric and finish is fairly common on mattresses and won't cause any issues down the line

Questions and Answers

Could you take away the old matress on delivery of a new matress

Answer: Hello, We have an old Bed or Mattress recycling service which we offer for £39.99. This includes removing an unwanted Bed or Mattress which we then recycle. This can be added in your basket. Please note, that if you'd like us to deliver the mattress and collect the old mattress from the room of your choice, please select our 'Standard delivery' service as our 'Free Basic delivery' will deliver and collect your items from your front door. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Will the magenta mattress be suitable for a metal framed bed with a wooden slatted base?

Answer: Hello, Yes, it will be suitable as long as the gap between the slats is not more than approximately 80 mm. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Can you flip this matress over

Answer: Hello Missp, This is a no-turn as it has a layer of Memory Foam on the top, so for this mattress we would recommend you not to flip it over. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

The matress has a very strong off gassing smell how long will this last and is it toxic?

Answer: Hello , This is just a new furniture smell, and will dissipate after a short while. It is not at all toxic. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

what is the depth of this item please

Answer: Hello, This is 22cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Are you able to take the old mattress away if I have bought a new one?

Answer: Hello , If the new mattress has not been delivered we can add a collection for an extra cost. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

does the base for the single bed come in two halves?

Answer: Hello , The single divan bed comes as one unit not as two halves. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can you recommend me a suitable headboard for this bed?

Answer: Hello , The malibu headboard would go very well with this divan bed. Many thanks for the question.

Do you take the old mattress away when the new one is delivered? 

Answer: Hello , We provide a old bed or mattress recycling service for £39. This can be seen through checkout as an option before payment. Many thanks for the question.

what do you mean by knitted cover

Answer: Hello , This will be a knitted fabric rather than woven material. This will be strong and durable. Many thanks for the question.

Can I order a mattress online to be picked up 

Answer: Hello , This can only available on a delivery basis to the household. Many thanks for the question.

Is the total height of this divan and mattress correct at 32"? This is very tall much higher than current set !!!!

Answer: Hello , This is incorrect and is actually 23.22 inches! Many thanks for the question.

What are your delivery dates for this year

Answer: Hello , Delivery dates vary and a estimate can given with the postcode finder on the product page. Many thanks for the question.

What kind of bed base would you recommend for this mattress? I have a bed frame with wooden slats however after doing some research online it seems that sprung slats are more appropriate. What would you recommend to help look after the mattress?

Answer: Hello , This can be used on both slat systems as it has pocket springs within the mattress. Many thanks for the question.

If you order a mattress can you specific on what day of the week you would like it delivered? Also can you ask for it after to be delivered after 11am. Lastly if you are not in at deliver time - what happens?

Answer: Hello, You can select a day out of the days available however cannot choose a time and will need to make yourself available on the day you choose. A call on the morning of delivery with a two hour time window will be given. If you miss your slot, you will face re-delivery charges. Many thanks for the question.

Which side of the mattress has the memory foam?? We had ours delivered yesterday & we just left it the way it was delivered. With the label on the top

Answer: Hello, The side with the label has the memory foam as it is stitched on the front facing side. Many thanks for the question.

What is the composition of the mattress, the different layers?

Answer: Hello, This is made up of pocket springs in the base of the mattress with memory foam incorporated as a topper. Many thanks for the question.

how much does it weight ?

Answer: Hello, This will weigh 57kg. Many thanks for the question.

Compared to Orchard mattress is this one substantially less firm?

Answer: Hello, This mattress will contain memory foam within it's filling and will not be as firm. Many thanks for the question.

Does this mattress have air vents and is it anti-allergy?

Answer: Hi Brewster123, No, this is just a good quality pocket sprung mattress. It is not anti-allergy and has no vents. Thank you.

is it right that only one side of this mattress is quilted? does that mean it cannot be used on the bottom side to the top?

Answer: Hi , Yes one side up only but you can rotate head to toe. Thank you.

How deep is this mattress

Answer: Hi , This is 22cm deep. Thank you.

Does this mattress come delivered rolled up or is it full size? 

Answer: Hi , This mattress does not come rolled up. If you are interested in rolled mattresses we have a great variety here: Thank you.

Hi,  is the memory foam layer at the top of the mattress? It this mattress classed as a hybrid? Thanks!

Answer: Hi , Yes, the memory foam layer is on the top of the mattress. This is classed as a combination mattress. Thank you for your question.

Do you take old mattress away?

Answer: Yes, our Dreams delivery team are able to pick up your old bed or mattress directly from your home when we deliver your new one. Prices for the mattress disposal services are below: Single - £23, Double - £33, King and Superking - £38. Kind Regards, Dreams

Could you please tell me the depth of memory foam layer on this mattress. Thanks.

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The memory foam layer is 4.5cm in depth. Kind regards, Dreams

We have an Dreams 'Iris' pocket sprung memory foam mattress medium firmness rated 4 with a micro quilted knitted cover that we wish to replace. As you no longer do an 'Iris' mattress is this Magenta Mattress the equivalent? If not which is? Thks

Answer: The Iris Mattress had 600 pocket springs combined with pressure-relieving memory foam and a quilted cover. The Magenta Mattress has 800 pocket springs combined with a layer of pressure reliving memory foam - therefore the specifications of these two mattresses are very similar. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this mattress come with a free trial/replacement period ?

Answer: This mattress comes with a 40 night comfort guarantee - more can read about this service online via the below link: Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you use an electric blanket with the Magenta mattress - It has memory foam in it I believe and I heard this is not compatible with electric blanket

Answer: We would not recommend placing an electric blanket directly on the surface of the mattress; as this mattress contains memory foam, using an electric blanket will alter the feel and comfort grade of the mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the magenta pocket mattress take ordinary size sheets?

Answer: Yes the Magenta Mattress is compatible with any standard UK sized sheets or bedding. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does anyone find this mattress to warm? Always found memory foam too hot, only thing stopping me buying it! Thanks 

Answer: This mattress combines pocket springs and memory foam to provide a medium comfort that helps to distribute weight evenly. The combination of fillings means that this mattress will feel and react differently to a standard memory foam only mattress. If you are concerned about being too warm when sleeping, we also offer a range of cooling bedding that helps to promote airflow and wick away moisture, helping to keep you cool throughout the night. Kind Regards, Dreams

The reviews & some info seem to be 'shared' between the Bardot pockets sprung mattress & the Magenta pocket sprung mattress.. but these are different mattresses at different prices, so I'm confused. Can you explain please?

Answer: The Bardot mattress is an upgrade of the Magenta, so although the spring count and firmness are similar, we have further enhanced the product by introducing a higher density memory foam to provide a greater level of comfort. We currently have the old model, the Magenta, on clearance - this will be at a reduced price whilst stocks last - hence the difference in price point. Kind Regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 review

Brilliant mattress!

When I bought this mattress I was slightly concerned at the quality as I've never purchased a mattress online before. However this is a brilliant mattress. It's on the softer side of the medium scale of firmness however it makes a great night's sleep and supports you very well. I used to suffer from bad back pain and aches due to previous injuries however my back is in significantly less pain since I switched to this mattress.

Excellent Quality

I bought this item a month ago. As I haven't had a chance to go into the store and test their range of mattresses. I purchased this product based on the reviews online as I required something to ease my back which I often suffer with. I can honestly say its the best mattress I have slept on and would highly recommend this product to anyone if they are looking for comfort and quality for the money.

Good night's sleep

We bought this mattress as part of a clearance sale and what a bargain. We weren't able to test it in store but having read other reviews and the store description we took a gamble that it would suit our requirements. It is perfect for us. Slightly firm but not hard, and just comfortable in every other way. We are very pleased with our purchase.

So Comfy!

We bought this mattress 3 weeks ago and i can safely say its the best money we have spent! It is extremely comfortable for a great night sleep! The medium firmness is just perfect - not too hard where you feel you are sleeping on a wooden floor and not too soft that you feel you are sleeping on a marshmallow! Our 2 year old loves it too! :)


Bought this a few weeks ago now. At first there was a very strong chemical type smell that lasted a few day, was advised by the deliver men that this was normal. Delivery guys were so nice and put the mattress exactly where it should and took the old one from us. The mattress itself is firm/medium. Definitely get a good night's sleep.


The comfiest mattress I’ve ever slept on. The first night for me it was hard to adjust to it as I wasn’t used to it it felt rather firm. But now it’s the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. I have fibromyalgia so I’m in pain a lot and can’t ever seem to get comfortable but sleep a lot better on this mattress

Never slept so well!

After having a second hand mattress for the last 3 years since moving in, this was such a welcome change. It's firm, it doesn't squash down at the sides when you roll over so no worrying about rolling out of bed! It is a very high mattress so that has taken some getting used to but it was absolutely a great decision.

My daughter now sleeps through the night

The best review I can give for this mattress is that my 3.5 year old who has rarely slept through the night in her own bed has started doing so from the first time she slept on this mattress - this would be priceless however as I got this mattress on a special deal it feels even better!!

Nice mattress and service

The mattress is medium/firm and its a very good value for money buy (it costed me £300 at the time). The memory foam is definitely giving a great support to the spine and overall provides a very good quality of sleep. The company's service was excellent too, from start to finish!

Lovely and comfy

Bought two of these for kids beds. They’re so lovely and soft and offer enough support for adults staying over too! The memory foam top is a great hit but isn’t too hot like a full memory foam mattress. Great value for the money and would defo it again.

Excellent matress

I bought this around a fortnight ago and was incredibly happy with what I received. The bed is both firm and soft, ideal for me personally! A great price too as it was on sale and would definitely buy again should I need a new mattress in the future.

Truu Comfort

i have only just bought this mattress. I am really impressed. It is so comfortable that as soon as i lay on it i just drift away. I wake up nice and fresh with no aches and pains. I wish i had bought it sooner than i did. Get yourselves one now.

Lovely mattress

We bought this in the sale so great price ( obviously ).What a lovely mattress, just the right firmness and really good quality.I've also started to notice that my "twangy" back is not so twangy - so I hope this is a good sign.5* product

Money well spent !

It is as advertised it is well made with choice materials and great skill,the handles on the side are a great feature not always seen on these type of products but it makes turning so much easier so thank you for a great sleep.

Good value mattress

We bought this mattress 2weeks ago and are enjoying having a nice new comfortable mattress . It was really good value for money and delivery was really straightforward and delivered on time. Would use dreams again for sure .

Best mattress I've slept on

Bought the mattress a month ago when moving, and as a lover of a firmer mattress this is a great in between. It's very firm but still with softness on the top, no need for a mattress topper. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

Soooo comfy

Bought this mattress for our master bedroom and have slept like a baby since. I used to get pain in my hips on our old mattress but this one is so soft yet firm enough to support us. We couldn't be happier!


I brought this mattress a month ago and it was the best thing I have done. I read the advice on which mattress is best for you and went with a medium. It was the best advice and I am sleeping much better :)

Lovely comfortable mattress and great value

Really pleased with this purchase, it is perfect comfort for me and would highly recommend. Saying that I wouldn't have paid full price for it but at the time I ordered it was on a really good offer.

Easy purchase

Grandson needed something other than bare she rings yo sleep on having inherited big brother’s bed and this was easiest buy ever with great advice from online help. He is now sleeping much better.

Great product

I bought this a month ago for my daughter, it is a great product and really comfy. Delivery was great from dreams too and delivery men were very accommodating and took all the rubbish away too.

Comfort and not too hot

I bought this online and am so happy with it, delivery was exactly as informed, delivery team were amazing, I have had my best nights sleep for a ling time and no problems with bad back anymore

Great quality

I viewed this online during the Easter offers and upon reading the reviews decided to purchase it. I'm so glad I did as this mattress is so comfy, much needed upgrade from our old mattress.

Comfy Matress

I brought this Matress when it was a bargain in the sale. It arrived two weeks ago and I couldn’t believe how comfy the mattress was. So pleased I ordered it. Would definitely reccomend .

Perfect mattress for our B&B

The most important aspects of a B&E stay is the bed and the breakfast...this mattress is perfect and lives up to the standard we wish to maintain for our guests comfort - which is High!!

Hip pain gone

I laid on my mattress and all of my hip pain disappeared it has to be the most comfortable mattress I've ever owned. I got this in the half price sale, which makes it even more amazing

comfy for the price

purchased this mattress for the guest room. We have had several people stay and all have commented on how comfortable the bed is. I am impressed as this was on the 'cheaper' side.

I found the mattress very comfortable

I bought the mattress 3 weeks ago to replace the memory foam mattress that i had previously I have osteoarthritis so need a firm support and have not had any problem with the pain

Extremely comfortable

Been meaning to change our kng sized mattress for ages and have no idea why we waited so long. This new mattress is super comfy and we have slept just great. A fab purchase

Superb mattress- very comfy and great value

Bought for guests bedroom so didn’t want to spend a lot for occasional use bed however was pleasantly surprised by quality and comfort for the money. excellent choice.

Very Comfortable

I bought this a few months ago and I am so happy that I did! I got a single and a double. They are both so so comfortable. I 100% recommended that you get this one.

Excellent value for money

Really good quality product, excellent value for money and would definitely recommend. I was long overdue a new mattress and this purchase did not disappoint.

Very comfortable

At first I thought this mattress wouldn’t be up to scratch due to the fact it was quite narrow in width. I was wrong. The mattress is very comfortable!

As expected. Solid mattress

As expected. Seema sturdy and comfortable. Delivery was smooth. Delivery men very helpful and even took shoes off before entering without being asked

Good quality

I bought this for our spare bed. Very comfortable. Still has the ‘new’ smell after a few weeks but this will go in time. Service and delivery good.

Amazing Matteress!

Couldn’t have asked for a better matteress. It is the most comfortable nights sleep we have ever had. Beautiful knitted top and perfect firmness.

Very comfortable

You just don't realise how bad your mattress is til you get a new one!! Great service from Dreams and the mattress was a bargain in the sale

Best night's sleep

Everyday I can't wait for bedtime as this mattress feels amazing to sleep on. It takes the shape of your body and supports you comfortably.

Good quality

Bought this for my daughter. Arrived on time and was delivered to the top floor of the house. A good, budget mattress. Highly recommended.

My bed

Very comfy ,quick delivery, arrived on time, helpfull drelivery staff .what more could I ask ,very good experience over all .thank you

Really comfy mattress would recommend

I have had this mattress for two weeks now and find it really comfortable. It was very reasonably priced and I would recommend it.

Working wonders for my back pain

I have had my bed 3 weeks now and I absolutely love it my back doesn’t hurt half as much and so comfortable very happy great value

great mattress great delivery team

brought thus a month ago and best night sleep had in years. dreams are a great company to deal with and the delivery team are A1

Very nice to sleeping on

I bought this mattress as I needed a new one it's very cunferterble and I also get a good nights sleep I'm very pleased with it

Can't really say more than it's a great mattress..

I bought this mattress as a investment to my health, as they say a good sleep is just as important to you as the food you eat..


I brought this a few weeks ago and the quality of the mattress is very good. Very comfy and leads to a great nights sleep

Great Mattress

Brought this mattress about a month ago, I’ve been very happy with it so far, very comfortable and it was a great price.

really comfy

I've had this mattress for a month now. It's the most comfortable one I've ever bought. Really pleased with my choice.

Very comfortable mattress

I have had the mattress for a few weeks, very happy with purchase. Allows me to have a really good nights sleep.

Bardot Matress

Fantastic mattress,best I've every had in my life,so comfortable,great night's sleep,reasonabled price,fab fab!!

Very comfortable

Great quality mattress and is very comfortable. Soft foam and firm springs for great support and comfort.

Great value

I bought this a month ago and a total dream.very comfy and fantastic value. Would reccomend to all .

Was exactly as described

We bought two mattresses and are extremely happy with them and have recommended Dreams to my friends.

Great mattress

I bought this a month ago and ever since have had the best sleep in a long time really recommend it


Since we have had this mattress we no longer roll towards each other very comfy to sleep on

very comfortable

Very pleased to have a new Dreams mattress after many years of comfort on the previous one.

Really comfortable

We've been sleeping on our new mattress for a couple of weeks and we're very happy with it.

Replacement mattress

If id have known it would have been so comfortable I wouldn't have waited until the sales

Lovely mattress

Really love this mattress, nice and firm which helps with my bad back. Thanks again dreams

Great Sleep

Purchased about four weeks back. Great value and excellent support. Strongly recommended.

The best sleep I’ve had is ages

It’s just perfect it’s soft and comfy but firm at the same time it’s thick n not to heavy

Love the look

I brought the wrong firmness and they are sending me the one I need with no hesitation

So comfy

Had my new mattress a month now, i sleep so much better now. Helped with my bad back.

Very comfortable and a great price!

Bought this for our spare bedroom and our guests have told us they slept really well

No more back pains!

Probably the most comfortable mattress I've slept on, wake up fresh every morning!


We have had this for a few weeks and it’s the best nights sleep I’ve had in years

Very comfortable

Bought these for my new house in the master bedroom and bee very pleased with it

So comfy

Bought for my daughter and it’s a nice deep mattress that feels soft and luxury

Great service

Sleeping like a baby on the magenta mattress. Full service from dreams was A++

Excellent product

I bought this mattress 3 weeks ago and have been have much better sleep since.

Great bed

Had this bed for a few weeks now and it's excellent. Very firm and comfortable

My Magenta Mattress

Purchased this mattress a month ago, It is so comfy I am well pleased with it

Fits my bed to perfection.

This has got to be the most comfortable mattress my Wife and I have laid on.

Very pleased - magic bit of kit

A few weeks on and No Problems, lt's good to get a GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP AGAIN.

Really good product

Fits the bill with all outstanding features which make it a pleasure to use

Very comfortable

Once assembly of my bed was fixed properly the mattress was so much better.

nice matress

i bought this matress for the guest room a very nice matress for the price

Great mattress

By far the most comfiest mattress Iv ever had, great customer service too.

Excellent value for money

Bought in sale. Excellent value. Very comfortable mattress for spare room.

Great sleep

What a great purchase! Slept so well since we received it in early April.

Comfort personified

The most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. Best money I ever spent

Fantastic Value

Bought this for my daughter';s bed. She is absolutely delighted with it!

Amazing mattress

So happy with the quality of the mattress. Been Having the best sleep!

Good purchase

Really happy with this (1 month in). Comfy and good delivery service.

Lovely mattress

Bought this for my spare room, very comfy and great value for money.

Great mattress

Very comfortable mattress, great for my back! Well worth the price.

Extremely Comfortable

I bought this over a month ago and have had great sleep's since.

Great support

The mattress gives wonderful support and comfort- very pleased.

Very comfortable says my son and a good price in s

Bought this for my sons room but he is sleeping much better now

Excellent value

Super comfortable for the price and excellent delivery service!

Firm and comfy

Had the mattress less than and a month and couldn't be happier


I bought it a few weeks ago so glad u did it's really comfy

Great Features

I bought this mattress few weeks ago and so happy about it.

Good nights slerp

Memory softness and firm base makes this a comfortable bed

Love it

Absolutely love this mattress it's firm but so comfortable

Very Comfortable

Had this for three weeks now and it's very comfortable


I bought this in the January sale & am very pleased


Nice and comfy mattress would definitely recommend

Brilliant Support

Moulds to my shape and supports me all night long.